the adoptive block program is one of many programs offered by safe kids now a nationwide organization Stephanie Mann is the executive director of that organization today you will have the honor of attending one of her programs please join us for the adoptive block program from safe kids now Marvin Williams and I want to introduce Stephanie man that she’s at crime prevention specialist and she’s worked in this arena and she thought the one of the pioneers of the neighborhood walk so my stephanie manley to give her a hand thank you very much I am just so impressed with what dr. Barbara has been doing today I attended her earlier workshop on intergenerational ministry that has to do with how we interact with our different generations and I wish our room was filled with young people today because this is a fantastic way to get young people in your church involved because that is what’s going to change it’s going to be the young people it big changes here and dr. barber mentioned about neighborhood watch and I thought I would just tell you on 10 people in my community of 17,500 turn our city around without the police department that means the people that are in this room you have so much more power than you think you do because when we got started and what we had we had 400 burglaries in Undertown unincorporated with 17,000 people and we’ve just going on okay we don’t have a police department now what are we going to do well what we did we got together we said all right we’ve got to get the major groups organized we got to get people looking out for each other we’ve got to get people communicating we’ve got to be able to trust back into the neighborhood and we’ve got to let the kids know who’s in charge here because when the adults aren’t out there and looking around and take care of the neighborhood or the schools the kids will take over because I have no guidance so as a result of our reducing crime forty-eight percent forty-eight percent within two and a half years I said again forty-eight percent within two and a half years Wow we had so much publicity that was nineteen seventy four three while we started in beginning from the 70s and by night we wrote this in 1970 what was published in 74 and this we wrote it for you we wrote it for you of the citizens in the community to take charge of their own community take back their community this is the book that helped launch the National neighborhood watch program but we didn’t have the police department as i said but we did have citizens we got a lot of publicity and everybody want to know how in the world did you reduce crime forty-eight percent without a police department so that’s why we wrote the book to give it to anybody so that they can find out what to do you are the changemakers there’s no doubt about it you are the ones that can turn your neighborhoods and your community around and the changemakers are amazing people for example let me just take Oakland for example there are four hundred and sixty three churches and over are you aware of it and it’s the fourth most dangerous city in the United States something’s wrong with that picture Gary now we need to think about okay the church is really need to get much more involved and believe me I have worked in the inner cities now and in communities all over this country and I must say the churches have been reused sistant resistant they are happy to stay right where they are a lot oh and I don’t know if you have noticed this but it’s really difficult to get them inspired to go out and we’re only asking them to take charge of 111 just around your church it would even protect their church and that is not a huge problem

it’s something that can easily done the adoptable art project that Galatians 5 14 for all the law is fulfilled in one word thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself now as far as i understand it it is a mandate is it not that that is what we’re supposed to be doing but the mission create safe neighborhoods by helping neighbors connect involved neighbors don’t tolerate destructive behavior and everyone stays safer well remember the old African proverb is it takes a village and it does take a village it takes a neighborhood to put check and balance back into a society that has kind of wandered away these are national statistics and this is every day in America every day for children are killed by abuse and black five children a day commit suicide part of the reason is because they’re so detached they are they are not connected we need to build trust we need to vote trust back into all of our connections with our children 19’s are killed by firearms how many horror stories of we learned every hard enough yet isn’t it time that our churches that much more involved in this 200 children are arrested for violent crimes every day remember this is every day 370 children are arrested for drug abuse why are they escaping I think we all have to ask ourselves why are our kids escaping from who they are why do they wanna take drugs their own many are isolated guess what the school shooters is all the same MO isolated alone angry don’t know how to stay centered within themselves so we’ve got a huge problem here and then in look at the students that are dropping out of school you think this is a dangerous trend 2000 a day over to among my day are you Robbie out this is with this problem doesn’t just go away it’s going to keep multiplying two thousand three hundred children confirmed abused in the class guess where those bullies are coming from the homes they’re being bullied at home or they’re being bullied in the neighborhood and there’s no adult supervision and I’m pretty soon you’ve the angry kids they’re forming gangs and guess what they’re doing they’re taking it out on the community ok and then 4200 youth are arrested every day eighteen thousand public school students are suspended hey domestic violence here are one and four women are victims now this is part of the reason we have so many kids that don’t know how to connect we don’t know how to relate when we have people been abusing women or it happens the other way too we have women abusing this kids learn how to bully this is learned behavior you’ve wack values may live ste steel cheap teens take drugs to escape pain desire to feel good when I’ve got a family that’s really messed up I am going to take something to make me feel better and teens join gangs for protection and friends where are those neighborhoods bonding that is what we should be doing it and adults have to put that with adult role models here we don’t need in our children they’re guiding mature and teen dating violence do you know that that has increased dramatically as we’re trying to raise your awareness level so when you see some of this violence you know as dr. Barbara said it starts back at the home and we are not changing some of the things and and connecting with people to help support them okay and victims often feel helpless isolating alone as I said those are your school shooters those are your kids that go out and do terrible things I can’t tell you how many funerals I’ve been to I’ve been 35 years I’ve worked in the enrichment and Oakland San Paulo and my heart breaks for people when every time I go to a funeral I can’t believe that we continue to do this and we’d happily but we can stop it okay here’s your little boy has that learned behavior so he’s coming out of a home angry the off-center youth clear because we have the aggressive bully on one side and we have the foot I call it the pin cushion child now this is the pin cushion child right here he or she is in blue and this is your boy in red angry little villain we just saw

and here’s your spiritually centered child now that is the child doesn’t put up with a bullying doesn’t become the victim strong within himself or herself and speak up for herself himself and they do not become victims these are the kids they’re in trouble these are the children that are attracted to each other for example this bully looks or this boy looks for this victim and this victim can only handle it so much they don’t know how to get strong within themselves that is a spiritual problem these are spiritually centered kids we’re not strengthening our kids the way we should here’s a victim women woman or man of the bully husband here’s the gang leader and with all his followers he couldn’t gravitate to kids and he will protect them and pretty soon you’ve got a whole gang of kids following the bullying leader then you have the Taliban for example here you got the same thing it’s all about spiritually of centered people I need to embrace what is going on around us take a look at it and say you know what we can change this because you can I have seen for example in Oakland I remember 25 years ago one of the pastor’s Pastor David Whitely was moving out of the city of oakland and i had just been hired by the police department and i was working there in his area and i said well let’s let’s think about adopting part of your neighborhood he has gone on not only to adopt the neighborhood but he has gone on him with block parties and all kinds of activities and that neighborhood does not have the problems that a lot of respect because he’s been actively involved another organization bishop apple and he has a little bus and he drives around and he has a senior citizen center but that’s not where we need to start we need to start right where we are all that very basic place what are the solutions how to stop drugs crime and violence spiritually strong teams know how to stay safe and keep others from harm they speak up forgetting the strong kids in our churches we need to encourage them to go out and stalk in the school the other kids we need to train them and say go into the schools reach out to the kids around you because they they can be very helpful to all of these problems if they know what to do and how to say it create a network of support I was very upset when the police first started taking over they are we called our program this program way back when we added the neighborhood responsibility program the police car that neighborhood watch well neighborhood that’s a whole different concept connotation it sounds like we’re on the phone okay let me see I’m not you know I I’m not connecting with anybody I’m not changing behavior all I’m doing is unreported employees and that’s not what we’re talking about we’re talking about and when the police have meetings and they run the meetings they stand up like I’m standing up because I’ve been to a lot of my head that speech police officer what you need to do is help people get connected that are that are in the neighborhood make sure that they know who’s here and so they don’t go they come in as strangers here how to lock up their house and then they leave there’s still strangers there’s no building of trust back into the neighborhood so that is the important part that is missing and a lot of our problems the police can’t do that churches can so here is a neighborhood and there’s a safety map no all parents should be going through their own neighborhood children are walking to school they ought to make their own safety map so that they know if there’s a drug house on the block and we know if there’s a traffic light that’s dangerous they know if there’s a problem that their children should go some other way that is a safety net the religious community teaches you to be spiritually centered well that’s what I mentioned before and then they don’t bully they grow strong within they grow from the spirit not ego that’s critical right there because it’s so many kids you know macho we need to grow strong respect others develop courage character and conscience speak up without anger be a peacemaker network get connected and serve the needs of others I think that’s what the church is all about it and then

speak up and take action all right for healthy families and neighborhoods reach out to neighbors I helped create safe neighborhood let me mention some of the benefits here that there are so many benefits in doing this they really don’t know what those benefits are and to mention just a few we stopped fear and social isolation by getting people connected children can play in the neighborhood safer if people are connected with each other isolation can decrease domestic violence you know that a man that’s beating up a wife he tries to isolate each and sex trafficking we just went to a workshop on sex trafficking people have to know who’s in their neighborhood and we’ve got to pay a lot more attention to who’s there because domestic violence sex trafficking all of these problems are drug dealers it goes on in our neighborhood now I want to tell you a story about barbara vigil I worked in san pablo and barbara was furious she came I was a coordinator for contra costa county at that time in crime prevention and she came to our office and she said you know I am so set our City Council has decided decided to screen off the whole heart because it’s full of drug dealers and she said I don’t I had children I want them to be able to play safely in the car so we talked about what what she could do she put a neighborhood group together they went out and sat in the park or walked around took down descriptions and chip down license numbers and you know it in three and a half months I don’t think think was that one the the partner was clear was no more drug dealers and that was because they did work with the police and said all right we don’t want the fence put around this part and we are going to report to you but you got to make sure you arrest these guys get him out of here so they did they cleared out the park the neighbors went back to City Council and said you know what we want the money that you were going to use to put up over the fence and we want you to clear some new benches and tables for 4 in the park because it places doe advocated the request was granted and within 10 years now this is how exciting this could be as a grassroots worker she started that way but in 10 years barber vigil became them there so if we can develop people at the grassroots and it’s a great way to do it have them come up from the grassroots up you’re going to see change in our communities this isn’t going to happen overnight but you’re going to see some real change check and balance on children’s bad behavior well years ago you know when kids were growing up people talk to each other well that was pleading a check and balance on children’s behavior you stopped him when they were bad and when you were little you didn’t wait until they were in this big yang is a little late there they learn how to do all that stuff so all of us have to think about how we’re going to stop the kids and we got to get everybody on the same page I’ve seen it work I’ve seen that happen all the time and people start speaking up we need people to speak up we need people to say we can’t just sit behind them and be passive anymore we’re going to have to take much more of an active role improve communication exchanging phone numbers in the neighborhood exchanging email addresses if I see something suspicious I might call you maybe I can’t call with those and I’ve heard that over and over again well I’m scared I was afraid of retaliation but there’s somebody in that neighborhood who will who will report but they have to communicate they have to talk to each other and then when you’ve got somebody there that will report then people feel confident about recording to that one individual that will call it fate so now you’re going to take back your neighborhood neighbors best defense against crime is your neighbors we’ve seen them stop drugs we’ve seen him stop games we’ve seen him stuff all kinds of problems in a community and then help in emergency we live in an area with earthquakes and one of the things in the adopter block look that you’re going to see some of our pass outs we have the sheet in here we have information the do’s and don’ts what to do what not to do what are some of the options what are some of the things we can do but there’s a sheet in here that has earthquake information on all you have to do is take it run off a bunch of prints go door-to-door you

know they want to meet people and they want to know who’s in the neighborhood so get the people together that want to try this and kids are wonderful in terms they have such a wonderful ability to not have anybody slam the door in their face because because their kids nobody wants to really slam the door if they’re you know 12 13 14 and I’ve seen amazing children just go right up there and and talk to people and get them involved but you can do a survey just to get it started and that is penny asked three questions have you been a victim of crime maybe a lot out of discussion on that one where’s your baby is concerned in this neighborhood and will you help not everybody’s going to say they want to help dr. barbara i did a workshop over in san francisco and this was in the area where the young lady was shot in the chest she’s 13 and she was sitting on her bed the neighbors were frightened it wasn’t the first time this attack this is in the bayview district we got the minister not we usually move right out and say okay now we’re going to go door-to-door and try this they were reluctant they’re going on what are we going to find there they were so thrilled when they came back yeah I looked at you stand I’m telling one story about about one of the stand by me authority I we we did we actually we go into your churches and will tell the church let’s go back that’s what you need hood you’re you’re coming anything good you going out have you ever stopped to talk to your neighbors and so when we look I told them yes we would come over go door to door with you just to talk to your neighbors not trying to recruit them to join your church that’s not what this is about right it was to be a neighbor and let them know we’re here for you what do you need is so the discovery was we were going to take out whistles now the reason which is out whistles is there are many senior citizens in the neighborhood you do not have life alert but if they have a whistle and they fell down and you can fire the kids are aware that the neighbor is a senior and they have a whistle when I think there was like a running jump somebody something is going on so we were passing out free whistles of course everybody wanted to bring whistle but the church is right next door to another little place then they told us oh there’s some guys over there we really don’t mess with them they smoke they drink they got drugs and a whole thing well when we got there we realized in San Francisco their houses resort adore this was in a community and the little guy in there was fixing cars and I noticed there was a lot of cars in the neighborhood but the neighborhood net was nice and it will adore adore nobody just having any problems really but then when we go to the young man’s house that had the garage I asked him I said hello where the people in store by the church and how long have you been here till about eight years they say well we just want to know what are some of the biggest concerns in the neighborhood he said well we got some youngsters around me they need some role models now I don’t bring no role models from out of town we need people like you guys people like us just to tell kids what they need to do he says I fix cars I said oh wow is that what you do he said yes he said I know the people next door think I smoke and drink he said but I can’t do anything about people come to my shop but I fix cars he said you know what you folks could do over there he said if you would donate your car like you donated to other people don’t end up to us send us your kids next door from the church we’ll talk show them how to restore them fix them up and then give them to you and you can sell them and put money into your account Wow yeah thank the ones the church there artichokes don’t go over there because they smoked a joint or wiggle okay and I said while you blow my little hair piece off my head here and now and so the guy says and I tell you what else you need to do you need to get some dirt bikes and get these kids out of the services for he’ll to take them out there and like to go up and down the hills on dirt bikes and things like that I said well this little guy is only 25 years old he has his own business there and and the other guys see ya yeah we could do that I said well how I’m going to get him out that he said let me bring some vans I’ll take him out there I couldn’t wait to get to the church to say you guys got a gold mine right next door and you’re trying to kick him out many of us adjourn that and so I got his name his number and he said we restore cars not only would we love to we like to have a car show I say hey if we blocked off this whole street could you get your car show guys today they’re called 40 Levin’s of course we say for dummies in game 4 11 their car show buddies to come and put the cards after this and then we will show each one of the newly youngsters around here how we restore all of those cars and how they can do the same thing thank God back yeah we got back to the church in with Nick how long did you guys have good luck lady across the street yes the lady across the street is being evicted that she needs somebody to talk to about oh this person over here they had never talked to the people in their neighborhood they

were thrilled they were thrilled and when I tell about the guy next door they all would like I say they want to join forces with you now the reason you’re not having any of your car stolen your house is broken into my brothers because we will mess with the man who fixes that car no I mean I used to do I can everybody g post my difficulty with you I used to go to the ER and shaky tree mechanic around the corner of my house that I like an orange and we can park our cars out there in nobody destroys its whatever hi that’s right do you use the same methodology when you are you have a church with that’s around businesses I ask you that because if you’re around businesses you ought to be in touch with the businesses but you then have the opportunity to go and really adopt another block go into a rural area or partner with another capacitor may have a big heart and want to help this community but he doesn’t have the sign so if you have the community where yours is basically commercial but you want to go in and help that particular faster you can find them out you to seek them out and say we want to adopt your block o line I’ve got the block this close to you all we want to dive on the blocks in our neighborhood and bring it down there so what we say who is your neighbor everybody is our neighbor and we can take control of that neighborhood now most of us if it’s not a work we have seniors in our neighborhoods that are even afraid to come out they don’t want anybody coming in and nobody going out but thinking they’re garbage roll down we have a one of the churches we want you in the city of Richmond the chip the survey what is the biggest need in your in your neighborhood have been a bit of a violent crime villages that know what do you think we need more stuff on easy street guys she said I just need a slash line so let sure the senior so what are we go on do brought our flashlights and so I mean that’s what we found out in that that particular scene you neither are light bulbs changed or whatever so mode alarm smoke alarms yes earthquake preparedness that we took out earthquake preparedness a little folder are willing just a sheet of paper with the church’s name on it not even July zhing but just in case of an earthquake these are some of the things you need and here’s a list and make sure you do that and they were so excited because we knocked on their door and we show them that we are aware that you’re here and we can that’s what that’s exactly what is all about we have seen where businesses will come and do a newsletter for the neighborhood they want to have a safe store they want to do something for the neighborhood talk to them bring them in and say you know what what we could you do a newsletter you have some idea ask them for their ideas but there’s a lot of opportunity out there that we haven’t really gotten into home share talents and skills we need to get back to connecting to each other can’t change the world you can change our neighborhood so I’m going to turn it back to dr. Farber give the 17 and safe kids now is a nationwide organization and expanding Stephanie Mann is the executive director of safe kids now and she has changed lives across the nation in teaching people how to protect their children their homes and their communities all of us who are affiliated with safe kids now know that this is a remarkable program I hope you enjoy it I hope you get true benefit out of it and most of all I hope you are able to activate it please join us for the safe kids now program