Hello everyone! As you can see, I lost my intro I really don’t now where this one went Anyway, if you want to know how to get a flawless skin explained step by step Just keep on watching! We are going to begin first by using a foundation primer. And I use The POREfessional from Benefit And I concentrate most of the product on my T-zone using my clean hands For my foundation, I am using the Born This Way by Too Faced which is going to even out my skin tone like never! And with the help of my damp miracle sponge from Real Techniques I am going to blend and cover the liquid on my whole face I am taking my time, as you can see By the way, the video is in real time, no fast forward so you can see the whole sequence For those of you who asked me that they didn’t find their match. Get the shame a little lighter than your original complexion Because we can always darken it up with some bronzer or powder contouring Also, I wanted to tell you that I put a lip balm from NYX to hydrate them That something I always do before applying my makeup That will prevent your lips to get chapped! And that’s not glam at all! Then! Once we finished to even out our skin tone, we’re going to put some concealer/illuminator for me I’m taking the Naked Skin concealer from Urban Decay which is two shades lighter than my complexion And I’m going to apply this on the zones where I’d want to catch the light For that, I’m doing a triangle shape under my eyes, starting from the side of my nose Don’t forget to put above my Cupid’s bow, a little bit on the chin, on the bridge of my nose, and a little more on my forehead But not a lot because I have a big forehead and I don’t want to focus the attention on it On the other hand, if you have a little forehead, you can put even more concealer to make your forehead look bigger! Now, for the cream contouring I am using the L.A. Girl Pro Concealer in the shade Espresso which is two tones darker than my complexion And that what is going to give the illusion of a chiseled face So I am going to draw lines under my cheekbones stopping where my eyes end Try to see an imaginary line, so you can stop at this point Then, I put some product on my temples, along my hair line, on my jaw to make my double-chin disappear A little bit under my lips and I finish my contouring on the side of my nose to make it look smaller To blend this all out, I’m taking back my damp sponge from Real Techniques, and I start blending my concealer first because it’s a lighter shade With the left over of my sponge, I’m also concealing my lid to the eyebrow which I do all the time for a base to my my eyeshadows I never put eyeshadow base because I use my concealer! Then we are going to blend the cream contour with the very sponge from Real Tchniques And for those cheekbones, I’m pressing/blending the product up and not down so it’s not going to be messy And for the nose, I’m pinching my sponge to be more precise and I tap it very gently Once we’ve done that, we are going to BAKE! And what is the baking for? It is for cook your concealer It all started with the DragQueen makeup, and it became something that every makeup artists do I personally saw a big difference So, it is for cook you concealer but also to clean up you contouring So I apply the No Color Powder by RCMA, on all the areas I put my concealer And I also putting the powder under my cheekbones to make them look cleaner While it’s baking, we are going to do our brows and to do so I’m taking my Dipbrow Pomade from ABH in Dark Brown

And I’m using the duo sided angled brush n°7 from ABH also I’m starting by drawing a line under my eyebrow, then under, fill it in, brush them through Extend a little bit the tale of my eyebrow and finish it by creating false hair at the beginning of the eyebrow to make them more sculpted And for me, if you have a good and beautiful eyebrows, that changes everything! I feel like your face is really perfect! I don’t know why! To set my eyebrow, I am using the tinted brow gel from ABH in Granite Now taking a big multitask brush from Real Techniques, we are going to remove our baking And blend that baking away. You can already see that the skin looks really flawless! Flawless! Flawless! Flawless! And thaaat… deserves a little dance of victory! 😀 Then, we are going to bronze our face using the same gib brush and the bronzer from the Naked Flushed palette by Urban Decay to make my complexion more bronzed, more warm, and awake! I apply this on my cheekbones, my forehead, on my double-chin And to intensify the bronzer, we are using Havana contour powder from ABH with the F05 from Sigma Which is a.. Which is a what..?? Small contour brush And we are going to define even more those cheekbones, the hair line, the jaw line too Now using the Sigme E20, we are going to contour the nose to be more precise Once I finished drawing lines one the sides of my nose It’s not really the side of my nose, but the sides of the bridge of my nose, I’m using my finger to blend that out For my blush, I couldn’t decide between MUG and Becca And that’s mostly because the palette from Becca by Jaclyn Hill made me so So I cheated on MUG But I’m really sorry I am unfaithful ! :$ I think I’m going to take Rosé Spritz This one, there It’s a peachy, rosy color with golden reflect in it And you have to be very careful because they are pigmented af But you can take any other blush that you have, I personally take this one because I’ve just received this And I really really wanted to use it, so I dare not to touch it with my brush!

Let’s go! Oh mom! I’ll put some more Mostly on the apple of the cheek I avoid put a lot on the extern area of my cheekbone Because I’m going to do a sort of a gradient effect Oh, but she is going to stop singing! So as I said, we are going to do a gradient effect starting from the apple of the cheek And we are going to make a gradient to the exterior of my face Oh lalaa.. My god! Doing the same thing one the other side! So, concentrating on the apple of my cheek Do not hesitate to smile a little Like a moron There’s no harm To concentrate the product on the apple of the cheek And then We’re going to press the product less and less harder And I do that face because it helps me keeping above my contour area Once it’s done, we’re moving on to the highlighting part with the very palette from Becca And I donc think I’m going for the golden highlighter but I’ll taking Champagne Pop because I really wanted to try this one for a long long time And that the occasion to! So I’ll take lightly first and then intensify even more Mummy! Ouh! Sorry to tap on you! And I’m using the Sigma F35 For the highlighter I’ll starting on the top of my cheekbone. But I’ll mostly concentrate the product on the apple of my cheek Actually, since my tutorial on Aishwarya’s makeup at Cannes 2016 I never stop putting the highlighter on the apple of my cheek. I don’t know why I find this more salient, I don’t know, more pretty.. And we can see it when you smile Concentrating the product on the apple of my cheek Even if you put a little to much of highlighter because that can happen. I’ll tell you later how to fix that You can literally die with this highlighter OK. The Sigma E30 is not the best brus to do that but it’s a pencil brush as you can see It’s a little thick Showing in front of my hair so you can see it better so it’s thick, not the best because for real, I’m using my finger to put highlighter on my nose But for the sake of this video, I’ll take a brush And I’m taking Champagne Pop again Sorry And I’m going to highlighter the tip of my nose. But not the very center, a little bit above it to make it more lifted

Standing straight Voilà ! If I put to much, I prefer to make a gradient effect down instead of blending the highlighter anyhow Instantly, my nose look more lifted My mustache is sweating. It’s awful! I was so excited with my new palette from Becca I don’t know but I’m really hot! xD so taking back Champagne Pop, ans this time I’m highlighting the center of the bridge of my nose I’m not going to star at the top top top neither stop on the tip of my nose. Mostly concentrate the product on 1,5cm Starting from the middle, going a little bit up, I stop. And then, going a little bit down And once it’s done, taking your finger, and blend to make it more seamless Now I’m doing a totally useless thing.. Highlighting the Cupid’s bow I say that it’s useless to do it because I’m putting lipstick on top of it and it doesn’t show off anymore I don’t understand.. Unless you put lipgloss.. There ou can but otherwise, it seems useless Then, keep on highlighting my brow bone, using the wrong brush still (lol) with Champagne Pop Then, highlighting the inner corner of your eye Some people highlight there chin and I’m one of them So what’s left on the brush, I’m putting it on my chin and a little bit above my brow bone to catch the light It doesn’t show much, but enough to catch the light! And as I said earlier, since my highlighter ate a little bit of my blush, my taking my rounded buffer brush again with Rosé Spritz Remove the excess And I tap on It really gives life to your face! I’m liking it! Voilà.. voilà Then taking a duo fiber brush like this one from BH cosmetics, Every company has there own, but this one, I don’t know why but it became my babe since I get it Never had issues with the brand, mostly not with their brushes They are affordable and have a really god quality I won’t say that they are as good as Sigma’s one, because that a huge brand But if I can give you a little advice.. I won’t purchase Morphe brushes again I don’t know if you can see it but.. They are cute, it doesn’t cost a lost and made from animal ass’ hair but honestly no No, because the more you wash them the more it gets rough. We can see that it is not a good quality I’m really disappointed. I don’t understand why people were raving about it Anyway, side note closed but fyi, I won’t use Morphe brushes until the day I die! Taking back my duo fiber, and blend my whole face out! to make it seamless, no harsh lines what so ever

And once that’s done, We are going to spray our face with a setting spray. And I’m using the Photo Fish Primer Water from Smashbox To set the whole face And that wraps the tutorial I really hope that you enjoyed, Yes, I did my eye makeup for my next video so stay stunned for that And if you liked this video of how to get the perfect, flawless skin, please thumbs up this video Subscribe to my channel, those of you who don’t yet. That will make me so happy! You can also leave a comment and follow me on my social network. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat I never say it in the right order but there are here, so go check this out! So until my next video, take care and see you soon XO