Hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel Just in case you guys missed last week’s video Which if you did you need to click right up here and go check it out. You will not regret it I promise there’s a huge trend going on on YouTube right now where different youtubers try to follow and recreate beauty gurus makeup tutorials Jenna Marbles did mine, biggest honor of my entire life Thomas Hobart did it, Rachael Ballinger did and also Ryland Adams did it, so cool Some of my favorite people in the entire world, but through watching some my favorite youtubers that I know and love and respect I quickly realized that I sometimes tend to skip over a lot of the information and tips that would be helpful to a beginner makeup Artist and a lot of my tutorials are missing the content that actually makes them Tutorials I definitely always love to kick my videos up a few notches and really just take them there for you guys You know I love being full coverage intense glam Colorful makeup look and I see so many of you talented sisters always rocking the same styles on Instagram I feel like in my head you guys are like way up here in the makeup world But I do have to remember that there are so many sisters out there as well that don’t have a million makeup products and don’t Have a million different brushes, and don’t spend hours every single day beating their faces so for today’s video We’re taking it back to the basics back to the beginning And I’m gonna be doing my makeup routine while answering all of the most popular Beauty questions everything from how to avoid having cakey foundation how to have a blinding highlight and how to put on lashes without stabbing my eyes out so Without further ado if you want to learn a little bit more about your everyday makeup routine and just how to look flawless and beautiful Let’s get started So before we even put on any makeup products today You guys are the first step to a makeup routine is usually priming and the number one question that I get when it comes to makeup is how do I put on my makeup without looking cakey and textured and Gross, I’m gonna talk about primers in a few short seconds but the one step that is absolutely vital to any good makeup routine is skin care and the way I always like to prep my Skin before putting on makeup or before videos is with a moisturizer. I’m probably gonna blow your mind right now Well, maybe not hopefully you guys are a whole lot smarter than I was when I first started doing makeup But you never know I certainly did not know oily skin is not the same thing as Hydrated skin no matter what your skin Type is even if you were dripping bodily oils by the of the day, ew But I can relate on a spiritual level you should be moisturizing your skin very very well before starting your makeup routine Popping water in your face is really really important while you’re doing makeup because after putting on a million pounds of foundation Powder, setting spray, highlighter like the whole shebang it really does Kind of suck the life out of your skin so having a good moisturizer kind of underneath everything to really keep everything Hydrated and locked in place is very very vital. I personally love the Tatcha water cream This is my all-time favorite But I will say it is very very very expensive and definitely not like an affordable product for everybody out there I would just say find a good dermatologist recommended moisturizer That’s gonna work best for you and your skin type, but no matter what your skin Type is I would definitely recommend a good water gel moisturizer And I really just make everything going up much much smoother and preserve the life of your face and your makeup I’m just going to go into my knuckle and grab a little bit on there and just Place some dollops all over my face I did wash my hands before starting to film this video And I’m just going to rub this all over the next step is going to be a primer and for today’s video I’m gonna talk about the benefit Porefessional primer I don’t really use primers that often, but when I do I always reach for this one It is one my all-time favorites And this is a silicone based primer obviously it’s called it porefessional so because of the silicone This is going to act as kind of a barrier between The moisturizer that you just put on your skin and all the makeup which both protects your skin and the silicone will kind of fill In your pores, I’m just gonna grab a little pea sized dollop I’m gonna place this primer in the areas that I have most skin texture and pores and that is going to be kind of right Here on the cheek region right in the middle of the forehead and on the chin What I’m not gonna do is put it on the nose And I’ll get to why in a few short seconds you guys know I live live live live for a good sister nose snatch I love contouring my nose, it is probably one of my favorite steps in my entire makeup routine We’re gonna get into contouring later on in the video But one question that I get asked all the time is how do I get my foundation to stay on my nose? And I’m assuming this is probably oily-skinned people who are asking this question And this is actually something that I used to struggle with all the time But I do have one little hack for you guys And has really saved the life of my nose contour when my skin is more oily and giving me a lot of issues Basically what we’re gonna do here is what I like to call a Priming at the nose that is why I did not put any actual primer on my nose because I feel like a lot of times Primer on the nose makes everything kind of slip and slide around which is obviously the opposite of the goal So I’m gonna grab a really really full-coverage heavy duty concealer I would normally use like a Mac Paint Pot or a benefit kind of boing concealer just something very very creamy and heavy I Accidently cannot find either one of those today, so I’m gonna grab my iconic London contouring palette These are just cream contour shades And I’m gonna grab like probably this shade right here with a more packing brush and what I’m gonna

Do is literally just go all over my nose and really pack this in I know this might look absolutely ridiculous and crazy Please do not do this if you’re going for a light coverage everyday makeup look. This is for intense makeup people you will look absolutely Ridiculous with this on, but I know this looks crazy right now But adding this first layer of concealer all around the nose region is really gonna add like a layer of reinforcement when it comes to the foundation later on so if the foundation kind of wears off throughout the day it’ll wear off to the concealer underneath Another question I get all the time too when it comes to nose is if you are a glasses Wearer is how to avoid getting those two little circles on the sides of your nose and messing up your makeup? You don’t that is why I wear contacts so the next type is going to be a foundation and for today’s video I’m gonna be using the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation I am personally in the shade nude. I really really love the formula this I think it was very very beautifully on my skin at least obviously everybody’s foundation routine is gonna be a little bit different But the one thing I would like to point out about this is before actually putting it on is that this is a silicone based Foundation just like our silicone based primer all the ingredients for all makeup products are always listed on like Sephora and Ulta and if you are someone who is kind of Having trouble with your makeup routine you definitely want to look at the ingredients You don’t want to mix a water-based primer with a silicone based foundation or vice versa because that’s gonna cause kind of like a chemical Problem that is gonna make your makeup separate and streaky and obviously we don’t want that so make sure your ingredients match up nicely and complement each other I’m gonna be applying the foundation to my face that are using a damp Beauty Blender all I did was wet this under the sink in hot water and then wring it out really really well I Personally really really love how sponges apply a foundation to the face, and I much prefer a sponge over a brush I know one thing that you guys ask me all the time is that you love my full coverage looks But you just simply cannot rock that much makeup on your face and I definitely do not blame you wearing this full coverage and intense makeup is definitely a choice to say the least so I definitely Really really love sponges over brushes for applying foundation because it does soak up a little bit of the product and kind of really Pushes it into the skin which gives a much more natural Skin like appearance rather than a brush that just kind of like pushes it all around and oftentimes gives you blending issues as well Sponges all the way 100% another question that I get asked all the time about foundation application is how do I find the right? foundation for my skin tone and Although I might not be the best person to ask for that We all know why there is one little like hack or trick that I learned that literally changed my makeup game Forever and I’ll forever be thankful for it and that is Never ever look at foundation swatches in a makeup store Literally ever let’s be real We have all had situations where we’ve tried on a new foundation or concealer in a makeup store And it looked so good like perfect match right in the store when you buy it And then you go home after spending your hard-earned coins on that product you put it on and the color is nowhere even near Close to your skin tone the lighting of those sources purposely dim and soft which gives your skin a very blurred like effect And it’s also very warm lighting which tends to make a lot of different makeup products look like they’re in the same exact color my best recommendation for you if you’re In the market for a new complexion product will be go to the makeup stores prepared Bring a little compact mirror with you and use that to see the colors of your foundation Do not use your phone camera because it will not give you the same effect But find a few different foundations that are all Kind of close to what you think your skin tone may be and then swatch them all on your face right next to each other And make sure you remember what order they are in And then once it all swatched walk out of Sephora Get out get out of that lighting walk outside obviously do not steal the foundations And then plot your compact mirror and kind of look and once you’re in the natural daylight Then you make your decision on what shade you think will match you best And I promise you will have so much better results this way because there is no wonky lighting to get in your way Our next step is going to be concealer So I’m just going to apply this like normal right in my under eyes and on the center of my face to kind of brighten everything up and the most popular question that I got with concealer is how do I set it in place and make sure it doesn’t look cakey and Creasy the shape you concealers are my all-time favorites because it’s full coverage blends out easily But feels a very very light on the skin. I will say though it is drying I have oily skin, so this works perfectly fine for me But if you have dry skin a concealer like this is gonna be your absolute worst nightmare And that’s why it’s so important to do research on the different formulations or products beforehand A really great alternative that I love for what I’m having a drier skin days is the Becca aqua luminous concealer? It is a kind of a medium coverage, but it blends out beautifully has a very very hydrating type of formula to it I absolutely love that for doing dewy looks or also if I’m wearing no makeup at all and just want to conceal a few pimples It is really really great before we go in and blend out my under eyes to get rid of the creases

I’m gonna have my setting powder at there ready my personal favorite is actually a mixture of the laura mercier translucent setting powder and the Too Faced sweet peach setting powder ooh. That’s a mouthful I discovered this in my mixed in my setting powders video And I’ve been using it ever since but you can obviously use whatever you have I’m just gonna go to the pointy end of my damp Beauty Blender and just kind of push those creases up Being sure not to be too harsh, and then with that same exact Beauty Blender still damp I’m gonna dip it right into that powder, and I’m just gonna push this right underneath the eye using a damp Beauty sponge to press powder into the face as opposed to a brush or a powder puff was honestly probably one of My favorite makeup tricks that I have ever learned to date and truly change my makeup game forever Swear to God on that it obviously presses the powder into the skin which modifies and says everything in place But because the Beauty Blender is still slightly damp it kind of melts the powder into the skin as well Which really helps when it comes to skin texture the one slight con to this technique I will say is if you’re like me and you have very very oily skin, and you tend to talk with a lot of expression throughout the day since you’re not like packing it on you’re kind of more melting it into the face your smile lines and your Forehead lines might start to peak through a little bit But I would much rather have beautiful smooth skin with a few lines that mean I talk a lot And I’m very very happy then to have a very very crusty powdery skin texture It’s obviously a pro/con situation that you can weigh out in your own mind, but I love this technique I would definitely recommend now that my face is all powdered and set in place next obviously comes sculpting a contouring blush bronzer highlighter the whole shebang But there’s one thing that I want to do before that and that is it give my face a good spritz of MAC Fix+ with my good and trusted sister fan at the ready throughout my makeup routine especially after using a lot of powder I really like to go in it with a light spritz of Mac Fix+ I feel like this really does a good job of kind of melting all the powders into the skin and once again eliminating that Cakiness and then I just run my fan and make sure to dry it right off before moving to the next step Because as much as I do love a wet and dewy base obviously Having a wet face is gonna mess up any powder products later on now that our base is done And we are looking even we have to contour because as good as our skin looks right now We’re looking a little bit Flat Stanley like so to do that We’re going to use contour and a bronzer which are not the same thing to contour today. I’m gonna use my Kat Von D Shade + light contour palette. I really really love the formula of this and the colors, and I’m gonna use my morphe M405 brush this is like a medium sized fluffy taper and a contouring brush and it really allows you to get right in on the cheekbone But before I contour. I’m actually gonna go in and I’m going to bronze my face using my benefit hoola bronzer and my morphe M-527 brush, this is a very very big fluffy brush, which allows us to get all over color But I’m just going to dip it right in tap it off because you don’t want too much on there But then I’m gonna go in right on the cheekbone and kind of place that powder on there I’m also gonna follow that bronzer up and bring it onto the sides of my face and on my forehead as well Kind of all over the place the point of bronzer is not to sculpt your face It is to give a very very beautiful bronze glow. I really want this to give a nice sunkissed type of look that we were laying out and got a nice tan if you’re like me and you lay out in tan you just Get burned so bronzer is a really really great alternative to that and this also provides kind of like a transition color in between our natural skin tone and the contours that we’re about to put on next We just bronzed which brought a lot more color and dimension to our face But now we want to contour and the whole point of contour is to kind of Sculpt your face out going right in on your different bone structure to really enhance your natural Features our bronzer was obviously a warm tone shade so now I’m gonna grab that angle brush that I was talking about before and dip into mostly this shade, but just a slight Tiny bit of this one top it off, and I’m gonna be much more precise with the placement of my brush and that is contouring. I’m gonna imagine that there’s a line right here from the top of my ear down to the corner of my mouth, and I’m gonna place my brush right here and focus the most amount of color right here We really want to make sure we’re blending upwards as opposed to downwards because of blending downwards is gonna give us like a very very sunken Angelina Jolie type look, which also is definitely good for like more Halloween type stuff or if you’re going for a more masculine type of contour, which is totally okay too, but I like to blend upwards which gives your cheeks a very very lifted and a beautiful look Once again holding the brush level to my face Placing it right in my natural cheek bone and just blending out lightly downwards towards the corner my mouth and as you can see this gives a really nice job of having an even kind of ombre situation from the Contour to the bronzer to the concealer we put on, so it’s like a nice fade and this gives us a very very rounded and lifted look. Like I said the whole point of highlighting and contouring is to sculpt the face so highlighting is obviously going to bring whatever you’re kind of featuring forward and contouring is gonna kind of pull it back and hide it a little bit So if you’re like me and you have a lot on your mind at all times team 5head present

I’m also going to use a little bit of that contour to kind of chisel out my hairline a little bit and fake it as if it was a little bit lower I’m also gonna take this powder and run it right underneath my jaw line, this shadow plus of course a little bit of facetune It’s really gonna trick the eye into thinking that my jaw line is a lot more defined than it really is The most common question I get when it comes to nose contour is how do I make my nose look really really snatched and tiny Just like sister James’ well first of all Face tune really gonna save your life here because sometimes in certain lighting nose contour doesn’t look the best but if you don’t need to be taking a selfie with good lighting or if you’re a natural daylight, a good nose contour can really change your entire face of makeup for the better if you’re like me I’m gonna take the contour powder on the fluffy end of this brush and start by blending in two lines on kind of the top of my nose on top of the bridge. If you’re someone like me and you’re trying to kind of fool the eye into thinking that your nose looks a lot smaller, you definitely do not want to follow your natural nose shape in the situation And you kind of want to place the contours where you wish your nose looked like in the first place, so for me I’m placing this on the top of the bridge and the closer you put the two lines together the more tiny and pinched your nose is gonna look, versus if you put them super far apart, like this picture of me from Halloween from two years ago, your nose bridge is gonna look really really huge Making sure you blend in the contour very very lightly because you guys know my nose is definitely a problem spot when it comes to foundation rubbing off, but if you follow all the tips that I was talking about, you should be fine And your nose contour would look snatched all day long I’m just gonna apply a light layer of blush right on at the tops of my cheekbones Making sure to not put too much on a light wash of color can look very very beautiful, but obviously if you put too much you can look like a circus clown and that is never the goal. A lot of people in their makeup routine tend to put highlighter very very close at the end of the routine or even last, but for me personally I’ve recently been doing it right now Highlighter goes on best when there’s little product underneath and the more powder you pack onto your face throughout your makeup routine, the less the highlighter is going to stick and the less it’s gonna shine so, once again I’m gonna grab my MAC Fix+ and I’m gonna give my face a light spritz of water, having a wet base is gonna make the highlighter stick on very very nicely and we’re gonna grab my Anastasia So Hollywood you guys know that this is my all-time favorite with my Morphe M501 brush I’m gonna dip right into the highlighter making sure to get a lot on the brush and I’m also gonna spritz that brush lightly as well to really make sure it is super super metallic and then they’re just in the place this shade right on the top of my cheekbone, and you can see already how blinding that is. Oh literally so pretty. Oh my god you just see how like flawless this looks? Like I said, you obviously do not need to do this but we are gonna be applying more powder and more products to the face, so I just really like adding this layer of glow to kind of reinforce it later on while the face is still really really fresh and kind of dewy because it just makes everything look so much brighter and so much more beautiful Just trust me on this one. Side note as well before I forget and move on when it comes to highlighting your nose, instead of using the same brush like the M501 that you use on your cheeks, grab a pencil brush or a really tiny brush like this one This is the morphe m431and has a pointed tip, use obviously the same exact highlighter but using a more defined brush for your nose highlight, is going to really keep that illusion going and reinforce just the contour because if you put the highlight all over, its gonna completely ruin the effect of the pinched nose but if you put it just on the tiniest tip of the nose ridge right in between those two contour lines, It’s really gonna further the illusion and make it look like your nose bridge is literally like, barely even breathable Finally to finish off our base, we’re going to lightly bake our face, but because we’re using more powder, you guys know the drill If you have dry skin, I would recommend skipping out on baking although, it is a helpful step it is definitely not necessary and the addition of more powder can sometimes, like I said beforehand, add unwanted texture but if you’re like me and you have normal or oily skin, baking can be a really really great technique that not only helps your makeup last longer but also kind of brightens and enhances everything, just a little bit more Once again using my damp Beauty Blender and dipping into that powder, I always like to start off by placing this bake right on the sides of my nose to enforce the highlights which once again, further the illusion of a pinch and *pop* snatched nose If you’re someone who’s just starting off with contouring or struggling with placing the contour in the right place, I’m gonna grab a little bit more powder and just pack this right underneath the line of my contour and when I wipe this off in a little while, it’s gonna kind of brighten up that entire area and just clean up the contour which just makes it look a little bit more defined and a little bit more cut and snatched While this powder bakes in place, that completes the base makeup for today. Next obviously comes brows and eyes but for today’s video, I’m gonna go ahead and do the eyebrows off-camera and skip out on the eye shadow today, just because I feel like there are literally so many different questions, techniques and products that I like to use for those specific steps in my makeup routine. If you want a full in-depth video

on different eyebrow techniques different eyeshadow styles and my eyeliner tutorial, definitely give this video a big thumbs up and leave me a comment down below because I could totally do that, I just don’t want to keep you guys sitting here for 17 hours because I feel like that’s already where we’re getting at here So I’m gonna do that and I’ll be right back to finish off the rest of the look and yeah, BRB. Okay sisters, so we are so close to the end now that our brows and lashes are all complete, I’m gonna go ahead and a wipe off my bake because that has been on my face for quite a long time now As you can see by brushing away this powder kind of just did a really nice job of reinforcing all those highlights underneath our contour, so it just makes everything look nice and *pop* chiseled We just wiped away a ton of powder that was sitting on our face for a very very long time, so I’m sure you can imagine what we’re gonna do MAC’s Fix+ and then a fan to kind of set everything in place and really make the excess powder melt into the skin to make sure we stay dewy and beautiful and smooth all day long. Now that we were completely done with powder, and we have nothing else to add it to the skin, thank God, I’m gonna go in with a little bit more highlighter and kind of reinforce the glow, just in case any of it was lost to that baking powder. So once again, I grab my M501 just a slightest bit of fix+ and just going right over those areas that we highlighted before to really make sure our glow is blinding to everybody passing by Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about right right there. So next in our makeup routine We have our lip-ididodas and I’m sure you can already guess what the question isn’t for this but it is. How do I make my lips look bigger? If you’ve been following me for a while you know that my lips have definitely undergone a very very large transformation definitely for the better. One of the best ways to get bigger, more plump looking lips is lip filler. You may think I’m kidding, but it’ll be completely ridiculous for me to act like I went from this to this, with just a little bit of over-lining, because let’s be real no lip pencil can do that I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this on camera before but I do have my lips done, I have one full vial of Juvederm on my top lip and half a vial on my bottom lip and they were done by Johanna the nurse. I’m gonna put her Instagram right here, this is not sponsored I just really really love her and her work. I was genuinely very very hesitant on whether or not to get them done I didn’t want people to think I looked really ridiculous or unnatural, but I will say she did such an amazing job and I am honestly so happy and far more confident with my lips once I got them done. Things like plastic surgery and filler are obviously a very very personal decision and I am definitely not telling you guys to all run out and go ask your parents for lip filler please, do not, but if you’ve done your research, found your doctor, planned out financials because it can be very very expensive and you feel deep down that it will genuinely make you feel more confident as a person, then I would say definitely go for it, but if you don’t feel comfortable with that that is totally okay I still have a few tips and tricks to show you guys to make your lips look more plump, just with makeup. The first lip hack I have for you guys today is slightly over lining your lips using a darker lip liner than the lipstick shade you plan on using This will make everything look a much more plump and voluminous When over lining your lips, I always like to start at the Cupid’s bow to just kind of build up the natural shape and just go right outside of the natural lip line Now the one mistake that people always make when they’re over lining is that they keep over lining the entire top lip. In reality, you want to take the line that you just over line above the Cupid’s bow and follow that down but connect it to your actual natural inner corner of your lip line. This will create that illusion of a more plump lip without giving you a wider drag queen type of effect, which is definitely not what we’re going for today Just like that There we go. When it comes to the bottom lip I really would not recommend underlining it at all because I just feel like the effect looks very very weird in person and is definitely not a true to the eye type of illusion like the top lip so if anything, just line your lips like normal Then of course just apply that lipstick right in the center of your lips and making sure to blend together the lipstick with the lip liner for that natural ombre look Now what we don’t want is this very very harsh line that you can see I definitely have clay on right now so if it looks crazy like this, don’t worry, all I have to do is take your lip liner once again and just go back in and blend right over those edges You can totally leave them like this the lip liner will stay all day long and you can of course bring your little lipstick with you if you need any touch-ups but if you want to take it one step further and really go for like that supermodel pouty look, what I like to do is take an even lighter lip gloss, this is the Too Faced melted latex liquid lip gloss hello, and just place that gloss right in the center of the lip I personally am really not a fan of placing gloss all over the lips because by the end of the day the outer corners are always, so crusty and so gross you have to keep cleaning them up Nobody wants to do that but by kind of cheating and only placing the gloss in the center, you’re avoiding all the trouble, still getting that beautiful glossy look that we all know and love and it brings the eye right to the center of the lip once again furthering the illusion of bigger lips. Finally last

but not least, the last question for today is how do I keep my makeup on all day long, of course the question we’re all wondering, and I’ll want to know every day Of course so many of the different techniques that I was talking about today are really gonna help your makeup last all day long, so just pre priming your nose of course setting your face with powder and a damp beauty blender to kind of melt it into the skin and even baking to kind of reinforce those highlights but the one thing that is of course really going to help your makeup last all day long is a really good quality setting spray. My personal favorite is the skindinavia makeup finishing spray, this one claims the last for 16 hours and let me just tell you, nobody should ever have a face of makeup on for 16 hours straight that is so gross and so bad for your skin but sometimes we do get in those emergencies where we need to have a full face of makeup on for a very very long time, so I definitely like to have a long lasting setting spray. Once your makeup is all complete, make sure all of your powders are wiped off and then go ahead and give your face a nice and good and very very generous squirt And then just for the last time today, grab your fan and give it a good thwarp and really let that setting spray dry into your face and lock everything in place Alright sisters and that is the finished look and the finished tutorial for today I really really hope you enjoyed it and I hope you learned a whole lot of new information Like I was saying before hand, I do tend to skip over a lot of the stuff in my videos I don’t mean to it just happens by force but I definitely want to include a whole lot more tips and tricks in the future because I love talking to you guys about makeup, it is my favorite thing in the entire world so I really really hope you guys enjoyed it as well. If you guys did enjoy today’s video, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below It really does help me out and also definitely let me know by leaving a comment if you want me to do that full video on different tips and techniques and tricks for eyebrows, eyeshadow and liner and like the whole shebang. You guys know this region or my face is my all-time favorite step of my makeup routine and I feel like I have a lot of stuff that I would love to share with you guys so let us sister know if you want that, I can definitely do that. If you like to follow me on my makeup journey you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter they are both just James Charles and my snapchat for more behind the scenes type stuff is James Charles with an Extra “S” after Charles this video sister shoutout goes to sister Kyle. Thank you so much babe for always following and supporting you know I love you so much and if you would like to be the next video sister shout out, make sure to always retweet the video links when they go live on Twitter. Love you guys so much. Thank you for watching this video. It is 3 a.m I’m gonna go to bed now and get my sister beauty rest I love it the most ever and I’ll see you in the next one! Byeee