this is jaco podcast number 118 with echo Charles and me Jocko Willing good evening echo good evening I need a mission we all need a mission that’s what life should be is a mission that’s what gives your life purpose and focus and drive and ultimately satisfaction now that mission can be the job you work at it can be providing for your family or it can be getting better at jujitsu or stronger at Olympic lifting or starting a business that you want to grow and build and take over the world and sometimes people ask me what to do if they don’t know what their mission is or what their mission should be and I tell them if they’re in that situation to go help someone gonna help someone else make that your mission because that will make you better and it’ll make the world better and eventually from that you’ll see what your mission is now I was lucky because from a young age I had a mission I wanted to be some kind of commando and eventually I ended up hearing about the SEAL Teams and decided that that was the best place for me and that’s where I went and once I got to the SEAL Teams I had a new mission which was to prepare for war and that’s what we did and then eventually war came and then that was the mission to take the fight to the enemy to close with and destroy them through close combat and that’s what we did but eventually for me and for everyone in the military it ends maybe because of retirement or maybe because of family obligations or maybe for medical reasons but for every warrior eventually the war ends and that career ends and that mission ends and I’ve talked a lot on this podcast about how important it is to find a new mission once the war is over for you and you’ve done your part you have to find a new mission well tonight we have a guest on who pursued much the same mission as me for as long as he could and who has now found a new mission that he is on so Dan Crenshaw welcome to the podcast thanks jack oh it’s a pleasure to be here with you real honor thanks for coming on and let’s just start at the beginning a little bit for people that don’t know who you are let’s talk a little bit about I guess we’ll talk about Katy Texas and at the same time also include Ecuador and Colombia about your childhood absolutely well like you said I grew up in Katy Texas I’m at six generations a Texan flowing through me my dad’s side of the family and my dad was in the oil and gas industry our whole lives so when you hear things about Ecuador and Colombia and even Egypt and Scotland that says all the places we lived over the years because it is uh because of his career everybody and anybody in the oil and gas industry in Texas knows that it’s a pretty common theme you know I like to talk about some of the challenges that I went through from an early age and what kind of what drove me or maybe and maybe drove my that that capacity’ pass ‘ti that you need to become a seal and um you know that started with my mother and my mother got uh diagnosed with breast cancer when I

was five years old and she fought it hard for five years and she never quit she never complained and never saw and if she did I never saw it and if she just took care of me and my brother every day right up until the end man she eventually lost that battle when I was 10 years old in 1994 but she instilled in me you know what I what I think are American and Texas values of integrity respect and just never quit never quit no matter what and don’t feel sorry for yourself because she never did she truly never did and she asked where she told me before she died that I would soar to great heights and I don’t know what that meant at the time but I think we know now and not long after that you know when I could start reading books and and and grab the first Navy SEAL dick Marcinko novel Rogue Warrior like if your book wasn’t out yet otherwise maybe oh yeah Rogue Warrior that that that came out when I was already in yeah a matter of fact it came out right as I showed up at the team’s it I’m pretty sure that’s right when it came out and obviously created some turmoil and the teams but it was pretty interesting especially cuz I knew guys that had worked for for dick Marcinko that was pretty interesting to talk to them and and to be totally frank with you most of the guys that work for dick Marcinko loved him and and as a matter of fact one of the couple of guys that I respect met there’s one guy as a matter of fact that that I work for and this was a couple years later as a matter of fact it was around 1994 because I was in a seal platoon and and I was talking to this guy that had worked for for dick Marcinko and I said hey you know how was dick Marcinko how was it to work for him he looked at me said best CEO ever yeah and this was from a guy that I have utmost respect for so I thought that was pretty cool even though you know his book you know the book is it’s I’d say it’s a Hollywood ish book yeah and and you know the statement in there that everyone always laughs about in the teams is the statement that every seal on his team could benchpress 500 pounds right number K rolling we’re not going we’re not even gonna make it realistic we’re not gonna make it realistic we’re just going straight to 500 pound everyone on the team right and that’s just patently untrue and what sucks is when you do that with that thing well then you then people start looking to booking on well what is true and what is not right so and although from the way it’s been described to me the events in that book a lot of them are compiled so like this little thing happened on a training event and this thing happened on a training event and this thing happened on training event but they’d all be compiled into one big story and yeah so it’s kind of like a Hollywood yeah it’s a book it’s a it’s a nonfiction ish for a ten-year-old Ben Crenshaw didn’t know that no problem yeah yeah wouldn’t be here without that series of books and frankly you know I probably still have two eyes but nobody that’s two eyes that’s that’s a luxury yeah we’ll get to that in a little in a little bit so yeah I mean that you know once you’ve once that and you know this most seals operate this way or at least they have the same story of yeah it was from a young age I had a mission I knew what it was and every decision I made from from then until the moment I got into buds was was was just therefore that now when you did you I know you lived overseas where’d you go to high school so it must a high school in Colombia okay yeah and what did you play sports down there I played soccer okay yeah Colombia so kind of like what they had it was that or volleyball I could play volleyball and then you applied from college from Colombia yeah yeah okay this is this is kind of an important question cuz a lot of people ask me this question all the time you were definitely wanted to be a seal what made you make the decision between going to college and you ended up going to Tufts yeah and then in Massachusetts so at some point you said to yourself okay I could enlist tomorrow and go to boot camp and you know be a seal within the year or I can go to college for four years and you know then apply and I’ll be in an officer in a leadership position I could ask that question all the time for me when I was 18 years old the answer was real easy like oh I can be a seal within a year sign me up yeah and and that’s what I did and for you you obviously took a different approach and people ask me all the time which one is better and I tell them that there’s advantages and disadvantages to both of them but what made you decide

you’re gonna go officer style from the get-go maybe you know along with my mission of being a seal my whole life the the a similar mission of I wanted a college degree as well and I wanted to knock that out and and then you know I wasn’t well-informed enough to really speak about the difference between officer and enlisted back then like I am now but I did want a leadership role it was important to me based on what I’d read and based on the movies I’d seen that I was in a leadership role did you see Navy SEALs was that not that’s my that’s leaf baboons answer to why you became a seals straight up Charlie shields Charlie Sheen I didn’t just see it you know we had it on all the time yeah you know so a combination of wanting a leadership role maybe knowing too you know was I really ready at age 18 you know I knew I wanted it but I have also I also wanted to be prepared yeah and I was able to think ahead enough to know that maybe I can’t swim all that great just yet let’s we might need some more practice God made a bit but all but it was mostly like it was mostly I’m gonna go to college first dress that’s been my life path that’s what I’m gonna do and so that’s what I did and I ended up at Tufts University mostly because of its international relations program I was that was my focus it was foreign affairs international relations politics and a nun did a minor in physics just because but why not yeah that sounds like fun yeah mechanics it’s not you speak Spanish obviously from from growing up in Colombia to see are you fluent in Spanish pretty fluent yet no it’s kind of little rusty but and you did ROTC at yes was there any seals there like prior seals that were instructors or anything like that no well no there was at Harvard so a lot of these guys doing master’s programs while we’re doing ROTC they’re not attached to the unit but I did have the opportunity to work with some guys and you know just get that mentorship you just this is the kind of workouts you might want to be doing I mean just the basics cuz you just have no idea going into it do you think kids over prepare for buds now I think it depends on the kid I often mentor guys who want to go through and you know that sometimes they do focus a little bit too much on especially things they’re good at yeah I’m running ten miles a day they’ve kind of like a five-minute pace I’m like stop running never run again yeah yeah you’re good at that move on to the next thing yeah you know focus on your weaknesses it guys just don’t understand a little little basics I don’t know if they over trained I haven’t worked with enough to really know I talked to people and they send me messages all the time and they’re on this two-year training program to get ready for buds and I’m like hey train for two months and then go no it’s not that hard if you played a sport in college or have you played a sport in high school and you can run like you’ll get in good shape there and it’s going to be a challenge but eating around especially when there’s a war going on that you don’t really want to miss yeah like that’s a big deal to me you know and I tell these guys this Wars not gonna last forever and you know I showed up with the team in 1991 just missed the first call Florida and it’s you know we I didn’t shoot my weapon at the enemy for 13 years and that’s a long dry hard 13 years and so yeah you want to miss out on that snow you don’t one of my old team guy buddies it was like 1971 and and he live he thought the Vietnam War was gonna end and he’s down at the Marine Corps recruiter saying I want to be a door gunner and Huey it’s it’s interesting that there’s you you know you always hear about the protesters and whatnot mm-hm but there’s kids that want to fight oh yeah we do have a there’s a warrior class in America that I think we should be proud of and it’d be proud to be a part of because it’s a good people with good values and they want to do the right thing for the country so you show up the butts so you get we get done with college colleges college right is there anything particular you want to say about College no okay cool particularly want to hear about it and show but buds and any issues at Budds yeah you know I started my I started with class 261 about Tuesday afternoon of my first hell week my stress fracture developed into a pretty noticeable fracture and I got the old question are you hurt or are you injured mr. krenshaw and you really want to be injured because you better not just be hurt because then you’re just quitting and I was I was injured pretty substantially I mean you know I mean who stress fractures are pretty normal

injury and buds okay so you so when I’m sitting there talking about people don’t prep enough you’re like actually you should prep more do you think you could have run more preparing for bugs I would have I ran plenty I would have I would have focused a little bit more on strength and conditioning you know something I just didn’t know how to do back then is what happens in buds is I mean you’re gonna go to failure you know you’re gonna go to failure no matter what your it’s gonna happen on the hour every hour maybe every ten minutes all the time so guys who over prepare they they’re they can’t understand why they’re failing so much right and that that messes with their head so maybe that’s what you mean by over preparing because that’s what I mean by like I think I think guys get too confident in their abilities and they just don’t understand why they’re hitting a wall all the time whereas like guys like me or just like I just I just expected to suck so it’s really not a surprise but we’re just gonna keep trying no matter what and just never quit and and quitting is never an option the other problem is if you over prepare it maybe it becomes an option this isn’t the case for everybody but I see some of the best in shape guys quit because it was just they were like maybe it was an option for them like maybe I’ll make it maybe I won’t but if you you should never go into buds thinking that way and that’s why a lot of guys who make it through I think have this story that well I wanted to do it since I was 10 years old so it was just never an option for me to ever quit so yeah you do need to prepare enough to make sure your muscles when they do fail aren’t putting all the strain on your joints are that’s what happened to me because it just happened over time and over time you’re limping a certain way and that just that causes a fracture eventually because there’s too much pressure being put on your bones so you know or I just had weak genetics yeah just like my story really answer so I got rolled back I came back again with two 6-4 and you know you know you know there’s the that 2 mile run you doing hell week it’s like Tuesday or so FL week and it’s a time I went through a long time well it’s like a Tuesday or something it’s a time to run and if you and if you get in the top 5 you don’t have to do it again and then everybody else has to do it all over again you get to rest under a boat and you know eat sand or whatever they let you do much on that sand over there and you know my first whole week I was dead last I mean just way be like not even close right because I was limping the whole time in my second hell week I was I was first placed by maybe five minutes you know and maybe because I knew what the game was but everybody does actually the word gets around you know the it’s but it was it was it was a message maybe to myself of like we’re gonna we’re gonna not only do this but we’re gonna crush it and I’m gonna feel good about it I’m gonna rest under that bone eat mice and well everybody else is running frankly it was really cold so I kind of wish I’d been running at the time but whatever I want the closest story I have to that is we got done with a four mile timed run and when we got done the people that failed and I didn’t fail but there was a bunch of people that failed and the instructor who is a really a perfect instructor meaning that his attitude and the way he carried himself was epic four buds and he was the senior chief of the phase it was dive phase and the guys come across and he’s collecting the guys that fail which was probably at least half the class and then you know he says because I’m fair I’m gonna go ahead and let you do this timed run again get on the line ready go and everyone had to run another four mile time run right well not us but the people that the people that passed got to not know but the people that didn’t pass which was half the class had to go and just run another four mile time to run right then to see if they could then pass it yeah much easier on the eighth mile you’re definitely doing a lot yeah you put out as hard as you possibly good for a four mile timed run which I actually had to do every time I failed to run and I failed one run in buds I paced myself mm-hmm I said well you know and I’ll just paste myself I’m not gonna put out as hard as I as a kind I’ll save a little bit for later and that didn’t work I I failed because I’m not a fast runner and so from then on it was just a sprint as hard as I could go for the whole damn time yeah unlike you I didn’t win any races buds so you get done with and you show up so now it’s 2000 and what what your is it this is 2007 okay yeah 2007 yeah finishing buzz 2007 and then moving to NS QT that’s right lace babban putting me through ROTC nice you know I think I was I was I was indoctrinated early on right on bruiser stories that’s awesome and then from there you rolled to team three team three and I was team three with Fallujah in 2008 and then back within Ramadi in 2010 with trial platoon you know yeah your little troop

you know going back to lay front in that course it was interesting because what that course used to be was almost like an administrator course hey here’s how you write evals and they had a little tiny bit of dashing zuv of tactics in it but it was here’s how you read write evals here’s you how you write Navy messages and just that kind of stuff yeah and you know we knew that these kids needed to train because in Ramadi I had guys that were first Platoon guys out Ground Force commanders and we wanted to make sure these guys knew what to do on the battlefield and it was awesome that life went there and started rehashing that program and did a great job I think it was very valuable yeah yeah and yeah so then you got done with that then you showed up a team three and you went right on deployment right I mean team three was already on deployment so they they just deployed you know and you know how that goes um it’s the the cycle of graduates so we met up with team three I was in Fallujah for a little while I was down in Basra for a few months and actually stayed on deployment to meet up with Team five and and and helped them transition you know as we were setting up another debt out there in Basra great great first deployment and learned a lot and got to work a little bit and then came back to Iraq in 2010 and another great deployment for me because I was able to take over as platoon commander when my platoon OIC had to go to relieve another platoon oh I see so you know we were going through the entire targeting cycle working with multiple Iraqi partners throughout Ramadi and throughout all of Allen bar we got to operate throughout the entire province and even a little bit in Baghdad so just an amazing experience for a young Jo who wouldn’t normally be put in that position and working with some of the best people I’ve ever met you know we talked about before I won’t name names on the podcast but you know well you’re oh I see was it was a great guy that got moved that’s why you got moved and obviously they had confidence in you you to move you up into the platoon commander position which is an interesting thing I had a group of business people and they they there was a guy that kept saying well no one can take my place you know and then he was surprised that he wasn’t getting promoted and you know explain to people if you don’t have a person below you in the chain of command or two or three people below you in the chain of command that can take your job well then you’re gonna have to stay in your job and you’re not gonna get promoted yeah so that that’s that’s proof that you’re oh I see like I said who’s a great guy actually he supposed to come on the podcast at some point but he’s a great guy and he had groomed you and taught you everything he could do and and made you ready and trusted you to say when when the boss came to him and said hey I gotta fire a guy I’m gonna move you over to Afghanistan is your is your a OIC ready to take over and he could calmly say yes he is and that’s that’s awesome and that shows that he was a great leader too to kind of prepare you properly for that situation that’s a good point I mean that it’s that is part of leadership and management it’s making sure that below you and above you is squared away yeah I would put it and I would do that when I was running training I would always kill you know theoretically or what does it virtually kill the four majors yeah all of us the end sometimes I’d kill all of you yeah I remember yeah there’d be some some somebody carries happening for extended distances yeah I was a little bit I was a little bit crazy at that point and you know I was good training yeah yeah you know it’s I was coming home from Ramadi and I wanted to make sure you guys were ready to ready for the worst possible case scenarios you know so then you get so you do that you finish out that deployment that was a solid deployment you were you were running a bunch of stuff that that sounds like a good deal now what you do when you came back so we came back moved over to Support Activity one and as you know they they run intelligence support operations for the SEAL Teams it’s a fairly normal transition to make as an officer and for a lot of listen guys too but with that ended what really what that translated into is back on deployment 2012 with my platoon again SEAL team 3 trial attune and Kandahar province so on that deployment this was one of our more kinetic deployments and it’s it’s Afghanistan it’s Kandahar’s IEDs everywhere I mean everywhere I mean to the point where you know our our TTP’s or our you know MRSA MRSA or SOPs our standard operating procedures were hey we’re on patrol we’re getting shot at don’t even move don’t even go look for cover because as soon as you move you hit an IEE D I mean they’re there they’re just they’re that prevalent throughout the entire ground not just on pathways not just in doorways in the most random of places these guys are just burying these things and a woman a whim you know and then it’s and it’s chaos out there and we know they’re not

that great at shooting at us so would rather just take it so I’m gonna take a moment just to emphasize what you just said cuz it’s really important and not everyone will understand it the way you the way you went over it quickly almost from a tactical mindset so I just want everyone understand what he said what he’s saying is when at this point the IEDs were so bad that if you started getting shot at by the enemy the obvious and common and practice that everyone in the world instinctively and by training has is you immediately hit the ground and seek cover and you get behind a log do you hit behind a piece of terrain you find somewhere to hide from the bullets that are coming at you and what Dan saying is during this deployment the ided threat was so high that when the enemy started shooting at them instead of finding cover to hide from the bullets they would rather just stay put probably take a knee but not dive behind something because the likely there’s a likely chance that there was an AED there yep that’s that’s crazy it is this you know we’ve all I’ve seen multiple guys get get blown up and usually our partners our Afghan partners who are patrolling with us because you know maybe they’re just not as careful or maybe they’re the equipment they’re using to detect IEDs in the ground they weren’t using it properly whatever the case may be or maybe just because it’s bad luck and they’re just everywhere you know it’s and there’s more yet more Afghan partners than Americans oh by far we would sometimes go in operations with about a hundred Afghans and maybe 1215 seals yeah because that we’re doing entire clearance operations through villages you know where we’re going house-to-house or shaking hands a little bit of shaking hands it’s a little bit of on security you know either defending ourselves or going on the offensive it depends on the situation but you know we round everybody up we talked to them you know we have we meet with village elders so it’s it’s it’s it’s a little bit of your your your I guess your more typical and conventional warfare tactic so we’re trying to meet and greet the population while also you know being prepared for battle and and but the hardest part of that was certainly the iad threat you know only single file lines everything we ever learned in training of different formations and you know staggered exelon whatever it is it doesn’t apply at all it all gets thrown out the window because it’s it’s only about single file what has been cleared what hasn’t been cleared and you could you could veer from that a little bit depending on what area you’re in in Kandahar and with more mountainous areas less IEDs but even then I’ve got a story you know these guys some of our guys take a take a point let’s take it on the high ground and a little hilltop I mean just in the middle of nowhere I mean middle of no I can’t emphasize this enough it is the middle of nowhere right and they sit down and this pop goes off it was a blasting cap that went low order which means it didn’t blow up the main charge like a fifteen twenty pound charge I would have killed all three of them right then and there and I mean I want to say that again middle of nowhere there was no reason for there to be an IE D right there but there was this was out in the mountains and this wasn’t even in the the pen you know the southern Kandahar district which it was which is truly just a minefield everywhere you know so you know the can’t emphasize how bad the threat is there and even even even taking that even taking a small high ground because in behind a rock you know this is what we could kind of things we ran into and so that was that deployment it was a lot of fun and uh but it was it was a hard one for us you know on month six about six months and it was June 15 2012 I was hit by an ID blast by one of these you know again they’re everywhere it was it was the one day we spent in Helmand province so we went to Helmand on a last-minute mission to support some marine special operations forces out there and as the early you know we always fly in about the middle of the night we do that so that the enemy can’t arm the IADC the IEDs are everywhere but they’re not always armed and if they if they keep them armed they run out of batteries and they don’t work anymore so they so there’s there’s a little bit of tactical consideration there but you know and it was the early morning hours come and then the daylight starts to hit we start to move around and we start to clear out this one compound and hadn’t been totally cleared yet and one of my Afghan interpreters was responding to a call runs in front of me and completely gets dismembered by about 15 pounds of explosives underneath them and all I know is I got hit with something kind of feels like you’re getting hit by a truck while a bunch of guys in the truck or

shooting you with a shotgun that’s sort of what it feels like and you know I mean my immediate reaction was feel my legs right so I feel my legs and everything’s still there you know I know something is wrong distance from the IUD a couple feet I mean it’s so I mean because you know Leah a few feet were you and me are probably is about you know just across the table and you know lots of pain pain everywhere but not in my eyes so I was completely blinded but you know totally under the assumption that I just had dirt in my eyes and I remained under this assumption that there was really nothing wrong with my eyes for frankly for weeks to come and we’ll talk about that but you know I I was I didn’t lose consciousness I knew what was happening I could hear the moans everybody thinks that when somebody gets their legs blown off they’re screaming like in the movies it’s just never the case it’s a very different like visceral sound of pain and it’s and I’ve heard it many times now because this happened to us a couple times and so I heard that I knew I knew that Rahman had been hit cuz I could hear him and you know one of our one of my teammates tells a story where he got hit with a the foot in a building next door I mean and it was and that’s how they knew something had gone terribly wrong and you know the medics come to me there’s nothing they can do for me they sort of just wrap up my eyes they know something’s wrong I really don’t frankly I just I keep assuming there’s just dirt in my eyes and that it’ll be fine and eventually we get taken out of there and I was able to get up and walk to the helo because you know you don’t let somebody carry you when they’ve got a firefight to finish and we get on and as soon as the medics on the helicopter see me they they put me out right away and I don’t wake up for days so when I do wake up in Germany they they told me my right eye had been removed and I’d probably never see again out of my left eye but there’s a chance and again kind of self-deception kicks in I’m like so you’re saying there’s a chance we’ll be fine just get the surgery done get me on a plane to back to Maryland to the Walter Reed Hospital where these surgeons are and let’s do this and they’re like it’s gonna be a day or two I argue we argue you know that’s how it goes for the next couple days I can’t really move I can’t get up to use the bathroom my body is completely swollen and and and company shredded really I mean there’s no real permanent injuries to the rest of my body but it’s it’s in such a state that like yeah just just shock wave from the blast I think shock and I was I had a ton of shrapnel just throughout I think I was swollen might have been muscle atrophy from being in a medically induced coma for so long because I’d been there been that way for five or six days but really couldn’t move I mean just wrapped up really tight because I mean is he’s just scarring a little bit I was just was kind of been through a meat grinder a little bit and I was also I was hallucinating wildly so I everything I saw was Afghanistan I was lucid I understood what was around me but all I could see was an Afghan guy sitting next to me or an Afghan village it was it was it’s almost like phantom pain but with your eyes and there’s a medical term for that I can’t remember but it was it’s just an odd and terrifying experience because it wasn’t I knew it wasn’t real but it’s just everything I saw and eventually got back to Maryland on a one on one of our medical flights and you know my wife was there waiting for me and you know we began had that conversation about okay what’s the next surgery because I had to remove the cataract I mean that was that was the issue there was a lot of shrapnel in my left eye though I that was still there and you know the the issue was could we can we safely remove the cataract and will he ever see again if we do do that what’s what are his chances really of having decent vision and you know we we prayed and we and I look back on it and again that you know we call it self deception but it was really the strength to stay sane and and believe that I was actually going to see again and I truly believe that was God strength is working through me it was allowing me to believe in something impossible because otherwise I would have gone nuts because people sometimes ask me what’s it like not knowing if you’re ever gonna see again and I always answer I I don’t know I don’t know what that’s like because it was never that was never my mental state my mental state was always it’ll happen it’s just a matter of time and then I can finally get back to my platoon you know the the issue for me was like when are we gonna do this you guys told me six weeks all right let’s schedule it inhale it was insanity yeah that’s obviously when I hear this story I think

a Ryan job who was with me in Ramadi Neela and he got shot in the face and you know it was a similar situation where you know clearly his his eye one eye was gone but his other eye appeared to be intact and he could actually see after he got wounded then he got put into a he could see what was happening and and want into the Gaza vac vehicle but you know they put him into a medically induced coma and when he woke up he couldn’t see and then it was the same type of thing that they were telling you they were telling him which is look there was some nerve damage we’re not sure and his attitude was very similar of like well it’ll be okay and you know it’ll come back but you know what didn’t take very long before the doctors were like no no um it’s it’s it’s not coming back and I forget the timeline you know I forget the timeline because it’s kind of a kind of a blurred together but yeah for him it was he had a great attitude but you know at the end it didn’t happen yeah and you know and that’s a guy that was still like and he also still wanted to come back and get back with his platoon and was telling me you know don’t worry I can smell the enemy and I’ll know where to shoot let me back sir so yeah the the fact that you were able to recover is awesome awesome and you know it’s uh it shows it should show people that you know even though you had a great attitude the threat of of never being able to see again was very very real very very real oh yeah and it truly was I mean we had miracles occur in the operating room multiple occasions and doctors were just amazed that not only could I see again but see well again it was because they’re in their minds they’re like well if we do the surgery and his retina doesn’t detach like we think it might he’ll still have you know crappy vision you know because his cornea is all destroyed I mean everything’s a mess in this eye and you know we’ll get him some decent glasses so we can kind of live his life but he’s pretty much permanently disabled and I just didn’t listen I don’t even remember these conversations like I think I blocked him out and you notice because the first surgery was we’ve got to remove the cataract okay that went well all right we moved the cataract great you know and the next step is to put a lens implants in your eye like like anybody normally would only have cataract surgery that’s just a normal thing to do we ended up never doing that because it’s kind of like replacing a windowpane on a normal eye but if the frame of the window is completely destroyed then you have to so the windowpane took curtains and that’s never a good policy so they eventually refused to do that on me even though I was demanding it constantly but because I wanted to see again I wanted to get back and I don’t want about big fake glasses which is what I have to wear now or or this specialized contact but then another problem occurred which is a hole in my retina that was expanding an event and this is again it’s kind of a normal you know if you’re over 50 this might be a normal thing that occurs and then you have a pretty routine surgery to get rid of it and to stop it but for me it was incredibly fragile but we had to do it so I went blind again for six weeks recovering from this surgery so you know I was I was truly living in darkness for a long time you know and not always thank God I wasn’t hallucinating the entire time that stopped after about week one you know just or just after my major surgery my first major surgery but I went blind again and another miracle happened because they truly thought I wasn’t gonna make it through that surgery either so after when they when you were blind again for six weeks going into that did they tell you okay you’re gonna be blind for a period of time it’s yeah take time yeah yeah II just yet because of the recovery process you they put a gas bubble in your eyes so that it puts pressure on the back here retina and you have to be face down for six weeks it’s just the weirdest what the hell did you do for six weeks oh my gosh down I bet I got one of those massage chairs uh-huh where you know plant your face down and I had audiobooks going all day long it was great yeah and by great I mean not great at all yeah by great you mean awesome yeah yeah Starbucks and so you you you had to stay facedown all the time are you and that six weeks goes by and then they eventually remove the gap bubble and dissipates yeah so there’s eventually a point where you’re like okay it’s gone now I can I’m allowed I’m allowed to look straight again and then and then it’s just you know refitting your eye with the right eye where you know my glasses in contact so I can actually get back to our normal life and in frankly that took years it you know it’s I eventually I’ll just I’ll skip to

the end about two and a half years and I finally got got a referred by the Navy to an outside clinic that does these these amazing contacts there’s only one company in the world that does it and I can see 20/20 with it no not up close you know my visions complicated because I have a cataract but but I actually see 20/20 vision a distance which is let me just not even close to what they thought was possible so in but despite all that I mean I before that two and a half year mark I still had decent enough contacts to survive I mean they just weren’t comfortable they kind of drove me crazy and you know all I cared about was getting back to the team I was almost going back to team three the the command wouldn’t let that happen in the end there’s because I couldn’t get the medical waiver to do it so I stayed at what was now is called special reconnaissance team one again we do Intel support for the SEAL Teams and did a troop commander there so in charge of about 50 personnel a mix of seals intelligence specialists all sorts of really great people that you know as you know support the teams and intelligence matters and deployed to Bahrain worked with Joint Special Operations Task Force Scout they’re working you know all throughout the Persian Gulf working on classified programs they’re working in Lebanon as well and coming back from that told I had to eventually get out I mean that I had to start the medical retirement process but before before I did I truly I wanted to serve again I mean it was it was extremely important to me so this deployment to Bahrain was about 2014 by the time I was really told I had to medically retire was around 2016 but you know this process takes up to a year and I asked that I you know be able to serve again in some capacity let my let my the specialties that I’d that I had I heard over the years at SRT one be put to use in the Pacific so they deploy me to Korea for my last deployment in the end of 2016 and as soon as I got home from that I was I was medically retired and had to find my next mission you know like you talked about the earlier on in the podcast I mean it’s it life truly is about mission and you know I’m getting into politics now running for Congress and in Houston Texas for the second district and I talk about this a lot and from a from a political philosophy standpoint if you don’t give people a mission or you don’t encourage people to find their purpose and their dignity you you have a failing Society it’s so important and you’re not you know even even think tanks talk about this like American Enterprise Institute like our policies need to promote a sense of mission for people and how people understand they have value in this world they’re here on this earth for a reason and if you’re not constantly seeking out what that value is that you contribute to society you’re not doing your job and we need to help you do your job if need be but you but you do have value and you and you must find that purpose in life and in guys like us I think can’t survive without that constant mission and well we see it all the time with with all vets when they get I talk about this all the time the vets that get out that have a note I knew it another mission they focus on that mission and they go kick ass the vets that get out and don’t know what they’re gonna do that flounder around without a direction those are the guys that end up in trouble because they don’t have a mission so they go and drink a beer then they have another beer and then the they could get prescribed pain medicine for their back which hurts which sucks and and they go down this bad road and I believe a lot of it is because you know they just need that next mission but you got done with so 2016 you didn’t roll right into politics you rolled to you what you went back to college right I don’t know intentional politics did that become dozen 16 did that become you you looked at what you’re gonna do next and you said okay well how else can I serve how else can I move forward what’s my next mission gonna be and you decide you’re gonna go back school back to school for I knew I was gonna stay in public service so I knew my next mission was gonna still be government I wasn’t exactly sure what I knew I wanted to do I wanted to be able to implement policies and strategy and take that tactical experience because I had you know because I built an understanding of what policy in DC looks like on the ground and actually because the reason I was hurt that day in 2012 was because of an Obama administration’s you know policy of always wanting boots on the ground Battle of damage assessments for any any close air support so because earlier in that day Marines are called in close air support on a compound they were taking fire from for some reason they wanted guys to walk across minefields and go take pictures of it right that’s not good policy now it’s not a victimhood story don’t get me wrong I mean there was a battle going on

we want it to go I don’t care really what the reason is but from a policy perspective that’s that’s concerning that that that kind of pressure is being put on our to star and our and that’s what drove that mission that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense so it’s great to see somebody like general Madison right now who says the opposite they will not waste my troops time with these kind of things and he’s on record you know after we dropped the mother of all bombs while back it’s on record saying I will not waste my troops time going to count the dead bodies out there that’s just good policy so you know I wanted to take that experience to Washington the the the natural and the national next step was get the right education so the Harvard Kennedy School of Government is where I went got a master’s degree in public administration focusing more on national security issues economic issues and in a little bit of political so US politics how long was that school I just did a year one year program and you know it’s kind of the accelerated executive style program that you can apply to if you’re if you’re older and you actually have some some life experience it’s the intensity level of that as tense as you make it I took I took about four extra credits more than I needed to so I was busy because I you know it’s it’s not like going to college we were just getting through it I think I would I recommend anybody you know you do a master’s degree later on in life you’re really gonna get the most you can out of it you because you care about learning you’re there for a reason because you have purpose and you know why you’re there so I got a lot out of it honestly it was it was quite it was a really an amazing year I mean you hear from the greatest people and you know Bush’s deputy national security adviser teaching us I had you know the the premier experts on counter-proliferation policy teaching us in classic Reagan’s chief economic adviser is my economics professor I mean you just can’t you know these people don’t speak in terms of like this is what we think happens in the White House during no they’re like when I was in the White House this is how it got done I mean that’s the kind of the level of instruction that you’re getting so I was really happy to get that education and it it it’s truly applies to as in my current role as running for office I’m glad I was there but but I hadn’t necessarily thought about running for office even after I graduated I was looking at more policy jobs you know because I didn’t I don’t have the political connections I don’t have the background and money and the donor networks to really to jump off on a campaign right away and we thought about it in the long-term sense for sure but but not in the short term and I was working with Pete sessions congressman Pete sessions on Capitol Hill for a while getting legislative experience there and working doing some consulting and eventually came to a head where I was about to take a job either doing counter weapons of mass destruction policy for Department of Defense or go run for office because my congressman ted poe had just announced retirement and we prayed about it we thought about it we had the right backing from you know some well-connected people that i think god just put in front of us at the right time and my wife and i went for it you know she was she was all in it was all in and and that was it I mean I’ve already I would already come back to Texas by this point to help with Hurricane Harvey reconstruction was out volunteer and we’re in my old hometown of Katie my parents didn’t flood they were they were livid living in spring which is just north of Katie for the past 13 14 years but you know was needed help neighbors still need help it’s it’s still pretty devastated in Houston and you know that I think the decision became easy that we knew this was the right choice like this was the right mission if I cared about nuclear proliferation policy what better place to affect it to them from Congress I care about helping flood victims no better place than elected office if you care about border security you know which Texans do no better placed in public office you know if we care about protecting Americans and protecting the the the sanctity of the SEAL Teams and pushing the right policies from the defense level then you know elected politics is where I can do it from and and so the decision was easy it was it was the right choice for us we knew we were doing it for the right reasons we know we are still doing it for the right reasons and we’re not gonna quit so with all those things that you said that are real positive about having a political career yeah you must have also been looking at the the nightmare gut-check just mudslinging that you’re gonna have to go or that’s gonna be thrown at you and all that and your family getting the microscope on them and watched all the time and no privacy and all that how did you weigh those things out and did you think about those things as well absolutely and it’s it’s by far the most concerning thing about politics I mean if anything drives drives you out it’s

it’s that you know and frankly the experience hasn’t been too bad yeah I mean I get attacked for silly things here and there I’ve got a you know one of my opponents or what I would call one of his cronies I think there’s these there’s these corrupt but they call them the slates in Harris County which is Harris County is Houston and these three slates are essentially three political mailers that go out and they make they they target senior citizens especially and they make it sound like there’s these these these conservative review type of magazines you know these something with authority behind it but really they’re not really they’re pay to play and it’s just one author and they pick who they like based on what kind of money they were able to get out of the deal and then they trash everybody else so you know they put mine in they put my bio on there doesn’t say anything about who I actually am it just says I’m homeless and don’t have a job and would like to pick I mean it’s it’s absurd right and most people read it and they think this is this this can’t be serious so and actually it got me a lot of votes because people would look me up after that it’s like oh well this is this is who this guy is maybe I will vote for him after all but but unfortunately that’s politics and that’s that’s the world we live in even though the you know the Harris County Republican Party has publicly denounced these so-called slates because they send out these voter guides and you know they denounced them but people don’t always know people aren’t you know sometimes a lot of folks still rely on those so you’re battling this kind of corruption you’re battling this establishment I mean you know we always talk about the establishment in politics and I don’t really knew what that meant I think until I saw behind the curtain and now I truly understand I mean it’s this class of politically connected people and in the donor class that really just stick together and it’s nothing to do with policy we’re doing the right thing for the American people it’s just how much money do you have that’s all that matters and it’s not it’s not all that matters we made it into the runoff after last week’s election which was March 6 there was nine candidates in my primary and on an election day I came out far and away first place we beat out overall in the election I was second place but we beat out so just to again explain that a little bit for people that aren’t paying attention to the election you were in the in the fight you’re going against nine other candidates going into the election obviously there’s some people that vote early through mail voting and they just vote early and you were behind there but then as your campaign picked up and people started to actually see who you are when people came to vote on Election Day you you won election day but you didn’t win all the votes combined because the people that had very early and were not that correct and it shows the trajectory and the momentum of what you’re doing right we’ve got some great momentum that were excited about and even put in do paint a broader picture you know we started this late November and the election was March 6 that’s that’s a very little time for anybody to get a campaign together so and we’re going up against one of my opponents had probably will have ended up spending when the numbers come in between six and seven million dollars which is a record for self funding for a campaign like this another opponent you know similar similar very high spending very much self-funded and was already a state representative so had some kind of campaign machine in place you’re trying to catch up you’re trying to build a campaign team in a in a message within almost no time at all and no money whatsoever that’s it’s not an easy task in only a couple of months usually you start like a year out if you’re gonna run for Congress but but this that just wasn’t the case here because Ted PO announced retirement about mid-november so we had a lot to overcome we built that momentum quickly we worked hard worked hard got the message out met as many people as we could and you know it worked we we’ve snuck by snuck out of that third-place spot because as you said so we were behind during early voting and mail and voting because that that stuff happens so early there was just no way for my momentum to catch up in time but by Election Day we were far and away first place and were able to sneak into the runoff so now we’re in the runoff and that’s May 22nd so we got another you know two months to to really prepare and and get our message out there and I think we’re we’re excited about it and I think it’s gonna go well so you talked about this a little bit you talked about money right money and as disturbing as it is what’s driving so much of who wins these elections is is who has the most money because that’s how you get the advertising that’s how you get the mailers that’s how you get the word out there I mean if you don’t have the money to pay for advertising then no one knows who you are and you don’t get any votes so as disturbing as that is you without money you you you you have a real hard time I mean you’ve done an amazing job with the limited amount I mean how much money did you go

into that last election we spending ended up spending total about $200,000 so we were outspent in a 30 over over 30 to one easily and I would you could say more if you count whatever else you know what the first and second place also spent against me I mean you know something to be proud of but so I think you raised two hundred thousand dollars and you went up against somebody that spent six million dollars right and yeah like I said unfortunately money drives so much of these elections and that’s why you end up with those people that I mean I know you can’t well technically or possibly but you’re not supposed to be able to buy an election right right but I mean the the the person that you talk about that spent six million without that money I mean we’re we’re would is a female right and where would she have been without spending that money leading I’m assuming she wouldn’t have it anywhere no she was able to buy herself at least third place right and maybe if she had another more money she would have been able to buy herself first place that’s a scary thought it is I mean it you know I I don’t like the way campaign finance works I don’t think you should build a self fund that much for a race and you know I understand that there’s some good arguments to make that you can self-fund you know over what the individual limit is but but to that extent I mean it’s you know it truly creates a donor class of politicians and like that’s just I don’t think that’s what we want is American people and it’s it’s up but it’s up to voters in the end to decide it’s up to voters to see through that and you know I always encourage go out and do your research you know just just do enough to go on the websites of each candidate and get a feel for who they are watch them watch their videos see how they speak see how they would represent you see how they would articulate your values you know we put up YouTube videos all the time you can always watch me in interviews coming or listen to podcasts listen to Jacko’s podcast and it because you want people to get to know you and you need to be out there with folks you need to be meeting people everywhere you go and that’s how we want you know that’s how we built that connection with the voter that’s how we built momentum just getting out and meeting people and inspiring them and connecting with them that’s that’s that still works and we proved that that’s one of the things that you did while your opponents were spending a bunch of money you put on your shoes yeah and ran through your entire district right I did I limped a lot of the way too because we talked about over preparing well sometimes you can under prepare and when you’re running a campaign there’s not a lot of time to get your running in and so I started that hundred mile run and it was going well you know so I want to back up a little bit we we plan this awhile out it was gonna be five days run across the whole district really show that dedication I want to I want to get on the ground I want to show the dedication to every inch of this district and with whatever publicity we get out of it we’re gonna use it for a good cause and we set up a GoFundMe account it’s still active if you want to donate to it let’s go fund slash rebuild Houston with Dan Crenshaw and that money goes to three particular volunteer groups that I was able to identify and vet they’re still out there every day rebuilding people’s homes is that I mean that is still going on I always try to let everybody know if you’re a contractor if you’ve got any expertise please come volunteer in Houston we are backed up into it you know it is it is tough to find a contractor these days even if people have the money to pay for it they still can’t get any availability the demand is so high that the prices have gone way through the roof we need more people there nationwide so you know please come to Houston there’s work for you and there’s good work there’s a lot left to do and people need it so and these volunteer groups are out doing it you know four five seven thousand dollars between five and seven thousand dollars they can rebuild a whole home because all their labors free rights volunteers and they they do a great job and they’re working in a lot of these neighborhoods where were individual just can’t do it themselves and it was it was just great to see that a lot of church affiliated groups always out there helping and you know it makes you proud to be a tax it makes me proud to be an American so we finished that run you know by by day three it was certainly limping through most of it it changed out my shoes day five or running pretty well again but it was tough enough but it was it was fun it was great it was a great experience you see people honking at you maybe because you’re in their way maybe because maybe because they’re supporting you I don’t know but I mean it was just it was it was a pretty incredible experience to see the supporters out there to see just you know just it was it was great we went and that was that was when early voting started it was we voted on day one of that run and in you know two weeks later on Election Day we wrapped it up and it was it was a good night it was a we’re on pins and needles it wasn’t until 2 a.m. that we knew that we’d actually come that come into second

place by 155 votes oh so do you think anybody says their vote doesn’t count doesn’t matter that’s wrong it truly matters I mean every single vote mattered I can’t thank every volunteer enough can’t thank every supporter enough because a lot of people went out and they maybe got 10 votes here and there maybe 100 votes here and there you know individuals were able to do that and put us over the top because they believed in the message they believed in our candidacy and it was just you know it’s humbling and it’s it’s almost you feel a weight of responsibility when people put their trust in you like that as you should feel it because you don’t want to disappoint them and you know you you can’t let your supporters down and I truly feel that way about every vote so what’s so what’s next right now well we’re the runoff the runoff is just mean and Kevin Roberts and just you know it’s May 22nd early voting starts again a couple weeks before that and it’s a lot of the same you know we we stick to the basics we professionalize our organization we asked for more money please donate a crunch out for and we and we we so that that’s actually real though like you kind of you kind of joke about it and I know you’re like like most good human beings you feel uncomfortable saying hey give me some money but the reality is for you to take this to the next level that you need you need money and and so when you say that kind of jokingly that the reality is if you don’t get that money it’s gonna be really hard to swing an upset right and so so that’s what’s the what’s the website its Crenshaw for CREN sha WFOR you can donate there you can check out the candidacy there you know see our interviews your YouTube videos or commercials my bio everything it’s all in one spot follow us on Facebook we’ve got a pretty exciting social media presence that’s how we get a lot of our word out because you know it’s cheap and it hits the right people so crunch off for and you know that money we spend it wisely it doesn’t go to anything silly it’s you know we need it to send mail to to voters you know to get our message out we needed to put out radio ads we needed to buy t-shirts for volunteers and to buy yard signs so that people can put them in their yards and create that upwelling of support where everybody’s got a dan Crenshaw sign now that’s that’s how we do it and it’s just but it’s we work our butts off I promise you that we work for we work for every vote out there and I truly believe that’s how it should be and that’s how I would be in Congress yeah that’s awesome and I know you’re on a kind of a time schedule today and I know you got some other things that you want to do here while you’re out here in sunny sunny San Diego which isn’t too sunny today but I think we just hit everything of how people can best support your cause and obviously I’m in Crenshaw for Congress on Twitter you’re Dan Crenshaw Texas TX correct so at Dan Craig Crenshaw TX and then on Facebook it’s pretty easy to find you it’s just Dan Crenshaw and tough for Congress at Crenshaw for Congress pretty easy yeah I just searched Dan crunch on you pop right up so that’s that’s it well you know obviously I just want to say before you take off thanks for your service thanks for thanks for your sacrifice for this great country thank for what you’ve done for what you’re doing and thank you for what you are going to do and appreciate everything appreciate that Jack oh you know the service isn’t over you know we we find our purpose we find our new mission and and this is it for me you know it’s it’s helping Texans it’s given Texans a representative I think they can be proud of we are so often just disgruntled and ashamed of our politicians and we don’t really think they’re working on our behalf because we don’t always elect people who truly put service before self and and you know part of this campaign is it’s convincing those that we do have a future and we do have a future of leaders that will attract people to conservative values and and keep those values alive and and again give us a leader that we can be proud of awesome well I think they’ll definitely find that with you thanks for coming on and it’s an honor to be here until you come back on once you get the W once you get the win come back on and you can explain to us where you’re going from there absolutely how we did it get out and vote may 22nd everybody thanks Dan thanks for coming on thank you so dan has left the studio but he’s also left some very good ways to support him and what he’s doing and echo Charles mm-hmm speaking of support yeah maybe you could

tell the troops how they can support this cause sure if they want if they’re much if they want and and while they’re supporting this cause also supports Thomas to himself which is important if they want you know you what I just said yeah very important I said important you know you said it correct yeah two T’s in that one normally there’s no T’s in it for me yeah yeah important kind of like the British accent sometimes they don’t say the t’s too and sometimes the same really solid you know stink like they say it’s not back to reality they don’t say that reality or reality they see it nonetheless back to support yeah if you want to support support your joints this is how you support your joints if you didn’t already chuck with supplements good supplements krill oil super krill Jocko super krill oil and joint warfare supplements for you joints maintain them also discipline pre-workout pre-mission cognitive enhancer plus physical in answer for multiplier force multiplier yeah there’s layers yeah actually yeah you know it’s like a blend it’s a good blend yeah um I am running low on the krill oil I did not take my own advice for the eruption subscription yeah so it to manually get some more but payment that’s life sometimes if you want to get on the subscription thing re up every what is it month right because it’s a month supply you can yeah yeah yeah however much you take and that’s the smart way to do it totally is joint warfare too yeah fully it’s the one I think the combo is the best way to go for sure recommend the combo nonetheless you get them at origin main comm good way to support and support yourself that’s a big one also at origin main comm there are Gea’s and rash guards for you jujitsu journey if you have chosen or will choose to go on that jujitsu journey there’s no reason why not you should go on the jujitsu yeah and if you’re gonna ask what if I’m small big large overweight underwear younger young the answer is start jujitsu yeah how do you get in shape for jiu-jitsu jiu-jitsu yeah that’s what you do yeah you know Tim Tim always says like oh you know he’s been out of the jujitsu for a long item forward yeah yeah and yeah I gotta get back in shape too good no yeah you’re looking at the wrong lame huh yeah you go back to jujitsu the juice to get you in shape yeah you be you’ll be fighting this we’re gonna something you can suffer a little bit but might even suffer a lot and probably a lot it’s already got to be hard mentally for a guy like Timbo because he’s a purple belt yeah and so he’s gonna come engagement by some white belts I mean not wipeouts by some blue belts yeah so no belts cuz you know some blue belts they bring it yeah and the key and they can keep bringing in been in there yeah yes so to be like come back and then and it adds that level of anxiety cuz you know when you feel yourself get well you probably don’t know this but if you feel yourself gassing and you’re like shoot I knew I was gonna guess now you’re really gassy now the anxiety goes something yes some more there’s a how it is he’d want to avoid all that stuff that’s what I think but you know that’s when you put all these weird expectations on yourself my opinion in the jujitsu so just going to do just and learn jujitsu and when you do you’re gonna want a ghee if you do geek because you can do doggy as well but when you choose Aggie I recommend you recommend I think there’s only one recommendation I agree in all seriousness there’s only one recommendation yeah and I’ve been through a lot of geese I have a lot of gay experience we’ll see a significant amount of experience and the origin he has proven legitimately to be the best one kind of by far – yeah there’s this one that I used to use it that was good was fine and it was like good yeah there’s a difference though there’s a difference between this skis good yeah and then you get an orange ngey yeah right yeah you know it’s funny like you know how like when you get a new Gihon rash guard or whatever and you’re kind of fired up a good train because you got your new gear yeah you know it’s that it’s that faster that feeling didn’t wear off like for a while did you feel that like when we rolled when we were both wearing new origins I did refire it up yeah yeah did you think maybe was gonna be the day for the record I always think do you always think it’s gonna be the day always yeah does maybe one day there we know that I just think it’s gonna be the day to maybe it’s not tough maybe a will I don’t know could be the day yeah anyway or gin main comm get your guy there when you choose to get Agee there’s compression gear – rash guards if you do know ghee there’s rash

guards there – all made in America yeah I was gonna say all made in America yeah which is like it’s no big deal no it’s a huge deal yeah it’s a huge deal made in America in Maine in our factory by awesome workers and it’s not the kind where by crafts people perhaps craftsmen craftsperson craftspeople because man they’re a little more females yeah but they’re craftsmen yeah men doesn’t mean you’re a man and me they’re human yeah as far as I know like modern man like mankind mankind yeah yeah they look so cross mankind crafts mankind nonetheless all made in America yes and that is a big deal and it’s not the kind where it’s like yeah let’s import all our things or whatever and then we’ll quote-unquote make it in America where you you take the one check box that it’s like yeah technically it’s made it’s not that kind it’s the kind where they grow the content in America they what do they do after they grow the cut in their harvest harvest cotton they do well they die the cotton and they weave the cotton yeah yeah there’s a whole bunch of steps all done in America yeah donal end the cotton because it’s not just cotton it’s an athletic that’s one of the problems with the old geese they’re all made just with with cotton they’re like like crap yeah and then why would you not get modern technology well why because they don’t have they don’t do jiu-jitsu where they’re making the geese yeah now so like little issues that come up in you just little or big ones or whatever one they come up in jail you don’t know who that you put a origin key in the dryer it’s dry like quick yeah and because it’s not all cotton yeah because if you remember in the teams cotton kills sure cotton kills cuz it gets wet and then it’s heavy and makes you cold jams you up yeah it doesn’t dry quick enough mm-hm get the blend going yeah then you’re good to go there’s all kinds of different weaves too which is cool then let’s go to or Jemaine come you can check out whichever one you want hey if you want something get something also what you want to do is go to the emerging camp if you want so jiu-jitsu emerging camp it’s not like a training camp for a TCC no it’s an educational experience yes like you immerse yourself in that you can modulate to the level of your personal commitment to getting after it yes yes so some people will be there and they’re gonna be really sore every day okay they’re gonna be getting after it hard some people are gonna be brain their brains gonna be some more sore than their body because they’re gonna be more looking at it from the education that they’re Native learning new moves and techniques yeah so that’s what’s cool about the the immersion camp or some of us nothing’s gonna be sore because maybe it’ll be sore for a little while and then we’re just gonna cruise a little bit exercise the brain more and then the body is thanking for do whatever you like yeah and there’s a lot to go on and it’s kind of fun too that’s the thing yeah yeah well it’s cool to hang out with just a bunch of people that are gonna do jujitsu for seven days yeah and then then they get like five tons of knobs and you don’t have to stay there the whole time yeah there’s a there’s a there’s a first part in a second part you know it’s like the first few days and then you can do this the second few days and then you can do all them if you want so August 26 through September 2nd yeah we’re gonna be there you know who else is going no big deal Dave Burke yeah Dave Burke’s got the bug yeah oh yeah oh he’s got the bug yeah he’ll call me for just like verbal it like so he be texting me about about like guard position some really hey let’s do it communicate about guard passing via text yeah amen people with Americana yeah and it’s in an interesting conversation because he says oh well the Americana is like what I use the most right now and and I told him like the Americana is actually not a really effective move right against anyone that has trained for a little bit right purple belt you’re not gonna you might catch in him a blue belt in Americana I’m probably belt probably not gonna happen I did catch a black belt in Americana the other day and and it was like shame you know I got caught with America yeah in this this particular black belt was like shame you know he he hung his head in shame music yeah but I explained to Dave though the reason that the Americana is effective for him right now the most effective I’m like is it the first submission that you learned yes it is so he’s practiced at the most and he’s figured out all the little nuance things that you haven’t do right in order to make the move a move work and the the Americana work if so he’s figured out some of those things because he’s tried it a bunch even when he missed it he learned something and even know he learned something but he

learned something so he keeps trying and he got good he’s good at the Americana you know he’s not going against people that know how to defend it yet which is gonna be a problematic so you got it you got a you know that’s what happens but isn’t that part of the whole learning process though cuz the yes sink thing I mean remember when I mean I’m assuming you had similar experience where yeah sure you do americanas and you’d get them oh and their art moves for years like like like for when I first started you my first good move was the Ezekiel the fact you know I used to call it the easy kill the easy kill yes he killed that’s what I thought it was one of oh but it was I learned it like one of the first submissions islet and I just tried it all the time and I got pretty good at it then you realize that it’s not that hard to defend the zekiel eventually when you start going against better guys so then you got to move to the I think the next move that I actually started doing a lot of was the Chimaera and I spent a couple years at Chimaera and then I spent a couple years at crucifix then I spent a couple years at the straight full lock then it you know so and you know Joe’s position yeah that’s all but gave Burke back to my point he’s coming he’s at home under the the camp yeah and you know who else is I won’t see well it’s gonna come we’ll see if we’ll see if Lafe yeah well you know we all have to work sure yeah I locked this off though yeah just sweet yeah it’s really good fun yeah cool oh man if you can make that make that what’s the date on them again August 26 through September 2nd oh yeah and if you want it if you do want to come you can go to origin man calm and you go to the merchant camp and you can sign up yeah you can come and hang out it’s a good lobster if you like lobster yeah do you like long steak yeah hang out in Maine visit our factory you know which is awesome I think you can go like paddling stand up stand up to paddle in the loading stuff yeah all kind of stuff yeah also a good way to support yourself if you choose to vary up your worked up make it a little less boring you always make it sound like I do these boring workouts yeah and I just realized that and taking that abuse for quite some time yeah my workouts are not boring oh yeah the fact they’re boring and and hard so they’re hard yeah here’s the thing we’re what boring is like just a complete matter of opinion you know so to me if you’re gonna do 20 reps squats bra rest 20 reps rest 20 reps until you’re like that’s it kinda boring and have you ever done it before yes you’ve done that we’re not your exact one but yeah I did do 20 reps watch some in fact ya don’t 20 reps squats that you can only squat 10 times well that’s physically impossible but no yes it is if you can only do 10 times you don’t do 10 times though you can do it too many times you can do it 20 times no that’s it that’s not how it works all right hey look take my word for it you can physically do it 10 times mentally you do it 20 times okay imagine you do 20s okay so look you can physically do it 10 times now I guess technically you’re right and I want to listen I don’t want split hairs but you’re still not right if you can do it 10 times but you can do it 20 times because look if you can do something 20 times you can do it 10 times so yes but what you’re saying is something that you you know max out at 10 times the weight you use to max out at 10 times you do it 20 times physically impossible mentally impossible apparently for Echo oh man see anyway back to the word maybe that’s where them skinny knees maybe anyway if you wanna bury up the workout go to audit calm slash y’all go get some cool kettlebells yeah get some battle ropes get a mace get two maces a heavier one and a lighter one boom when I use them so might my workouts are interesting all right well there you go you have an interesting workout we’ll do it that way that’s what I that’s what I would would what do you say suggest okay anyway good stuff in there don’t get addicted to the website because there’s a lot of good information to on there because you could unless also good way to support when you get the books The Jackal sometimes reviews on this podcast I organized or we organized them on jockle podcast click on topsis books from the from the episode I got all the books listed there including little articles that you know how sometimes you’ll cover article those on there too how much research would you have to do if you knew nothing about this podcast or me how much research would you have to do to figure out that we read books on the podcast and that they’re all on Jaakko the

reason I ask this is because I’ve had I’ve had people ask me on social media like a week ago like on Twitter like do you like to read Yeah right like that’s a great for you don’t have to dig very deep to know that answer yeah right do you like to read mmm right that this is a really low level question that doesn’t take a whole lot of research to figure out yeah right yeah I guess is that laziness or is it like hey this guy seems pretty accessible I’m just gonna ask him here he is and what if this guy likes to read I don’t think the likelihood of it being laziness because obviously gonna be different for different people but the the likelihood of it being laziness is pretty low I think I don’t think it’s lazy laziness at all I think it would be a mix or one of these things yeah they just want to ask you a question that that you know that you’re gonna have an answer to yeah or or maybe they’re just new or maybe they know you from extreme ownership and you know I know you wrote this cool book hey do you like to read in general kind of yeah maybe they listen to you’re being too harsh being too judgmental and or if you if you jump into that conclusion that it’s laziness yeah dumb question you like to read like we literally have a podcast about books that we read yeah and and then people say do you have a list of books do you reckon you have any books you recommend yeah do you have a book list do you have a reading list these are all things I get asked on a regular basis is is this kind of like the time I ask you hate you know end of any gun ranges I said yeah Google go on Google and search nunneries yeah yeah like that yeah yeah yeah yeah I feel same home here’s the thing you never gonna really know when people are coming in the game you don’t know what you know what their deal is or where they’re coming from so yeah like maybe over mamie maybe they just heard you on Tim Ferriss or Joe Rogan and it was like boom this guy’s super interesting let me go straight to him and start talking on kind of thing or start asking questions rather than going on the internet let me research who this guy is and what he likes and doesn’t like to do at cetera am i am i lazy in the fact that when I want to know something I’ll google it no that’s not easy okay I don’t yeah I don’t think so as opposed to what I don’t know saying going to school and studying at first you know alternative nonetheless if you were feeling not lazy actually this has nothing to explain this because this is more a convenience that I think would be benefit or I thought would be beneficial for people we’re looking for the books that you cover and ways to get them that’s why I organize these books on talked about yeah Socko yeah the website they’re all there they’re all there by and by chance they’re kind of an order of preference in order of the way you almost the way you should read them maybe I’d have to shift some of them now yeah I should put them in a different order because there’s some books that I read again I was like manage this should be it this should be near the top I mean about faces the number is number one right you should read that book first yeah people ask me that all time well what what’s your favorite I’ve already read extreme ownership is there another book you recommend I read well and I’ve read all your books what book should I read next about face by colonel david hackworth yeah that’s like you mind one yeah so anyways yeah makes sense I mean I organize them by episode yeah yeah no recent episode right with book but if you go back to Episode one which there’s no book but – there’s a book and if you go in that order of reading that’s a good progression to get books properly and soon soon gotcha so if you if you if you want to read your book Jacko’s book list in order of importance in order importance you go in chronological order per pod casts with books that’s records and not all pod casts of books that’s right i melted cool well there it is again just click on the books and boom takes you there boom click through there get your book easy with a good way to support takes you to Amazon all good continue shopping if you feel the need to like if you’re starving for Valentine’s Day now that already past what’s the next one Easter mmm carry on Easter gifts sure good those chocolate Easter bunnies and the eggs you know you you go Easter egg hunting right yeah yeah yeah well my kids do sure well my youngest kid does yeah there you go my Falcon here yeah yeah makes sense you know they’re older after a while you kind of figure it out kind of still fun though candy nonetheless click through that’s good way to support also subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already leave a review if you’re in the mood leave a review here’s the thing I’m not saying hey leave a review I’m not saying to leave a review but I think sometimes people they want to leave a review but they don’t like think about it you know and then one let’s say I get reminded like oh should I want to leave a review

and I get reminded like boom that I’m gonna leave a review that’s a good one I read all the reviews yeah and I read them on the podcast before when they’re really funny or I’ve quoted them on social need yeah so there’s that too yeah yeah if you write an awesome review well it doesn’t have to be awesome but if it’s funny or is good or it’s creative what’s that that’s what I should have said it is a creative review there’s been some really good ones anything with Amazon reviews for tea and books and well yeah there’s a lot of people that get after they get colorful for sure only colorful they put late the main thing is lay your layers put a lot of layers yeah yeah that’s some people real good at the layers very impressed with that on many levels I see what you did nonetheless subscribe if you you know you want support that way that’s a good way thanks for the people who have subscribed that’s that’s that’s a good good deal it’s much appreciated big deal also in YouTube subscribe to that if you want if you like the video version of this podcast or if you want watch and/or share excerpts of this podcast three minutes one minute sometimes you haven’t made any one minute one six minutes sometimes you should face someone minute once okay that’d be good the one you just made is good thanks the time is running out yeah that’s like a woody cold did we settle on enhanced enhance I think it’s called enhance excerpt enhance excerpt which means that echo has gone and put his cinematic Flair no I would say I put some music on it and I put some text on it there it is – CNET’s it’s enhanced a little bit that’s automatic flare there yeah alright well there it is there’s some of those on there that video as well by the way no big deal when I got to the gym today Carl he’s okay ago yeah Carl he says hey I saw you on worldstar straight up popular culture yeah popular culture we’re on worldstar worldstar if you don’t know worldstar is it originally was for fights that’s what I knew it for yeah that’s how I think that’s how it gained yeah I think it just wraps it was for ills for like music videos I think music videos and stuff like that then you get you know I Yusef I would watch it because they because people would film street fights and watch street fights should learn a lot from street fights and what’s funny is it became such a popular culture thing that when people would be recording the fights that they’re gonna then put on worldstar they would be saying worldstar after yeah during the fight someone be filming and saying worldstar that’s going on worldstar yeah well now guess what’s on worldstar at those videos we made it star that’s good nonetheless yes cultural boundaries yeah hey worldstar worldstar make it happen hundred percent but yeah YouTube you know so far what people are thanks for put me on there yeah it was good that is good awesome so yeah YouTube a good one good way to support also chuck was a store it’s called Jacko’s store obviously chuckle store calm obviously that’s where you can get shirts t-shirts some travel mugs on there some rash guard more rash guards this is like Jocko gear rash guards so compared to how would you compare them to the origin because actually they’re made of Energon yeah they’re similar they’re you know they’re more like geared toward light toward like Jocko well let’s have yeah let’s say this that from a from a visual perspective there’s a way that Jocko gear looks mm-hmm and there’s a way that origin gear looks you know there’s some areas that overlap mm-hmm there’s some areas that don’t overlap over there some of the let’s call them color combinations that my brother Pete Roberts puts together they won’t be allowed in the Jacko’s store yeah jagir okay and there’s some things that Jocko gear does that wouldn’t be appropriate for origin because origin is a little bit in the other direction sure the overlapping areas all good yeah but if you want your gear made in America there’s one place to get it done right that’s our factory up in Maine true story so yeah well making it rash guards there as well some patches those are restocked a lot of people were heating me up this life for patches yeah it’s weird that people have to hit you up that you just don’t pay attention to the stock and say well what running low I should he order more yeah yeah it’s not that important to you no no no that’s important so I got a handle on it and I think I have a solid system where you know we’re gonna run into way less of that if any of that okay unless some women’s stuff on there some hats cuz it does mean a lot to me yeah just I’m

saying that’s cool so maybe I should be more I should do a better job of expressing how important it is to me for people if they want patches to be able to get one yeah maybe I haven’t I obviously haven’t done a good job yeah it’s your fault it’s your fault it is so yeah chocolate or calm that’s good good good way to support also psychological warfare if you don’t know what that is that’s an album an album not a music album it’s a to joking word spoken word with tracks chocolate tracks and each track is designated formulated engineered it’s engineered is what it is to help you through little points of weakness that you might run into on your campaign against weakness like you know you want to skip ice I always say if you want to skip the workout if you’re like hey I’m too tired I don’t feel like it I don’t feel like it I start with that one because that’s essentially why this whole thing exists because that does the issue that was the genesis of this album yeah was echo questioning how he could overcome these moments of weakness or how I do in the night kind of answered one of them and he said we do record those things yeah you know what’s funny is that I asked you that before and it wasn’t that specific question but it was essentially that question and be like eh what do you do and then you look he kind of gave me a look and more like as if your feelings don’t matter kind of thing you’d basically pull the jaw can also add a I got asked this similar you know someone said hey Joe can you tell us a little bit more about your morning routine like what you could soon you know you can I know you get up early but can you tell us more about your morning which he knows idea listen my morning routine is extremely extremely important so here’s here’s the steps of the jockle morning routine first of all you set your alarm clock you said all your alarm clocks you set the first one at 4:30 you set the next one at 4:35 you set the next one at 4:40 and you have your backups mmm by the way you don’t set your backups at the same time cuz you want to be fumbling around with three alarm clocks and ioniq it’s good tip I said then you get done with that then when the alarm clock goes off you get up you get out of bed then you go and it’s important that you get your toothbrush out in that brush and then I use it 46 brush strokes on each side of my mouth and no more no less and then I spit three times I’m like oh yeah here’s the morning routine dude you get up and you go yeah yeah well then again no I know right yeah yeah I know but it’s like the reality is is someone gonna write down my morning routine then follow the exact same thing and would that be good for him maybe I don’t know well here’s another morning routine then get up and go get up and get yeah but here’s like some people they they they focus on and this can be beneficial from from what I hear they focus on or they identify certain things they do in a morning routine that helps them that like set some up my morning routine and I actually wrote about in the in the field manual it’s like more the morning routine starts the night before yeah yeah the morning routine starts when you get your gear ready because you want to be fumbling around in the morning don’t wait don’t set yourself up to fumble around with things in the morning right that’s just a bad thing don’t do that so you you do you have your gear ready you know for me I’m a I’m very systematic in pretty much yeah the way big and but you know I have like all my workout gear is in the bathroom on hangers you know pair of shorts shirt on each hanger six of them they’re all the same there’s no fault process that’s needed they’re all matching and I have the same kind of socks all my socks are the same I do have black socks and white socks but the one drawer is just completely white socks all the same you grab those you put those on boom you brush your teeth boom you take I take my supplements in the morning and at night but I take my like royal in my my joint warfare boom and then I go hit it how much water teaching it’s it’s I drink what I’m thirsty I drink and then if I measure it you know you don’t be like okay no makes it okay I think I drink I’m thirsty are you when I’m hungry but if you drink water when you’re thirsty you’re already two percent dehydrated okay well I drink I drink about three percent more than so you one percent over over hydrated or hydrated then unless but well you know like I’ll drink a whole thing like the you know the mug that we have a child there’s three ounces by the way I’ll drink a whole thing of that just routine that’s kind of the routine but was like in the morning yeah you pound it sure if you want to call it pound I can do you think it because you want to stay hydrated yeah but get the water back in there man get get it okay that’s good for you water is good for you by the way yeah no doubt better than soda in the morning

you recheck a coke in the morning no bro it’s a worse did these monster masses in back in the d’oeuvres and somewhat a son was doing a Monster Mash with us when he was like 6 or let the Monster Mash is like yo you do rope climbs that you do is sprint ok workout swim and then you do pull-ups in the U and they put little things in there sometimes so one of the things that they had to do was drink a coke through a straw so you’re like doing pull-ups in a row Prime in the coke yeah and so he he I think that was the first time you ever tried soda yeah nasty it’s well there’s your wanting soda though yeah the there’s two elements to drinking a soda special for the first time is okay tastes weird sweet sugary and carbonated yeah the carbonation will burn your money it feels like it’s burning your mouth yeah she’s all like it yeah you can’t do that you could that’s not writing them another workout too sure couldn’t do that well you keep in mind you just described your morning routine you know the question that they’re I know the answer that’s why I said look I’m not trying to be negative against morning routines yeah and there’s pretty much what I do but the the reason is I think people think oh if I have if I knew your morning routine then I’d know what the secret is yes oh yeah hey man the secret is get up and go do something that’s a secret yeah I’m not gonna say here’s the deal here’s the deal I’m not gonna sell you my morning routine and the solution to your problem now I will say that if you fumble around in the morning it’s gonna cause you problems throughout the day so don’t fumble around the morning set your set your life up correctly so that you’re not fumbling around that’s good I’m not gonna sell you my morning routine as the solution to your problems yes I’m not gonna do that but I will say that if you do have a good system that you go through in the morning it will set up your day correctly yeah that’s why I think people and I get it okay so I’m not trying to be like a jerk right I’m not ready that negative I guess I’m kind of making live well you making fun making fun of morning routines a little bit but at the same time I have one a night and I stick to it yeah but I think the things that’s the thing I don’t I don’t actually have something and I stick to it like I do this is what is I follow the functional thing that works and you stick to it yeah and I stick to it so that’s but I do I didn’t like design my morning routine yeah yeah I didn’t see no it’s like I know what works it’s functional and that’s what I do I do things that work okay not everyone figured out on their own what works I just here’s the thing your morning routine you’re you’re ultimately right and I think this is the it’s super important not to forget or not to like miss interpret where you know you just uh that quote you just said like good morning routines not gonna be the solution to your problems kind of thing I think that’s what people do think I think that here someone with a level head in my opinion I don’t I don’t know but this is what it seems like where someone with a level head and they want to look for just that justice just that one thing that’s gonna help them just a little bit you know so they’re gonna be like hey let me let me formulate a good morning routine I don’t know that much about effective routines so let me look into that just says a little helper not the solution to my problems which I think some people may kind of miss no you’re right and that’s right like I said I’m not belittling the idea that a morning routine is helpful because it certainly is yeah it might add some some tiny bit of help to your day and some that you’re doing the right thing there’s some benefits thank you it might benefit your day which is positive will it cure your overall problems of life no but you know what it’s a good place to start that’s why we say wake up early right yeah that’s part of the part of the part of the routine so yeah but even how you I guess I am being a jerk yeah but here’s the thing let me just like yeah get on a good morning routine that’s a good idea I like it yeah yeah I’m not trying to make fun of it I I was but I’m not anymore it seems like you’re making fun of it for people cuz this is what it maybe sounded like when someone asks you what’s your morning routine it sounds like you you’re kind of with this presumption like you’re presuming or assuming that they think it’s gonna solve all their problems that’s right yeah yes but in that very specific direction like if someone says hey look I’m always looking for things to benefit my day my effectiveness you know I’ve you know I do this and do that and I found that this even helps a little bit here and there hey what’s your maybe I can incorporate one or more maybe into mine that’ll give me a little bit of help too I don’t think you would’ve came out like you know awfully that would have been a very good question oh yeah here’s what I do yeah there you go so you can how you my said the question like you were kind of impersonating yeah yeah yes sorry sorry sorry everyone no person you know the bottom of it you know you drinking water another drink you can drink is you can drink something

called jockle white tea sure it’s available in Amazon now this is the only tea available not only in America but in the world that comes within 8,000 pound deadlift guarantee so there’s no other tea I know there’s some out there that are better they say 6,000 they say they can get you 6,000 pound deadlift yeah there’s I’ve seen I’ve seen 7,200 right you see the 72 some teas some what some white teas say they’ll get you 7,200 there’s only one white tea that’ll get you the guaranteed 8,000 pound deadlift good there’s some layers on the tea which I kind of remembered last time I didn’t wanna interrupt interrupt you you um you talking is first episode of this podcast absolute first one oh yeah I think the only one that doesn’t start with this is the Junko podcast that’s because you had a different vision of the nonetheless it started with you and I think of this podcast is be a hundred percent it felt like that first one that’s what it felt like ya know in your mind yeah in my mind if you listen yeah now you could see I was not I was not ready to cruise yeah I came in there with a game plan yes and the game plan did not say cruise on it but said get after those funnies you shut it down so quick great when you heard it you’re like you know you want to cut it at this point not the not the the little car like we just rolled into a conversation yeah but here’s the thing with that conversation as far as the layers go we talked about white tee yeah you call it a chai ya know cuz I was trying to remember what kind of tea that was I don’t know about the tea especially back then nonetheless you were always on the pomegranate yeah I guess that started when I was in the dirt oh wow that’s oh so anyways you can get that you can get it on Amazon and then you can start deadlifting properly yeah there’s some books that you can get way the warrior kid I get questions all the time about how you should raise your kids and and and and not just how to raise them cuz any people know how to raise them but they not how to raise them but how to raise them like they know what they want the kids to they know the values that they want the kids to have but they’re not sure how to give them the values right they don’t know how to do that so it real simple get them this book way of the warrior kid that that’s you know discipline eating habits working out dealing with bullies how to study all those things are in there these are the things you want not just your kid but the children of the world to have these type of qualities and now on top of that we have way the warrior kid to which is called Mark’s mission talks about some important lessons controlling your temper overcoming fear of failure working hard saving money being frugal dealing with verbal abuse helping other people starting businesses yeah I said that mmm and becoming a leader again all the there’s no human being that would look at the lessons from way of the warrior kid and said it would say I don’t want my kid to have that quality know the qualities are in there so there’s that and if you want a good example of a warrior kid check out Irish Oaks ranch calm or you can get soap that’s a handmade by young Aiden who’s 12 years old but he has a business no big deal he’s making soap you know well they don’t think goat milk soap yeah that soaps actually good like to use so first let’s face it you know how you have your friend and his wife make you sympathy purchase scenario you know and you clean and it’s a beautiful it has the little packaging and then you say alright it’s soap let me go ahead and use some soap in here like Brad this isn’t like usable soap this is the novelty decorative item it was a cool little educational experience cuz he asked me you know he was making soap and he’s and he reached out to me his dad is a farmer also a firefighter produced a farmer anyways his dad and I were connected I buy meat from his dad and you know he said oh my son wants to get in touch with you but so as we’re going through the process he sends me like his label for the soap yeah and you know it looked nice but um it went back with no this needs to be an OCR standard yeah so anyway so yeah it’s cool little learning process and yeah you can get that soap you can support a kid that’s a warrior kid and the Jacko’s soap motto which I give Aiden no credit for sorry eighty and you’re a good kid but you didn’t think of this it took the it took the masterful marketing mind of Jocko to come up with the motto for Jacko’s soap which is stay clean

it’s good and you know there’s some layers on that too right like yeah mostly Motorhead song all right there you go and you like Motorhead and I am a huge fan of Motorhead and you don’t do any drugs so there’s they’re kind of that the reason that whenever I talk to people or people talk to me on through social media or email and they’ve had a drug problem or an alcohol problem and I always kind of sign off like hey stay clean stay clean so because that’s also what Lemmy from Motorhead was saying stay clean like don’t let this kill you now lemme from Motorhead was a rare dude who did a lot of drugs and alcohol and somehow was able to survive very well up to up to when he died drinking incredible amounts of Jack Daniels yeah those are some legit layers but he always would say don’t do it yeah he’s a guy that would say don’t do it it’s don’t do it don’t do what people do don’t do drugs yeah stay clean stay clean there you go in addition to that got another book called the discipline ich freedom field manual and if this is this is a good point if you know someone that’s off the path right like people go off the path in life and it doesn’t take we talked about this last if it doesn’t take but one step off the path when you’re on a slippery slope yeah it’s a slippery slope when you step off the path so if you know someone that has taken a step off the path and they’re starting to slide down get them this book to get them on the path the right path and there’s also a chance that the person that stepped off the path is you so get the Field Manual it’s got the thoughts and actions that are required to be on the right path make yourself better faster stronger smarter anything else more physically fit and healthier the audio version that is on iTunes Amazon music google play other mp3 platforms it’s not on audible because then you can’t have it as an album with tracks which we obviously support extreme ownership first book I wrote with my brother Leif babban over a million copies sold that’s a lot of copies sold yes that’s a lot of copies sold you know how many copies they told us would be successful because we didn’t know anything laughs and I didn’t know anything about the publishing world wait what do you mean it when we were getting when the book was getting ready to come out and I would talk to the pool we were talking to publisher laughs and I were talking to the publisher and he says you know if this is a successful book then you know and it’ll really be it’ll be good to see blah blah blah that’s like the standard like admit like a certain amount that’s the Sun you know so I said hey what hey I don’t know anything about this what is considered to be a successful work you know what the number was twenty thousand books dang he goes and you know if he goes hey you know we’re we’re printing twelve thousand on this first run and if you sell if you will print some more but if you can sell 20,000 books that’s that’s gonna be that’s a huge success and yeah he will be proud so here we are were 1 million it’s pretty cool yeah good job life babban good job yeah life life tells a story that we got home from Ramadi and the only time I ever told him anything positive was when we got home moving home for like two weeks and I told him in the Delta platoon commander hey good job over there so yeah we’re Kiwi I likes to keep it real yeah man and actually you know what the good job over there seems real simple but I’m sure in that context it was probably the most loaded yeah good job anyone’s ever heard yeah yeah I believe you’re correct beyond the books and beyond the podcast also national on fronts speaking away from me this is our leadership and management consulting company this is the thing every this is a bold statement right every problem in every organization is leadership problem that’s a bold statement to make yeah and I’ll say it again every problem in every organization is a leadership problem so if there’s a problem in an organization the problem it boils down to leadership on some level so what we do is we fix the leadership and thereby we fix your problems it’s me it’s Lafe Babb and it’s JP Danelle it’s Dave Burke good deal Dave Burke until Dave if you want to get in touch with us to have us come out and work with your company get your leadership aligned go to info at Ashkelon front comm or you email info Nichelle on front comm or you can go to the website as long front comm and of course we are approaching the muster the leadership seminar learn you learn

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