good morning I’d like to welcome the family friends celebrate the life women’s retired please join me dear Lord we come to you this day and the calf of the family and friends where we celebrate Larry’s life it’s good that we are here together to support one another during our brief and the day to come help us to continue to be mindful of one another to leave help us to console each other return to you O Lord for our comfort and our goal help us deplane your promises for and know your loving presence among us focus to live lives that glorify you may your Holy Spirit comfort guide and keeper during this memorial service last I Oh I see the scars I hear the Rolling Thunder my

00 these grace my I some bad morning when Sykes all right you God’s wishes sure my way Gloria when I die how do you bye-bye of my way fly away the girl is gonna come right there in the roll is called up yonder with Rashad young oh gosh haha eyes before there anymore we like the recipe she had worried but this is war and she

won’t worry you anymore unto up two three four HUP two three four general manager Eric brain soldier worn loose in the United States Air Force in the air it’s cause we sail at break of day sure three to the BB once boy is wish you a happy home I say the case is strong we go you always all that the army under my eye boy hey my name’s up US Air Force we’re all ready for the big surprises our guide our pleasure model too we’re always ready to war time I Coast Guard be 54 Oh Oh Oh God shiny Oh

Oh I Oh Oh e in the New Testament Paul instructs the Saints to build spirit speaking to one another with Psalms hymns and songs from the spirit sing and make music from your heart to the Lord that’s the impression I’ve gotten larry clements from his family his friends have been told that Larry head away enhancing anything and everything he lit up the room when he entered he always gave more than possible and never expected anything in return is caring loving understanding for others was as warm as the Sun always made you feel like you were the most important person in the world to he could make you believe that eating a bologna sandwich like having a Chateaubriand to find new york restaurant humor was always a part of the day for him all those rounded larry was born September 12 1943 and Dayton Ohio Julie Clemens Madeline the clone McClendon sorry he graduated from Dearborn high school in 1961 and continued his education earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology his speech from the University of Texas at Austin a master’s degree in education for Mississippi State University completed postmasters graduate studies in education at the University of Southern California in 1966 Larry enlisted in the US Air Force where he returned to the Air Force 1970 became a pilot he served in Vietnam earning the stay wish Flying Cross and eight air medals from combat flights

Southeast Asia in 1985 he was the recipient of the Cheney award for heroism in flight Larry’s award was granted for being the commander of the longest over water rescue mission by helicopter in aviation history the record has stood until nineteen ninety-four he attended air war college and defense acquisition University as an officer the United States hoarsely retired in 1991 after serving 26 years in addition he has been the boeing company manager of the years I was a site manager of Boeing operations in San Antonio he finally finished his career for service to our country in 2011 when he retired from civil service within the Air Force Larry’s location may have been flying but his passion the singing in 1968 Larry joined the society for the preservation and encourage met a barbershop quartet singing in America which began his life on hop and passion he served in every chapter office except for secretary and treasurer it was a chapter chapter barbershop er of the year of two chapters and district barbershop her of the year for the southern southwestern district larry has been the president of the southwestern district twice the last several years the Nominating Committee Chairman and the long range planning committee chairman at the society level he was the certified present presentation judge and a category specialist and society contest in judging German has been the president press has been the presentation category specialist also served on the president press presentation category Board of Review serve society’s Challenger is what officer training school faculty he’s been a member of your original society governance and management task force and a member of the initial caslte committee with Eric Jackson he was recently a number of the VHS CEO selection task force where he’s been the Harmony incorporated president presentation category mentor and has been on the faculty of Judge training schools in New Zealand Great Britain he’s been a member of affiliated judge judging panels and Great Britain Holly and Sweden in addition to of course DHS panel in the United States and Canada think you getting part of the picture he’s a very busy man very lived a very full life he was a international international as a quartet course coach he’s been a coach at numerous Top Gun schools in addition to coaching innumerable quartets throughout the BHS and its affiliates throughout North America from the Pacific to Europe to the Baltics Larry is survived by his wife 28 years pay his mother Madeline McClendon sunjata james white bunny grandchildren Kyle and Rebecca his daughter Jenny Crabtree his brother Jerry Jerry’s wife Cathy his brother Gary Wayne and many special friends including John Devine whose heroic efforts on jun 22nd will never be

forgotten we’re gathered here in San turning to celebrate Larry’s life and mourn his death a sudden heart attack took them promise there was a shock call it times the death such as this we not only breed the one who is no longer with us but also realize our own mortality we realize that we never know how long we have to live on this earth our lives can pass just suddenly as we read in songs the song book of the Old Testament our days on earth or like grass like wild flowers bloom and die as Christians we still read the death of a loved one and a friend yet we’re different because we agreed in hole in the New Testament Paul wrote in his first letter to the Thessalonians I want you to know what will happen to Christians who have died so you will not be full of sorrow like people who have no hope for since we believe that Jesus died and was raised to life again we also believe that when Jesus comes God will bring back with Jesus all the Christians who have died truly it’s comforting to have Jesus to lean on at times of death and tragedy for without him would be in a terrible condition for he’s the one who can bring light out of the darkness we can heal Lord that’s broken by free and the great peace of soul and strength the spirit in the letter to Romans Paul writes about unconditional love who shall separate us from the love of Christ shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword no in all of these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us Bryan convinced that neither death nor life neither Angels nor demons neither the present or the future nor any powers neither height nor depth nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God it is in Christ Jesus our Lord God doesn’t give us assurance against hardship failures troubles suffering freak accidents tragedies as jesus told His disciples here on earth you have many trials and sorrows but the purpose of faith in Jesus is not to avoid the difficulties of life but to produce a character adequate in us to meet those difficulties when they come being Christian doesn’t give us escape from life verbs and tragedies rather it gives a strength for meeting those difficulties when they come this Paul wrote for I can do everything with the health of Christ who gives me the strength I need in crop contrary to all expectations we can do it with a song in our hearts as the psalmist says to God I will sing to your strength in the morning I’ll sing of your love for you or my fortress my refuge we must remember that God is a God can’t even help us scandal each and every circumstances situation of life he understands our dismay and no hurt and loneliness in each arm he is the one who

Paul called the god of all comfort that is why Jesus says to the disciples and the Gospel of John don’t let your heart be trouble trust in God is also an me in my father’s house are many rooms but we’re not so I would have told you I’m going there to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come back and take be with that you also may be where I am as reflect upon God’s words of assurance in his encouragement this time in which we breed Larry’s death let us have confidence and the knowledge that Larry is at peace with the lord jesus who is always faithful continues to be with us in every circumstance we will trust that like the psalmist Larry will now sing to the Lord a new song let us who are left here on earth know that God’s grace is sufficient for all our needs and let us put our faith in our trust in God who is able to lift us up and hold us in his tender loving care we had church today Oh outside I music ministry to my soul I can hear that all day so now we’re going to have we probably will I hear we’re going to ask you more celebration later three this afternoon celebration of life but I now I’m supposed to pull up along the singing wonderful you know the whole day is so very Larry you can see him smiling and nodding I’ve gotta confess sitting here listening I prepared my remarks back in Dallas and hadn’t read or listen to the other comments will be made but my capacity to remember has been exceeded by my ability forget but we’re here because of your appreciation of wearing and your support of his taking and then happily you cannot smile about Larry with that automatically included fitting and the crew but I aspire to focus on Larry his great love included family certainly the Air Force the USA barbershop harmony city Barbara shopping is all about enjoyment enrichment enhance performance and fellowship and Larry’s life experience literally wrote the book on those attributes this Airport pilot hero had the rare knack of touching so many lives in a positive way I first benefited from his leadership skills in 1988 when our singing society celebrated its 50th anniversary and that international convention and contest occurred right here in seven I happen to be district present there by serving his host in the San Antonio chapter was hands-on managers and Larry happen to be chapter president and so I felt it wonderful support great fulfillment intentions and is willing

heart to make it a memorable experience for heavy-bottomed Barbara shopping was certainly idea for him because his personal style and value system he was a master that none of us the region only realized his involvement and he birdies twice president