I really didn’t want to change it but I ain’t got no choice now it’s not that’s not working out so I’m gonna change it it’s leaking from around that the bottom lip there the old flange is all cracked I mean it’s just a flipping mess you said your father worked on this for you well uh eight hours or some you said that was a couple years ago right [Applause] I’m getting too old for it too I’m getting too old for this stuff what’s the you’re gonna rack or something like a stuff down in there all right I need some kind of ride if not we’re gonna get everything down it and I’m gonna lose a bunch of found a pipe we don’t want to do that yeah sacrifice I ran this way here will uh I don’t want to I don’t want to be getting this stuff down the pipe that’s fine that’s a good shirt [Applause]

watch them set in there maybe you can either want to enter finches down all the steel twist and set this might work let’s see if we can screw it down put that in there give it the old blunder you might have got lucky there’s all kinds of stuff to know the problem is if we get if we can get some screws in this thing into the waters next thing next question

now if we can get some screws in it that would be the next thing I ain’t gonna go nowhere now I think he might have got lucky I’ll have to get another set of hawza bolts and unwaxed and we’ll put it back together I mean what a flip a mess what about the mess downstairs that you want me to pick that up well he’ll do it we’ll flip a mess not easy being cheesy definitely not easy you want to be a plumber kids say they want to be a plumber you want to be a plumber huh you find their small caught up with us I’ll cut up the wool or everybody thinks it is oh you did Autobody this this floor this I’m sweeping up the floor the best I can but you know this house is no Taj Mahal so I’m not gonna be too fussy so you told you for you to tell your father by either change it I had a Nutella flange was all cracks I mean I am an umbrella now this will work now one of the pipes not rotted shouldn’t be but and find out right playing around here too long yeah I’m gonna get going no twisting sit

you want me to clean up downstairs some water oh yeah well yeah I’ll just kind of pick up the big stuff I guess man I wasn’t planning on doing this today what did I tell you before though it could go bad really really easy you know it could be easy or it could be hard whoa was the flange was cracked so what was happening the water was leaking down around the lead and I couldn’t have clocked it because the flange was cracked it would have just expanded it so it was leaking down inside onto the shelf and then down down the pipe because of the way the flange was some so this this kind of this this one here goes inside the pipe so it’s not gonna leak it’s what they call a twisted set that’s what they call it so it should be better now we’re gonna check it see that’s why I wanted to get downstairs and check it yeah and I don’t like callbacks this isn’t like I’m gonna charge you for what you need to get the of working right no that was like on top of the other one I mean that’s I don’t like using them unless I have to yeah I mean that’s like that’s all yeah well hopefully it’s okay now I gotta get the hell out of here no I just toilet paper alright I’m gonna go downstairs and you can flush it I’m gonna check it all right God and flush it go ahead and flush it gotta flush it yeah it’s not leaking anymore eisah plus with a couple of times already said so I’ll see you leaking oh god alright it’s not leaking anymore we’re off up a mess because see the way the flames was cracked it’s good now I’ll pick up the best I can for this guy and I’ll be yet to ice my home okay yeah he’s gonna have to have the ceiling patched the spin brush yet the best thing good I got my tools and get out of here

oh and I cleaned up downstairs the best I could but you know it’s good you