I am finally here to speak to you guys in Portuguese there no video here in Portuguese blah blah blah first thing im going to do is my eyebrows with this brown eyebrows pencil I got from a shop in brixton if you don’t what is brixton is an area here in London brush the brows properly before you start drawing them lets go copy the my guidance don’t rush when you do it do it calmly at the moment I was waiting on junior to play some music , he was staying long always touching your nose, you already started draw your browns nicely still waiting for junior to play the songs lol fix your hair well fix your hair girl the eyebrows pencil dropped, now using concealer not use what is called in Portuguese not sure it wasn’t coming out I had to use the other one but its the same shade I used the concealer brush I will now clean the button of the eyebrows do it calmly , im already a pro did you see it , im a pro not sure what im talking about clean it well , bring down the concealer when doing it do it calmly not sure what this is called in Portuguese gonna put more in the brush hmm what you dancing ? im doing the same thing in this eyes or the left or right eyes lol not sure do the same thing on this eyes don’t rush when doing it because when u do that , the eyebrows don’t come out nice did you see me , giving attitude ? lets go im now using my fingers to clean where did my Portuguese go? this girl can dance , are you mad? you have so many dance move Nesia where are these moves coming from ? I just wanted to show you that is from Rihanna it was dirty , had to clean it. its from rihannan did you see my camera? im now gonna use this pallete from revolution this was playing the tunes gonna use this palette from revolution ah these colours are beautiful

beautiful colours I wasn’t sure what I was doing here I just played with the colours really but at the end you will see I finally know what colour im going to use im going to use this brow colour tatata just put the colour and stop playing around yeah at this point I started to like the colour just copy what im doing , do it with care junior finally found a light my ring light is not with me I had to use my phone flash light is this colour here not sure what this colour is called , sorry , I just know its brown do this with care these songs were too good I was loving it the way junior was annoying , not sure what he was doing just copy what im doing my eyes are so beautiful and big very beautiful still with the same colour I wanted to use this colour but I said nah let me use this light brown one all I know is a light brown if you hear a strange noise is my laptop I don’t know why it makes that noise ruining my video at this time I hope you guys can still hear me im here fighting , midnight doing this voice over always dancing like hmm I can’t stay still always moving like let me not say continue now using the same concealer from the browns with the same brush also do it the cut cease not sure what cut cease in Portuguese is called im really trying , these names in Portuguese I really don’t know I’ve never seen you are very happy? I was listening to that song now gonna use this colour this gold colour

is still nice im not a pro , i was literally playing with the colours now if it comes out good or not I don’t know but I like it the way I did it plus my eyes are beautiful it came out nice actually I can’t stop dancing lets go with the same colour I used first I go back and bring it towards the cease I was trying to see wanted to see if it came out alright the same thing I did in the left or right eyes do it here same step junior was playing the tunes we first use the darker brown then we go with lighter brown then in the cut cease we use the gold colour in this eyes I didn’t do it properly because I was busy singing and dancing a lot instead of focusing thats why it didn’t come out as nicer or how it was meant to come out I was too distracted thats what happen when we are distracted things don’t come out as planned I hope you are enjoying what im doing because I honestly don’t know what im doing but its gonna come out nice, you will see in the end that it came out nice the things this quarantine is doing to us? then only thing we can do is learn new skills I am not a MUA not a pro you guys are getting my point you understand , that most important thing that you understand look instead of me to use the brush im using the concealer to do the cut cease thats why it didn’t come out as nicer too distracted only later I realised I had use the brush it wasn’t meant to come out like this oh well its not that badddd lets just do what were meant to do my eyes are niceeeee thank you my God im so beautiful na im beautiful no one needs to tell me, im beautiful I am the meaning of beautiful im beautiful plus these eyes God gave me yeahhhhh , its done fat and beautiful

now using my foundation from Rihanna in English is called foundation ‘base’ is where you put food base here is not ‘base’ is foundation ok now learn normally I use the sponge normally ? no I like to use the sponge but when I use it I don’t know , it doesn’t come out nice so im just using the brush this foundation here is really good , Rihanna did a good job I really like it is very good im a very oily person is it called oily ? within couple hours I start getting oily in my nose and forehead but with this foundation , not sure you understand but force yourself to understand is very good for us oily ladies I look bit light innit? its a good price this hair that wasn’t behaving every minute coming here can you see the difference ? the way make up transform make up, it transform your face and the person I just put foundation I already look different I forgot to put the primer before putting the foundation