I’m live wait I think Im live. Tell me guys am I live? If I’m live I’ll get an email from YouTube hi well stand back. Fish slap. Fish slap. Get Slapped.Go to sleep go to sleep Between episode 2 & 3 we finished these beds we got another bed between episode 2 & 3 we smelted a bit of stone we between the episodes between the episodes we smelted stone we grabbed a lot of wood let’s think what else my life I know 3 I’m afraid that I’m not lived is it go to bed dude I’m missing 7 diamonds you know that right why are you so I’m missing 7 diamonds where am i 7 diamonds there’s gonna be apocalypse stop stop come on over beer Corona beer apocalypse really I’m lagging it’s finally happened I the corona beer what you do you have all seven of those diamonds slash kills option if I really need okay yeah you’re right I wouldn’t do that that doesn’t hurt you know that right I know I need some kind of notification that I’m live wait is this I I need to know if I’m right I mess up so bad do you know how bad I mess up the game are on base yes give me my diamonds give me my diamonds I’m missing seven diamonds where are my diamonds Tomas okay but do you know they are there there’s seven diamonds missing there’s seven diamonds missing seven missing diamonds if you’re not gonna give them to me I’ll steal them from your chest I don’t know I have all these seven diamonds disappear I never took about once and I put him right down my god haha I died I don’t know I was going through the water there goes my XP that’s cool what sorry – it can’t spell yeah no problem and I know even I would just do nice guy trust me I think about a few about a month ago or two I feel bad about this I mean yeah I was just afraid but yeah my mom misspelled Buzz Lightyear as balls yeah buds like your iron armors weighing

me down oh god I’m actually gonna drown did you put my link in your description meaning oh good did you know people who subscribe to Tohmatsu channel or [ __ ] because no one should subscribe I’m missing an iron sword I shouldn’t have the suicide jump I’m missing an iron sword and also your liking never mind I found it all I found all the missing stuff on top of that over there dude we need more I need I need my diamonds I don’t have any diamonds anymore you know you put them into my stock of diamonds and I turned that dimension to our did you take my diamonds take them the only possible way that I could have one two three four five no you I had mine covered up nice one two three four five wait sit five that makes the helmet you found wait a minute you never found you never found an eight pack of diamonds I remember you found the five that wasn’t that was a six when that was a six in my episode where are my diamonds someone we watched my episode and tell me tell me what I did I did our last episode seven diamonds are gone and then the rest of yours made into stupid idiotic armor no one weeks before you are new no one makes armor before they make pickaxe who in chat agrees no one in my chat what hell you need tools you need more tools before you make armor you gotta wait get slapped by some human flesh smush gets what’s left soit’s flat sword slap okay so no no no no stay back this is sparta okay let’s go find something to build hey we are not productive my stream is so delayed you’re still throwing snowballs at me I feel like my stream is so delayed I’m pretty sure my steam is delayed because you’re still throwing snowballs on me at my stream ooh it’s gonna why does he just say that in my chest oh never mind I just I just I just I just looked down I just looked down I just looked down found I found my chat hello bro I just saw my brother I guess um I just saw my brother in chat I see Jackman and then Ian says you suck Kappa oh look for his response I’ll look for his response in the chat so we will you we need to find somewhere to build this I have a really cool idea like it’s gonna be like okay so it’s gonna it’s hard to explain hard to explain Oh to explain do you have wood where’s all that wood you collected I’m just

forgetting someone I want my own wood my own word I already told you you bring your own wood I’m on top of the mountain you know this I’m gonna put you in hell yeah you’ll be under the world a gone you’re under the world welcome to hell I die when you die all you see is me circling you forever going you can’t escape you can’t escape you can’t escape there’s a swamp over here check it out it’s just I haven’t seen this yet how is how can something how can music be sturdy you know this is adorable dead sheep in my mouth like like raw mutton raw mutton what do you think I mean that’s not what I meant get back to the house three hundred two hundred how far are you opening oh the axe is three hundred that’s even farther do draw you you didn’t even take a bed oh I’m coming no that would be cheating and that goes against my laws you’re overtaking my space in the chest meaning everything here is mine now the gap was learned the dapples mine I’m sorry should have trust us in my space I haven’t been looking I haven’t been looking down you suck ha ha my brother my brother my brother my brother says you stole the diamonds is this true he’s in the chat right now Isaac make him open his inventory make him the 7 diamonds you didn’t realize well give seven of them back to me actually wait did I have eight no I need an Inside Man okay Ian says I need fish Kim Ian says I should turn on face camp hello come on wait Ian says I should turn on face cam yes where is it oh

no I didn’t can’t tell if it’s working I’m bringing my bed there I am laying in a bed your ottoman excuse me what the heck maybe you might make it later on then turned on facecam is he happy it’s too big it’s too big I made a really massive the one before was to beat the ender dragon of course there’s a lot more to Minecraft but that serine is kind of um you know stream-ception stream-ception dream ception steamships an event I don’t I didn’t want to hold up my thing up to the thing I’m alone on our first the inception whatever literally laying in bed playing Minecraft streaming x300 not anymore yeah what if you wanted to die yes my life dream table over there dude if we’re gonna build this base let’s bring everything I’m gonna bring everything I’m gonna grab everything and bring it you can grab your chest you take the chest that’s all your stuff oh well then you so you trust me to carry your diamonds I trust you don’t think I wants to no you know what for the reason that you might be stealing mine I’m gonna make you come back here when I get there you can go back if you want if you really want your dapple and your diamonds you know I don’t have any diamonds my diamonds are gone my diamonds are already gone and stolen what do you think happened guy bill bill bill neither Russian spy worried where’s the flatland wait for me I’m coming over with the stuff I got the goods yep I don’t have any food on me actually oh I got some on the way there oh that’s worth bucks I don’t know my brother’s trying to say my brother’s the only one watching the stream dude where you said 300 os here’s a desert what’s the what’s the coordinates the we’re not building in the desert are you trying to get me lost are you trying to get me lost my brother just opened at birth books spew those durman’s oh god it’s so much cheap here what am I gonna do

about this rule there’s a flat land desert there’s like a Plains biome as it still does oh I see I see I see that tell me if you think mean I don’t want to see you your ugly face is disgusting fifty sheep Dane you’re a murderer I see the thing but it’s at five hundred where are you I see you go back and grab your stuff it’s straight behind me how did you catch up to me I fished jumped right through you I’m gonna go look for some food but in the good stuff I want to McDonald’s chicken nuggets you know I’m I’m uncomfortable I don’t like this fish camp no one needs this no one needs this no how do i I can’t get rid of the FaceCam it’s annoying I’m uncomfortable it makes me self-conscious there we go it’s better if I’m on the street I’m gonna I agreed to do it I found some bacon strips bacon strips we should build up here to overlook everything we can what was it with the divine the diamonds is that what you found there’s four people watching my thing right now I’ve reached a new high for people watching my videos – the chat for my life force I want to stay building the house up here every day almost as common as iron imagine every like block is replaced by skeleton horses what that that’s a more standard idea how could you think normally but trusted you but then you thought like a normal human being sticks for days who’s in your no the only person in my Chinese my brother it’s kind of depressing how many people are watching your video I have doubled you yeah somehow you’re asking

me you’re bigger you’re a bigger YouTube red is just missing someone somehow somebody found me on the bottom of YouTube somehow doing work I didn’t grab the birds or disconnect re girl that’s tell me when you’re asleep come back I spawn back at the normal food someone explain to me how to have four people walking watching who’s watching put it say in the chat if you’re watching you’re not watching me you’re too busy looking at your own stream what’s your like I hope your leg is as flexes as much as you because I’m gonna break it no I wasn’t expecting such idiot nurse who’s in your chair like who can possibly be in there’s one person in my chat this is for people watching apparently so much for race of the views okay I’m gonna clear out this top area you know that mountain remember that mountain were like at the edge of the desert I’m clearing out the top so we can build it I’m gonna clear out the top layer so we can build on it what oh yeah do you see me the first one years of the desert after the desert where are you are you back – you’ll see a crafting table and some stuff and a dead pig so much it hurt so much food you want some food I’ve loaded cooked food take that welcome no looks like bro too bad if you give a sháá dude can I tell you something if it’s started singing its disgusting can I ask you something Tomas can I ask you something if you give if you give it stop if you give a shovel a funeral if you give a shovel a funeral how do you dig it’s great using somebody’s body at a funeral to dig their own grave the head doesn’t fit in the sand I’ve got your back at the airport it surprised you about what is it dad it’s like dang it not

even together if you say something in my chat I can add you as a moderator but you know it’s a mere month would you like to be a moderator in my chat ok I’m going down there and like you need leather for sugarcane right now we’re trying to get a base that’s what this the point of this dream is for a burst super sexy it’s super sexy you don’t want a super sexy base awesome sure I just heard in clue I just heard sure let’s say top just is mine i am i said top just as mine i’m sorry i’m sorry i apologize because they’re delicious if so your cousin tastes good you know my sandwich tastes like comer’s that is a reference in every way no it’s a reference to odd runs oh yes crazy people there was about how one of his co-workers believes in medical marijuana and he’s like they gave this man and license to make your food and then to do like whoa my sink which is good colors there’s like crayons coming out of it do you mean you remember you didn’t understand the reference back justice mine I’m a nun sandwich did you say I’m a nun sandwich servants know what just happened to you what this man needs help David B oh wait I should just know I’m

just insulting you two just because you’re weird doesn’t mean an amazing the only anime I’ve ever watched is Naruto cos my cousin was fortunately it so I’m like there has to be something if this ten-year-old wants to watch it so I tried and it was bad so I just gave up what do you mean even switching between you and mine I only see my brothers but in both that’s cool and there’s a certain school nearby that a fish it has its first coronavirus piece can we talk about that Aaron don’t say the name of the school you know what it is but don’t say the name of it I don’t know what it is I don’t know what it is I’ll tell you later either way dude whatever zip sings slurp shop stop shop what is he insane oh he said is it our school oh the quality of chains because on my have with certain things that makes it more less delayed on it but it’s why I could react to you guys welcome now there’s nobody in my chat you just do this well yeah we’re done with some so all yeah so there’s no no their existence the fact that you exist I’m not like a nice house up here and then just like this elaborate military base under people like us and just like mine trees you get there in the way the way I’m not gonna say what it actually says is move your turn I think ethically meant for kids but still yeah things are weird um and for those of you who haven’t seen last video because there was kinda laggy kind of hard to see I’m really sorry that had uploaded in a long time I just thought now might be best even though the entire arm everybody’s inside and all they can do is watch YouTube you’re making your own separate base well there’s a lot of things wrong with me yeah what’s wrong

get your can you get your own just out of here for today dude can you go you’re just out of here it’s not I’m gonna take it and I might mix stuff up you’re just go this is your chest your chest with your diamond your gap will your leather take anything just move it I accidentally did I you took my diamond fine take it if you showed me but you I don’t know if you show me here that you didn’t steal my stuff I suppose that’s my question by showing me you didn’t steal my stuff I’m holding on to this just because you’re stupid enough to realize is that you were missing a diamond go for diamonds go find your diamond do it it’s not my inventory but you don’t it’s not but it’s not a new chest joke go check you won’t find a single diamond there I mean I’ll find that murmur I mean you won’t find one diamond hey hey you’re actually gonna kill me you’re actually gonna kill me you’re actually gonna kill me you haven’t found it you found it betrayal is a great thing don’t do it don’t do it that was just a reference that was a reference that was a reference to the first dream remember when I kept hitting you and I went I was whispering betrayal is a great thing I’m about to slap you with some chicken yeah actually oh hey hey chicken does not equal ax chicken does not equal ax chicken out oh I’m home and I’m gonna die I’m gonna die gonna die chicken – 30 bucks chicken does not equal stay back I don’t want to smack you I don’t want to kill you I don’t know if you want to sleep what do you got what do you got kid what do you go give me the leads you took the leads did I get the mother no I saw you pick it up hey hey stay back you know what the hundred becomes on tier frontier gonna smack you I was just gonna I was just helping you peel the bark off that tree blade betrayal is the

blood thirst bullet thirst blood thirst I hope you went to sleep last night because you’re dead betrayal how could you this is fine you gonna die you gonna die I hope you die your lucky night you’re lucky I did naturally pick anything up now never fight me again you didn’t sleep no I might kill you virtually you will have any armor then here’s put all this stuff in the chest I mean let me empty and let me empty my stuff so I know everything here’s your’s and I can give it to you to the press I have to oh my god subscribers you like the most popular person I know now people know you wait you eight whole people you eight people here you’re disgusting you eight people I put all your stuff in the chest I know none of it is mine because I already emptied my stuff into my chest there’s a way to read some in the Enderdragon I know you’re freaking out then why are you seeking your viewers sorry for your loss and I have two viewers one of them one of them is my brother and one of them is myself you want to know what that means well I’m watching because I need I’m walking from my phone hey hey wonderful minute what do you mean some in of course I know how to go to it and you know fight against em and I know how to read me fight him with the crystals yeah I know I know what you mean by something anything going on that I don’t know and of course cheese yeah cuz he’s a cheater that’s why this was my room says the half year world your last one was cheats he didn’t know you use TP you use give you use everything genius forget you throw like you right well there where what did you say before something about the viewers what were you doing do it do it do it do it do it do so many so many some of the injury and some of the Oconee I would not allow this tomfoolery to happen

you found all your stuff in the chest would you like to come into my safe house and please no don’t – what reference me and and all the team incidents along you get it right I was actually wondering who was in my chat those actually everything was in my chat and well I was I saw Zack and my cat I think it’s for a stream so much hmm let me check out what’s on his channel Kyle you just can I have some gift cobblestone can I borrow some cobblestone from you I’m taking your cobblestone I’m your cobblestone has been evicted your cobblestone has been evicted from you I’m taking this for government purposes I’m taking this government this cobblestone for government purposes this isn’t the castle it’s just a humble home you’re gonna be that weird neighbor like a good neighbor it’s not like a good neighbor you’re sure to be stabbed what’s a good sum up what’s against the law I couldn’t hear you yeah cheating you must know the content confident I don’t wanna know the cards at school so verna more content no no no my self rate is only internal to me you’re cooked mutton is in here if you don’t what are you doing do you don’t have her can you get me some can you get me some spruce wood I’ll finish this up how much give it all in Q no you should hold Q what are you doing giving really that’s all you have you can’t give me any more I’m building I’m trying to build the house that we’re supposed to be roommates in uuu offered to be my house was gonna be massive you can’t take that space from me that’s what she said yes that’s what she said what everything is canceled canceled even your YouTube channel okay with coronavirus everything’s canceled even your YouTube channel

in my will I believe all my subscribers and make sure that each one is going to get a chicken nugget if I dad crooner various useful useful my will leave my chicken nuggets give yourself chicken nuggets they’re like oh all they do is like all we did was oh you did was give yourself chicken nuggets you don’t have any subscribers I don’t know not even my brothers here anymore if Isaac if you can hear this speak in chance what he’s a new person obviously he’s gonna leave you just don’t know the bad content that just under general what what what I’m so confused I’m so confused okay I’m uh start mining a lot of dirt is fun I like your dirt you wrote I really do pencil even your growth but it’s so true those of me may was like EA Sports but it was dude those are I am chose it was the EA Sports meme it’s like a Ballesteros EE you sound like no you sound like sands sins wonder how long my big awesome super enclosures yeah that’s the point of this be finished with the enclosure so yeah I want some all right hey you’re stealing your cobblestone and your smooth and your smooth stone and your smooth stone by taking it by pressing shift click how could you by shift-clicking anybody no no don’t do that what could you say everybody everybody watching on a phone number I don’t want that now all that please don’t do that don’t do this to me please that’s very good Ian if you call me I’m going to write a voicemail the fan calls you how everyone know your phone number she doesn’t like they literally what cuz I know everybody how about Robo whatever thing he left I know but people can watch the stream and the live chat after but if you become popular but if you somehow become popular you’ll become popular when you become tall yes you and me in let’s work together that’s asteroid Tomas no we work together to

destroy Tomas ruin his dream they’ll spend all the time sending us the voicemail it was a good idea guys we should put to us I know I have an idea put Tomas his voicemail message up to the microphone so everyone hears it it’s so bad in crazy it’s perfect Tomas you died you expect that did you believe you but Tomas did you expect this Tomas depressed in to me look at me okay Aaron you know what I’m so mad at you I’m gonna assassinate him oh I got hurt you surely just killed him I know I need that you know veneers watching and on strike bro bro you get to watch it oh god of course you are I think we’re zombies gaming zomlings calzones sleep sleep sleep whoo bleep I need some cheap so I can sleep yeah but you know you’re gonna be a delay right Ian sleep it wait oh trying to make bricks with our house the big I don’t think you want to finish the base between episodes after later we can’t be here forever any point okay you guys only an hour three minutes non-video base number two base building number two let’s have an vote okay so what do you want you want to put the hot spring cream or do you want to say oh that ought to mention you guys next up sir you want us to build the house on stream right now or do you wanna do it right now spoken here not spoken trying to spoken let’s just let’s just get the outline of the houses done yeah all you’ve been doing is dirt that was that that outline of your house right there oh that you placed any other one screws I wouldn’t make a diamond Dax but like let’s be honest I

don’t have any diamonds because someone took him the jury’s still out on that one I didn’t have them with me when I I don’t know the only time I died in episode 2 was the suicide jump or was that this episode no that was no no the suicide jump like I jumped toward the water and I died this was this episode that was this episode yeah that was totally I can’t I please this if anybody if anybody wants if anybody wants to put their own username in my comments like I don’t want to go into the street and type their username into the live chat I could invite you over to my room you have to have if you’re not be having be a youtuber okay you have to have discordant you have to have discord you need to be a Java player and you need to give me your username obviously and I’ll you have to join the discord yeah and you have to join the disk no you have to join my discord server because what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna have our set of rules exactly for that server so if I don’t wants to do it now if I don’t want to submit something now in my life chat and I’ll consider letting you if anyone can put their discord user name in the track of my chat then yeah Tomas if you get any in your chat tell them to me listen listen give me an honest discord and they want to join the realm put anywhere in the comments in in my comments anywhere just put your discord username if I see it I’ll call you on this court and I’ll interview you to see if you are worthy of the gaming realm the gamer realm okay that sounds good right yeah good good luck boys that’s not that loud from here yes he sounds like about you the size of a mouse Tomas it’s perfect those things just I have so much wood I almost have a stack of wait wait if someone’s submitting they’re using them I do have wait I do have them shut up stab you you don’t want to quiet nope yes but here’s a good thing that’s kind of a good thing just because no one wants like a quiet just nothing happening stream no commentary I mean some people like what well I don’t like it I don’t like that kind of style of stuff so good for you and then you’re

gonna have a princess in the house so it’ll be a nice bigger disney castle so you know have a princess in the basement kidnapped what mine the other mines okay we can go make more my diamond sense will lead us sound lava just on the cave good enough I’m going out we’re not this is not a mining episode literally this is the base of what yeah why is wait why is your scream code gearing up when I checked it was called gearing up shouldn’t it be like I know but like shouldn’t be like base building what are you gearing up about what if it’s an acronym they might work dude your house is way too close if your house comes across like this it’s even if your house goes here think I have one spacer block you gotta move it this is my turf my house is going to be massive why is it so small and puny right now it’s not good don’t make me take it down myself did you steal all my stone bricks those are my stone bricks we made a deal you get the dirt I get the brick then you’re about to give up on life – why are you making another I already found the cave a beautiful day I can predict every move bacon strips clear what that’s not the point I drove you away now I can break your pillar it’s including on my area it’s in my area it’s in my territory my massive can you build your house father if that’s if that’s where your walls are gonna be then your walls gonna be right here and when I walk out of my door BAM your house no you just gotta move it back all you got to do is move it back move it somewhere else or I’ll move it much then I’ll move your head off your body stealing my coat you’re stealing my I’ll give you cobble I don’t have any cobble myself I have brick brick by brick brick you take brick brick no that’s my brick I need the rest of the work yeah I don’t even know if I might have given you too much brick twenty-three brick I don’t know if we can finish this in stream I don’t think we will finish this one stream 74 minutes we’ve been going we’ve both turned it around the same time we’ve been going for 74 minutes are you gonna go to sleep my chat is empty lonely and depressing it

is that you are so much how many people are in your chart Tomas oh thank you clean it up that’s all I needed Thanks what’s that you’re gonna move it back I thought you were gonna move it back you didn’t move it back you want to know how this block is the end the eggs which way did you move it did you move it that way dude I want you to move it like like from the front of my house over there can you will you built on my area your house is gonna intrude right up in my face I have I see I got all right I didn’t take it threatening you I’m gonna die I’m gonna die little boy is gonna go commit this little boy is gonna go down right now right now you are gonna come you were gonna commit die so say goodbye once that in a bit try to stream people trying to get in is this your place give me a second know what there you go there you go guys right right right this is right you know okay I don’t have to be yourself for so long now I’m have two beers yeah me back okay what I can’t see anything what did you do why are you blaming me now no but everything’s dark it’s my first hour I see cobblestone you you you trapped me in here what are you

doing out of my house get out of my house you little house you murdered me give me a bit more still have a bit more to do I want to end this last layer I’ll put the roof on I’ll put the roof on off-screen and I’ll do everything inside on screen because if you liked it maybe I’m gonna extend to my house you know what yeah you can end it oops extend mine I need my me I wasn’t gonna extend mine I was in extending mine in tears but I don’t want to walk out into a two-block clearance if I walk out of my door I have two blocks before your door that’s not comfortable what if I want to put a garden out there huh what if I want to expand out there I was gonna have sides in those corners little corners coming out of the corners so I could um so I could have storage areas and I’d be cool you’re encroaching not what I mean you don’t get what I mean buddy I don’t forgive you well them well I do have problems you’re trying to be mean you’re trying to be mean I’m gonna scream for a tiny bit longer I’m not doing for a tiny bit longer if anyone said my channels in the description watch me until then watch me that is the goal of life I’m gonna scream a bit longer my mom really is urging me to like stop but listens to mother is America I’m going a bit longer just forget my layout set oh god it’s good I want it’s kind of lonely here whatever I just trying to this I don’t have enough dirt I have a shovel all I know is I have a shovel so I’m gonna grab the shovel very worn down oh god I don’t think I need to you know take this over here just

I know this with dirt cuz dirt needs to go here make it look a bit more natural just maybe that looks good I’m gonna build up this spruce and I’m gonna happen to my game volume honestly I’ve had it on the stood this key where’s the music what do I wait when did you get here yeah it’s not allowed yes good sleep terrific respawn points I’m just gonna go wood hello you’re still here I didn’t know you’ve been in you I don’t know you I didn’t know you were here this entire time we’ve been listening to my just alone commentary just sitting here alone Binks but me have new subscriber I have no one wait Tomas Tomas type something in my chat anything trust me type something just wanna get out of here Tomas okay just saw you I just saw me they go you’re now a moderator in my channel I thought you weren’t streaming anymore you’re still gonna keep playing I’m still Tomas Tomas you still play you just stop streaming all you did in the world yeah okay so you’re not gonna stop playing I’m still streaming non-stop minecraft section I expanded my house a bit that’s better I’m almost out of spruce background noise untolerable who’s dying in the background oh wait that’s just

a sister oh oh god what’s happening can you explain to me what’s happening Tomas what is why is he yelling why is your sister yelling explain why he’s just yelling oh god give me a spanking oh my god that’s a monic screech you’re like summoning the devil over there that hurt my ears your legs what are you actually so many in the devil cuz that’s what it sounded like oh I thought that I thought this bond excreting was over no lie that hurts that pains it just like I don’t like it know it that it’s just an unholy sound you know Tomas it still I still feels like it’s just me you what’s wrong Tomas what demonic screech child what is the FBI at your door oh god oh don’t bring the demon in here oh look music what top 10 enemy music’s number 2 number 5 Shrek top 10 5 animes number 5 Shrek Shrek is a smart sophisticated anime about don’t about about about saving I don’t know I don’t know how to make I don’t know how to make sure I can tell you know you should just say LSD I don’t know I heard you say LSD you make no sense at all and that’s effect why do you take that as an insult huh socks do you wear socks I do I’m wearing that’s the only thing I’m wearing on my feet right now socks oh and skin I guess I’m wearing skin but like don’t tell people I’m wearing human skin huh just kidding it’s a joke no no one called the police on knock no one called the police on me I promise I’m not wearing anybody no one called the police on me I’m not wearing anybody currently white

no sticky keys I hate you sticky keys I don’t know if I wanna I’m not gonna make I’m gonna make this a part 2 thing I’m gonna make this a 2 part stream so Tomas next dream when tomorrow just call me maybe something’s need to die go come in oxygen not reach lungs did you know that you are now a moderator on my channel so yeah you’re a moderator yeah I turned you on I turned you I gave you moderator on my channel turned you on I was collecting those like one stone in their call for you mr. [ __ ] mr. [ __ ] how does it feel being a [ __ ] do you need spray dude can you come in please walk into the house now be assassinated by would do you need more no I don’t I don’t I’m not gonna use I might not use this would so take it it’s a waste yeah no no no do you have oak can I have oak I need it for my roof I was gonna use spruce for my roof but I changed my mind there you go take the Spruce all the Spruce you might need my secret underarm brace will be beautiful I wanna have like a nice little humble home nothing nothing bad in it right you know I’m gonna have a normal humble home and then under some secret base like superhero base or something it’s gonna be epic and they’re gonna love it she’s in love with the concept what are you singing and what are you singing and why can’t you why won’t you stop Oh take me Eric you saved me you said I’m decapitating you

I don’t care if you’re saving me I’m the capitate in you then you battery cheese wait to Stella’s your fighting weight let’s watch this two skeletons were fighting does your dad know anything of Minecraft that’s kind of it so your dad is a baby your dad is still you blew up my house I demand you give me a repair I demand compensation for my first you said you were saving me and you blew up my house what you’re gonna go attack villagers you’re gonna go attack villages listen I’ve been streaming long enough I think this is good I think oh yeah I just saw I have a new subscriber Christian Toby or Chris I don’t know what I’m saying I’m you just got your parents to subscribe to me shut up I’ll stab you I have a whole 9 subscribers I feel powerful dude I’ve been screaming for 101 minute screaming what I want I demand compensation for all this damage you did to my house what is all Betsy what are you doing there’s no pit was there a pillager thing where I want to attack some well honor I have some dilute your house is unsecured a dude was coming from it communicator oh my god you were killed by an Enderman Anderman are difficult yeah I’m though I’m the one who’s always like it’s a freaking Enderman people just tapping that wasn’t me I wasn’t the one who just murdered you I wasn’t the one who just tried to murder you you just met them towards me let’s play ping pong with him okay guys that’s the end of the video I’ll see you next time and good ball