hey everyone today I’m here with my very first favorites I hope I can do every month favorites of the month even if it’s just a few things because for me is just not too realistic to have a bunch of things favorites each month because I don’t change my face so often but I’m gonna try to monthly to throw out there what i’m loving for the moment so right now since i’m hungry you doing videos i hope you enjoy i have a bunch of things to share with you that i’m using another la vie for the moment some of those things which i’m going to tell you i just got the VIP of cell and some of you have seen that the belly so all that I i filmed I know it’s a little bit early but I’m obsessed with and I know some other from the vi visa was going to be probably in my next favorites i’m just playing a little bit more with for those who they see me for the first time i used to have the dark blonde hair I called my hair myself yesterday this really dark like medium dark brown and I usually always change my hair during wintertime and then when it comes out some i started doing fresh highlights i guess i wanted to give my hair break plus my husband is big baddie meet you to be a to be dark again i don’t know i like both are enjoying right now I guess I like the lighter hair because it gives me a little bit more I don’t know how to explain I get a little I looked a little bit darker then than usually but yeah I like it I did myself I was so impatient i wanted to go to the beauty shop to do it but my stylist was on break for the holidays and I didn’t wanted to wait so I just went ahead and booked the l’oreal colour box and I just give myself I’m like it I think I get a good job let me know what do you think I’m gonna just jump in with my favorites and for face um I love this is my Holy Grail this is the make up for ever met velvet in the column i believe is 35 well but I hope you guys able to see I love this foundation I always switch between this one and the Chanel aqua by la lumière and the reason why when I need a little bit more coverage I go I wish for this and when I want a little bit lighter coverage I wish for the Chanel which can also be used with my mac powder a lot messier powder and gives you a better coverage as well so I love both but I’m reaching for this one little bit more that’s that and I also bear my foundation I think it’s the best when i pair with the NOS oil-free pro crime um I don’t know if I believe one hundred percent in primers I think it does makes you a makeup go a little bit smoother but I’m not sure if the helps completely with the pores and imperfection I do use and sometimes I believe that like for the NARS every time when I use mine ours I reach for this one better I mean war because I think it’s better for some reason and the other thing that I’m reaching a lot is my soul a tanga Chanel this is the universal bronzer that pretty much everybody knows from Chanel I love these

because it gives me a perfect very how can I say natural pain and I always switch between this one and and my um marzo I don’t know but for this month or for the last few months I’ve been reaching a lot from that as well for my universal powder I don’t know where the puppies right now that usually comes with coffee here and this is perfect i usually use when every time when I have a little bit stronger coverage foundation I tend to reach for powders translucent Fowler’s more than how the makeups which I also love it I don’t want too much your face oh the other face think that I love and I’m real oven for a while and I actually think I love even more than my kills because I also really like the clothes and i believe the cubes is SPF 50 I believe 40 or 50 it’s about the same price range maybe that kills more offensive I’m not sure but I think I like this one a little bit more because i think he leaves my face kind of meta fine it’s not greasy at all for people that has all these kingdoms is a perfect 40 ah SPF is declaring so high you so much that you cannot even see but that will put the description below I love it if you have all your skin this is the perfect I always use this and it does not how can I say it does not interfere with your makeup all right the other thing that i’m using for face and that i’m obsessed i know i just got these recently at the vi v hall but i feel like i needed to share this with you guys I got this together with the alien lights but for some reason I’m loving these even more than the area lights I think if i’m not wrong I think the results I think if this is actually made to do about the same how can I explain this but for some reason for some reason I think I like this better i also got loose powder everywhere i also got the diffused few slides and the palette the 30 from our gloves and your life and i’ll be trying and I’ve been using and trying to compare I don’t know I think for some reason I would just if I had just these here I will be fine with it but i will let you guys know what i think the other thing that I also got at these days not too long ago when I hall and maybe I should even a happy as my favorite is my NARS this translucent crystal powder at that very beginning I was kind of skeptical because you can’t really when you like try to us what you can’t really see anything and I was like hmm this is gonna make a difference i’m not sure but this was a recommendation from laura from I believe she’s from haha well i will link a below she is awesome river videos and I totally trust help came in and I know what I know now why she loves it so much I started loving too and i also put underneath of my eyes to set my concealer and i don’t think this is the same thing though i think i don’t know i think it’s two different things but I if you asked me which one I would prefer I it will be completely a hard for me to tell because

i really like both i really like when i set mine my foundation well when this is like a finish Fallon when I finish with these and i really like when i finish with the the Met Your the methi erase i think i’ve showed you don’t know if you guys know which we see but this is that and also the other thing that I got on that I believe it’s a simple I did a review I mean not review a how about a low subscription box that I gave monthly and this came this move rods for analyzing hydrator I came with and I really love this I used before and I forgot how great it is not sure to see but yeah I really like this too before everything else oh yeah I’ve been reaching a lot i forgot about this I have so many blushes that I completely forgot about my NARS orgasm and everybody knows about this blush and how pretty it is and the pigmentation is really great are we rich now up for that that’s also what I have today in my face well let’s do eyes from my eyes oh I thought also about another brush that I got less Christmas in one of those going home sex i also like this blush a lot i’m sure you guys not going to be able to see it but the name is star bronzer natural glow i use as a blush and i love it i usually use combined with something else with my NARS organ it looks really great okay from my eyes I been reaching a lot lately for the Sonia cashew I on the neutral palette is all met and let me tell you this this is 1 this is I don’t know how to explain but this palette it’s cost me around ten dollars and the quality of this ballot it’s really really good I mean I’m impressed and every time when I have a rich for shimmery eyeshadows usually I combined with the math palette because I don’t like to use all shimmers so this is what I’ve been reaching a lot lately this is this beautiful palette here it’s all shimmer but the colors are awesome was I don’t think I think what some limit edition maybe they are back way that I have to do a research is mara minerals ready eyeshadow it comes it’s like eight yeah and now if you reach in a lot from this with this together okay also I a very neat purchase it’s the lower may see a title I not cake eyeliner I’ve been loving this i’m using with water and it’s doing the job I mean um i like it i really like it i have on today and surprisingly it still on on my timeline also i am doing a very weird combination i have if you guys know Dumbo the elephant knees straight lashes that’s exactly how my lashes are I’m always struggling trying to curl my lashes and it’s funny because i’ll try so many mascara out there and I think the best mascara for me I always went home but I’m always on the search for the perfect lashes well I have I have to say this is the dior diorshow Maximizer leche flan fini ceram this is like a lifesaver I mean without this I

mean with this year basically most mascara now is X good I mean this is this makes a huge difference for my lashes but what I’m loving right now is a combination between their Jordana I put one coat of this one coat of the Jordan a bath / extreme in one coat of this sample from soup to suitors well both volume lifting mascara phone is there louder became one of those makeup samples one coat of each I’m really liking this combination I was just trying to use my this here because I’ve been having for like I believe more than three months that I have to use it up because i know that mascara it can’t have for so long and i’m trying to use my samples which i have a bunch so I said let me see and then so I really like this combination okay um for I primer I always reach for this I have many other eye primers but this is my number one I always go back to this that’s the NARS pro prime smudge proof I shadow base ok 44 concealer I have a bunch of conceal I’m always also in for the perfect concealer because I have raccoon I and a super dark at times it’s even darker than others and I’ll be reaching for this too I combine these two together and it’s a perfect combination this is a bright-eyed business this was a recommendation from I don’t know I think she does YouTube anymore I’m going to try to remember and they this is supposed to shake said she comfort this one with the corrector from our money and she said she liked actually this one better and i bought a not really like i don’t have the armani corrector but I’m gonna tell you i love this corrector here and it’s from oh my god there is no nothing here it’s from coastal science i love this and I Fergus together with the link on waterproof efforts Anna’s my disk is two together I will enjoy this I also get the north which I really like it but I need to play a little bit more and see if it’s gonna be my favorite if he’s gonna be those two okay also for eyes I love by Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner it’s I always use this always always I love this if you are like a beginner and you don’t like the gel liners which sometimes time sometimes I reached you because I just think this is quicker this is easier a lot of this and I’m enjoying my Christian Dior yoshua browse Tyler I really love this is this a very natural looking and I mess it up money I robbed yesterday i was just i don’t know what i did i made a little home here and i fixed with this don’t judge me and is this another thing that i have to throw in here I really love this is this from make up forever this is the Aqua brow I don’t reach as often because i’m always on worried when i mostly coming on putting my makeup but when i have time i simply love this this is awesome it goes supernatural it goes like you eyebrows like it’s all of this it just takes a little bit more time than the other ones okay for lipstick it was really hard to

choose because i have many lipsticks and I love them all and always thing to reach either for the call the pink coral or the rags but I’ve been loving I well this is about put a movie at the moment and i’ve been using a light layer of the lollipop revlon this is the color bust i believe i mean i’m mixing this and light layer of things this can be pretty strong with the Knicks mega shine lip gloss in the color nude beach and it’s what I have right now having love with this to combination but I have many other favorites so but this is what i’m using on him okay this is um i showed you guys is the last time this is what i got in my subscription so subscription box from sample society I wasn’t impressed it’s from on Jane Eyre though I believe this is so i can leave conditioner I wasn’t impressed because it goes so hard I have to apply really hard you but if you use these it’s like a wax use these and you want to use lipstick right after this is perfect because it’s not so bad read it would not influence and your lipstick will go much smoother than the other ones that I’m used to okay very quickly because my battery is dying this is what i have in my nails right now and this is from SC and this is on the name is boy Adams other schoolboy blazer this is a very dark boo and i love it you probably seen as a black or very dark but it’s a dark blue and you just need one coat of this is fantastic i love it okay very quickly the other thing that i’m loving this is from camera this is like a smooth cream for my hair i got this for my stylist and i use this before I blow dry or flight style my hair I don’t do a lot my hair I I just I just not a hair person I don’t know how to style my head well I just kind of blow dry that’s pretty much all thank you I’m going to buy one of those curlers that from that you just put your hair and they give you that the job for you that’s what I mean because I one of those people that don’t know how to do to do with the hair but this is fantastic i love it i love it i totally recommend this for your hair before you do any styling ah very quickly before my battery and something that I got for my girlfriend when I went to visit her she was telling I don’t even know if she still selling Mary Kay but I’m been using the link on I believe is that sells or the wacom eye makeup remover and I always loved the link on to me the lake home was the best but after try this oh my gosh I’m so impressed this is America I makeup remover you guys should try this I’m telling you I am completely impressed with that something else that she gave me a bunch of goodies for Mary okay and i’m still trying few things i didn’t get to try all because i feel so bad because i have so many things in my drawer so I have bunch of things that still close America but i’m slowly I feel guilty just to open things when I have other things that I didn’t even use as much but the other thing that I try and if you guys want I can also do like how I do like a skin care what I you lose before sleep and all these good things like to treat my skin on my 40 so I do need all the help that I can get so the other thing that I’m really impressed America and i really like is this time wise i believe is timewise microdermabrasion microdermabrasion step one step two from mary kay I like this I really like this is this like a like a

exfoliate exfoliate my skin but to the next level this way yes this is it from my favorites I hope you guys enjoyed and I was going to do outfit of the day but my camera died I might have to charge my camera quickly and then I come back and do it outfit of the day that I had planned for now I hope you guys enjoyed and have a happy sun valley by