okay you guys I’m so excited this is like my first top through video and a while Brandi browse face eyes everything oh I’m going to do something that’s probably counterproductive for the first step for my skin I’m going to apply a little bit of my favorite moisturizer you see me uses in a few more than a few videos and this is my new via cream so I’m just going to use about this much and it’s probably a little too much but my face is extremely extremely dry just did a thorough clean on it and I skipped moisturizing step and I let my face mess around and dry up on me I wash my face like 20 minutes ago so super dry usually after i clean my face and go through all the rigmarole i immediately moisturize it so that the moisturizer can sit for a while I like to moisturize my lips with this was this a lip treatment from Ruby kisses and I actually made my own like I added a little bit of essential oil cinnamon sediment essential oil to it because it acts as I can lip plumper as well but this is the Rose lip treatment so I’m just adding that to the lips now that my moisturizer has set on my skin long enough for it to kind of permeate through my schoolers think through my pores I’m going to use this prime shield from Milani and this is their mattifying primer I’ve only used it a couple of times what I’ve been telling you guys from the initial use I love it and I’m gonna use that much of it either just using just a little dollop like that and i’m just applying it really to the areas that sort of secrete more oil in my skin look at my knuckles you guys I just washed like my Beauty Blender and then my knuckles are white side that all right so the primer is on I am going to start off with adding a little bit of foundation I think no i’m not i’m not going to actually do my eyebrows i’m going to go ahead and use my sonia kashuk a cream or gel eyeliner and this is in ebony this is almost like a blackened brown and i want to take it on too i think this is like a sephora angle brush I already applied my brow wax to my brows and it’s my eben edge tamer yes I used edge control on my brows I already have a I browse tutorial up on my channel I’m thinking about maybe taking it down andrey uploading it because although the technique is still there I wasn’t really crazy about how I did my brows I think it was a little bit too much and I’m constantly like changing things and getting better so I like things up there that are out of whack and out of date I want to teach you guys we’re all I want to show you guys as well we get to see how many Demetrios this time so I’m going to start by pulling that color started from like the middle of the brow not even at the beginning pulling that color throughout and creating that length tail extending it outward then I’m going to go up top use a light schrutes you do the same thing join them together and holy matrimony so I have the basic shape is going in between i’m just going to kind of fill it in but i’m using sort of short haired strokes not really blocking the color and is feathering that color in and i’m going to dry in a little bit more heavily in the tail and arch you just want to kind of manipulate brow hairs for it to look as natural as possible it’s okay to have like super clean even sharp we want to describe it eyebrows that’s great if you try to keep it as naturally as possible by just the way that you fill it in saying for the brows up here I’m just going to just make up words strokes of hair to kind of fill in any empty spaces let’s push that color through my hand is extremely light with doing this part just going to take this comb just kind of loosen up any

blotchiness if there’s any and make the hairs a little bit more pronounced if they got you know colored in a little bit too much for my concealer today I’m going to use this black opals total coverage concealer and what actually uses to do my brow clean up as well the way this concealer is set up it has like a little kind of sponge applicator so you can kind of press it into the skin and apply it that way but you can also squeeze and dispense the product at the top so I’m just going to dispense a little bit of the product onto the back of my hand just a tiny bit right over the route and wait to use this Milani easy brow brow mascara make sure she’s looking beat and flawless making sure my brow stay put although this is probably relatively a wasted step in theory because my brows are not going anymore I have like freaking edge control and a gel liner oh my brows my brows are pretty much there until I scrape my face off but I like the the finish look just a brow polish / brows so starting off with my eyes want to play with a couple of below transitional colors that I love so far this is out of my morphe 35c palette yes so I’m going to play around with these two right here as a transitional build I may start off with this peachy color right here so I’m going to start off with this peachy color then add this burg orange and at this darker burnt orange as my transitional colors I’m going to use my song Akashic fluffy blending brush back and forth windshield wiper motion is this that peachy color is going to be like a wash for me and it’s going to allow me to blend and the darker orange colors more seamlessly and it won’t look like muddy and cruddy and funny and oh group next kind of a line to that burnt orange eyeshadow gonna tap that color in I have an idea of how up my eyes to be done so it’s going to be quite extended so I’m just kind of adding the most lovable of color to the outermost corner and once I am satisfied with the richness of it all hunting I’m just going to drag that brush back and forth I’m going to take my morphe and 330 brush which is more like a tapered crease brush and I’m going to go right back into the orange and i am going to kind of extend that color over I don’t know let’s go into that dark burnt orange and I am only going to take a dark burnt orange inside here oh you do so I’m so excited about what you guys is palette that I picked up and this is from Milani i actually had three of their palates but i’m working out of the plum basics palette and i’m going to start off with this match something smells like coffee this met a reddish brown eyeshadow before I do that I’m going to share a little bit of this color pop cream eyeliner this is in call me which is like a similar shade only in training form okay note to self I have to get like a bigger memory card seriously I ran out of memory and I had to quickly like transfer my files to my computer and in the interim Una’s decided to start one at least this I over here and I don’t even remember where I left off what place I left off i’m pretty sure i was talking about this color pop cream eyeliner and this is in call me so i’m going to use this as a base 12 this essence of beauty pencil detailing brush i’m just going to run that color across my I not going to make it too heavy doesn’t need to be too heavy just enough to allow my eyeshadows to stick and be intensified I’m just covering the entire lid with that I’m

pretty sure the next step is going into the Milani palette that I was telling you guys about and I picked up this Matt plum brownish I shadow and I took it on to a shader brush this is a no-name shader brush it’s pretty fluffy pick pretty big a little bit bigger than the wet 227 for mac i guess i don’t even know the numbers from that I don’t even try to vary look on Dube placing that all over the lid and I’m just dragging that color a little bit into the crease just covering the entire lid I’m just going to go back into that morphe lending brush and I’m just going to add a little tiny bit of that color into the crease going back and forth I’m just going to pick up a little bit tiny bit more of that color onto that shader brush because it tends to pick up a little bit more color I’m just placing that into the outer corner by using like tons of product and i’m not using tons of pressure just find that the shader brush picks up a little more color i’m just going to go back into that blending brush and I’m going to blend it out now I’m going to take this gorgeous pink color right here which is right above that met plum color and it’s unassuming because it looks sparkling pink by lord have mercy once you start swiping it it has like all kind of iridescent sand shimmers is almost like glittery is so freaking gorgeous and I’m going to apply that really to the center of the lid that I am going to apply it wet so I’m going to use this mirror on mixing medium just going to take that on to this sedona AZ be 21 brush which is a awesome small detailing shader brush and I’m just going to place that gorgeous pink color primarily in the center of the lid all kinds of life for me personally I’m going to bring that right into where the creases right where the folds of my eye is for your pretty high in the center I took this taupe colored eyeshadow right here I just kind of added it to right where the middle color kind of fades out into that plum and that’s just going to knock down the shimmer some but still have the same i guess like light intensity just knock it down a little bit also what i did on this event I don’t really think is necessary keep it real I usually don’t know where I’m going with these I looks if I went into my second Milani palette and I picked up this matte black shadow and I just pretty much added that right to the outermost outermost part of the eye so it just kind of set it there like where I would make my winged eyeliner just slightly touching that color because this black is pretty intense which is a good thing it’s very hard to get matte black right especially if you’re not if it’s not super expensive you know so kudos to you Milani I’m just making an invisible not really even visible but kind of like a cat I outer corner then of course going back into the blending brush you’re just going to blend that out I’m going to go right back into that black just a little bit and just touch it right there next I’m going to go into another color pop cream eyeliner and this is swerve which is their black eyeliner and I am going to create a sort of linear winged out it’s not really a perky wink it’s just kind of like sort of marrying the linear shape of my eyebrows did I’ve mentioned a brush this is the morphe m25 s so i’m going to start off with the extension i’m starting the wing pretty light just to kind of get the shape in a crisp in it up and darken it afterwards now I’m just going to run the rest of this product or cross the lash line okay so it’s pretty much there i’m just going to go ahead and fill in the negative space and clean up anything that needs to you know i’m not going to

focus too much i’m really claiming it up because honestly what I did was I added a sort of dark purple liquid eyeliner over it I don’t know if you guys can tell that it’s like a dark purple so the purple I matter that I use is from Ruby kisses this is their liquid genius liquid eyeliner and if you guys have seen my Ruby kisses video you want to saw that I featured not only their eye shadow palettes but a liquid eyeliner that came in black I now own probably all the liquid eyeliners that they have available so I have the black I have this purple right here at this gorgeous blue and a gorgeous green if they have anything other than that it’s only because it wasn’t to be a hole at my beauty supply store and that’s why I don’t have it but I think I have everything that they they offer the purple shade is called purple amethyst so I am just going to add the purple right over the black winged eyeliner and I’m just going to use this step to clean up the line if necessary I think the line is pretty pretty much obkb I’m going to pop on my lashes and the last year that I’m using today’s look is from kara it’s nice and fluffy and wispy and really pretty nice expensive looking lush lashes going to use my duo glue and this is in the dark let me let me share this too with you guys I don’t know if you next notice you see a lot on my lashes to like let the glue dry if you’re doing someone else’s lashes if you are professional especially do not blow your dirty breath on people like that shoes and put it on somebody’s eye that is disgusting blowing your germs on like a silicone material that’s going to stick to that and you’re going to put it on somebody’s I that’s like no you might as well just spit in their eye I’m going to add a little bit of mascara you guys looking to me tell you what mascara this is because it’s not drugstore I cheat it only because like all my stuff is everywhere and I’m still trying to arrange my beauty area that’s why I’ve been filming in a different setup for the last few videos and my favorite drugstore mascara which is from Ruby kisses is somewhere and be abyss that is my bedroom right now and I can’t really get my hands on it so I am using a non drugstore mascara for this I do it all we’re going to move on to a complexion for now not going to do any corrective concealing um just cuz I’m not just not I do what I want to get started i’m just going to miss a little bit of this L’Oreal infallible makeup extender setting spray hydrate the skin singes the nostrils I’m going to add my concealer and base foundation or my highlighting concealer really in base foundation at the same time and blended and together so again i’m going to use truly tropas from black opal when i also use the covergirl clean collection in warm caramel this is the natural few liquid foundation and i love just knit with liquid foundation after that all about this month ok this was like heaven sent for the longest time for me so that’s the foundation want to use I’m going to take a little bit more of that concealer and actually put it onto my Beauty Blender I’m going to use my morphe s 94 brush and just work for the highlight set I’m going to use an alternative to the Buttercup powder which usually runs about twenty dollars this is from LaFemme Hollywood and this is about nine dollars I’m going to switch it out and use like a cosmetic wedge to apply so while this is baking I’m going to go into my contour shade and the contour that I am using is from a black opal and this is their concealing foundation my pot these are amazing especially if your

makeup artist you guys can I get a thick thick palette of some sort something that’s like thick and put like magnets on the back of these lugs and make a pallet out of it it’s awesome so use every shade that they have it’s amazing just going to take it on to this synthetic blending brush it’s like a concealer brush did I say the color the color of this is parag and i am going to naturally defy my nose what I was old so funny that is hilarious oh my god i’m going to go back into the morphe brush and I’m just going to feather into the contour I probably made to use more more precise brush for this I’m just going to take the Sonia Kashuk blush or a face powder brush I’m just going to dust away at booz powder for my nose I’m just going to take a similar blending brush to the morphe brushes so it’s not as tapered it’s a little bit more fluffy I believe this is from sigma this is just going to help airbrush that harsh line around my nose before I move on and try to finish my eyes I’m going to go into this covergirl clean collection pressed powder yeah last thing mat press powder and this is an golden and I’m just going to add that under my cheekbones to kind of make my cheekbones pop out a little bit more we’re going to how to lay it on a little bit I’m going to take this cream eyeliner I don’t know where it as this one because it has no name as well it’s just one of those like cosmetic companies that sell cosmetics wholesale before the slap a label on it and you know getting branded or something like that so I’m just going to drag that color I’ll under the eye I’m going to take this shade from colour-pop and this is leopard be Charlie shader brush and I’m just going to press that column 1 i’m going to go back into the Milani and i’m going to pick up that i see i see pink shade and i’m just going to take that into the inner tear duct for my Oliver powder on voice use my aim on luminous pressed powder and this is an earth for I think I want to skip the cheek color and I’m just going to do my bronzer as much heat color so the roger room buddies is from Sheamus shea moisture or she a moisture I’m not sure she didn’t waste your and this is in Mandalay desk what you guys I decided to go with a cheek color okay bear with me so I’m just going to use this Milani baked blush and this is an do we see also pink how pretty pink it is it’s a white pink color or aluminized I’m going to use this baked bronzer from Milani and this is in so late and it’s a gorgeous gorgeous big brown for my nose I want my little but knows shine I’m going to use this color out of the Milani palette and this is they must have naturals palette so you guys can see this color right heat I’m just going to dot it on my nose I kind of dotted it a little bit because my camera died and I had to charge it so I can’t sit still you guys so to finish off my eyes obviously i’m going to use mascara and i actually grabs my favorite mascara which is the boom boom fatty in the faces have to be more extreme as you get into like

the in the center right there it has to be like extra strain like oh i’m going to start off with mining and possibly / binding my lips with pitch which is this lip liner from colour-pop and pitch is sort of like a I want to say it’s like a reddish brown I mean that’s my assessment up I don’t think I’m color blind but I have an issue with sort of describing some colors for some reason you and then I’m just going to go in with whisper from la girl I was almost placer and I wasn’t going to find a lip brush but I have this lip brush from Sedona lace right over it I’m going to go into I think this is when we could k you guys and I could be wrong but this is their lip shine which is like their pigmented lip gloss and this is called matrix and it’s a gorgeous pinky nude color it’s almost on the same vein as the la keur actually it’s a really pigmented lip gloss so I’m just going to kind of dot that all this is court like this okay so here’s a fun fact you guys I started this tutorial at like 345 in the morning is now 741 um I actually finished filming everything at about six o’clock in the morning but I say that because now i am dealing with my ring light and some gorgeous natural light so i hope you guys really have a true idea or a true vision of how everything looks I just feel like in the previous I feel as though like in the filming part of this video everything was kind of washed out and cancelled out because all he was dealing with like a real light in a dark room because it was super dark but uh yeah so this is a full vision of the finished look you guys I’m very pleased with it but let me tell you something I want to smack Milani right in their face because these I shadow palettes are so freakin bomb they are so bomb I had no idea girl I had no idea I was in ready I really wasn’t ready I don’t even know how much I paid for these pellets probably seven dollar sign up to two little two little that’s how much I paid too little it is very inexpensive and I’m so glad that I decided to kind of work with it in and try it on this video cuz i was pleasantly surprised I was like okay so beast nice eyeshadows the girl y’all need to just receive this receive it receive it just take it okay that was a happy surprise and also this nikka k lip gloss was a very very joyous and happy surprise so I feel as though I’m going to play with this lip color and another look and just like play with just the lip color by itself I’ve not even try to diet mute it down or knock it down or anything like that I just want to see the full potential so I’m definitely going to be doing a lip swatch video think i mentioned that before thank you guys so much for tolerating me throughout this whole tutorial let me know how you guys like or dislike i guess these talk through sort of videos if you guys want me to do some more yeah just give me your feedback if you guys have any requests go ahead and comment below or you can go ahead and send me a cute little email request I’ll have my email address in the description bar below for you guys hit me up if you had any makeup request or a video request in general I think I enjoy doing these talk through videos I just feel like I talk a lot so I would either have to have with our long videos that you guys pretty much sit down and watch or i would have to edit the crap out of everything in post-production or have some kind of freaking scripts i could stay on task because i just keep going and going but that is H you guys thank you guys once again so much for watching make sure that you are a thumbs up in this video make sure that you are subscribed so you can stay in the loop on my uploads i’m gonna try to keep it pretty constant for you guys so bear with me fingers crossed don’t hold me to that you and until next time i will see you in the next video bye there