So y’all can see your girl is chilling She got I got on my sweater got my candle burning in the bag and I have my Clips on and we are ready to go So we are going to go ahead and double right into these products I got a lot of products for us to try out today So as you can see already got my brows done in my eyes prom I did promise of one of the products in this video, which was the concealer and it did a really good job I feel like it is very pigmented and it got the job done, but we’re definitely going to see if it’s good for underneath the eyes because that’s where it really matters Okay So the first thing we’re going to be using from Uoma beauty is the palette and this is the Savage palette and as you can see this one has more of the pops of color, you know, smoke your tones and you have some neutral some pops of red blue different shades in here So I think I’m going to do more of a smokier eye with Is look just because that is what I’m feeling for today But these shades are pretty and the shimmers in here are gorgeous I cannot wait to add a shimmer on the lid I’m really excited to see how this palette performs I’m going to be taking this shade foxy, which is this brown right here Let’s see how pigmented and see if this is going to show up on my skin tone and I’m just taking a morphe JH Thirty brush and I’m going to pack that on the lid This shade is just a little bit darker than my lid shade So it just gives me that perfect hint of brown as a very neutral Brown shade So I really do like this I feel like this would be a really pretty color to just add all over the lid as some big fluffy lashes and a natural lip a natural beat and it will be really really pretty on an everyday basis As far as blending, everything is blending really nicely I feel like I’m not having a hard time It is just blending so easily so I really do like that as well and I really do like this color I also wanted to thank you guys so so much for all the birthday wishes If you didn’t know my birthday was actually July the 13th of this past Saturday and I turned 23 years old I cannot believe that it is so crazy to say out loud Like I cannot believe I’m actually 23 it was like it feels like just yesterday I just turned like 18 or something, but I’m 23 years old, and I just wanted to thank you guys so so much for all the birthday wishes and love that you guys showed me on Instagram on YouTube on Twitter Just all my platforms You guys are so sweet And I just thank you guys so so much I really do Y’all so The Nightshade I want to be picking up is this shade right here, which is this kind of burgundy light reddish color right here and it is the shade Warrior and I’m just going to apply that into the crease Okay, so that’s what we got so far I feel like I would just kind of leave it like this put on some liner and some lashes but for the sake of this video, I’m going to keep going because I want to do something a little bit more extra So I think I’m going to take the black shade and this is the shade black y’all like honey We’re making mode at Nene That’s kind of cute But I’m gonna take that shade We’re taking some risks here You just want to build up the black you do not want to come full force with black because you come full force and black that’s when you start and finish it gradually go into it So far the black is blending really nicely as well is still holding is pigmentation while is blending out So I really like that It’s not disappear anything I hate when pallets do that like that is so annoying when you get a palette and you think it’s going to be pigmented and looks really good And then you start blending it on the eye and the shadow started disappearing That is so aggravating Okay Beauty coming with a smoky eye girl Okay So that’s is the black Blended out

I think it’d look really really nice I like what we got going on so far So now we’re going to use a shimmer shade So I’m stuck between using this shade Savage and then black mad I think I’m just going to go with black magic I think I’m just going to take a risk and go with this shade black magic I’m really kind of nervous So I’m Go with it on my finger for oh, so this is what it looks like on my finger on if you guys can see that but let’s just pack her off Oh wow Oh, wow, that is really pretty Okay So this is what this side looks like It’s really really pretty I’m really liking it So I’m gonna go ahead and do the other side and you do get a little bit of Fallout which is fine because I always do my eyes first This is not a debate as first honey, not face-first never I could never do my face first like I feel crazy If I try to do my face first, let me know If you do your eyes first or if you do your face first, I just don’t see how people do their base first and then do their eyes I feel like this so backwards like am I the only one like I just don’t see how that is Okay, like of course, I’m doing my eyes first as if I have any Fallout I can wipe it off then I do my base and then everything is fine Like if you do you’re like base first then you tried to your eyes you have fall out like when you try to dust that junk off and do not become nasty and you already know some go ahead and throw on Liners lashes and then we’re going to come back and get right into the face product Okay, so I’m back I got my lashes everything on so we’re going to get right into the face products on this is the part I’m really excited about y’all know I love a good foundation and I have been stuck on my freaking more Foundation I literally cannot get enough of that junk It is addicting and it is good So I have heard a lot of people saying this Foundation is really good is full coverage as really good finish to it So yeah, as you can see we got our smoky eye going on looks like we’re about to go to the club about to go get our little twerk on drink a little alcohol or whatever Let’s get right into the face product So I already primed my prom with my milk makeup primer, but and I love this stuff So I picked out two foundations that I think are going to be my shade and this is the ummah beauty say what weightless soft mat Hi Draining foundation So that just says soft matte hydrating foundations Like that’s crazy that a foundation can be hydrating and it’s going to have a matte finish to like, okay, like I hear I’m here for that It says say what say bye-bye to one-size-fit-all formulations and how you doing to weightless long-lasting adjustable coverage hydrating Foundation formulated specifically for you in Rich with pigments designed to think like your skin and intelligent color too intensely Perfect the skin with a vibrant matte finish now doesn’t that sound really lovely that sounds like a really good foundation that I think your girl going to be fucking with and I have t3w and T3 neutral So this is T 3 neutral This is a morphe JH 03 brush and I always use this brush to blend out my You sure so right off the bat You can tell she is full and I can tell just by looking at this shade on its own It’s not that neutral to me in my trip and looks a lot more warm And I don’t really put that much foundation on my forehead just because like I don’t like to do that I don’t know like I just feel like it’s not really necessary to put that much on for it just enough to like, you know, get the job done So aggressive that is the foundation blend it all the way out I love the finish of this Foundation definitely feels really light weight It has a beautiful soft matte finish definitely doesn’t feel like it’s, you know, bothering my skin or feel like it’s drying out my skin or anything It definitely feels very hydrating very like not noticeable at all the color I’m kind of like, I don’t know how it’s coming off on camera to y’ all but I look a little bit more warm than I prefer but this is an easy fix and y’all see that when I use the concealer and everything how I will highlight everything and it looked really nicely on the packaging right here It’s tells you like which

Step you should do everything in So it says that concealer is step two So that’s also great for someone who is a beginner and doesn’t really know the steps of makeup that this is an easier way for them to say Okay So this is the second thing I need to use I really like that I think that’s a really good thing to be able to help somebody who there’s a lot of people that don’t really know that much stuff about makeup So that is really helpful I really do like this So the concealer I got two shades I have T2 and T3 I think I’m going to use T to today This is the stay woke concealer It says discoloration question mark dark circles question mark late nights early mornings meet your all day solution to a Flawless complexion this weightless full coverage Satin Radiance concealer goes on seamlessly So you instantly conceal imperfections Yes, ma’am That sounds like it’s right up your girl’s a lie That sounds amazing I’m going to put it right here And yes, this is a nice color Especially we want to brighten since we do have a smokier eye going on you’d ever want to make sure that your honor eyes are bright So that’s how much I want to put because I don’t really know You know, you try to conceal you don’t really know how much you need You don’t want to put that much so I’m just gonna put like this much right here on my chin and then down the bridge of my nose I am take my sponge and I’m just going to go to work So I’m just going to start blending that out I’m moving fast because I don’t really know how fast is jump drives down Okay, so this is the concealer blend it out so far underneath my eyes I don’t know how I feel about it You guys it’s just not giving it to me Like I want it to live Let me know if you guys think it looks fine But to me like I’m looking at it in the viewfinder and it’s just makes my under eyes look like their wrinkly and old like am I tripping like know if I like this I really wanted to like this product is to know right now I’m going to set and everything and see if I like it But right now I’m not feeling it So the next step in the in the beauty line is the Double Take sculpt and strobe Duo stick and this is a contour and highlight stick I’m just gonna go ahead and Contour my face, so Is that the way I want to Contour a put her here? Okay, that color is really really nice I really do like that color I’m going to do it up under my chin like right up under there Under here, just so we can sculpt that and make us look like we gonna double chin, but you already know that some cap Let’s do her nose lips I never liked putting Contour my nose, but we’re going to try something new Okay Okay a little bit around our forehead is definitely not stiff is definitely blendable So I really do like that when using a cream Contour I don’t like it to be too stiff or you had some really just get in there and like dig into your face to get it Blended out I just like when you can simply just pounce over your face and the product just Blends out itself Is definitely getting a snap and I’m just going in I feel like I’m about to like go somewhere extra I literally ain’t gonna go nowhere but to the bathroom to take this junk off y’all that’s so sad because if it turns out good and it just looking good Then I’m going to be to hurt that literally I’m going to just take this junk off because it’s like it’s literally 9 p.m At night and I’m doing my makeup So that’s dedication for y’all I’m over here at nine o’clock putting on a full be I mean, we’re a cream Contour we are contoured our nose We got the Highlight going on We got a smokey eye like I’m doing the most tonight y’all I might have to just walk through the grocery stuff go to Walmart and be like, hey, what y’all doing? Listen, I just okay bitch go ahead and finish up this lower lash line

I’m going to go in with this shade Warrior and we’re just going to like spice blend that all the way out of the lower lash line Then I’m going to take the shade black y’all and just add that on the outer portion She’s going to really smoke out this look Okay, so that’s pretty much everything with the eyes The only thing we have to do now is the lips I’m going to go ahead and do my blush in my highlight off camera They wouldn’t come back on and do the lips and then we’ll be done and then I’ll give you my final thoughts on all the products Okay, we are back I know I kind of like crazy I have a little slime So y’all just ignore that jump but we’re about to wrap this up So the last thing we’re going to do is our lips The last product is the badass icon matte lipstick and this is in the shade Brenda which is like a very like dark matte Brown So we are just going all the way out tonight like this is going to be a full-blown night look and now we’re adding the dark lip So let’s just pray it all comes together So I’m really excited about this looks really mad Hopefully, it’s very comfortable on the lip Okay, but I’m not mad at this lipstick is really comfortable You can see it’s really pigmented like it feels so good on the lips that I want to keep reapplying – okay So this is all the products from the Uoma beauty collection I personally have a lot of opinions about the product So let’s go ahead and get right into the review portion of the video first thing to start out with the palette And this was the Savage palette right here that we use I personally really did enjoy this palette I feel like this by far was one of the products that I was really impressed with in this line I loved how all the shades Blended these shimmers look so beautiful They’re definitely more of like a glittery shade on the lid So I really do like that I love the fact that they are very pigmented They were blending they were not patchy So honestly, I feel like this should definitely be one of them Name products that you pick up if you do check out Oma Beauty, I love the formula of these eyeshadows So I definitely will be trying out for more neutral shade palette as well and picking that up in also because I know it’s going to be a bomb next the foundation Honestly, the foundation right now is looking really good I love how soft matte it is, but it’s not like dry out my skin my skin still feels hydrating but it honestly doesn’t feel like I have anything on especially the amount of makeup I have on I have such a dramatic look on it doesn’t feel heavy or anything I like that it still looks very Flawless very seamless and everything just looks like it has melted into the skin So I do think I will be testing this product out even more and trying them out with different products that I already own just to see what is a good combination for this product Okay Also as for the concealer, I personally wasn’t Here for it Okay I didn’t really like this concealer first It did look like it was very pigmented and don’t get me wrong It looks okay on but I just know in my collection that I have some concealers that I swear by and they look really good Every time I use them and this one I’m going to have to keep trying it just to see if maybe it works out with a better product and a different Foundation But right now I’m not liking it and I’m just being honest with y’all Like it just isn’t what I wanted to be and hopefully maybe if I try it out with something else I’ll start to like it But right now I’m not feeling it as for the strop is gold do what I really did enjoy using the Contour part of this thing It was bombed the shade look amazing I loved how it was easy to blend out You didn’t have to work fast lie or anything It just look really effortless It was not stiff and it just Blended very well and I feel like This is definitely something to look for when using a cream Contour is that you don’t want it to be overly creamy, but you want it to be just enough to where you can blend it out fill up with this product You definitely get that as for the highlighter It was a little too dark for my skin tone I feel like if you’re a little bit darker than me than you’ll probably enjoy this especially on these summer days when you don’t wear a lot of makeup, you can just take this on a beauty blender and pounce it on there and then just pounce it

where your highlight is supposed to go and then just go outside and it will just Shimmer really nicely So I think if you try that, that’ll be what I think that’ll be a good thing to do with that side of the stick If you want to be able to use both sides personally though I kind of wish they would have just did the Contour sticks on its own because I feel like it is so bomb that it should be just a product by itself But I do get the concept that they were trying to do two birds in one stone and do the highlight and the Contour So as I said previously I really do like the Of those lips thing is extremely comfortable on the lips Like honey Your lips are like when I do that it just it feels so comfortable I cannot stress to you how good it feels I know hands down I will be purchasing a lot more of these lipsticks because of the formula is very pigmented It is not bleeding out or anything and I love the finish of it Especially I do love this shade I just think it’ll be a little bit more appropriate for the fall time I really do like this So I hope you guys enjoyed this Uoma Beauty review / First Impressions I actually really enjoyed testing out all these products for you and seeing which one’s work and which ones didn’t because you know, sometimes you have the hit and miss but that’s okay I think overall Luma beauty is a really good brand I like what they stand for and the products that they decided to launch I think it did a really good job with the diversity of their line and everything that making everybody feel included and I really do love that So definitely make sure you hit that subscribe button and turning personification so you can be notified Every time you girl post a video and I will see you guys in my next one Bye my love’s