hey so um I’m making another video gay um I’m actually supposed to be writing a nutrition paper right now um but I just didn’t feel like it so uh huh no actually I need a little break because I just got home from school and I well from calculus class um so my mind’s still kind of on that so yeah anyways um sorry what was I gonna say oh my gosh okay anyways um I hope you like my hair this is a little something different I’ve been trying to do I don’t really mess with my a lot much like I don’t really style it or anything I just kind of brush it and go or put it up in a bun or ponytail and go i might braid it every now and then but um i’m not too into the hair like styling i think natural looks the best I don’t know um besides my hair is so hard to manage it’s like it doesn’t want to do anything I wanted to do it doesn’t stay curly if I curl it it doesn’t say straight if I straighten it email if I um like literally pour hommes hairspray on it it still doesn’t say it slowly my curls will uncurl and my straight hair will become wavy again even though my hair isn’t all that way be but um anyways stop touching my hair cuz it’s cuz um I don’t want to get all really but anyways I’m going to show you how I do a brown smokey eye um you can use so many different palettes i’m using the lorac one sorry um this is kind of my carry-all for in the living room because um my mom gets a little mad because i’ll have like stuff all of the gout and so this kind of keeps it together I don’t know for a while but I just have it in this little box thingy so yeah um but yeah the quan i’m going to be using is a lorac hot couture palette in San tropas I think that’s how I it I’m not sure um this is a really pretty quad all the colors are so great they’re so like um soft and sorry that was a big old shadow but as you can tell i use the last one the most cuz i has a big old tent and it already and it’s got it like a month ago so anyways um i like to use this one for a highlight and sometimes of the base um I’d like to use this one as a base most of the time I like to use this one as a crease color and then this one I like to use as an eyeliner or sometimes a nice smoky eye look so yeah they’re all gorgeous colors and the middle to our shimmery and then the two end ones are mapped which is cool because i don’t like shimmery eyeshadow all the time and for a base i’m like a primer i use this Too Faced first base primer and you can use it well obviously as a base color because

it does have some tint to it but i like to use as a base cuz it’s cream and I don’t know or as a primer on me whatever so I’m confusing you but oh yeah it’s like sparkly and it’s kind of a like goldish silver in color silver tea silvery color I’m just really really pretty I don’t know if you can see that but just really nice and I got this on sale that’s why I’m using it I don’t have that money um high quality makeup products I have all the like the department store and the you know else stuff although I don’t I have to say I’m probably one of the many people are one of the few people out there that doesn’t like the elf I shadows just because um they are super glittery and I find that every time I wear them I gets ties in my eye even if they’re brand new I still get size in my so I don’t know some try not to wear them so much I like the colors but I just don’t like them like the yes or another girl alternative if you want to even simpler than that you can always use this trio by wet and wild and since walking on eggshells and it says each step on right on the color so the top one is for highlight the middle is for crease and this one is for all over the lid so that’s a really good trio I love the eyeshadows are so powdery there are those better than lorac one honestly like I just got this but I love it I mean look at home powdery that is like that’s so pretty I love the colors also have a cover girl 1 I was going through a phase where I really want still going through it where I really really like the neutral eye and I’ve just been wearing the neutral I pretty much every day for the past month yeah for the past month and a half I don’t know why but I just love the natural eye lately maybe cuz in the summer I changed my eye look so much and i wore more of the bright eyes and then one to turn to like school I was like okay I’m not gonna happen be able to do that every morning so I I do this now which is a lot faster so first I’m going to start with the to face first base and I’m just using my finger oh never mind i have my brush but i’m just gonna apply this with my fingers and i’m going to put this all over my and you might be able to tell that does have some tint to it so there’s that then I’m going to start with using the lorac um second color which is the light second lightest color and I’m going to take my ulta brush eyeshadow brush just the one I got in a natural kit that you get for free when you buy seventeen dollars and fifty cents worth other products that was like a month ago so I know they don’t have it anymore but their breasts are okay they’re not the best but their brushes that I don’t have otherwise so yeah I would love to get some Sigma brushes I really want some of those like I’m in this one of contests or giveaway contest thing to uh get some new brushes I’m like please give me the whole set and Sigma brushes that would be so awesome so I’m excited for that but anyways i’m

going to sleep that or pat it on my lid hey let me see if i can get it zoomed up beam me up Scotty hey and the other I I’m gonna get my eyes and you and there’s after one little coat and then i’m going to use the same brush and um you just a darker color the next point over not the end one but the one before that and just get it on the very tip of my brush and just start I like to put my brush spot right there at the corner but playing to like eleven o’clock and then sweep it across your eye and I’m going to do the same thing the other eye and we’ll blend it once I put on this a little bit from my me just a little bit the sign now blown this one in a little bit it’s a little bit too dark so I’m gonna and don’t worry if you do get it to knock like I kind of got it too dark um you can always go back and lighten it up a little bit by using the big are the the lid color which is what i’m going to do really quick and really it lips aren’t on camera than it is but that’s okay and i’m at a little bit more Brown to the other son do the same thing with the lid color and that’s pretty much it um now you can always add the eyeliner if you want to i’m not going to this time i’m just going to curl my lashes and put my mascara on so let’s do that oh wait no forgot the highlight we’ll use the lightest color in the quad and use a little bit for the eyebrow and um you can use the same brush I tend to get a lot of round right here for some reason and there’s that there’s that so now we’re done with that now we can curl our lashes

ok so there’s that now I’m going to use my Michael Todd a mascara it’s in brown yeah that’s not i’m not even going to try to get that dip Olga’s and this is a really good mascara I got it off of hot look and there you go there’s your look it’s really late for school which is what are you going for and um I’ll zoom out and show you what well no I’ll leave it at this zoom and show you what I do for my lips now I go for a little bit of a bolder color on my lips and so i’m using the nude waterproof lip liner by bh cosmetics which this end is pretty accurate to the other end other and you can’t even see govern us to open it but and I shade some of it in and then I’m going to apply you can leave it like this or you can apply the lip gloss over it now i’m using a clear lip gloss by philosophy and it’s the mouth watering watermelon one and it smelled really good and with me when I was little and my grandpa would always go to store um in the country because he lived in the country and whenever I go and spend the night on the week to there um and he went to the store he would always bring me a pack of watermelon gum in the bubblicious kind oh my gosh now is my favorite gum I don’t like it as much anymore but um it’s so pretty good this reminds me a lot like that though so yeah that’s pretty much all i do for school i add a little bit of last but you know nothing major just end a little bit of my natural blush and that’s it and i’ll show you the end look and voila I really like this look for school that does add a little bit of edginess and a little bit of color to your look especially in the fall and winter because in the winter my face is like so

pale that um I need some kind of kind of colors so yeah this is a really cute look and I like the hair on top of my makeup so yeah that’s pretty much it I hope you guys liked this video I know it was kind of long but that’s how my videos all right um so yeah have a great week and I’ll talk to you guys later thanks for watching oh come