hi everyone alongside Mike Trostle I’m Dave Giancola thanks for joining us again for another US Open Classic finish in the 1995 US Open Greg Norman was again in contention for the elusive US Open title the great white shark was tied with Tom Lehman after 54 holes at Shinnecock Hills out in the Hamptons with a young Phil Mickelson a stroke behind Dave with layman and Mickelson getting off to tough starts amid the difficult conditions it was Corey Pavin looking for his first major championship a few groups ahead who started to apply some pressure pavement second China and a birdie chance for Pavin is only two behind Norman and layman back to ten from the green back to Tom Lehman Roger Maltbie you’ve seen the lie you’ve seen the situation assess it please Tom’s got a hundred and sixty-eight yards to the fight krimpet this is the very same place jumbo Zaki had so much couple fun yesterday a very deep lie Tom now switching clubs going to a seminarian this is in there pretty deep I don’t know that he can really get the ball to fly John it would come out with no spin but I don’t think you can get it to jump the trouble it’ll come out hot and if it does land up on by the green it’ll probably hop over the gallery’s head almost so I mean this is really asking for a lot right here teaming up nothing it’s gonna hit short if that hill cuz it enough about that nope stay there man this not by a foot goodness what a good shot that was so close to perfect that’s why this hole could drive a guy to drinking even a tough Morman I don’t know about me but this all did everything but that Greg Norman at the bottom of hill with a tremendous Drive see how tennis played it’s ranked second only to the 18th hole in difficulty today and he can’t beat three yards from where he was yesterday Trump when he hit his sand iron his third shot to the green hand came all the way down to Italians balls any big Greg Norman pins in the back right so he doesn’t have to flirt with the front of the green like he did yesterday but this is sand iron no more than 80 yards 85 yards Roger in the 86 US Open a bogey 10 on the second third and final round this year he bogeyed at Friday he double-bogeyed at Saturday in custody behind players back then after the flag not an easy shot to get that on the green channel stuff and then he’ll have bounced over ahead to 12 and Corey Pavin the Guddi little Bruin from UCLA for birdie to pull within one of the lead control back to 11 bar attempted bobsled member he is in the greenside bunker what a putt these days at +1 Norman and layman are playing 10 and are tied for the lead Haven with a birdie at 12 and for those of you just joining us here at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club on Long Island let’s go back to the early action second hole par 3 Bob Tway started one back at even par this for birdie and Davis Love at the time – the lead 5th hole par 5 Davis Love started plus 3 for birdie to go +1 second or Greg Norman for Paul bogie effects him to even Phil Mickelson started even this for birdie close

Twain the Tom Lehman second that’s a toughie Bernie the laminate – one blamin for par the lead even in the championship Corey Pavin and Bob Tway only one shot back Davis Love the third trails by to burn shot Tomlin they’re in three ahead to 12 Bob tways tisha make par for right here downhill downwind and you’ve hit a beauty right up to the throat twice already celebrated one golf championship is alma mater Oklahoma State the NCAA champions back to ten all right Greg Norman Roger hope you read this one for us please about 25 feet travel down the hill a lot of break in this putt me try to move the writers of loses speed jerky putt to read the good news is this eight straight cars as they’re going in the bad news is along 28 days is very very difficult our chip as we move ahead to 13th highest point on the course Bob Trumpy par-4 13th 377 yards fairway works left to right the entire way including on the green and Corey Pavin has hit every fairway today back to 10 Roger this chip looks tough it’s really not found its back uphill slightly they’re all tough at this stage of the game I suppose but this is really bad pretty good lie Michael a little bit to his left it’s very mate – hard left us have some work I had the 14th third shot of Davis Love the third currently – behind the leaders his approach was short and that left for par for Davis Love back to ten another bogey attempt for Tom Lehman and this putt goes in he will have bogeyed three of the last four holes buried three bogeyed four he bogeyed seven birdied eight bogeyed nine and this is a bogey attempt Johnny this is the kind of hole that in a practice rounds the players were looking at and it just didn’t seem that hard when the green to a little soft in the rain and so on and so forth but it’s become just a Bearcat as the days of passed on yeah this hole just like I said many times it’s it’s the hardest hole to me on the golf course I just never I’m sure what I want to do and this like you said he doesn’t want to be missing this one because he’ll start losing pace with what this is all about today if he doesn’t watch out inside left edge over to Tom Lennon and now as the last group long walks off the 10th tee Greg Norman is at even par and leaves this 95th US Open sorry paver from 138 yards a little 7-iron knockdown shot just short of the

green wind is really starting to influence all the shots now back up to the least of the lawsuit it was yesterday Americans without a major title tour wins Corey Pavin Davis Love 5 for young Phil Mickelson to Tom Lehman everyone keeps saying each year how will this be the year for paving the winners major and model predicting the PGA out in Los Angeles where he’s already won but maybe it’s going to be right here in Long Island let’s go to 12 I was Bob Tway from 166 with an 8-iron going right at it any chance for play on this par 4 12 and I was a huge part but he made at 11 that could be one that will give them some confidence give him a chance to make that putt on 12 the par-3 11th Greg Norman dropped out of the lead with a bogey at the 2nd hole now hung around and has inherited the lead again Johnny look at this green this is the opposite green of the rue Dan hole which is number seven the slopes right to left this one goes left to right and it has a low right in the middle of it you can see it’s sort of a hollow right down the middle it slopes on the right side it goes left left side it goes right and so if you miss it short side it when we say short side if the pins right and you miss it right the ball the grass going away from me and the green is you got no chance almost so you don’t want a short side this green watch it from the side boy you talk about some undulation and deep bunkers this is quite a green she had a little fall off on the edge there so you don’t want to go long left Greg Norman or right 161 fascinating he’s got it going left in the flag that’s exactly where you don’t want to hold that in no way that is that’s that’s really not good let’s go II know it’s worse than not good that’s awful well the wind kind of switched on that was left to right meanwhile his ball was in flight the flag switched to straight down and it held that ball from cutting back to the right job but you never want to hit too much Club here you know this this whole everything underneath the hole is just fine you can always play it and don’t miss it on the side the pins on those two combinations course easy for me to say in my air-conditioned spot up here trying to win his first major on this continent tumbling and have the one with a 9-iron after seeing that shot this is going we’re all right watch out Papa’s right right bunker what a hole I’m Roger no I’m just such a small green sitting on top of that Hill John hard yep yeah when you’re playing for US Open Championship title it probably gets real small Phil Mickelson at 12 for birdie episode is plus three three shots from the lead to 14 and Nick price is a par putt and price will bogey and he’s back to +4 meanwhile in 13 Corey Pavin third shot and we’ve seen a lot of players get it close the pin on 13 much more accessable back to 12 topped way one behind Norman Johnny probably the easiest putt you could have on this particular green well at this stage is just degrees of easy I guess that’s true as far as just a nice hittable putt you know you go ahead and hit this firm enough and he shouldn’t run past the hole that’s the inside right edge I think the ideas that’s way remains +15 with Haven and layman one back of Norman let’s go to 15

and Davis love its save par for 415 yards down the hill dogleg right in one place you don’t want to go is in that tall grass to the left the native fescues and uh but Davis is in the primary rough 156 second this year in the Masters behind Ben Crenshaw on that emotional dramatic win for little Ben he’s got about half in and half out pretty good I think he’s all right as long as doesn’t grab the toe of the club things are right here a big wedge terrific shot David 30 chance for love who was one under for the day grain side bunker had 11 Roger well his changes remanded he cannot see the surface of his brain got this bunker shot a little heavy to John 15 feet short same as number seven same kind of shot look how deep that bunker is oh that’s a tough shot and once keep that underneath the hole it doesn’t want to go long and go down where Greg Norman did let’s take a look at this takes a bat outside which is good drops it in its way behind it again farther than he wants to but that’s sort of airing on the safe side Roger just how difficult is this shot this is really a tough shot he’s got a good lie I’ll say that he’s got a very small area in which to land this ball I believe he’ll try to land it in a tallish fringe try to get some steam taken east it was right on that point it’s the odds of getting this ball with him eight feet of the hole pretty slimgenics he is really good at bumping it into the bank so easy to leave it short though the green that’s really well done Gregg has a wedding today at his home done a photo a chips and pasta I don’t know if he can grow open rough around that dream but he has been marvelous around the Greens you just watch him just brush that grass and he’s so good at hitting it into the bank and that shot just is very difficult under pressure to be able to hit that bank and bounce up and you can see he’s really happy with that shot you won’t see a lot of smiles though the rest of the way in you’ll notice that today when guys make a birdie it’s a tight faced bit of enjoyment it’s not jumping around and smiling like it’s nothing if you watched last year’s open I’m sure you did it o clock and you saw Tom Lehman behind the gallery ropes in the playoff watching his good friend Loren Roberts compete with Colin Montgomery and the eventual winner and he now Tom Lehman is center stage Roger how about this moment that pill from about 18 feet it’s off the hole right move left about three four inches from here very maple apartment he needs to make it Tom Lehman that’s now four bogeys in the last five wolves – 13 on the tee Bob Tway elevated tr4 narrow strip of fairway wine being left to right and Bob Tway is founded the leader board Greg Norman presently at even followed by Pavin and tway and behind that leader board the green at 11:00 Roger yeah it was puffs from this angle really doesn’t break too much might move to his right slightly just about left edge if he wants to hit up Michael if he wants to hit it inside the hole of the estimated foam which is kind of a scary proposition from here what a great save such a great team that’s how nine straight pars perfect Mormon a lead State open without having made a birdie from the last twenty nine holes great stuff Drake said yesterday total complement

the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club it tests every element of your game you go out there knowing that these every shot in your bag and then test what you have inside oh it’s answering that call again today this marvelous Lynx lay out the 13th Bob Tway ends up Franti takes his hand off the club and well beyond the whole location which Johnny is just six paces off the front back to 12 Carmen on the tee still in the lead one ahead of Dave an int way going left all right 2:15 Davis Love oh what a good-looking putt that was so that’ll be a fourloves par he’s plus two and from behind the back of Corey Pavin dead downwind second shot very demanding at the par-4 14th John Schroeder is in the fairway 148 yards to the front edge he’s got Lana just at the front or just short probably getting a 9-iron depends on the bounce and it’s bounced on the green but she just rolls back very difficult second shot to hold Corey Pavin playing 14 Greg Norman on 12 he has the lead by one 35 years ago 1960 cherry hill’s Arnold Palmer states the greatest comeback in US Open history Palmer rallied from 7 strokes behind in the final round to win his only US Open crown edging by two strokes a twenty-year-old ammeter Jack Nicklaus it was the only u.s. Open crown in the 32 played by the king 2:13 and Bob tways long lengthy birdie attempt sharp right-to-left breaker and he’ll have that for par back to 12 Greg Norman second shot the first cut Roger ball sitting down a little bit here to 74-yard nine Aaron gotta watch this one getting through the green depends on all the way in the back but this is a this is a hot lie here Johnny 13 men right now within four strokes of Norman going right of the flag well you weren’t kidding Roger nothing really went down it was a heater that’s a 472 yard hole a 9-iron was too much Club Norman’s card today bogey to was unlucky at one at the flagstick and was challenged to make par and it’s been that kind of day just one over for Norman now layman 169 access area excuse me that was a nine and good looking shot that’s a good one doc the bogeyman 214 and Corey Pavin birdie try

doesn’t break kori looks like a breaks the desert best attorney says MetLife flips new p1 continuing to fly the skies above Shinnecock Hills Golf Club powered by a couple of twin engines reaching speeds of 60 miles an hour you can navigate at altitudes in excess of 6,000 feet back to 12 and the leader now the Sharks then is still up he leads by 1 over Pavin int way could be very short-lived from that position he’s in I can’t tell about the live it could be a two-shot swing here with Norman and a layman layman could make birdie Norman bogey from there they came to find the thing where is this thing not much green to work with these miraculous para on the last wealthy part of this whole also someday might look towards those two up and ends as being the ones that did it Roger you right there I’m just now examining his lion is sitting deep in the ball the grass is cloned against him John that’s a pretty tough luck right here this is when you need heavy hands this is a handsome strength you don’t think so but this is when you need to grip it firmer and just power an impact power through you just can’t give in to that graph you can see how firm the practice strokes is is that he’s taking gentle you have to really hang on to this and pop it almost got to be almost lucky to get a call Sarah you can do it though and this hard shot Roger versus chance of putter for his putter to save him let’s take a look at this watch it impact let’s see how they how he penetrates through it yup that keeps it going see how he doesn’t break down again you kids out there see how he keeps the same position he was at impact and address on the follow-through there’s an flipped it ahead to 14 on the tee also an elevated tee Bob Tway 444 yards gradually working uphill to the green downwind today and Bob Tway is caught it leopards I don’t think that’ll be too bad it’s way down there back to 12 what you got there Bayless about seven eight footer John it just not much movement around this whole really it’s pretty level back here I may try to eat just to his right but I certainly think it’s inside the cop I agree 36 year old town lay minister part of this US open picture one awfully Norma can we say part how many pastas has seen that he’s had like this job in the last two days enough to wear me out my goodness he misses this we got a four-way tie for first as I’m at a man to a layman and Norman scuse me murder this putt doesn’t do much either it’s bad left-edge putt will try to eat a little bit to his right but if he gets it outside the hole with any pace I don’t think it would take to break for wait I should do this just didn’t quite have enough babe the speed on a John and just leaked away wasn’t a bad stroke just didn’t quite have enough pace for the first time in the championship Corey Pavin finds himself from the top of the leaderboard joining the Harmon play on lemon at +1 and a reminder five of the last 10 US

Opens went to a playoff so it’s a 50/50 chance that we might see two men there after 18 move ahead 60 16 and Davis love this is third shot from 79 yards looks like a simple shot but it isn’t a flagstick only on the green by 12 feet 95 yesterday and just a nice wedge Dave Moore in a one putt for another guy that was avoided that’s right John but what he needs to do is blow it by the hole and left to the hole perfectly played by David’s love and join the other four it plus one and it will be a five-way time let’s go back to 15 T Corey Pavin that doesn’t seem fair away in a fair example it’s good Corey relaxed it is tenacious a competitor as there is on tour Corey Pavin at 35 six his first major 213 13th tee the par-4 377 yards Tom Lehman 104 tied for the lead starting it right drawing it back toward the fairway good-looking Drive should catch the right side of the fairway and it has Roger and the 14 second shot of Phil Mickelson on the par-4 downwind Mickelson currently +3 and look at this and Mickelson has a makeable birdie putt at 14 back to 13 tee Greg Norman going left only well left big pull it’s in the native fescues Roger it’s a direct Norman coming off the pogey at 12 to produce a 4-way tie in the fescue at 13 now 14 second shot Bob twig once Atlanta just on frontage this screen is very firm watch this ball roll I think this green holds less than any green on the golf course and it was the same way in 1986 it’s like a wind tunnel at 14 I think it really dries out that green even more Johnny as we take another look at this leaderboard Norman Pavin to a layman love just a shot back Mickelson has a birdie putt at 14 and the rest of the challengers on this Sunday Father’s Day at Shinnecock Hills Scott Simpson former Open champion in at +8 now Bob Tway his third well short and he’ll have a lengthy putt to save par Bob Tway who got into this championship through sectional qualifying shot a couple of 16 eyes just to be here and get in position and we’ll head to 15 Corey Pavin second shot dick dick yes is John Schroeder Corey now knows he’s tied for the lead on the 14th tee they had to wait between the Tom layman spots and Greg spots so he’s well

aware that he’s in a four-way tie he has a 131 yards to the flag 110 yards in the green looks very calm me when I told him and he was in fact I said thanks pop he went what’s the window and John pretty hard left to right Johnny and just slightly helping I don’t know if you noticed it David in position to take the lead back to Norman and Norman’s predicament second shot Roger third in 42 yards from them tall native fescue grass and this ball could go in here not terrible gonna come behind it that clump got him came out any good news the whole location is front for Greg let’s bring in David fee now David well the USGA has a slow play policy and it calls for groups to stay in position to one another and playing about three hours and 40 minutes now if a group starts lagging behind the group ahead and they’re taking more than the allotted time they’ll be informed in time and that’s what’s happened to warm and they were eight minutes over there time through 12 and there over a hole behind Mickelson and white now once a group is put on the clock if a player on two occasions takes more than 40 seconds to play a shot and he’ll be penalized two strokes the time and it’s the players turn to play and he can play without distraction or interference thank you baby we saw Tom lemons second shot over the green back to 14 Bob Tway bar and this putt does not go left and it looks like it does on the edge ahead to 16 and Davis love he’s already backed off of this once and this is just a straight in firm cut to get a tie for the lead oh and he pushed it or played the break top gone he’s missed a bunch of short putts this week Davis stays two over in one stroke out of the lead 14 Mickelson for birdie he’s got it first birdie of the day for Phil Mickelson and he’s just a shot back at +2 made wild break Mormon in a three-way tie at the top of the board his third shot Roger play a bumping around here for about 30 yards short of the green will kick to his right I need that ball on the green in the seamless app and I’m sure he was trying to land that ball short of the green so Norman will have a lengthy par putt to avoid two straight bogeys still birdie lists since number 18 on Friday but is still managed to stay at the top of the leaderboard as we look down on this 13th green Tom layman has found its way through the chipping area quickly to 15 now Phil Mickelson from the elevated tee here at 15 415 yards cross wind and that’s a wonderful tee shot Phil Mickelson 1 of 6 a stroke from the lead and he just hasn’t made a putt all day it’s the last hole that’s good news for Phil 13 Tomlin is third from there it goes downhill breaking today’s left gone that’s really good a man coming off the birdie at 12 and we’ll go to 15 Corey Pavin this is for birdie and would give him sole possession of the lead if there’s an easy putt dick this is this is it on this golf course a straight uphill right-to-left break he doesn’t have to worry about the ball getting away from him just got to pick his line and he can be fairly aggressive with this maybe

right as John Schroeder depending on the speed yes Johnny Ian wasn’t disappointed before I mean they got a pretty good read on the line 13 Arvin’s par attempt just off the right edge in a matter of an instant Norman with a bogey drops to +2 and Haven where the birdie is even and takes the lead how quickly fortunes change as a beautiful putt I mean I thought he’d made it tink would break left at the hole and just hung out there updated final round the 95th US Open in its centennial year high drama and Island New York Tom Lehman now will try to stay at +1 in that three-way time too much from here just inside the whole pot and stays one behind Corey Pavin 217 Davis loves tee shot his 17 today playing 173 yards not enough club you did a real good shot there I’m sure a little carryover from missing that shortcut here at 16 Corey Pavin at 16 T man in control I would say and when he gets near the lead this fellow does not back off a lot of things got to be going through Corey’s man now of course he just gets reminded all the time he’s the best player that hasn’t won a major so he’s got his chance right here and David 35 that gets pretty tough to swallow he’s been close as you can see last year PGA finishing runner-up and he has battled his way through this championship just as Ray Floyd did on the final day nine years ago at Shinnecock and those birdie strokes he put on number 11 and 15 were just boy you talk about it with some authority just pop him right in there there’s no doubt about him it’s the only man in the final five pairings today to play under par now is at the par-5 5th so I think he was waiting just for the group in front to clear Verplank and Stricker just ahead of it well Cory let’s make a little five three four and see if they can catch you sounds easy I know but this 16th old you better put it in the fairway your first two shots you have a look at the Kois card two birdies on the back just the birdie and bogey on the front a nice strong fade Dave right at the bumping up the right center of the fairway it’s gonna be well short of it in place that you know John for playing at Open Championships that’s what you want boy he wants a lot of fairways and greens from here to home head at 17 Davis Bob tways second shot at 15 nicely popped their way to behind Corey Pavin Johnny that little putt that he made back there Phil Mickelson he showed his first sign of emotion today he’s back into it and he hasn’t made anything with that putt brought a little life back to him it’s only got 123 yards to the hole this is just a smooth little pitching with a lot of spin on it perfect spot for him he’s got to go ride a flag you have to get down Mickelson through the green at

15 Corey Pavin they call him the Bulldog he has his teeth into this 95th US Open from the fairway bunker Greg Norman’s second shot par-4 14th tasting ledge from 142 yards down good shot det downwind object bounce the ball in front of the grain Norman has done that and after two straight bogeys which have cost him the lead he’ll have a chance at birdie to 15 and phil Mickelson’s third shot tough little pitcher John sure is but again I like his when he has not much green to work with it usually is that he’s at his best good touch good touch 214 second shot on the way for Tom layman pitching wedge from the short rough 140 yards hit very soft a little bit of a bad break there really it is short and a 16 we go second shot at Corey Pavin this was a 3-wood he must put it in the fairway you can tell from that little fist he did just what he wanted to a nice low burner right at the top of the hill on a flat spot there good position for Corey Pavin about 15 Bob Tway instantly we don’t want to pay them on let’s go back to 14 there is Greg Norman it has been 31 holes since Norman has had a birdie is in position for one at the 14th green trailing Corey Pavin by two shots and the putts per round Rick Greg not quite as well today through 13 22 needed just 25 in the spectacular round on Saturday which had him getting up and down from everywhere and as you look at some of the other scores Tway and Mickelson have both tapped in for their pars and they’re both +2 2 behind the leader Pavin there is tom layman who came up short in his approach to this par-4 14th this putt here is from the from the front of the green it moves right all the way and probably about that his caddies feet would be just fine it’s not the kind of punch you’re probably thinking about makin but stranger things have happened one behind Corey Pavin at one over par slamming will have that to remain at +1 and now this is pretty big Roger for birdie to get back within one well this putt right here I’ll take over for Roger Greg of course is just underneath the hole you sort of saw that the ball moves left or right because laymen’s putt so just a little bit of a slider Greg you need this one big time and wind is freshening see his pants makes it tough on the woman’s that your back wants to push ball to the right

and 32 holes without a birdie for norman at the 16 third shot at Corey Pavin and John Schroeder’s right there 118 yards to the front edge David that has on six pieces based on the way quarters by hitting his shots you could take a little 9-iron and a little little skimmer in there and I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t try to carry it past the flag you better and spin it back you better because anything short of that holes spun back off the green did yeah it’s kind of moves gonna keep moving the waterhole been doing it all day watch this keep moving he could get to 1-under Lehman made his par and he could get to one underwear Raymond got to 186 will Corey Pavin win his first major socks left water tournament you are watching the 95th US open on NBC so with Corey Pavin with this birdie putt at 16 maybe the biggest certainly that I think certainly the biggest putt of his professional career could give him a little breathing room at the moment a one stroke lead and of course this is where in 86 Raymond made a wonderful birdie coming down the stretch and his final round 66 to get the two strokes always nice to have an extra stroke in hand yeah John shoulder you looked at that fight and I’ve watched this thing for you know four hours up here today and generally the missus had been to the right it seems to break out more than it looks what’d it look like to you like my stuff just on the inner side of off and Corey in it it looks to me like at the cup it almost looks like a fast button from behind the cup I don’t want to go to my right which would be the Cory’s left but it doesn’t so I must swing very quickly the first part of the pot yeah well if you had to have a guy cut one this be an art this for a birdie and a two-stroke lead still the lead who needs to have to an end to go to table moment 15 even those the big hitters are behind him in that par-5 waiting for them even has no idea how many got that bullet sees dodge so far people missing putts everywhere and not taking advantage of opportunities and that’s why he’s leading a mint in the fairway let’s go to 18 second shot for Davis law 190 yards watch out for that lip and it hits it and now he’s in the fescue grasses a couple feet long he’s got a hundred and thirty two yards from there back to 15 Norman on the tee take some the mighty lash at it a good one his two shots have been good dick that just from there on in it’s been his problem he hasn’t gotten the right clubs of course Corey Pavin here walking over to the 17th tee and we’re using the right team as you know Dave one which is the team they used in 1986 all right then twice they used the new one which is fine flagstick today of course 18 feet from the left-hand fringe so with the wind blowing across no easy shot by any means this is a very strong hole at 173 yards see a lot of bailing out to the right and of course you see Lehmann playing 15 Norman playing with him Norman needs to make a birdie somewhere and of course this man is such a competitor no dick in bird what do you call him the gritty little

Brian or son after gob the Guddi little bro answer and we’ll go back to 16 where Mickelson is looking for his ball and this hole has as you can see from that with a seven the first round and then two sixes this is a hole he’ll remember a long time because if he just made three fives he would be two under par this is so childhood fits as deep as it looks I don’t know if he can get this on the green Dave Bahr that was from 108 yards and a grass juice grab the hosel turn the braid over now he’s gonna be working his guts out get far on this whole move over to 17 T Corey Pavin with the honor Dave Mara this shot does not match his flight very well I know that’s knit especially with the flagstick in the left side of the green but you just want to put it on the green here you know he’s a master at bending some little shot as you know so it’ll be interesting to see if he with a slice wind and a hook pin and a slice trajectory of what he’s gonna do here because they do not match I think the whole the ball on the green Johnny Miller is gotta play some kind of a draw or hole shot back into this one because if he plays that little fade it’ll skim through the green if it gets away from you the more six times playing aggressive type of shot just to keep it on that’s what he’s done he’s tried to turn it back into the wind it’s not on the dream but that’s okay just to the back fringe was 15 and layman’s second shot the great falls away there as you can see another one of those edges that the ball just creeps and rolls right off rolls like it has a heartbeat third shot a Bob Tway will pluck a little up shooter up tall and it just catches it back left bunker he’s got a tough shot now 15 norman’s approach going with pitching wedge well that’s a good one that’ll get him one back Arman currently – behind the leader Corey Pavin one from Tom Lehman who’s in second place there it is Haven by one over layman layman one ahead of Norman love Mickelson and Tway neo Lancaster with a record-setting 29 on the backside today US Open record now 218 on tape Davis loves third shot out of the tall Hey seventy-five yards that’s right down there for shut travails continue back to 16 fourths China Phil Mickelson he’s down there pretty deep they took a little while just to find it listen test his skill with this little flop shot no me don’t ask you what his favorite hole here at Shinnecock Hills is two over four days around it about to drop two shots here again it’s a fifth shot coming up snow 250 Tom layman for birdie and a share of the lead from his right to left and be aggressive with hit it a layman will stay at plus one

holds the goal for Raven and Norman 260 Tway his fourth is shot – cute with it just had to get it out on the green but just soften into it left it there let’s go back to 15 Greg Norman three poles ahead after this the chance for birdie for nominees you know just a little over three feet inside the ball and arrived just hit it fun Romans within one the 17th and paving the leader this is approach at all slow down quarry frisky coming out of their same leaves one leaves the kind you may not want but this is a very tough player Corey Pavin she’s not making it any easier on himself for his fans either I’ll tell you it’s that par putt to keep his lead this is twice this shot he rides all by the hole so both he and Mickelson have it all a lot of problems here and just really blowing out any chance that they may have had at this point Mickelson now his fifth child this just moments ago so that’s five so into the whiffy two-putt said he will have played this hole I can’t decide let’s see 14 to 12 26 6 over par that’s if he two putts back to the tee now we’re Greg Norman finally after making a birdie first birdie since the 18th on Friday this is your last good chance for a birdie Greg right here 544 yards right into the teeth of this wind right at the club ass yep get this ball on the field where it’s really a long hole good-looking drive going up the left side of the fairway just in the extreme well fortunately fairly good t-shirt Corey Pavin to keep the one-shot lead also move a little to Cory’s left back to 16 tee time winners for choosing the 3-wood here try to keep the ball shorter than fairway bunker on the right hand side it’s going a little right I can’t see where that’s coming for us but it’s well right at the bunker it’s in the bunk that’s in the bunker Roger okay boy what a day it’s been what a tournament the golf course of course winning this tournament again Corey Pavin with a one stroke lead well he finally won his first major the Garmin catchy or lately now from that blimp location see out over the Atlantic and that’s where we’ll be in two weeks for the championships Wimbledon Steffi Graf after a win at the French Open will be favored to win the women’s title again there let’s go to 18 Davis Love disastrous 18 finishes +4 71 today were high hopes early but they faded down the stretch to 16 second shot layman got a good lie Roger he’s got a

very good lie David that I haven’t seen any way to make par out of this bunker yet I’ve seen a 0 make 6 from it and Jimbo was off to make 7 from it going with the 400 he’s got it going right and the pride primary rough from the right a long shot from there see the UCLA Bruin to cover his Corey Pavin waiting for his turn on the 18th tee it’s gotta be tough to swallow right now runes are having a good year huh basketball now golf maybe meanwhile chatter Greg Norman good-looking shot absolutely perfect just where you want to be wage from there maybe a little manner depending what kind of shot he wants to play and sorely in need of a birdie as you can see the standings moment a stroke back layman struggling here in little at sixteen and then I have to go some to make a par what Mickelson of course made the double bogey here Haas finish the Davis left finished four over that’s a good score big score Corey of course waiting at 18 team could be a little bit of a problem John yeah you hate to wait when you have a little bit of momentum going and that just builds these coaches in basketball don’t call these timeouts when a guy’s got a free-throw for no reason so for him to be sitting here and all the things that go through your head the first major you know it’s a tough hole just let me hit okay so he’s gonna be able to hit in about the next minute though the group ahead of him has has cleared out now they’re starting to walk away this whole sets up pretty good for Corey’s hitting that little low slider and it’s a it’s a hook win so he can just aim right down the middle and be able to keep it in play see how he’s done in the tournament Johnny it’s a inspiration to men who aren’t as big and strong as many of the players today Corey Pavin is next to last in driving distance in this championship yeah he has a great shot maker he stayed in the fairway today and here the little man has a chance to win the big title that’s why Golf is the greatest game of all it’s not just big strong people playing as people that are smart know their limitations use their head let’s go a little right John their way right not very far that’s okay John gonna be a long second shot well definitely was not gonna go left to 16 laymen looking over his third shot he took a club at now he’s changing Roger what what about it he’s got 139 to the hole David but it’s really deep here and the grand the grass is gonna growing against him I don’t believe he can reach the grain with this shot it would be a superhuman effort time he’s a strong man he is a strong man but he’s are gonna really have to gadget just lighted up the fairway Johnny probably a pretty wise play try to make five that way I haven’t seen anyone knocking on the green at anything that’s rough here today on this particular I mean they’ve made some Brenda’s school now what about Gregg shot Gregg’s left himself a perfect angle with the flag he’s got about 100 yards to the flag I believe we’ll go with the pitching wedge and just try to keep it down David he’s good by the hole Rodgers anything short of that holder then especially the way he spins his spin back off the green to give himself a chance you can see that wind snapping it flag to Dave when he switched his new brand of ball he doesn’t spin it back much anymore you watch it his ball is not spinning like he used to John the wind’s blowing so hard here and it’s such a slope behind the hole I don’t think he could stop it spinning back well I’m just saying he does not spin it like he used to soundly

going right at the flag on the bank never done even anything say six feet on the green is fun back all day I mean the wind’s blowing so hard that it just takes it right back doesn’t have to hard a chip from there if he’s got a good lie though but you didn’t give yourself the best opportunity to make birdie see he’s just saying no not that mistake me my name is fourth shot Justin’s had 80 yards going with the singer that’s off the greenhouse I mean anything shorter than flagstick today’s just come back off the green I hope 17 phil mickelson this for a birdie over for the championship in a day where he started missed a couple of short putts got off to a shaky start you know it might make him feel a little better and it will be other opens for Phil Mickelson I’m sure and at the moment is playing 18 Coria course dont pacing this off just probably double and triple-checking this yardage to make sure there’s no way he’s getting anything wrong he when he hits a shot he wants to know that he’s got it right he’s still waiting for the green declare Johnny he’s got 210 yards to the very front of the green front his ball and the flags on 19 back to 16 don’t be a lot of guys taking your time Roger when you went bad you get a good look at Greg sly he’s got a good line David no problem at all but it’s straight uphill just a matter of getting it to the hole really there’s not much break from this angle at all no no there is and he’s got so you know he thinks he’s gonna chip it in or at least give himself the best chance possible when he has Tony take out the flagstick the time to chart that’s real slow going up there well got a little one left first par to stay one back of Cory over 18 fairway Haven kind of plating this approach shot kind of pretty much dead downwind doesn’t he John Schroeder it’s down when more a little more right-to-left I would think Johnny well at the flag the flag stick here it’s pretty much maybe a Titch down into the left but standing here in the fairway I just threw up some grass is basically directly across on his line it may switch up there by the green because you got that hill maybe funneling the one a little differently he’s got a wood out probably a little five wood which he’s a very very fine fairway wood player actually a plate is advancing and set the thing up in the wind and hold it a little fade hole shot anything he wants to do here is not really miss it above the hole off the green one slant it just on the front edge and probably has me concerned now it’s just to make a good solid swing good contact and good thoughts beautifully struck there at the tag watch out for this one this was shot of his wife he knows in his wildest dreams couldn’t hit it any better

korie’s very religious what a shot let’s take another look at this this is a shot of a lifetime very crisp aggressive swing never left a flag hidden a nice flat spot and is tracking right at the hole but didn’t break it a gun in racing was Pavin to see where the ball landed because it’s impossible from his angle and now he now he knows that’s fantastic meanwhile and while all that was going on watch what happens a time Levens fifth shot here watch what happens there to show you how cruel this green is right now of course he missed it in a little and so forth but rolls back off the green and he wound up making a double bogey Greg on the other hand had this for par five all of a sudden two strokes back we go to 17 73 yards Thank You pardon it’s just one stroke back it’s a moment I’ve already give it Gauri’s but he’s asking his Jenny Tony 162 to carry the bunker so he knows and he knows from all that went on over 18 that Cory hit a good shot he’s got to take a little gamble here and shoot more at the flag maybe then he wouldn’t like to the 600 Dave so you should be the popular club six way right headed toward that right back not even close Roger way right right off the get-go Dave that’s meanwhile at 18 Corey Pavin with his chance for a dramatic birdie after one of the greatest shots in US open history needs to finish this off though there’s no use putting a shot in there like that and not finishing it off let’s inside the hole inside right side of the hole and it will not break out of the hole on the edge

Johnny I think as he was preparing to put there all those links that I think the emotion had caught him in this moment a powerful Pavin he finishes at 16 today in position to win his first major championship competitor he annoys me Norman is still alive but in the bunker at 17 and remember Norman has played 18 very tough he’s birdied and had a chance for birdie yesterday he still has to par 17 begin the shot and selfish shot at 18 Pavin helping up John Schroeder and lost his footing John meanwhile Greg stalking around the 17th Roger what kind of Lies he got in that bugger a lot of green to work with here it’s a lie ok yeah the lie is good he’s got his very good line it’s got a lot of green to work with I think Tom only ones gonna play first ball will come out of here and run really pretty truly at the hole will break to his right on the way down but I would say most of the time these guys would get this ball up and down but in the 71st all of the open a little different order yeah al he’s hanging out you know I’m just hanging on and Greg’s through that leaderboard Roger you think he’s looking at it he’s looking at many times he’d look at it on the 13th green Johnny on the 14th tee he looked at it on the way up here he knows exactly how it stands is certainly when he heard the groan of Cory missing his putt at 18 he understands good shot there by laymen we over pull over for today’s round and Rogers not out of the question this man could knock him right in the hole no it’s not out of the question this this is the place shot the tracks at the hole if he gets it started just a little left of the hole track right had a job you know with all the bad things that have happened to him of people holding that you know maybe one time he Vitol out if you’re to win it would almost seem fitting with it got it heavy take a look usually a very good bunker player plan against it it’s the wind there it’s kind of shot you’d really like to have as roger pointed out just caught it heavy there you go do that I’m gonna go as far and will that be his open hopes for 95 now he’s got to make or his wife Shannon with their two sons Father’s Day one to remember for the Haven family those things kids just don’t know what their many might just have done but mother knows mother knows best

pretty safe to say that Norman has to make this putt to keep hopes alive that is for sure don’t move a little bit to his right probably a couple of balls off the whole left havens lead is to so many majors such unlikely fashion Larry Mize at the Masters way at the PGA Championship Dom is at Bay Hill David Frost at Orleans sinking shots from off the green on the final hole and was hoping he might pay back here at Shinnecock Hills but unless he’s got an eagle him on 18 is this hoped or a second place and that doesn’t satisfy him a bit well the face sort of says it all he’s not giving up yet though good positive I land in the state 3 over to the finish good shape this week course the golf course nobody under par this year but it going to be under par holy man with a chance norman going to 18 to you would have to do what Colin Montgomerie did earlier the whole weight up there a good tripod this camera for the 18th tee 450 yards in the toughest yardage he’ll ever save under open pressure we fought a good fight giving it the best he could yes maybe wasn’t meant to be this time cards you got to come out of there with that is shot there you’re a good read drawn by the third with Phil Mickelson at stranger and now Greg Norman to backer Corey Pavin and you talked about it all the shots have maybe been made against him is not totally out of the question even though it’s two jobs that he could knock it up there and a whole lot of a second shot you can bet he’s gonna be trying wants to put it right at the right side of the clubhouse right that wind a little bit it’s coming across good-looking bread right up the low side of the fairway John right drive back great drive right so Norman safely in the fairway Colin Montgomerie eagled from there earlier

today on Father’s Day Corey Pavin and his nine-year-old son Ryan he’s with us Beckett beautiful Shinnecock Hills Golf Club on Long Island and Corey Pavin with that incredible for wood is sitting within well we have to wait for Norman’s uh approach here but what a shot yeah that was a shot I hit on Friday the same shot and I just aimed at the right edge the green and just tried to hit a straight want to let the wind bring it and brought it right to the hole that shot really was just tracking right at the hole until it broke right and that had to be like the shot of your life right there wouldn’t you say that was probably the most pressure I’ve ever felt on the golf course and I just tried to gather myself out there and just make a good swing and keep working on my routine the things that I’ve been doing before well let’s check out Greg Norman and this one last hope Tom Lehman is away Roger this is six earring from 189 yards John just put it the Sunda green with the one carry it left so I had a wonderful Open Championship had me another good try gave it a good shot at the Masters and now they open laman currently tied for third with Phil Mickelson back at the flag and it beautiful break Norman would have to knock in this shot to tie Corey Pavin we’ve seen only one such instance in this championship and that was today Colin Montgomery did just that right well Corey Pavin watches on our monitors through the window Greg Norman what’s he got Roger himself 182 yards to the fly Jenny it’s dawn with a seminary really grateful similar to the shot he hit here yesterday afternoon tried to send it out to the right ride the wind agency from layman’s ball just how firm the surfaces I know how you feel Cory I was waiting for John Slade to chip behind the 18th green this is a lot of tension here to do this for me as a look Roger no the winds taking it left going it to the left side of the green missing the green left I believe championship trophy and all those folks that asked you over and over again or you’re minded constantly the greatest player not to it one amantha that’s all god thank god I’m tired of hearing those questions and that it kind of wears on you but you just have to realize you know that I was trying my hardest trying to the best I could and I had I had faith that it would happen and and finally it has I’m very very pleased when you saw Shinnecock Hills for the first time did you say this is my kind of course well I liked it a lot when when we got here on we got here on Monday and it was raining and it kept raining and raining I was getting more and more frustrated and I was glad it stopped raining the course firmed up because that’s why I like to see it out there Laurie when you made birdie at 9 as we watched that normally a salute to normal again the fight that fell short you know the significance of this championship Corey Pavin you’ve played

an incredible golf course and you were best and you beat men like Norman who wanted it just as desperately as you yeah I know maybe I wanted more desperately yeah he’s had his share of a couple and Greg played great and he played courageously and I could see on the last hole he was just thinking about making that shot that’s all I was going through his head you know he played fantastic and everybody else did too and I just feel very fortunate to come ahead and to one US Open it sounds great to hear that yes indeed you didn’t make the cut in 86 but here you are with your birdie at 9 and at this point I made the comment Ray Floyd was in a similar position nine years ago and came from behind and rallied to win I put on nine was hard and then twelve here I just wanted to hit a really good solid putt I just couldn’t hit a pair of putt that I did right there I hit a poor putt on 11 before that I made that one and 15 almost same putt just broke a little right-to-left uphill and just get it right in the middle I felt great that putt right there and here’s the shot that will be played for the rest of your life this is just a forward I just set it to the right there and just tried it a low draw and just came off perfectly I actually ran up to see where that one was going I was very anxious to see that one I thought it was gonna go in right here I was watching it from the fairway it broke off to the right only you could say it was just a forward third shot and Norman will have some work to do to save his par and hold second place now again that for wood I think we’re gonna watch my running ability here I just took off running after this good I wanted to see it it was when I hit it it could get pretty close it’s a happy man right there it’s pretty pleased about it looked like part of the UCLA celebration at the National Basketball – yeah you see a has two national champions this year yes indeed well you’re on your way to a championship presentation congratulations from all of us thank you very much dick great stuff thanks John Tom Lehman or the chance for birdie and to move +2 and tie with Norman well everybody’s left that putt to the right all day good closing hole overtime 74 Philemon they started today in a tie with Greg Norman for the lead and now Norman for par to maintain sole possession of second place Roger I think the hardest part of this pet is going to be getting its composure John don’t you yeah you you’re interested one part you want to make it another part of you as far away seventy-three medal round score for Greg Naumann who finishes second laman third for this US Open Championship Corey Pavin the winner they chanson champion good call there they’re sharing the fact that both men came into the open off very fine performances the week before Pavin finished second last week at the Kemper

Jansen the year before if he did a voting on Torah the two toughest guys down the stretch with the lage you just saw both of taco with each other for ignore Minh go in and that is hard and sign it and Corey Pavin will have the trophy presentation and our thoughts on this 95th US Open Championship Corey Pavin as his first major title a brilliant 68 today