hey guys welcome back to another clean with me if you are new my name is Jessica today’s video is packed full of cleaning motivation I’m also going to be showing you how to clean your Keurig so make sure you stay tuned if you are new here I would love to have you hit that red subscribe button and make sure that you are notified each week when I upload a new video so I’m getting started this is actually the evening before the majority of this cleaning video I cleaned up the kitchen and that was pretty much as far as I got it got dark outside and I just didn’t feel like going any further so I’m going to continue the next day but this is the evening and it had been over the weekend and over winter break and the kitchen had just gotten crazy so Madeleine and I are unloading the dishwasher and we are gonna get the kitchen tidied up and once the kitchen is clean then I just feel so much better and I get motivated to clean the rest of the house so today I’m starting in the kitchen I know I kind of switch up my routine sometimes I start upstairs sometimes I start downstairs but today I’m definitely starting downstairs and that way the next morning when I came down the kitchen was already clean so I asked in my last video if you guys prefer to have a voiceover in my videos or if you would rather me do an entire video where I don’t do any talking and I would say 99% of you said that you prefer a little bit of the voiceover like the way that I do it so I probably won’t be making any videos that are just me like cleaning and music but I do have a music playlist I have a couple actually and I plan to make more in the future as well but I do have a couple music playlist for you guys and I will link them in the description box if you’re interested and it’s the music that I use so you can put it up on your TV or whatever and listen to it while you’re cleaning but there won’t be any video and there’s definitely no voiceover so I’m showing you a close-up of my oven or my stove rather and how dirty it is it has grease splatters and just oiled over food and it just gets really dirty so I wanted to show a close-up because I know in cameras sometimes it can look like things are already clean but in reality they’re really not and I do get asked so often now that we’ve moved into this house if I like my gas stove and I really am kind of neutral about it I like it it’s fine to cook on I don’t really notice like a huge difference versus an electric stove the big difference that I notice is cleaning the cleaning part is so much more difficult for me I really don’t enjoy cleaning and it gets dirty so quick so that’s kind of my opinion on it so I was just using some bar keeper’s friend gas range cleaner that I found I think at t.j.maxx and I like it it does a good job I also just use a wet cloth as well and then I use a dry towel to just dry everything and then I throw the I guess I would call these grates into the sink with some hot soapy water and then I scrub them with this brush that I get at the Dollar Tree and that just gets any cooked on food off of them and that works really well I get so caught up in the middle thinking of traveling is polite I’m losing Saiga’s alpha so I’m showing you this glisten foaming garbage disposal cleanser I’ve used this in several of my videos but a lot of you ask what is that that you’re using I find out at Walmart

but you can get it on Amazon as well I actually have it in my Amazon favorites and you can find that link in the description as well in case you have a hard time finding it but I always find mine at like Publix and Walmart but anyways it’s just this little packet you put in if you have a garbage disposal and you put the water to a trickle and you turn on the garbage disposal and it foams up and it disinfects and deodorizes your garbage disposal so I use one of those about once a week so another question I get asked about a lot is these little pedestals that I have around the house and so I’m really really excited because in today’s video I’m actually doing a giveaway of this beautiful pedestal that you see right here I am partnering up with Zizo & Co to bring to you guys this giveaway so I’m going to talk about to you a little bit about the rules for this and then I wish you guys luck for winning I’m so excited that they teamed up with me and let me offer that one of these to you guys because I know that you guys love them that’s one of my number one most often asked questions is about these pedestals so I’m so excited that I get to give one away to one lucky winner so we’re gonna go over the rules now okay so rule number one is going to be subscribed to my channel so just hit that red subscribe button it’s totally free and then number two is hit that thumbs up let me know you liked the video number three is going to be comment below and this is what I want you to comment and this is going to be your entry for the giveaway I want you to comment below if a genie granted you three wishes what would those three wishes be and then number four for an extra entry and this is not you do not have to do this this is just for an extra entry is to go over to Instagram and follow Zizo and PO and I will have them linked for you guys in the description box to make it easy but I also put a little overlay here so you can see how it’s spelled and everything that they would love to have you go over and follow their Instagram and they post pictures of their new pedestals and they’re always coming out with new colors and designs and they’re all so beautiful so I love following their Instagram and I think you will too so that will get you an extra entry but those are the rules I’ll have them listed in the description box for you as well but good luck to everybody I’m so excited I’ll have some more details about the giveaway and everything as far as like the timing and all of that I’ll have that all in the description so Madeleine was filming for me doing the vacuuming because it’s really difficult for me to film myself vacuuming so she was helping me out so I think she did a pretty good job she helped me out in the clips that are coming later as well the next day she helped me because she was home from school because they hadn’t gone back to school yet when I film this but anyways props to her I think she did a pretty good job that’s all you know it the let me speak the truth you don’t wanna face you think it’s su-mei but I can see pastor won’t you Oh turn the plane and birdie let’s make on fire on the beach the starts sr line and throw our problems in the face throw our problems in the face we fell down to the bottom so bottom ugly Oliver I see smoke in the liver I’m the king one step away from salvation Jonica notion said in the dream out in

the open on picking up speed no bread falls penetrate holy but this is the first time our destiny calls not would you let Oh turn the page agent bird and just like that it’s the next day so I did run the dishes that night so this is the next morning and I’m just unloading and I’m not gonna film the whole thing for you guys and for you with that but the reason I did want to film this is because I’m actually pulling out this little filter here and I wanted to show this to you guys in case you didn’t know that this exists but a lot of newer dishwashers have this little filter and you can pull it out and it’s meant to pull out and clean every so often and so I’m just spraying mine with bleach I let it soak for a little bit and then I came back and rinsed it with hot water but a lot of food particles and really nasty stuff get stuck in that so if you’re not cleaning yours you definitely should be my thoughts are to be now I’m gonna clean my Keurig so it had let me know that it was time to descale so what I do is I just take some regular vinegar I’m dumping out the water that was in and I’m filling up the tank with vinegar now I’m gonna get a coffee cup and I’m just gonna run this entire tank of vinegar through and then I’m going to run an entire tank of water I actually ended up doing two tanks of water just because I wanted to be extra sure I got all of the vinegar out but I’m going to show you this is me running the first cycle of vinegar through I did 10 ounces just to make a bigger cup so it went faster but I’m gonna show you what that first cycle looks like you will see like all of the little particles and just things that get stuck in there so it’s really good to go through your Keurig and just really thoroughly clean it and this cleans like the inside parts around the heating element and things like that but we’re also gonna take it apart and clean the outside and all of the little parts but here’s the cup and that is the first cycle and as I went through by the last cycle it was clear which is what you want so I did one tank of vinegar and then I did two tanks of water I do believe they sell a cleaner that you can use to do this as well but vinegars really cheap a lot of people already have it on hand so that’s what I use so now it’s time to take it apart to you pop out that little tray and then once you open up this part which I did go ahead and unplug it before I did this part you want to be really careful because there is that little needle up there that punctures the little k-cups so you don’t want to poke yourself but you can pull this out and then you just squeeze these tabs in on the side and this part here will pop out as well so you can really get in there and clean and then there’s also a tray inside of there that I’m pulling out now that you can actually pull out so I’m putting that all in hot soapy water and I’m gonna scrub that in a minute and I’m going to show you how but I’m just taking a damp cloth there’s nothing on it just water and I’m getting in there as good as I can with the cloth I also wiped the entire outside with the cloth as well then I’m gonna take a toothbrush and I just dipped that in my hot soapy water and I got into all the little cracks and crevices that are really hard to get to the toothbrush works really well so there’s a lot of coffee that just splashes up in there and it can get pretty gross and if you don’t take it apart you’ll never know that so then I am actually taking this little charcoal filter out as well and you can buy a pack of these on Amazon I’ll try and find them and link them for you and I’m gonna be replacing that as well so they have those little charcoal filters inside that part and you can get an entire pack of them on Amazon I don’t think they’re not expensive and you want to change that out as well so there you have it it’s like brand-new again all clean and that’s pretty much all I do to clean it so I hope that helped you guys if it did definitely let me know let me know if you learn something new today

so when I was editing this I realized that it I had something on my pants I’m pretty sure that’s pancake mix but that’s what it is on my pants it looks disgusting but mom life right [Applause] so as you can see kenzley still plays in here her toys and stuff were on the table this used to be her little room with her little table but I’ve moved back to the living room and we put our dining table in here and she still plays in here it just has a bigger table pretty much she still plays over little table as well but this is better for us just the way that our lifestyle is and we host a lot of things in our house now and so it just works out better to have it that way and then the table that we put in the kitchen matches the kitchen cabinets better because that one is like an off-white and our kitchen cabinets are bright white so we just decided to put that in there and make it a dining room so that is the excellent explanation for that I know some people may have not seen my past videos where I explain that so I just wanted to explain that really quickly so now I’m gonna do the floors and doing the floors downstairs in this house is like doing cardio for sure because there’s so much hardwoods down here so I like to use my Bissell cross wave I get asked about this a lot and what it is is a vacuum / amok so it actually sucks up any dry particles dust hair anything at all that a vacuum would pick up but it also scrubs and mops the floor and it picks up so much stuff it is crazy and stay tuned because once I’m done with the floors I’m gonna show you the tank and I’m going to show you how gross it is it looks like chocolate milk but this thing is awesome they have the new cordless Max and I really want that but I’m kind of holding out so I’m honestly hoping that they might send it to me so I can review it for you guys so Bissell if you’re watching this you can definitely send me one I would be happy to review it but I did buy this one a couple of years ago and I loved it and I get asked about it all the time you can use it on area rugs and carpet but it

does not replace a carpet shampooer it basically just freshens up the fabric honestly I do use it on my rugs just because it does work really well as far as the suction power goes just like I said a normal vacuum but it’s not a carpet shampooer by any means [Applause] lightning strikes by my window it’s my chest dry in the morning like a warning could’ve slept here for days also they recommend that you use their cleaner for this but I honestly just put a little bit of pine-sol and hot water in mind and use that and it works just fine [Applause] whew there is trouble it’s hard so this is the tank and all the dirty water and hair and just nastiness tile I got off the floor I dumped this in the toilet and then I just rinse everything out with hot water and it’s good to go for the next time so the cleaning part of the machine isn’t really that fun I wish it was a little easier in that aspect but it does such a good job and then it cuts my cleaning the floor time in half because I don’t have to vacuum and then mop I vacuum him up at the same time which is so convenient so now we’re upstairs and I’m getting on my laundry I’m going to sort that out and I start it and then I have some baskets that I ordered from Walmart actually ordered the wrong size for where I needed them these ones that I have here are the wrong size so I’m gonna use these in here I’m gonna organize my shelf above that dresser I’ll show you that in a minute and then I actually did order the right size they came today and they work perfect in the space that I wanted them for and you’ll see that in an upcoming video but I’m just using my regular game detergent and then I’m using the suave Attell the blue one which is my absolute favorite and then I use the gained scent beads as well in that trio is balm if you haven’t tried it try it and thank me later and make sure laundry smells so good

got a sale for sure don’t change color there’s no Oh I’ve been feeling so small watch the clock ticking off the wall but tonight up let it go spend my corn for show we’re gonna be myself so I could be someone that no one stopped into now I’m gonna skip my break we’re gonna make mistake I just wanna feel about it’s just what I do when I’m so feeling beautiful stars some card nothing can break me no no nothing can break so now I’m vacuuming and upstairs I use this shark vacuum it’s the shark apex something-or-other and I just like to use it on the carpet because it’s more heavy-duty it is really heavy and I don’t like that part of it but it does a really good job of cleaning the carpets so I use that upstairs on the carpet and then I use typically I’m like my Dyson cordless on the hard floors because it’s just more convenient but I do get asked a lot about that vacuum so it is the shark apex I need to figure out exactly which one it is I think I have it I might even have it linked for you guys but that’s what it is and I do like it I just don’t like how heavy it is but I think it’s because I’m spoiled to my Dyson cordless nothing can break me no no nothing stars I want to drive a faster car I’m gonna be myself I’m gonna be someone else I’m gonna be myself I’m gonna be someone else I’m gonna skip my praise I’m gonna make mistakes I’m gonna skip my brakes I’m gonna make mistakes I’m gonna be myself I’m gonna be someone else I’m gonna be myself I’m gonna be someone else well I’m gonna skip my grace I’m gonna make mistakes I’m gonna skip my brakes I’m gonna make mistakes so now I’m vacuuming at my oldest room she does the cleaning in here and the making of her bed if you could see that but I’m just vacuuming her room for her really quick because I enjoy vacuuming and I feel like I do a better job so I just did in there really quickly it and then you could see Bailey is laying on the bed completely unfazed by the vacuum but this is Mattie’s room I don’t show it a whole lot because it’s usually a disaster but in case you were wondering

that is what her room looks like so I’m just finishing by vacuuming the hallway and mopping up here I just used pine-sol and hot water I also used that in the bathrooms but I did not film that but this was my cleaning routine for this day so I hope you enjoyed it if you did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up before you head out and hit that red subscribe button and also don’t forget to enter the giveaway and good luck to everybody thanks for watching son treatment ain’t no killer just make it harder keep on acting busy on your phone