so this video is going to be an avril lavigne makeup look um I hope you guys enjoyed it and you can tell from title so yeah well I don’t really know what to say so let’s just get right into the video okay so I just came home from school like an hour ago um so I am just coming home from I just have like a little bit makeup on left from the day sighs have concealer BB cream and then mascara and I took off my brow powder I just cuz i’m at i just saw iron ore mele where brow powder though um it’s like a brow pencil thing i’ll show you later but anyway so yeah and first off i’m going to be taking a concealer palette uh I got as a gift from my parents there we go it’s got all these different shades I’m sorry for like little marks on here um yeah sorry about that but anyways so I don’t do take care of it so for my nose and it was like breaking out like bad I was like so I’m just going to take my finger don’t need my fingers are clean and um I’m just going to conceal little bowls and redness on my nose so that’s it there and then i take this yellow tone concealer i know this is really rare but i need a yellow tom can see low this time that’s in the palette just to kind of conceal it even more and i’m going to take my regular concealer I nose looks fun planning right now it’s kind of green but you take my razor concealer which is kind of I ran out of my Maybelline 19 or that I used to do so i’m just going to use my dream lumi I’ll glide it highlighting concealer and I’m just going to cover the green I was like a little too and I’m just gonna like turn this to make the concealer come out and then I’m just gonna Rican seal my eyes because I’m but kind of came out for the craft throughout the day and I don’t like to wear powder because it seems to clump up now so I just don’t even bother with the powder plus this kind of stays on mostly throughout the day so I totally remember this again it’s Maybelline Dream let me not sponsored so yeah just Rican sealed my eyes Oh every concealed Mike I live just like a base for the eyeshadow ah cuz it know how many I shadow primer on me oh and then next I’m going to be taking my naked palette and I’m going to be or just any pal if you don’t have a naked palette i’m going to be using dark horse um it’s this one at yours kind of mines kinda shimmering for some reason I don’t think the rest are shimmery I don’t know um okay so I’m gonna take like a fluffy brush there’s just a random fluffy I should all over eyeshadow brush and Avril and the picture of me pull up a picture real quick okay so this is a picture and she kind of has like just black eyeshadow all over her eyes so sorry and um so I’m just going to take my big fluffy eyeshadow brush it’s kind of got that in a little bit so it’ll be easier to blame I’m gonna add just a dash of powder just so it’s a little bit easier to blend around and I like to conceal my eyes so that way when I don’t wear eyeshadow and we went to our eye shadow it will it look like an egg mob like red eyes or anything so n plus is just like your kind of 2 meats it’s like a good eye shadow base color I think so you’re literally just gonna do this with your I show brush and don’t worry we’re going to blend it out later then you’re going to underneath the lash line just a little bit and then blend it out later yeah I know this looks so sloppy don’t be go don’t go into the comments immediately like oh that’s so much makeup you don’t know how to do your makeup little bit no just wait I’ve done this before well I’ve done the Admiral look but I’ve done the messy like I shouldn’t look thing for ya just go underneath you kinda have to

make this thing go what boat oh then you can have to connect these two so ah oh my god so now now that you scared yourself you’re going to take on like a blending I’ve I shadow brush and your powder and this is just going to make it a little bit lighter but not too much lighter and just make it blend better so you’re going to do that and then blend everything Lee ok so now you’re going to take that same color and then you’re just going with your blending brush you’re just going to blend a little bit more onto the outer corners for more depth so now you look crazy and you’re going to take now you’re going to take like a smaller brush like this is good feeler brush but I kind of use it for eyeshadow and you’re going to take I’m going to take gunmetal or creep actually creep and she has kind of like a bluish black scent sit in her um I shadow feel like around here yes so I’m just going to add just a little bit of a blue tint I’m open on the other under area thing just in theater and then blend her out again oh that’s a search in the way of the camera mm-hmm and then now you’re going to take the concealer OOP and then you’re going to conceal your under eyes again because this really like darkens up your eyes and you don’t want like saggy eyes it’s like not cool and this concealer is perfectly it perfect with that again not sponsored I just really liked it some concealer from land land and more consumer and if you have like harsh edges like those just kind of like I’m not harsh but I just like just kind of tapping it so your eyes now look like this and now you’re going to what want to get some liquid eyeliner black liquid eyeliner and you’re going to want to make no wing none of that just make it got my eye okay I think I’m good now you’re gonna like a really thin line this is just gonna thicken your lashes I don’t like to do my tight line because just goes I’m sorry about the motorcycle I live like right like my window it’s like right back street so they don’t worry around a hill you know another hill just kind of relic up there and here’s our apartment got it and now you’re going to want to take your favorite mascara make sure it’s black mascara and I’m taking a covergirl LashBlast I’ll you must girl and I’m going to do another one too so mmm and then the next on 1 i’m going to next mascara i’m going to use is a volunteer’s is simply sexy mascara and it works pretty well is what the brush looks like it’s like a twisty thingy it’s pretty cool looking and I’m just gonna coat my lashes with those just make them you know thicker and like all flashes cuz I don’t have any false lashes on me ah but I don’t even think she wears full size room oh thanks you should wear mascara that could be wrong

I don’t know if your Admirals um makeup artists life is comment what if you were mascara or false and I don’t know because I’m gonna be for halloween and I for the Hello Kitty music video so I could I need to know and just try so yeah that’s my lashes look like and now i am going so much it makes my eyes pop with mascara and not having like black on my waterline kind of eyeliner come away red on the inside oops it doesn’t burn or anything and now i’m going to do my brows and i’m going to use the Maybelline New York define a brow light and light brown and I like this one this one is like incredible it get something like all the right areas and finally my brows grow out to the shape that I want broke off okay so i finally got my browser the shape that I like so I trim them and now this would look like that look Oh leak well after I bring them out they will be on fleek my hon she even have her eyebrows she hasn’t pretty thin but I’m just gonna do my eyebrows like normal because this took me forever girl and these are really easy and I don’t want them to be likely though so and now I just gotta brush them out with Ashley brush mm-hmm there won’t be like it so I won’t be like I brown dog you know I brought obviously was like the dog with like I realms and drew them to match better to my heart my heart color they don’t really sell a cool-toned eyebrow filler the only sound like warm tones which sucks because I have cooled him brown hair seriously there’s like always in tongues and stuff for some out here for some reason like passing my window and stuff so yeah I’m in the next year ago let me look at the picture again so she didn’t seem to wear any blush but I’m just gonna add a little bit of a oh man there’s like my gosh oh I’m just going to add my homemade beauty cream which I wear like every day and it works so well and doesn’t make me break out because it’s homemade and I know what’s in it it’s just my hydration my regular foundation which is the fit me do a smooth um in 110 and or 100 110 yeah one time and then some aveeno daily moisturizing lotion is not even the base stuff it just works really well because the face stuff is like so expensive got my hair so I’m just going to apply just a little bit of BB cream just kind of I remember she has like really pale fate she’s like pale so no hands to a troll or anything she just is so yeah and I’m just gonna add just a little bit of powder underneath my eyes add a little bit more coverage and like this and then going to pick some pink lip gloss do I happening clip box with lip gloss backup well I’m going to take the smoochies lip stick and kind of melted in the car so now it looks like this oh well so now only I can gather edges mmm and now I’m going to take this mac clear lip gloss I know it’s red it turns red from herb turn pink from some red lip gloss and there’s like very very shiny and like a glassy lip gloss and she is very glassy lips in the video and that is the makeup and next we’re

going to move on to the harm okay so my hair is like a little bit crimpy but that is okay so I’m just gonna flat iron it i’m gonna go flat on my hair all quack ok so now my hair is all a flat and I’m just going to brush it through where is my brush here it is and don’t mind that this part my dog to it judit slinky I when he first got her she like chewy lunches job oh my god it looks so different with smoky eye um but and that sorry for my for my throat sorry if i keep coughing I’m just like the whole my throat’s been bothering me but I’m okay so I’m just gonna put my hair to like the very very side and um next I’m going to I just got these extensions um from these little clip in like like fake extensions from I got it I got it was a set of four each so I got to set I got in from the men instant store and I got it was green and then purple and then blue and pink oh I don’t want and then so I just got them and I’m not going to use the purple ones because yeah they’re just like know so I just I’ve seen them with my father I put it on the lowest setting I could and then i spritz them with a little bit water and then I just flattering them because they have like this giant crease in them like they were folded under like under the cardboards Jack Reese in them I’m like no I’m not gonna let the time no I’m not gonna let those have a crease so I just did that and yeah so they’re little green blue and then pink extensions and I’m gonna grab some bobby pins rip it up I’m just going to grab a few bobby pins and I’m going to take each of them out so I’m going to take this section of my hair and then I’m just going to flip it over like this when we go now I have like a huge calyx um and I’m going to place where she have her pink ones okay so she has her pink line right about here so I’m going to take them off with a clip because the clip like it really sticks out so and i’m going to take about two bobby pins and i’m just going to bobby pin them in this look as long as my bang what the heck it was there longer fashion long hair problems um no I’m not gonna cut my hair I love my hair like this um so I’ve been trying for like five years to get my hair this line slow yeah and if you want me a video on how I got my hair this long then just give this video like and so there’s one extension and then I’m going to take a green one and where she have a green one everyone is like right underneath the like over here so I’m just going to take a section of hair down here and then I’m just going to take the clippy thingy out and I grabbed a couple bobby pins again and then oh my god this is like full weird um I’m sorry that the video is so long and go what’s on the floor grab it with my shoe grab it with my feet cuz I’m cuz I want to bend over again and when I bend over and pick it up again I’m so lazy I can’t see okay um and then but if you want me to do a video on how to get a long hair and then just get this video alike yes I have the green mana and now i need the blue one okay so she has like another pink streak I’m just gonna do like a pink streak over here I’m just gonna take the clippy thingy out I’m gonna just ok so I have the all the extensions in and so I have a green one over here along with a pink one and then I have a blue one and a pink one over here so yeah and let me just go get my costume up I need to

still get some iron on cupcakes from like the craft store for my skirt so it’s gonna be a little oh yeah I got a what am i doing I have to do the shave side ok for the safe side come on get up my hair get out with my hair and so the show your side um you have to do is just take your hair take a piece of your hair like this and then all you gotta do if you want to be lazy like me all you gotta do is take it and like push it back as far as you can like this and make sure it’s completely smooth and then you’re going to grab a couple bobby pins and then going to crisscross them to make them really secure did Kris Kross so I’m gonna try that again so we’ll find this boop boop okay go okay so I have that one in and I have these extensions on so I’m just gonna randomly put some extensions and like I’m just gonna stick the blue one wherever okay so I’m sorry if it shows a little bit but like oh well um so yeah she just has a couple streaks of color in her hair nothing too much so this is what it looks like and I’m gonna go change into my costume so so this is my outfit um IV necklace is from Party City along with the fingerless glove I have another one that’s in my closet somewhere um and then the tank top is from justice this the 22 is from Party City and then the shoes are from lance calm and then the light the tights the black tights are from I don’t even know where and then the extensions are like I said from the 99 cent store so I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give it a like comment and subscribe and love you guys so so much and I will see you all in my next video in on Monday bye