hey guys so today’s video is going to be a hoe and not just any haul it’s a for Vig home so a lot of you already know but if you don’t know from November 6 to the 9th was the vib rouge sale at sephora where you get 20% off and for regular VI bees it’s the 13 through the 16th maybe I’m not exactly sure but I’m a vib Rouge member so I was able to get the 20% off last weekend and I get excited for this every year because Sephora never does sales those brands at Sephora like never go on sale so when they give me 20% off like full advantage of it I knew this was coming I had money set aside literally for this sale specifically because it is my time to really just like go wild and get things that I’ve always wanted to buy that maybe I wouldn’t normally buy if it wasn’t on sale I got a couple of little splurge items and I’m gonna save those to the end of the video for right now let’s go ahead and get started because this video is gonna be long girl or bullet very long I got this really adorable makeup bag it’s from that breakups to makeups brand they have a bunch of bags already at Sephora but I never really liked what any of them said until I saw this one all dressed up and ready to glow I love it I can’t wait to use it it’s such a sturdy beautiful beautiful beautiful make a bag so I’m wanting to get a brush specifically for cream bronzer for a while I used a couple brushes that I already have but I wanted one that I was going to dedicate to cream bronzer alone and I thought that this brush would be perfect it’s from their Sephora Pro range Porter and their brushes ain’t cheap so I decided to pick this up this is their flawless bronzer number 46 brush and it’s short and perfect and and I love it because it isn’t as dense as I thought it was going to be which really excited about because brushes are a little bit too dense are kind of harder to blend out my bronzer I like something a little bit more movable so I got this and I’m really excited to use it I love that it’s short and fat and delicious so let’s talk about our shadow palettes I bought two eyeshadow palettes I got this one from Tarte and the packaging is so cute on this but this is their energy noir palette this is what it looks like it’s absolutely beautiful look at that and the main reason I bought this well there were two reasons why I decided to buy this number one as well this is what it looks like on the inside I hate these little things but this one it looks like on the inside and number one I bought it because this is the most beautiful blush ever the second I saw this blush I was like I need that I want it the Amazonian clay blushes from Tarte are like the best blushes ever so I knew that I would love the formula regardless and the other reason is because it is a straight-up cool toned eyeshadow palette there is not a single warm I shadow in this palette you get nine eyeshadows and they’re all cool toned greyish purple taupe shades this is the palette I’m wearing on my eyes today I’m not wearing any other eyeshadow besides the ones in this palette and I think it looks so pretty and I’m not someone who really loves school tone eye shadows so I wanted to get that palette for that reason just to step out of my comfort zone a little bit I also have this blush on that’s the blush I’m wearing and then this eye shadow right here is the highlight on my face and it is an amazing highlighting product I love it I love this palette and then the other palette I bought is like a completely different palette and it is this guy right here this ginormous thing this is the Kat Von D me vida loca palette it’s huge I haven’t even opened it I did go and buy some of the stuff in store and then I actually bought the other half of this haul online and at first I didn’t want to buy this for the same reason that a lot of people don’t like it it is huge and it’s not very practical it’s like a giant thing but the more I saw people use it the more I was like I need that and honestly okay this is what it looks like with this beauty and to be completely honest it’s not like I was planning on traveling with this palette anyway because it’s so freakin colorful and I think it’s like art it’s a very artistic palette I think the packaging is beautiful it’s big but it’s bold and I really I’ve come to really love the style of this it looks like a record or like a paint you know like an artist thing like so yeah I’m really excited to use this palette it’s mainly matte but they did throw a few shimmer eyeshadows in there which i think is nice and then you have this little roll right here of like natural neutral shadows that you can pair with any of these colorful ones speaking of Kat Von D I also got this little thing right here this is the Kat Von D Lolita lip duo it has Lolita and then Lolita too and

this is what they look like this is Lolita I actually have Lolita and this is the shade of Lolita that I have I’m pretty sure this was like the second formulation this isn’t the original Lolita and neither is this one but I think that Kat Von D is actually going to release the original Lolita and name it oh gee Lolita so we have og Lolita that’s coming out soon Lolita and then Lolita too confusing I know but – really really pretty colors I love these kinds of colors okay so I was really really excited when I saw this product online I had the bareMinerals original foundation a couple of years ago and I used it all the time I was really into that mineral makeup a couple years ago but I ended up throwing away that product because it was really old so I was on the website and I was like you know what I want to get into that powder foundation again so I went to go buy it and then I stopped this is the bare minerals original foundation in a jumble form I didn’t even know this existed until I went searching for it so look at this first of all look at this like display this packaging this art and then look at the size of this this is the bare minerals foundation looks nothing like it I have mine in the shade a medium beige it’s the color I used to have as well and I don’t know if this is just like a holiday release I’m pretty sure this is just the release for the holidays but if you’re into the bareMinerals foundation I suggest you go on the Sephora website and pick this up because it is hue pangas I paid $42 for this which is pricier than the regular but of course you get a lot more product than this one and the box says it’s a $63 value which means you save money actually buying this jumbo size and my favorite part besides the packaging because the packaging is unreal I mean it is plastic but it’s so fancy like so fancy look at this little gem it’s beautiful I love it but besides that it is big enough to where your entire brush fits in the cap that is the problem I had with the with the regular Rimmer nose foundation my huge powder brush didn’t fit in the cap because it’s a smaller product this is a big cap so my brush fits in it perfectly this is from a brand called ciate and I’m pretty sure that this is a new brand to Sephora I know this brand has been around for a while but I’m pretty sure Sephora just recently started carrying it I don’t know and I got this because I saw a girl use it on Instagram and looked so black that I had to get it this is the CIA chisel eyeliner High Definition tip eyeliner it says it has a unique chisel tip for controlled application and the tip completely threw me off when I first opened this last night you can’t exactly tell obviously because you’re so far away but the tip of this brush it’s a felt tip but it’s not your regular like pointy felt tip liner the tip the best way I can describe this is it looks exactly like the Real Techniques complexion perfection sponge where it’s like round on one side of an angled flat on the other that’s exactly what this looks like it’s crazy so I’m really excited to see how this makes it like a more controlled application like how this helps application because the tip is kind of throwing me off a little bit but it also really really excites me about a skincare item and recently Sephora has brought like a bunch of Korean skincare into sephora which is amazing because Koreans know their skincare and there’s a bunch of new brands on the website that are Korean skincare brands so I got this because I had never heard of it it sounded really cool this is the from a brand called make coupe and it is their raw sauce I mainly checked it out online because it said it was a hydrating and nourishing essence and I was like this is what it looks like it has a cute little bottle I got the smaller size because I didn’t know if I was gonna like it they do sell a much bigger size the way that you’re supposed to use this is right after you wash your face and you tone it like when you’re done washing your face and toning all that stuff you apply this all over your face and supposedly it’s really good it had pretty good reviews and it’s supposed to have like okay it says it has high concentration of maple tree sap to deliver intense hydration and nourishment adding skin soothing Eco certified fruit in powder and nutrient-rich Asian herbal and fruit extracts creates a secret sauce that helps to bring out healthy youthful looking glow within and I’m all about that glow so I wanted to try this okay so I went a little crazy with hair care this is from the brand diva cruel and I’ve heard of diva curl but I’ve never tried anything from it and it is their winter curl survival kit featuring diva curls newest products for maximum moisture I wanted to buy this because I want to kind of give my hair a rest from the iron I’m always flat ironing my hair my hair is always straight and I have naturally curly hair so I thought getting something that was specifically made for your curls was a good idea so I

could just really like unleash my curly hair for a while like just keep it curly for a while so that I can minimize the heat damage this is the shampoo and conditioner and supposedly it’s really really good for curly hair it is um sulfate free paraben free and silicone free and then this is the coconut curl styling cream also silicone free and paraben free and sulfate free I’m so excited to see how this transforms my hair so I got this on a whim I just I threw it in my car I was like why not this is from the brand verb and I’ve never heard of this brand before I think it’s notice’ for and it is their leave-in mist I wanted a leave-in conditioner that was like in a spray form because all of mine are tucked away in a box and I don’t feel like going through my box of hair care products kind of like it’s a ten it has like a bunch of benefits in it and I had pretty good reviews so I decided to give that a try and then the last three haircare products I got are all from alterna I have been wanting to try their caviar range in a really long time and recently Sephora had a 500-point perk where you get the caviar shampoo and conditioner and I got that point perk and I really liked it so I decided to dabble into some more caviar alternative stuff this is the rapid repair spray instant shine and moisture free of parabens sulfates synthetic colors from alterna the caviar line all three of these things are from that line so I don’t have to say that I know I’m sorry this thing is amazing my spray is like totes broken because it sprays out like a squirt like my thing is broken but so I have to spray it in my hands first and then rub it in my hair but this gives your hair like instant shine I used it yesterday for the first time and I was like blown away at how shiny my hair looks you probably can’t tell on camera probably like I really could not get enough of this I want to spray it in my hair everyday just for the scent alone smells so sexy and like perfume me and delicious when I freaking love it I love it then I’ve been wanting a hair spray for a long time none of the hair sprays that I have like really rock my socks that much so I got the working hair spray and I really wanted this because it said ultra dry control there’s nothing I hate more than when you spray your hair like with hairspray and you spray like in one spot and it’s like wet it’s like a wet crunchy those by mikvah my hair split why so I decided to give this a try because supposedly that doesn’t happen with this product and I had a lot of really good reviews and then I got this this is their retexturizing protein cream with strand building proteins for damage free hair I have severely damaged here because I like bleached it twice like a year and a half ago long story if you’ve been a part of my channel for a while you know what happened but I really really damaged here so I try to do the best to get it healthy again and it’s not great to use protein in your hair a lot like too often because that can make your hair pretty brittle so I want to use this like maybe once or twice a week and supposedly it’s really really good it’s a leave-in treatment like after you wash your hair you put this in your hair and it’s supposed to be really good for damaged hair so I’m excited okay and then the rest of these products are like my splurge item things that I wouldn’t have bought full price like I wouldn’t have bought him if they weren’t on sale I’m not gonna lie oh except this except this I have been wearing the same perfume for like the past nine years it has been my all-time favorite perfume of life it’s called Gucci – it’s from the brand Gucci and it’s their Gucci – perfume and I’ve been wearing it for nine years it’s my all-time favorite scent nothing compares to it it lasts the longest on my skin it’s fantastic it’s amazing it’s so unique I love it and for a long time I could not find it anywhere every store that I walked into they were like oh no that’s being discontinued and I couldn’t find it and it was breaking my heart so I kind of like stopped using the bottle that I had and then so I had to freaking get it this is my favorite perfume the only thing I’m worried about is that it only had the 1.6 fluid ounce online I couldn’t get the biggest bottle like they didn’t even have it for sale online so that concerns me like is it being discontinued is the big bottle discontinued like I’m really really confused why they didn’t have the bigger size but this is what it looks like and it is heaven-sent it is the best fragrance in the world I love it it’s my favorite I will have the notes down below so you can kind of have a guess of what this purse person no perfume what this perfume smells like the notes below now on to the brands that I never never buy from because they are ridiculously priced I got a YSL mascara when do you ever see me talk about why yourself never this is just their like original mascara it’s the mascara volume effect fossils luxurious mascara I’ve heard a lot of

really good things about this mascara the only thing is this is a very light flimsy like to buy I expected something very very heavy for the price so a lot of you guys know that I had bought the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation and I returned it a week after I bought it it was like sixty two dollars which is crazy I never spent that much on foundation but I decided to give it a go because everybody talked about it and I didn’t like it it made my skin oily that has never happened to me with a foundation because I have dry skin but my skin got really oily at the end of the day and then it like broke up it just I was like no no so I returned it and I decided to splurge on another very pricey foundation that everybody has been talking about and this is the Kogan dough or koujun dough I’m not exactly sure leave me a comment down below I don’t know how to pronounce this brand and I want to say it correctly I don’t want to sound dumb so I don’t know if it’s cogent dough or Kogan dough and it is they’re aqua foundation everybody everybody and their dog has been talking about this I was like oh I gotta try it out and then I saw the price and I was like oh no I won’t but then the VIP sales like oh I’m gonna try it because I get to save 20% off on it so my body ceases watery looks like I’m in the shade 2 1 3 this is the foundation I’m wearing right now I bought it online and I completely guessed my shade so I’m very happy that it is actually my shade and the packaging is really pretty it has a pump it’s a glass it feels you know luxurious and I don’t know I’m not crazy about it just yet I used it with a brush a lot of people say that it applies better with a Beauty Blender so I’m gonna try it out with a Beauty Blender I cannot give you my thoughts just yet because I’m wearing it today and it’s the first time I put it on but it is a little bit if he’s a little bit heavy I think I might have put a little bit too much on but it has like a light to medium coverage and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything but I have to give it another shot if it doesn’t rock my socks off in about a week I will be returning picking up Cogan though I got the alcohol foundation illuminator this is in the shade sheer beige it’s just like a liquid highlight but it feels really creamy and like I don’t know I really like the consistency of this you are supposed to or at least it’s like made to mix in with your foundation today I used it as a primer I know it’s not a primer but I used it as a base like I put this on my entire face and then I went in with my foundation just sort of can give me like a nice glow it’s a really pretty champagne color and I really liked the consistency of this okay so more things and then we are done with this haul it’s very long I apologize I got something from Burberry I never buy from Burberry but I did this is their light glow natural blush and out this blush made me laugh when I opened it for the first time okay so I bought it online this is in the shade earthy earthy blush it says so Burberry is very fancy and it comes with this little fancy thing right the packaging is stunning I love it’s so luxurious I really love the packaging but then I opened their mouths like why do I pay so much for a blush to then open it and it’s the size of a stick of gum Burberry I really would have appreciated if the entire pan like this entire thing was the blush because then I feel a little bit better about spending forty dollars on it and then it comes with this like brush I mean it’s a cute brush and I’m sure it works perfectly fine but how often do we use these brushes not often I have a ton of brushes and I’m not going to use this to be completely honest with you guys I don’t want to sound like you know but I’m not going to use that brush now I just have this like wiki tool here for no reason I don’t know I’m a little bit disappointed with the size of the blush is a very expensive blush and I don’t know if I’m just being cheap but come on that’s little speaking of gorge your money this is the maistro’ liquid summer SPF 15 I have mine in the shade 100 I got this based off of my fan Laura’s recommendation mrs. Lowell in I heard a talk about this a couple times and I’ve always wanted a recent video she was talking about it and she said that this is like the only thing that makes her skin look really tan and like summery that it’s literally like summer in a bottle which it’s not summer right now but you know let me swatch this because I’m not familiar with like a liquid bronzer I’m more familiar with like careens seduces wood a little sly it is a warm shade but it’s Oh oh wow this is actually a really pretty color oh my gosh this is so hard to describe this is what it looks like blended out and it blends out really really easily and I don’t know how to describe this right now this is crazy this has completely dried I didn’t blend

it out all the way but this is completely dried and it feels like there’s nothing on my skin nothing this is like a 100 percent liquid to powder formula I cannot believe how this feels like nothing I’m excited okay guys so that completes this haul I know it was a really really long one but with the vib sale here you know it’s just but anyway I hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you picked up if you are a Rouge member what you picked up in the sale last weekend and if you are a VIP member like regular baby let me know what you are gonna pick up coming up or whatever just tell me what you’re gonna buy if you’re gonna buy anything thank you guys so much for watching please subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in my next video bye