the other one I wanna talk about talked about had a few but you not come out now come out might just let you meet my mama now mama now hi everyone welcome back to my channel so today’s video is going to be a talk through makeup tutorial it’s probably gonna be pretty long but I just had a lot of things and products that I wanted to talk about with you guys I featured a lot of the products that I mentioned in my may favorites it’s actually the exact same look I was wearing in that video I just put it up this morning and I’ve had quite a few you already asked for like a tutorial or two lesson exact box that I’m wearing so I thought why not film a video today and I did so I hope that you guys enjoy this it’s very very glowy very bronzy and dewy bright eyes um I don’t know I kind of like it I feel like it’s fresh and glowy perfect for summer and I like the products that I use so I hope that you guys enjoy this video and you like long ones because I like long videos I think they’re like relaxing and fun to watch so without further ado let’s go ahead and get started with the tutorial alright so here I am without anything on my face I went ahead and washed toned and moisturized I applied the first day Beauty one that I was telling you guys about at my may favorites I really like it because it gives your skin a nice glow like I feel like my skin looks really healthy and glowy right now and like fresh and that’s what I like so this is a good base to get your makeup started for like that glowy summertime look so let’s start off with a little bit of primer for primer today I’m using the benefit Porefessional just in my t-zone because I want that glowy dewy look but I don’t want it in areas where I get oily or where my pores are a little bit bigger because that that doesn’t look good so just kind of around here this helps my makeup lasts a lot longer throughout the day too for foundation today I’m gonna make two of my favorites so I really love this girl a terracotta um Joely tent it’s a beautiful bronzing like glowy foundation and then the NARS um what does this one called all day luminous weightless foundation I like this one a lot too because it’s very very dewy like this makes your skin look like wet almost so it can be a little bit too much but if I mix it with this I don’t know why it’s just like the perfect color the perfect finish the perfect amount of coverage so these two together I really really like if you are wondering what color I am medium and this one and medium three stromboli in this one okay so like I’m gonna half of that shake it and like sand on that okay Real Techniques brush from Ulta the buffing brush mixed together and then start applying time for a little concealer under the eyes I love the naked skin one it’s a very very light weight I’m also in the color medium in this and I apply like whatever it’s on the brush when it comes out so I’ll flip it to one side and go under the eye and then flip it to the other side and represent that side it goes on this side and then a little bit here down the middle of my nose and here okay okay base is on I don’t like to set with too much powder for this look because I want it to remain more that natural finish the only place I’m going to apply

powder is under my ID so that they don’t get like a wrinkled right there and then also kind of like around here and here or I get shiny I will show you guys what I do so I’m gonna use this little pointy brush from Sigma it’s called the f-35 with my it cosmetics bye bye pores this is just like a translucent powder but it’s one of my favorites I really like it I do not get shiny when I use this at all okay so I play it like a little bit here I don’t like just where you get shiny a little bit there okay okay and then to set my under eyes I use a different powder I use the benefit hello flawless and the colored champagne it’s one of their lighter colors this just helps to brighten up that area too but I apply it with the same brush and just very lightly under the eyes okay now it’s time for a little bronzer I’m gonna use the Perico and one that I also talked about in my may favorites I’m gonna try to use a lot of those products because that’s what I was wearing in that video and I like to talk about them but I’ll show you guys how I use them so then use the Perico no bronzer bronzer and just do a little bit on the back of my hand and a duo fiber brush is what I like to use for like liquid face products that aren’t foundation so this one is from Sigma it’s the f-15 I love this one this is good for highlighter too so I’m gonna take a little bit of this and just apply it normally where you would bronzer I’m gonna place it first and then I’ll blend it out so you guys will see so forehead rub a little bit off I’m back your arm so there’s not much product left on the brush then start blending it back into your hairline if you are any Tanner than I am I don’t think this bronzer would work for you better for light to medium skins skin tone Amy but any liquid bronzer would be pretty I think tart makes one girl on L so I think makes one okay see how pretty like a natural my own focus so I think that’s still pretty and natural and so glowy it looks like you were just out in the Sun so I really like it and like I said it’s a little bit light so I do about two coats of it just because I’m darker place it I do it on either side okay and then I’ll blend it in the middle rub some off have to wash your hands after this and then blend it back and me in the middle okay so I just apply it like that a little bit on the temple and then I’ll do a little down here underneath my jaw – yeah and a little bit on the nose okay wipe it off and then star blending it we kind of like to curve under right there makes your blush pop I’d like to do the side of the nose and

the top on the bottom there okay super bronzy now if you feel like it means to be blended a little bit more go back in with your foundation brush like right here and that will help really blend it alright so from here you could totally be done with your face makeup apply a little blush if you like that and then just be done I’m gonna apply to other powder bronzers and the reason I do that is to just give the skin more of a glow more dimension by layering different products on top of each other it’s gonna give you a more professional and more blended look and it just looks better like you know if you apply one eyeshadow it just looks like okay when I shadow but if someone has a really pretty smoky eye with like a bunch of different colors and that’s blended really beautifully and that it’s gonna look a little bit more professional so that’s why I do that if you guys don’t want to apply this much makeup you don’t have to but I just want to show you guys like what I actually do and I love bronzer so I have a lot of bronzer so next up I’m going to apply the Milani one and this is just so that I don’t know why I keep doing this because I don’t have anything on my lips but this is just so that this one will last all day and just enhance the glow a little bit more but it’s kind of like setting it with powder while still keeping it glowy and I’m using the bronzer brush from Bobbi Brown okay I’m not doing much this is just kind of bring out the shimmer a little bit more okay I’m not contouring this brush is too big for contouring I’m just kind of like putting some color behind my cheekbones there so I’m not doing like heavy layers I’m just doing really light like dusting like you can see there’s like nothing on my brush right now it’s just I don’t know it’s all about laying to me that gives it a much much prettier look and then I do a tiny bit of the Becca bronzer this is their limited edition one in washed copper and this one is a totally different color I’ll compare the two this one is like a red rose gold highlighter almost so they’re totally different so just a little bit of this one more so on the area’s you want to highlight as well do look here here I mean like more so like the top of my cheekbones so I kind of apply it like this like I’ll go on with a brush like that on the side tap a lot off like that okay glenda I think that’s so pretty and then I love this on the nose as a highlighter down the center it’s just so glowy there’s like nothing that compares to this okay for a little bit of wash I feel like I look really bronzy but my face has no like color like pink or peach or anything and that feels naked to me so I need a little bit of blush I’m gonna do NARS deep throw it’s like my all-time favorite with a brush from s2l miss glam I love her blush brushes they’re my favorite because I could use them for bronzer blush and highlighter and they blend really beautifully so I think I said this in my last tutorial but I’ve been keeping my blush pretty low on my cheeks lately I just like it that way right now and then bringing it up and back okay I’m gonna apply that color pop by later I was telling you guys about so pretty it’s in the color spoon and I love it same brush I don’t use a ton of different brushes all the time I like to use the same ones felt like it kind of helps to blend things because it already has a little bit of the other products on there I don’t know why so I’m just doing a little bit not too much start coming out my forehead I’m like barely touching my skin it’s already so glowy okay start to blend it a little it’s so pigmented it’s like insane I feel like

my skin looks like wet I kind of just apply this all over just a little tip don’t ever like just we can if you want but I wouldn’t recommend applying highlighter just the top of your cheekbones and leaving it at that always make sure to blend it up a little bit you don’t want to see like where a product starts and where it stops that’s gonna make it look like oh you just apply it a powder highlighter you want this to like look just more like your really glowy you don’t any mean like you don’t want to see the product on your skin so the more you blend it and the more you kind of move the product around the more natural it will look and not natural like subtle but natural like blend it I always just do the Anastasia brow Wiz and dark brown because it’s easy and quick and my brows are pretty full so I don’t need too much this is gonna be the longest video ever hope you guys don’t mind I kind of like watching long videos like half our videos so I want to do the videos that I would like to watch let’s work on the eyes a little bit I don’t do too much but we do a little something first I like to use this malli shadow base I use it all the time it’s basically just a concealer because I like my eyelid to look really even and I like it to look really bright so you can just put it on with your finger or concealer brush whatever is easier okay I’m just gonna do a tiny bit of that champagne powder it kind of set that like a tiny bit and I don’t focus on the eyelids more so like creasing above because I want the shadow to kind of like stick to it the video the last video I did I used amazed all use that one again so you guys can see exactly how I did that okay all right it’s not a so creamy it’s weird I love it corners I’m gonna make a little bit not too much I do like to apply just a little bit of a brown shadow or bronzer to give the eye a little bit of dimension just like a soft brown color that way it doesn’t just look like a flat I kind of just think it’s the shape of your eye a little bit better so just apply something something light you can do a brown you can do a gray whatever you want just to the crease a little bit I’m just using a bronzer from Stila that I use all the time okay so I’m going to apply some black liquid liner into mascara and I will be right back but I do not do anything to my lower lash line lately I love the way that it looks I tried it for my bridal shower and I like loved it I felt really like bright and fresh I don’t felt like my eyes look lifted so I don’t apply any shadow liner or mascara underneath like nothing and I love the way that it looks so keep that in mind try it maybe you’ll like it too all right so we are pretty much done here eyeliner and mascara it’s on I feel like it came out pretty much like what I had on yesterday so I’m just gonna do um stuff lipstick and lip gloss I would put lip liner eye but I lost my pencil sharpener like a month ago and so every single one of my lip liners is dull right now because I use lip liner everyday and I can’t buy my sharpener I think I must have like left it in California or something so I need to go buy a new one like today but without lip liner I’m just gonna wear a Gerrard in nude I really like this one lately it’s like a peachy nude

it looks too nude alright so I feel like it needs a little bit more color on the lips so for the gloss I’m gonna do like this kind of like darker nude color it’s called trollop trollop and the brand is real colors it’s from Sally Beauty Supply it was like 99 cents but I’ve had it for a few years now and I like it I never talked about it it’s not pretty it’s like really shiny what’s so light and not sticky at all it’s like not gooey it’s not heavy so I kind of like it I wear it often and I never talk about it okay that’s it I’m gonna go do my hair and you guys will see what it looks like with my hair done bye alright so this is the final look I hope that you guys enjoyed this video please try out this look are these products or some of these techniques share pictures with me on Instagram and Twitter I would love to see your guys’s recreations thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it subscribe if you’re new I make new videos all the time and I all talk to you guys later bye