hi everyone so today I’m gonna do in January favorites for you guys I have been loving tons of products in January we’re just gonna jump right into it because I have a lot of stuff to share with you guys um so you know grab a snack and some iced tea or some soda if you prefer and let’s get on to the video okay I’m just I’m not going to be doing this in any particular order so the first product is my Urban Decay vice 2 palette I got this from my birthday in October and um and I absolutely adore this palette I love it because it has like all the neutrals down here but it also has like pops of color like this green and this blue and this beautiful like greenish gold I’m obsessed with this palette I reach for it a lot more than my naked 3 next is another palette um if you know anything about me I’m like obsessed with pallets I like collect palace any palate that comes out I just want it it’s it’s like this habit that I have so my next product is this off the cuff palette and it’s blush palette and this is from Tarte and this is a gorgeous blush palette I’m obsessed with it bronzer is to die and then I’ve been using these two interchangeably another one of my favorites of course is going to be the naked 3 I think everybody and their mother has this oh my god you can see my mess has this power in their favorites video this month um I like this palette for more of a everyday look but overall this is one of my favorites I have been grabbing it a lot and I do have paid tutorial on this and I plan to do a another tutorial reserve your cabana by wet and wild I use this to set my makeup as a highlight I used to set my under eye concealer sometimes it’s just a really pretty iridescent powder and it’s like three bucks or something and you can get it wherever wet’n’wild is sold i think i got mine at Kmart but it is gorgeous I have it on today as my eyeshadow base no surprise here you’ve seen this in my videos before by lorac behind the scenes primary i love this primer it is amazing this just a little sample size that I think I purchase enough low rap palette to have enough of these to last me months and months and months you only need a little bit and I actually like this one better than my Urban Decay primer potion yeah I said it I like this one better another one that I use is my [ __ ] slap cosmetics in light and I like this one because it’s like a creamy texture and it also kind of corrects it corrects the discoloration that you may have on your eyelids so that’s one of the reasons why I love this my double definition by Mac you’ve seen me use this in my tutorials and some of my videos and it’s been it was in my Holy Grail parlux Holy Grail products can’t talk today but yeah this one is just a beautiful highlight it has two shades um the light one and the dark one and I just love to put this on the tops of my cheekbones i have it on today next is my e pearl salmon concealer this is great

for concealing under-eye circles and any discoloration you may have under your eyes this is perfect and i’m in the shade medium tan next is foundation I’ve been gravitating towards my L’Oreal True Match as well as my covergirl outlast fabulous outlast stay fabulous I’m a medium beige and this one is w5 eyeliners I’ve been loving this eyeliner by stila it’s just a plain black eyeliner it’s their smudge waterproof eye liner it’s just an eyeliner it’s really black I really am enjoying my next product that i’ve been loving is my baby skin um I’ve been on a hunt for a drugstore primer and this one is very comparable to my Smashbox photo ready I don’t really have like a lot of pores that I need to fill I mean I do have some pores around my nose area leading down towards my mouth but it’s nothing too severe that i need like something super filling so this works great for me I love it and this is what i’ve been using under of my makeup have it on today so we go maybelline baby skin mascara was that i’ve been loving is my Smashbox full exposure I love it gives me awesome volume a length and overall great lashes and then I use this one as well and this is my L’Oreal voluminous millions lashes no no this is voluminous false lashes so I’ve been using this one as well this is this little sponge it’s dirty don’t judge me I used it today and I’ve been using it a lot so it’s like a little dirty but I’m going to clean it and this is the sponge by Real Techniques it’s supposed to be like a Beauty Blender dupe I don’t have the Beauty Blender because I couldn’t bring myself to pay 20 plus dollars for a sponge so I went out and got this one and it fulfills my needs so it’s better than I could have ever dreamed and if the Beauty Blender is better than this then oh my goodness but this is pretty good and for the price i think i paid five bucks for this at alta i’m loving it and i love the shape as well it’s easy to get under the eyes and around the face and i just love it it does get bigger when you put water in it and yeah you can also use this as a stress ball don’t do that speaking of balls my iOS like ball now look at this I love this product it’s so like dirty too now i have purchased a product so many times and every time that i purchase it my son eats it so it must taste good or something but i love this it moisturizes my lips I have to go get another one but i just wanted to show you and I month of january i have been grabbing my red cherry 43 i have tons of lipsticks but i have been loving this month old one just fell sku zzz all right like I was saying have a couple lipsticks to show you a lot of lipsticks to show you because i love lips this one is revlon’s pink pout let’s watch that real quick for you it’s what I have on right now love it love it love it revlon’s nude attitude this is what it looks like next is Faris nude by Lori oh alright this has to be my favorite nude in the entire universe I am obsessed with this nude it’s perfect you can use it all year round and it’s just an awesome Newt another color that I’ve been loving in the month of your January is a media by Mac I love it it’s just a nice vampy what like a really dark red wine color I really love those

colors and I’ve been rocking media a lot I’ve been loving bad girl RiRi it’s this one right here it’s more of a darker nude I like to mix this with nude attitude as well as myth by Mac and it makes a really pretty combo and then another one that I’ve been loving I don’t have so many favorites this month guys native is called native by urban decay and it is just a beautiful pinky color it’s that one right there and I just love their packaging it’s so chic and like edgy I love it chic and edgy I am obsessed with this lip gloss I have it on right now and it is the buxom lip gloss in White Russian oh my god this smells like I don’t even know like cupcakes and like I just want to eat it it’s so good when you put it on it has like this cooling tingling feeling oh but it’s the prettiest baby pink color I’m just obsessed it’s this one right here I love it and I love putting that on top of almost all my nudes my next obsession is these a butter glosses by NYX they also smell so good to line my lips I’ve been loving rimmel’s Easton snob it’s just the perfect pink mauve lip liner love it the next couple products are skin care I don’t have really bad skin i just have generally some red redness here in the center of my face and i also have issues with texture and these products really help to keep all that under control i would say that I’m combination dry okay so a mask that I’ve been loving lately is this glam glow mask it’s pretty expensive i think it’s like 60 bucks but it is so amazing smells like peppermint and this i just put this on my face and it just sucks out I feel like it sucks how all the impurities if that makes hands and it leaves your skin radiant I really love this I use this maybe twice a week once once to twice a week depending if my skin need to pick me up now to wash my face and exfoliate my face i have been loving these products by philosophy and the purity is amazing i use this as my everyday cleanser day and night um I don’t eat it’s just amazing I don’t even know what to say about it it doesn’t dry out your skin and it just melts away makeup I’m obsessed with this this one which is there a micro till micro delivery exfoliating wash and I use this you can this is gentle enough to use every day on days that I don’t want to use my clarisonic i will just go ahead and use this as my exfoliator i love it and i’ve been using i know this is a little sample i do have the full size but this is what i’ve been using cuz this is what i have and this is probably like my third sample I know I have to try things out before I actually decide that I want to use them but this is the hope in a jar by philosophy and I love it because it’s so like thick and creamy it just it hydrates the skin for these severe weather conditions that we’ve been experiencing lately and when this isn’t enough because sometimes you still do have a little bit of um dry mist around my nose and then I’ll just go in with tarte maracuja oil I’m obsessed um I

don’t really want I didn’t want oil that was too oily and I felt like I try it out why didn’t try but I went to the store tried out the josie maran and some of the other organ aisles facial oils that they had at sephora no I’m just like oh that’s that’s a little too greasy I don’t want to be like a grease ball at night you know or during the day so I opted for this one and this is the tarte maracuja oil and I love it I feel like this has really improved my pic the pigmentation in my face as well as helping my acne scarring so yes and this is just a little sample size I did purchase the super-sized version that old tub was offering yeah almost done guys I promise okay there’s no surprise here I’m obsessed by mereb desk with setting spray it smells like roses and it just oh it’s just so refreshing when you own kind of wet my hair a little bit when you first put it on it just feels like oh i don’t know like a breath of fresh air on your face and it smells it smells like roses and i love it i use this after makeup application to hydrate my skin another thing that I’ve been obsessed with me another thing that I’ve been obsessed with is my Mario Badescu guy colic like glycolic acid toner I love this in the beginning this did kind of burn my skin I guess my skin wasn’t really used to it but this is an amazing toner I can definitely tell the difference when I don’t use this my Mario Badescu caviar cream I love it it is amazing I put this on every night before I go to bed I wake up super hydrated I could definitely tell the difference when I don’t use this um I don’t have enough good things to say about it it is amazing it is a little greasy um but it kind of sinks into skin after a while and it just hydrates and it leaves your skin feeling really moisturized and radiant so I really love my marrow Badescu caviar night cream okay I think we’re almost done I just have two products to show you that I’ve been loving and it is my Battiste dry shampoo and this isn’t dark what are you dark deep brown it has like a little bit of tint to it because I’ve used other dry shampoos and they leave a white cast and that ain’t cute so this one has a little bit of tint to it so that it won’t leave that white cast and it is amazing like when you’re lazy and you don’t want to do your hair you’ll can put some of this in your hair and it looks like you just washed it I’m not even kidding like I will have like this is this bad like five day care and I’ll put this in my hair and it’ll look like I joshed it yeah it’s that good and i also use this sometimes when i went a little bit extra volume awesome for that too second to last is my big sexy hair I love this I got this out TJ maxx for 1399 I think it’s like I don’t know I want to say like 19 bucks or something at all tough but it is amazing it gives the hair such volume and lift and it’s just a great hair spray in my opinion and my last favorite is my new me tighten three and one wand it has three different barrel sizes you can achieve different sized curls with this it is amazing it heats up quickly I don’t have any complaints with this whatsoever I feel like my curls last for a really really long time and this is like it took me a while to get this because of the price but I figured it brings three barrels so I mean I don’t have the other barrels to show you right now but this is my favorites video and in particular this barrel size is my favorite that it’s already attached with when it comes in the packaging so yeah this is it it looks like this you can get it in several different colors I chose this

beautiful blue and and I have a video using once this wand in case you want to check it out i’m gonna link it down there that concludes my January favorites and maybe found some good products dude like to try out and yeah i’ll talk to you guys in another video thank you so much for watching bye you gotta go paint my nails now my hug look at this hair this is gonna be a long love video and really red cherry 43 really and I love you guys and thank you for watching have a nice day the night I don’t even know oh my friends were like that the entire time that will just be ill and the pic hot mess I’ve been running around all day like a chicken with my head cut off and yeah like you know i’m silly guys but you know you’ve gotta be