the thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and apply son nars I primer and this one I absolutely do love this is a pro prime smudge proof I shadow base and I just popped and this will definitely help with my eyeshadow stay with another good to cancel all my redness i will take the NARS concealer and it looks like this my shade is and custard some of these products i didn’t use in my previous tutorial though they seem repetitive this feels like our purpose now will usually just blend it out with my finger because it is a little bit easier to apply first we need to definitely show off with our transition series shade because that’s the main thing that is going to make this whole smoky eye come together I’m going to be using a little walk protest and I’m going to take my favorite favorite blending brush which is this one and yes my dog voted I mentioned it in my previous video I put like an annotation on it though look what she did like how dare she do such a thing so upset with her oh I’m gonna take cool grey from the lorac pro 2 palette which is bad hair my way to stand away and what you want to do is just use windshield wiper motion keep in mind that j.lo did have a lot of she kind of like had like a very shed a very smoky eye but hers was very um messy so that’s kind of what we’re going for like that messy put together look if that makes any difference so you have your kind of desired blood and then I’m I go ahead and highlight my brow bone I’m going to use the sigma e55 shading brush and I’m just going to tip the color buff nothing too crazy just to go above and pop that right under my robe on it’s like so weird talking I’m doing my Detroit at the same time because I hardly ever ever talk so I think this is funny because I had lyric its top with him always think i’m going to be using this Urban Decay eyeshadow brush is this the one that comes in um I believe it’s the first naked palette about Christ left we’ll just go all the way girlfriend I’m gonna start with um I’m gonna make school charcoal I’m sorry and then a black enough apply that all and like I said it is going to be a very very very dark love so definitely just keep that in mind don’t be scared 2 2015 is definitely the year for me that I kind of want out like branch out and lose more cool tool colors and you know the summer maybe have a lot of pop of color so that is definitely what I’m shooting for so let’s hope that so going in back in with my fluffy brush and I’m going to be mixing two colors I’m still going to be using the cool grey but I’m also going to be using the LT brown blue that’s what you call it

just to kind of get a little bit more dimension on my eyelid and then go ahead and blend it overflow once your tumblr was committed girl and I was going to use tape to be honest with you guys because I definitely like like that sharp crisp line that but um I couldn’t find itself no ok so I’m going to go ahead and apply someone that cool grey and the black color my lid to darken it up college years I know who they thought I mean color I’m sorry not to color the brush okay okay well I am pretty pleased with it right now i’m going to go ahead and move on to the other eye and then moving forward i’m going to start off by priming my face i’m going to be using these matchbox or minimizing primer and i’m just going to go ahead and apply that from face i mainly focus this on my t-zone cuz that’s mainly where I get oily the most and we’re like my fine lines are they definitely think that this primer is a specialized or more towards oily skin because it drives extremely fast and it is right through I don’t know if you can tell already but I definitely feel like my face is already kind of like looking like it’s like for free and things like that so another reason why I absolutely love this so um i’m using the lorry loreal infallible Pro matte foundation even though Jay Bell did have a lot of glowing skin we can definitely achieve that by bronwyn our face and also highlighting and things like that but my piece is very very oily and I’m actually going out today for my friends birthday so I’m definitely gonna rock this look but I go things like that so I definitely want something that’s gonna help me see much because I am a freak so next I’m going to take my fluffy brush this is nero technique oh good it’s a real techniques blush it looks like this and I’m just gonna go ahead and use this to go ahead and pass out my foundation and I do find that this foundation I don’t know if you just said when you fast some time so you kind of have to work a tiny bit harder to blend down her ok so now that we’re done with that we’re going to move on to our eyebrows on estancia browse and let’s like this and I’m going to first um how about my iphone eyebrows I usually just follow my shape I don’t really do much smoking crazy just like that if you’re okay with your desired shape then I go in with I’m going to go over and use my Paul me today I haven’t eaten my pomade in a

while but since I’m going for a pretty dramatic look I definitely want my eyebrows to kind of frame the face and everything so I’m going to go ahead and take that with my people tool brush like this and then I go in with my boo me and i’ll go ahead and blend it out a little bit to make sure that we don’t have any type of harsh lines are and then the last step for our brows we’re going to go ahead and set up with being honest off the brow gel it’s definitely if you mess up or if you put to my I’ve eye shadow or Paul made on this will definitely help it cancel out and it is amazing you and if you I don’t know why but the brow gel kind of put a little too much product on this I so I would just go ahead and blend it out with my Scooby there’s the finish overall from I can see that i’m going to go ahead and mix two things and use the mac pepper thyme and license and then the mac pro long and see 25 okay i love definite on to take me take my Beauty Blender to Gordon but the hell you like that to set my concealer I’ll go ahead and use the Anastasio contour kit if you haven’t been conjured that I’m sure you have it’s very very popular and I just got this bad boy so I’m going to go ahead and apply something I’m going to be using the NYC eyelash curler and then the covergirl full lash bloom bloom it was gonna say following us in contra i’m going to be using need back back to the Anasazi of hard work it and I’m going to go ahead and take it this mid-ocean right here on a mac um 168 brush the same thing to the other cheek

Moorhead and put on your chin and then I will go in and kind of bronze my skin so this is the email lies in finish and dark looks like this and I’m going to take my Real Techniques blush brush for that and I’m just getting go ahead and apply it on your food okay I’m going to go ahead and apply some blush i’m going to be using this color right here from the park palette and I’m going to be taking a sephora i brushed powder 55 first by Archie the bottom of her lap her lower lashline you looked a lot more how would you say it looks definitely a lot warmer so I’m going to be taking a mixture of expresso and black but before I do that I’m going to go ahead and apply some calm my nerves right to handle it actually and this is anyone that I got this is the Revlon Photoready crizal who don’t know how to see I think it says casual and it’s the 301 matt cole and it looks like this I literally just got this and if you have like a little reluctance in return are using these 2 i’m going to be using this one to go ahead and apply the shadow and then this wicked is a lot more so I’m going to take expresso first turn off would be my color and I’m going to pop that right below or a lot and then I’m going with me fluffy brush and taking the color light taupe will definitely help you plan your lower lashline so can definitely make a pop okay sure it’s just something like this and the last thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to highlight I’m going to be using this elf brush and I’m going to take the cream color and the white color from the lorac Pro palette I’m going to take the back of highlighter in opal pilot notaries i’m going to be taking this on the Real Techniques setting brush you top that ride until turkey I’m just going to go in with a little bit more of that taupe shade just on my lower lash line because looking at her picture she definitely has a it’s extremely slow down the last thing that we need of course is our lips so I’m going to go ahead and apply some this is the nigs a retractable liner and nude I’m going to be using a peach stock by Mac I mentioned this in one of my previous videos and I’m just going to go

ahead and pop that right into the center such a beautiful cooler and then so we won’t look so dad I’m going to take my bike beauty oh my gosh my bite beauty of lip gloss these freaking lip glosses are so good and they are on natural so you can pretty much eat them it’s just a fun fact for you ok you