So I read a lot of those reviews, and the way I chose is, Hello, I’m Churaveler Today, as I told you about the thumbnail and the title, I’d like to introduce you to how I treated lip contact dermatitis months ago without steroid cream First of all, this is my second time This is the second time I’ve had this symptom and the first one was three or four years ago when the lipstick that I used at that time made me crazy At that time, I had been through a lot for more than a month, when my lips were dripping with gills and scabbing, and it was just crazy One of the reasons it got so bad was that the hospital I went to for the first time gave me the wrong diagnosis I think that was the first time I realized the importance of diagnosis At first, a dermatologist near the company prescribed me cream, and ointment I’ve been putting it on all week by the way The doctor prescribed some ointment for me was a viral ointment He thought that inflammation was a virus So He prescribed an anti-viral ointment, so I just put it on But It’s getting worse. so bad There was a lot of discharge, so I left the tissue here and slept It had much discharge So I thought I should go to proper dermatologist After a lot of Internet surfing, There’s a good dermatologist near to my area I went to a dermatologist eventually I told new dermatologist that previous dermatologist prescribed anti virus ointment, I’ve been putting this on for a week, but it got worse and he said “Omg where is that hospital?” “it’s not viral, That’s why it’s getting worse with anti viral ointment “it’s not viral, That’s why it’s getting worse with anti viral ointment So I asked him, “What the heck is this?” I had a scab, and dischage on my lips, So He diagnosed it as contact dermatitis I’ve never heard of that name contact dermatitis? What’s the word? name sound was so weird at first So it turns out, there are some products that really touched your lips For example, a product that touches the skin can be a toner or lotion Lip products, in fact, are the most likely Because it directly touches the lips, there is a high probability that lipstick will be the most likely product Next, cleansing products You need to suspect one of all the products you use on your face There’s a lip product that I used the most when I had contact dermatitis I searched this lipstick brand on the Internet There’s a lot of people who’ve had contact dermatitis I didn’t know. You don’t even look for it. You usually just buy it I had no idea I bought it because of its good color It was a very famous lip product that caused contact dermatitis It was a very famous lip product that caused contact dermatitis So I threw it away right away I just threw away all the lip products from that brand And Then the doctor gave me three days’ worth of medicine and ointment And Then the doctor gave me three days’ worth of medicine and ointment In just three days, everything’s okay with this discharge and all the symptoms The doctor told me to take tablet for only three days and not come back when it’s okay, and if it’s not, come back to see me again I got better in just three days But the prescription he gave mewas actually, antibiotics Now, it’s been about three years, so I don’t remember much,

but I’m sure he prescribed it with antibiotics, and the ointment was steroid ointment It’s steroid ointment, so discharge went in right away, right? But when I was in England, The first day, all of a sudden, my lips were really itchy I thought this is unusual It wasn’t a little itchy, it was itchy all day from morning to night This is similar to the symptoms at the time I thought it would go like that But i just had itchy symptom I couldn’t come to a conclusion because I am not a doctor First of all, my boyfriend’s mother has often get cleft lipitis So she had lip cream for this symptom But this is a moisturizing cream that you use when it’s itchy or extremely dry You know the itchiness that comes out when you’re dry She gave me the cream, so I put it on it wasn’t that kind of itchiness It didn’t work at all The next day, I started to get discharge from edge of my lips It’s not a running discharge. It wasa grain a state in which grains grow little by little This symptom was stage two It’s a video to help people with the same symptoms as me I wanted to show you the symptoms more accurately, so I took this video of them every time the symptoms changed little by little I thought it’d be nice to upload a video of this, but if you don’t see something gross it’s not that gross much, but someone can think like that then you can skip it On the second day, the grains began to form when i press down on my lips with tissue, i could get few discharge It wasn’t so much as a discharge So I went to the pharmacy because I thought the symptoms were the same mispurchase of medicine Actually, the kinds of medicines sold in Korea and in England are different I didn’t know what I could get in England So, I searched a lot for famous brands around the world What I bought was, At first, I wasn’t sure it’s a contact dermatitis Like the doctor I was wrongly diagnosed with the virus the other day I bought ointments and medicines related to it because it could be caused by a virus or something like that i thought Maybe i’m losing my immunity That’s how I bought the first phamacy and came back home And then I applied it a day or two, and it didn’t make any progress I started to feel certain when I started to get discharge my lips were starting to peel off like this way So i was sure that this is a problem with cosmetics I think it’s a problem with my lotion or lip products When I thought about it, I brought cream from Korea a few days ago i ran out of cream so I bought and used a new cosmetic that is famous in England I think it’s probably a problem So I stopped using it right away I took care of my skin by replacing with a different product And then I was convinced of the contact spermatitis the steroids that I used before I couldn’t remember the name of the steroids ointment I didn’t know the name of the steroid cream sold in England, So I just went to the pharmacy again I asked if there was a steroid ointment for contact dermatitis on the lips I asked if there was a steroid ointment for contact dermatitis on the lips and they don’t sell steroid cream without a doctor’s prescription So I couldn’t buy it. even i wanted I’ve been doing a lot of reviews about this all day, trying to figure out what to do

there were a lot of people have steroid side effects They say it goes in quickly if you put it on But What’s important is that if you don’t apply it, the symptoms repeat itself, and that’s the side effect That’s why you can’t stop using steroid cream There were quite a few of them Actually, steroids are good to use to some people It goes in when you use it like everyone else, but there were people who suffered from the symptoms for a year but there were people who suffered from the symptoms for a year I’ve seen a lot of reviews from people who’ve been struggling for quite a long time So I read a lot of those reviews, and the way I chose was taking in vitamin B! It’s very simple, right? A lot of people are saying that after experiencing these steroid side effects, this method has returned to normal lips without using steroid cream One of the ways people said it was helpful without steroid cream was to take this vitamin B and vitamin C In fact, they say that vitamin B group helps with lip cheilitis i looked it up and found some information that many people recommend vitamin B Nutritional supplements brand, Impactamin which is good for lip cheilitis in Korea It’s a nutrient that’s concentrated in several B vitamins There were a lot of people who said it helped them So what I bought at the British pharmacy is this product This is a vitamin that’s good for immune system It has vitamin C and zinc It’s an immune-enhancing nutrient Back then, the pharmacy didn’t have any vitamin B-related nutrients That’s why I bought this product because I heard vitamin C is good for lip problem I said Vitamin B is good for lip cheilitis But I couldn’t find it at the British pharmacy That’s why this is nutrient I found on the Amazon It says Vitamin B Complex If you look here, There are eight basic types of vitamin B It’s a vitamin B compound If you look back here, it says what kind of vitamin B is B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, B8, B5 There are eight different types of vitamin B I took one of these and one of these a day I took this, and five days after all the discharge went in, and this kind of trouble went in If you look here, there’s a time when the lip shells rip off After all the trouble and discharge are gone, the lip skin starts to peel off little by little If you have discharge on ur lips, you shouldn’t put lip balm on it You shouldn’t put on lip cream or lip balm I’ve seen a lot of reviews about how it got better when They didn’t put ointment or lip balm on their lips with discharge I heard that applying cream or lip balm to the discharge can make it worse When the discharge was all gone and the lip was starting to peel off, I applied lip balm and lip cream After that, when I put cream on, I took it with them and took care of it

Before that, when I had much discharge I’ve returned to normal lips in almost a month But This time, I think I came back to my original lips in five days or a week After that, I didn’t get any more discharge, but my lips keep peeling off Now, when my lips are chapped, i have to keep my lip balm moisturized So after that, my lips still get chapped very often Since its inception three years ago, lip balm has been around 365 days a year So far, on days when I don’t put on lip balm, my lips peel off and get dead skin cells I’m sure those of you who’ve seen my video know this I can’t put deep listick colour These days, I use lip balm with a little bit of color, i also used lip balm with color today I’ve been taking care of these things lately But now I’m back to normal lips without steroid ointment At the time, I was wondering if it was because of the new cream I changed or not Because it was a very famous cream in England when we put cream on face, we don’t put on the lips with cream right? I didnt’ put it on my lips, so couldn’t doubt at that moment At the time, we stopped using it for a while When I thought about it, I just came to England I have sensitive skin, but the tap water in England has a lot of lime water I thought maybe that’s what caused my skin to go crazy There’s a reason why I’m so sure When I came back to Korea, that England cream was a huge I brought it to Korea, but I thought I should use cosmetics in Korea one first so I din’t use it. I used original one first One day, I used it, and two days after I used it, My lips are starting to itch again So I thought it was a mess back then, so I threw it away right away I was gonna get another lip rash, and it was the same as day one It was itchy, i felt like something is gonna come out So after itcheness i took those two set The next day, there’s no discharge, no itchiness I couldn’t feel anything So, if I took this on the first day when I had itchiness in UK I think it would have been better without the discharge Well, I’m glad I didn’t get discharge of it the second time Cosmetics, basic products, and lipstick I think we should check if there are any harmful ingredients before purchasing them I felt really stuffy It wasn’t easy to find Korean products in other countries It wasn’t easy to go to the hospital. It was frustrating But I’m a Korean of will When I got hooked on one thing, I had a weird personality that recognized it all day long, so I looked into it a lot But vitamin B is good for cheilitis It’s not medicine. It’s nutritional supplements. It’s good for your health Even if you don’t have lip trouble, it’s a good product to take on a regular basis So I’ve benefited a lot I couldn’t put on makeup when I went outside after contact dermatitis I couldn’t put lipstick on my lips anyway Even we put on eye make-up if we don’t have lip colour

we just look like patient right? There was a day when I was sad to go out with only skin makeup, and that video was uploaded I remember it was a shame For those who suffer from cheilitis or contact dermatitis like me, and those who suffer from steroid ointment side effects, I made this video for you guys If my video was helpful, Please subscribe to me and thums up plz Next time, I’ll introduce you a lot of great tips and good videos Bye, then