hello everyone and welcome to my channel thank you so much for tuning in and as you can see today we have a little bit of a different background because I’m currently Imogen so today I wanted to do another find review because you guys really seem to be enjoying these and I actually really love filling them and kind of giving you an overview of what products I love from a brand what I haven’t loved so much and although like I mentioned in past video and unfortunately I am NOT able to try every single product in a brand for brands where I think I’ve used quite a few different products remover skincare range and they makeup range and so on I think I think you have a pretty good overview of what I’d have love and having looked so much over the years that I’ve user Brian so today the brand in question is Estee Lauder and I have done a blog post about this one where fast staff is my blog saying that you know I think it’s a really good brand actually and it’s really not spoken all that much about on the internet I don’t think it’s that popular amongst bloggers I don’t know if it’s because it’s more popular with all the people or I’m just not sure actually I just don’t see too much about this brand being spoken about on social media on on YouTube or or blog and I actually think it’s a really really great friend today I want to give you an overview of where how love and what I have forgotten so much and the makeup skincare so I hope you enjoy this video then keep so much again for tuning in and please get subscribe if you already haven’t I played twice a week and I would love to have you back on the channel there’s a little subscribe button below and also your bell right next to it which you shouldn’t forget to think about means you will get an education every time I upload any videos so that’s why I do let’s get straight into the video the estee lauder is a brand that’s been around since supersuit along it’s a classic it was started in the 1940s and it started any was for products and now it has everything from skincare to make up to perfumes and it has a lot of other brands under its umbrella it’s a brand that I think especially when it started it created a lot of revolutionary products and it was an American brand and you know they really push the boat with a lot of stuff and I think over the years they’ve definitely had a lot of cult products within makeup and in skincare you know with with foundation than hard for double wear Foundation which has been a real real cult classic and with skincare they’ve had things like the all night Repair Serum which has been you know something that women have loved over the years but again I feel like a lot of their products have been focused maybe a little bit more more mature skin and that’s maybe why we haven’t received so much height on the internet but I actually really really love some of their products and it was one of the best friends that I started using when I started getting into kind of makeup and skin care and everything else because my mum really loves this brand and she had a lot of products from the brand and after you have some of the first stuff I started using so ever since then I’ve kind of stuck to the brand and for a lot of years I was super super loyal to it then obviously I started discovering other things as I started to kind of explore on my own I started seeing a lot more brands and a lot of stuff that was may be directed to a more younger audience and I sort of kind of pushed the front inside and forgot up a little bit about it but I think I’d have fun by I haven’t realized that a lot of the products that they had are amazing I haven’t found anything better in other brands and I have kind of gone back to them today I want to tell you about all this price that I’ve loved and summer which I mean I haven’t hated anything is anything about the brands that are really really dentalized but there are parts which were maybe just you know average just not as amazing as some of the other products they have so that’s how ready let’s get started so starting off with skincare I want to talk to you about the advanced not all night I did or what I said before but yeah the advanced Night Repair Serum this zero has been a real cult classic and I you can see mine is really really well loved everything like on the bottle has literally come off and this product I mean it’s been kind of common magazines as the best part of the year a number of time if one loads of beauty awards and yeah it definitely was the highest it’s high on media again I feel it’s the product that’s maybe so right – there’s a little bit more mature skin but younger skin can definitely take advantage of it as well and that’s what I want to tell you about it because whether you’re mature or you’re younger this serum can definitely change your life because it definitely makes skin a lot better so the syrup comes with a pet and you basically take it out of kind of thick and gloopy when you first get out it’s got like a slight orange tint to it and basically a couple of drops and literally everything you need to be healthy a little bit goes a long way so this is the larger bottle birthing you can only get in airports but literally this will last you for months and months and months because you need the tiniest amount it has got more mature skin and

might be good to use it kind of morning and evening underneath your moisturizer but if you’re younger I only use it in the evening because already if you have really dry skin maybe as well it would be good to use it morning and evening but for me that I have combinations where you skin I find that this is kind of good enough just using it in the evening underneath my moisturizer or underneath the oil I’m using that night so this literally like method you just need to drop and it makes a bigger difference it plumps your skin if you have fine lines you will literally see that over time they are reduced I don’t really have a lot of fine lines but I noticed from my mom who uses it as well and you know she’s in her fifties and definitely she does taken advantage of the benefits of the serum because like I said it’s good for all ages don’t think that because it’s kind of a really deep hydrating treatment if oily is definitely isn’t I have very oily skin especially down my t-zone and this has never broken me out it’s actually pretty good to treat breakup and I find that when I put it on in my breakout areas they literally get better overnight maybe two three days and they’re literally gone again it’s really good to hydrate it gives brightness and radiance to your skin and it’s just a miracle treatment it’s also really good the kind of dark pigmentation spots or age spots because it helps to fade them because like I said it provides brightness to the skin so it’s an all-rounder and I find it’s such a great product and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling kind of sticky or oily it absorbs really quickly and then you can apply your moisturizer and you don’t kind of feel heavy or oily which by particularly don’t like because I feel like that’s going to miss my skin break out I don’t know why it just gives me that feeling but this definitely doesn’t leave anything like that it’s very deep in hydrating but it’s not secure worthy another product I love from the brand which i think is discontinued because I cannot find it anywhere I don’t have it when you right now because I’ve run out of it and like I said I cannot find it anywhere so unfortunately I can’t show you a close-up of this one if their Idol is even skin tone eliminated serum again an amazing product I used to love using this in the daytime this one is not a hydrating zero it’s literally just an illuminating serum that gives you radiance it helps kind of even out your skin tone it helps with brightening kind of little pigmentation spots that you may have which I have quite a lot because I have Asian skin so when I have a kind of blemish or a breakout that when they go away they tend to leave a lot of kind of dark pigmentation spots behind and I found that this serum really helps to get rid of that and to kind of make them fade out and it just kind of brightened my skin I love using it under makeup it was a gel type serum and it was the yellowish color with golden particles running through it it didn’t look kind of glittery or oily on the skin but it literally just gave you kind of a really radiant glow and it was just amazing it was it was a little bit drawing smoothing has very dry skin then maybe it wasn’t working for you but I had kind of very oily skin at the time and even now and I just silence such a great serum it didn’t break me out it didn’t sort of dehydrate me too much because around here I don’t quite dry that my skin did getting flaky or anything so it was so good and it just brightened my skin it’s so much nicer so I have cemented it because it was a real favor Bran’s me if I can find anywhere I will link it below in the info box like the other products but if I can’t find it I just thought I had to tell you about it because I really really loved it bathroom I was it was the star product of all of our products for me again it wasn’t kind of sick or gloopy it was really nice you just kind of massage it into your skin within a couple of seconds that it disappeared and like I said it just give you the most amazing wedding color when they discontinued this to the serum and they cannot with another one which is a pore minimizing serum which was also from the odorless range when I purchased this one which I will show you a close up right now because I don’t have it with me here and this one were the kind of whitish very very watery texture serum and again it was the best to do a similar thing but it didn’t have the golden particles running through it and it was a lot more watery on the other serum I blended into the skin super easily season I feel – it was super watery it just kind of you had to be careful though because it kind of falls everywhere but yeah I used to apply it to my tea then but I stopped using the serum because I really didn’t like it basically this one was really really drawing I didn’t find it minimized my pores with that much to be honest I mean it was okay it doesn’t make a huge difference I thought it really read right out my skin so around here it starts to become really flaky makeup was not a daring properly it was just kind of little flaky and horrible and I just really didn’t enjoy using this era metal so I stopped using it I think I’ve got still half the bottle left because I just really really didn’t like it maybe if you have super oily skin this could work well but I do think there are better products out there to minimize pores and deal with where you skin if you want something to really draw you out you might like this one but for me that combination skin it just really didn’t work out and I also didn’t like that it was so watery but literally you

would put a drop in or just fall all over your face it was hard to kind of massage it into your skin because everything would just kind of slide off your face so I really really didn’t have that one also from the idealist range as you can see how she is crediting from this race was the is cooling eye cream again one that I cannot find anywhere I don’t know what’s happenin if it’s discontinued it then fortunately I continued this one because run as my baby I was using this for years it was an ice cream and it came with a ceramic applicator on the end you could keep in the fridge to keep that ceramic applicator really cool even though it would be cool anyway but if he kept it in the fridge it would be extra cool it was great 50 passing under your eyes it wasn’t very much rating so if you have kind of fine lines around here or very very like dry under eyes this one might not be one for you but I really love it because my area here is really not that dry I find that I don’t really need that much hydration but I have really really bad dark under-eye circles and ever since I stopped using this cream I haven’t been able to find anything to replace it again it was a similar texture to the serum it was a little bit thicker and it was a kind of cool gel texture and it was kind of yellowish and it had a golden shimmer running through it and it was just so illuminating and it had a little bit of a kind of makeup eat into it it wasn’t as tinted moisturizer but it did have a little bit of a makeup tint to it so when you’re applying it underneath your eyes if that you just faded you’re on Drive darkness and because it had those golden particles is just reflected the light and I found it just kind of got rid of a lot of my darkness underneath my eyes so it was great to use on the mater but also when I was having kind of makeup three days because it actually just would look like the ones as permanent even though I wasn’t wearing any makeup so I really really love this one it wasn’t so much because of how hydrating it was or because of their skincare qualities they had it was more because of the effect it gave off but if you had dark kind of under eye circles or a lot of hollow underneath your eyes it was brilliant if I combined it again I was in Tupelo but I haven’t been able to find it for a long time so they might have discontinued it finally from their skincare range I used for a long time when I was still using soaps on my skin I need the elf age order perfectly clean multi-action foam cleanser sorry I would listen to that I have to read that through the long name basically this was a foaming what kind of moisturizing so you could use to clean your face or what I would do is I would kind of at first with cream cleanser which is what I do now and then I would use this phone to really deeply cleanse my skin and you had it in three different that you had it for kind of dry skin sensitive skin or you skin I think it was three of them I used to use the one for your skin which was the one of the blue bottle and I’m definitely sure that you still do this I will link it down below and this one had it had a really interesting with like a cream and then as you kind of mix it with water any massaged it in your hands it started to foam up and it had kind of a really pearlescent kind of glow that the cream it was really nice left your skin we clean radiant glowing but because I have quite where your skin does not just recommended that I stopped using anything which have faith in it because that would actually break me out more so I stopped using it and that was in factories I stopped using any kind of products that had any kind of sites in them but if you are looking for a good cleanser this one was really good I found that it really deeply cleaned my skin it let that kind of squeaky clean but at the same time it didn’t we stripped it from Woollett oil the less it’s super super dry it was really nice to kind of really deeply clean your skin and I never had they had they have different ones that you can use what’s appropriate for your skin I use animal precisely because of that reason but I really like this product it was nice it was easy to use it left your skin kind of nice and very clean and you kind of felt like it was squeaky clean but at the same time it wasn’t so dry that you know you just can’t like move your face and it felt kind of crispy which I absolutely hate with them both lenses okay moving on to makeup I recently got this little kit which was really really nice and it was an offer here in Spain and basically and had their little eye black primer then their sumptuous mascara I think that was poor so one of the golden bottle yeah the sumptuous mascara and the this little gel for the brows I will link all the products below but basically it was like a nice kit and unfortunately though I haven’t used these products of very very long but I have to say I’m not super impressed there were a change they’ve been not amazing this primer is supposed to kind of links in your lashes and they can learn and protect them so I’m not sure about the protection it might protect them and hydrate them from the mascara but they didn’t kind of thicken or lengthen all that much do you anything is it is appointment status of the light which is really good because I find a lot of primers for mascara are white and it is making mascara look gray instead of black so I actually do like using them I’m not a huge fan of primers of

you know for my skin and for my mascara I find an extra step that doesn’t do all that much so it was okay but I didn’t find it made a big difference to my eye so I think it was a bit of a unnecessary step so mascara is a little similar to the Too Faced better than sex mascara it supposed to be very volumizing and in dramatic but I didn’t find that it’s that dramatic it is good if you want kind of a little bit of volume a lot of length and a lot of separation with no clumps and so like the better than sex mascara so if you like that kind of look it’s really really good and it’s definitely very very buildable you can do kind of three or four coats and it won’t clump but if you want something super super dramatic and this one is not the one for you I really like it the daytime it cares when I want to go from natural look when maybe I haven’t liked my eyes and I want a really natural look I find that it looks nice and it doesn’t comp my lashes and they do an expiry and it is very black so I really like it been but for evening when I want something a bit more dramatic I just find it’s not enough and it is quite pricey so it’s okay but I think you can find better scars out there if you want very very voluminous lashes but if you want to a lot of separation lace and a little bit of volumes and this one is the right one for you finally be gel through the brows I find it’s really good it sets my brows in place it doesn’t leave them kind of crispy I mean it is a broader broader a little I mean I don’t find that much difference between one rider and another as you see on stage one for a long time but this one is really good at left my brows kind of set in place make them look more natural less loudly and yeah it just kind of held up the whole day without making them look kind of crispy or glittery which some do and absolutely hate that hope twittery look on the bridging ones that I product a product I really love from my cellular is their gel liner I’ve been using it for ages if you see my makeup tutorial you will have seen me use at certain many times and I just really love this product I used to use the Bobbi Brown gel liner and already defined that that gel run it used to drive so quickly I required and within a month it was dry and literally there was still more than three-quarters of the product left with this one I’ve had this one for about almost a year and they’re still kind of both quarter of the product left okay and it hasn’t dried out it is a little bit dry that it was beginning but you can definitely still use it it glides on really easily it’s not super super super black so I like to top it off with a liquid liner but I find it really blendable it stays in place it doesn’t smudge it’s free easy to kind of blend out it doesn’t dry out and it’s really easy to create a winged liner if you’re starting off with a winged liner I would definitely recommend doing it fast that use with a gel to create the shape because with a brush and the gel it’s not that pigmented you can really kind of get the right shape and if you make a mistake you can just kind of rub it off with a little pewter for your finger and then you can put a liquid liner on top once the shape of me and it makes life a lot easier so if you’re starting off I would definitely recommend John Mayer and this is one of the best ones I have found in the market also for eyes is this pencil which is work very well for wear right now it is very very small as you can see and I’ve used them in the plant and a brown it is the Double Wear stay in place the pencil and I actually love these the black one is really black they don’t smart they don’t kind of crease I do have to say that if you have very oily eyelids we use it on a Pappas you leave it comes on as much a little bit on the crease so I don’t love it to use it over the eyes I do prefer the shanwick i one but do you decide the eyes it’s really good I find that it doesn’t kind of smart all kind of run up or kind of run in my waterline um it is really black the brown one is altered pigmented so I really love these ones but if you want to use them for kind of above your eyes to create a line above your lash line then I would say they’re showing two color one for example is better because this one does light a little bit but if you want to smudge it out and this one is amazing and once it’s kind of been smudged out it dries it definitely sets in place so and a really good one I’ve been using these figures I think with the first iPad so I ever got and yes they’re pretty good all laser eyes I wanted to talk about their eye shadows I have quite a few I have one of these five shadow shadow palettes that they come up with every year in the summer they’re sort of limited editions – you can pass the date I’ve used this in so many tutorial I love these eye shadows what can I say the pigmentation is really good they’re not too pigmented that you end up looking crazy if you just go a little bit overboard but they are pigmented enough they have these are all have like a golden shimmer running through them but it’s not too glittery it’s just kind of a little bit of a glow it doesn’t have a little bit of shimmer through it but they’re not kind of too much most of a phase all the shadows have a shimmer they don’t have a lot of matte shadow so if you’re a matte kind of girl you might not like them but I’d slightly blend super easily they don’t have any Fallout and they stay in place they last really long so I really really

like them and I’ve been using them for years and unfortunately not a lot of people talk about but I really really love them and I love the packaging with all the gold I think it’s really nice really sleek and yeah I’ve loved since one for years and it lasts so long because it’s a little bit definitely goes along waiting in a lot of my tutorials is a great palette because it has like it kind of orangie shade that it has a more champagne shade and will kind of pearlescent grayish Ain a medium brown which I use all the time especially as a transition shade because I love how it looks on all the kind of crease area and then a kind of yellowy golden I don’t really love that yellow because it’s a bit too yellow but all the other colors are really really nice I also have some of their smaller palettes with just two shadows just one have a kind of greyish blue and apart all these worms are not so great I have to say they’re bigger palettes are much better these ones are not pigmented and they’re a little bit harder to blend they’re not bad but they’re not amazing I also have one of their single shows this one is in a kind of dopey greyish Brown again this one is just like the shares in the palette very buttery easy to blend they last really long so my deep favorite are the ones with just have like kind of two colors I think I’ve got this one as a gift actually which is maybe why it’s not so great but I find that this one doesn’t blends that well but the single shares and the kind of five eyeshadow palettes are amazing moving on to brows again are the SA Lauder I think this is called the automatic brow pencil – I have this in a soft brown and yeah I really like it only thing is is the tip is quite thick so if you’re in a rush it’s amazing because you can fill in your brows but super super quickly it lasts really long it’s easy to blend in it’s not too soft but it kind of smudges everywhere but it’s not too hard but it’s kind of impossible to draw the hair then I would say if you’re in a rush it’s a great one I didn’t understand the kind of brush it has on the inside I don’t really know what this is for because I think this really would have been so much more useful but I now see this in a Senate tip I think it would be so much better kind of create individual head we did this one the tip is really round and really thick so it’s not amazing but it’s great over in a rush the product quality is really good but again I think thinner tips would be much better it is kind of one of those twisty pencils so it’s good to be doing to sharpen it or anything so first products unfortunately I’ve never tried any of their foundations and I can’t believe that because the Estee Lauder Double Wear has been kind of hyped everywhere I did try once kind of as a tester in a mall and I just found that it was just a little bit too kind of thick and heavy coverage I’ve you know from my videos I don’t be like very full coverage foundations because I prefer to kind of build up with concealer and that was a bit too full coverage three but apparently it’s amazing if you want something super super full coverage it’s a really hyped up products real cult product and now they come up with like a softer kind of less coverage version I’m sure what it’s called but it’s kind of a thinner version of a little on screen now if I can find it but if I can finish foundation from also there Estee Lauder Double Wear range and that one supposed to beat yourself to coverage I haven’t tried it myself but apparently they’re amazing if you have oily skin because the oil free and they’re very very good in terms of coverage so I will have to try this one that seems to have a little bit less coverage and I will report back once I do also on the topic of face products I have the bronze goddess um powder this is fair bronzing powder and I love the fact that it’s so huge I mean look at it next to my face it is a massive and I’ve had this for like two years now probably I should throw it out but I’ve hit by on it and there’s still so much product left oh it’s a really nice blonde that’s super easy to blend and it doesn’t have too much pigmentation it’s not too orange but it does warm up your skin I wanna use this as a contour it’s more of a bronzer but I really like the shade it has a very very faint golden shimmer running through it’s a very kind of golden goddess look I really like it I love for the summer kind of dust on and go like I said it’s not too pigmented so you can’t go overboard but it does have enough segmentation to sort of show up and give you a really lovely golden glow so I really like it the brush is also quite nice it’s pretty basic you just want to kind of dust on a little bit kind of making a three around your face it’s really good I had to use a blush brush but if I’m in a rush this one’s pretty good and finally beating on some lip products and I have quite a few and these are not all that I have so firstly bare lip gloss this is the pure color high gloss I love the color of this gloss it’s like a classic classic law if you like the ones that came out when glosses fire started to go in fashion I mean I remember having these kind of glosses in this kind of tubes that you kind of squeeze and you just put it on your lips with this applicator I used to remember having these when I was in school my friend Liz actually sort of applies it and she would spend all her classes kind of putting these glosses over her lips so I definitely remember these from my school days and but this one’s kind of a classic gloss and it’s got a beautiful

color and it has kind of real kind of like a glossy finish very kind of high shine but it is kind of very plastic in texture as well so it’s very gloopy very thick and it is sticky so I do love this one because I absolutely hate sticky roses I find that my hair does get stuck in lemon ice to spit lipstick however are really really nice I love their texture they mostly have a kind of really hydrating classic cream texture that’s how most of ellipses go I haven’t tried down that ranges although I know now that you have quite a few matte words but I haven’t tried them I have quite a few shades that have this limit of like a burgundy brownish color which I don’t need that much because it doesn’t see my skin turn that much but I have had it for a long time I also have this one which is a really lovely natural nude I will swatch these on screen now then I have the song from this range which is their pure color range these ones are the golden ones are from their signature lipstick range and this one is from the pure color range and this one is a lovely kind of orange e coral really nice for the summer and then I have this one which is a lovely movie pink it’s always finish I’m taking it out with a brush because I really love the shade this is a really lovely movie pink I will link all the color photo or social arena and these ones like I said the more lovely kind of cream texture the last kind of decently well for a cream textured listed there very very hydrating they leave your lips really nourished but they still have quite a lot of pigmentation so I really like kind of classic lipsticks I don’t really like the season that one and I realize the glossy or classic ones these are the good if you want a bit more kind of color payoff and because of very classic colors of rosy pinks read Moby Pink’s they’re very very classic color maybe not so funky if you want something really young and vibrant and spunky they might not be the one seed so if you’re looking for classic colors and I really love Estee Lauder the quality is amazing and the color payoff is also really good and hey guys all that with everything from me I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope it wasn’t too long it feel like every bubbling on for ages but I hope you enjoyed it do let me know in the console if you have tried products from FAO love what you love what you have liked so much I would love to hear from you thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video bye