hey guys um so welcome to my channel this is my first tutorial and now it looks like I’m getting really crazy shadows on my face um anyways today I’m never doing a really smoky eye it’s really basic and easy um you can see ya the lights being all weird now um I just realized that I needed to up my camera is so a lot double chin action happening in this first movie but whatever it’s fine I don’t mean again it’s always shown you the makeup right um so if you are curious what’s on my face I will put in the downbar um what else ready to tell you it’s just the eyes and the lips nothing crazy I’m still getting used to this and looking in this thing right here um yeah so check it out tell me what you think and let me know if there are any other looks that you are interested in me doing I have a vampy lip coming up soon for fall it’ll be good don’t worry I’ll get this figured out we’ll see um yeah and happy Wednesday thanks for watching okay so we’re gonna do the smoky eye look and I need to pin my hair back it so I get annoyed with hair in my face let’s just do that real quick I have most of my face already done um but you know just the eyes are off so that’s why I look a little bit scary so we’re gonna start off priming our eyes I’m using the NARS you see that the nurse smudge-proof one but you pretty much use anything you want um some people like ones that are more flesh tone to kind of like even out the darkness but I just want something to stay so I’m going to do this by putting it on I also put it under the under I it’s a little secret to help you keep your makeup on under your eyes didn’t know that pretty exciting so then we’re just gonna that this smoky eye is really really simple it’s the first thing that I learned how to do when I was learning wake up um so that should tell you something I wasn’t very good and make him that’s okay so the first thing that I have is this little palette it’s Bruce by NARS it’s a Jew oh there’s big I’m more kind of Matt but worth it brown shade and then kind of just like bluish purple shade um I’m going to be using this one because I like it better I don’t think it’s as harsh but if you definitely use this one as your base too so I’m going to be using like a flat dense brush there’s this one from else it’s a dollar if you know you need a brush and you’re kind of looking for a new one first tutorial I’m not actually been using we get it this one from the Real Techniques collection it’s the what is this base shadow brush and I like because it packs on a lot of color let’s do that real quick so basically you want to just pack it in yeah sorry I said it’s all crazy um just on to like the lower half of your eyeball close to your scary um close to the base of your eyelid to be I mean these shadows are pretty pigmented um but you just want a really good deep color on your lid cuz that’s really going to be the base of your smokey eye so as you can see now doesn’t look so wonderful but we’ll get there um that’s we all you’re going to need from that palette and the other color we’re going to use to blend it out I have the Geo it’s a Sugarland let’s see if i can get this up here and not be an idiot um mine is broken so this is gonna work but basically it’s like a champagne II can you see that broken right there like a champagne e-gold kind of sparkly um yeah so basically what we’re going to do is we’re going to blend out that really

dark color now that’s unrelated we’re going to do it in the crease I know it’s kind of like oh and you’re gonna want to use a fluffy brush this is my favorite it’s like a sonia kashuk blending brush it’s pretty simple um there’s tons of them they’re like more of a dome kind of thing but this is my favorite I use it every day you’re gonna see it in a lot of videos so what back to what I was saying about the smoky eye you’re basically going to do exactly the opposite of what everybody’s telling you on a smoky eye which is like darken the crease light on the lid no we’re not doing that we’re going to the opposite so basically we’re going to do is we’re going to blend that color out hope you guys can kind of see this with that gold color um so now I hopefully you can see that um I’m going to add a little bit of a purple this is that purple it’s the euro dcs one from NARS again most of these shadows are due pible you can find them pretty much anywhere they’re pretty basic um yeah and you can do other colors too it’s a really easy look it’s not anything crazy so I’m going to use my little pencil brush it’s really tiny I think I got this in a sonia kashuk thing it’s really inexpensive and I’m going to take that on a corner on the outside view and kind of bring it in I don’t know you can do that and then I can also bring it right below my eye and don’t worry about all the fallout or whatever if you’re going to clean that up I’ll show you how to clean it up with a concealer at the very end because i have some crazy wicked dark circles and you know I’m not gonna let you guys get all crazy so don’t worry about that ah not gonna do it on this oh no fee can I bring it in yeah and then again I know really oh I’m a little bit crazy on 190 what you gonna do so there you have it with a little bit of purple um sometimes I like to add a little bit more of the darker there’s like a black in this palette but that’s kind of like at your own risk type thing but a little bit of black let’s get crazy and kind of um black on there a little bit on the lash line again I’m getting crazy that you could have stopped at the the first one so there you go so there’s that now we’re gonna add um i’m using the stealing in the light palette i’m going to use bear right there which is just a mat a cream color that’s like close to my skin tone um you could use and a lot of people use like creme brulee brulee from wet and wild if you’re looking for something i think it’s like a dollar but anything that’s like a close to your skin tone I know that Mac has a bunch yeah so these are pretty easy I’m taking a clean the other clean domed blending brush that I have getting algo de prata and basically what i’m gonna do is take start right under the energy left where my eye brow is the arch part i’m going to put most of the product there and then i’m just gonna blend it out and it kind of also blends out oh if you didn’t do a good job of blending its kind of your friend blends out to go a little bit you can kind of see that or blend it out oh just do it to the other one really quick again top of the arch bring it down again you’re good at blending you don’t really have to do this and get a lot of my brush but if you want that really blown out look it kind of works and and you know I’m take that one okay so we got the powders on let’s move in to the eyeliner not my favorite Kim I’m not gonna lie lately I have totally space case on how to do a winged liner it’s great it’s not no no it’s kind of mmm whatever embarrassing say that mm-hmm all right i’m using Milani Zytek extreme it’s a pen they send it to me as a gift or something a

long time ago but I really like it I like to like it better than the NARS ones it hasn’t dried out and the tip is really fine and if I one day i’ll show you the black one from my guys one tip is disgusting it doesn’t work very well I mean it stays really well but this works way better this is not waterproof though which I don’t like because I have contacts and I’m kind of retarded at give you makeup on my face hence the smudge proof liner or okay so with the eyeliner you’re going to take it I like to do it start in the middle of my eye like I said I kind of suck you got this so it is what it is some people polar eyelid other people don’t I do because I’m neurotic about lines being clean or whatever and because I am this is not my favorite part of doing makeup okay we’re gonna do that and I’m just gonna do a little bit of a wing nothing crazy because I think that the eye is going to speak for themselves and you if you want to get out of here you mean because we’re already at 12 minutes and this should be like three minutes this really doesn’t take that I I guess it takes longer in a tutorial whatever um so you can kind of see ya wait a little bit more anyways so there’s a little bit of a wing don’t go too crazy or go crazy as you are interface um yeah okay so now we’re going to tightline and do water your waterline in the bottom I like because I don’t I think heart black is really harsh I like it for the upper just because you have so much dark going on um but anyways I like this one it came in the Stila in the light palette it’s damned soul and it’s smudge proof and waterproof and for somebody with contacts and who doesn’t know how to not touch their eyes this is a godsend alright so we’re gonna tight line and if you don’t know how to do that basically you want to just look really surprised and we go yeah ooh alright so then we’re gonna do the bottom I know some people like to do nude but I like dark alright so there’s that now we’re going to take a little bit of the Bruce and that brown that we had before and we’re just gonna see my job and set the eyeliner again when you’re not doing a tutorial this takes me like two seconds all right I’m just gonna blend it into what’s happening on your face all right okay um I I need a little bit more i like i like to be a little bit more shimmery and so where is my little dingy mmm you definitely left it in the room oh well i’m picking kitten from in the step in the light palette from Sheila and I just like to pet a little but you could definitely use um that um Sugarland that champagne shade I’ve definitely is that I just really like kitten right now kind of obsessed with it so you know we do what we do um and then I always like a little bit right there because I like sparkle I am a drag queen in hiding let me just say that I’m kidding okay so now that the look is pretty much done we’re gonna add mascara oh I didn’t bring my eyelash curler out so I’m not curling my eyelashes but they aren’t gonna have mascara on because you didn’t notice kind of jacked up um I just took my eye makeup off to do this tutorial that’s what I’m trying to say again it’s been a long day alright so pretend that I curl my eyelashes and then you’re just gonna get on in there i’m not a huge huge fan of lots of mascara i know that some people are being the contacts we don’t agree with a lot of them um i’m using a really expensive mascara because stays on my eyes and I don’t like to do touch-ups yada yada yada I like to get

out the door as best I can so it’s baby doll by YSL it’s expensive I’m not gonna lie um I’ve heard that there are a lot of like drugstore ones like clump crusher whatever um the is it L’Oreal that has the volume eyes everybody seems to love that’s a good one to go for whatever you like so i usually do like two of these whoa crazy all right so now we’re going to clean it up and that’s pretty simple um really bad dark circles and they’re only what do you say magnified when I actually were anything smokey so I really like need a lot of light so I’m actually using the dream lumi in nude it’s by Maybelline and these go and sell a lot so they’re like they’re like seven ninety-nine this is like honestly one of the best concealers I’ve ever used and I you have used everything including like clit a PO is crazy I really like this one I say if you have bad under eye circles and I’m like really dry and like papery it’s good um so just going to click it and we’re gonna do you know the contouring type stuff so kind of feather it out under the eye and then the other I feel free to be liberal I can do it just a little bit extra contouring so this looks so crazy a little bit on there down the nose um around here I’m a chain yeah I look insane but that’s cool because at the end you’re gonna love it I like this it’s the point of foundation brush from the Samantha Chapman Real Techniques brush whatever in the core collection I actually really like this for my concealer because I don’t like to use my fingers it gets everywhere and usually I have black all over them from trying to fix what’s going on on my eyes this works okay seriously people keep sending me crazy said do a tutorial everybody wants a dog you alright so I’m going to blend it out and I like to order a pie shape and this is what keeps that good contour gives you the light and makes you look like Kim Kardashian whatever you need to do I like to pull it all the way out up here because it gets lift and also when you’re doing a more smokey eye it kind of does that cut crease it everybody is so crazy about and then ya down I’m kind of blend it all she’s not pretty one all in around the nose my really red nose and then the forehead and a little bit on the nose with it and I’ll do like a contouring highlighting video I mean everybody in their mom has one out there um I knew it a little bit crazy sometimes and not as many times no no so is that something you want you can do it for you hi all right so there’s that I’m going to set it with the NARS translucent crystal powder this stuff was amazing it’s definitely worth the buy I will say though that I’m not a fan of loose powders and when I bought this crime um when I bought this and they didn’t have the pressed powder I’m klutz and just goes everywhere but is really great for your under eyes so I use this little Real Techniques contour brush because I think it gets under there and whatever I don’t want to buy tons of brushes probably should it’s like the next foot getting the teacher before all the brushes so whatever it is what it is okay so you want to just kind of roll it in first and kind of let it set the nice thing about this is that it definitely reflects light but not in a crazy way and it’s really smooth and the night and you can put more stuff over it later if you need to like for touch ups or whatever and if you got a big brush and you sweep it down and like totally covers your pores okay so that’s the eye look it’s pretty

simple um like I said it doesn’t take very long to do it once you actually kind of aren’t doing a tutorial yep um I usually like to share this with like a brighter lip I think nude because this isn’t like a super super dark I I think then you kind of washes you out so I’m going to be doing just you know for overall effect this is the next liner in pinky and we’re going to do kind of a brighter pink lip alright so first you anyways when you’re doing bright colors or dark colors which I’ll be doing again like a vampy lip and the near future if you have any sort of gross on your lips it really shows up okay so this is not the best camera angle all right I am I love filled in um usually I use a Knicks won but I got this one that everybody’s been kind of talking about can I want to use it it’s called think pink and this is the shade ish it’s really Matt uh yeah mmmmmm and yet just totally do I get into my teeth all right you could leave it like this see it’s really pretty very on trend for now um or you can add a class to it I went crazy and bought this these are these a show-off apocalyptic glasses or whatever that came out this one’s in celestial I don’t even think you can find him anywhere anymore um I went crazy on walgreens a couple weeks ago and found it so poor walgreens lady all right I try just turns it down and get you those notice lips Oh too much gloss all right so let me get this back you can see the kind of final look all right so here it is it’s like a little bit messy ganji which is what I like it’s really easy I always get compliments on it because it’s definitely something different um so yeah let me know what you think um this is of course my first video so hang in there with me we’ll get through it together I swear to God um yeah and next coming up i think i’m going to try to do like a vampy fall look we’ll see um comment down below tell me what you think with this all right thank you for coming to my channel have a great day