Welcome to our live video master class my name is Molly Mahoney I’m a speaker and author a performance coach and a business owner my business called up there former and that we are here with an awesome little group in this masterclass everybody had great little faces up nobody’s on video so I’m actually going to turn this so it’s just me on the camera for right now and if you guys want to meet yourselves that’d be awesome and then you do that i’m a little bottom you can click a little meat packer and then we’ll open it up for questions at the end ok so now somebody else is up there not me maybe I’ll put it back on galleria ok so this is going to be a little master class based on live video which is something that has done so much awesome for my business and I know who the clients that I work with it is potentially amazing for you as well if you jump in and use a little bit of courage which hopefully after today you’ll have a little more confidence and you kind of get a handle on how things could be amazing for you one of the main reasons that live video has been so awesome if that it’s someone go to study and it’s proven that purchasers customers are more one hundred and forty-four percent more likely to purchase if they’ve seen a video about the product or service so whether you’re a business owner or a performer your audience you know which is your potential customers it’s your actual audience of your performer they can’t fall in love with you if they don’t know who you are and by using live video it’s an awesome way to be able to let them see the real you so it can be a little bit messy it allows them to connect with you to ask questions it helps build a relationship with your current customers and clients and also helps provide a way for you to reach out to new customers and clients so I know that one of the things that really freaks people out is the whole confidence issue and I want to clear at one little misconception which a lot of people think that performers are just born with this innate sense of confidence but having been a performance coach for performers for 15 years there is one thing that I’ve learned which is that everybody gets freaked out it’s like even people i don’t know i just want this recently actually that Barbra Streisand supposedly throws up every time she performs I’m not that’s true but I went and researched it in a lot of articles who knows you know everything you read on the Internet is true so it must be true but I do but I a crazy like someone is as a hugely amazing as Roberts draws and it still gets nervous so rather than taking those nerves and being like oh that means I shouldn’t do this take those nerves and and find a way to work through them and use that energy to actually bring out more goodness and more joy which I know seems crazy so the very first tip that I have is something that if you watch my videos you may have heard me speak about this but this is the basis for everything that I do in my coaching and it has proven to be is so simple it’s terrifying and it’s hugely powerful so here’s what you’re gonna do and I’m serious about this if you guys have heard me say it before and you’ve not done it do it you got a piece of paper do it on your computer in a spreadsheet whatever i want you to make a list of 20 things that make you an awesome human being I want you to take what you do for business or performance or whatever push it aside and really just focused solely on who you are and what you have to bring to the world not related to your business I always say that everybody has something that makes them uniquely awesome even if it’s just that you make an amazing quesadilla so I like to say that you’re going to find your quesadilla recipe and what happens is i had one client who started making this list and she was like I started doing this with kids first and then as I moved into working with more business owners an adult i started doing it with adults and it’s funny because so many Oh Diane no worries thank you um so that yeah I started doing this with adults and they were like a how come no one has ever asked you to do this before and it seems silly and it’s super empowering the kids but I realized it’s crazy empowering for adults as well so one of my clients was on her third thing on the list and she messaged me and was like I’m having a total panic attack and should not think of more than three things but I helped coach her through it and by the time she got to 15 things on her list she was like oh my gosh this is amazing and she just kept thinking more and more things that made her awesome so these can be values they can be you know things about the way that you were brought up your heritage Gail and I both live in a crazy crazy houses we both live in eichler’s so I’m our houses or something to make us off in like I showed you guys earlier with my windows up there it’s like we live in these flat roof houses and we can be things that are the fluid that you love i always think food is a great way to start with so i love Brussels sprouts I could talk to somebody about Brussels sprouts for literally an hour you know those things that come up it makes you go like to get a little bubbly feeling in your chest those are the types of things that you want to be bringing into this list is give me a little world games I don’t sell a little row but I am totally obsessed with it and it has brought me oddly enough it has brought me loads of

business because for my other things that I do and work because I just talk about something that I love and other people who also loved that same thing it it allows us to connect so what this is going to do is it’s going to give you like remind you that you have amazing things to offer this world that have nothing to do with your business just being and it’s going to allow you to recognize that that other people have things that make them awesome as well and when you go into a situation into like a meeting let’s say or an event you shift your focus to make sure that you are searching out the awesome and others then that feeling of like I’m not good enough to be here I don’t I’m awkward when i try to sell things that all of that it changes and it comes through in a way that’s like I look Russell Smith and I bet I could bring somebody else here who feels the same way that I do about whatever that thing is I’m and obviously a lot of you probably feel that way about your business as well and papers and we’re just doing this high because you know we’re talking about confidence and we’re getting what you doing work and making a list of 20 things that make you awesome as a human being ok if your mom that could be something just make a list it once you get to 20 keep going I know it’s a little nerve-racking and then the other thing that this does in addition to allowing you to remember like okay I’m not just here selling makeup or selling leggings or selling oils or you know talking about my talent as a performer I also crochet i love crocheting and that’s something that I’m you know whatever it’s something that fills you up and makes you more interesting people are going to want to purchase things from you as a human they can go anywhere to purchase leggings they can go anywhere to purchase oils but you want to be able to connect with the people that are on the same page with right the only thing that you can bring in to a business meeting into an audition into a live video that makes you stand out from anybody else it’s not your talent it’s not your product it’s not any of that because somebody else could have that same thing but it’s you so the the more concrete you can get about what actually makes you awesome them know that you’ll do in this whole business thing right ok so that’s the first thing and then also what that does finding that getting in touch with your you know magical quesadilla Boston that is going to also provide you with be on a huge list of content ideas because one of the things about live video is if you’re always just going on and selling things this is kind of different for little row because you guys get new inventory all the time so it makes it very people want to tune into your sales which is awesome but and with most of us we have the similar products like maybe there’s a new product line that comes out once a year or a new knowledge and of course or something like that but if you’re only selling things all the time people are going to start turning you out so you want to make sure that you’re aware of the fact that there are so many different options that you can be bringing to this video thing the course that I am doing that sort of july first we’re going to go through and I’m going to tell you guys about all the different types of videos that you can be doing whether you’re taking someone on an adventure whether it’s an event and you just go live during the event unless and see what they’re missing from that event like the vocal jam on a diana like we were talking about the vocal jam um or you know I mean one day I was in the hot rod I love this city of the harbor I do a lot of work with their staff and for Easter they had a rabbit in a helicopter dropping easter eggs onto the field was totally crazy but i gotta live video on the fly like not this out that we’re going to talk about today when I was all prepared i was like oh my gosh this is an experience that people in the world would think was crazy and weird and awesome and it’s going to attract viewers that i can connect you actually recorded this rabbit dropping eggs from this guy you know what kind of shifting your mind to realize there’s all these different ways that I can bring people into my world and connect with that wall ok so that’s the first thing I got a little list is everybody has something that makes them uniquely awesome even if it’s just that they make an amazing quesadilla so good . they awesome hate and I love you might want to put a little comments in the app in the chat be super cool over here that I’ve you know you could okay so everybody has something that makes them uniquely awesome even if it’s just that they make an amazing que siga so I am your quesadilla of Awesome make that list and it will also provide very valuable for content ideas okay this next tip is something that i got from an acting teacher from like the turn of the century whenever he was nineteen twenties maybe im sue constantin stanislavski this is a trick that I’ve taken from acting training model dog training and song coaching and I’ve applied it to real life speaking and it has proven to be so beneficial so bear with me with a little goofy but it’s actually not gonna be it’s very

like scoops I’m to the point so when you are doing a video you want to make sure that before you do anything you know what your objective is hey Jackie hi Jackie which jack is a jacket that I know hello radio ok huh ok so that’s when you’re doing a video you want to make sure that you know what your objective is and the objective could be crystal product the objective could be just a monster but you know if you have if you’re in direct sales between your sponsoring the objective could be to establish yourself as an authority in your industry oh I’m Diana you with your with performing your objective could be you want to put out a video I’d like you have showing stellar skills right as a singer I’m or it could be that you want to put yourself out there but if you want to show the world something like your your wire your purpose so even as a performer as a business owner as a performer it’s important to have a reason that you’re working at all of this right like a mission kind of my mission in the prepared performer it that there is so much craziness in this world right now and my whole one way that I can combat all the violence and the cuckoo birds out there doing what they’re doing is my spreading joy and so I they say to lean into your purpose so some days I’ll just come on and talk about spreading joy and my objective with that is literally to spread joy right I’m not going about selling stuff I’m not thinking about trying to get somebody to sign on as a client my objective is to spread joy ok so once you have that objective set then within that objective there’s different tactics that you can use so with acting a monologue someone will say like my objective is to get them to understand they need you to come with me to Colorado make that I’m but if you’re trying to convince someone to go with you to Colorado you’re not just gonna say like hey going to colorado they might say no right so throughout that you’re going to try lots of different tactics to get them to do what you want them to do so before you do your video you can lift out different tactics that you could use so in this video for example sometimes I’m like hey guys I’m so excited over here let’s jump in we’re gonna have so much fun today maybe in that way by objective or not my jacket by tactic is to elevate like I’m bringing the energy up so I’m trying to elevate everybody my voice goes up on my game . a party right but I’m not gonna use that energy through my entire master class otherwise i’m sure most of you would be like oh my gosh this person is crazy my champ Jack damn and I’m going and I’m and I start to say okay today we’re going to talk about the reasons that you should be using live video in your business and the way I said that I tactic was to educate right did you see and I could say that same thing and i love that spreading joy it is one of our oils on my gosh really awesome I didn’t know that you have an oil called joy what it was in it I want to win it oh and I hope that’s ok that i like reading your messages are sending them to me privately but they have you don’t want me to bring them out loud ok so with that with that to educate you notice that my voice changed my thinking changed and all that I did really was i thought i want to educate if I thought to my tactic is to inspire everything is going to change in my body language and local tactics I literally name ok you guys there is a reason for you to be using facebook life in your business that’s more to inspire if I wanted to scare you if I could say the same thing and my tactic was to scare hey if you’re not using facebook live in your business you have some serious problems great so I change my tactic up I’m i don’t know if you guys comment let me know if that makes sense it’s something in my course that we’re going to get really deep into but it has been really beneficial for me as a speaker it also helps if you get off track and you start you know I had one of my clients ask me this question and she said if you what do you do when all of a sudden you start hearing that voice speaking and you’re like what is that person saying and then all of a sudden you realize oh no that’s my voice you can’t stop right well you hear that happening but the voice and you’re like oh gosh put all the words that end with all words back in hey Adam honey welcome and that can happen on my video you couldn’t live and you can’t go back and edit it and I know it’s scary so when those things happen if you put this into practice and you train like a speaker like a performer you’re able to see like oh no I’m going down the wrong path . on the wrong path and dick and say like okay that’s my objective quickly in your brain with my

objective my objective is to establish myself as an authority in this industry what tactic can i use for that so if you’re going like a little boy you can take a pause come back and say okay so now we’re going I don’t even know what i’m talkin about let’s say we’re talking about I can’t accomplish that putting these are scheduling like prioritizing or something but I don’t forget if you start talking in a crazy way then you can bring it right back or ok guys now we’re going to talk about this new thing and you can change your tactic to make it we are going to be educating or maybe you like oh my gosh that was so funny haha whatever you can change your chapstick in the middle of your life video ok that’s something that takes a little bit of time to get used to but it is so bad in my video like I said anything that brings it into and hey can I Gail can I think you’re pretty years old yes totally oh I’m everything allowed to that only get like private but she said sort of brilliant to think of it that way voice attitude change to emphasize your objective acting skills right I think about it all the time with my four-year-old because he’s a really good at working his tactics when he wants ice cream you know we can be too flattered you can be to connect so if you’re going to make sure that you’re connecting your voice is going to change your eyes are going to change and you’re really going to think about connecting with you right now and and so often from what I’ve seen most people who are doing my videos don’t think about that they’re just like hey I’m doing a video yeah great so it will help to elevate you so that people and will be able will want to tune into your next video yes you will be able to listen to the rest of this I’m gonna send the replay out so yeah no worries good go get your physical therapy on because hip replacement is no joke and I have so many friends who have been to it actually and I’m so surprised at how fast that recovery is really cool so you and ok so the next thing we’re going to talk about it speaking skills oh yeah i’m talking a lot today you guys usually I’m kind of wrapping up almost um but yeah I’m gonna go quickly through this because we don’t have too much time but speaking skills you cannot expect to get on a live video or to speak in front of a group at an event or something like that and expect to feel confident actually doing is a job without training like it’s crazy to make it obviously so many people i’m nervous about this type of thing that makes sense you should be scared because you’ve never practiced it you’ve never learned the skills that help to fine tune that talent that you have a by speaking you have not learned the skills you need to be able to communicate clearly so I’m going to give you a little warm up that you can do before you go live and I know it seems goofy but bear with me we’re all gonna make some funny faces and since none of you have your videos onto a bell you can do this and no one will go if you want to turn your video on and do this with me i would love you and I still love you anyway so when you’re speaking on camera guess what when you’re doing it live there’s all of this for tongue twist you know your time to get tied for your breath to run out for a voice to crack for all kinds of crazy things to happen but if you’d like to prevent that from happening or lessen the chance of that happening a warm-up is a really great way to set yourself up for success so my warmup trick is be fab the stands for four different things be the first one is ground almost people especially women I’m gonna get on my school again watch on ok most people think that we breathe like up here right everything and thinking that lungs are here because it’s like where are my pictures and everything this way and it creates all this attention in your voice and create attention in your mind but if you can shift it and remember what it was like when you were a little baby and you took your first breath you didn’t greed way up there what happened was and i have videos of my youngest son to prove it when he was first born I took a bunch of videos and this is the way that we actually naturally really trained ourselves to do something else i’m going to show you so here we are so this is like most people will hold their belly then i’m stuck in my tell me right now if i was to relax and be like this right is Magic you guys im hardcore for showing you all of this on camera because it’s awkward but I’ll get over it right on my video you’re not going to be showing your belly anyway so ok ok you’re here and when you breathe in your diaphragm goes down and all of this needs to expand so watch this I agree to everything out by pushing here i’m going to enter out when i read and watch what happens my belly gets bigger my rib cage expands and then i have this amazing gift of breath to be able to break hello it’s crazy so try it with me put your hand one hand on your belly like

this on one hand we want to read cake what I want you to put everything out and then we’re going to expand your belly and then your ribcage is going to expand so it’s almost like two separate things your belly gets bigger and then your rib cage expands and if you can start thinking about your back expanding as well watching there’s all this in here that’s amazing i’m going to support you so take that right then hey hi i ah yeah you’re amazing for joining our video awesome hey I’m actually looking if you want to tell us what you do in business because everybody can I did a little show and I got to know what you do what do you do I am a freelance graphic designer and a place for . com video for the way mainly marketing funnel so i’m restreaming oh yeah and I have a son who is a musician and you is looking to gain access well that’s how I found you look so cool i love it that’s awesome do you think with your guitar to do i do but i have never performed as a 16-time have the self-confidence to so I’m actually seeing this blanket is one thing but yeah totally and with the guitar you had in mind . a meal Yeah Yeah right awesome so actually the guitar is a really cool way to practice breathing i have a student I’m who is a pretty stellar guitar player and that takes a lot and we work a lot on the low breathing for him and what he does is he holds the guitar here and pushes his stomach into the guitar so it’s cool because you have like a tactile thing there to remind you the breath out of my you know chest and really to let it come down low which is awesome I’m so yeah so let’s all do this trip together but you can do it sitting down to sit up as straight as you can put your belly and we’re going to breathing really big and then we’re going to hit when I go out I it’s hard to this video on zoom is like this so I’m going to keep popping in and out that’s okay so we’re gonna be here and then relax everything right everything out right when you breathe out your stomach goes in which seems counter intuitive and when you regain that you get bigger and then we’re going to hit and that’s your hissing keep missing you should notice a little tightening in your belly we can go ahead and write everything out and we’re gonna bring them again hey Jackie I thought maybe it was you know you ok let’s do it again right now breathing again really bring something different to breathe in through your nose really big don’t want to keep those shoulders down and then I want you to blow out through person looks like and your time you should get really tight bring it all out awesome free then every doubt it hello I’m without awesome so I like to do that like at least four times before i turn video on before I perform not only does it ground you get my stool but it also helps to remind you that there is a way that we can support ourselves in our bodies which is just our breath right and remember that it’s there because we can get really like hey guys could we get nervous which is understandable but it’s a great way to ground yourself so practice that and trying to do it it’s great to do it every day in the morning first thing but I’m definitely before you go life keeps bringing your guitar I think that’s all ok so the next thing in be fab is your face so on video especially live video for the most part if you’re speaking it’s just going to be your face right so you need to use that as a tool for communicating and i know i have crazy facial expression so I don’t expect you guys to have the like wow that I have a backer this should be something that’s natural to you but you want to make sure that you awake you do you awaken those muscles you want to make sure that you have options to choose from I love to picture it as a coloring box and you want to be able to pick different colors out of your coloring box to get your message across so are you ready for this we’re gonna do some face stretches so the first thing we’re going to do is really really big days either hi dr. yeah how about him and then I’m literally fall push good and really big I and then switch to the right transmission left and go around the circle all the way great and then put your cheeks every day I always get crazy tension back in my jaw and that helps me to release that ok and then there’s other things you can do with her face but we’re gonna move right into the a which would be fab day is the articulator ‘he’s we use our tongue in

our teeth and all of this and those need to be stretched out to the term is a huge crazy muscle that has so much to do with what we do when we speak so we’re gonna take our time we’re going to push it into our cheek I first do the other side i first did it in a chic like that because i thought it was kind of awkward to do with especially with kids and voice lessons to be like act like we don’t have to smell weird so I started having them do it into their cheek but i realized i don’t know if you guys felt that but in the back of your tongue the back of my time anyway I notice that there’s an extra like stretch that I get when I have the pressure of my cheek keep pushin against to try to get a notice that stretch in the very back of your tongue oh right okay all kind of tongue it stretches you can do i’m gonna give you one little tongue twister to do which is plug it up you guys can say it bugga I’m gonna yep and then pocket ah good job but close did we just get up off and I’ll get out and we get a really fast get up get up get up job i’m gonna talk to her who gonna get up get up get up get up get up yes super goal there’s like a million temperatures you can get right but it’s great hey my knee high I love you I’m twisters before you go like so that you’re waking that part of your mouth that and ok now the last thing and be back is that your body so even if it’s only your face it’s going to be on the camera your body is underneath your face and it’s like getting ready to support for everything right so I love to do just a drill basic roll down and this is therefore breathing also some blow all of your air out as you roll down like this and hang out with all of your era and what you’re gonna hear breathing really low in your belly and that will be like one of those and this is perfection you like one of those on the like guys at the car dealership the blowup dolls right so think about it there’s no air and you know you’re all down and then the air feels up from the ground so think you’re getting any bigger and you come all the way up and now you’re filled with her right you can go into those power poses not sure if you guys have seen that had talked about power poses but if you stand with your arms up like this or you do a video that also helps you to bring in amazing powerful energy into your video so standing like this is awesome just basic stretches i love to stand against the wall and roll off the wall and come back on I’m and then because i wanted the acronym to be be fab included body also includes your voice so the last thing that you’re going to do is recognize that there’s different pitches in your voice that you want to be able to access if you did a video and you were like hi my name is Allie Mahoney and maman it was all very monotone you won’t have the same effect on your potential clients your audience as if you were using the different colors in your voice so you don’t need to do a ball like I don’t know right but just allowing your voice to bury a little bit and waking up those different parts of your voice will help you to get your message across so i always recommend sirens whoa like that you guys can try and whoa whoa and then also putting your hand on your chest and recognizing that your voice vibrates in different parts of your body put your hand on your chest and go haha we’re here hey right like on your ribs are gonna hey oh god those vibrations and now leave your hand there and do the siren again and you won’t feel the vibrations go well bro cool right it stops vibrating because it’s migrating up here now I’m so we go through all of that hey traci lynn hi whoa whoo yeah yeah you will feel who you won’t get much of your hands down here it needs to be we have taught ok and then I love to do a jump and excited at the same time so I’ve been my name and I go where oh uh I just got ya shaking it into your body this is kind of weird to do obviously if you’re out in public somewhere but if you’re at home do this in the morning wake everything up uh-oh what Josh other things be fab say uh yeah being sorry breath space articulate errs body and voice well help you to be more effective when you get on your live video alright the next thing i want to talk about really quickly is what happens if you hit live you do all of this stuff and no one shows up okay first of all you have to pretend that people are there because the

awesome of facebook live is that it’s the video will stay there and especially people are watching it on their phone it looks like it’s still live I’ve had so many people who don’t realize the videos not live anymore and you can comment in real time with the video with the hearts and the likes and everything in with the video so they have no idea that they’re not watching it live a lot of the time also if they’re watching it in the replay speak to them as if they’re watching it live so that they can interact with you like that and then go back and answer those questions and stuff in the comments later so i always recommend it when you first start your video you say might hate everybody who is here live also if you’re watching this in the replay I’m going to come back and I’ll check in and answer your question so make sure that you still get those lights in the heart of hearts they make everything so fun I’m make sure you put questions down below i’ll come back and answer your questions right away you let them know that you’re still planning on engaging with them and then after you do the video don’t just leave it there go in there’s we cover this in the course but you can change the thumbnail you can add I’m captions to the bottom of it you can download that video uploaded to YouTube you can turn it into a Facebook ad you can put it in different places the only one that’s a little difficult to do I’m is with an event see if you do a live video inside an event the event when it’s over the video will disappear which is kind of a bummer so you want to make sure that you download that one right away so you don’t lose it yeah and if it’s in a private group you know if you only showed it to a certain amount of people you won’t be able to share that publicly but you can download it and put it back up again however if you shared it publicly then you’re going to keep all the hearts and the likes and all that stuff the comments that come through they’ll stay as if they’re their life which is really cool you can also do the transcription of the video either through youtube or through transcriptions first like red dot com is really awesome if you do that you can turn it into a blog post you can divide it up into several blog post there’s like a million ways that you can repurpose the videos so if no one is watching live don’t get disheartened pretend that they’re there and know that there’s a million things that you can do with that video after your debt well okay so that was my whole little master class plan i’d love to open it up for questions and also let you guys know that starting tomorrow yeah tomorrow the first oh my gosh i have a course its opening it’s the first time that we’re doing this course it’s so it’s only forty seven dollars for the whole month we’re going to get really deep and all the technical side going to the confidence stuff more about speaking coming up with a full content plan and also I’m you’re going to get lifetime access to the course because i plan on this is something that I am so in love with and it’s been so great for my business i plan on offering this every month going forward so you’ll be re-entered into the next month I might want to get in the future but because i want this first one to be really like warm and fuzzy and i want to offer that everybody so we could link for that i’m going to put in the chat is the camera icon it is dance . today and you can sign up right there are going to sell it right yeah I did I’m it’s like i said i start tomorrow I’m going to keep the course open as of tomorrow but the price is going to go up to 197 so for 727 is a giant discount so we’ll get on an elevator back to join and have more fun we have some people in there already Jackie’s in there and it’s were already kind of doing some freak or stuff which is really fun Jackie we’re going to talk today about your crazy light on your phone because I didn’t like it I have an android but i did a live video from an iphone yesterday and the same thing happened to me and I was like oh my gosh that’s what jackie was talking about so we’re gonna get into that I don’t know what have you ever gone my daughter all right have you ever done a live video no I other than like periscope I messed around with periscope you know when it first came out but I’m not nothing really that was again that was not really a businessman like it either yeah yeah it was i’m cool so I what kind of phone do you have I have a lot of God and ipad okay awesome I’m gonna we’re gonna be doing different things about different types of devices as well because there’s a few things that are different like for some reason on Jackie’s phone when she live all of a sudden is crazy like her whole face gets washed out so I’m there’s wages to adjust things for different I’m up different devices then we’ll talk about that dragon okay does anybody have any questions Tracy you join us a little bit later hi good to see you are not to you you’ve been training video on if you want you you don’t have two questions go for a kidney I’m here what is the as far as the technical so what happened there the quality of the video and the actual you just talking about some of the adjustments you can make with that the interface is there you know some tools within the facebook live optimizing the little core even a little overly graphics and things like that

brand cool yeah totally so they’re going right now they have filters which are pretty cool you can I don’t know if I can do it on here without actually going live but when you go live there’s a little button on the top left hand side that is a filter option so you can make it look like and why you can make your face green you can do all kinds of things to adjust the filter which is kind of fun and and depending on what type of video you’re doing like let’s say you’re doing I’m a throwback I’m gonna have to go with me here hope I’m yes I’ll make sure I send the item you every play like so watch your inbox for that day and thank you i know it’s late go to bed she’s calling from Indonesia a virtual school awesome I’m Oh anything I awesome Traci also new information i am i’ll send it out as soon as we’re done here it’s going to start tomorrow and it will be for the whole entire month so i’ll send you all kinds of information yeah I’m so excited I’m so I’m yes you can change the filters there are also going to be adding things like snapchat filters to it so do you know that app masquerade have you heard of that it’s like ms qrd no spell it and it has like face flop and different you know funny filters so you can do that as well um there’s also a way to use other like a webcam and other tools that you don’t have to purchase in order to hook it up to your computer which we’re not really going to get too much into that because i think it can get a little expensive but if you want to but there’s ways to be able to do that and yet Oh Tracy just that she’s being a real beginner in the course we’re going to go from like how to turn your phone on step by step so don’t worry I’m not gonna get not getting into all that stuff today because some people already know that’s up in the course we’re going to really step by step and there’s a way to be able to hook up different a webcam and other and software so that you can screen share which would be really cool for you as well as a graphic designer right and also what I do is just a basic tripod where is my tripod I’ll show you guys what i use as the type on record as soon as usual yeah right and it it’s funny because depending on what type of ya and I’ll let them in lighting also i I’ll i’m putting together a gear page that i can send you guys today – and yeah Jackie the lighting for you is going to be a little different because your phone is doing weird things so maybe you actually need to do yours in the dark and then it will be very lucky it’s because your phone is making some right but what I do with the tripod is instead of going on but something crazy i just took I had a selfie stick and I just took the top part of my selfie stick off and it has this little thing on the bottom and then I just screwed it on to the super cheap Oh tripod i have like really fancy camera tripods that are very hardcore and my husband thought I was crazy when I bought this one for fifteen dollars but it’s so light and i love it because it’s really little I have big fancy ones that I don’t use them as much because I’d rather just carry around this really like what it’s when the outside you should invest you know you’re going to do things that are crazy with weather and stuff like that you should invest in a more expensive one with this one super light and I you know I i recommend finding a couple of places in your house or your office or wherever you are that are standard settings for your for your live videos so i have an area in my backyard that I know exactly how it’s going to be set up I know what time of day the light is going to be great and it’s all about figuring that out with your own setting right hey the color of your ceiling is so awesome Adam that turquoise back there oh yes that’s not going to I love it so they’re finding things like that the way that I do this is above my desk so my death can be as messy as possible it doesn’t matter i have my little signs back there that have to do with my brand right in the course also we’re going to get really and sneak into exactly what your brand is which adam is something that I’m sure you specialize in with graphic design right move yes yeah so with that even though right now there’s not necessarily filters like on snapchat that you can do you can establish your brand by the way that you set it up around you okay um i also have this is really fun and I’m going to show you so I had this is my I’m going to turn this around this is my light it came with an umbrella with it but I just don’t the umbrella when I have my boy students in here it’s like so big I don’t use it i just use it like this and it works pretty well it’s cowboy studios and which is awesome i also have a little ring like that who I have that here this ring selfie light have you seen these Adam yeah you have loved it so just left onto your on Jackie’s you have one of these you should have one of these and wait – yeah so click on your phone like this and gives you a nice you can change up its you can change up the intensity of it so that’s really

cool um and whoa now it’s really bad right i’m using my computer right now and my secret with my computer which all can your good lighting hold on we make sure that Tracy i’ll send you a link with all the information on where to get it i just got most everything on amazon but i’ll send you a link yeah to the exact ones that i have my secret from my computer you know walking desk or really expensive so i use a music stand and it’s like a hardcore music stand that show you look it’s just like I literally just set my computer on a music stand and then i can work while standing I can be my videos while standing because I you know you have more energy when you’re standing up it’s your whole body is involved if you’re sitting there going to be more like you know tempted to collapse so this music stan has been so amazing actually going to put the music and make your list – because I’m what you might not use it for a video with your phone it’s so awesome for everything else that i do video is from my computer as well i’m gonna show you something else to a good thing I am totally obsessed with it I got this one amazon also it folds up i did a video which i haven’t shared yet at all i need to post a video on how it works but I do a lot of audition recording for my students and I used to have when it was like there’s a performing arts high school near here and when it was audition time for them I used to and put this big curtain up in my room and it was like a giant and you couldn’t open the door from the studio so i got this thing and it’s been so amazing i love amazon – I know but watch it folds down into I don’t actually do it thank you that’s why it’s still open but it can fold down look like into it basically goes into like a car and but the things that the Sun shields in a car you know how they go down it goes into a circle that’s like this big which is so awesome because you can’t take it with you anywhere if you want to have your plane back black background or white wine here because there’s a white was right on the other side right it’s like a nice grayish way it’s what I love your Chi Chi bank post thank you i did the national tour did you really yeah so there’s my little autograph so all right yeah have you seen Chitty Chitty Bang name that was the first film I ever sore muscle seen a half a dozen times when i was a young child my dad take me saturday mornings it goes like several weekends in a row in teaching bang bang oh my god that film inside out ok wanna see something really cool watch this see that dick van dyke yes wow how awesome is that with my whole family it was like the best day of my entire life my youngest son is in my belly but i’m still kinda like this movie that’s coming out on PBS at the end of the year and and we were just like featured extra on a set but it was a really small group of people and we got to spend the whole day with him and I cried the whole way home so happy about the baby oh yeah but I’m yeah hello yeah so cool though I what I didn’t see in the theater but i loved it the video on it so I could do a video with white behind me as well and because it’s fabric like that i can pin things to it so if you have like a message you want to be going over are you want to set the tone for your video you can pin things on there too super cool I’m and look how can you use the white as a reflector cool session oh my gosh you’re totally right yes exactly so you can turn it around the other side and . the light towards the white and then that would bounce it back on you like you would with a little umbrella so free so one trick is if if you’re shooting outside and obviously midday the midday Sun is really really hard she yeah I’ll see shadows on your eyes and it can be really really hot mornings and evenings obviously the gold medal with someone very nice but if you want to fill in some light you can use that bounce some sunlight and even out the lights months was totally and because it gets so compact you can bring it with you I did the video that i did yesterday and the circle i wasn’t really planning on doing it and they would like noon and the light was so bad I literally like walked around the whole park trying to figure out the best place to go it was awful but I’m if I had that in my car which I could just keep it with me at all times have been awesome really guide yeah I’m okay tricky tricky because you have to go to a podcast meeting I’m excited to know your podcast Tracy and she’s gonna start the course I’m so glad i’ll send you all the information today and it’s gonna be really fun um ok so any other questions we’ve got just a few more minutes who think that’s about it we have today

that was a lot it was beneficial for you guys and send me links to yours your facebook pages so that i can see you when you go live with your Facebook page anna i do why I don’t use it that often now I’m and occasional voyeur other other than that yeah okay how are you reaching out to new clients I’m not that’s better yeah okay welcome ok yeah I have I took a really awesome course with a woman named charlie campbell who is a financial advisor and she said if you’re sitting waiting for your ship to come in you can’t you you can’t expect your ship to come in if you haven’t sent to ship out first so she got a case nine hours a week to sending out ships that’s crazy but so awesome and I am trying to match up to her it just is sending out ships can be doing a live video because you know you’re putting it out there so just as much as you can get the courage to put and I think just for right now you have awesome an awesome presence on camera it’s different when you’re chillin i will add that no one else was on camera on your you know so please help out there and do your breathing exercises so I actually so visual model school when you’re on stage and that’s actually a great way to look at it with my video too because each time I know that people have said to me like people who never comment on my videos never liked my videos anything i’ll come up to me you know how to parties or whatever and say oh my gosh i love your videos they totally give me confidence to put more of myself out there because I see you putting yourself out there so even when I didn’t really talk about this with diana and like she was saying that she’s gotten some negative feedback which is such a bummer but if you lean into your purpose like i was saying and you are honest with the fact that you’re not super comfortable with being live on camera and on let them see like okay this is a little goofy and it but you know do your best to work through it I find that people are actually more connected to you and that because they see that your real that you’re not trying to be this perfect thing so yeah it’s it really seems to work so it’s like an idea it’s also i know it can be scary so maybe do a couple of test runs with friends who dunya that’s what i was going to say also one thing that I’ve done for my clients as we make sure that we tell each other when we’re going to go live so you have a little more support in there just knowing that you have friends I’m who are there to try and make you feel like you’re not alone just good and she’s acknowledged the awkward yes i love that I’m very good at acknowledging the awkward but we all feel it so just can’t use that as a way to connect with people I’m awesome ok time to get going this is amazing i will be sending out the replay and via the mailing list and yes look for it you’re awesome thank you Adam we’re here where are you PS i’m just down the street from your full attention no way I baby let them go ahead okay well we’re just going to school acacia elementary is in policies because he’s just going to sit right next ok awesome hurry if you’re looking to just like you said he was looking to start performing is looking to give voice lessons with it when he reminded yeah i’m gonna stop the recording and we can tell you have room