hey everyone well I realized this video is long overdue I’ve been wanting to do my general TV news makeup routine for you guys for quite a while now but as you may know I anchor for a morning news program and that requires me to get up that oh 1:30 of the morning so I have had trouble getting the motivation although I love making videos just getting the motivation to put a big smile on my face and make a video for you guys so I went ahead and did this on the weekend when I had plenty of time to do it for you so basically um don’t expect this to necessarily be your typical how-to video because I am going to kind of go through things quickly and sort of edit out you know take you through every step but I might not fully show everything because a lot of you were just curious you know what’s different steps I take when I’m on camera than when I’m off camera and that kind of thing so um anyway it’s just going to be kind of okay here’s what’s going on kind of video so I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions specifically pertaining to makeup for broadcasting please let me know I’m really not sure who out there has a real interest in this kind of thing for some of you it’s going to be kind of an oh that’s interesting sort of video and for others it may be actually informative for you in your field so please let me know if you have further questions on this and enjoy the vid guys the very first thing I do every day is I pluck my eyebrows just remove any stray hairs doing it daily just keeps anything from building up and you never really have a huge problem on your hands on any given day and then I am apply moisturizer I usually use for daytime the be luscious vibrancy day lotion it’s got SPF 15 in it so I like to use something with an SPF during the for the daytime hours um and that just kind of you know get your face kind of revved up for the day and then I go ahead and I’m going to apply some Smashbox photo finish primer this is a good one and so is the UM Rimmel fixin perfect I’m going to do a primers video here shortly so you can learn a lot but more about them but anyway just apply that over all over your face it’s going to help smooth out you know any problem areas next comes the foundation usually for work I use the Rimmel lasting finish it’s number 200 and soft beige and I just lately I’m gonna just for speed I’ve been using my fingers just getting it on my hand dotting it all over and just rubbing it in and being careful to get it up to my hairline around my eyebrows this is a really nice long wearing foundation it doesn’t break down under bright lights or it’s not really it’s relatively unaffected by high humidity and things like that so I really really like it you can see I’m just working it in all around my eyes yes I will go in there with a concealer but this can take care of some of the problems so you don’t have to use as much concealer if you use foundation first so that’s kind of the idea there after I apply foundation I go through with a sponge and just make sure that around my jaw and my hairline everything is perfectly blended in so around my eyebrows to my eyes this just helps to ensure that you know you’re not going to catch yourself with a ring around your face basically okay and then once you’ve done that I go in with my concealer I used several different kinds really I like the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit lately I’ve been using because it’s a little bit lighter and I do try at least during the summertime season to keep things a little bit lighter in terms of the makeup just because I am outdoors sometimes doing stories and I find that it holds up better if you actually do it lighter so I’ve been using the Kat Von D tattoo concealer which is just really an all-purpose concealer in light and I get a little bit of that on my finger and once again you know your fingers can be the best tools I put a little on the outer corners of my eye and then I just go in and around this whole area that can look a little bit dark sometimes and repeat on the other eye um lately I’ve been using this powder I found at Big Lots it’s from Revlon and it’s the new complexion corrective powder and uh it’s an even out and it’s a yellow tone powder which is really great using this

brush I also got from Big Lots and I use this to set the concealer this yellow tone powder is just fantastic for setting concealer yellow tone powder also comes in the bobbi brown creamy concealer kit but to kind of save money and you know kind of conserve that I’ve been using this and then we’re going to take some loose powder to set the whole foundation that we applied I’m going to use my Mary Kay signature powder in beige one this just powder just in itself has a good amount of coverage so I like that I’m gonna get it on this random brush that I’ve had it for a long time just got it from Walmart works great for powder though it’s soft it’s full it’s just a nice oops I don’t know why I got funky there on me for a second but it’s it really is a nice brush for all over face powders now that I’ve got the powder all over generally next I go for some bronzer I like to use a matte bronzer all over my face just to kind of perk up my overall skin tone I do this winter or summer doesn’t matter this is the powder bronzer in light from Milani a nice basically matte powder you might see a little bit of pearlescent qualities in that but really overall it is it goes on very matte so I just put that all over my face focusing even more product on the areas where the Sun would naturally hit me so temples around my forehead nose chin and then kind of using it for an added contour here around my cheeks tops of cheeks just really trying to warm up the whole complexion and because I mean bright lights you know you’re sitting under bright lights you need to do a little more in the way of you know bronzer and stuff like that and then I’m going to use a different tone bronzer which is from Wet n Wild and it is trying to find out its Bally bronze is the shade and you can see it’s deeper and it has a little bit of shimmer to it and so therefore I like to use two tones of bronzer I would recommend this as a tip for everyday makeup as well go over those main areas where you want to either slim the face or give yourself even more of that tan glow just a little I use it with a little bit lighter touch than I do the other powder but it just adds something just to you know give yourself a little bit of contrast rather than flat you know matte tan everywhere because while matte is good it’s not the only thing you need I’m gonna grab my blush here then I want to contour the cheeks and I’m for that I use my covergirl blush cheekers blush in golden pink greatest contour shade ever in my opinion sucking and go this is another step that I go heavier on for news than I do on every day you know day to day just kickin it at home kind of look really helps I mean gives your face a nice look on camera when you’ve got a little more contour there and may want to contour the forehead a bit and contour the chin just a bit go under the jawline another thing that’s very important and I usually do it more so when I get to work is focus on the decollete area just getting making sure that everything matches up we have some extremely bright lights where we can do our makeup in front of and that kind of helps me see how it’s all playing out from head to neck and all that and then I’m going to do a blush kind of on the apples of my cheeks blush is so important and when you’re on camera just to give your face a look of health this is the Milani minerals blush in my tie pretty peachy pink looks great on all skin tones focusing that on the sort of the knot right in here because I don’t want redness I don’t I don’t want any look of any redness around my nose so keeping it kind of on the outer portion of that apple of the cheek area now all the face steps are done except for one I like to use some sort of loose powder to set my makeup with and I tried it and I’m not talking loose in the way of like the Mary Kay loose powder which had a lot of coverage – I try to use something SuperDuper light because I don’t want to

really add any more product to my face but I do just want that overall dusting overall this it just makes me feel better to know that it’s there and for that I really like to use the bare minerals mineral veil and it’s just really really light product doesn’t put any added color on my face but it does I feel like helped things just stay a little better so I’m using my fluffy kabuki brush same one I used for the you know the bronzer and everything and just getting that all over alright guys time for eyes it doesn’t ever freak you out when I’m like coming up on here and one eye is totally done and the other eye isn’t it it kind of freaks me out to look at myself that way but the eyes are so important when it comes to TV I mean you are delivering the message to people and it’s practically like they you know you think you’re making eye contact with a news person when you’re watching them on TV the eyes are so important and I’m going to show you what I typically do however there really isn’t a typical in terms of my eye makeup I do I don’t know if the viewers ever would notice but I do switch it up from day to day like I mean I’ll use brown tones if I’m wearing something creamy or neutral I’ll use shades of grey and black if I’m wearing a lot of black I’ll use purples I’ve even used blues and greens at times the key is just keeping any color you use very subtle because you do not want to distract obviously from the message you’re giving us so yeah I do switch it up on a daily basis I mean I’ve got a lot of products to use and I would hate to just get in a rut and use the same thing day to day so I’m just going to do something that is sort of typical I guess and we’ll just leave it at that but what I’ve already done is put on my Too Faced shadow insurance then I’m going to grab this is a Smashbox trio and in smokey eyes it was part of the masters class expert eyes set I’m not sure if this is being sold individually or not but you could probably find similar shades what it is is am sort of golden a neutral shade a matte Brown and a plum shade that is very similar to Mac’s sketch so I’m going to use that lightest shade there the one with sort of golden a tone and this is very much just the shade of my skin I try not to use anything too overly sparkly or metallic on my lids when I’m doing the news because it does strangely really pick up kind of right on the camera I got a lot of lights on you and anything with a really reflective quality will show up maybe more than you want it to so this isn’t too overboard so I’m just putting that all over my lid and then what I do is I’m going to take my essence of beauty brush the larger of the two that come in that 2-pack of crease brushes going to go for that matte brown shade and basically just work this in all over my crease and you know some people might say well you’re up that early in the morning is too much contouring and stuff like that and dark shades going to make you look tired well really I think it gives you depending on how you use it if you’re using these shades right it you’ll get kind of a lifted look I mean you can tell from one eye to the next this eye is a little a little bit lifted seaming so um then I’m going to take the smaller brush and go into this purpley shade and I’m just going to kind of do a little bit of an outer V I don’t make it too pronounced but I do focus in you know more of that shade right here in the in the corner and you know that’s pretty typical of what I would usually do and then to kind of blur that whole edge and give me a little more warmth up here like I said no metallic bright whites up here it will it won’t come off that well and where’s my brush okay and I just held this up this is not what I was looking for um yeah there it is found it okay um where was I okay I’m using a sort of golden e shade up here as a highlight this is covergirl cheekers in golden sunset might look a little bold here in the packaging but I just use a light touch with the Sephora rounded crease brush and I just kind of buff out the edge of the my outer-v that we created there go all the way up to the eyebrow with this this just warms up the whole the whole face I mean I’ve got a lot of space here not everybody has a lot of space between

their eye and their brow so I feel the need to you know kind of fill that in with some sort of color there that is not go you know straight up white because that’s a big swath of my face there um anyway now we basically got the shadow done I just go for my liner it’s pretty much always Revlon Colorstay liquid liner in blackest black for the top lash line and just go in I keep it close to my lash line now I do wing that out just a little bit but I’m going to connect up to that with some of my Revlon Colorstay pencil liner in black brown I mean black Brown is very close to their black I’ll sometimes use blackberry which is a purpley tone a plum toned liner that is nice for purplish looks but either way I’m just using black Brown today and I just blend up to that corner just like so kind of flicking upward and then I just keep it right in that lashline and for those of you who think you know liner all the way around the eye you know is that a little harsh or whatever well it does see I mean it seems to work in terms of you know you’re on camera and you really want I tend to like the focus to be on the eyes and um you know bright lights you’ve heard me say bright lights a zillion times but it is a big part of why I do the things I do so you know you can easily get washed out it’s my point so if you want to show up you need to you know make it a little darker and provide a little more emphasis now I don’t know if I even told you what I just did there just took the matte Brown here and this angled liner brush and just went over it to sort of set that and then something I always do put my cat back on here I always go for some kind of setting powder whether it’s the mineral veil or the Maybelline mineral power just translucent to finishing veil powder I grab my concealer brush that I reserved for just dry products and I apply this right under where I did that liner to make it stay throughout the day there are oils in that liner and I don’t want them to run down or seep down in any way so it’s like this is me telling them to stay put don’t go anywhere and then I go ahead and curl my eyelashes with my ELF eyelash curler I really rotate my mascaras this happens to be the covergirl volume exact it’s honestly I do use more often than not especially lately I’ve just been using a lot of false lashes and it’s not always the whole strip what I’m going to put on here in a second is just the half strip that you put on the outside just to give you a little more fullness there and I find when I do that you know it kind of your mascara doesn’t have to do as much work for you basically so you can kind of use whatever mascara you want really all right these are the lashes I’m talking about you can see they’re not the full strip they’re just real short if lately I’ve been getting a little faster with this and I’m just able to work the glue on there and use sort of the tip to spread it along just like that okay then we let that get tacky and then we put them on alright guys just got the false lashes on there it’s just again that half strip that gives you a little fullness on the outsides and I also did my brows which basically entails just taking some matte brown eyeshadow this is from L’Oreal and deep mocha and I just take my little brow brush which was sitting around here somewhere but I just used that to kind of fill in just on the outsides because I mainly on this eyebrow I have like a little bitty scar and I just fill that in other than that I used a little bit of clear brow gel and then just brush them sort of down into place and that basically works for me for just an everyday routine there and then in terms of my lips generally I do like a lip balm or something and I usually put this on so it’s kind of moisturizer my lips throughout my makeup application so I’ll put this on like when I moisturize this one is a lip smacker in raspberry mil and it smells

delicious and then I go ahead and do a lip liner on this one is from Jordana available at like Walgreens stores it’s in baby berry and basically I just line next um I do like I said with my eyes I will switch up my lip colors kind of on a daily basis as well because I’ve got a lot of lip products to use so um you know sometimes I will go with more of a new usually I don’t go entirely nude usually I like to have a little color there just so I think it brings some brightness to your face on camera I’m using this shade from Rimmel it’s the Rimmel lasting finish in metallic seduction and I will really like this shade it’s kind of like berry toned with some nice reddish undertones and I’ll apply that kind of money you’re seeing me put it sort of on the outer portions here of my bottom lip and then I use like a lighter gloss in the middle of my lips like this one is from wet & wild and it is bronze berry it’s one of the mega slicks not exactly my ultimate favorite but it does look kind of nice with this lipstick and center it in the middle of your bottom lip and you got that nice little shine there guys thank you so much for watching this video of my TV news makeup look it is something that I go through every day it takes me in reality probably about 20 minutes from start to finish counting the eyebrow tweezing and that kind of thing and and some of you might be thinking like wow that’s fast or some might be thinking can how in the world do you stand to put that much time into it but I mean when you know that thousands of people are going to be watching you and had the opportunity to you know critique your face as they watch that watch you on the news you you might put a little time into it as well so I hope you guys enjoyed this video again please let me know if you have any questions on this or makeup for broadcast I would be happy to help you out so thanks for watching guys have a great day you