hello everyone today I’m going to share with you a highly anticipated video and it’s been a long time coming so I do apologize for how long this has taken me but this is going to be a long video because I’m going to share with you all of the best performing formulas for my very dry sensitive lips I’m going to start with lip balms then move into sheer lip glosses and then move into more pigmented lip glosses then jump into the lipsticks and lip liner so that’s the order that I’m going to go and so if you don’t wear gloss if you don’t care about lip balm you can go ahead and skip all right on through but I’m going to start with lip balm like I said because I feel like that’s the essential product for dry sensitive lips that tend to crack and peel so I like the hydra max at plus active precision lip balm from chanel it comes in this little plastic tub and it’s fairly lightweight it’s easy to carry it smells really nice I don’t have a very keen sense of smell so whenever I wear or test products the scent is not the primary source of my frustration when it comes to lip products I don’t find that fragrance in particular is what triggers my lips to peel but this chanel hydra max the balm is great because it actually has a very fluid texture you can’t really tell because obviously it’s just it looks like a standard waxy lip balm but when you rub your finger in it it warms up with the warmth of your skin and then it turns into almost like a liquid and it becomes very glossy and it’s just a super thin but effective lip balm and I still find that despite how thin this lip balm is it’s one of the most effective plus I love how it looks when worn alone because it is very glossy but if I want something more heavy-duty if I want a little bit more exfoliating action then I’ll use my balm de la Mer and this is a lip balm that will exfoliate your lips so I like to scoop this out with a spatula and then apply to my lips because it is much more waxy it doesn’t melt onto the lips the way this chanel hydra max does what i like to do is leave this on overnight as a treatment and actually exfoliate my lips in the morning with a lip scrub and the only lip scrub that I can use is the lip scrub by Sarah Happ I was introduced to this by my friend Jessica and even though I seen it online I never thought to splurge so and spend so much money on a lip scrub like this but I’ve tried the fresh and I’ve tried a couple other versions but for some reason the sugars in the Sarah half tends to work really well for me it has a slightly grainy texture but I just smooth it over the lips and then you just wipe it off also another overnight treatment that I tend to use is the hourglass lip oil I really love this but it is sticky so I don’t like to wear it on windy days so I haven’t been using this often when I go out I’ve been using it at home when I really want my lips to feel hydrated and smooth this has the effect that the chanel hydra max has except in a much higher dosage because this is an oil-based formula it’s a lip oil but it also has the glossy effect of the Chanel so I really love all three of these the Lumiere I probably use the least and it will be a reoccurring theme I will mention it multiple times throughout this video I try to avoid shimmer in my lip products whenever possible because the majority of the time shimmer only makes my peeling and dryness worse so that’s just something for you to keep in mind not everyone has the same sensitivities so these are tinted lip balms but the number two I sell volute de share candy in papaya has very little color so on my lips it just brightens them it brings out the natural pink in my tone in the tone of my lips but overall it’s just a very sheer ball and that’s why I love it because it looks super natural with any look any time of day especially when I’m not wearing makeup it really doesn’t add to that oh my gosh your lips are so shiny but the rest of your face is bare and it’s more similar to the Lancome balm in love I really love this color this is the 100 rose in love which is essentially a translucent balm as well this one has a waxy air feel so I don’t like to use this one when my lips are quite as dry so when my lips are in relatively good condition I will use the Lancome just because it can and my lips will be able to handle that higher wax content but when my lips require a bit more TLC and I want a hint of shine and color but with all the properties of the bomb that I’m looking for then I’ll go ahead and reach for my gooey papaya now a lot of times when I just want low Eaton’s color something that I can continuously reapply while I’m out I will use the volute day share candy and number four and this is pomegranate this is a bright pink and I’ve been talking about these lip balms a lot in the past few months but that’s just because I find that they really do work for me they’re not the most hydrating lip balm out there they don’t hydrate as well as the hourglass or even the Sarah Happ lips lip but I have to say that for a lip balm a tinted lip balm these are quite nice and again it has that same thin texture as the chanel hydra max lip balm but honestly I find

that when my lips are moderately chapped or dry if a very heavy lip balm like Villa mare doesn’t always help to relieve the dryness so it’s not about you know the heavier the balm the better the results it’s about finding what works for you and what helps to immediately relieve the pain of the dryness and the trapping so now that we’ve discussed the lip scrub and all the bombs that I use I’m going to move on to the glosses and I’m going to start with the sheerest first up is a very translucent lip gloss which is essentially like a balm in lip gloss form and this is a sweet creme lip creme so I love this one because even though it looks really pink in the bottle it kind of gives a milky tint to my lips so it tones down the mauve or mo for Canadians I really love this color because even though it is sheer it has sort of the same effect as the papaya but instead of brightening my lips like the papaya does this sweet crumb color makes my lips again look more milky and it doesn’t hurt that the vanilla bean caramel scent is so so sweet and actually like an edible scent so it’s very gourmand it’s not one of those synthetic nasty vanilla scents which I absolutely despise and that’s honestly the reason why I avoid MAC lipsticks it’s not even that they irritate my lip so much as I can’t stand the smell and when I say I can’t stand the smell of something you know it’s really bad because I’m not sensitive to smell whatsoever so it for some reason I just can’t stand supers synthetic vanilla since but this one isn’t that synthetic at all and it’s very hydrating there is a hint of shimmer in it but there’s no irritation whatsoever so if for some reason I forget to carry one of the bombs with me then usually I’ll have this in my purse because I have multiples of this and I just leave them around the house and grab them whenever I need them so I love this one I highly recommend it and the lip cremes in general are a great range for those of you with dry lips and now for the benefit altra plush lip gloss I’ve talked about this before this isn’t the color kiss mean this is my favorite benefit lip gloss and it looks strange in the tube because it’s purple and I really don’t like purple lip tinted things but for some reason this one really works for me and I’ve tried the others in this range and I thought the Pink’s would work better for me but for some reason kiss you I’m sorry did I say kiss me before I’m sorry kiss you is the only color that I really really love and I think that this formula is very similar to the juicy tubes but thinner sort of like the hydra max so again i highly recommend this the kiss you color has a strong blue lien so it actually makes your teeth look wider and I think that’s why I love this so much now finally some more Chanel as many of you know the gloss mares have been some of my favorite lip glosses since I started YouTube and that was a long time ago so I’ve been wearing the glossy mares and I have a fairly large collection of these because even though the ones with shimmer sometimes do tend to dry out my lips a little bit more I still love all of them and for some reason the number 108 this is constellation this one has a gel formula unlike other shimmery Chanel glosses particularly in the glass and mara line they don’t have that gel formula but constellation in particular is awesome I absolutely love it it has a very cushiony feel so the glitter doesn’t really sit on your lips the way that cream shimmery lip glosses do so I highly recommend you try this one first Chanel mica is also another really good one but constellation is still it feels more more like a gel and that’s why I love the other two here that I’m going to share with you this is number 437 and 165 is volute day I also really love this and the reason why I still collect these is because this is the first designer lipgloss that I discovered that I absolutely loved and did not cause any adverse side effects to my lips so even though again the ones with shimmer are a little bit more hit and miss the ones without shimmer are always hits for me so I continue to buy the ones without any shimmer so now I have to Laura Mercier lip glosses that I wanted to show you this is her classic lip gloss and I just wanted to share the Bellini color because this is the permanent one and this one does have shimmer in it but it doesn’t irritate my lips too much and now I’m going to show you camellia which is a limited edition so this one’s no longer available unfortunately but I just wanted to show you a few colors without the shimmer and that’s because a lot of these glasses are made some with shimmer and some without just like with the Chanel blossom airs and the Laura Mercier lip glosses without shimmer are fabulous there are very similar to Chanel’s except probably a little bit more fluid and less like a gel but otherwise I absolutely love them too they’re a really great affordable splurge I’m going to talk about two NARS lip glosses these are both without shimmer the first one I have is pure a I believe that’s how you pronounce it pure a pur a I don’t know exactly but it has the tiniest applicator on the planet but believe it or not it’s excellent at lining the lips especially if you have a thin upper lip like I do then it’s really nice if you have a minute so take

a look in the mirror to line your lips with it and it actually makes your lips look fuller so I like this lip gloss formula a lot it is a little stickier I also ordered odalisque I just haven’t had a tough chance to photograph or use it and this one is a nude brown peach so I like both of the colors here’s a comparison of the two so you can see more true to color they’re both very natural-looking with colors and actually the pink version of this NARS is most similar to my lip color so when I want something truly natural then I reach for this one now for the only lip gloss that I’ll be featuring today that has a slightly tingly feeling on the lips this bareMinerals marvelous Moxie lipgloss formula is fabulous so the reason why I love the marvelous Moxie is not just of the applicator style which is long and slanted I just really really really adore the party starter color and this is the coral it’s a really bright bright coral and it’s not too orange I was afraid it would make my lips look a little bit more sallow but it’s very brightening and I absolutely love rebel as well and rebel is more of a baby mauve pink it’s just phenomenal both of them are really great and they smell like peppermint and usually lip plumping ingredients or anything that makes my lips feel even remotely tingly will cause peeling but these don’t cause my lips to peel in fact they look super glossy and healthy even after I take the color off so these are stickier and they last a bit longer most of the glasses that I showed in the beginning of the video lasts anywhere from one to three hours the glosses that I’m showing now lasts anywhere from two and a half to three and a half to four hours depending on if how much I’m talking or if I’m eating now going back to the Armani flash lacquers I featured them in my top 13 of 2013 because they were the best new lip gloss release and they’re just super comforting not sticky whatsoever they feel more like a gel the way the Chanel blossom air is do and the coverage is actually much better than I expected so with colors like five one nine which is more of a raspberry shade the color coverage is quite good so they’re more opaque than your standard lip gloss and even the 107 which is more of a milky nude pink still has great coverage and I have swatches of these with the colors actually on my lips on my blog so you can go check these out I highly recommend these two these are my favorite but it seems like most of my readers who are viewers who have purchased the flash lacquers most favored 2520 and last but not least to wrap up the lip glosses i have my Chanel Rouge allure xtrade glosses and yes it has the longest name for a lip gloss ever sorry that was a piece of dust floating in the air my favorite colors in this formula are limited and no longer available so for some reason they always make the best shades limited editions so seventy and fifty five one seven a red and a nude are my top two I think both of them have been reviewed extensively on my blog they’re gorgeous but unfortunately I won’t spend too much time talking about them because they’re not available anymore both of them have shimmer but I have no issues wearing them they are like a liquid lipstick and less of a gloss and they just feel so comforting they really hug the surface of the lips and they last and last so I’m going to talk to you about 52 which is genie it’s actually one of the first colors that I bought it’s fairly similar to Chanel the luth day except maybe a little bit more orange and more noticeably orange on my lips it’s a fairly pretty color I don’t love it as much as I love these two limited editions that I just mentioned but it’s a good color to talk about because it has more of a glossy gel texture than the other tomb so the ones with shimmer in this range seem to be more of a metallic sort of cream which is actually more in tune with olivier de beauté lip cremes but the rouge lauric straight glosses in 52 or some of the other pinks like imaginaire they’re more like a gel so this formula this Rouge allure extra gloss formula range is quite a bit so some can be hit or miss depending on your preferences and that’s a wrap for all of my lip glosses i really love lip gloss that’s why there’s so many and that’s not even all the lip gloss that i own that’s all the lip gloss that i love so i know it’s a lot but i just wanted to show different colors in different price ranges so that you have some options now for the lipsticks and lip liners when i use lip liner which I’m very particular about I only use Lancome or Chanel in Lancome I usually use natural ma because that’s the closest to my lip color now for my favorite lipstick so my absolute Holy Grail lip stick formula is the Tom Ford lipstick and I love crimson noir this is I think this was limited edition unfortunately but I’m sure you can still find it online it’s a very deep red and you’re going to see a lot of red lipsticks because most of the time if I’m going to our lipstick I want

something that’s very pigmented and the older I get the more I love red I don’t know what it is it’s just a natural progression and then I also love Spanish pink this is a great everyday color to wear and it’s not too it’s not too pale it’s not like blush nude where I feel like I have to be wearing a lot of makeup to pull it off I feel like Spanish pink which is number one is one of those colors that’s perfect for fair to probably medium skin tones to wear every day whether you’re wearing makeup or not and then last but not least I love sable smoke this is my holy grail nude color it’s a little dark so I do like to top this one with gloss but sable smoke is the only nude that leans more Brown that I can wear and not look sickly I highly recommend you try sable smoke first it’s beautiful now between the Tom Ford ultra shine lip gloss and the lip color shine lipsticks it’s a tough choice because as much as I love lip gloss I actually really love sheer lipsticks so I like sheer lip gloss your lipstick I’m big on translucent lips I just really like the way the shininess makes my lips look fuller but naturally so and that’s why I’m going to show you two sheer lipsticks today one’s called abandoned and the other one called is called smitten smitten is number two and it’s my favorite lip shine color and it’s sheer but it has a peachy pink tone with a lot of shimmer so even though these do have a lot of shimmer they don’t irritate my lips too much and they don’t cause peeling so I highly recommend these I have swatches of all of these on my blog sable smoke is actually a little bit more pink terracotta in comparison to abandon but abandons a little bit easier to wear on the daily so that’s why I like it I really love a little bit darker nudes I don’t like nudes that wash me out too much and make my complexion look super pale or give you you know um what do they call a concealer lip I just really don’t like that look so it just doesn’t work for me you know different strokes for different folks everybody after tomforde my lipsticks of choice would have to be Armani’s I love all of our Monte’s lipsticks I love the rouge armani at the rouge ecstacy CC lipstick by armani the rouge darmani sheers and the one that I wear the most actually is the rouge armani sheer in 505 it is the perfect baby pink and I love this lipstick because it’s super glossy at first but it dries down to a normal lipstick which is a satin and it just wears really long but is super comforting so I love this one next would be five one five this is a pale pink for some reason our money just does some of my favorite baby Pink’s and that’s why I’m showing you these two because they’re the two that I reach for the most and I’m very particular with my Pink’s because a lot of Pink’s are too bright for me so I but then when I go to a baby pink they are too cool or too pale so these two are the best and that’s why I’m recommending them and showing you these in particular even though I do have more Armani lipsticks and a lot of them are sitting back there and as far as the CC lipstick goes beige 100 which I thought was a little too pale at first is actually really nice when layered on top of the veloute sheer candy papaya color so number two and these two create a really natural but not too pale nude color and for some reason the armani CC lipstick is the only lipstick that actually makes my lips look better after i take the lipstick off the combination of ingredients in this lipstick for some reason are able to effectively a full exfoliate my lips while I’m wearing the lipstick and so when I remove the color at the end of the day my lips look ultra soft and smooth like I exfoliated using the Sarah Happ lip scrub so it’s kind of an amazing product and not to say that it doesn’t look good on immediately I find that with the CC lipsticks less is more so you don’t really want to swipe more than one or two times across unless you’re really trying to build up the color I tend to wear it’s chilly and it’s still just as effective so the CC lipstick it might not win you over at first but just give it a shot and keep wearing it because it does some amazing things for the lips so I love number 100 and I also have Tokyo which is a bright pink it’s probably a little bright for winter but it’s perfect in the spring and summer and now I’m going to talk to you about some more luxury products these are Garland’s Rouge jeez and unfortunately I have a hard time finding Rouge geez that I really love so they make a lot of darker deeper your colors and that’s great but I don’t really like to wear those colors on a daily basis I really don’t like medium Pink’s for some reason they just don’t really work with my complexion and they kind of age me so that’s why I try not to wear them and it’s not to say that you can’t wear medium pink lipstick because I don’t like it it just happens to flatter medium dark to tan skin the best so anyway I’m going to show you the to girl on lipsticks that I really do wear often and this one’s number 25 this is a blood red lipstick and it really looks like blood sometimes it scares my

friends cuz they say your lips look so bloody but this one is a gorgeous brilliant red and this one is probably one of the most comforting with lipsticks that I own and wear period I mean it’s just so creamy and beautiful on it just wears and wears and it doesn’t make my lips look dry or feel flaky at the end of the day so if you can if you are looking for a red lipstick I highly recommend number 25 and if you haven’t seen my girl on reviews before they have the large jeweled mirror case now this one is an old one I believe it was a limited edition so you probably can’t find this now it’s number 71 and it comes in a black lacquered case I really love this particular color even though it is shehram and sparkling it doesn’t make my lips feel or look chalky especially when it’s peeling a lot of those lip products with shimmer really accentuate any sort of peeling flaking or cracking but I find that girl ons lipsticks in particular really help to soothe your lips so number 25 this red is very very moisturizing and it’s hard to find lipsticks that are truly moisturizing because most lipsticks tend to dry out my lips whenever I wear galan lipsticks or armani lipsticks or even tomforde lipsticks my lips are comfortable all day now I’m going to talk to you about the suku creamy glow lipstick which I believe are being discontinued because I can’t seem to find them online anymore and I have heard rumors on the blogosphere that they are being discontinued I really like number two and this is a very popular medium pink it is a little brighter than I expected but I really like it or when I need a brighter pink and this is number one this is a slightly lighter pink number one so between number one and two I obviously prefer number one because it’s a lighter pink but number two is also really nice you can actually wear them together as well I love that the suku lipsticks look and feel like the rouge darmani sheers but they’re a little bit more pigmented and they last a little bit longer so they have a better dry down I think it’s unfortunate that they’re being discontinued but they were very difficult to procure if you live in the u.s. anyway unless you’re willing to pay really high markups or ask favors from lots of friends that live abroad but in the instance that you wanted to try the super creamy glove I highly recommend you check out the Rouge Armani sheers first and again my favorite one is 505 now for some more creamy moisturizing lipsticks so the girl on and suku are some of the best in terms of creaminess and richness but I feel that for the price the Lancome color designs whether they’re in the cream or the matte are some of the best bang for your buck lipsticks I really love Lancome is dark Pink’s this one is called socialite it’s a hot pink with a blue tone and it’s gorgeous on the lips it makes your teeth look whiter and I also have intense fuchsia which is more of a true pink and it’s not too red not too blue and it really brightens up your complexion I actually like to mix this one with red and even though I chose to show two fuchsias in this particular video all of the cream and the matte color design lipsticks are really affordable but they’re super comforting on the lips and as much as I love the Lancome Rouge absolute formula I find that the color range of the color design lipsticks is a little bit more my style my favorite Lancome lipstick however is the Rouge in love in three two two and this is the coral in love I think that this is probably the perfect coral pink lipstick on my complexion and it’s not too drying it is more of a matte lipstick but if I wear a lip balm underneath it it’s perfect it lasts all day the color just wears beautifully and there’s not too in it and now for my favorite YSL lipstick this is the glossy stain which is a lipstick stain and gloss all-in-one I was super obsessed with these for a while when they first launched these were all that I would wear but most recently I haven’t been wearing them as much because I don’t really crave that intense pigment color but I still love number seven I think this is my favorite of all the permanent ones that I tried in the beginning but most recently I’ve really been loving number 25 this is the fuchsia neoclassic and this one is a fuchsia pink but it has a very strong red lien fuchsias that lean more blue do you make my teeth look wider but at the end of the day I feel like both of them are still very flattering depending on what the rest of my makeup looks like so it just depends on what kind of makeup look I want to wear that day the glossy stains are perfect for weddings or events where you don’t really want to touch up your color too often it doesn’t fade and it doesn’t get really patchy so that’s why I highly recommend them for traveling or event they don’t really require that much maintenance and I love low maintenance fully opaque colors so if that sounds right up your alley then you need to run to a while counter to pick up some glossy stains they do have a formula that thickens on the lips and that’s what helps it last a lot longer

but if you can get past that then I promise you you’ll become addicted and that’s all you’ll be able to wear for a while now I’m going to finish up this video yay with two affordable lipstick formulas first I’ll talk about the M lipsticks and em cosmetics makes some really great lipsticks and again my lips peel my lips get chapped my lips dry out from lip product I cannot wear YSL rouge volute days I can’t wear any lip product with SPF even lip balms just because my lips react so badly to SPF but again going back to the lipsticks and Michelle fawns wine stain cuddling and wow pink are my favorite lipsticks they’re all very bright colors I find that for the more nude or the more translucent colors all the other products that are recommended in the video are probably better for that but if you like full intense pigment and true full color coverage for an affordable price def check out Emma’s Elf on lipsticks now the two-faced la creme lipsticks are quite nice these are a little bit more expensive than Michelle’s lipsticks but they’re more of a sheer translucent type that I prefer when I want more of an everyday lipstick these are really beautifully done lip balm lipstick hybrids so they’re not like Michelle’s lipsticks because they are much sheer in comparison my favorite of the bunch that I have here is fuchsia shock and it sounds really scary but it’s quite buildable so it’s not too fuchsia at first and I’ve used it in a tutorial back in the spring and it is a really fun color even though it looks still very scary in the tube there’s not too much slip so even though it’s a balm lipstick hybrid it doesn’t slide right off my lips so it actually sinks in just a little bit and once it sets it doesn’t move around so much out of the floor that I own I find that juicy melons is the easiest to wear on the day to day so I do recommend taking a look into these I will be posting a review with full swatches on the blog sometime this month so if you’re interested stay tuned I will try to post watches but because I reviewed so many lip products in this video I don’t think I’ll be able to post a full set of swatches of everything that I showed so I hope you can understand it would just be almost impossible to fit all these swatches onto my arm but I hope you enjoyed the video and I know again it’s been a long time coming but I hope you found some products that you might want to try I try lip products all the time I would try just about anything to see if I like it but these over the last four years of incessantly trying every lip gloss on the market these are the ones that I like the best and this is the widest variety in terms of pricing color texture comfort and style that I could possibly have shared with you so I truly do hope that you found this helpful because this was a lot of talking for me too so thanks very much for tuning in and if you made it to the very end thanks so much for your support and I’ll see you all very soon bye