oh so here we are we’ve no overdose on juice so go ahead a lot it should have been recording but up the couldn’t have been so hopefully this is recording we don’t have a medical base another who had the hospital for another ooh and Russell stammer basically Baghdad [ __ ] guy from back inside the house now there’s the window for this sniper over there alien sniper ya see cyllage get hit by lightning back there in lights compound this is steer clear of it off I’ll fabula value of strange smoke on the road it looks very alien Thank You those are yeah you know what to think of this whole situation I don’t know it to either I are that trained I was not tried for the head up are those lights on boxes or I think life I believe their tech space blows looks like weird alien power units on the ground they could just be like super CPUs know like so strong and they just defy gravity oh I see me I see something Welling walking in the center of the road there’s something lowing and walking a green thing I’ll get get you a squad orientated on that growing thing but do not engage alta on the road I still orientating on my growing thing to not engage all right okay okay I’ve lost visual i think he is behind that I go player wondering if I’d rather you had to give you every watch where I tried communicating with it the unknown entity just if he does anything fishy I want everyone without them up viraj even if you’re in the way got it i’ll talk more to the right alpha take player one goon and dr. manse you get on the left side of the road easy mac Larry and the Pharisee get on the right though she’s hot young on the fences do realize of those expenditure shit-eatin to know up grab the moon you know what you’re sensitive you’re sensitive there’s no feasts are popping some kind of poison skies open up kit driver fed you grab it no Claire keep moving on this is dip oh god I’m kidding away stupid early guys the crew of the gas we’re going to go also get off the road and there I into the trees alpha be advised going to break off the road and proceed directly to the objective through tree cover he advised i’m still out of Jenna stanie Mon I feel slow as [ __ ] stand with beer eyes stop eating so many king corn dogs and fat okay dr. one away from me get away from it don’t go toward the light go towards light what’d you talk about realest nothing about McDonough easy back he’s an alien shooter pretty sure these scientists are as good as dead III can only agree if you people that or they are the aliens one direction of your chili someone twists this another one here to attack too I should just I should just join the other team that although wasn’t that happen we have come back but rather close that explosion aliens over i will say i was push forward into the pines we’re stuff and some way happy it’s my image is weird and don’t know what I’m doing or left scared i’m not cross the road alright and scared no excuses language our grand man man come in command 41

command command we’re very scared of the extraction down know what you’re done right me nots reallys just civilians I say we mom do I’ll god they’re zombies ah Robin kind of aloofness civilians estoppel is it Bobby’s hey wait zombies now what I’m doing is one of my one of my guys since he was bit by one that don’t be yelling my legs I can see the passion that I possess as it may be we don’t know what it does it may turns a zombie today it was legalized ms sizes me explain with next on ok I’d it’s red smoke karate move here because this uh its own poprad Spock here nope that was that was it that’s the zombie he just wanted to bring easy max getting back to his people he’s getting back to his fellow aliens he must be with his evil these people are really murdered right Bravo take the right side of the column but I’ll fat take the right side Bravo will take a left on this compound alright that right also kind of mush together let’s wait here for a minute to all I’ll permission to shoot randomly until I hit something I long for North fire I got a popper together I saw a rabbit backing up universi chopper only not me player one Larry okay huh yes and jet flying object overhead going players all rights be series moving out with the right side of the compound yep get petite it she like film bodies hi this is this is SWAT unit 12 any call sign that can hear this April frequency on we need help none of this is playing but that’s something pretty good statement final judge its it will azuz I’m thankful for arm to poor sod I no contact twelve o’clock for me he’s in a blue ever wrong girl me Barry run everyone run okay God is an alien alien who guess so everyone run he said we’re gonna die I passed them they’re not take them out we don’t know what they are now we’re going to take a message military compounds to the west proceed to the military calm down to the west they’re just come and enjoy double-time it to the military compound spork every wind I can’t spring jiggly don’t talk like that pull yourself together what’s the objective I’m not that um escape I know what their company West can’t brother Kevin at least leave someone behind with me settle whoa shall we nominate diversity to do it she does Emma schools on I what you get inside get one throw left southwest godless everyone get the tower get in shower locked about not everyone no think Roger inside though what they want help me I say we see what’s in one squad up their domestic one to cover all right I’ll tower regroup inside the walls now we’re gonna poop inside the walls first we do anything oh I don’t know in home damn here sure dad to the sniper in any big hit somebody should patch him up I got eyes on something out there you know I hurt for you just outfit ok that’s it back yeah go your side like sniper fire team to investigate that crash I will stay here i have a guy’s a nut how about this uh

very good and mercy will go Roger first of all to stay back that’s industry ok yeah maybe I suggest aliens but I don’t know how it works though Bravo become a contact around everything I’m not at all so we’re trying to get positive first contact try to try to be polite complement our hair if they have here I know those three were balls still moving slow oh wait was that two alpha that you’re talking to yeah if you if you mean alien that does not seem hostile i’ll try to make first contact and player 1 player 1 player 1 you’re staying back remember the parachute is to the list they win the house maybe they just woke up he pulled back and rest of alpha go up left side of the road and easy mac is ready for every anything he’s got eight people like him I like him along he fired 80s not the first bad guy our first one he’s just 200 freaking we got a dead dead alien dip dip and tell you to cheer 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 yeah okay and they give my heart a diaper out figure out what that says all right um secure the alien device I wouldn’t move Zach out moves like God’s up sakky reef I’m in little device yeah all right guys we’re gonna push up to bravos fireteam position oh maybe we’ll stay health is fire team I’ll relay team you guys are Bravo I’ll get deal it’s gone magic the device is gone and then if you gotta come back you ok it’s on a truck now who’s driving I’ll Drive Roger like good I wanna try to put back to their fear because that’s what we originated from and I assume that’s on my face in the way elion have we get we get ambushed by terrorists back and now you’re says I was gonna go that on film probably the most pointless there was a aspects where I was staying like right here revenue busting back atcha export shows why is like 70 little sideways over here and then explodes did whatever I need some security we all can’t be socket all right we’ll move the truck to the military compound you still are you still go sis huh or some powerful fired yelling down stretch it means to use a finger referee what is this we need to devise to the top secret maybe we got a little weaponry from you from them maybe maybe we are the avians wat twist so all right mount up in the here wasn’t Amell up in the San Diego which is [ __ ] terrible but that’s what we’re doing alright I mean maybe one person who’s who’s in the spiracles me who’s in the generator vehicle all right you’re gonna be the navigator Roger that stripper uh-uh no one also fit in this one everyone has to beat me a over B of ice if you think you’ve killed a civil including aliens you have to be gay last man inside wrecked everything I will get out whatever whoever is in there ya go team killer you know shouldn’t see one in this qualifies his team killing yeah Kim my own team there’s someone talking in direct stop two or three all right everyone it now guys get in the car oh so he’s loaded company let the interviews you to eat your brains out probably get into us oh gee about this mouse man everyone get in dismount up the road right in the

middle the road whoa holy I think that’s easy math that’s how much for this operation yeah this is he friendly I’ll hold your fire we don’t know what it is what’s your fire good Miller phone case on the case he is elegant enemy oh you wish you gotta imagine 45 inspired by van alright well let’s just get but uh let’s just get that how can I hear tell them that we accidentally shot a friendly but of columns at silvino okay for the record device to the research facility all right where’s my through some facility good god everyone get in I back in everyone in was playing father Zeus is not kill dr. guy one-on-one vehicle stop looting Kiki bear see who was all deprotonated using the worst I need you in my bear suit needs you doing vehicle no I’ll put their one player one get out claro on get out on my own I know okay thirsty now you can get in there one you’re gonna go get the other all right go Miller to us still can’t get into this right side the one guy in the back get out of the vehicle your team killing [ __ ] one minute I’ll shoot you out feels who was it loser team killer at sams the guy in the shotgun ribbiting a shotgun get out I see you brush I’m zero on you need to respawn when else get it is not normal there’s a briefing no way let’s just get to get to the research facility yeah we you got a golf lesson here what’s going on just trying to get into this [ __ ] car everyone’s rush she’s given language I whoever’s cover that amount of getting so Larry Larry getting the given a large uncovered it’s another pair of shoes cartridge i disregarded to drive to that very killing this without Harry okay that’s Carrie it’s real Adam friendly Larry garden just Clarion bleep he’s phoning it in got a rocket launcher Laird Gideon’s vehicle 10 chicken tonight ooh Britney’s dead buddy are we all in cary are you in the afternoon carry on bring Zulu to I pepping outing on this fine babe all rights to this device first or what what the [ __ ] yes me and I read cousin the presence on Blanco camping once a week together in line countryside we are landing join the lifestyle with our picnic table as you can see in the truck behind us and would you have to join us we are all right it’s just food to it virgin yeah from the town behind us just get out here just keep going Oh talk to the Gulf top don’t don’t drive over the green music that’s it yeah blue other was an animal stuff okay cause you got a person’s grass it’s infecting civilians or zombie by and yellow stuff LMAO just a sophisticated acid that funds our attire ism don’t things that we do not go in the gas do not go in the gas it will stop the fire dad why blur big chase scene go around the oh here the fun’s starting up here’s the epic JC oh god they’re coming after us run good why didn’t you give us like hash marks with Lucy Liu smoked almond I

was closed today I just hope the air filter earful test stuff out but I’m bignum truck should have an air filter there’s gonna be an aircraft oh dude sorry for the guy pulling down at the sky Jesus Christ we’re opening the door or untick the right driver Oh show me I could fly contacts right it’s not this mouth good smell it don’t dismount we’re going right out let’s not get the [ __ ] out [ __ ] up three rounds amusement well [ __ ] round three kills everyone in quick one more show up let’s go let’s go let’s go back in the vehicles all right there see you’re with me again I know in the vehicle whoever the team color make sure get oh my god we are being invaded everyone look up holy sensed is everyone in everyone in quick the ba oh no to target carry weight on your Aryan oh yeah the opposite run get in is your freaking pig right there just take a look Oh get in the freaking car already movie I’m leaving if you’re on the grocer you did going straight right go go go go we lost we lost our wheels just go just go ah but we can’t track dragula closing right I can only cover far is it good all right gang covered we’re gonna ran the GV we’re going to dismount where the devices crap where which expresses we also doing I’m good we’re covering device just not here fencing around the device so on you just hit me I saw that don’t worry I got it I got it or cop your chest in that some of the lights get you guys are already looking itself where you guys are pin Seth 3207 116 let’s do some people in the village with all files get on that Panthers and clear them out for mountain see I sure you don’t leave me Gunnar Oh drive us stronger than the other human he ever old pilot let’s go all right on how you drive and the other way in the front gate the foot on video get real vehicle I’m in the gun around the rear versity I need you in my truck with me so I’m Robert enough artillery yeah quarter barrel all right go go let’s go out let’s keep the device go go go go look at ya go man go need to get in the middle with disregarding out squad car views for the moment cuz we take a mortar fire second Panther [ __ ] up and go so did okay i’m commander this video k IC you lames ahead on a second path again move on Oh I was looking behind musys castle yeah / this is what I’m good cup right before the motor out I’ve tweaked it across the bridge stop on the perimeter wall on the right side flora side door knock door on

today’s device stop do not go directly to the research base true was revving the device good call Nick we’re back to where the Panthers stopped on that falls between the large silos Norway of you and something right you me yeah this well I got headlights effed up front they keep it more stompers Gunnar you ready to fire those stoppers to the left he’s firing the stompers firing the stompers firing the stoppers gunner gunner firing the stompers firing snipers there you go over the building these contacts talking about on but food sales will be hard I don’t know what will happen these are such a dad from explosion that is a fireball came back and we’re back many uh in the device vehicle and we gonna take it to ya I don’t know brog they not cut out for this uh-huh this is all kind of messed up a little bit okay everyone pull it up third device up to the wreckage everyone get around the wreckage of the war house that’s good cover pull the device up here as well all right open can someone open the doors wait stop it with the panting careful about get come back come back Bobcat come here James that hampers around this price is entering right now one of you have Panthers guarding the front entrance another one guard into the West bed I need people impersonate scientists revenue is now I’m in we got 102 lets you run party with railings and someone keep yeah it keeps the light on what the towards the building so we can get some light in here who the heck are you Ryan I should we take this guy out demented oh I don’t think so [ __ ] you wanna let me off this wall I’m stuck back straight up all right no we don’t want you on our planet alway exactly what though just ran me lightly thank you okay that would be perfect or not oh no no