hey guys welcome back to my channel this video is going to be a review on fat brushes and Paco’s buttocks and I’m going to take you guys with me and get ready on camera I used every brush and every product in action so you can see everything I think this is a very fun video because this is a relatively new brand and we don’t have enough brands in India that offer a lot of nice quality makeup brushes at affordable prices so I thought I wanted to share this video with you guys and tell you guys about some amazing makeup brushes but at such you can buy at extremely affordable prices and here I came up with this look it is a little bit of a more eyeshadow with a bright pink lip so if you want to learn how to get this look and see a review on some of my back brushes and pakka’s metrics and please keep on watching oh but before that if you’re watching me for the first time please remember to click that subscribe button so you won’t miss any more future uploads from me and here you will be updated with all the future videos in this channel first things first I am applying a lip balm base tourists are bandaged up because I’m on my lips to stay hydrated and I’m gonna use a primer and this is glorious base MAGIX unsnap put it wherever I feel it has larger pores around a stone along the sides of my nose and on my forehead well I tend to get a little bit oily because this is a pretty nice mattifying primer and if you can see my under-eye area is looking pretty oily because I have my eye cream on and I like to have a really heavy eye cream because because that makes sure that my concealer looks nice and well blended instead of looking dry and itchy because that is the area that does not have any oil the foundation I’m using the Loreal infallible I’m in the shade 200 golden sand I’m going to put some on the back of my hand like that and I’m using the back Beauty Zender and this costs 485 rupees this is one of the best Beauty Blender dupes that I’ve found in the market it is so soft and it feels so nice and squidgy I have a drink out the water yet what you wanna do is you wanna put it under the tap and you want to squeeze it about ten to fifteen times and then you want to take a towel and squeeze it one last time that way all the water gets out you’re left with this really nice damp Beauty tender so if you’re someone who does not want to invest a lot in a beauty blender if you are starting out or if you just want an inexpensive – for the beauty blender this is definitely a great option because yeah maybe I should apply while talking um this is definitely a great option because I have used this before I really really loved the result um so yeah and your washes really well as well so I have washed it twice as well it’s really pretty mini duty thunders they’re so cute and they look so pretty and these come in like a four pack so these come in a four pack and they cost two hundred and eighty five and they come in three shapes so two of them are egg-shaped one of them is shaped like a real techniques sponge ona and the last one is an oval-shaped one so I’m going to use this one for my concealer today I’ve already wet it and I am going to use that I can see that this I’m just gonna dip it Sam’s gonna dip it straight into my concealer and apply the concealer under my eyes I think I’m just gonna use my bigger beauty blender to blend these areas because these are relatively easy to blend um the angela is create to drink with the mini one but this area I feel like I wanna get done quickly oh by the way I’m using an enlarged concealer and this is in the shade LW 100 I’m just going to use another highlighting concealer this is Maybelline Dream Lumi touch because I want three highlighted you you my under-eye area using this yellow powder this is the Inglot HD sculpting powder in the shade 5:01 and I’m using this back um what pushes this back 0:02 brush this is called the flawlessly me brush because it is something that you can use with foundation as well so you can really buff in your foundation with this brush it is really really

really soft really very nice little bit tinted because I have used this for concealer this is also a great brush to put concealer under your eyes or in areas where you feel like it’s harder to reach because it has a little bit of a pointy tapered tip so this is a great brush for putting powder under your eyes or concealer under your eyes are just blending in foundations obviously use a yellow base powder and put it under my eyes it’s my mouth together I put the highlighting concealer my face I’m going to contour it a little bit using this la girl Pro concealer into shape toast in the shoot toast and I’m blending it with another back brush this is the pack 294 brush it is very very nice and tapered great for blending in your contour you can also apply your foundation or concealer with this brush and it will give you a really nice airbrush buffed out look so I am just blending my contour with this what quit brush to blend in my nose contour this is like a dope of the artiste brushes and and I’m just going to use this to blend in my nose contour I don’t know the name of this brush I try to find that out and link it down below but I think this was around six hundred ninety five rupees was 595 because I’m not sure and then I set the rest of my face with the shambles of the shadow compact I don’t have a bath brush for bronzer but I’m sure if you have some on your website so I’m just using my Real Techniques of 3:01 brush bronze my face my eyebrows with the anastasia dipbrow pomade in chocolate and i’m just gonna do my eyebrows and quebec for eyeshadow i’m gonna use my Carli bybel palette and I’m so excited I love this palette I have this about two or three times I love the combinations that you can create with this palette so i russia’s i don’t have a bunch that i want to talk about the first product is a pencil brush and i’ve been using the mac pencil brush since forever and the back pencil brush is pretty scratchy so if you go to town smudging under your eyes this will kind of irritate your eyes and it is pretty scratchy but the pack one the pack equivalent as you can see both the tips are 30 because i have used them and both of them are black and i use them to smudge my black cotton so the pack one is pretty nice and it’s not scratchy at all so if you’re someone who even wants to buy a mass pencil brush I think costs nineteen hundred rupees the pack pencil brush probably cost somewhere around five or six hundred rupees you should definitely go for the pack one even if you want to file a Mac one don’t buy the Mac one gets back one so those are the pencil brushes um the next brush that I have that I want to talk about is my favorite brush to the math u-17 this is the brush that I always always always use for all a shower looks and here is the back equivalent and this is the pack zero for one brush and they’re pretty similar you can achieve the same look that you can with the Mac two one seven with this pack zero for one brush if I don’t mention anything um I will leave all of that in the description box below so don’t be confused this is also an amazingly nice soft brush this is what the FAK 0 for one brush looks like then I have another blending brush back back this is the pack three nine one brush and this is kind of like a duo fiber brush so it’ll not pick it will not pick up a lot of product so if you if you’re scared of using an eyeshadow it’s a really pigmented eyeshadow or if you’re scared of using a black eyeshadow that you can use this brush and this will apply a very small amount of product and this is also nice for blending everything this is what the back

3:9 one looks like then I have the classic Mac 239 this is a standard flat eyeshadow brush and I have the pack equivalence right here I have two back flat shader pushes the longer one is the fact zero three three brush and the shorter one is the back 370 for both of these brushes are great you can even use a longer one you can even use a longer one for blending things out then I also have an eyeliner brush back back this is the back zero four four and you can use this with gel eyeliner or with any sort of eyeliner and you can also use this to highlight which is what I’m gonna do with this pressure because I like using a precise pointed brush letters to highlight certain areas of my face so I’m going to use this creamy shade right here and I’m gonna put it all over my eyes with this brush as a nice base I’m getting this soft brown shade um on the back zero for one brush and I’m just putting it in the outer corner and in my crease I’m actually gonna put it all over my eyelid I don’t have a specific look in my mind I’m just going with it I think I’m going to use this more shade on this duo fiber brush I think I’m going to keep this look matte because I don’t want to go around I want this look to be nice and wearable so yeah I’m just gonna add a little bit more Bob take the longer shader brush this is zero three three and I’m going to pick up this first shade that we applied as a base and still end everything with that will keep it really nice and clean and that you can do so many things with this eyeshadow palette by the way I just want to keep it mad today let me know if you want to see more looks with this particular eyeshadow palette I definitely create another video for you guys so the more dramatic bold eyeshadow look with this palette for my eyeliner I have two options from back this is the long-lasting Kohl pencil which is something which is something that you have to sharpen so it looks like that and then I also have the FAC intense auto call which looks like this and it is a twist up thing please excuse the foundation and the eyeshadows swatches on my hand but this is what the auto intense cold looks like I’m just going to use the pencil one the pencil one is pretty nice and I’ve used this two or three times and this is what the pencil one looks like as you can see that is also pretty black and I prefer using pencils that you can shop in anyway because then you can get a really nice fine sharp pointy tip so I pull my eyelid and apply a nice thin line I’m going to create my signature wink with the back gel liner this is what it looks like this is in the shade black you can use a brush like this this is the back zero for for brush this is an eyeliner brush you can use this but I’m going to use a dried up Maybelline hyper shock liner because I like using a dried up felt tip liner as my brush of a gel liner because it just is so much easier to control and yeah this is all the clicks that I’ve picked up I just like using a dried up liner we love a bold dramatic ring if you don’t you can definitely turn this down and create a much more wearable wing that looks pretty decent to me was nice and easy to apply looks like it has a really nice matte finish which I like you this video is not sponsored by back I wish it was but let you send me the stuff and when I discover a company or when I discover products that I like I just get so excited and I want to tell you guys about it because I know not everyone can afford an eyeshadow brush the costs 2500 rupees just for a single blending brush so for that amount of money if you can get four brushes that why not these brushes are so good that you need to know about them and they are really nice they’re high-quality they

are inexpensive and they’re easily available online so yeah I thought I should tell you guys about it I think I’m going to keep my lower lashline blank I usually don’t I like to apply Kajal in my lower lash line and smudge it with a pencil brush so yeah I could easily do that and upstairs are pretty nice but I think I don’t want to keep my lower lashline blank so this more like a pin-up look now I’m gonna curl my eyelashes and apply some mascara by the way don’t mind the view because it is still drying and using the Maybelline lash sensational mascara I got this prone Beauty by India and I’ve shown this in my last haul and I hold a lot of products in that hall so if you haven’t watched it I will link it somewhere here and there will also be a card so you can definitely click on that and check my video out this is a really nice mascara it takes a lot for me to find a nice mascara after maybe in the falsies because they’re absolutely not it I’m gonna put some mascara on my eyelid absolutely hate it when that happens but I love the brush on this mascara the bristles are very nice and separating we get each lash and separate each lash and now I’m just gonna pop on some fuzzies baby don’t worry you will my own you will be lonely even if the sky is falling down you’ll be my only no need to worry baby are you down down down down don’t know why that’s only stuck in my head I kind of like this dog like look there’s so much going on on top heavy lashes and mauve eyeshadow it looks very nice I Felix I feel like this plank lower lashline gives my eyes is bigger don’t like effect by to put the lashes on wearing on my Aliexpress I just got a big bundle of these lashes by Aliexpress I’m really cheap I think you only 200 rupees for 10 pack of eyelashes I feel like I’m on a more defined contour so for that I’m using this pack 378 brush looks like that pretty sweet and I’m taking this Kryolan eyeshadow this in the shade tabi Brown and understated just remove the excess and stick all out my cheeks very very carefully and you can also use this brush with a cream contour but I use the other one to blend out my cream contour so I’m just going to use this one to sharpen up my contour a little bit they also have this really pointy brush this is the back 378 brush this is nice and pointy so great for applying highlight under your eyebrow applying concealer or powder in places where it’s harder to reach I don’t have a blush brush by pact so I’m just using my morphe a4 brush and I’m using this Hikari I think it’s all Hikari brush Hikari blush and I see this Sigma fatback every could he think – I think I’m going for a very um pinky dogleg look today I like to apply my blush kind of up and out it gives the cheeks a very nice and lifted look gravity is already pulling everything down you want to make everything appear as high as possible for my highlight I’m using the Becca shimmering skin Perfector in Champagne pop and I got this from beauty by India and I’m using this back fan brush this is the back pillow for face looks like that I like that this is a very nice and feathery fan brush the other fan brush that I used to use with my Sephora and it was very dense picked up a lot of highlight which personally I like I like a lot of highlight but this one seems to be doing a much better job at applying my highlight and not giving me that zebra stripe because when a fan brush is really thick and dense it ends up giving you a zebra stripe but since this is nice and feathery it’s not going to give you a zebra stripe look athletic flow that flow is unbelievable so stunning I think this is this is one of my favorite highlights now just going to apply a tiny amount and just a little bit over the arches my name in there I like to apply highlight in that you know I don’t like to highlight the center of my forehead because that just makes the slim the quality so instead you should apply highlight in this area now I’m going to take the pack Co for for eyeliner brush and I’m going to do some precise highlighting like highlighting my inner

corners above my Cupid’s bow I love highlighting this area a feeling makes my nose look straighter put my lipstick today I’m going to be using this report by back this is a matte lipstick lip pot and it comes with its own brush like this but I’m going to use their um retractable lip brush that looks like this this is this is more pointy so I feel like this will give me a little bit more control but it comes with its own lip brush and this is great if you are makeup artist so your lipsticks don’t get contaminated now I’m going back to the jetliner and making sure the deal is hidden so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and learned something has put in you let me know your comments down below and tell me what you think and which brushes are you looking forward to which brushes for your favorite or any sort of review videos that you like me to do and yeah I don’t forget to give me a big thumbs up all my social media links are mentioned right now on the screen they are also of course linked in the description box below also remember to check the description box out for all the details names of the products and prices of all the products remember to subscribe to my channel if you’re not subscribed already and I will see you guys soon in my next video bye bye