– Honestly, what the hell have I done? What have I done? Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, it’s your girl, Jackie Aina ♪Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, ♪ If you’re real bothered impressed, about the fact that I sing my name, get some hobbies, get a job – I was gonna say something else but I won’t flap my tongue, I’m not gonna say that (laughs) I’m not gonna say it, I’m not gonna say it, I’m gonna move right along – We all know that no two foundations shades with the same name look alike Ever since 1863, when Dolly Parton wrote the preamble, there are a couple foundation shade names that I almost expect brands to carry Some of these shade names include but aren’t limited to: “Mocha”, “Mahogany”, “Deep Dark”, “Cocoa” a couple videos ago, I did a side-by-side comparison of a bunch of different foundation shades, all with the same name, from different brands, and basically, we all put them next to each other, just to see how close in comparison they were, or how far off they were It really was quite interesting to see what “Mocha” looked like in the eyes of a different brand Then you know what, a commenter actually commented on that–well, yeah, they are a commenter, that’s kinda how that works–someone left a comment in that video saying: “Actually, next time you should just mix them all together, to get the perfect combination of all of the shades” and I thought, “by golly, that’s freaking genius.” “Mocha”, or “Mahogany”, for example, those are names that have different interpretations dependent on who you ask But, comma and, however, if you call a product, I don’t know, “Deep,” for example, that could look like a completely different thing depending on who you ask What I consider dark and deep, and “Deep Dark”, and what a brand considers dark and “Deep Dark”, could be completely different, completely different things For example, my friend Nabella, fellow Youtuber and brown girl here on YouTube, you guys have to check her out, her family is from Bangladesh, she is what, in her culture would consider, pretty dark But black people don’t Nabella’s light-skinned Today, by doing this video, I actually want to demonstrate and show why it’s so important Listen up, right now, come clo- sit right here Hire black people, okay? If not black people, at least dark-skinned, okay, ’cause, when you are trying to cater to a certain demographic, I can’t tell you how important it is to have people visible, that can voice their opinions, and voice their feedback about the products that you create, so that the people buying them are actually getting an accurate description of the product they’re going to buy My review on the new Morphe foundations a lot of people, mind you, on complete opposite, complete opposite spectrum, complete, you know, the ones that usually got the most to say? A lot of people were like, “Oh well, the foundations look fine to me.” (Screaming laughter) Well, I guess if orange is acceptable to you, then my- my work here is done, I guess I don’t need to have this channel Today, the shades I’m going to be comparing, and mixing all together, are the name “Deep” And, um, here we’re just gonna throw ’em all together in one mixing bowl, see how far off they are, how close they are, but also, look, let me tell you something, if you haven’t subscribed, joined the Jackie Aina family, 1: your credit score’s going down 70 points automatically, 48 hours, check your credit score, I swear it’s true We love Jackie Aina family members I’ve got a bunch of foundations sitting right in front of me, you can’t see ’em, but they’re here Let’s go ahead and get started ♪La da da da dee la da ♪ ♪La da dee la da la lee da, ♪ ♪ La da da dee la-a-a ♪ So, today we have pretty much a combination of the good, the bad, and the ashy in front of me, and there’s just like, a lot, there’s a lot going on right now I managed to find 14 foundations in these shade “Deep” And we also have our mixing bowl So first on our roster we have It Cosmetics The color-correcting full-coverage cream anti-aging hydrating serum, SPF 50 Once we factor in SPF (laughs) You can automatically expect the walking dead when there’s SPF, especially in It Cosmetics’ products, we’re gonna get to them in a minute, I’m just gonna show you what I’ve got on the roster, okay The next product that I also have from It Cosmetics is their CC plus oil-free, matte, poreless finish, full-coverage cream, I’m also gonna throw in the “Bye Bye Breakout” full-coverage treatment concealer I didn’t want to limit this to just foundations, because foundations and concealers, they’re really the same thing I also thought it’d be fun to throw in a powder It is their “Your Skin But Better” CC plus airbrush-perfecting powder It Cosmetics is just an interesting brand, um, they’ll just always be that brand for me that shows up in last place, no matter what they do It Cosmetics doesn’t even try It Cosmetics is the brand that has a paper that they know is due in 3 weeks, okay? They know this paper is due at the end of February, but what do they do? They start the paper at 9 A.M the day the damn assignment is due, that’s what it– that’s just what they– that’s the vibe that they give me, they do the bare minimum at the last minute, and, mind you, the D-Category products

are their darkest products If I’m gonna talk about the brand, roast a little bit, this video will be 6 minutes, and you don’t come here for 6 minute video, you come here for the real tea, and something 15 minutes minimum I was really off-put by this brand from kind of the beginning of time B.C. days, before Christ I was even more insulted when the owner of the brand ever since she went onstage, as recent of a year ago, and basically, like, basically insinuated that she kind of spearheaded the “diversity in beauty” movement Which is, honestly, why, a lot of times I hate to say this, in the most professional way possible– Why the diversity in beauty movement is laughed at, and it’s not taken seriously I don’t like when people insult my intelligence “Your Skin But Better” CC cream, I’m gonna do 1-2 pumps, I’m gonna do a 1-2 pump of the oil-free matte I don’t really know where this is going, but I’ll try to do 2, give you a little something-something, ♪ Giving you something that he can feel ♪ I can’t pour this concealer out, so what I’m gonna have to do is, like, just apply some on the side of the bowl, and I’ll come snatch it up, make sure she gets mixed, I’ll make sure she gets added to the class later Let me show you guys some swatches This is the color-correcting, full-coverage CC cream Decent, but I’m willing to bet that that SPF is probably gonna play some little trickery, some old mind games, ’cause sometimes they look good, and they just end up turning gray in 2 hours, 3 hours, it’s really weird with SPF, sometimes you (sighs) sometimes you really never know CC oil-free matte This one looks a little lighter This is the “Bye Bye Breakout” full-coverage treatment concealer You know, as someone who has acne-prone skin, It Cosmetics, it would be nice to have a couple more shades Black people get acne too, I’m just saying The powder looks really light, and really questionable I’m almost questioning why I threw the box away, because now I can’t take it back I’m gonna need a refund yesterday Scrape, scrape, scrape-y, scrape, scrape, scrape-y And, absolutely not I’m not swatching powder, don’t even ask No one’s going to swipe a powder onto their face, no one’s doing that If you are doing it, you’re a freak, get out of here, Joe Goldberg, leave immediately I’m kidding So basically what you’re looking at is “how to be a white walker” recipe, courtesy of It Cosmetics I’m adding more concealer to my bowl I want there to be like an even ratio of everything we added The next foundation I have it from the Sephora collection brand of products, 10-hour wear perfection foundation, in the color, you guessed it 1,2, oh, those are stingy pumps, let’s just do one more half And then I’m going to swatch Seems like a pretty full of– this one’s thick, she’s really thick You know, these do all look really close to each other Obviously, not the It Cosmetics concealer, because that one is now, on me, starting to go gray It’s definitely starting to go gray The one from Sephora looks like it runs a little darker, there’s like, what they call “fairer”– I don’t like that word in cosmetics, I feel like it’s just– anyway, y’all are gonna think I’m nitpicking, but I’m just saying, I would call it “light”, okay? “Fair” just makes it sound like it’s superior Those are my opinions So there’s the extra-light, there’s light, there’s medium, medium-dark, dark–me–and deep, or rich A lot of brands neglect the other half of the dark spectrum, and they stop in the medium slash medium-dark and dark range Styled by Jane-Marie, another perfect example of someone who’s in the rich slash deep category, love that girl, you guys should definitely check out her channel When your products look like this, and you consider that the “deep” category, you’re neglecting a whole different category of people that are actually deep Look at this concealer Do you see this atrocity? Anyway, I’m not gonna go there, okay? I was gonna say something else but huh! Now, we have the Tom Ford concealer pin which, if y’all don’t stop with these damn felt-tip things– There we go, oh that is nasty, do you see this? Look at– ugh! (Retches) The fact that it just hangs? Nah, I can’t respect this, Tom This is the concealing pin I actually really like this product This is shade 10 on their website, that’s described as their “deep” shade, which is really questionable, and this is exactly why I wanted to do this experiment, okay? Don’t call Dexter’s Lab, next time call me– Dexter’s a fraud Look at this Look at– “deep”?! For who? Why did I say I’d use this product? No, there’s gotta be something else That’s what it is I knew it was something else I had the concealing pin, it literally is labeled as the concealing pin, I’m so confused Tom, I have so many questions I bought this like a year ago This also says it’s the concealing pin, “Pinceau Anti-Cernes” in French, “huh-huh, oui, oui” I am fluent, okay? I speak English, I speak French, and I speak “Try me” I don’t know where the hell this shade 10 popped up from, the one that I use looks nothing like that, at all

This is exactly why I have trust issues Yeah, I don’t– I honestly, I don’t know I don’t know, I still love you But, you know what, I’m gonna throw this one in, because I feel like this is really what should’ve been a– (Retches) Something about this plopping out of it just makes me really uncomfortable (Retches) Next, I have the Tarte “Rainforest of the Sea” aqua concealer Tarte, ah, Pop Tart, where do I begin? Tarte, at one point, actually used to be one of my favorite brands Not for their concealer, this was long before Shape Tape came out, but I really liked their blushes, I quite liked their In Bloom pallet, I mean, she was, wow She did all kinds of rounds for me, like, I loved that pallet, and I actually quite liked their products But, however, the thing with Tarte-let– Pop Tart– Tarte is, in my opinion, one of those brands who has really kind of held onto this “you can’t sit with us” business model for far too long What I mean by that is, you know, they obviously have a certain look, they obviously have a certain demographic that they like being posted on their socials Or, at one point, they did, I know that they’ve kind of done things differently now, by (mumbles) in drag (Screaming laughter) You know, I just– nothing, you guys, in this billion-dollar– billion dollar– (Imitates airhorn) Nothing in this billion-dollar beauty industry is coincidence Brands do not end up being worth billions when you include everyone Brands do not end up being worth billions by accident, you guys, there is so much money to be made my brands who strategically exclude specific groups of people because, as long as you want to keep looking like them, and be noticed by them, and be included by them, they can keep making money off of you, that is why the cosmetic industry started They created a standard of beauty, and everyone was chasing it, everyone wanted to look like what they weren’t Tarte in my opinion, is one of those brands that have upheld that value, and dangled their version of beauty in front of our faces for a very, very, very long time We love the trips, we love the, you know, the really amazing P.R. packages, but as long as you’re not getting them, and as long as you’re lusting after it, and wanting to be included, and begging– they keep making money off of you It’s like the ex that knows– he knows you want him back He knows, and he’ll give you just enough to peak your interest, but not enough to let you back in I hate to say it, but Tarte does the same exact thing, and it’s not by mistake, you guys, I mean, I’m sure they’re still doing great, but, like, needless to say, I haven’t checked for any of their products in a long periodically time “Deep” is the second darkest color, there’s one more color darker than that that’s in the shade “Rich”, and (sighs) Girl, like, this is even pushing it for my highlight color Needless to say, she does not have the range, but, of course, we have to add her anyway, because, she’s a part of the experiment This is the Natasha Denona face glow foundation, SPF 15, (vocalizing) Oh! Why did that one have diarrhea? That was a squirt-squirt if I’ve ever seen one Um, yeah, so, when in Rome, or in Sephora, your pick So, we’ve added that to our concoction, which looks pretty inclusive In corner number 3, we’ve got Milk Makeup This is the Flex concealer I wasn’t really that wowed by Milk, and I’ve actually done a full-face, really in depth, product one-brand review on Milk Makeup, I did it last, it did really well, and a lot of you guys were like whoa! When I did my initial review and first tried out products from the brand, I was pretty harsh, as I normally am, not only for the lack of shades, but also just the quality of some of them Some brands don’t like that, there are a lot of times where brands have removed me from their P.R. lists Milk, on the other hand, honestly, I can say, has, in my opinion, done everything right They sent me a really long, in-depth, bullet-by-bullet basically saying, “thank you so much for your review, this is what we took away from it, is there any other feedback you’d like to offer from us? We really appreciate your thoughts and your views–” and I was just like, “Well, damn.” So this is the Flex concealer I do feel like out of everything we’ve tried so far, this is what I would consider a “deep” This is definitely what I would consider a “deep” Let’s see if I could squeeze the product into the bowl (Exclaims) I also have the matte foundation in the color “Deep” We have already established that Milk does, in fact, need some milk Here is what “Deep” looks like We’re gonna drop just a bit of that right on it I honestly took like a two-hour break to eat some chicken and noodles, and now my breath smells like garlic, but you won’t know that anyway, ’cause you’re on the screen, you’re at home So, next, I’m gonna take a product that I have such a love-hate–more like hate–relationship with It is the Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done hybrid complexion perfecter Okay, the idea of this product is freaking incredible This used to be my go-to, throw on my bag, product that I would wear when I would travel, and I would go to the store, and I didn’t have time for a full beat It’s a very like, you know, Your Skin But Better, amazing

amount of coverage The problem that I have with this product, though– it turns gray after about an hour of wearing It was wet This one must be an old one, because I’ve never had to shake this product before Kind of reminds me of mustard bottles, you know? When you’d get the first squirt? Like, I don’t expect that in my foundations, okay? Get out, get out, stop it, it’s so wet and oily There is goes, 1-2 Very neutral, and you almost kind of really can’t see it Yeah, this product just wasn’t worth the hassle, it’s the SPF, it’s SPF 20, that was a product that I just had to walk away from, because I would color-correct, I would do everything in my power to try to balance out the grayness before wearing it, and like, no matter what I did, it would look fine when I put it on, and I wouldn’t even really wear that much, and then an hour later, Dennis would be like, “Babes, your face is gray, Babes, why is your– whoa, Babes, your face is gray.” This is the Hello Fab Bindi Avocado concealer I was just seeing if it smelled like avocado People who eat avocado are demonic, okay? You’re demonic, and, um, you’re the anti-Christ (Screaming laughter) It actually looks like a pretty decent concealer, I do like the color, but, I just would not categorize this as a “Deep” this is like, a medium-dark slash dark, But we’re gonna have to scoopity-scoop scoop-doops, along the side of the bowl, to get some of that product in there (Exclaims) The next product is the SmashBox Studio Skin 24 hour waterproof concealer This would be like the equivalent of my actual skin tone shade I’ve never used this foundation, but it was in “deep” so heh! Snatched it up! Kevyn Aucoin, the Etherealist, skin-illuminating foundation And, you know, I used to use quite a bit of Kevyn Aucoin, in my freelancer days Looks like a fairly neutral shade Here we have a final layout of what each color looks like next to each other Yeah, wildly different, guys If we could just all get on the same page, that’d be wonderful This is what everything looks like on my bowl, including the powder, okay? So there’s a little bit of something in there for everybody I didn’t really think about what I was gonna mix all these with, but I do got a straw so I guess that’ll work We’re mixing them all together Actually doesn’t look too bad, just looks like really neutral I think I got some stuck in my straw–let me just– We do not waste product in this house, okay? Here’s the first swipe A little pink Let’s blend it out Some of the colors were so different from each other that, you know, some being really, really light, some being really, really dark, I kind of just figured they’d probably just end up canceling each other out, and balance each other out, so I didn’t get too scared from some of the really dark or really light colors just yet This is what happens when I put on something that’s a little too neutral Girl, it stinks, smells very paint-y, very Home Depot, very Lowe’s You know, the level of the color isn’t mad, but the undertone, um, ugh, it just doesn’t give me the glow and the warmth I rely on in foundation Sometimes people like to use foundations to correct their skin, sometimes people like to look more bronze-y than they actually are, some people like to use foundations to add more warmth. This, for me, is not it, Chief The committee has decided that this is, in fact, je ne sais quoi-not it I probably could make this work, but look at the glowing, even with no makeup, side of my face, look how warm this is, whereas this looks a little dull on me Why did I put that much on? You know what, I guess I probably should start doing this more often, because when I’ll be saying to people, “Y’all can’t see what I’m seeing in person,” I swear, people– it just goes in one ear and out the other From now on, I’m just gonna start loading on the products so you can really see the difference between my skin, and the color It’s a nice amount of coverage, though So you can see how it looks up against my chest This is a job for Super Jackie! I think I can somewhat– Here’s what I would do: 390, from Fenty Beauty, really yellow, really golden Really yellow, oh my god, it looks even more extreme up against the color of this foundation I’m not used to looking like this, wow Doop, doop! I don’t really feel like I need to contour, this already look a little shadowy Okay, something’s really bothering me, hold on (Sniffs) Those were really getting out of hand, my bad, y’all Sorry you had to see that I’m gonna start working my way around the perimeter Wow, look at what that did already Helpful tip, guys: if your golden and warm like me, and you’re in a crisis, okay, grab your closest yellow or golden or really, really, really warm concealer, and do what I’m doing, or mix it into your foundation, or same thing

I’ve had to really learn how to make some things work, girl, ’cause they be out here having me look crazy As I’m blending out the concealer, I’m gonna start working it down You know, actually I’m actually not mad at this I’ve having a shook-sperience right now This wasn’t supposed to go as well as it actually is I’m, like, really confused, but then again, I’m also a magician, so that has a lot to do with it Coverage looks great And for clock-ability purposes, I’m gonna take this down to my neck I’m gonna go ahead and add my highlight concealer I feel like we just need a little bit of dimension and some separation between the center of the face and the rest of the face We don’t want it to all mold together Definitely don’t want it to start building up and getting too cakey I wear 420 in the Fenty concealer Anybody want to tell me how the hell this went from awkward experience and ended up turning into Jackie Aida’s normal makeup routine? Okay, for powder, we’re gonna stay in the yellow family, I’m gonna take the Sasha Buttercup If some of the yellow powders do some of our golden complexion’s more harm than good, if they’re a little too yellow? So this one I feel is the perfect, like, yellow translucent? And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take that same powder and start going over all my face, just in case Dennis decides to take me out to Nobu or something, I don’t know! Things can come up! As far as what I look like now, I think this is as Wow! Like, honestly? I truly am a little casket-ready like, I’m wearing a lot of makeup But as far as correcting the color, I think I did really good A little bronzer’s not gonna hurt anyone First, whatever’s left over on my hand from powder, I’m gonna just slightly graze over my skin I feel like I already have a little bit of a sunkissed look, and do you see what I mean by glow? Like I feel like my glow is back That’s why I now have an appreciation for these brands that are now releasing those really dark yellow concealers, because people like me need them to finesse Honestly, what the hell have I done? I’m gonna add some Milani Bellissimo Bronze Color, it’s so good to see you again! A little bit of ABH liquid glow in the color “Rose Gold” Why the hell not? I love a nice turn to the side glow, but we gotta blend it out a bit more Love! And, why not? Let’s add a little bit to my eyes I’m gonna throw some mascara, and we Gucci, sis, we outta here I haven’t done a no-false-lashes-look in a while, I don’t even feel like the same Jackie, what’s happening to me? Just gonna add a little bit of black liner to thicken it up There we go, much better I’m gonna add a little bit of ABH caramel lip gloss Yummy! Here’s a close-up of the final look I think today’s video just proves more than ever that black women did that Unfortunately, because a lot of times we always have to Make it work, adjust, shift, conform, whatever word you want to look for Would I do something like this again? Probably not, but I do know in my years of not only being a makeup artist for other people, but also, you know, beating my own face, and coming across products that just don’t work, I’ve learned a thing or two about a thing or two How do you guys think I did? Please let me know in the comments Thank you guys so much for watching! If there’s a shade you always end up being in foundation brands, I wanna know in the comments, a lot of you guys told me “porcelain”, “ivory”, I heard some “caramel”s, “coconut”s “chicken b-“, I heard it all We’ll definitely be doing more videos like this again, shout out to part 1, inspired by Ladylike, check that out in the description box, if you don’t make it to the subscription box, it’s cool, I’ll put it right here, make it really easy for you You ain’t got nothing else to do It’s Tuesday, sit down, have a seat, relax Your car is stuck Triple A, coming at like 20 minutes, might as well just put on another video, and subscribe