hey guys so I’m going to start by filling my eyebrows with the anastasia beverly hills dipbrow and i’m just going to fill in towards the end just exactly what I needed because as you guys can see I have quite stark eyebrows so I don’t really need to apply products in the middle of my eyebrow just on the ends and in the inner part of my brow so I’m just going to do that making sure is very nice and blended and my eyebrow looks sharp as a life you then now I’m going to be using this lomi magic pen and it’s really good just for flight under your brow just to clean that line and make really really nice and sharp as I said before and this one you also illuminate under our brow so it’s a really good trick and I love that this has a little brush at the end so we can be very very precise with the product so I really really love this product and I’m just using the brush that comes in the naked palettes I’m just using this tool blend the product under my brow just make sure everything is blended the secret for flawless makeup we all know you gotta plan then I’m coming with the eyebrows fully just kind of brush and blend the products onto the brow and to give us their own gray effect you and also now I’m using the Urban Decay primer all over my eyelids and I really really love this violet is amazing and really makes eyeshadow stay in place all day then I’m following with the booty coal eyeshadow from The Naked palette and on my brow just really luminate and give us a nice sharp brow also I’m going to be using this I share it for minimaps palette by the balm and this is going to be our television shade onto our eyelids and this is really important step because it’s going to cover smokey eye absolutely gorgeous so you have to use a transition shade and this is just like a peachy tone eyeshadow so I’m sure you guys have at home and now we’re going to use uninterrupted eye shadow by Mac and it is a really nice warm brown and we’re gonna use that today smaller brush onto our crease and also a tradition shape just to create that really greatly and ombre effect so just gonna do that and blend on top of their previous eyeshadow and now following with the makeup forever crayon is an aqua shadow eyeliner and I’m just gonna apply just on the ends over of my eyelids and just going to blend with the brush so this doesn’t have to be perfect it just I’m just doing that to make sure when we apply the black eye shadow it will be super black but it doesn’t really matter if it looks a little bit patchy because you’re gonna apply something on top so don’t love it you just have to blend try to blend as much as you can and then you’re going to follow with a black eye shadow on top anyways and now I’m just going to pack some black eyeshadow on top of the Makeup Forever aqua shadow and this black eyeshadow I’m using is from The Naked palette – and I’m just doing that just until half of the eye and coming back with a fluffy brush and they enter to the eyeshadow to blend the black and the solution shade together now I’m gonna apply see how things I share them onto my eyelids just to help on the eye you can wet the brush if you want more

intense color where I think this eyeshadow is really pigmented anyway so I’m just applying that this patient dies onto my eyelids and then with a smaller blending brush I’m just very lightly blending between the two colors so it looks more seamless then now follow it mascara then I’m just using a makeup wipe to sharpen up their line and clean any fallouts under my eyes and moving on to the face I’m just using the effect car skin Perfector in opal all over my face just to give us a really gorgeous glowy skin and I think suggest a perfect primer by the way I’m just using this great for a few weeks and I absolutely love it then I’m going to be using my magic of remarkable foundation and I’m absolutely obsessed with this foundation is amazing is beautiful coverage and also is amazing for oily to convoy skin so if you guys wanna see a video of my favorite foundation for oily skin let me know in the comments below I would be delighted to do a video like this for you guys but this one is absolutely amazing and I’m using the Sigma kabuki brush in SAT to blend and buff onto my skin and now I’m using the fit me concealer by Maybelline under my eyes and just to highlight and give me their brightening effect so on the eyes forehead and chin I’m gonna be at – productivity is one of the best cuz we love each other and I’m just gonna be losing my beauty blender blend the concealer under my eyes as per normal well now guys I’m going to be coming with a bad cup brightening concealer put on the eyes I’m still trying this product out I’m not sure as sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it so I’m just applying on top of the concealer just for the extra brightening effect I love that he has a pinky undertone to it so it really does brighten the eyes but I’m still trying so I’ll let you guys know my final thoughts on it and then I think my under eyes is to not bright enough I’m the missing little bit of the luma magic on the eyes it’s a very light product something’s gonna fly in this blend with acidity blender again so we get this super bright effect because it’s from day and you guys going to be taking photos solely to make sure our makeup looks absolutely head rush then we be laura mercier brightening powder I’m going to be applying under my eyes I’m not doing any baking I’m just setting with the powder and I’m going to be setting the areas I highlight the roots on the eyes forehead bridge of nose and chin and I love this powder as well it catches the light beautiful if you want to be thankful to be flash is the way to go is the best out of the

photo flash then with these foundation stick by D XI and in the dark color I’m going to be actually using this to contour I’m going to be using on my cheekbones a little bit on my forehead chin and your line and moving this character again there’s a long time since I’ve used it but I’m back on lobby for England’s absolutely gorgeous is not too cool not orange easy that perfect contour shade and blend like heaven you going back to the eyes guys I’m gonna apply a little bit of black eyeliner with a really really small eyeliner brush just on the inner corner of my eyes because I want to connect the lashes with my eyes I thought was a little bit of space there so such perfectionist I really want to make it look at Sam’s gonna fight a little bit there I’m not doing a line all over the eyes but if you guys want to do feel free to do it I’m just not doing myself because I think it looks nicer without and I’m also applying the uninterrupted eye shadow by Mac on my lower lash line and dinars mom who eyeliner is a brown like a reddish brown I’m going to apply it under my eyes and just blend with a small brush and this is a really good tip for highlighting day in a corner of the eyes so if you think your shed is not popping enough you can always do a white eye pencil then you’re in a corner and then apply a treatment or eye shadow top and that will make it pop and there tends from using smart I think it’s fascinating I did a white pencil and I’m applying the makeup forever pigment which the number or name has robots but very similar to maybe will be neither by the farm so if you apply then there will be neither one you’re going to have the same effect so just use that distend and last step to finish off the eyes is applying mascara on the bottom lashes just to balance it out my huge dramatic lashes and I’m using the Revlon 3d volume mascara and now back to the face I’m gonna be using the moon analyze powder by mass in the shade medium heat and I’m going to be using these as a bronzer I’m going to be applying and my cheekbones just basically where I contour I’m going to be applying this powder just to set and I love the formula or these Mac powder because it’s really really silky and really easy to blend and it is those really large role of a skin and the way you can see how

beautiful and natural the powder looks so it’s actually better than a bronzer it warms your skin and it gives you the natural finish then my favorite blush of all times is the teaches by Mac and I’m gonna be applying this just all my cheeks I’m not applying too much I’m not a huge blush fan but I love peachy tones blushes this one and they orgasm by nas or my favorites then come in with the best highlight of all times is the bar mary-lou manizer to highlight my cheekbones Cupid’s bow and reach of my nose now you guys know highlights of fan I’m obsessed with the highlighter and this one the formula is amazing it just looks good it looks so good on anyone from medium to light skin and it just beautified just gives you the glow within and it’s super creamy you don’t need too much product and it is fabulous you guys and it’s super affordable as well so I love it then guys I forgot to film me applying the lip liner but basically I’m using the spice lip liner by Mac and they flushed glass lip gloss which I’m going to list down below because now I can’t find it in the middle of my mess so now is hair time so let’s do our hair so instead of wrap the babies around my hair I’m gonna wrap my hair around the date lace and towards the back so you don’t want to curl the hair towards your face you wanna curl the head towards the back of your heads so do that each side of your head or I got excited here you guys work from Rihanna I was playing the TV so I couldn’t help myself so just curl your hair back forward to do this all the way up and if you feel that it’s a bit difficult to get the curl towards the back on the other side just remember you can switch the hands so you can hold the curling wand wait with your other hand to do over the other side so the way it works a lot better so guys you’re gonna be doing this all over your hair onto the top of your head and you gonna section the top of your head separately because you’re going to do in a slight different way when you get to the top you’re going to be wrapping your hair around the wand and you’re going to be lifting the roots so do not just curl wrap the hair around the curling wand downwards you’re going to be doing backwards or upwards because you want to list the route and also you can mix you can get smaller pieces of hair and bigger pieces of hair when you get to the top of your head so it looks and it blends a lot nicer as well so when doing the front of your hair or your bangs you’re going to open the clip of your curling wand curl your hair and

then just kind of slide the curling wand with your hair so it creates a really beautiful loose wave and you’re going to do that both sides so give that perfect wave that goes with the rest of your hair I get so many questions on how do you curl the front of your hair or I know how to curl my hair when but when it comes to the front of my hair I don’t know what to do so this is the way I do and keep it in mind if you want to get that look you need a curling wand which with a clip so you can do what I did in this video if your color wants the wrap doesn’t have a clip unfortunately you cannot achieve this look so that’s me here doing again and it’s very easy you guys just practice and I’m sure you guys will be fine it’s easy so now I finish with they’re calling you guys so I was thinking what else can I do I noticed that my route was a little bit flat so I’m gonna come with that brush with a teasing brush and just see the top of my head but not too much there’s a little bit just we get a little bit of volume and it just looks nice so with a little bit of volume on top so that’s what I’m gonna do so that is what is these guys I hope you enjoyed if you did don’t forget to Like subscribe and share with your friends also let me know what you guys want to see in the next video thank you so much for all your love and support you guys make my day and thank you so much I see you in the next video bye