Hi! guys! I’m Roeun I did commercial, movies, and TV shows I am from Korea I’m in Seoul I live in Seoul now I’m working as an actor and a commercial at the same time As you all know, Come to think of it, All the commercials with famous people were Yanadu Yang Se-chan, I filmed an ad with Henry Wow And the rest of them are not celebrity commercials Most of the time, I went into the main commercial and filmed them The drama is about Bona from WJSN I’m going to be a part of lingerie We acted together And recently, I’ve been hit by Corona Why do I take it? I thought I’d be hit by the corona!!! I’ve really lost a lot of money It’s down a lot from the year before last year If filming and editing were your hobbies, now being a small source of income The timing is burnt. (Subsidiary) I’ve been shooting a lot of videos with Sony ZV-1 Once I thought I wanted to participate in the Sony Challenge So that’s how I joined the challenge I’ll explain it to you while watching the ZV-1 video How we shot this far is First of all, I used my Jens notebook after squeezing out the conti We filmed it It’s about me watching dozens of videos I thought I’d like to take a picture of her later I purposely put it in while I was filming this And what do you say when you put it in the fridge? Shuttersfeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to set up the camera well without setting up the camera If you just take a picture,

When we filmed the scene where we put it in the fridge and take it out You have to take into account the formation of lines. (Manual setting if you don’t like) It would be easier for you to set it up manually The water pouring scene Put the camera down They don’t have tools I shot it at my parents’ We don’t even have a tripod at home No, I don’t without a tripod That tissue! Tissue paper! I put it on a piece of paper There’s no tripod. There’s nothing Only this tripod or toilet paper I used all the tools in the house to shoot it After you lay the camera down, This is a commercial, too This isn’t advertising It’s not sponsored He actually shot an ad So I put the cup on top of the camera And just in case Put it on the camera holding a cup next time Pour water It’s really the old way We pour water in analog ways I almost poured water on the camera… (Please be really careful.) Focus! Concentrate and pour water well Next, Tak! Cut! The end! Let’s move on to the next scene If I were to explain this far, This scene is now shot in GoPro GoPro wide angle mode I’ll link the app to the phone Put the stuff back and press it Put it back, press it, do it Maybe it’s a picture It’s my first time shooting this stop motion When I first shot this, The video took too long I spent a day and a half filming this scene half a day We’ll shoot for about six hours I’ve been editing it for about 6 hours I didn’t know it would take this long, so I just did it I’m filming and editing I think it took almost 12 hours… Is it not? Starting at 8:00 p.m I edited it until 6 a.m To shoot one of these scenes It was so hard The first time we’re in the right angle, It took about an hour or two in the right angle I thought about what to do to make it look better It took me two hours to think about it I was going to watch a similar video and try to copy it I’m trying to copy him, but my house and that house have different circumstances You keep changing and changing to match those variables This process takes a long time It took a very long time to film this scene It’s not easy It’s not easy in this scene I recommend you to shoot this scene when you have a lot of time and when you are free Put one down and put it up a little bit Oligo Oligo Oligo I’ll put it up Approximately 168 edited photo files I’m going to collect about 170 photo files, It was edited and uploaded But if it’s too long, it’ll be boring, so I shortened it You might think that’s not a big deal, It’s very hard If there’s a tip, as you can see I moved a little bit at first You’ll feel like the video is going to hit you for the last time At first, it moved a little bit But at the end, I’m a little too tired and exhausted (And it was the day we had to leave at dawn.) I guess it was a bit big That’s why it was moving so loudly Now, after this explanation, If you look at the video, You’ll understand why it came out like this It goes by really fast, right? I’m glad you didn’t feel it Let’s move on to the next video At first, I had a concept of traveling alone I was going to film it’ My Sunny’s name is Sun Sunny’s been wanting to go with me Every time I stand up or move, You’re constantly being exposed to the video I guess he wanted to be with us So I revised it completely Everything’s been completely revised Let’s go on a trip together At first, I went on a trip alone and met my family If you wrote a video story like this, Sunny kept coming in from the start If you look at the video, It’s been hovering around me all the time So the concept! Let’s change the story!

I’ve completely revised the concept of going on a trip with Sunny I made a conti for this too Next scene! This is the best scene the sound of kiss That’s me and Sunny kissing The point is, I kiss Sunny Let’s take another look Listen to me Sonny ZV-1 That’s what made me so attracted to it It’s focused on the dog’s eyes I mean, ZV-1 is The animal’s face is recognizable So when I’m shooting, I’m going to do it manually You don’t have to focus It automatically recognizes the animal’s face It was too easy to film This time changing the subject, My last time with a puppy Special Vacation, Special Trip I’ve been changing the concept of this ZV-1’s putting animals in ginseng That’s awesome cool I felt that That’s why ZV-1’s so important Vloggers, beauty people Animal shooters Dog YouTubers or cat YouTubers If you’re on pet YouTube, I recommend ZV-1 I think it’s a very attractive feature I did it This is a scene that I’ve only seen on Sony’s ZV-1 It’d be great if we could shoot it I wanted to make the video more abundant out of such greed I was forced to use GoPromax (instead of drones) Please understand that Please understand me just once This is my greed as a Vlogger I want to do a good job With the desire to make a good video! There’s no drone I’m going to buy a drone by the end of this month I don’t have a drone yet I’d love to fly a drone We don’t have a drone (Dron Advertising and Sponsorship Welcome) Instead of drones, we’re going to take a little bit of video What can we do to make it more abundantly I was thinking about it I have a good item That’s GoPro Max! Because I have GoPromax I don’t use it very well.LOL I thought I’d take this opportunity to use it I’m writing it’ What do you think? It’s not bad, is it? It’s a little difficult to edit Editing GoPromax was difficult for me I think editing ZV-1 is the most important thing in the world It’s a simple way of filming and editing I think it can be shown better through the video The reason I added a lot of effects is because it’s a camping video Because it might be a little boring To increase concentration a little I added a lot of video effects (TMI: I’ve studied a lot of trends this time and put in a lot.) I believe that the video will be shown over time I love to flow So as time goes by, To shoot a video, I’ll shoot a video This hurts me (Camera on foot…)Stabbed… and bruised again.#Death #First place) They film over time I love editing I’m trying to show you how time goes by I used a time lab-like effect It’s so bright and dark Anyway, it gets dark at night It gets brighter in the morning You use those things to make it night It’s morning. It’s the next day I edited it to express that Now this is where we’re going to look at the best of ZV-1

I think it’s the last video I’m explaining The function is to focus the puppies on their faces I’ll show you I have to go to the shoot tomorrow.) I just came on my own to stop him from dropping the camera My feet are swollen right now It hurts so much. (The second time since the Han River incident)) So, in order to express how well they recognize the animal’s eyes, That’s how I got this shot Actually, dogs move very fast It’s hard to focus Especially when taken with a regular DSLR camera It’s out of focus But now that ZV-1 recognizes the animal’s face, It’s very comfortable So I think I’m going to upload all the videos on Sunny YouTube And I’ll show you my sponsor Thank you The video is Sponsored by Prua I’ve got production support from Sony And the person who edited the shoot was Roeun I’m Kim Roeun I’ll show you the edit window When I was editing, It fits me well It was fun But if there’s a downside to editing, I can’t sleep I’ve been working every day after day, I wake up in the morning and I’m working I’m working till morning I can’t sleep Two or three hours a day is the norm These days, I feel like I’m going to die early if I live like this recently These days, I’m just working until midnight I’m going to sleep right after midnight I just sleep The editing was done roughly like this You can see that it’s been very effective To make the video more interesting, I’ve been thinking about the text I’ve been thinking a lot about the text If you put too much text in it, the video will be a little boring I took it out as much as I could I deleted them all at the end Delete if it is a little annoying or uncomfortable It’s a video that interferes with concentration Delete sound surface Boldly delete it And the rest are sound effects now the sound of the transition effect This is a video Text The rest is now a transition And for a little bit of a Cinematic effect, I put it on the video If necessary, calibrate the color to the clip. Then the entire correction I’ll stop here we are I’m done explaining This is Pohang Kowloonpo, Pohang Editing is done in Seoul My computer is in Seoul I’d like to film and edit in the countryside My computer was in Seoul, so I came up to Seoul from the province To edit! To simply edit! To get a real MacBook this time! To win first place! I edited it like crazy If you like it and leave comments, It’s a big help for me to get a MacBook Please press like and leave comments Anyways, just for those who leave comments, As long as you leave a video review, I’m going to draw about five people I’ll send you a gifticon If you could leave a video review and an e-mail address, I’ll pick five and give you a gifticon Isn’t that a cool event? These days, not many people leave comments after watching the end Well, first of all, how have you been doing the video so far How they planned it I’ve shown you through the video I’m actress Kim Roeun and I live in Seoul This is how it was edited I don’t want to tell you how to edit it You know those YouTubers who edit I’ve seen a lot of videos of editorial YouTubers see a lot If there’s any effect I want to do, imitating the effect The Youtube editing teacher that I usually watch, a female editing teacher I’m watching this video, copying and learning Thank you That was Kim Roeun The story I wanted to tell you the most is There are so many good places in Korea The video shows me being happy and enjoying it with my dog Sunny I took it to show you In fact, there are many good places to travel in Korea back packing Camping trekking Riding capable There are so many good places like that I personally believe that these places are a part of my personal life I’d like to recommend it

In the future, Sony ZV-1 There’s one If we get another one, With 2 cameras! If you buy 2 cameras, it’s the best Honestly, one camera isn’t enough We need two (Shooting on iPhone 7) two Sony cameras South Korea’s Beautiful in this land in the midst of nothing I will introduce beautiful places in Korea Then, I should speak English, right? In English, people who are watching now Studying English or Korean Why would I study video again? I thought it might be a good stimulus Do as much as you can in English I’ll try, too Even if the content for November is uploaded in English, Don’t be surprised It’s just so nice I should like and subscribe. ~ Think about it This is the end of the video That’s it for today! Bye!