hi there so what we had today is I’m here with our expert makeup artist at the opening and I’m going to her to just say a few things about her background and what she is able to offer us in terms of its an expert make of ours what we’re going to be covered today is very special topic we’re going to covering some things on how to improve an actor or a models image marketability because in the world of economics is a very competitive industry female and the more marketable you are more likely that you’re going to be able to receive auditions and book work so we’ll make sure that you have all these tips and tricks under your belt and be introduced to a few things that can make you more Marvel so Ethel can you explain to us what is your background what training you’ve had and what you can show this today well my background I is been around for about 25 years so I start off in the cosmetology world and then we be a great opportunity really giving the mom and acting sign so from there I was able to capture to understand on the beauty hair and makeup which really took me to a factor word and I said in my own company now I have a launch a line of makeup and the makeup your elite and tools to help one Avenue as for the models and actors because that’s an industry that I am working wood and second is for the everyday person to as well because I find that they always have me they always have that image that they want to carry and portray and so that’s where it takes me here today to Vegas spend the day I want to share with you some tips and benefits to help you to be successful thank you so I have to feel a couple questions in here and what I’m gonna be doing is proposing a couple different questions for you so we can get an idea of what your thoughts are because these are a lot of questions that we have that we sometimes don’t know who to who to turn to and so we’re hoping that you’ll be able to share this of your expert opinion and then also I have a list of different things that I’m going to go through as a quick list and you open about us some of your own thoughts on that ok so what the first questions I have is as you know there’s a lot of makeup that’s available for purchase on the market today what key things should models and actors look forward they’re looking through to find a makeup line that will work with them are really is really you have to understand it in skin first you need to know if you’re allergic to anything second you also need to determine that what type of makeup am I looking for it is going to be sage makeup it’s a stuffing everyday wear or is it very much more of a photo shoot so you always have to keep those things in consideration then you look for what is the best one that you have tested and so for us 1 i’m on the stores that i would say it’s like a candy land which you don’t buy it immediately and you’ll be testing it and they have all the testers they have every company every brand and there they also have people that can assist you and that’s where you’re able to determine what type of makeup that you need and what you really need but really on that list of things that every person really needs to kind of have is number one is the foundation because you need is a color tint that which help covers any imperfection maybe concealer definitely face primer definitely ladies of lip gloss gentlemen’s vitamin E or vitamin C for your lips it’s just in a tube moisturizer and a few other little necessities as we can go along in your toolkit that we add great thanks very much now there’s a lot of different makeup out there and for for models what indicators should amount to look for to determine if there are having an allergic reaction to make up because we’re dealing with skin allergies a lot of people have peanut allergy and those different types of allergies how do we know when it’s an allergic reaction to the makeup versus safe for something for female hormonal imbalances well really first if they were having any skin reactions are really breaking out quite a bit really the dermatologist we really recommend the right makeup line for them as well or to make sure that they don’t have these products in all again back to my favorite store besides my own company line but Sephora is still number one to start off with is because you can look at every single bottle down to the also the ingredients you can search on their website have to pick every type of thing that you want to look at they’re telling you the full ingredients that’s looking out there but that’s why I Americans to test auto makeup before you are going to be looking at purchasing because everybody has testers but not have testing on not

right straight onto your face anywhere on your skin or anywhere behind the net or something right there because those are the areas that in case you were allergic it will not hinder or cause any graft or irritation redness from any upfront appearances so then you know that it dissipate by product for you also when you’re testing in any of the department stores before somebody’s apply makeup for you don’t rush and say perfect or buy this one let it sit in on your skin go walk down slide the natural lighting this is natural you use a mirror a sofa strangers this is color blend money because they’ll be honest because they don’t worry so that way you make sure you get in the best choices but you have everybody close that JC here to make sure that we are able to get you the right best color well that’s a neat bit of advice I never thought about putting on makeup and then walking around for a while too yeah it does need to set in with oils also the color because sometimes may look great in there but then depending on how it changes the chemistry to your body everything immediate may be perfect but in 5 minutes 10 minutes and you start to change and again that’s when you really know your true product ok thank you on a side note since wary of course we’re talking about makeup and you’ve been on multiple multiple many photo shoots we applied makeup and I’ve been doing pageants as well for makeup in TV and film how frequent does a model meet to repower themselves in order to keep the shine control well on that side of it shine is so critical because it makes it flawless and we do there is many high definition everything’s on high definition so there’s high definition powder out there and what it does is that you may have powder and set yourself already what oil seeps through the camera heaney so you really need to know your self testing each time each location the photoshoot from Phil to being outside depending the sunlight hitting you so each time one maybe five minutes one maybe 10 minutes because it’s a colder or non moisture area so it’s all different but just knowing your skin because you should always have your where your powder ready with you at all times we call that model and actor actress ready thank you on a similar note wouldn’t I exercise or whenever I go out into sunlight I am very heat sensitive so what begins to happen of course i began to perspire is there anything that models can use to keep the perspiration under control before they go into a photoshoot a lot of times really if you know how the heat sensitive you are knowing where you’re shooting on we do have makeup primers since i always recommend a primer because of hunger actually really helps filter in anywhere that has any makes the skin so soon food prep while the foundation or makeup will go on top of it so by doing that there are oil control there are waterproof i would say water purple that really just kind of help pertaining where the location there shooting on but if you know maybe have enough and ready help that because you can’t avoid them but you should also have blotting paper or tissue so that you have a chance to know if you are you would flop and make sure you pound there again and then use only you know high definition cliff translucent powder to keep touching up so that doesn’t take up your powder but you yourself always knowing yourself first to begin with and knowing different locations and times that’s how I want to ensure that you track it because you know yourself better than anyone else thank you with regards to loose powder makeup versus pressed powder maker can you comment on which is better for which purpose and is there a difference between the two well number one is that when you’re doing anything they do sell like mineral powders and items in that category mineral powers are just very thin and very natural does just for your quick I like going out and have that natural look but for any photo shoots are that you’re doing you do need to make sure you have foundation powder foundation and then you have a pressed powder then you use a translucent but the press power is really giving it that setting founder to set the base to that way anything else we’re not like move or structure really setting it up and the other power is to make sure that you’re kind of keeping it fresh is what we use that and the very translucent powder is keeping all shout saw that doesn’t kick your face up thank you you had mentioned about high-definition cameras and

high-definition makeup what what’s being what can you tell us about the makeup is coming out that is different for high-definition cameras well the high definition as you all know is really clear to a teeny so that means that perfection is the most important that you need and so the high definition makeup is very light very coated and in a way where it goes on thin appearing but it really has a clear best conception that it provides you in the shooting and the parents so that way whenever the camera and the lights we flick on it it still has the best look and coming any flaws very good thank you the the smoky eye treatment is very popular with a lot of models now you will see it runways and you see it actually on the street what can you tell us when is it more appropriate to use smoky eye treatment would you say that it’s better during daytime or when is what can you come together I really have to say the the smoky eye look everybody sometimes that parently in people’s boxes smokey eye house big black smokey eyes can be done in any color is just a design of having the eye shadow design and what it does is that those who really make me the smokey eyes pertaining from evening fashion shows photo shoots but if you’re going out on a date I’m and also age-appropriate is really a consideration that we really need to think about thank you i was actually it’s going to ask you about what would you consider age appropriateness in terms of makeup because we work with quite a few preteens under the age of 12 13 and then we also have models and actors who range from their teens all the way through into their early 30s and then we also have our lifestyle division which is 30s and beyond so what can you tell us about in each of those different age divisions what would be considered age-appropriate for a natural makeup application natural makeup application is really all the way to routine up to I could 12 and down they still can go with auditioning and everything you have and knowing how to make sure you have the foundation especially concealers because there might be any colors little cuts or anything that you have second of all is that they still need a little bit because sometimes their eyelids are thin and you see a lot more veins so they’re still you can see in there plus a little light eyeshadow and you always want everybody in all the age categories have a natural blush because not all this wakes up automatically have that little glow so it could be I caused Sunkiss a little light light bronze or black myth gives you that best up today look so 12 and under again saving very very natural gloss just in there boss nothing else extra no I shall look at the soft color peach I shall just to cover the veins lip gloss no iron liner maybe clear mascara it would be the only thing to keep the lashes clean anything from that age group up is really still all natural and that means the same thing is that you can probably touch up the eyebrows a little bit no heavy eyeliner based on again a scoop even up to in my category with our style I would tell me about how I am but it’s my lifestyle room we still do the same as necklace possible only bring out the your eyes are mouth or ass again it might a submission group I’m a little shorter on eyeballs of course I’m a touch up on the eyebrows so this really critical based on your group that everything is your goals comment in it and it doesn’t happen lipstick you’re at the lifestyle you like to use a little lipstick them yes but glass is really a really soft natural for anybody right now thank you as we’re talking about our lifestyles division for our older models in their life-size version age 35 and older what techniques can you offer a recommendation that you have for minimizing some of the character lines that some of the models have run around pros feed her life definitely concealer but also think I have a wonderful again concealer or even eight we call them a make a pencil and it comes in a lighter shade or icon highlighter and there you kind of draw around even the light you kind of go all around here because that will highlight the areas and anywhere else that you want to give that lip so that way when you were powering with the color and blending in it brings that softer highlight and fills it but there are some amazing products out there too as well anybody feeling that how do I have more cleaner conception on anything that I needed to like have it

more smoother there is a fabulous product that I’ve actually tested out then we’re going to carry at JC and it just takes a moment is called five minutes and all it does is there’s a soft serum that you put on in instantly that starts pulling about it gives you a softer complexion look is only on everyday temporary use at the time it doesn’t stay permanent but it does really make a big difference so sometimes the right products again testing what you have in there but using that pencils what my trick is using always the lighter in this area and then the color because I’m highlighting we bring it out thank you now kind of going in a different direction where we have submodels who have very round faces and have very full cheeks one of the things that we sometimes find whenever I do some of the photography or in some photos that we look at is that there’s loss of definition of the cheeks one techniques or how would a model apply contouring so that she has more of a definition she really is using taking advantage bless doesn’t only come in one color also so that we’ve been using your hot boy so you can actually use a couple of different ways in contouring and that would be darker foundation that hope you bring into the line stuck in a job right here maybe if it basis really round you probably emphasize that entrance on color some people like to use the powder and use a brush in the same areas that you paint in what definition for the nose again it’s really powering it tricky playing with it giving that strong no structure there always your goal is to have that long long look so you’re creating they’re taking every face design that you have and playing and don’t be afraid to play at all all you have to do is test everything out take a picture take a look and other than that you can just wash your face and start over again this campus you are you one of the questions I have is you know that as you know wildly adapting is very competitive and there’s a lot of models to go see agencies those actors we go out to auditions how does a model after we get to assess their current image to determine what they need to change or improve upon so they can make themselves more marketable they really need to always update themselves because this really is looking at even the excess we talked about in the modeling you should be updating your hip shot at least every six months on the acting side on your head should be nine to ten months to a year and you always want to keep your perform your current and up-to-date so you’re always in the few areas that I recommend to identify what’s happening what changes are happening is really you have a lot of three avenues to look at one we’ve got the internet you’ve got San Francisco fashion we’ve got all the different fashion weeks in different cities as well and that’s through the internet and put magazines magazines and have always updates makeup coming they always have it very natural and against based on your age division because all the asian asian you pull all the magazines that the age division and appropriate in the makeup but you always have a remember they time gossip identify both they comes very natural everything that’s upside where you can go out in the evening is of course gravity has to be a little more darker because you’re in different lighting great thank you so i have a quick list of some different topics and items that i’d like to kind of throw you to get your take on what you think of those what recommendations you have as an expert makeup artist and image consultant as well one of the things i have is colored contact lenses what are your thoughts well it could make the brick so really love color contact lenses because i live on them but really what is that coloring for especially when your audition was most natural on you so if you have brown eyes you can lighten them a little bit darken them a little bit so stick to the same color tones so that in your pictures it may be looking at the coloring but that’s still the same color of the eyes that you’re stating that you have again those are where you can create if your mom maybe a fantasy for actors would be your character so there’s really it can make and break you is really my answer thank you um banks a little bangs but i have a round face so banks doesn’t come me so a lot has banks are very challenging to carry because what you want to really do is based on your face shape and the recommendation also in your hair design hair design spec critical because you really need to look and see what other styles are young again but you also want to have a hair

that really is workable in any given way for can I put my hair up very easily is it when I’m marketable out there so that somebody can say oh I can just do a little trim work and I just click this up versus you have a haircut that as many many many different layers then it would take a lot of time to maybe put hair extensions back on into your hair in order to get you to look like a character or for a fashion show so so really look at what works for you especially your hair designer that works for you to see what best fits your face shape study your face shape also too because they have lot of that information on the internet for your homework and see that the science are coming in thank you the next topic i have is regarding hair coloring we have a lot of models who are looking to distinguish themselves with different hair colorings are there to enhance maybe turning a round to it more like a reddish brown then we have some extremes who go from a brunette all the way to a blonde and then we have some models who actually do some highlights and lowlights what can you comment on appropriately score hair coloring or what recognitions do you have because as I understand it there’s a lot of hair color out there oh it is a million billion dollar industry and if you look right now I’m one of the properties out of that because I do enjoy that’s really changing because I like to carry a certain image and following because of it it’s fun but what’s critical for you that we need to talk about is that really is again your age division what’s the most closest natural to you and also again if you’re changing then make that decision while you’re looking as a model you’re six months each time you’re updating your headshots actors actresses you’re looking at the end nine to nine months to a year you work around with that schedule for bit tiny because that’s when you also have to update because when you’re auditioning they want you to being as closest to the headshots that’s currently on file the rest of it if you have different things on your portfolio the different color it’s excellent because that shows how that verse you are in marketing thank you now as we’re continuing on with a lot of these topics some of these topics maybe some sensitive issues or sensitive items for some of our models so I want to make sure that everybody understands that where we’re going up to white some of these questions that models and actors are sometimes afraid to question or to ash somebody so I’m going to ask them because that’s what I’m here for so facial hair okay for men and women can you comment on what your thoughts are on facial hair again I’m going to have to start off and please understand I my word sir frank and honest and again to you is that this is nothing offensive to anybody but I want you to be successful and I want you to be able to make sure that you’re making the right decision everything is going to be a appropriate based on your division of your age you know if you are 12 year old and you have a you know you’re growing a mustache and everything is that going to cast you the job that you’re looking for also if you do have it based on your age group about division then are you taking care of it is being trimmed properly it’s it out of place and also you should make sure those gentlemen see we do carry a half this year make sure you’ve got the gel with you to make sure also these need to be cold and fresh tube and when you’re auditioning so all that’s gotta be in play because it’s maintenance and facial hair for the women how can they care for that and keep that in dirt Shack really on that you really have to take a look and again as different age as you’re growing something you’d be surprised I make it run a little more hair down here a little more whiskers there those are easy really taken care of just many different ways you can use and take care of that when we know we can be teaching begin based on how old you are because again it is chemicals and it is it can be half as you don’t want to do any injury to yourself but some people skin are very sensitive so you have many options wax threading tweeze it yourself again don’t get all those ways to have it removed or bleaching it so it just paints the color light enough so that that facial hairs are there that doesn’t cause any injuries in facebook give your students in chemical but again really is take a look step back and that anything is really based upon what’s best for you making sure you’re not allergic any of that and again you have awesome your agent managers that you’re working they also be providing what’s best great thank you

moving on we also have eyebrows what can you come in and tell us about eyebrows well I brought your really important because it really gives a certain feature name to you so if you’re lighter on the eyebrows opportunities may be looking at tinting eyebrow you don’t want to keep powering it if you’re planning to keep the kids eyebrows undergrowth is about two to three months of fully change around same thing with eyelashes some people are very very light color eyelashes but we’re always having a very and instead of how to wear mascara so you may have to take it to give it that more natural look and it’s really less work for you to do but that stays and stays very very natural versus having to do anything else some people’s lashes as well false downward and you try to curl it curl and there’s other options to look at harming them as well because they say about two months for bring them and it really opens a person’s eyes really in this industry and this business is maintenance on yourself and knowing what to select and do but there are tools like eyelash curlers and everything but eyebrows is another thing is that you don’t want unibrows but you never want your brows too thin if you shave them sometimes they may not go back if you have that so there’s many really looking at having them the right length trimming them where there’s new growth having them always thought if you prefer to so there’s always ways that you take care of it but really on making sure that it’s not not maintained when they see and they also have things eyebrow gel because some people’s eyebrows don’t go where they need to control and it makes a big difference to how clean and helped risk you’re taking carries out there great thank you so one of the next topics we have and this is going to be appropriate for all age divisions is fingernails for in until polish and when I sometimes see is I see girls they have beautiful nail polish for one week and then the next week it looks like they biting other nails and shipping what can we comment on best recommendations or best practices right now for young girls or anybody if you do not wear any nail polishes or anything you have we’re in soft one coat of clear because that always makes it look that your nails is always clean and ready to go we also recommend cuticles get dry sometimes we’ll play sports when you’re going to anything we always going to be a suitable oil a real leg beautiful tapping really makes your hand with backing up spent thousands of dollars that somebody worked on your hands your nails got to be filed don’t have different links trim them if you have your nails done outside make sure it’s really to declare natural nails because that’s what the first impression and also you need to think about to the nutter avenues look at stools maybe different colors I know certain things are in fashion then fashion it and make sure it is clean and ready to go but we also be again think about you’re auditioning what’s going to get you the job very good thank you one of the last things I wanted to touch on is there’s two areas that they’re always attract attention for when speaking to people or in photos one is of course the eyes we’ve talked quite a bit about eyes already the next portion it would be actually around the mouth area and the lips what can you tell us or best practices going to tell us about maintaining our lips to make them look the lock Jewess or look clean and healthy what can you comment on back that’s one of my pet peeves the lips eyes that a lot of times we’re not taking care of our lips is that we tend to have dry lips expecting winter or where you live in that area may be more dry chapped lips and then we’ll chop lives it’s very tough to to if you have to do a photo shoot or you have to provide a lipstick on the skin is right there it doesn’t look clean it’s almost really important either removing the dead skin but you don’t want just peel because you can easily injure yourself so you do need to make sure another way is that having the vitamin you evaluate to see putting a light bulb that every night before you go to bed it’s just taking care of yourself by making sure your moisturizing your skin that night remember this is you this is how you got to make sure you take care of yourself but a lot of time when I want to photo shoes we do it’s a pet p we come in and wait lady and her that’s just so dry that we had to put moisturizer and then we wait to it gets off enough but a lot of times people can get turned away because we’re not you know what you’re not all right let’s end it to add in on the lips of how to defined it if you feel that your mixer not fall easily lost in it and if

you’re looking at saying that the color doesn’t really have much you always got a natural natural two closest your your skin tone on your lips and that’s not that minor you use you can use that to go all around the lips and you do look at out an outline I caught my Cupid me that’s my favorite to make sure that sharp and if you use lip gloss right on top of it lip gloss is a key to carry all you ladies in your purses no matter what you need because the applause always makes it to final clean crisp and that will help you to broaden and define your lips as the lip liner and the lip liner don’t draw it on as heavy like lipstick moving help draw out film the colors and adding that lip gloss on to it brings out and defines your lips great thank you I wanted to close this and thank you for offering your time for us today to share some of your best tips and practices and comments on and all these makeup and image enhancements one of the things I wanted to just ask you also is because you have a wealth of knowledge that you built up over many years of working in this industry for someone who is coming into the industry now models and actors they look into either pursue you know the makeup artistry or just some odd looking to find the latest trends everything what sources can you recommend for them to find more information really is on their latest fashion magazines and then also do the websites for the fashion shows that are happening out there final within your local community too because that all comes down and brings down to what’s happening in really understanding the fashions the latest events via listening to seeing what the stars II you know and especially the magazine’s I met I pick up tricks and tools every day and whenever they share with me a new product of K mountain says this works if I know sephora as it doesn’t mean that i buy off from from sephora as you know I have my own line but I still test it to see is it really the quality as it says because then that tells me that you know if that product is it then I’m going to go ahead and have to manufacture myself after but again that’s where you can play and not have to buy it immediately then determine what you’re looking for great thank you well that’s all the time we have for today so hopefully we’ll be seeing you around JC and a great game