all right you guys we’re gonna start off the year with a bang game shop my stash so you guys know that in last year I tried to do something my stashes slash project pan so this year I wanted to start off with some banking products and show you guys what I’m looking for it and to do and shop my stash and this is gonna be a monthly shot my stash Plus project pan and I’m gonna show you guys everything that I plan on using in the month of June ready so hopefully you guys enjoy you let me know what you’re doing I shot my stash or you planning on if you’re planning on using up some products for the year and then yeah let’s just get into it so I’m just gonna start off by saying that everything that I’m gonna show you is gonna be out of order I’m just gonna go drew budge or if you guys know this here and I do apologize about the lighter this here is my fault please shop my Spanish and Kingdom these two drawers on the side here so I know the lighting is bad so I apologize but we’re gonna go ahead and get started so we’re gonna go ahead and get started but before we get into it make sure you like comment and subscribe and click the notification bells so you will be notified every time I upload a new video and I would like for you guys to follow me along in my shop mustaches so just for starters I’m gonna show you guys that I have some stickers just random stickers that I’m gonna use just in case I find anything that I need to go ahead hand so I normally use just random stickers and that’ll just let me know what I’m panning so I’m gonna sit those to the side and we’re gonna jump right into it we’re gonna start off with the Foundation’s primers and lipsticks that I got right here in this drawer so we’re gonna go with the elf the F all three so we’re gonna start off with the F all three foundation its appears it’s a SPF 15 sunscreen in it and this is in the shade cocoa this was a my December shot mustache and I only used it once but I do remember liking the color so I thought I should keep it in to give it a little bit more love and then we’re gonna pull in the Maybelline doing it smooth normal to dry skin foundation this is a big need foundation and this is in the shade 355 coconut and I don’t know if you could tell but it is kind of running low and I decided that I needed to use up all my Maybelline foundations because I have a lot of them so I’m gonna place a sticker on this one because she’s almost finished I don’t know if he does to tell but she’s almost finished so we’re going to move on to the mix King stop on Southfork overage foundation this one is this Indy shape mocha you guys know I did a review on this foundation in 2018 if I could find the review I will link it down below and the hot box but I was having troubles with it at first when I first purchased it but as you can tell I have been using it so I found a way to use it so I wanted to bring it back out because you guys know I love a full coverage foundation speaking of full coverage we’re gonna go with the Kat Von D lock-it foundation this one is in the shade 74 deep you can

tell I use some other but normally I will mix this with the 72 but I think I want to try it alone and y’all excuse it it’s very dirty because I know I love Kat Von D products so we’re gonna use this now a foundation that I got a while back I don’t even think I did a review on it but I should have I found this at Walgreens and it’s a circa it’s a color balance the liquid foundation this is in the shade number 10 that’s all it gives me shade number 10 and I remember I use it off and on from time to time ever since I bought it so I thought maybe I should go ahead and give this another shot to see if I still like it like I did when I first bought it and the next foundation it’s gonna be my Maybelline 24 hour rare foundation and mocha and this is the super space line it’s a full coverage foundation once again this is in the shade 360 mocha as you can tell as I’ve been using it up because I actually really like this this mocha is not the same as every other shade of mocha got this one is a little bit more orange than more of a reddish so I like this one y’all could say I like it because it’s beard freakin dirty so I almost want to put a sticker on it because I feel like I’m kind of using it up yeah let me go ahead and put a sticker on it and that’ll become a part of my project pan as well there we go we put a little sticker on it so we’re gonna try to use that baby up now the next foundation y’all this is a part of my project pan as you know I do have a sticker on it and I’ve been holding on to this for a long time now so it is time for me to use it which I’m using it over this was in my project Pam I’m sorry in my shop mustache slash project pant since last year this is the L’Oreal infallible Pro matte 24-hour wear foundation in the shade 112 Coco I’m almost done with this and the only problem I have with this is that it pulls a lot of red on me so I’m thinking about mixing it with my Maybelline and see if it uh balance out I don’t know I’m gonna try so as of right now this is all the foundations that I will be using I can’t remember if I had any more but if it is it being these drawers over here but let’s go into the theorem I am trying to finish up this elf hydrating serum you can tell us a part of my project pan because it has a sticker and I think I’m almost done with it like a barely tail I can barely tell but if I’m not mistaken it’s down here but I really truly don’t really like this like I haven’t seen anything that gives me like oh I need about this again type of filling so I’m just trying to use it on up so that it could go into empties and I think I’ll be proud of myself if I actually do finish it but the primer that I want to use is the benefit the Porefessional mat rescue I’ve been liking this and I’ve been having this for a while and I keep saying stuff like for awhile but it’s not really like using years old not at all but I’ve been having this for a while and I really do like this so I’m gonna continue to use it I think I may want to pull in a hydrating primer but I’m not for sure yet because I really truly just love this primer all right you guys so I did decide to pull in a hydrating primer so this is the if prepping prom balm it says it’s a clear a clear cooling balm that helps hydrate and prep the skin for makeup application so we’re gonna try to use this and see oops and give it a go I know I used it before but I don’t even really remember I’m trying to see how much I got left well I got a way used to go okay yeah we’re gonna try to use this and see if we like it so this is a go in with you this will go in with the benefit pork pork professional so I have a mattifying one and I have a hydrating one and that should work for this month just in case my skin change up we are in January it is still cold but who knows what the

future may hold so we’re gonna pull in our NYX glue the primer glue because you guys know I am planning on bringing colorful glitter look this year I’m not playing no games I’m gonna go all out and do some different types of looks for you all and then I’m are pulling my ELF liquid lipstick remover this stuff I have not found it anywhere else but if you guys can get your hands on this this is the best product to take away your liquid lipstick things if your liquid lipsticks are very very drying not drying but onto your lips and won’t move use this to remove your liquid lipstick I’m gonna apologize in advance if you hear any noise from upstairs my neighbors are up and my baby boy is in the room with me so I do apologize if you hear any extra outside noise so we’re gonna move into the lip product and we kind of got a lot of lip products and I got more so we’re gonna start off with my jazzy Girl cosmetics liquid lipstick this one is in the shade Ricky you guys I love jazz girl cosmetic makeup it is very balm the liquid lipstick is so good and I love this peachy nude if you guys would like look down below and the hot box and use my coupon code I am gonna use my two fancy beauty products what are these called so cosmetic glosses this one is in the shade spacesuit you know the bright and they’re so small but I’ve bought these when binti first released the first two the first two products and they line I bought every single thing and some stuff is on my Poshmark because I did do a full collection about all the collection and I did a review on my channel and of course some of the things that I really can’t wear so I went ahead and put it on my Poshmark so if you guys are looking for items from 50 Beauty and you want to check out my Poshmark check down below in the hot box this second one is gonna be gala on the moon this is another pretty purple lip gloss this is what it looks like and I haven’t used these but these are the only two cosmetic glasses outside of the fits the fancy prom gloss that I found attractive that I was like oh yes I have to try so I’m gonna leave those in for this month and they pull out a whole but you can’t bond these liquid lipsticks I have vampire which is a dark burgundy brownie liquid lipstick it’s off it almost have a purple tint to it but you guys know I’m like a sucker for brown lips so I didn’t have that one I also have backstage barb backstage Bambi sorry the other one I got is Suspiria I hope I’m Santa Robbie it’s a purple of course y’all know I’m in love with Kat Von D and of course my last one is Lolita y’all know this is like my favorite favorite nude so those are the four Kat Von D liquid lipstick as well as I got lip paint long less than smudge proof lip color body company in the paint these you can find in like Walmart and Walgreens I have these shades skinny dip it’s just a light nude that I’m pretty sure I’m gonna like and of course I have dose of colors I don’t even know the shape because the what you call it came off the sticker came off but this I have been wearing for a minute and just to let you guys know this is the dose of color knockoff that I got off of wish calm and but I love this I love this color so I don’t know what a dose of color actually looks like or feel like and real life person because I don’t own any dose of color but I do actually like that so moving on we have two Black Radiance I just bought these not too long ago because they had to sell at Walgreens and I decided to pick these up and I need to go ahead and try them out the only problem I don’t like about Black Radiance is that their colors their

of the colors is on this little plastic so once I open this plastic I really won’t even know what the name is called anymore but they do have numbers on the bottom so if you ever see you during the month of January if you ever see me put the month of the shade number that’s just what it is because I know I’m not gonna remember the actual shade name so these are the perfect tone matte lip creams and this one is in living and violet just a beautiful purple I kind of want to do a comparison video because platinum D here on YouTube came out with a lip color car Oct and I want to say this is almost a dead-on match with this one and one from over so let me know if you guys would like a comparison video of those three and then the other one that I got is in the shade succulent plum which is a dark vampy purple of course for video purposes but I will wear this any day and okay I do have the NYX lingerie and cashmere silk y’all know I love this color this is one of my favorite lingerie colors so I want to use this one again and I happen to use this over long lasting liquid lipstick and a long time and this is in Verona just another nude I wanted to pull that back down you guys know I’m kind of addicted to nudes so of course it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have nudes in my shot much fish I also put out my lip gloss by la colors high shine lip glosses you guys I have every single shade in these and I promise you I would never stop buying these every time I see them I promise you I will continue to buy these because these are the best liquid lipsticks I’m sorry not liquid lipsticks the best liquid lip glosses that is in it’s oh my god that is on the market I promise you and they’re cheap like being cheap so this one is in doll face it’s a lipgloss but you got its pigmented like look at that it’s pigmented and I love this and I love all of them because they are so pigmented and they’ve worked with anything and they’re not a liquid lipstick they’re lip gloss the next one I pulled out was the wet and wild make a lasting liquid cat suit y’all this color is so beautiful this one is in the shade sarens jewel or serene serene jewel it is a beautiful green and of course this is for video purposes if I can get away with it I will wear this at work we’re just a nice winged liner snatch the face and just this green look look so yeah we’re gonna try that I did pull out some regular lipsticks I don’t know how far we’re gonna go with it because I’m not too much into lipsticks no more I’m more of a lipgloss and liquid lipstick type of chick now so I only got three which this one is Revlon creme lipstick and beer Holt I remember when I first purchased these and if y’all know how far these go back you guys are really into the beauty community but I remember buying damn near all the shades that came in this line and bear whole it was one of my favorite ones so yeah I’m gonna see if I still like it and then I got a Marc Jacobs little lipstick it’s in the shade Kiss Kiss Bang Bang I got this in I think either Sephora or Ulta birthday gift I want to say the Sephora though and as you could tell I barely used it so because I think that I used it before okay you know what let me try it again and see if I like it if not I’m gonna pass this along the other one I have is a mini Mac lipstick this one is matte lipstick and it is in Belva teddy now I learned velvet teddy from Tom the infamous here on YouTube she loves velvet teddy and I can’t even lie if the other Teddy came in a liquid lipstick this would be my shit like forever I don’t know who this one is it doesn’t have a name or label or anything but it is a white one with reflex of different colors as you could tell hopefully but I want to use that and I don’t have my jazzy girl glistening glitz

glistening Lord Jesus glistening sparkles which I just received in PR so you guys will see this in my upcoming PR unboxing just Girl cosmetics y’all know I love them they’re on Instagram as well love these are very new to the company so we do have your highness which is a blue we have shimmer away which is a silver and I’m going to use that today we do have dancing Lily which is a pink yeah I’m sorry we have Prommy which is a gold we have cash wishes and queens you guys and we got a sweet serene which is a beautiful purple so moving on we have three more products in here these are from this here is from my Omega pigment this is a loose pigment it doesn’t have a name but it is a beautiful gold copper type of look and I’ve been dying to try this so I got it here because I’m gonna try it as well as my cover of X glitter drops that I got in my box each one this one is in the shade Oh Nova I’m assuming it is called ANOVA and this is a glitter drop I’m assuming it’s almost like for highlighting stuff I don’t know you guys I’m not really good at cream highlight before a powder highlight but said it’s the new year I’m gonna try new things that’s kind of pretty I don’t know maybe I can use it for different things maybe on the eyes as a base or the highlight you know I said I want to try it come on and instead of using my concealers and stuff for eyeshadow base I’m gonna go back into the old school days and use my Mac put long wearing and painterly yeah I haven’t used this in a while so I gotta put it back out and try to give it some love and hopefully I fall in love with it all over again the brand new releases from Chauncey girl cause you met it of course we have the jazzy eyes and this one is being sassy which looks like that as well as Jaffe eyes Jasmine street looks like that y’all will see these in the PR unboxing as well that’s why I’m keeping some of the products to the side we’re gonna use the Royal Mint lashes you guys I am on the I am on the Royal Ming clash PRN lists so make sure you check them out my coupon code is down below if you want to check them out these are in royal sauce I have learned to really truly like these this is my second pair of roar your sauce and I like that it comes with a little brush in there just in case I’m a fluffy doll since this is my second pair I’m gonna try to flip these out and see what they turn out to be but royal mink lashes yeah check them out as well and I want to say these are from a company off of Instagram as well these are in the style d-22 I don’t actually know the name of these though as well as the gimme wispy wine lashes it says they’d enhance this blue green and hazel eyes y’all know I got all three colors cuz of my content so I’m gonna try to put these bad boys on and see what they do I am gonna try bottom lashes this month in this year so we do have the clean color Angelique quick week lashes in number 502 their black their bottom lashes can’t really see them but hey we’re gonna try them out as well as dodo lashes y’all I am on the PR for dodo lashes and I do have a affiliate coupon code with dodo so if you would like I do get a small small percentage of you guys purchasing through them using my code you don’t have to I’m just letting it

know be known that I do get a small percentage but these are in these style D 115 I do have to go and purchase some more dodo lashes though but I did like these these are the first pair they sent me so I do like those and I’m gonna continue to try those out drawer number three is just the contour palettes that I’m gonna use in the blush palette and a highlight palette so we got the pure sculptor palette that I got on a boxycharm it just says it’s a highlight and contour palette it doesn’t say like if it’s for medium to dark dark to light or anything but I have been using it as you guys could tell I do use this one to contour and bronze and sometimes I will go in you’re a bit with this but this one is really rich and these are two highlighters that I may possibly use I actually like them so yeah we’re going to use that and it smells like chocolate oh my god smells like chocolate I’m gonna go all score and bring out the Maybelline master chrome blush by face studio this one is in number 10 that’s all it says it’s number 10 okay I do like every last one of these cons I do like every last one of these blushes and I do like this highlight so I have enough highlights and blushes and contours to keep me set for the month as well as this pure bronze and brightening I don’t want to say I got this in a boxy charm but this is the dreamer palette and it has a blushing blow after blow and a mineral glow I use all three them for highlight every last one I’m for highlight even this one I use this as a topper to the blush but basically these two highlights for me and so let’s move on to setting powders and one more highlighter Jaz a girl cosmetics of course can’t I tell them I like jazz a girl cosmetic this is the golden shimmer for the face it’s a highlighter looks like that they’re very pretty I already got a pin in it so you guys know that I like to have a girl cosmetics so we use a net for a highlighter I do my Maybelline fit me loose finishing powders you guys I did a whole review on this I want to say a year to ago maybe at the beginning of 2017 I don’t know 2017 2018 I don’t know but if I find it I’ll link it down below again or you could just search my name and put it in Maybelline fit me in the youtube search bar it’s your pop up but I do have the medium/deep for underneath my eye and beep from all over my face you guys know I absolutely love these and I haven’t used them in a while so the brand I though I do have the L’Oreal infallible Pro matte foundation this one is in cocoa too I believe the name rubbed off because it was on this little sticker thing right here and it doesn’t have it on the back so I want to say this is cocoa but I’m not for sure but it must have been kind of well-loved or something if the top is both so we do have the Ruby kisses never touch up matte finish powder foundation and this one is in chestnut I think I like this but can’t remember and I think about this for all over the face can’t remember so we’re gonna test it out for last Oh No second to last is my Milani translucent medium to deep powder I do have the banana one but I decided to pull out the medium too deep for the days that I just don’t want to you know I want to do like the everyday look nothing too fancy or all over the face that’s what this is for it’s gonna be the pretty vulgar the powder room Matt about it translucent setting powder I’m keeping this to the side because I have to do my boxycharm unboxing so that’s what it looks like I have tried it once just to see because I’ve seen a lot of videos on it so I wanted to try just but I won’t talk about it right now I thought that at the end of the month but so these two doors are the pencil liners liquid liners and of course we’re gonna keep the NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk

gotta keep that my two black liners that our project pan is my I think this is Laurie o silk miss Sokka still penis sickness I think that’s what it says it’s kind of gone but this is in black trying to finish that up as well as my Lancome something pencil my Makeup Forever aqua liner this one is in the shade but it’s a blue new la girl glide on gel liners this one is in D shade lime light it’s a beautiful green I want to try this puppets at Walgreens I want to try that so bad I’m gonna pull out my my exhibit brights cream color this one is in sapphire aqua sapphire I haven’t even opened it but I want to try this and see if I like it it’s oh it’s like a mint green color so I’m gonna see if I like it and then for these I’m gonna go through these really fast I do have these Jordana cat liner in Twilight that I want to use I’ve used it before I do have my mix veil liquid liner and black I have three vivid or vivid bright for of everybody’s you guys know I really too much don’t like the baby rights because they crack but I’m still trying to give it a go still trying to give them a go I had excape gunmetal fire and halo I’m still trying to get these a girl yeah I’m still trying to give him chances as well as my NYX white liner and then I have two of the glam liners by NYX y’all could tell I like me I had the glam liners by NYX and these are water waterproof as well I have what this is nude and then this one is Oh glamour or Azure blam Azure so in these two drawers I didn’t just sit palette in there or whatever so I haven’t used my Kat Von D pastel goth palette at all I did purchase it when it went on sale and i swatched it I can’t remember if I did a review on it or not but it’s here it was on sale I bought it and never freakin used it and the second word I got my color pop element of surprise palette that I got I can give him a box of charge and these shades look like this I remember using it once or twice but I really don’t remember if I liked it or not so gonna pull this out as I can tell I’m doing all kind of colorful looks as I said before and I did want to try a neutral I mean a cool tone type of look because I really do cool town looks so in depth with that being said the pretty bugger Nightingale eyeshadow palette that I got in boxycharm that I never frickin used its court on but neutral colors is will I heard that this palette is expensive and it’s not well worth it so I wanted to try it myself this is like just a whole bunch of Browns in a gun metal type of color look the packaging came live but I do kind of want to see what everybody is talking well and then these are the last pellets I’m gonna talk about I did pull in my Kat Von D shade + light contour palette everybody knows what this looks like of course I’ve had this begin enough time this one I’m pretty sure is the darker shade the medium to dark I’ve had this from the beginning of time I do like using this for underneath my eye majority other time but these three here I’ll contour bones and all that wit like I told y’all I am pretty pretty set on contours and highlights and all that type of stuff so I have to pull this back up because I loved this I’m pulling out my jester cosmetics this one is I think this is lighten up face and cheek palette or something like that I can’t

remember but I’m not using none of these to contour or bronze I’m using these all for blushes and highlights so for the actual eyeshadow palettes I only pulled out three big ones and of course the two smaller ones volleyball Holy Grail palette that was gifted to me by my girl Deena again I’ve been I didn’t miss this up Deena mess this up and I want to mess it up just like she mess it up I tried to clean it off but I mean I don’t know it did so good of a job I like the shade teddy bear cool beans brownie points you know are you kidding me I like these shades and I want to try to make some use out of the hashtag it’s like my all-time favorite shade that looks really good transition to like um yeah I’m wanting to playing this palette and see if I could put it like in in here so I’m gonna pull that out my other violin boss the very first dollar boss fella I ever purchased was hashtag and I got this and you can tell I like it you could tell it I’ve been giving it some love but I haven’t used it in a while so these purple shades I’m like really thinking about doing like a all purple look with just this room and a look with just this roll and a look adding colors from this room you know like I’m planning on trying to use the full palette to see you know what my actual likings is and then I’m going oh oh oh oh old school all these are from Coastal Scents this is a Coastal Scents palette with Coastal Scents shades so we’re going to try to work with all these because I remember when I first bought these and I need to you know finish it off you know but I bought these when they were on Steel Co light sale sale they weren’t even $0.99 I want to say they were like 50 cent or something like that so I left the little tags on the back I got 18 karat gold and stuff like that I remember buying this when it was a sale sale in the beginning on my YouTube days and I haven’t really used to since got neon bright pink you know I got different shades that I want to use and I want to try to use every last one of these colors because obviously I bought it for a reason so we’re gonna try to go old-school and we’re gonna try to you know bring this big try to get Coastal Scents ship happen again you know y’all let me know down below in the comments if y’all see about Coastal Scents a shadow pops hot pots or whatever they used to call but that is it to my shop my stash hopefully you guys are in for the ride and see what looks I create in the new year I have a lot of colorful looks in mind so hopefully you guys are down for the ride if you are make sure once again you hashtag d4l games in the comment section below and let me know what kind of looks or what you guys would like to see in this month because I got you I got a lot of things in mind so I’ll see you guys later and at the end of the month to let you guys know what I’ve been feeling I’ve been feeling about opera love you don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you guys later