hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I wanted to do a tutorial using me wet and wild this is the comfort zone pal and I finally picked up this path I don’t know why I waited so long but as you know what this is less than five bucks just one of those are like I need to pick up something I need to buy some makeup and this is really affordable you can get this anywhere from like three something to like less than five dollars and you get eight I shadows I got mine at walgreens you can find like any drug speaking at CBS you can get at Target Walmart Kmart what a while is sold a lot of different places and this is kind of like a first impressions for me as you’ll see throughout the tutorial this is my first time using the palette I really wanted to use it but I just want to give you guys a little bit of my feedback of it first of all like I said very affordable and for affordable you get eight shadows and it’s actually really nice you get some nice neutral shades up here and then you get a lot of colors to play with so you can really do a lot of looks and I came up with this look today and honestly I don’t use color that often buzzing you know let’s go for it let’s do this I used this color of my lid and honestly I was impressed by the pigmentation by the blend of Billy and by the texture of these like this shadow in general this look at diet that was one swipe I didn’t have to like rub on like you have to with some shadows um I’ll show you guys right here and it’s kind of like a dual chrome pick nits kind of blue buttons Ryan can kind of get reds and then you have like this dark palette right here Jesus Christ that is pretty pigmented and that one’s maybe a little bit more glittery but still nonetheless you have this really beautiful green like look at these colors I am so impressed that sure you guys full swatches um but even like some of these shades right here these two shades right here this is like um it looks like it might be a little bit shimmery on both of these shades but they’re not so these are really great to blend out in the crease that create like your transition color so because you don’t want to use too much glue all around it’s gonna just look like kind of you know like shimmery mess a little bids you want some sort of matts in there and I actually use a matte from another pallet or another single eyeshadow because I didn’t think that this is going to be sharing manou you could just use a transition Shane and I use this one in the crease it was really really great ah very impressed I think I should check this out definitely pick this up I’m so glad I picked us up and I can do some really great affordable looks for you guys I don’t play with a lot of greens were here you i have very inexpensive green to try out um so if you guys want to see how i got this look just keep on watching let me know what other may be affordable shadows i know they have a lot of trios of the wet and wild shadows with this where eight shadows is a really great prices are really cute really great like stocking stuffer if you want to get the trio’s even add some of those in there when while has a lot of great affordable products all right to start off since all these shades are pretty shimmery you can probably use the whole palette by itself but i kind of want some sort of matt transition shade so I’m so gonna take a very affordable product you can even just use your bronzer if you want but I’m going to go ahead and use the makeup geek eyeshadow in the color peach smoothie and I’m just going to take this on a fluffy brush and I’m just going to kind of fluff this around as my transition shade um and you can do this with that lighter shade um but I really just wanted something Matt I don’t want too much shimmer since i’m going to use a lot of shimmer specifically on the lid house watching all these colors and the pigmentation is really good and the smoothness especially the one I’m going to use in my lid that like bluish kind of green that weird i don’t know it’s got like crazy like duochrome effect um really smooth I was really impressed um so I kind of want to use that on my lid so for my crease I’m actually going to go ahead and use that shade that says crease but I kind of just want to lay down a brown because then we’re going to transition and use this color more increase to define and then this color right here on the lid so kind of go somewhere there you could use this color too oh maybe I’ll add a little bit on the top so I’m going to be using the Sigma e25 brush you can even use the more feet and 4 33 now just going to place this color into my crease maybe a little bit higher because we’re going to go in with a little darker color so we’re going to get light dark darker darkest on the lid um if you go from light to dark it’s a lot easier to blend out and this is kind of my first time using this palette so kind of like a first impression um but yeah so that color my criticism ER in the pan um but it doesn’t come off shimmer in the crease so that’s really nice so I’m not like over intensifying the shimmer and as you can see the pigmentation is really good honestly I did not expect much but I’m I’m pretty impressed so far so good just a back alley I’m just going back in with that fluffy brush and this is a sonia kashuk 109 brush and I’m just gonna blend out that crease color um I’m gonna blend out every color as I go cuz that just makes it easier later for the transition and if you feel like you lose a little bit of color when I tense if I just add and blend add in blend but the color did not

disappear as I am brushing away and honestly I love this fluffy brush if you just this is a really great fluffy brush so I’m going to take this NYX jumbo pencil and this is in the color black bean and I’m going to place this all over my lid just the preparation so that lid shade it’s going to be even more attention you can do this with a white or a black base shadow normally darker colors I might like to use a black base but to your liking and these NYX jumbo pencils are really good so I’m just going to do is pretty look so don’t want to blend it out too much and too high because you don’t want to go into the crease because Dean ink is missing and you can go with your finger or I’m actually going to use this Sonia Kashuk number 110 concealer brush just for a little bit of added control and just kind of blend that out all right now that you’ve got your panda eyes I feel like is complete in your skin so we’re going to take this definer color right here this bluish color but it’s got a cool like a dual chrome effect when you add it and I’m just going to pack this on to my eyelid and and I’m even going to go ahead and take some of this pixie glomus but I can’t see how it you know does on its own and then see you know I’m gonna hants it anyway I do that with all my I shows what they look like this you definitely want to do your eyeshadow first and then do your foundation because you’re probably I’m getting come follow and mind you i usually use my mac 242 brush because that’s a synthetic brush that’s really good to help pack on color but this is actually the one I’m using it’s just a regular crown brush I’m not sure then there’s no number on it or anything but crown brushes are really inexpensive so you can even use the elf brush is to use to do this or this on your contracting this is just a regular shader brush it’s not synthetic at all that packed on the color really nice I’ve using a synthetic brush that’s gonna be real good so now I’m just taking a clean no additional product and I was gonna blend this carefully and blend a lot just to make sure there’s no harsh lines so this might take a while and this is crazy when it blends out it doesn’t blend up blue it almost blends out like a maroonish burgundy so that’s kind of like adding on a crease color it’s really weird the kind of cool it’s a darkening that crease color that we put so I mean this would be it uh-huh oh you might need I’m am I gonna go in and get some of that eye lid color and just just going to add that to my fluffy brush and just blend out oh just we get that like transition shades and that shade is actually not too shimmery so yeah honestly you could have used that as trans in shape I was playing it safe it looked more shimmery than it is I’m just going with another clean brush because honestly when it comes to like smokey eyes the more clean brushes that you use I’ve learned a hum to blend out the less um like messy everything ends up exact to look that with this is a clean brush and that was just from blending uh-huh I’m gonna go ahead and take that brow bone color and just add that underneath my right one I like that brow bone color it’s not too intense usually a lot of brow bone colors are like intense stark white so I cleaned up the edges with a makeup wipe and then going to go in with that darker color after I do my winged liner to kind of define a little bit just because when i do my winged liner kind of have a better idea of right we’re in the crease I kind of want to add um be careful touching your I might get to my finger I’ve already primed my face using the Maybelline master Prime blur and illuminate I love this let’s just look at my skin right now for a nice eliminating feeling great drugstore option if you want a little bit more of a glow when you do your foundation and for foundations or actually before foundation I’m just going to go in real quick with my Sonia Kashuk and this is the all covered up concealer and I’m just going to use it just to kind of hide any blemishes that I might be having on my face and I’m just going to go in this is a sigma p80 brush or you can use your finger but I just lied a bill or anything just let me dab this on and any spots I might be having

so I’m actually gonna be mixing foundations today I’m going to be using the remote lasting finish 25 hour foundation and the L’Oreal True Match Lumi because this one is a little light and this was a little dark so when I combine them and just wanted to see what the make sure would be like especially since I really like the coverage for this it’s like it can be like a nice medium coverage and then the Lord o true match is definitely a lighter coverage so I don’t I just felt like experimenting and playing with some foundations today all right I just mix it up with my finger I’m just gonna add this on my face and that’s hope that’s all I need I don’t wanna have to mix again and a reason a kabuki brush I don’t need as much foundation so to give me like really good coverage right off the bat and I like to kind of spray my foundation with either if it’s max fix+ or this pixie glomus which I have been loving i mentioned it in my November favorites same thing with Mac 6 plus just a drugstore version a little bit cheaper when I save some money but I just like to kind of moisturize my brush a little bit dry skin and then I’m just gonna go ahead and tap that on my cheese and Nick um crown brush round top kabuki I love this brush feel of coverage and something that blends really really nicely I’ve been loving a round top kabuki brush for that now I’m going to go in with the Sephora bright future gel serum concealer I have mine in the color park day and I’m going to use this underneath my eyes i’ll be doing a review on this product like I said soon that’s coming up trying to film it this weekend and this is part of it alright next I’m going to take some of this tart where are you called a smooth operator Amazonian clay finishing powder and I’m just going to use that to set my concealer I’m just trying to use products that I haven’t really gotten around to using but this was really nice underneath the eyes but loose powders can be a little bit messy that’s the reason why I tend to not maybe use loose powders in the morning when I get ready because as it isn’t messing it all over the place to finish up underneath the eyes i’m going to go ahead and take that crease color and just take that on your pencil brush and I’m going to put that underneath try not to make two phases but you can’t help it sometimes right there anything when I going that’s what my mouth moves which I wanted to use a cream bronzer just to be a little extra and I’m going to take the Sonia Kashuk cream bronzer in the color warm tan this is a really great alternative to the Chanel so late tenda Chanel which is about fifty dollars wait cheaper if you get this money kasia version and use a synthetic brush with this works really really well and i’m going to go ahead and use the grill techniques expert face brush base brush because i like kind of how it’s like got a little slimness to it i can fit right there the cheekbones just like not true fat and it’s not too thin and i can just take that and press it where I want to add it and then blend up to set that bronzer to set that bronzer i’m going to go ahead and use the NYC smooth skin and bronzing base powder really great really inexpensive ready for it but i think i have a couple of the colors as well but this one seems to work really really well if you want to go a little further and contour specifically i’m going to take the next blush the NYX HD blush and the color taupe and I’m just going to take that with a sonia kashuk this is kind of like their chiseled contour brush specifically as you can see it’s got like a little flat head and I’m gonna take a little bit because this stuff is pretty pigmented and i’m just going to places like specifically to define my cheekbones I’ll I don’t let you guys see this is going to create more of that shadow of it and then the other place that I gonna put it my dream and then I’m just going to go back in with that brush just a

kind of blend out for my blush i’m going to use l’oreal true match blush in the color innocent flush is a really nice peachy blush kind of want to keep in neutrals like your want to do peachy neutral we don’t want to do pinky neutral what i love about these lore’l brushes they kind of have it kind of like the foundations where they haven’t separated into warm neutral and cool tones so that’s pretty cool if you want to find one specific like that and I’ve been trying this one and so far i really like this one so now i want to try some more like why haven’t tried these before for my highlight it decided to take this elf highlighting the color got a glow just because i haven’t used it and i wanted to use it and i’m using a more feet and 501 brush why haven’t used this ha you know what I forget to do my face powder um but dry skin doesn’t always really matter but oops just lightly I liked a kiss and I’m this like ecotools stippling brush so it doesn’t add too much product and then just go ham and blend everything up i lightly go lightly I’m not like digging into my face because that’ll like really brush everything off so I went ahead and added my liner and lashes off camera cuz the lashes I were actually struggle this time i used the NYX matte liquid liner for my wing and then i went ahead and use the r del number 206 lashes I’m the only thing but these last should I would say the band is a little bit thicker so it’s not as like flexible i say my regular like demi wispies which is what i really love so these were I kind of had to like bend them and kind of get them to fit a little bit better you know where the main i guess a little bit so I edit those but I like that they’re kind of a little bit open they’re like long exaggerated baby dolls they’re like the red cherry number ten but like on steroids um so if you like those but they kind of peeked through as you can still see that blue so I’m going to continue and I want to get my winged liner on so then I can add just a little bit on the outer crease just to add some definition or you can just leave the look like this but what the winged liner definitely brings it together to begin with but I’m gonna go ahead and take that define your color and I’m going to take a pencil brush and I’m just going to go out in the outer edge and just kind of a fill-in and this color looks organdy but this comes off really really dark so just say it’s like a chocolatey dark burgundy so that’s really great for the outer edge so I’m just going to go ahead and bring that in and then just going to add some smokiness so you can do this before after but it’s just a little bit easier as you can see compared to here to do it once you kind of know where to place it with your wing now not bringing this all the way in just the outer third halfway inish of your eyes I’m just gonna go in this is a crown brush also has no name and but it’s a little bit fluffy esque still small enough and I’m just going to blend that out before I do that I’m going to take my mac Kohl pencil in the color coaster wish and I’m going to line my waterline all right now I’m going to go in and define underneath my eye and I’m just pressing this just so to find that lash line or my lips I’m definitely gonna go neutral because always a little crazy up here so I’m gonna go with the Sonia Kashuk velvety matte lip crayon and I’m going to use this and then I’m going to use a lighter color in the middle and this is the color mulberry nude this is really nice because it’s like a pencil um so you can just use this as your lip liner all around and then do another color so I’m going to go in with this one first then I’m going to take the color matte innocence by Milani and just kind of place that more in the middle and kind of lighten up this color just color its own it’s great there’s going to be a lot neuter on you if you ever lay your skin tone than me if you want to go more on the glossy side or if you just want to add an extra lip product I’m going to go ahead and using NYX butter lip gloss butter gloss in the color what are you fortune cookie this is a really light color I like to use this to lighten up any lip color because sometimes you want glossy take a break from the matte lip trend sometimes then I’m just going to go ahead and give

my face a nice glow with the pixie glow missed and that is a completely to look I hope you guys enjoyed I was really impressed by this palette I did not think I was be as impressed as I was I hope you guys pick this up this was maybe no more than five dollars you can get it a target walgreens walmart so many places drugstores affordable so definitely if you want to play with some color if you want to experiment with some shadows that I would I this is what I would definitely recommend thank you guys so much for watching make sure to subscribe to keep up with some more videos and I’ll see you guys and next time