Um Hey guys, what’s up? It is Ricky here, and I did not get ready for this video because I’m doing my makeup in this video, so I rolled out of bed. So I recently got super hooked and super obsessed with a certain youtuber. He goes by the name of Jeffree Star. I have always known of Jeffree. He’s literally been on the internet since I’ve been on the Internet I’ve always known who he was, but I have never really like been like a fan or like been hooked on his videos until like this May You know, you know what it is. I watched his ASMR video reading comments reading hate comments and I died. I loved it so much. I actually did a video inspired by that if you want to check it out it’s right there. But I was hooked and I didn’t then I binge watched like 30 of his videos after that and I was like Where, have I, where, why, where, where, why, who, why haven’t I been watching Jeffree this whole time because he’s great So coincidentally enough Shane Dawson I’m sure you all know the whole world probably knows Shane Dawson just dropped a five-part series about Jeffree and girl I was SHOOK! After watching it I am so inspired and motivated by Jeffree. He’s self-made, building himself up from scratch like scratch and he has an empire now and that’s just so cool to me So today I want to go back to a trend that happened, you know a few months ago where people recreate or they follow a makeup beauty guru’s makeup um tutorial. I can’t talk today. Sorry I’ve been wanting to do another one for a while and I wanted to add a little twist to it So today I’m going to be following a Jeffree Star makeup tutorial, but but there we go, there we go, um, I’m adding, I’m adding a twist So Jeffree did a video where he went to Sephora and spent thirty five hundred dollars, three thousand dollars He spent a lot of money and he did a full face of makeup, came up with great look So I thought it would be really fun and clever, and I’m sure this has been done somewhere on the internet If someone has done this y’all, kindly correct me and I will link them below. Basically what I want to do is I want to do my absolute best. We create Jeffree’s look and follow his steps but I’m only gonna use drugstore makeup and However, I’m gonna buy the cheapest option of each, of each product So if I need to get like a foundation, I’m gonna look through all the brands and get the cheapest one I just think it’ll be funny to be like three thousand five hundred dollars versus thirty five dollars. That’s a good, that would be good on a thumbnail. Y’all regardless of my price I’m gonna put that in the thumbnail because that’s good clickbait and you know we gotta do clickbait here on YouTube to make things work. So I’m really gonna try. I’m not gonna be like, silly and goofy I mean, I will be silly but makeup wise I’m honestly gonna do my best to make it look good You know be glam on a budget I do not mean any disrespect or offense to anybody who hops at drugstores and they may use these brands Umm, I literally have used a lot of brands from drugstores when I first started makeup. I did drugstore brands and they were great So, um, no like disrespect to that. I’ve just I want to try to compare high market high price stuff Jeffree uses, to the lowest possible price you can pay and see how they compare. I want to do a comparison I think I’ll be like Jeffree, Ricky will compare and see how it goes. Halloween is coming up Then it’s how you guys can be just for Halloween on a budget You’re welcome. Oh I need to go buy, I need to go buy the products. Let’s go to CVS *Jeffree Star music plays* *Jeffree Star’s song playing and Ricky singing along* “If I can’t be beautiful, I would rather just die” *Jeffree’s song plays* “Party like it’s prom night” Jeffree talking in background: “What’s up everybody, welcome back to my channel” what’s up everybody? Welcome back to my channel This is a used Discounted mirror from CVS. It’s not Jeffree Star approved. What up, everybody? Welcome back to my Channel, it was literally dirty. There’s brown stuff on it , Do you see?

I don’t know what that is, but I got it at a discount. it was like 80% off cuz it was used and returned Jeffree doesn’t leave the house or is seen by anybody without wearing some kind of like name-brand clothing items such as Gucci probably wearing a Gucci robe in this and I’m wearing my landlords used dirty robe Yes, you heard that correctly. This is my landlords robe But it’s the only what I have in this house, so I have to do my best to be like Jeffree. So Jeffree went to Sephora, spent $3,000, had a nice little haul. I went to CVS and y’all like I said, my goal was $35 because of my thumbnail and title but Realistically I couldn’t do that. But I got y’all. I bargain hunted I got Some amazing deals CVS kinda snapped I only spent on makeup around $100 and I got full face every product you need glam Okay, so let’s just jump right in. I think I’m gonna do my own little impersonation of Jeffree I have a wig that looks like his hair color. So Let’s get started. *Jeffree: “So I just went a little ham at Sephora. Bags on bags on bags” ME TOO GIRL. CVS Okay, so I just realized that I forgot moisturizer But when you’re on a budget there’s certain steps you can skip no one’s gonna see that Skip it if you’re oily and sweaty like me all the time your your sweat and oil is a natural Moisturizer it retains wrinkles. Boom free *Jeffree:”All right Foundation time now, I got a lot of tweets about this a bits little happy face a lot This is the brand-new benefit. Hello Happy soft blur” The cheapest brand I found with foundation was Rimmel lasting finish 25 hour breathable what? $7.99 wig Ooh I am just taking off my clothes here y’all. this robes in the way, honestly How does how does it where I usually do makeup with without a shirt? I just want nothing there How does he wear this like Gucci robe? y’all I am not used to liquid foundation. Okay, Oh It’s dripping everywhere great. I like the stick Y’all I’m about to quake I literally took about 10 seconds putting this foundation on in the mirror And it’s already drying and hardening. Give me a second to do it Can you hear my Pig? I think that worked, okay, I’ll be right back. I’m gonna do foundation. Hold on Okay, I’m back I did Foundation and and I ditched that ratchet robe It was so uncomfortable and I was sweating profusely within five minutes because I just sweat a lot. It was thick and heavy and hot So, uh, I ditched it. I did the foundation and y’all I’m Um kind of impressed. It, I will say it does not feel good I feel like I’ve had this makeup on for twelve hours and it’s been 12 seconds, but it does look good like this Looks very similar to my normal foundation it just does not feel good. So I bet it doesn’t last very long, but I Mean, I mean so far not bad. *Jeffree:”Now this isn’t brand new but they repackaged the entire thing, the creaseless concealer From Tarte” Got it. So he got some nice concealer. I got the cheapest one and CVS. The concealer that I bought Is elf HD lifting concealer what? 4? 4 dollars! four dollars Okay, this is it Wow crazy, um, okay I Can’t see anything, okay Concealer is basic. Y’all know what it is. Let me go do this off camera, so we’re not wasting time okay, I did the concealer and I’m a little shocked. This does not look bad Whatsoever. All right, Jeffree, What’s next tell us. *Jeffree:” this is the new hourglass veil setting powder. It looks something like this” The setting powder that I bought is Maybelline New York $7.99. *Jeffree:”for $46 Oh my gawd.” Oh, it was $46 BAM Powder is powder. We all know how use it. Jeffree’s applying the powder. Let me quickly apply the powder Give it a nice spankin’. Spank it! So far, It looks a little scary All right, so Here is how I look with the setting powder. Again, not bad like actually, y’all, it’s pretty good. Okay

all right, but now this is this is like Where it’s gonna make or break, this was simple. This is like the base now, we’re gonna really go in *Jeffree:”All right. Now, let’s try to sculpt this face So we have the new Becca the Be a Light face palette” Got it. We have elf contour palette $8 Okay. Okay pretty cute, *Jeffree:”So this retails for $46 you guys.” $46 dollars? Well here is $8. He just he does the contour. All right. Got it. Got it. Got it. Contour y’all I know a good contour. I did buy a contour brush again from ELF $5 I like can’t even fake my reaction right now I Did not expect that. What is it that? My usual contour is very light. So it’s there. It’s subtle You can kind of tell you kind of can’t it blends in. That is like not what I need. That is not Okay, great. So we’re already solidified on my face. So we’re gonna go with the shade that’s dramatically lighter All right, please be more normal I’m not here to drag Will Ferrell, but elf is not Doing very well with contour I really need a mirror. Dang Uh I really did my best in the bathroom with the contour. I tried so hard it You could kind of get away with this in like dark lighting in a club No one could really tell. I did my best. I tried to blend it. I tried to make it work So let’s move on. *Jeffree:”This is a $60 blush. This is from the brand Charlotte Tilbury. Oh Girl, I have cotton mouth.” *Ricky Gasps* Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait quick break It is not a Jeffree Star video without a red bull with a straw in it. *Jeffree:”Oh my god, girl. I have cotton mouth” Oh my god girl I have cotton mouth So for blush I have Wet and Wild color icon Oooh she is getting tired one dollar and fifty nine cents I have never in my life done blush before. I just like don’t use it. So I don’t know where it goes Okay with a brush, okay, so we’re gonna get the blush I think it’s like right here I I can’t see a thing. Oh, wow, that is pigmented. Is that like where.. I don’t know where blush goes All right, hello did my best with the blush honestly and uh, I just I don’t ever do blush I don’t know what.. it’s not blended very well I did do my best. it hardened it quick it like solidified the second I put it on I look like Pikachu.. Ooooh Highlight’s next, I’m ready. *Jeffree:”All right. So I just picked up this new NARS highlighter it looks like this. This is in shade Capri. Now this retails for $38″ $38. All right, I on the other hand am using Wet-and-Wild Maga glow highlighting powder My blush looks horrible $4.99. Oh Honestly, okay for $4. Oh Not bad like it does the trick it you know it highlights. Like oh hello, bam bam I’m really trying and it’s not looking that bad. The highlight looks actually pretty good. Ooh Eye- Eyes are next I’m screwed. I cannot do eyes, they water it’s hard to do I don’t have that kind of- I’m not good at it. Let’s see *Jeffree:”We are going to use the BAM brand-new Urban Decay Born to Run eye shadow palette” Okay and what I got was I had to get two because all I Wrote down the colors he used and I had to get two palettes that closely matched it So what we have today are the Wet and Wild Not a Basic Peach eyeshadow Palette and L’Oreal Paradise Enchanted scented eyeshadow palette. That’s pretty cool. I hope it smells good $6.99 14.99 so actually it’s my most expensive products I bought but it’s scented. *Jeffree:” I want to go right here to Still Shot This little beautiful little peachy coral moment. So let’s apply this right into the crease. So let’s see what happens I’m going to take this and take it all the way right here So it follows the line of my nose and then I like to flick up and blend.” This looks hard Whoa, that looks really hard. I’m gonna go with that

Looks pretty fun. Don’t know what it’s called. But oh These Actually smell good Use this, will this work or should I use this. I don’t know what I’m doing. So we’re gonna use this color right here Don’t know what it’s called. I’m gonna call it bubblegum pop pink. This is like a Britney Spears Pink right here. This is called this is just the Britney Spears. Alright He has no eyebrows cheater *Jeffree:”So now we’re actually gonna take that shade Breakaway which is right here. So we’re just gonna take this and dip into here And I’m just gonna soften this.” It’s like a really light pink. *Jeffree:” So this is definitely a metallic shade not a matte.” I’m gonna go with this color up here. That. I’m gonna call this, This is pretty you know, this one’s like basic This is basic. This one is called Ms. Basic because she boring she’s just here to bring her eyebrow bone out Huh, huh. I guess I’m doing something. I’ve never really tried this before Huh? Next. *Jeffree:” Dip in to shade Baha this more dark orange I’m going to tuck this right into this crease and just kind of deepen and darken that moment just enough where it’s like Oh, wow, look at that. Nevermind are like look at that lid. Ah Urban decay always kills a matte formula, like, honey” Okay, so he got like a dark orange and just plopped it around. We got a dark orange I’m gonna call that one Fergalicious. He talks about the whole crease thing So we wanna really get in with this five-dollar brush from ELF. Just get enough of the dark orange. Oh Oh never done a crease before whoa. Woo *Jeffree:”Now we’re gonna go in with shade Stranded right here and uh normally I wet the brush with metallics” That’s like a rose gold. *Jeffree:”Okay? I’m just gonna press this on my lid for fun. Let me just see what happens. Oh wow HonEY Let’s just pack that right in there” so it’s like “wow yeah, you don’t even need to wet this This is literally a dry brush. Oh Wow” Okay, so it’s like a rose gold. It’s like on the that part of the eye-sicle It smells so it smells like a bath so we’re gonna call this bath time bath time. Well, oh oh, huh?? I went a little dark. *Jeffree:” Alright now that the shade is laid down I’m gonna go back into Stranded again and we’re gonna do the little infamous Jeffree moment. Eyeshadow Right there. We’re going to connect it with the inner corner.” That looks so scary My god, oh my god. Oh, I hate this I’m gonna go with the lighter color because this is not working We’re gonna call her shower cuz bath did not work. So maybe give me a shower. Okay? Oh I need this okay better better. Okay. *Jeffree:” All right Now we’re gonna go in with this more dark topaz bronze shade Ignite right here in the middle. Let’s see what happens here Okay, we’ll take a little bit of Baja.” Oh my god too much okay, I’m gonna pick that. Sure He called his ignite which is- which is one of my songs one of my worst songs So I’m gonna call it ordinary cuz I like that song that I made by me. So ordinary is that uh Sure I look like a raccoon dang it. I’m really trying. Why doesn’t it look good? I Yeah, I don’t know. *Jeffree:”Now we are going to dive into shade Punk It is a gorgeous chocolate brown and it’s gonna saturate my brush. Put it right here Just deepen the crease.” Okay, he deepens the crease with like a chocolatey color and we girl, we got some chocolate! that And we’re gonna call it Reese’s because that’s my favorite kind of chocolate. So oh Yeah Oh oh, I wish I was trying to make a joke out of this but it’s this is me doing my absolute best. I was doing So well up until like this.. *Jeffree:” brand Ciroc beauty. This is called lid lacquer okay, this is $36 for this little guy, right here.” Okay “Basically, I looked this up online, It’s a high gloss which creates a lustrous glow for eyelids and beyond Oh my god, I forgot about this. This is hot red. Okay, let’s just touch it. this for the lid Oh my god,” Eye gloss ” oh my god I feel like I’m putting lip gloss literally on my eye Whoa we’ll do a little more.” Whoa. Okay. Okay, he’s using something something called eye Shadow, eye gloss, eye gloss. I couldn’t find it in the store. So I just found

Glitter. Glitter goals from NYX Cosmetics it goes on your eye It’s the closest thing I could find to that and it was only $7.99 He just globs it on the lid. Oh Oh god. Oh Oh Oh wait, oh my oh Maybe maybe just maybe I snapped. Ah Look at that. I mean not bad, but at the same time pretty bad Product wise not bad. These actually would work skill wise my level bad I just don’t know what I’m doing. Jeffree could have taken what I just did with these products have made it look pretty good I feel like. But I dont know what I’m doing. So that’s the best I can do *Jeffree:”Alright guys I think it’s time for some mascara” Oh I hate doing this, I have sensitive eyes I don’t like doing anything with eyes. *Jeffree:” super bend out 12-hour volume length and lift the superfan Mascara from Smashbox” Almay thick is in. Yes. We love a thick sister 9.29 here’s only $10 more Oh Oh my god, no, I need a mirror. I need a mirror. I need to go to my bathroom. Sorry I’ll be right back So I’m getting worse and worse as I go. I’m great with basic stuff like Foundation and whatever but when it comes to eye stuff Not for me This is me, really trying. I’m really I want this to look as good as can be. Okay, so he does that crazy 3 Product combo the nude the liner the gloss. So I did my best to find what I could find We’ve got ultra nude L’Oreal 8.99. elf lip pump lip plumping gloss champagne glam. I would love a glass of champagne right now So with that, I’ll use this $7 Maybelline Color sensational lip liner 8.49 nude lip. Oh Wait, he did lip liner first and I have never done this before Oh God hmm Okay. Oh Maybe it’ll work. Oh I kind of think I did it kind of decently halfway. Okay Now, let’s fill it in with the nude. Oh God, these do not match, huh? This is no Kylie lip kit, that’s for sure. Ooh This smells good though It looks like I kissed mud I think out of everything I’ve used this is the worst product. That is not going on good but we’re gonna make it work Because we are makeup artists. So we’re gonna finish it off with some nice gold gloss like Jeffree. Ooh ahh Will Ferrell is quaking. Oh Yum. Yeah, these have good smells. Ok. Come on CVS. My hair back there. It’s a bird’s nest ignore it, I didn’t try today I’m gonna put a wig on huh-uh So it went I went from looking like I kissed a dry pile of mud to kissing a wet pile of mud but if you like look away in like the dark It looks worse So never minds if you like looking bright light and kind of squint it kind of kind of looks. Alright, ok, so the last Final touch is setting spray. Jeffree used a really nice product that probably costed a lot. I used Wet and wild photo focus matte finished setting spray. Sounds fancy. Sounds great. How much does it cost? 2.49 two dollars! so I guess Jeffree just doesn’t do eyebrows So we’re just gonna skip that. All right Definitely feel like it’s worth two dollars not gonna lie Ok. Oh it smells bad, too Y’all you know, not bad like yeah bad, but like not bad. It’s pretty bad *Jeffree:”I Think this look is complete. Alright, we got through this video together First of all how you all feel about this final look? I think it’s a little fun Different and I feel like I want Chanel right away.” Alright so Jeffree looks bomb. He looks great I look like I mean, it’s literally Chanel vs Walmart. Literally $3,000 vs $30 . Makes sense Honestly if y’all if y’all have good skills, you can make these products work. But hey we’re not done yet This was just the make up I gotta grab my wig and my outfit I’m gonna pull off the Jeffree. So hold on the makeup look is done I’ll discuss in a second hold on Gross. Poor. CVS? trash

Ew, that got all over the straw. What is up everybody? Welcome back to my Welcome back to my stay up. Welcome back to my channel Just due the beauty guru posing makeup montage. My wig is stuck in the shirt *Jeffree Star’s music playing* “If I can’t be beautiful, I’d rather just die” I wasn’t actually gonna lick that. y’all crazy That was an accident and my wig flew alright, that’s it. Let’s end it this. Once the wig is off, You know you’re done and it is stuck in the jewels. All right, this was $10. This was like 5 Jeffree’s Outfit probably a thousand probably 3,000. his hair to look like that probably 4,000 On a budget. Okay, here is the final look side-by-side comparison, Jeffree compared to me We gotta end this cuz I look Comment below what you think I look like cause, I don’t look like Jeffree star. I do not look like Jeffree’s. comment below What do you think I most resemble. Yeah, this was quite an adventure I actually enjoyed this a lot. If you guys did please thumbs up. Jeffree, I’m very sorry I am so sorry that I associated your name with this But yeah, if you all want to recreate a Jeffree look and only only have it cost under $100 Here’s what it’ll look like. You’re welcome I will be coming out with my own line of make up very soon because obviously I know what I’m doing. I gotta go I look like Hannah Montana. I’ll take that