(soft guitar music) – Morning We’re finishing up breakfast around here I thought it would be fun to do a farm chore video Lots of you have wanted to see our homesteading and farming routines And that’s what you’re getting I’m gonna do morning farm chores, I’m gonna do probably a midday check in and then our evening chores And you’ll just see what it’s like on our farm of seven goats We have two great pyrenees We have 50 some, chickens We also have 30 meat birds, and a dome And then we have 50 brand new birds Those are the jumbo Cornish cross in a outdoor cage I’ll show it all to you But I’m trying to tell you before I get you out there, we have a variety of ducks and some peas So let’s go do them farm chores So when it is farm chore time, whoever’s available, we just all jumped out Different folks are doing different things Some mornings, I can’t get out and help with any of it But I can’t help in the morning, I can help at night, just like this morning Naomi’s doing other stuff Gabriel might be coming out, but Liam’s with me, right? – [Gabriel] Yeah – Oh my goodness We’ve got to show you Liam got so inspired yesterday to make us a scarecrow for the corn patch Go on in there, Liam So you can do just wait. Okay We’re getting to farm chores. We get distracted Look at the scarecrow And what’s his name? – [Liam] Leo – Leo Liam used my old hat I gave him that Jazzy, he got a hold of it and tarted eating You used one of your dad’s old welding masks, right? And you put some duct tape and you shoved hay up in the mask – Yeah I’ve received (dogs barking) – [Jamerrill] He’s got old Star Wars shirt, some old work gloves, an old pair of size eight boy pants, got the egg catcher – Size 10 – [Jamerrill] Yeah. Size 10. Excuse me. So here’s how the garden’s doing too Travis is gonna get me some more straw today Lots of you have asked about when we’re harvesting the potatoes A lot of them have bloomed I see some blooms way down yonder So now it’s just the process of waiting for everything to die back Everything will just look dead and like we haven’t done nothing (laughs) But then, it’ll be a time to harvest So Liam, I love that scarecrow Thank you for doing that So whenever we go out in the morning, step one that we do, is we gather up every water bucket, every waterer from everywhere It’s like, we’re waking ’em up for the morning Now at night, whenever we tuck them in When we do our nighttime farm chores, we do waters to set them up for the night So that’s the big thing to focus on first thing So, you boys go round Daniel can even do this too, right Daniel? You gotta put the kitty down though sweetie Get every water bucket from everywhere and put them over by our little duck pools While they do that, I’m going to take a scrap bowl down to the chickens This is our wild variety scrap bowl This morning, someone got ambitious with some jelly sandwiches Odds and ends There’s a lot of eggs Eggshells under this cause I made about three dozen Scrambled eggs for bread So the Turkey jokers, they are out right now, they’re actually they are gonna be processed We are butchering them here later this week This is baby goat And once mama goat’s done pee in here Come on mama goat finish up we can’t show that on YouTube Okay. Momma goat So they have a goat yard, but in the morning we let them out And then Jazzy is down there in the grass already out And Amelia is getting the waterers out for the baby meat birds and for the rabbits And there’s a little good morning farm kitty I think that one’s Panther And here’s the ducks out already Those are, believe you say it, rohan ducks Yes, Turkeys They see I have a scrap bowl And then mama goat and baby goat They just free range and eat all kinds of extra things That’s what Jazzy is doing too We are gonna dump this and refill it for the day This is like duck water Now these babies were led out of their little free range and coop already This is a variety of baby pekin duck females We have two males ’cause they sent us to thinking something would happen to one, but both made it, on delivery Now we have three mystery geese and then the little black ones are black asian pullets and then we have three Guinea hens These are some other pullets and they are just we’ve put one of the feeders out So kids are already jumping in doing chores But this is the chicken tractor that these little ones are sleeping in at night for the time being And they just got their waters replaced They get confused Actually yesterday was the first day I did a tour on Instagram Was the first day I let them out of this so, they’ll find their way around here in a minute But this is the, the chicken tractor I found on Facebook marketplace for $130 I was using that for rabbits And then I started to get a lot of messages about how rabbits dig out

So rabbit tractors, aren’t a good idea I don’t know. I’m a little confused on it right Because I do know some folks who have their rabbits out on fresh grass All that to say our female rabbit started to make her nest She is back in a rabbit hutch by herself She is making a nest to have babies Here are our meat birds and our meat bird dome We just got a tarp over that and got lots of shade and I’ll show you here shortly I move them every couple of days I just moved them yesterday up to fresh grass But to show you how I do you it, I will move them over here, here shortly here shortly So here is, we’ve got about a 30 foot or so chicken run This is the third one I’ve had Travis and boys do for me We’ve had one at farmhouse or forest house and now the forever house But it’s made out of dog kennel And then Travis is a expert pipe bender And actually think he had Zion He showed Zion how to bend the pipe for this one They bend pipe and then run net in along the top We also do another layer of mesh netting around here So these birds have been in the coop all night I’m going to I dumped their scraps in there “Run here,” let them eat And then they will be going out for the rest of the day to free ranging And then here is, I really liked this water It’s big enough for 75 or so birds And I don’t have 75 birds here believe it or not Anyway, but we dump all the water every morning So that’s on the list I just dumped this in the run, again I don’t know the history of these various scraps This is a scrapple since yesterday morning Maybe those sandwiches fell. I don’t know I’m like, why is there perfectly good peanut butter and jelly sandwiches out here? Mama don’t know all the answers, but anyway, it goes, this will be morning scraps for the chickens And now these eggs, are what I used to make breakfast yesterday And there were also some leftover scrambled eggs for this morning I always feed my chickens back their egg shells, cracked how they are I’ve never had chickens, become egg eaters Some folks break ’em down and bake ’em and crush ’em up real fine You can certainly do that I haven’t done it And I’ve never had an issue So you don’t have to do it my way. I’m just saying For when some folks say Jim are all you’re supposed to crush them up and bake them first I don’t And my chickens eat them It gives them calcium back to make more eggs and I’ve never had issue with it So as I say, your mileage may vary She will. Yeah She’ll be the first to have the scraps So anyway, you can hear ’em in here Gabriel brought a lone chicken Thank you, Gabriel They’re ready. You guys ready? (chicken clucking) We have a few young pullets Boy, that’s a pretty chicken right there Few young pullets that maybe four or five that have been staying out We’re we’re still training them to this new yard So with that actually I forgot what I was doing here We’ve been leaving them in these last few days while they train And what that means is they’re learning that this run is now part of their home Gabriel’s working on catching that pole Good job, Gabriel They’re learning that So normally what I would do and what I have done in the past and what I will be doing with these chickens, is in the morning, I might throw ’em any scraps If I have a scrap bowl gathered up Then, I’ll leave the doors open and they can free range We have seven acres They usually stay within an acre or so They do not run off I’ve had that question a lot People wanna know if the chickens run off but, they don’t None of my chickens ever have They get homebound to the farm and where their water is, where their food is Again, they get to know and love their run and their coop So they don’t go far And they’re a family they stay together And there’s a Mohawk or naked neck rooster So, any who what I normally do is feed them scraps, let them out free range for the day and then, when they come back in the evening in the summertime, I might give them a little bit of their chicken feed, but they’re able to forage on the land and free range Don’t heavily do chicken feed in the summer, especially to birds that are able to get out and eat their own bugs and such Now in the winter, it’s different I supplement with more feed Almost got her Gabriel, you’re working on it. Woo A little more than chicken chasing But for these birds, this is what I wanna tell you that’ll be different with this farm tour video I actually want to leave them in this yard area for a few days Yesterday was day one Today will be day two Tomorrow will be day three So probably on day four, I will open the cages and let them free range again I’m going to give them their chicken feed today I always have it on hand because I’m training them to this yard So I use food to train all my animals, whether they’re goats or sheep or chickens or dogs or cats or rabbits

And that’s how my farmer mom has always done it The food teaches them really quick Again Where home is chicken breed wise, these beautiful white and black ones, those are Brahmas This one, that’s lighter white, she’s a pullet Brahma She should be laying here soon Then these medium-sized Brown they’re pullets too They’re not laying yet They are Isa Browns, I’ve never had those before So that’s something new for this year This beautiful one is an Easter egger breed This girl here’s my other Easter egger These black and white ones, I’ve had these many times These are barred rocks They’re super hardy If you’re just starting with chickens, barred rocks are a great breed That’s Mohawk down there Oh, showing us who’s boss Yeah. Mohawk They’re talking to each other So Mohawk, his neck is like that, that’s his breed He’s a naked neck rooster He is fighting for a sausage with an Isa brown He’s an excellent rooster And this smaller bird walking out there again, she’s not full grown yet She is a gray Leghorn That is my chicken right there That’s Victoria She’s a Bantam She’s not gonna get much bigger In here we have some gray leghorns That little guy there, he is a Bantam We’re pretty sure it’s a rooster These two little guys with that beautiful pattern on them Those are bantams So we got 10 bantams from tractor supply and then these in here are a variety of little pullets And so I raised them separately, until a point and then I introduced them together There’s one of our lone chickens And then another one is walking down there So yeah, like I said, we’ve got four or five that we need to get caught and trained during this new chicken run time And then, like I say, here, two more days, all of these will be out all day, every day, free ranging This one here is a white leghorn and that’s it So these guys are done I’ve been collecting these of course from tractor supply These fun little signs I’m gonna put all over my cage and Liam hung up I’ve got little flags So I’m just gonna, jam it all up Got some chimes in there Someone asked me on Instagram, why have chimes? Just from forest living, I got used to putting bells and chimes and noise making things on the cages from predators So if you can get some jingling things on there, some folks say that helps There’s my rooster decoration And then there’s another little rooster sign So, okay girls And what I do for their water since it’s so heavy, as I carry fresh buckets of water down here, somehow that just works better for me And this will be gone I mean, within an hour Also what happens is, momma goat follows me around Baby goat follows me around Jazzy will probably come find me at some moment You’re like where mama is that’s the food You’re enjoying your leaves there mama goat? And momma goat, she’s full grown She’s not getting any bigger She’s not even up to my knee She’s Nigerian dwarf And then baby goat Hey girlfriend Hi. I know It’s that time So at night momma goat and baby goat and Jazzy sleep in the big goat yard with the dogs Here’s the other side of our dome This is zip tie dome Not sponsored Don’t know the people I was just Googling And we have a variety of age birds in here Four big ones They’re gonna be butchered here this week with the turkeys And you see, they are raised for me They feel like big blobs of jello They’re so huge They can hardly walk And if you don’t butcher them, they start having heart attacks and dying It’s a miracle to raise them to this point I’ve got look, see, they know, I know And then the other ones That I’ve got, some medium-sized ones they’ve still got a few weeks left and a whole lot of little ones that have until middle of August Oh, that’s, what’s good too about this breads A jumbo Cornish cross They will be at least five pounds a piece whenever I butcher them These are raised for meat They don’t lay eggs They don’t re-reproduce So they’re not sustainable in that way I wouldn’t be able to have them at home or breed them at home I’d have to However they do their breeding at the hatchery Hey girlfriend, you’re looking good and healthy though Yes. Babies And they don’t feather out completely at this age There’s nothing wrong with them These are three or so weeks old It takes them a bit to get all their feathers like this beautiful bird here I was explaining something to him. Sorry My camera battery died for a minute and you missed a few farm happenings So Amelia she’s working on feeding water in a boy bunny So for the tractor up on the hill that the baby ducks geese and the few little chicks are living in right now You don’t need to fill that feeder in the morning now

because starting yesterday, we’re letting them out during the day, we’re gonna feed them at night And with their cage door open, all the other birds instead of free ranging and getting bugs, the good old fashioned way They’ll just come and eat those baby bird’s food You got all that So only it’s one less job Only feed them at night Now Gabriel is going He is got some feed working on catching those birds Turkeys are gonna follow him Oh yeah, there are a few up there and there goes the turkeys But believe me, with all this green grass and sunshine and bugs and plants, they will feed themselves Gabriel’s trying to pull them in He threw some feed down and now he’s there’s a white leghorn He’s working on catching So once the chickens are trained to their new yard, it won’t be a matter of catching them For 97% of our chickens There is no catching Again. The only few we’re trying to catch are like five rouge pullets who at night they’ve been sleeping in a tree, kinda just doing their own thing We have to train them to the coop in the yard So that’s why that’s happening Good job, Amelia So yeah, kids doing chores behind me So total, we have three I think you say it Rowan It’s like a R-U-R-O-U-E-N. I believe We have three of those They’re about nine weeks old now That’s our Gabriel’s calling those chickens They get big quick They’re a dual purpose bird People raise them for eggs and for meat They get to be about nine or 10 pounds Because they’re so big they’re flightless Then we had a family member give us five of the babies So they were already bonded as a family, which is nice on a farm They’re just gonna live their best life And anyway, they saw the goats they’re gonna come up this way We lost one of the babies that had just gone to be with Jesus one morning Hey baby goat She’s like, come on, mama where’s the rest So that’s what we have in ducks right now Then, here come, these are, white pekin ducklings And so, those probably all the females together And then the two Drake’s, the males are over with the three geese they’ll just wander around the front here Here’s the turkey jokers eating up the feed that Gabriel was using to again, try to get theirs We call her lone chicken, got to get those last five up So over here, there’s two Guinea hens in there and two black asian breed birds I’ve read good things about that breed And I got all that tractor supply had I need to order more at some point or there’ll be a breed that I work on hatching on my own They are another good dual purpose bird for eggs and for meat Now these turkeys, these jokers are at least 20 pounds each They are, very heavy I’ll put my camera down and pick one up for you and you can see how big they are – Big old Turkey And you think he’s had a good life? We’ve raised him I got him for a dollar and 75 cents He was half off at tractor supply So I got six of them I think next year we’ll do at least 12 So what’d you think, buddy? Okay. But yeah, he’s gotta be 20 pounds Gotta be Okay. Go back to what you’re doing So again, mystery breed geese You all can let me know what you think they are They very well could end up being used for meat Some people have told me different breeds, to just get really mean and difficult, but I’m just trying to raise a variety of poultry for different reasons for my family So we got one little Guinea hen in there And if I can show you the male pick and ducks have a pink Stripe on their face, they head down that way Then down here, Amelia’s feeling up water Good job, Mili You can fill up the bigger one. Excellent So this is just a sandbox that a friend gave us I’ve talked to several homesteaders The biggest question that I get is what about a pond for the ducks? And so ducks don’t have to have a pond, but they do need water to dunk their heads in when they eat You can see these little ducks are already coming over and these geese So, we will look out here and at any given time, we’ll have they even that’s why I set up little containers to whenever they were younger One of them would sit in there And even now that they’re bigger So we’ll look out here and we might have one in here and one of each of these They have plenty of water available That’s my job, is to have water available for them And then this, I just set out actually yesterday and thought we would try it It might be too high off the ground ducks I’ve heard so far We’ve only raised in one as a kid So I’m learning, but they don’t like walk up a ramp So the kids were just putting them in there or making steps for them They can get in and out of these low things though Another good idea I’ve heard a bunch is folks wanna know if we’re gonna dig like a little pond and I’m sure we will That sounds right up. Travis has alley,

but that may not be a project we get done this summer But again, lots of homesteaders raise lots of birds using little pools So right there, the ducks with the pink stripes, those are the males with the pekins and they actually baby ducks don’t get in water to start, or you have to tell them off It’s a process So these are just now starting to get in water too That’s why I added in the second bigger pool Here’s some of our feed trash cans Liam is getting goat grain and sheep grain We’ve switched to an all stock feed That’s good for the sheep and the goats. We’ve got sheep and goats down there and other pens Will go down and see that in a minute Liam already got their water I’m gonna go check on all the meat bird food Amelia also Amelia and Gabriel got the smaller meat birds I haven’t shown you them, yet They got them their water and I don’t see their feeders up here So actually I’m gonna turn around Someone probably brought them down and hadn’t gotten to that yet So these are the next load of 50 Cornish cross That’ll be meat birds I’m going to we have this large outdoor enclosure for ’em, but I’m moving ’em up here today and they have water, but I will be refilling their food I’ll give you the history of this cage You can see it’s a pretty good size, especially for lots of baby birds that you still want to get out on grass as soon as possible I think I got this for $75 this spring I have raised a variety of pullets I mean, a lot of those birds you saw This has just been such a good versatile cage When they’re small, they can get through these bars Sorry, lots of airplanes going overhead this morning (airplane engine roaring) We use this mesh and zip ties and that just helps provide a layer to keep them in and also, once in a while, if one does get out, it’s another example of that bonding to home base They work hard to get back in There’s lots of shade here, but I want him to have a little bit of sunshine This is all fresh now for them to pick and you can see different ones are in there picking And then this is what it looks like, where they were I moved them here, I believe two days ago And it gets messy really quick So now this area will recover and have extra fertilizer And so every day or every other day, I’ll just move them up in this shade and then I scootch ’em over and I’ll move them back down And here in another two weeks, they’ll be big enough to go in the dome and that’ll work perfect because I’ll have more of those bigger birds in there, processed As kids are done with different jobs They will ask me, okay, is there anything left to do? So I told Gabriel to go ahead and give mama, baby and Jazzy some grain Jazzy is gonna get most of a grain, whenever I have her on the milking stand, then she’ll be at free range with mama and baby We still give the goats that we let free range around the property Some grain in the morning, grain at night, but really they need hay and they need roughage So we don’t have to grain them all the time They’ll get more grain in the winter and more hay in the winter Now our baby goats are the dogs See Naomi dumping something and for some reason, there, they’re barking at her pouring that out. It’s okay Then the other goats that we have currently are being trained to their new yards We have the boy goats and one Then we have Carmen who’s a younger girl lamancha goat and two sheep in another We’ll see that in a minute, but I’m gonna finish up with these little baby meat birds With these waterers you have to watch If they’re not leveled, they’ll keep pouring out So I’m watching this one for a minute Sometimes they will just empty themselves And I do have my birds going up the Hill here And something that I read about the jumbo Cornish cross I think I came in under the radar and did it right, but that you need to feed the jumbo Cornish cross the special meat bird food It’s heavy protein Helps with their big weight gain You need to start that from as soon as possible early on Some people I have read, like in some Facebook group forums, if they didn’t start them on the special meat bird food, then whenever they got to butchering time, they might’ve had three or four pound birds So anyway, I think eyeballing My great big ones that are about to be processed Think there over five pounds Think we’re good, but we’ll see, butchering day will tell And then I try to space out There are different waterers at different parts So these guys have three different waters here and there feet are down there Lots of different ways to do this also because it’s summer now and you know, heavy heat I have these guys out on grass as early as possible I have my brooding coop that I’ll show you here in a minute This is my just a shed that came with the house And I’m so glad it did We used this as our first chicken coop when we first moved here I’ve used this as a brooding house I realized raising different poultry, that, it’s just nice to have a building outside If you’re doing large numbers of birds, I was able to do

small loads of my pullets just in our feeding room in the basement But especially with the meat birds, ’cause they get so stinky so quick, I’ve been able to raise all of those outside in the brooding house I have their warming plates set up in there It’s a mess right now because I just got those birds out So I’m not showing it yet, but maybe I’ll show you next time when I get the next load of meat birds and have it ready for them Right now it’s just resting with nothing in it I raised these birds the first two weeks in there There’s another load of meat birds coming end of August from McMurray hatchery I’ll raise them in there And then after that, I will probably use this as one of my hay storage buildings for this winter These birds were all from well patchery It was a great delivery It did not lose one I had a hard delivery with my first set this year And those four meat birds that I’m getting ready to process are all that made it out of 50 Many of those were dead or died the first day So anyway, well patchery did well with these And McMurray is who I have my other load come in from So a large number of I think I’ve got maybe 25 or so of the smaller meat birds that you saw in the dome I got those at tractor supply So tractor supply has done me well this year I think I hadn’t any birds last time I went, ’cause I always checked But yeah, they’ve kept it up and I’ve appreciated that ‘Cause it’s been hard with some of the deliveries by mail Although cackle hatchery is who I got the pekin ducks, the Guinea hens and the geese from those came a couple of weeks ago too So cackle and coming up soon McMurray are the hatcheries I’ve had good experiences with this year Also in the past My dog has seen me In the past, my pet chicken.com is who like my barred rock girls and my Easter eggers A lot of those hands I’ve had for over a year now Gabriel’s doing cat water You just hand-fed the baby sheep – Yeah, they love the cone – Yes. They love it all So I’m just going to show you all our little goat and sheep set up Then I’m gonna milk Jazzy Kids have already watered dogs and done that too So again, big family effort Mom’s gonna milk a goat This is glacier one of our great parentees Hot girl in the shade They like to dig holes Oh, and there’s there’s Aveline running through Case in point Jammer, why don’t you show your big white dogs on the internet cause they’re doing this They’re laying in mud holes, having a good old time They even do this in residential communities anywhere you have a great parentees Whether they live inside an air conditioners, most of the day Whatever, they will dig as soon as they get access So we consider that, part of the good life for our dogs They have lots of digging opportunities and they don’t dig around the fence They like to dig around trees and shade, make themselves a whole Thursday, I’m gonna spend the first half of the day processing the turkeys and those four jumbo jello meat birds And then in the afternoon, we’re gonna heavy wash and work through the, wild mane of these dogs ‘Cause it’ll be a dirty hot even sweatier day It seems like a good day to bay them You’ll have to look over on Instagram I’ve been doing these like little farm tours, some mornings and I show the animals getting out like what I’ve done today But I’ve got more over there in my stories And then here we’ve been working on different trees that are down, splitting them for firewood We have a lot more wood than this and we’ve given away a bunch of wood to friends who also heat in the winter This is a wood splitter And then our oldest son comes and he runs the chainsaw bunch So I’ll show you a little setup over here Baby goat, you’re being nosy So then here we have a smaller yard and it’s been eaten down pretty well And that barrel, it just got water in it So that’s the whole science behind why it’s upside down We’ve been keeping the lamancha doe We also rotate them out but we also I like to have a place for ’em at night So we have the lamancha doe in here And then we have two little sheep Here’s one This is Rosie Hey, miss Rosie She’s a katahdin sheep And some folks raised Sheep for meat and milk This breed of Katahdin sheep are raised heavily for meat purposes by farmers That’s what I’m raising them for So we have Willy Willy the talking sheep He is going to be our Ram And then we have also two unrelated dos here We have Rosie and Luna They’re gonna be the mamas And then we have Shaun the sheep Shaun is bended Ram These are all lambs, but future hope would be that wooly would breed Rosie and Luna and then we would start building our own sheep herd And then at some point we will have sheep to have processed, to have leg of lamb and lamb chops, all kinds of sheep related meat products that we raised home grown on the farm ourselves too So here’s Ms. Carmen Now she’s also a, Lamancha like Jazzy Super sweet She’s actually Jazz’s daughter And then I went back later and got it. She’s young

And then here is miss come here Rosie come here, girlfriend You’re like I was eating something You’re irritating me woman And these are hair sheep So they don’t need sheared They get thick coats in the winter they shed out So that’s another reason why they’re low maintenance And then right here on the other side of the fence, hey man, that’s the calf hutch I have in there for right now for these little boy babies call him st. Michael’s He’s also midnight and that’s one of our little chickens They find their way in there Midnight’s tinkling Then we have over here, we got precious Hey, precious, your scratching Their yard goes up yonder even though a lot of these boys are lamancha We’ve got five in here and two are banded and it goes way up along there And they’ve been working on eating this down We’ve left them in here the last week or so Hi there. Hi, stinky Left them in here while they get used to it and such, we will start rotating them though and giving them either time out on big lines or timeout free ranging Coming up soon I want Travis to build me a sheep and goat tractor So more exciting things to come There’s the girls eating on their side of the fence You being nosy and midnight here He is going to be great big He will be bigger than Jazzy Last thing I know that needs to be done before I milked Jazzy is the meat birds in that dome still need their food I was gonna get the food for the meat birds that I have out in what we call the garden cage But someone had already gotten that And folks have asked if I have a list We got talking hand here, you know, do I have a list, Do I have assigned chores? Again the way that my brain works I am a list-maker, especially when it comes to business and tasks that need done And I’d love to dump my day out on the whiteboard as far as family life and such So how that would look on our whiteboard for today is it says, do animals in the morning and do animals in the evening And we are getting into routines and habits with the animals We’ve had ’em for several months now We did have animals before We’ve had many flocks of chickens and such And everyone’s used to doing farm chore animals with grandmother So we just know everything needs done So we do it all We all share the work and bust through and do it So I’m gonna do the big meat bird in the dome food now And for our meat birds, this is the food that I’ve been getting from tractor supply, it’s called NatureWise Meat bird 22% Crumble and see upside down there in the picture Those are some pictures of the jumbo Cornish cross ‘Cause those are pretty much been the standard for a bit here And I keep it in the can when it’s open here and I’ll fill up their feeder I’ll get a cup full of the laying and crumble Again, just to love those chickens up in their yard I’m not gonna move their dome today It really depends on how many birds you have, how often you move it This dome is supposed to be for 50 or more birds Anyway, I like to move the dome same with the garden cage every two or so days I did just move this yesterday I don’t wanna move it today ’cause I’ve been doing farm chores and filming and charting And like I said, mama’s hot So, one more day, I’ll move this tomorrow You’ll see in another video when I do that, but let’s go give this crumble now to the other chickens in the run You’re one of the lone chickens I know, but look what I got Can you do it? Now there’s also oyster shell calcium and grit that you can mix up in their food I don’t always do that Again, I’m not normally giving them food this time of day Anyway, they are out feeding themselves and they will find in nature what they need But I do a couple of times a week when we feed them in the evening, mixing a little grit or Easter show calcium And you can also leave that out as like free standing things that the chickens need Okay. Friends, It’s evening in chore time, except it’s not the same day that I filmed the morning chores You see what happened is a few days ago, filmed morning chores And yeah. I can see it’s getting evening We’ll it’s eight 45 now I filmed morning chores and I went in to get my milk and stuff for Jazzy And we just got like pouring down rain And I did not even think to take my camera to the barn That was it, I was done Then that evening I had to work Kids did the chores I didn’t even do ’em So we went to the lake all day today Still in my lake stuff Some kids are showered and in pajamas, we’re just all levels of doneness now And dogs are barking at me Turkeys have put themselves to bed tonight It’s actually it’s the turkeys last night because tomorrow is butchering day

We’ve had a good life turkeys So come with me to do evening chores So I’ll show ya You need coolers packed with ice, whenever you are butchering and processing poultry Now I know this So I sent Travis We’re at the lake today, on his list He got me I wanted two, this size, this is 150 court You know, I lack my courts But 150 court cooler, biggest one they had They only had one of it And then this one is a 70 court We’ve got things we need coolers for, anyway So these are for butchering day tomorrow Yes there’s a circus tent behind me Totally appropriate So first thing we do in the evening, just like in the morning, I go around, gather up all the water buckets Send those to our little watering station. Then we fill them all up at one time and start dispersing them I turned my camera on and they all jumped out We had several ducks in that little pool here and then up here, I’ll show you those little babies that have been in this tractor See it’s nighttime now, they’re comfortable They go all around the yard together Whole bunch of them are in the front yard there Okay guys, Babies are like, you took our waters What is with you woman? They’ll be back And then for our meat birds Since the four biggest ones who will be processed tomorrow, we’ll pull their food tonight But here’s the turkeys in the woods here all stretched out and chilling for the night Look at this dude on the stump I tell you, they are just big Hey buddies. Yes We were saying next year, maybe we’ll do 12 It’s a miracle we bought six We raised six Hey buddy, you’ve lived your best life You sure have You didn’t grow up in a small little cage or anything You’ve been able to sleep on trees I should have had grain in my pocket You girls know you’re like this oh Carmen Oh yes girl. Yes Well, it’s not what you want It’s just me coming for your water buckets this evening Liam is gonna get the boy buckets There you go That’s my little evening egg collection in my shirt Yes girls, evening scraps They’re like, where is dinner? Kids might’ve got more eggs this morning So that’s how it goes Some days kids do the morning and I do the evening or sometimes we all do the morning We all do the evening So, a bunch of teamwork Oh yeah Dinner’s coming Got six eggs here They probably had six or eight eggs earlier today too And now this one Seeing you on the wrong side Aren’t ya? Once Liam comes down with food, we’ll have no problem getting her in ’cause she’s one of our old girls She’s not really old She’s a year, but we’ve had her six or fours tests Precious. Probably not getting caught on camera But the ducks and the geese are running into think, Oh no, they’re running around it I thought they were running in their tractor there Now if I go walking towards them this time of night Yeah. They’re trying to figure out how to get in it Go on it, your water’s not in there So they’re complaining they’re like, wait a minute This isn’t justice How can we get in there? It’s coming You fussing at me I hear your concerns But you have been out for at least 12 hours You’ve had bugs and sunshine and farm yard adventures And your water’s coming, even though you’ve had access to water all day You wanted in your coop before we shut the door I hear this flipping out free ranging all day So I will grab their feeder for tonight Now I bet they’re all going to follow me with this Yeah, there they are Okay. It’s that time? So again, the animals that free range during the day, get fed at night Animals like the chickens that are being trained to that yard, they get fed in the morning and at night Generally put on the egg basket. Thank you – I’m kinda gonna get yolk in my shirt – [Jamerrill] Okay. I know it’s gonna start to It’s gonna be hard to see here But…(mouth clucking) Super exciting Come on babies (chicken clucking) I’ve got another feeder down there to fill for him too, but let’s look at them, I’ll get in there Come on. You figure it out Come around I walked to ’em No, go this way I promise it’s good And now my goat’s coming Yes girl Well let me help you You’re so nice and soft Hey Jazzy girl Excuse me Get on in There you go Now we got one lone goose Come on buddy So nice and soft too Evening chores tend to take a little shorter period of time than morning chores ’cause in the mornings I just find myself doing more projects More hands-on stuff Getting stuff set up for the day, letting animals out, taking animals around at night, giving them fresh water, feeding them for the evening, talking to everybody in, making sure everybody is where they need to be So right now the rest of the water buckets need to be carried, but we’re almost done So friends, there’s a peak at doing morning chores and evening chores on our little sudden homestead with us Again, I didn’t show myself milking the goat

’cause that first morning I got caught in rain And then tonight Naomi’s taken her turn doing cheeseburger macaroni in the instant pot Do you want a video for the large family table community? All about that, we are having that for dinner tonight So I got, serve that up for dinner If you would like to see me milking a goat and getting to know my Lamatsia dairy goat Jazzy, I will link that down in the description below and you can also see that aspect of our farm So thank you so much for doing chores with me Tomorrow’s butchering, more adventures to come I’ll see you real soon with another brand new video Bye (soft guitar music)