hey guys meet you here so pretty much I am doing this look today it’s a Valentine’s Day a lunch or a movie date look and I have been doing makeup to hair to outfit so everything that I am we’re right now you’ll be seeing in the video if you’re interested please keep on watching ok so we’re gonna start off by moisturizing our face I’m gonna use my Alvino daily moisturizing lotion right here and this is not necessarily a face lotion but it doesn’t hurt my face either and this one I use this as my masa riser and my SPF lotion as well this has SPF 15 so i don’t have to use sunscreen after this suggests this is like both my moisturizer I my sunscreen so I’m just going to put just kind of a little pump like so that’s a little bit too much but make it work and then I’m going to put foundation on our face the foundation i’m going to use today is make sure much have foundation by L’Oreal I am in I am in and five right there I mean and five it’s in two beige going to use this I’m going to use my elf power powder blush powder brush on my on the back of my hand XO take the elf brush you once we’re done with the foundation we’re going to go ahead and move on to the eye so as always we’re going to go ahead and start by priming our eyes we’re going to use the Urban Decay eye primer potion ok so once we’re done priming the aisle I’m going to go ahead and use our I days the I base that we’re going to use today it’s going to be just the white pages are preferably a white or cream base if you don’t have the exact one that I have it’s ok just make sure it’s a white cream base the one that I’m using is I believe from Claire’s it doesn’t have a name anymore but and next milk I think is a similar one to it you okay so once we’re done blending everything should look like something like this and then we’re gonna just go ahead and start with our colors and the palette I’m gonna use today is tonight or today is actually going to be the NYX um I palette this one so bra ombre if I believe this kind of an old pallet but we’re just going to basically use this color right here which is cherry and this color right here which is hot pink some brush brushes the eye brush that I’m going to use today is going to start off with the larger shader brush by Sigma let’s it in e60 here and put all over the base color that we just put the base color is basically supposed to make the color pop more pat on first so it sticks more to the base and then blend it so that’s how we’re going to use our all the shadows that we’re going to apply today just pile it on first then blend it and then on the other corner we’re going to use the hot pink right here and now be careful when you’re using this hot pink it’s really really a vibrant color so we want to be very very careful when you’re using it so just going to tab it a little bit just one slick so it’s all over the brush the brush I’m using is some eyeshadow brush by elf so just put it all over the outer corner we’re going

to use it like in a C or are the motion like so and going down like so just a little bit on the crease but not too much that’s done I’m gonna go ahead and use a different color um so this time I’m going to use this palette right here are gonna use this dark reddish color around here we’re going to yield all over the and we’re going to use it all over the Chris I’m sorry I’m that’s not my dog that’s actually my neighbor’s dog but it’s right outside my room so yeah sorry about that guys um this is actually a contour brush by elf looks like so this so I’m just going to take the dark red color and put it all over my crease taking it from the outside inwards and this time blending is really really really needed so make sure you blend it all over I’m going to fast forward this video but just make sure you blend everything okay you so we’re going to use a highlight color using this palette right here you have seen this in my last tutorial video this is Elle I mean Claire’s Claire’s palette this is their makeup second i use a highlight color this time I’m actually gonna use this highlight color right here oh just gonna use my finger to do this okay and then we’re going to go ahead and highlight I mean um line our eyes eyeliner that I’m going to be using today is a Randy key eyeliner this one is into demolition right there so we’re going to use a very soft prom because we don’t want our eyes to be looking scary wanted to be romantic and sweet try your best to put it a closer to the eyelashes as possible and then line your waterline you okay so once we’re down line in our eyes should look like something like that so we’re just going to go ahead and use mask mascara the mass card I’m going to be using today is the mascara jewel by elf man actually going to use the regular mascara so same MO on the same way as applying mascara as always put it all the way towards the roots and wiggle your way out you ok so the eyes is pretty much done it should look like something like this I’m very sorry if the lighting is really bad right now guys it’s really really late at night but this is pretty much the best lighting I can get right okay so once we’re done with the eyes we’re going to go ahead and moving move on to the chicks we’re going to use this palette again the clears palette i’m going to be using a different blush this one day is going to be the splash right here so it’s light it’s more like the peachy keen um flash by elf but it’s it is shimmery as well but it’s a little bit darker so looks like this this is still on i’m going to use i’m going to use the elf and go a blush brush you

and then I’m going to use a highlighting color this is basically a bronzer from ELF but i’m going to use it as a highlighter because so it’s way too light for me to be a bronzer so I’m gonna just um use it with my finger stick it like so and then put it on my cheekbone and bring out a little bit down to the blush we known to the lips I’m just going to use a lip liner today and this is a la girl lip liner this one is in plum so going to use a lip brush as or unlike before in my other tutorial anyways and then I’m going to top it off with this purple it’s called purple this one is a lip gloss by love and beauty it’s from forever 21 okay so this should be the finished Valentine’s Day lunch or movie date look and then we’re going to go ahead and move on to the hair okay guys so it’s about nine minutes that I have have been heating up my hot rollers and so I’m gonna go ahead and open it right now I’m going to go ahead and start curling over here I’m going to start off with the black section right here and I’m just going to put my hair back the rest of my hair then using the biggest roller just going to go ahead and put it in the back of the hair and roll it up they’re just being a little bit careful because actually the world is a little warm yeah so once that’s done we’re going to go ahead and take the clip and clip it on like so so we’re going to be keep on doing the same thing for the rest of the hair put a little section down this is I believe the middle section so I’m going to put a middle little roller right here and then taking it from the oddest outer side so now roll it up towards our face like so and then pin it with the middle clip right there and taking the rest of the section from the back and taking a middle middle sized roller again from the outside roll the ends once again from the outside roll the ends of the hair in words and then roll it upwards away from your face towards your face away towards your head away from your face there you go then put the clip on so i’m going to show you guys how I do this last section and I go ahead and actually split into take in a little in a smaller roller take it from the outside she do is this little brushes right here so you want to put that on the hair and then take the end of the hair roll it inwards towards the I’m roller then roll the roller towards your head away from your face actually you can do it towards your face too if you wish but I like my curls to be away from my face it that way frames my face better take the smaller clip and leave them right there with this last section and then I’m going to fast forward towards the other half of my hair so taking the the roller taking this brush looking thing on the hair put in that

and inwards wrapping around the roller put the roller up towards your hair away from your face and roll it up then flip it please so I’m going to go ahead and do the exact same thing for the other some section of hair and then I’ll be right back you we’re gonna just go ahead and wait for the rollers to cool off that’s when you know your hair is your hair is curled so I’ll be right back after 15 minutes revealing time yay okay so um it’s been about oh I don’t know 17 minutes so I want to take out a start taking off the clips and taking off the roller just took that off so just gonna take everything off all by one you so that’s what we got from this side of the hair you yeah there you go that’s what we get so we’re just going to loosen these up a little bit and as you can see my top hair right now is a little flat so i’m going to go ahead and go back with my straightener to make it a little bit free while we wait for my straightener 2 i’m actually warm up again i’m going to go ahead and use my um um trisomy its prey I mean hairspray this is the extreme firm control but this is basic basically like a anti frizz control so I’m going to go ahead and spray all over monitor and just find my finger towards so the product goes through the hair and there you go my student in there my straightener is ready so that’s going to take the front the front corner my hair like so taking it by straight there and making just a little curve like so you good there you go doing the same thing for the other side of the hair so if you guys side I actually did not touch the end of my hair at all when I was straightening the top so I’m gonna show you how I’m sure that’s how i did it again bring it on the boots pulling it upwards don’t worry

I’m not plate that hard and let go okay so it’s gonna have like a little likes line it’s gonna have a little line so that’s how you get back to it straightening out praise and you smooth the line away so yeah that’s pretty much how I get this um big 60 curls it’s so I’m gonna go ahead and show you that is my whole entire outfit at the end of this video okay guys so this is my entire outfit for Valentine’s Day look so the makeup look isn’t what’s been in the beginning you have seen how i did this hair too so now i’m showing you the entire outfit I’m just wearing these earrings right here you want your jewelry to be really really simple and basically flirty I guess it’s show close up so I’m wearing like a pink heart as Todd as well as like a pink kind of pearl ish I’m stud and then this umstead hearing mean earring right here actually goes with this necklace right here I got this three years ago for Christmas so it’s a set so that’s what I’m wearing and then i’m wearing my hello kitty watch was just a simple simple hello kitty watch on my other arm I’m wearing this simple kind of pearl but not really like it so stretchy bracelet and I’m wearing this charm bracelet with like a lot of hearts because I think it’s perfect for the event since it’s Valentine’s Day and basically as you as you can see this is for the kind of age like teenagers kind of date so this is what you would wear if you are in that age range anyways so I’m going down I’m just wearing this like top this is from forever 21 little shimmery so it’s not like too simple for the event and then wearing this skirt right here to this part is from forever 21 as well and then this belt this belt is from every blue but you can find any I any other belt from forever 21 hundred eight they will have something similar to this this is just a central your waist and then going down I’m wearing this gray boots um looks like that so this is basically my entire outfit if I get cold layer on hold them on and I’ll be wearing this gray cardigan okay so this is how the outfit looks like with the gray cardigan on this cardigan is from aeropostale but again you can just get nic hurt again you like you wish to wear so yeah this is pretty much my outfit guys I hope it was useful and helpful for all of you out there yeah so that was pretty much it guys thank you so much for watching and again and don’t forget to comment and rate them thank you always for subscribing and i’ll see you guys in the next video bye