hi guys thanks for watching beauty box I’m Hayes boats today I’m doing a tutorial it was requested which is it was requested by 13 year old girl and she said can you do a new XIV look for me using pretty cheap makeup so that’s why it’s not this one but what I’ve done is I did the teenage look first and then I intensified it in an adult version so you can either watch the whole video or you can watch half the video but the first part of the tutorial is the requested section and now the makeup i used i was just going to use mua and stuff and then i went to work and I saw this which is shalt magazine and it was the Christmas special it was 499 and with the Christmas special you got a beauty UK makeup kit and I thought that’d be perfect so for a fiber I got pretty much all the products that I used for the tutorial apart from the lips the blush and the mascara honestly the foundation cut all the I was all from this kit so yes 499 this is running until the third of January next year so this is still available and again it’s 499 this is everything that I got in the palette I got two of them horrible little sponge tip applicator switch I used in the tutorial but I hate it too I line there’s one of which amy have completely worn down don’t if you can see that but it was gold I’m trying to swatch it there i don’t know if you can see it or not and then you get a black which goes onto the skin really nice goes on to the waterline crap but anyway and then you got a shimmer which doesn’t have a name looks like this and some in the leg so I’ll just do a little source watch for you if I can get hold of any more on my table than anywhere else it’s a nice all over shimmer I don’t know if you can see at this I’m not shimmering away on my finger as well I’ve got very bored two-year-old next to me so you’ll hear some winter I’ve got an eyeshadow trio which looks like this and it’s got past the gold the brown and black so it’s very pigmented this and then the last thing which I thought was really cute i love the packaging on this and it’s a glitter eyeliner and it looks like this but i love the sparkles around the lives and then you get brush like this and then i will say it just sort of looks like that so i thought for 499 that’s pretty good for kids or adults cuz i got quite started when i saw it what Joanna come on camera with me no um so yeah that’s the kid I used to do power this look so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I will see all these ok so I’m going to start with foundation now obviously you don’t have to do this step I’m just personally doing it because I am older and I feel that I need it but if you want to put a little bit of foundation on because it’s New Years then obviously you can do but you can just completely skip this step because you’re 13 hopefully ill of gorgeous beautiful clear skin them it’s entirely too if you want to do this page or not I am at the moment using the rim or lasting finish foundation in shade 100 which is ivory I got this for a fiver can’t run the table face I got this for a fiver from body care I know that it was on offer in Tesco seven pound there are a lot cheaper makeups out there like um ah so you’ve got Beauty UK but to trill this sort of thing but I haven’t got any of their foundations you can also get foundation from Avon in the color trend range which you can normally pick up for like two or three pounds it just doesn’t react with my skin very well but color trend is for a much younger sort of Avenue but this is the foundation I’m using and I’m going to be applying it with an L stippling brush which was three pounds from the website you can do it with your fingers but I’m just going to put it on with a brush two guys just purely

because it’s the only way that I tend to put my foundation and I don’t like putting it on with my fingers because I’ve got nails on that’s the only reason it all goes into my nails and it just goes everywhere this is going to be fun because I haven’t got my big mirror kiss me from trying to set up my little mirror so I can see what I’m doing if you do own a stippling brush or if you’ve got an older sister or your mom or enhance your somebody who has then you just want to start by sort of sticking it onto the skin a little bit and then use circular motions to blend it in if you are going to be doing a foundation make sure that you go all the way up to your hairline is and when I get down there you want to do the base of you like your neck and bottom of your chin and everything because otherwise it’s going to be very very obvious that you’re wearing make up songs to do all your neck try and stick to a foundation that is as close to your natural skin color as possible just again because you don’t want to be too obvious that you’re wearing foundation I mean everybody does but you don’t want to look like you stuck your face in a can of tango you know I mean we’re just blend in this light your life is good because of the winter your skin may be a lot drier depending what sort of skin you’ve got so you may need to use a little tiny bit of moisturizer or something underneath you can use brands such as dove Nivea that sort of thing my skin is very dry at the moment but that is because I’ve literally taken my makeup off like five minutes ago have been at work this morning and I had all my makeup on for work but I had to take it off again to do this tutorial so I’ve taken all my Urban Decay off for you my lovely viewers so I put caprese it over the lips I always go over my eyes as well because it just gives them a bit of a nice base and then only that you’ve got left just sort of da ball over make sure that you have got your ears got all the back like if you’re going to be having your hair up make sure you do sort of a little bit further back on your neck as well if you get any little hairs off of your brush don’t worry about it because we can get rid of those either now or you can get rhythm in the second ok so now I’m going to move on to cows out and just going to wipe this off my hand I’m just going to move on to powder i’m using a test go powder which I think cotton about four pounds and a kabuki brush that I got from Avon I’m just going to use this to set everything powder is always good if you’ve got quite an oily skin because it gives you the nice matte finish that we’re looking for you don’t really want sort of a dewy finish in winter because nobody is Joey and Pinta not in the UK anyway so you are looking for a much sort of matter finish a lot more flattering in photos as well make sure you go over everywhere that you put foundation those are your eyes cheeks ok ok so now I’m going to go in with my palate that’s not a pallet it’s a hit the one thing I am going to do first which I do highly recommend is I’m going to use an eyeshadow base now if you don’t have one they are really really easy to make and I have made a video on homemade a shadow primer so I will link that to this video and what I’ll put it here so that you can click on it or something just because it will make your makeup lasts all night and it also makes the colors a little bit brighter so at the moment I’m using an elf one this one is in champagne and that’s just because it’s the only one that I could find this morning you do really want a more neutral one for this look but again it’s the only one that I could find but like how sticks this morning when I went to

work you want to apply this an even coat anyway that you’re going to be put in makeup you can put it underneath your eyes as well like that and you are allowed to pull the funny faces if you want to so I’m going to be starting off with the eyeshadows so you’ve got like a Goldie color and a brown and a black so the first thing I’m going to do and I’m going to use the little brushes as well so that you can see I hate these things I don’t recommend using them i’m going to use them so that you can see exactly what i’m going to be doing so what I’m going to do is I’m going to put the middle now i’m going to put the first shade which is the gold i’m going to put that all over the lid now what you want to do is load up your brush like this and then tap off any excess into the tray and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to Pat this onto the eyelid know the reason that we’re patting rather than sweeping on is just because you get a better color pile and then if you need any more just go back into palette okay good put on all over and once you’ve got a base like that then you can go back in and sweep some on just to get a bit more even coverage then it will look like that so I’m just going to do the same on the other eye you just want to go up to the crease with this now if you’re not sure where you create this it’s basically the top of your eyes so it’s like here where your bonus okay so we’ve now got that gold all over the I so now I’m going to do I’m going to go into the brown shade which is the middle one and on the side of the brush I’m going to take this and Pat it lightly above where the gold is and then start sweeping it in and we’re just looking for like a little sweet of color just above the garden I think you meant all so it should end up looking like that so now I’m going to do the other eye it feels so weird using these little sponge tip applicator I haven’t used one of these but a long long time okay so that should then look like that now i’m going to do is I’m going to go into the black on the other side and all I’m going to do is I’m going to put it on the outer corner so I’m going to put it all in here and do they can you see it looks like a Z we’re backwards see and just sort of keep working it into the brown and into the gold we’re just trying to darken up the outside corner a little bit like rap you’re on it a little bit darker just go back in with a bit more shadow the whole point is to be able to build if you go straight in with it really really dark it’s a lot harder to correct whereas if you just build it

up gradually you much more likely to get the result that you want it just takes a little bit longer but you still you end up with the result that you wanted then what I’m going to do is I’m going to go back into the black and I’m going to sweep this halfway underneath my eye make sure you pull a funny face because that stretches your eye out I think I’ll go halfway in and then do the same on the other side like that now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take the black eyeliner comes in the kit and I’m going to put this on my lower lash line looks like fur but I’m going to stop where the black stops so money doing half the eye like that and then I’m going to take the other eye liner comes in this kit which is a gold one like a yellow gold and I’m going to put this on the inner part of my lower lash line so that it lightens my I up a little bit okay now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take the glitter liner that comes in the kit brush like this and I’m going to run this along my lash line just to give your eyes a little bit of sparkle if you need to go over it a couple of times then do I’m also going to do a little flick at the end and then do the same on the other side I really like the packaging on this one I really like the stones but around the outside of the lid it’s really pretty now got a bit sparkle now i’m going to take the same product because we also got a little pot of shimmer i’m going to open the shimmer up if I can there we go it very very shimmery sort of looks like inside and I’m going to take a little bit of this with my applicator and I’m going to put it into the lid like that now what I’m going to do is I’m going to put a little bit of this eye liner underneath my lashes so that it meets up with the black and then I’m going to take this on the side dip it into the shimmer that’s in the lid looks like this and I’m just going to press it on underneath some of the clicks up to the same on the other side

spots the underneath now done and I’m also going to take a little bit of shimmer I’m going to put it right in the middle of my eyes so you want to take a little bit of the eyeliner put it right in the middle of your eye over the top of that gold eyeshadow and again dip into it and then just pass it on like that and I’ll just give your eyelid a little bit of shimmer like that I just want to tell you things or blend it a little bit okay so that is the eye shadows and stuff done the only other thing I’m going to do actually I’m not happy with my amount of sparkles I’m going to take my eyeliner again and do a bigger line going upwards just because I want loads of sparkle ok now I’m going to do is I’m going to find my kit I’m going to curl my eyelashes and put some mascara on now the only mascara that I’ve got on me is an Avon one but you can again pick up cheap mascaras from UK and mua and stuff so I’m just going to curl my lashes you shouldn’t need to do this it’s because my lashes are absolutely awful but hopefully you won’t need to do this any singing to you know ok and then apply a mascara now you want to start make sure that you get your route brush it all the way to the end and this will open your eyes up and make sure that you do p bottom lashes as well because they’re just as important ok now I’m going to do is I’m going to take a blusher can the lip gloss both of these are by anyway the blusher is number one and it’s just really pretty pink now they take some on your brush smile Pat it on to the bit that’s here that when you smile and then sweep it towards the back now this is a nice bush because it’s not too strong so it’s not overly not going to look like you’re born in the 80s sort of thing now I’m going to take this mua lip gloss which is the number one now it’s not as in number two looks like this and put this all over the lips

and he’s having some lip gloss on ah oui do lots of judging galette get rid of any little marks or whatever you’ve got that and then that is it that is the finished look so that’s the eyes I hope you enjoyed this tutorial I’m now going to sort of do a bit more of an older version so if this isn’t enough p I mean I don’t know anything about you I don’t know if you are allowed to wear makeup if you wear loads of makeup if you are a little bit this is more of a generic thirteen-year-old look because it’s not too much in it but I am now going to sort of make it more adults and make the eyes a bit darker in smokier so if you are allowed to wear more makeup or if you want to do more then obviously keep watching and see the second part of the video and if you don’t then um I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I will see you all in a minute right