oh and welcome the Daniel shows you advanced configuration of controllers in daily dangerous this is a little different than my normal thing I’m not gonna really be playing the game very much here I’m mostly just showing how to set up the controller i made a post on reddit showing an advanced controller configuration for the logitech extreme 3d and elite dangerous and there were a lot of there was a lot of confusion on how to set it up and how it works so i’m gonna show how to set it up and then also me using it a little in practice that way people can get an idea of how it works i’ve got a good camera shot here of my logitech unfortunately very yellow i couldn’t quite get the color as well i don’t have great lighting up there so whatever i’m gonna go ahead and get this started so basically what it is is you have multiple bindings depending on which one of these keys down here you are pressing and then that will change what all of these buttons do on the joystick itself so i want to show that off and give people an idea of how it works and why you would want to do it so let’s start by going to options as you can see i’m controlling it with the up and down on the my little POV switch here it works real well for controlling the menus so we’re gonna go to controls down here we’ve got lots and lots of controls this game has so many damn controls oh you could spend weeks in here just fiddling with but i’ve got a map you can download my map and program it if you’ve got the same stick if not you can kind of use this as a template to decide what to do but i’m gonna start up here and show you the basic idea so looks like right here is the first time I start using the double binding here and so nealy you’ve got two slots for programming buttons they are the exact same it doesn’t matter which slot you program in but generally you do keyboard on this row and joystick on this row it doesn’t have to be that way but generally that’s the way it was pre done and it’s the way I did it so we’re gonna start with engine boost this went onto a subgroup I’m calling engine although not everything and it was engine related some of it was power related there was just the closest I could call it in my little thing it says toggle engines which is this button right here it’s the seven key which does fortunately windows Maps very well seven here it has seven printed on it you probably can’t make it out in the video but it has seven printed on it as well as when you press the key on-screen it also says joy seven so you press in this case joy 7 plus joy three would do an engine boost so I’m gonna program it so I’m going to press joy seven and now I’m pressing joy three you see as soon as I hit that second key it takes it and makes a little just noise to tell you it’s taken it in the same way the frame trip drive joy seven joy for now I’ve already done all this stuff so I’m not gonna go and reprogram them all but that’s the basics of it you do dual binding that way and so now when I’m actually playing the game I’ll press joy 7 plus joy for to do a boost as opposed to joy for itself is normally cycle the next ship on targeting you know I’ve done a lot of stuff here and and decided what I think is best there are a lot of things I forget about when I’m playing I don’t remember all these keys but I do have the map on my other screen to kind of help me with that and I apologize for the wobbly camera it is on my microphone stand to get this shot so every time I touch the desk even slightly the vibrations make it up my microphone microphone arm and eventually to you guys watching at home on the webcam fortunately it’s a very small thing in the overall so you don’t see much besides that so or you don’t it’s not huge so it wobbling a little probably doesn’t make you nauseous the way it would if it was fullscreen and wobbling that way so now you’ve seen the the idea of programming the keys up and I’m just gonna play with it a little bit I’m gonna launch get some basic combat and then go back to where I was that’s gonna actually add quite a bit of time to this but I think it’s worthwhile to see it in action I’m gonna do private group here because I know where I’m going is full of people right now because it’s it’s a community event and I don’t know if I can turn in stuff and still apply towards the community event in a single-player and I kind of want to learn that so that’ll be good and so we wait for the game to load a thousand dollars hopefully this joystick view will be not too obstructive to the actual gameplay view

and see the extreme pro 3d has a little throttle actually extreme 3d Pro such a stupid name has a little throttle here that I use I I really hate this throttle but it does work all right so we are in station right now in my vulture we’ll see the progress of this community thing assuming I can’t see it online bulletin board yeah right there so hey look at that man we shut up we hit tier three suite which means I’m gonna get home only a top 70% now people about it a ton well I need to do a little bit more to get in that top forty percent and I’ll get two to four million credits depending on where I land myself it’s not that great to be honest the rewards aren’t but I’m okay with that I got I’ve gotten more than that two million credits in bounty alone so actually you can see up there I’ve gotten 2.25 but anyways that has nothing to do with what we’re doing here just that I’m gonna work at that goal just a hair so we’re gonna launch by default my POV is actually my thrusters so this this is thrust up like actually up not forward up left right and down that’s kind of the what the POV switches do but first as soon as it releases us I’m gonna go I’m going to press the deploy toggle and I’m gonna press down landing gear retracted let me go up using our pressing up on that guy and now we’re roughly aligned with the door actually overshot a little bit and then we throttle up using a little throttle there and then we go way too fast to the door like I always do oh Cooper can I fit canif it kind of it Oh God I made it okay that was a much bigger vehicle on the other side that I was expecting whoo but I squeezed through the vultures not nearly as big as the Clipper it’s it the vulture is a large ship but not nearly as large as a clipper Clippers are seriously wide but in any case let’s go over to the system see I’m using the keyboard I’m still pretty used to the keyboard I need to not do that for the at least the purposes of this video so I can’t find a way to control the map so successfully with either the controller or the keyboard Wow oh I did their own thing alright so I’ll go get a mouse and keyboard just for what I’m trying to do here like what why is it so I’m gonna head over to ooh have you got turned here now I’m confused as to where I am there was this long Guin that’s why that’s why I was confused is cuz my navigation is set wrong it always resets which is really annoying so that time while I was in the map this game continues so I could have slammed into something but space is mostly empty so you don’t worry too much about that alright so we’re gonna go ahead and we do engines which once again a seven and we want to jump which is four I have a separate jump with six yeah six will jump without going into it’ll just go to supercruise won’t go to hyperspace that’s important because if you’re being chased by someone and you have a hyperspace destination that you don’t necessarily want to have to align with if you’re running from someone you have to point at the hyperspace destination sometimes you just want to get into super cruise so I’ve got that as you know super cruise only that way you can get away from somebody quickly without having to worry about which direction you’re pointed and go here and then next jump is up here we jump again wrong button I often hit these guys with the wrong modifier because I’m still is the keyboard a lot unfortunately it’s just the way I started so all these programming’s take time to learn and remember also it’s a little bit more comfortable to have my hand resting on the keyboard but during combat my hand is always over here because I got a control throttle a ton that’s very important and that’s yeah that video is yellow whoo all right so all right now what’s what the reason we came here is because there are res points over here let’s see this one is the one I tend to

go to and so there I was pressing 11 and then over on the POV switches for all the various functions I’ve mapped out so you go over and now that you’re in the menu I’m not pressing anything down here you can go up down this is cycles tabs and left and right where appropriate like here ooh okay how much have just got past a something slowing me down oh yeah you always want to approach reza’s from up or down you know below or on top of the system a little there are tricks to getting to your destination faster with supercruise that I’m not covering in this video and also I don’t really understand but in any case a song ago you can cycle through like that’s where you’re left and right comes in handy it’s cycling through all this stuff 18 million credits is my current net worth not too shabby yeah so you can navigate all the menus with this stuff no problem and I’ve gotten pretty used to that I still sometimes use a keyboard just so I can use my left hand because I’m left-handed to navigate through the menus also if my hand is just resting on the keyboard then I can do everything with WASD so that’s pretty nice and for some reason I always approach with whatever the target is it tends to be on my left side if there’s anything around I don’t know why I do that especially space stations and whatnot not so much normally like coming in on supercruise but once I’m out of supercruise I always put it on my left side I don’t know why I do that I don’t know if other people do that or if it’s just me or you know I guess it’s just kind of the bias to having a direction of some sort to live by the end of a gate is always down type thing all right so now we supercruise out the same way and I was just fixing to use the keyboard commands once again I just am very used to those all right so now we want to make sure our power power balance is two engines which it is which once again the engines key is also the power key and that’s what the POV switch does so we’re gonna put all of our power to engines crews in here see what we got going on hopefully we’ll find something of value as we get closer in oh when wow you just like appeared in front of that rock so there’s a viper the first possible target generally Vipers in Reza’s are only there to pirate oh don’t hit me dude so I’m scanning him he’s scanning me he’s gonna say oh how do you make any money yep how do you fools make a living and of course the answer is you so now we need to switch our power over to weapons we actually want normally I take all power out of engines when I’m finding something less maneuverable than me because why not and then we target subsystems using the targeting modifier and what we want to do is target his power plants you can see it in the bottom left there so he is probably scanning this cargo freighter he doesn’t expect a thing and he’s gonna die as a result so we plow into him do a lot of damage very quickly because that is what my ship do and he’s destroyed if you notice he’s thirty four percent on his hull but yet he died and that’s because I took out his power supply as a power plant first so let’s do one more kill I see some stuff going on over here we’re gonna boost the way over there to speed us up a little bit but we also need to put at least a little engines to recharge your boost this is this ship does not make a huge difference if you add boost to it or I mean if you add power to the engines did they destroy whatever it was they were fighting over here wow there’s a lot of things in this area Cobra Kerber seems like a likely target here’s a good ways away you got to be careful I’m flying around a lot of rocks I could use smack into unfortunately this thing’s top speed is so low but that tends to not be a problem alright great another target Cobras I don’t bother hitting their power supply for some reason it just never really works out for me but we do need to get in scanning range and that I’ve got set because I’ve only got two

weapons there on the main trigger and the secondary is my warrant scanning and cargo scanning so I’m gonna target this guy I also need to readjust my power which I can do while I’m scanning to some degree and now we start attacking yeah Cobras also most the time are bad sometimes they’re just getting resources but most of time they’re bad so unfortunately for him I am way stronger than him and the is kind of stupid even though he’s considered a competent all right and I’ve got by default three is target next hostile unfortunately probably not gonna be like a warrant scan on him before he dies no maybe more at scans of course increasing your bounty a lot of times so highly recommended all right time to take them out and easy as that yeah Eagles are just so easy to kill alright so we’re down getting kills let’s go ahead and put away our guns so that’s up that’s a deploy plus up on the POV switch let’s go ahead and boost away oops H I don’t need to bust away cuz I’m far enough out but it will up to like can’t reset my power now yeah you can’t control your power while you’re in supercruise which is a little annoying I would like to be able to get it to where I want it when I come out of supercruise but that’s alright so now let’s head back I’m gonna just do em I don’t have a button for pulling off the map I’ll go back to where we were with the community event and which is this guy and I’ve got just enough fuel to make the trip back I will be almost completely out of fuel but I’ve got to feel scooped and both of the stars along the way or if you’ll scoopable so I’m not too worried about it alright let’s go ahead and go into hyperspace here and charging charging yeah and you don’t have to be perfectly aligned with it but I like to get it as close to aligned as possible just makes me feel good and you drop out right about now come on and the next spot yep I feel feel scooped a little bit there automatically but I didn’t need it so we have told more time and then we’re back in the system I’ll land it and there’s one thing I realized I forgot to show the UI section is a little bit different than everything else because the UI actually kind of has a natural toggle mode to it so you don’t need to especially set it up and that works really well that it helps because you kind of get some effect when you hit the UI toggle button which is this notice how I kind of zoom out there then I know I’m ready to change my UI but also you gets let’s go ahead and set my target while I’m communicating here you get that so notice I’m over here I hit this button without touching anything else and it puts me back to Center which is really nice so you don’t have to have a button dedicated to recenter that’s it’s a great little feature and the reason why you don’t do the normal combination keys like I did on the other stuff so now we’re just heading to lemming orbital this game if you haven’t played it and watching this for some crazy reason is a lot about this just waiting to get to your destination and I just realized as I jerk this thing around it really causes the webcam to shake sorry hopefully you were able to follow with what I was doing when I was doing it without too much trouble alright so we get an approach speed of seven seconds that tends to be what I aim for so you notice that little seven seconds underneath the light-seconds counter seven is kind of optimal you can do six but with six you risk overshooting it sometimes by mistake it does increase your speed to get there but you know whatever doesn’t really matter I’m a lot of you I’m probably not saying anything you don’t already know but we’re coming in slowly eventually getting there it is weird watching everything just grow you know such a non-existent dot and then just like BAM it’s there but it cut its growth decelerates and in kind of an

interesting way as you get closer to it and you start going slower its growth on screen diminishes it’s a very earth-like planet so supposedly the best way to come into these guys I was reading just yesterday actually when I was trying to figure out how to best approach them is actually to approach it from planetside if you if you break out of a super cruise on going planetside you will almost always be facing the gate so that’s what i’m doing here i’m throttling past what i normally should because i’m getting close to the planet at this point though i can’t go too fast basically so but because i’m going so quick i have to make sure i jump out in time all right so we’re gonna see yeah yeah that’s pretty close work this time at least go over to contacts and request docking and so trigger is selecting the UI and second trigger the little button here that guy is back just so you know that’s the way I’ve got it set up makes sense we’re going to put power to engines gonna have a little bit in systems as well and then we’re also going to say I keep doing their own thing I was hitting I hate French Afton said a boost whoopsie you do need that unfortunately and they need to not do that wrong I guess I don’t know how to put that anyways so I was come in way too fast on these guys it’s kind of cool though because if you you pretend you’re smuggling then when you actually do smuggle something you’re used to it all right so there’s 28 we align ourselves with it I can use the sideways thrusters to get myself centered I use the POV switches a ton when landing get about here go ahead and deploy landing gear which is once again it’s a top button and down on the POV switch we come in and we get more or less aligned and then we just pull down on the POV and that gets us nice and on and that’s it there we gooo we’re nice and landed so I’m gonna go ahead and turn in what little bounty I got there which was basically zero confirm all right go back we see on the bulletin board I made a little progress I’m still in the top 70% which it’s not great but that’s okay so let me go back and show you the last section of the controls that I forgot to mention earlier so we go down to the UI section which is near the bottom we wait and wait and wait wait wait there we go so right here we’ve got UI focus this is a toggle built into the game so I’ve got joy 11 this guy set to UI focus and then I’ve got on the interface section I’ve got POV with no modifiers you don’t have to press 11 and the buttons you just press the buttons and so this is a separate set that doesn’t unbind your other stuff which is great so you can set these guys to do various things however you see fit in my case I’ve got them you know all the different so joy 1 and joy – that’s the triggers of the primary and the secondary trigger although that’s not really a trigger it’s more of just a thumb button but I always call it a trigger and then the next and the previous tab up here and that and so they don’t overwrite the existing ones because obviously the trigger is also fire group one fire group – you’ve got it doesn’t overwrite them to have them in this section since you’ve got the since you’re basically taking away the downside is you can’t keep firing or in my case kill warrant scanning while you’re also looking through your menus hey we’d be nice if you could but you lose that ability but I’m okay with that so that’s the basics of it in the description I’ll have a link to the key map so if you need it you can look at it there as well as the binds file which you stick in a folder which I’ll list in the description as well so that all of this is automatically programmed in for you so you don’t have to go and manually program it in but if you have a different joystick it doesn’t really work because I have assumed you’ve got an extreme 3d Pro which most people do not okay I hope I didn’t break my custom there is that what’s the game seems to frozen well fortunately I have a copy of the binds in that extreme 3d copy that I am putting on for you guys to download so do let me know if you have any comments or questions on it

thanks for watching goodbye