hello everybody this is shane our monroe with nvidia shield zone we’re going to be looking at the shield android TV version of cube now I’ve never played this game so you’re going to be playing it for the first time with me sort of adequate audio come on now keep it moving now that i’m half asleep from all the interest director’s cut all right so what we have here guess we start a new game and what if he didn’t kill him with all due respect your best guess is still just a guess we need to have faith in the possibility of good wait hold on his oxygen consumption is going up I’m thinking alive he’s conscious what a shame Go Daddy down there you’ve been out for a couple weeks 15 days in fact I thought you were dead if it wasn’t for your life soon you wrong with me I’m sure by the time this demos over I wish I will be too we can’t link it here be okay camera and it looks like communications arm only working one way okay first thing we do is we invert the controls your invitation if you’re feeling confused or disoriented or she know that deep space travel could be a pretty serious psychological damage especially a few hours out there the dark and permanent problem you have no idea a wire in there that’s true uh-huh they mostly come out at night mostly time that be I’m really cut or even like me talking usually not Michigan cool you’re too far out into deep space the clear read you out there with my game I’m commander no man I mean I’m an astronaut on board international question is are you HOT everything they tell me let the bad through this every time I orbit around the far side of the year ago about right here range when that happens you’re going to be on your own one just stay calm and keep your head straight until I get back into range okay said I’m orbiting out of range now I’ll be back soon just remember what I’ve told you it’s like the Black Mesa research centers 30 minutes to actually get to the actual game welcome to the Black Mesa research facility nothing can go

wrong all right super jump absa Daisy and what are you doing give me that give me that or go somewhere else and chew on it trying to record a video here sorry for that folks we shan’t to be interrupted again alright still not quite used to the throw on the shield controller push and pull I assume no fun hello I only want one see we got here okay give me some of the yellow don’t get cheap on me and then Peter Griffin’s gotta be yes block extrusion and you oops boro raggy back in you go it’s not going to do the

trick I don’t think so winner winner chicken dinner no winner winner Shing dinner week valium well I’m missing out on here this should be it i think i just not quite nimble enough my parkour is not strong alright so probably you all the way out you all the way out the same now back in with you about you all the way up close enough and let’s see kai run or anything oh great a-3 p oak you shut off all the compactors on the detention level

Oh bum bum bum on the problem hmm I supposed to do with you my dog’s kicking each other’s ass that’s fun so okay I got I got I got it back in with you down with you up with me all right so let’s see this one goes all the way up right Oh Betty clever very clever well now I’m screwed on him yeah sure am hence the reset button week do your marquee theatre in the background that’s what I need is this one to be the eyes block goes over to the middle so I get us up there now go ahead to right the first time ma’am ya know all right yeah that’s not gonna work is it sorry I’m not a little oxycodone for a

kidney stone thing all right so let’s see here i need that on the highest bit down I all right test it is 919 this one looks like I might take a few minutes to figure out well listen this is cube director’s cut this is on the shield Android TV I’m Shane are Monroe with nvidia shield zone join us in nvidia shield zone com check out our youtube channel follow us on twitter blah blah blah all that cool social media stuff we will see you next time