hello everyone this is current and I’m give you another update to my dragon I’d tanking bill to the blockade this update is for the dark brotherhood patch and there are some changes that are pretty significant gear wise and also trade wise on the gear because there were a lot of changes to do that things also champion system stuff so yeah I’m gonna do everything again from from the start so just let a pickup date so let’s start with the race some I normal I’ve test this build with a with an imperial and dunmer decay and it works pretty nice still even with all the changes that we’re in this update so I can show you how my stats are just with the food buff so let’s have a look here I’ve changed also a bit in my attributes I I moved some of the points from health to to stamina now so you can see with with my three stat purple food I have now roughly thirty one and a half K health which is enough i would say before I had like I don’t know what 34 or 35 even and they’ll also help some for stamina but you could also for example do a 34 and go 15 15 if you want it again it depends on you on your race I mean if you are like an award or an orc or an imperial then it can pretty much do that and you would still be honest it on the safe side I would say I always tend to stay over 30k health some people say that or that 25k or a bit more is enough for aunt game content but you’re not always running with the top gear players at least I don’t do so I always have to have a little bit safe on health so i oughtta always stay on over 30k so um if you would go with a let’s say number then you probably have to put in like I did I think I had like 40 in health and then I have it like 12 12 magic and stamina split but you could also do 40 and and 20 here that’s also a possibility I I always like I said I always try to stay with 30k then let’s see I’ve also changed my under stone I’m now running the tetra knock because i’m running the more magical focus build even though i will live like 20 k but it’s still a lot for a tank i’m going for recovery it really helps me but again if you want you can still keep it with with the ones that were presented in the other versions of the bills like tower for stamina or major imagica that’s also a possibility if you if you need that those two attributes for for your tanking for me there two netbooks fine I’m still thinking of maybe changing it to something else but so far I had no problems um yeah so um like I said there are some changes in the champion point system with this update some of the passives were changed in the stars some skill some whole skills were changed to another star so let’s have a look at the champion system again I in in the written form of this built that you can find also in the description of the video and the link goes to 10 real foundry but I’ve posted my build and written form I always present two options for for the champion distribution one is more magical based which I’m presenting now in which i have now and the other one is the seminar bass trout I only used the damage points for veteran

vertical tower a Chinook boss to get more damage but if you can close the portals without problem with the point distribution that you think you have then of course you can change those points around basically it’s just a change from elemental or or mighty so i’ll just put points in there if you think you don’t need that many points then i have them by all means you can distribute them to for example blast for yourself eels or not so it’s just a suggestion for for dps part because honestly i only need like 30 points in in in the blue to get for example i repost and the rest i could also put into blessed or something like that and it would still work but put its build i’ll just show you what i have now so let’s start with the red the warrior part if you remember this one was the blocking and locking got moved to the shadow it’s now called the local blocking expertise it’s nicole chat award and as you can see I don’t have any points in the shadow oh my god yeah i’ll show you when i go to the the gear section why i don’t even have any more points into into that star and why I’m still calling this build locate I mean no points in the blocking now you will see it’s not that much of a difference to be honest but yeah so like I said we are basically saving 100 points now because I had like 100 points in the plugins / cheese and those hundred points when I was played up so i have now 16 to Hardy Oh doesn’t that setup is for like when you have maxed out the champion poets like five neroon so if you want more detailed version where to put champion points if you have less than one 501 please check out my written guide I have it like from 90 180 and so on till five hundred 1f options there when to put points where and stuff so if you are maxed out and have 16 to hardy 16 to elemental defender and 17 into thick-skinned which opens up everything here it’s basically PvP most of the time I don’t do pvp but hardly an elemental defender and thick skin is pretty much needed for aunt game tanking so yeah then we have the Lord Lord I have put in 30 points into heavy armor focus to get more physical resistance because again you will see that i have changed a lot of my gear and I need more physical resistance now to get to the cap so that’s why i put in 30 points it opens field position which you normally have any ways that 10-ranked and 30 rank is yeah it just opened up if you put in theory I’ve put in 30 i could maybe just put in like I don’t know 25 maybe but I just put in 25 points more to open it up I mean here’s nothing really changed as far as i know so i have 92 magician because i’m going for the magic her out and 46 into oh lord if you going the seminar stem in a way then you basically swap it out and I 31 into the arcanist I could also stayed with just 30 but you know you have one left over so and again like I said before nothing into blocking more than later apprentice there’s also something changed around like i said before i’m doing enough damage closed portals easily even though other than and the instance got got easier also it could nerve so i don’t need that much anymore there so i have 63 in animal expert 10 and elf born one spell erosion I mean you could also just put in one point here and put the rest into blessed blessed is really good for yourself feeling and stuff a rather focus on blast more than on elemental expert that’s why so you could put in those nine points there if you want to I also put in 15 to staff expert and 15 to melee weapon expert to open up repost again if you’re going for the stamina version then you put in the 15 from the staff to the PO expert here I have nothing again because I’m going magicka so basically putting those elemental export points here to my tea and piercing and precise strike again if you want to know everything in detail then please check out the written guide so

let it for the champion system so like I said before I have changed quite a bit here on the champion system because I changed also the gear to reflect the change of the blocking expertise so I’m gonna show you now how my gear looks like and what I did so basically the new trade on my gear for the blockade build is now sturdy sturdy like you see here I’m a curious office park sturdy gives you if you enchant it to gold and reduce block costs by four percent so basically I have currently five sturdy pieces of this park enchanted too cold which basically gives me of twenty percent bug cost reduction combined I also use the lord warden set to get the PDF and the spell resistance up don’t have those two in sturdy yet so uh I didn’t gent into gold and I didn’t really change the enchantments on that except maybe this search I put in magic on there so I would probably have seven thirty item which brings me to twenty-eight percent blocking which is three percent more than putting 100 points into the blocking tree you could also do it that way that you put in like on there on the big pieces like the helmet the the press plate and the pants that he put their infused on so you would have to get an infused load warren and do that infused into that infused and do the rest of the items with sturdy so you basically would have three infused ones and well actually for but armor rise here you would have for a four sturdy and three infused which would only give you sixteen percent but what you what you could do is is we jump back to the champion system you could remove one point here to be added at the 30 and remove some points from the warlord and the magician and put them and put like I don’t know five or six points I think it’s six points to share the ward then you would have I think three-point-five percent and you will again be at the round yeah 20 around twenty percent it’s not as much as 100 into blocking expertise before but yeah you would have at least 20 and you would have to infuse I mean you have to decide if you want to do that I personally go for the sturdy way so if possible seven pieces is 30 or maybe just born in infused I’m not sure yet if I get an infused load warren helm i will probably keep it and just try to get another sturdy piece here so I would have six which would still be twenty percent and yeah twenty percent this is quite good so again lord warden why did I choose lord warden and not blood spawn most of the sites on the internet still show the the wrong lord warden set bonus basically that set was changed in 5th killed and it’s no longer six percent chance to proc it’s now fifty percent chance to proc when you take damage so even though you only get like i think the the lord warden is like you can see like if you enjoyed it to go like three thousand eight fifty or something to physical appearance and blood spawn in gold is like 6.8 k or something but it’s only still the six percent chance and I can pretty much keep that one up all the time so I can keep that bonus up all the time because this is tanking when I block him getting it all the time and fifty percent for 10 seconds it also helps your group because that shadow orb is quite big I think the radius is don’t shoot me I think 56 between five and eight meters for close range dps or whoever is in there and they also get the buff so it’s quite nice so I’ve i

prefer warden over blood spoon I also in the written guide completely removed the option for engine guardian because engine Guardian was only working for me because I had it I had all the gear in reinforced so had more physical resistance if I remove that thing here I’m losing basically around 4k physical resistance and I can show you if I so if i count that on i have 4k more so if i activate that thing here as you can see i’m at the captain if i get that 4k around so i’m over the cap and also with a cap here and if it procs so I’m I’m around 36 k on spell resistance and around 34 k on physical resistance now if you would go with engine guardian then we would have a problem because you you would be a at around the cap that I then around the level that I would be now so 31 around 31 32 on spell resist and 30 on the physical resistance so if you really want to use engine Guardian then you would have to sacrifice points from Hardy elemental defender and thick skinned probably to pump that up so basically if you know my old version of the build you would have to transfer those 100 points from the blocking expertise to heavy armor focus to basically get that thing up again to a level where you can hit the cap will get close to cap I actually haven’t tested it so I don’t know what what 100 brings physical resistance wise I’m not sure if the 100 / caps it or if it’s lower or even you you have to test it for yourself I really haven’t tested it because I don’t really want Angie Guardian on my build I mean it were it I guess it works still if you put in the points here but you will lose your hearty and an elemental defend the percentages but I would say that the build still works if you are going for engine garden but you have to sacrifice and decide if it’s worth it for you so let’s check the other gear out I’ve also changed my jewelry if you remember I had will power and agility for jewelry sword and shield I have switched to a baja race or bah raha baraha I’ve switched to Barajas curse said the puraskar said as far as i know only comes in blue in champion 160 but the weapons come in in purple as far as i know and also in blue and the shield comes also in purple in blue at least in blue but it’s not really a problem so I have to pokhara about bah bah raha curse said now I like my old build have enchanted all of the three jewelry with the blocking recast block and reduce costs and gentlemen so the rockers is actually not that bad i mean i don’t really care about the four-piece part with the traps at least I haven’t encountered anything that is counting a strap but maybe i just missed something we basically get all three attributes which is not too bad it’s basically a prismatic enchant or a double prismatic and generally if you count it up compared to this yeah it’s around double arm and the set bonus is actually pretty good 25 piece to be honest I don’t really care about too much about the damage that it did it does I mean it’s quite good it’s like one second like 1k but it’s also healing for the damage done so if you have like a trash mob group when you’re doing dungeons or trials and they are in the area of when that thing Brock’s you don’t need a healer it feels so good it’s it’s really awesome I really like that set and it yes you lose 500 magica and 500 stamina around because you’re not using will power and agility to pset but i think that wasted up so as you can see i have three pieces of jewelry of that said i also have the 11 handler and the shield i have enchanted this year the shield as far as i know only comes in infused reinforced in something else I’ve chosen infused I’ve bought that from Gil traders for like both shields

in purple I think together for 1k so like 400 400 600 era was quite lucky just enchanted them on my main bar I have engendered them with prismatic on my off bar I haven’t yet and she ended it because I have to get more ha KO ruins I’m currently all of them so this one will also be enchanted prismatic when i switch to the bars then my my 100 i also got those cheap i think for together also like one and a half K so 141 k in their own for 500 called they were pretty cheap at the time and I’ve enchanted my main weapon with the magical damage restore stamina ancient & the most important part you have to have it on defending that thing it is also like defending and powered and precise or whatever can drop with it but get defending because you need the physical and spurious tins again you even get it higher when you are enchanting it to gold I haven’t yet then on the off barik I kept have it still in blue currently because I really want to have a sword so I can distinguish them when a switch I haven’t generated with the crusher enchantments for to reduce the target smell every system physically resist and also defending and yeah so my main weapon is there is no stamina magical damage and on the off hand I have the spare assist physically resist crusher enchantment yeah so basically sword shield jewelry bahara to peace undaunted and then our normal hist park yeah like I said enchantment sturdy everything here block cost reduction here I have infused i would say infused is better than read forced in that case and yeah magical damage and stuff okay so that’s the the main built for most of the dungeons and trials i’m currently also evaluating two other sets that i would use for for tanking one of them could replace baraha well both of the both of them actually replace Mahara piranha whatever / aha so one of them for veteran trials but only for the boss fights would be a luna Bastion it’s the one below the add-on is a bit messed up because it’s also the below one is the de luna bastion so I would go for Luna Bastion set I only have for example here this one because I don’t have any other I said that but I would suggest to get the five piece of it also to replace the bahara for boss fights only so try to get three jewelry pieces and one or at leo to q102 one hand weapons and two shields of that set it you get them you get those items from the if you are on the leaderboards as the reward and also from veteran and normal move loCash trial ah so yeah this one and the other one I am I don’t have to show but it’s one of the pvp sets it’s called the Harbinger set it’s a sad that you can buy I don’t know if you drop some from rewards of the worthy I think it does but I’m not sure and because I don’t do pvp as you know but I know you can buy it from PvP sex at the at the tail VAR vendor I think it’s 4k and those pieces also come in in at least infuse as far as i know and they also come in jewelry so you you can get those items I’m pretty sure it also comes as weapon so if you’re lucky you can you can try to get those weapons with defending or you should get the weapons with defending and the shield with infused of that Harbinger set and the same for the Lumina Bastion so I i’m thinking the Harbinger set which pretty much gives the harbinger set is also 5 piece that I don’t know and the five piece set gives you a block reflect so basically every time you block an attack you reflect damage back on a percentage i think it’s four or six percent so that means uh and it’s based on health so for example if

you have 30k health and monster text you’re opposed to text you when you’re blocking you reflect at least four percent i think that’s the white version so I’m maybe it adds up if it’s cool to like six percent i’m not sure but four percent for sure so let’s calculate with five percent let’s take the gold middle so five percent which is a 1.5 k if you’re not missing and there is no cooldown on that thing so imagine you having trash mobs on you and every block every attack the two block gets reflected on on the on the mob that takes you so basically you reflect like thousands of damage back if you have more than one or a lot of mobs on you like trash mobs so you’re affected hell a lot of damage and there is no cooldown so every time they hit you you reflect that debt amount of damage back again i have not tested it but i saw a saw some saw it working on I think delta headed in one of his videos about see skills I think or a doc product I think it was not brought out and then it was also pvping with it and testing and real is reflected like a tonight like I said at one point 5k or something every time so it seemed there was no cooldown so yeah if you’re going for are not healing but more damage output then I would maybe suggest to get the Harbinger set but again I can’t show it to you I just know that that it’s there and it’s a pvp set if you’re doing more pv then of course I would really suggest to get the Luna bastion for boss monsters to to get the minor acres of the five percent less damage done and you’re also helping your group with the damage shield so yeah that’s the setup for for the normal dungeons and for trials gear wise for a magic car and stamina if you going t PS i would suggest to check out some of those really good bills that are on Tamriel foundry for dps I mean I have some basic equipment that is crafted and stuff on my written guide so you can check that out if you want but if you really want to max out your dps and what not even if you are taking just switching then please check out those TPS curzon dps gear guides on time and family a lot of them and most of them are very very good okay let’s have a look at the skills skill-wise there hasn’t really changed too much so I’m still going with pierce armor heroic / hard armor igneous shield defensive stance and Mac Michelle if you are going for like 7 730 so seven gold sturdy set up with it with its 21 or 28 block cost reduction you could actually get rid of the defensive stance if you want on both bars here i also have already removed it get rid of it and get something else in that benefits the group like for example igneous weapons or draw essence or deep breath depending what you do deep breath is not too bad if you are in veteran move low khosh interrupting the the majors and stuff with the with the bonus but I like draw essence more to get the Magica because i’m on the Magica version you could also slot eruption or basically it’s a utility slot now if you’re really under twenty eight percent or over 25 you could you could remove that one and put something else in the tail that helps you work gives you more i also have aggressive war on i actually have that normally unbar one and have it like that so i have water normally now on bar one and the mac michelle s oh but none on the second bar yeah that’s it for that again if you if you want to see the skills for magica and stamina TPS for the edge nutballs please check out those dos gear guide still have the skills in on time Ralph boundary again on my written guide i also have suggestions but they are by no means

anything that is really top or worked out to anything because my group is pretty much rushing through in veteran radical tower so i just use on dimension be done with it to closing the portals oh yeah i mean some people ask me what passives they should take I mean take all the passage that you can really I mean of course in your class skills all the passives in the weapon tree if you’re going for the stamina you know max it out I have all also makes it out here I also wanted to test powers lamb because it gets if you have it’s loaded that the percent which is quite high you get like twenty-five percent of you if you use the power slam after a blocking but the stamina cost is pretty significant so I’m rather not using it but I wanted to test it some someday again like I said on every skill and that you want to use makes out the passive some in hello everything maxed out here and here except for like the five-piece thing if you’re going statement of course you put in the points here everything so yeah everything and i will have harness magica don’t have the other ones yeah this is also not that bad fighters guild I’m not really using that anymore chap beast is not bad also but for me it costs too much stamina for tanking I mean if you’re going DPS and your stamina based on yeah you could train it and if you train it you should train it two or more feet to the rearming trap on i currently have it yet but i heard that it’s pretty pretty good yeah i still have a shooting star active I mean it’s not that bad but I normally only use those two here and sometimes i’m using num uh you know that the take flight other throw sleep on approach to sleep as you can see i’m not really doing pvp so i only have aggressive or but another skill you could put in on on the utility slot if you have the pvp points is a guard and the morph is stalwart guards basically you take thirty percent or you put that spell on someone like a dps and you take thirty percent of his damage and you also get an ice bath with it if you do it so that’s also a possibility to you to put on your slot five or wherever you put it on your utility slowed again Rachel’s of course you know I have to mix it out and crafting if you do crafting whatever you need so that’s for the skills um and I think that’s it so I hope my little build update helped you and again I can show you real quick just before I go and close this video how my stats are if I have bobs on me so let’s eat some food and puff up and let’s see how the other proc is so let’s see and there you go that’s that’s the proc that’s the prog so you can see I have now 35 and three close to 34 and it’s pretty much active all the time and as you can see I can stand there and block nothing is really happening lord warden is active again so the baharo said yeah it only activates if you’re doing a damaged ability so you basically have to do either attack or it doesn’t work on thoughts and now it rocks yes sir that Brooks yeah I don’t even whole block it only activates on on a skill it doesn’t activate on prox I so basically if you’re doing the burning embers it only activates with the first tick or the

first attack it doesn’t attack when it doesn’t activate when the flame damage is ticking so yeah if you have the mob Stan you put them to that area and then you get healed like crazy so yeah as you can see also changed my my locks a little bit because you know I’m a fashion victim I’m running on em hard packed looks or style and yeah the shield and the mazes of forsyth guilt because it’s baraha and the gloves are Zipkin yeah so yeah thanks for watching and if you have question you can PM me on the you server at chair and ambrosia and all you send me a comment on my youtube channel or you just post on temporal family post it’s there it’s called two point five point X the blockade in the dragonite theory forum on chapman foundry so yeah thanks for watching and see you next time bye bye