hey guys my name is Grimm and today I’m going to be sharing with you V build this is the build that I have been running the most and it’s someone that I enjoy the most and I’m just gonna start by saying right off the bat this is not a build for everyone the max stats especially the max stamina are kind of low and the recovery is a little low the magic of recovery in particular is very low and it’s going to be a little bit uncomfortable to play it first and you might feel like you’re lacking but the theory here is minimalism minimalism minimalistic well recovery defends everything basically the idea is to get away with the least amount of stats that you can in order to get the most amount of damage because if you play everything perfectly this is how you’re going to be most effective basically I want to win in the widest variety of situations possible and I personally feel like having the most damage is the best way to do this so let me just show you what I’m running first of all I’m running to troll King as usual and I’m running 5 Ophidian venom now this is a very interesting set kind of underrated but when you deal damage with the light or heavy attack against an enemy who has a poison damage ability on them you have a 50% chance to deal an additional 4,000 483 poison damage this is that can happen every 1 second this is actually a very strong proc and it’s really easy to get a poison ability you don’t even have to cast it yourself they just have to have a poison ability on them the easiest woman for me is poison injection but like decays poison claws and noxious breath both work as well so I run this with poison injection and it’s very powerful you also get two lines of stem in one line of damage which is nice on the front bar I am running Spriggans and I’m running a nerd honed ax the ax is an additional form of damage and then you get an additional two lines of stamina one line of weapon damage and you get 3300 pen which is actually very helpful and does affect the of fitting venom proc this proc can’t crit of course because it is a proc however it is affected by penetration so it will essentially do more damage if you have more penetration and so that’s really good on the back bar I’m running an infused master bo and you can see I used to be running a weapon damage enchant now I’m running a poison damage and chant and I’ll explain why in a second it’s kind of a theoretical thing but here’s the principle behind this build the idea is that more sources of damage is going to massively out damage having higher stat damage so the best way to explain this to people is if I buff up you can see my tooltip on surprised AK is 9.8 K that is by far the lowest tooltip I’ve had in probably a year I don’t think I’ve run a lower tooltip since the one tamriel proc tarred days and and even with this low tooltip I’m getting way more damage than I did on my 11 K tooltip from a different build so let me explain why and how this works and kind of the principle behind it so if you were to get an 11 cape tooltip on this you’d have to you’d have to add up all the tooltips you’re getting right so you’re getting 11 K from this maybe you’re getting a 20 K in cap and a 20 K assassin scourge if you’re running you know like an all damage build and so here I’m only getting an 18 K and then a 15 K in cap and of course these are all cut in half by battle spirit so you add all these up and you have a pretty decent amount of damage and you can see that mine is considerably less and it’s more noticeable on the big heavy hitting attacks like it’s not unreasonable to expect to be able to get a 20 K in cap but I’m only getting 15k but why is this okay so even though my tooltip is lower because I’m getting constant procs from this and because all the damage I’m doing is penetrating better I actually get way more damage put than I did on my old Mac stat builds and I like that a lot same principle with the master bow if you are getting 450 damage for five seconds from that from the weapon damage glyph you really have to use every ability in your combo to make it worth it you have to get a relentless off they have it has to hit in order to match 4400 damage here I get it up front so I cast it and when it hits somebody it

simply does 4,400 damage there’s no worry about like if I’m kiting from far away and I’m just like light attack weaving poison injection I’m getting more damage here because poison injection is not going to be able to take advantage of the 450 weapon damage to take advantage of it I have to cast it immediately expect it to be up go in do a full combo and I better have everything up or else it’s I’m not really getting my money’s worth from it but with a poisoned glyph all I have to do is cast it and it just does 4000 damage it’s awesome of course this like everything is cut in half the battles fair so it’s really more like two thousand three hundred and fifty damage but whatever it’s still more damage than that four hundred and fifty weapon damage and of course that’s just my opinion but I think it’s a much more flexible way to run it and in general you’re gonna get a lot more damage from multiple damaged horses doing a little bit of damage then you are by you know marginally increasing your big damage output sure it’s fun to be able to hit a 17 KN cap on a player but it’s less consistent and it’s less damage than getting you know 10 5 K attacks right so that’s also why running an axe now instead of a sword when you’re doing single target damage the bleed is really powerful and the passive bleed does go through mitigation and I really like that so four dots now we’ve got poison injection going we’ve got an actively going and we have damage health poisons going so I’ve put a little bit more into thermit urge this patch and I’ll go over CP later but it gives me a lot of sustained pressure on top of you no surprise attack spamming and light attack weaving and having these procs go off all over the place it’s really hard to survive now for my glyphs I run almost all triglyphs I’m currently running six triglyphs and one small Mac stamina glyph and the reason I I run one small Mac stamina glyph is just so I can hit 33 K because for some reason 33 7 just isn’t very appealing to me I like hitting 33 and it’s just a rounded number and a little OCD that way but I’m okay with that 33 is a comfortable place to be so what’s the idea behind this well I have no magical recovery my magical recovery is 647 which means that I’ve done nothing to strengthen it at all none of my sets none of my abilities give me magical recovery I’ve got some CP no magical recovery but that’s kind of it so I need to get as much as much max Magica as I can as efficiently as I can so I have two options I can put a max magical glyph on one of these big pieces or I can run two triglyphs so compare these two scenarios you could have a max stamina glyph on your chest and the max match could lift on your head and from that you’d be getting 860 stamina and 868 Magica well instead I run to try glyphs so I get 434 Magica here and 434 Magica here 434 stem here and 434 stem here so I’m actually getting the same amount of stats between these two glyphs I get 868 stem and 868 Magica but I also get more health I get 477 healthier and 477 health here which equals 954 health total so between these two pieces I’m actually wearing essentially three glyphs this really makes triglyphs way way more efficient you can’t focus as much into one stat so it’s not for everyone it’s not for every class but for me who needs magicka and health it’s really really efficient triglyphs are the best ways to improve your stat pool especially if you really need and use all three stats so for me magic is really important because I have low magical recovery and my magical skills cost a lot because defensively I need them both to escape rough situations and almost equally as importantly I need them to cast shadow barrier so if you don’t know shadow barrier is a passive in the shadow tree and it allows you to gain major resolve and ward for six second twenty cast a shadow ability with two pieces of heavy armor this goes up to nine seconds which is why I always wear two pieces of heavy armor because you’re trading two percent extra stamina and Magica for two seconds of shadow barrier since I run pretty low Sam and magic anyway that 2 percent is kind of wasted and two seconds of shadow barriers much much stronger and means that I don’t have to cast shadow abilities as often now shadow abilities are easy to come by but hard to sustain because cloak is a shadow ability and shadow image is the shadow ability I use

both of these but to cast them continuously is a pretty big drain on *magicka* and they’re pretty expensive abilities in general shadowy disguise alone cost 3000 almost 800 so it’s worth having a big stat pool for that surprise attack is another shadow ability and it’s our main sample so generally speaking this is actually really easy to keep up so here I’ll cast a shadow ability and you can see in the bottom left hand corner that’s how I track my major Ward and major resolve and it lasts for nine seconds so this is more than enough to sustain having this up 100% of the time and normally I don’t even have to think about it and it just stays up especially since you can pour it back to your shade without using any magic ax so if you’re running low you can cast a shade then import back to it you’ll continue recovering your magic ax and you actually won’t consume any to port back to your shade so it’s really important to have at least some form of magic ax because it affects every part of your defense from cloaking to poofing back to your shade to keeping up shadow barrier it’s very important so that’s why I run too heavy I went people to sustain shadow barrier if I had less than too heavy and for me the max stats just aren’t worth it so try cliffs on these pieces I already talked about the poison enchantment I do run a normally I run the disease glyph on my axe but right now it doesn’t really matter because I’m running poisons and I really like these poisons they do a considerable amount of damage and having them as part of my damage over time machine to add pressure to my burst is very handy so let’s see what else is there to talk about one thing is going to be potions my two most common potions are tri stat potions and then I also like weapon crit potions weapon quick potions are actually my favorite in the game and I use them probably 90% of the time basically if I don’t absolutely need the magic ax I’ll use a weapon crit potion these give you health stamina health and stamina recovery and major savagery and that brings my weapon crit up pretty considerably you can see if I cast it here just look at the stat sheet I get 47% crit chance on my front bar which is really where it matters on my back bar I get a little bit more because of the bow passives but doesn’t matter because that’s not my main damaging bar so 47% is really strong and so I try and play without string my Magica too much so that I can use these potions instead and I’m getting the max damage possible of course poisonous serpent can’t crit but everything else can your bleeds can crit all of your abilities can crit and your heels can crit so I really like having the highest possible it improves both my offense and defense and I find it more efficient than using Magica especially if I end up not needing it so I try and play pretty minimalistic Lee and I’m always very conscious of when and how I’m casting magic abilities and that’s really important to me I really do like troll King the most even this patch I tried everything else again this patch just to refresh see if anything had changed and choking is just so strong especially when I’m running higher health because I get to run all triglyphs I do get pretty decent health and that extra health helps me to proc trucking sooner because troll king scales off of your health since it procs when you heal and remain under 50% health therefore having more health means that you can proc it sooner so that you don’t have you know 5,000 health remaining by the time it procs so I really like having troll king on and I really like using it with you know this hefty your health build and I feel like it gives me a really efficient passive defense that I can keep on attacking and just take some extra hits while I do it and shake them off it also helps me negate different dots that may be put on me it negates bleeds that may be put on me and helped me to survive those more intense damage over time builds because I have no way to purge them so I just have to heal through them troll king is a great way to do that for my jewelry glyphs I run one swift I run one swift on pretty much all of my builds Swift is just such a strong trait you’re basically getting minor expedition in exchange for you know 840 stamina and that’s crazy because minor expedition is a very strong buff and it’s a buff that some sets give up their 5 pieces to get so being able to put that on a piece of jewelry is wild to me and I’m not sure why not everyone does it everyone should do it one swift very strong line of sight is one of the most effective forms of mitigation in the game and so being

able to outrun people is really important I also use one protective 1 protective is another one of those hyper efficient traits and the reason is that it gives you both spell and physical resistance so if you compare this to a defensive set like pariah for instance you get one line of like something around 3,000 spell resistance and another line of around 3,000 physical resistance I don’t know the exact numbers but the principle will be there will wrap around to it so you get these two separate lines of physical and spell resistance now if you were to look at this set for example you get one thousand stem and from a piece of jewelry you get eight hundred stem that’s about a twenty percent difference between eight hundred forty stem and 1,070 stem and of course this piece is gold so it’s gonna give you a little more but there’s about a 20 percent difference between the jewelry glyph and the Armagh glyph in favor of the armor however with protective you actually get the stat in favor of the ring because since you’re getting spell and physical resistance and it’s only negating the amount that you’re actually getting by a little bit this is about twenty percent more effective than one line of equivalent spell resistance even if you were to cut that one in half so you got physical and spell resistance you’d be getting about twenty percent less than you’re getting out of this ring so if you thinking about running heavy armor for instance it’s generally going to be better to run medium armor with more protective jewellery or instead of running a defensive step set that gives you like defensive stats like physical and spell resistance it’s better to run a set that gives you max stamina and then run protective jewelry you’re just gonna get more total stats that way so I really like protective and I wear one piece of that because a little bit of extra resistance is really nice and this gives you about three percent mitigation which is really good and then I run one robust just because like I said I’m already running pretty low in stamina and I wanna have 33 K kind of as a baseline and 32 K would be a little hard to manage just because defensive abilities do cost so much and roll dodging cost so much that I can’t always recover through everything so I like to have at least 33 K max downa and I feel like I’ve reached a point where this is the minimum comfortable number for me I don’t like going to much lower I do have another protective ring that I sometimes throw on just to try it out and it is more defensive but I’ll end up dying more often because I’ve run out of stamina and don’t have anyway – to recover it quickly enough to make this low stem worthwhile so that is the build I’m going to put the CP separately I could go into great detail on the CP but it would take another 10 to 15 minutes so instead I’m going to put the CP in the description you can read through it and copy it if you want but more importantly if you have any questions about why I put points here why I don’t put points here or there go ahead and ask me and I will try and reply to you in as much detail as I can and I don’t mind doing that at all but that way I don’t have to do it here where a lot of people are going to tune out so with that being said again I think that not only is your build important but the way that you play it is super important so I’m going to show you a bunch of gameplay I have a bunch of different scenarios that you might encounter while your open world and how I deal with those scenarios and so you’ll get to see clips of me and I’m gonna commentate over them so you’ll know what’s going on and I’m gonna try and explain everything that’s happening so that you don’t just have the build but you have the methodology behind it so that you can succeed with it if you want to try it out so with that here we go okay first fight we mount up and we spot the stamp our gonna go for it he is a sword and board 2h stamp lar which is actually pretty unusual a lot of them elected to go with a dual wield build and I respect that but it also means that he’s gonna be a little bit more tanky so I’m putting some pressure on him and for the most part I’m trying to feel him out what are his damage combos what are his defensive combos what’s he gonna do when he’s under pressure am I gonna have to go low health to kind of bait him and do attacking me what’s the plan here and with these tankier guys a lot of times if you just lightly damage them for a bit they’ll get the impression that you don’t have that much damage and then you can sneak something and that’s really hard once you’ve you know built everything up whether it’s a knockdown in cap or a fully charged assassin scourge etc but it looked like he was gonna die there so I’m trying to put pressure on him trying to keep up with him he’s really fast he goes over here and so that temple are healing old and he’s basically invincible so I used that time

to buff up a little bit and more coming in so I know I really gotta finish this I pop a potion to get the bigger in cap in cap him he doesn’t get knocked over but I still get to hit the Scourge and execute and this execute gonna heal me a little bit so more of jumped in and I’m gonna try and line-of-site them by hugging this rock and circling it I’ll get my healing up and now my goal is to see who was attacking me gonna make sure that I’m keeping my defensive skills up get my major resolve and ward up and oh there he is he got closest to me misses and oh there’s two of them okay okay no problem no worries I put pressure on this guy he’s not still think he’s using hot but he doesn’t have any burst heal so I can go in and do more damage than he can heal and I’m okay with that I’m marked so I know this other guy knows where I’m where I am and I’m also okay with that cuz I am fairly certain that I can outplay him and I really just want him to come out of stealth and feel more confident that guy has wings up so I’m not gonna bother for now I’m just gonna keep putting pressure on this guy and sure enough he goes down to the DK changed me back that’s a little annoying but as the wings have gone down he’s not gonna spam to keep those up if he doesn’t think I have significant rage ranged damage but I do so now it’s just time to put pressure on him he’s healing pretty well I make a mistake here letting my buffs go down but I’m just kind of getting lazy because he clearly kept a pressure on me and I’m just going for the execute I want to burn him but it happens eventually I just realized that a really buff up grim and this guy gets a couple heavy attacks in but it’s no big thing and then this guy runs white because he thinks he’s gonna get to v1 so this fight is all about spreading people out and you can see what I mean here there’s like one person here and now there’s three and now there’s four and I’m not about that so I’m going to try and spread them out so I can fight them one or two at a time this guy’s gap closing me pretty hard so I use a potion make sure I’ve got enough stamina for the fight sometimes it’s good to pop a potion a little bit before absolutely need it so that you have the next one up sooner and it’s nice to have the extra damage buff and I needed this damn that guy’s super weak so I pump him full of poison injection he goes down I’m trying to fight these guys up on the rock I love rocks people fall off of rocks I can jump off rocks and poof back up to them so this is an ideal location for me there’s a rest of all I’m not even gonna bother I’m just gonna try and recover some resources while there’s a rest to hold up because there’s no point I’m gonna line a set around this rock line up setting back and forth this is really effective because people can’t predict which way your cameras gonna be looking so if you turn your camera they’re good to go now an earth gorg goes off and I’m like jeez this guy has breasts dolt and Earth Gore’s so I gotta kill him before either of those come back up so now I’m gonna try and really lay on the pressure no surprises this time he goes down and the other guy fell off the rock so he’s coming back up to fight me again like whoa okay cool with no healer you are quite squishy and he goes down now the last order of business in this fight is to meet back up with Zack so that we can finish our 2vx together and he goes down so that’s the fight we spread out fought our different people and then met back up so this is a classic tower defense and I like this because it means that I have guards so I can fight a few more people because of that this guy goes in alone and because he’s the time stop right off the bat I’m kind of thinking these probably a zergling and I’m not nearly as worried about the combo that he’s going to be able to pull off on me so I just put pressure on see what he does he does heal pretty well and more coming in so i’ma try and kill the squishier people so I tacked this guy because he’s a knight blade that’s not stuffing so naturally probably a little bit more squishy he’s healing up on his own but he keeps coming back in and so I’m gonna try and punish that he uses his burst heal there so I know he probably doesn’t have another one in his pocket so I’m able to kill him with that really sick poison injection poison glyph combo I like that a lot I put a shade out here this will come into play later I’m always trying to think about how I might escape bad situations in the future they start to focus me and so I go in here and port back to my shade this guy’s decided to take some R&R and I’m gonna try and punish that by damaging him while he is healing I get caught in that time stop which is also very annoying so now is the time to try and finish this guy the other night ladies running away to leave him alone and the guard he sees him so get to take advantage of that and now he is out of here he is not interested in fighting me anymore whereas this guy’s actually come back in for more he’s the one I killed earlier so means that kill him and this other guy runs away for this last fight I’ve got two guys on this resource and I see

a third one coming in like okay maybe it’s time to back up a little bit gotta get some heels on get against dodges in there a fourth one is coming out of the distance there so I’m like okay let’s get into the tower here and I’m just gonna try and thin their numbers by putting down a shade of walking out to get them to turn their cameras around and then porting back in it worked pretty well and I was able to stealth inking up the stairs so I do want some to fight me and so I hit this guy and whoa he takes a lot of damage and then he starts running away I’m like oh okay sure I’m just gonna chase you down then because if you are willing to go out all by yourself when you’re slower than me now I’m happy to oblige so I get him alone and finish him off no problem now there are two people on the flag and I’m not sure where the rest are so I’m gonna keep them in my mind keep an eye out for them but for now I’m just gonna do what I can to put pressure on this guy before they kill my guards and he goes down he looks like he might be running low on resources there was a meteor so I blocked that dodge and he follows me inside I had that really surprised me because he does not have enough health to follow me inside so I get some damage on him I’m trying not to let him get his healing Ward up for long enough for it to heal him so I take it down and execute no problem now there is the standin and a tank the stand-in is putting some bleeds on me I’m gonna try and dodge that heal out of it so he can’t execute me and he didn’t heal he spent his time buffing and so I’m able to finish him before he can recover and now all that’s left is the tank and the tank isn’t doing much he kind of looks like he’s playing with one hand maybe he’s eating a sandwich in like half afk because he had a big group but whatever he’s dead and it’s an easy fight so the more the story is spread them out and you’ll be good to go so this is less of a fight and more of a lesson in how I escape really nasty situations with my lower recovery and again it’s all about casting the view stabilities possible here I still think I’m good to go there’s only one or two here but it looks like there are actually a bunch up on the tower and there are more coming in you can see the sorkin now there’s this guy and now there’s a DK so I’m gonna try and put down a shade because I feel it coming I get chained back and now that I have the shade up I can poof back to it at no Magica cost so great way to kite I’m gonna try and do a little trick around this rock by turning cloaking and then turning around but a SEPA Solt pulls me out so that proves to be somewhat ineffective but it does thin the pressure they have on me I’ll put down another shade because I’m planning on jumping back up over these guardrails I do that but now I don’t have enough stamina to break free I get one roll dodge off try and do another little cloak trick but I get talent again my potion is almost up if I can just make it to my potion and we’re good to go now I’ve got a full magic bar I used to try pot so I get all my magic back and better match the recovery and I’m going to be able to escape no problem well thank you for watching all the way to the end I know this is kind of a lengthy video as are most of mine but I really appreciate it also we are coming up on a thousand subs and I don’t know why but that just kind of means a lot to me so I want to thank everyone who has subscribed and is supporting me I really appreciate it next week I’ll be playing a whole bunch so if you want to join my discord or have any questions about your builder play style that’ll be the time to ask me I’ll be on vacation oh throughout this week in this weekend and so I won’t be able to respond as regularly as usual but I will respond to to every comment or question when I return so once again thank you so much for all the help and support it really does mean a lot and happy thousand subs hopefully there will be much more to come