everybody ate here from the sea business checking out who waits we are so pretty much we can be are not gonna line it don’t really know what to expect here not feeling so hot in the aiming and I think I know why should use an xbox controllers oh man so much better master race here we go alright this is better okay close the kind of movie got like a slight auto in which I’m not gonna lie is saving me you gotta brush up on my quakes it’s the only gun I have what is going on here some BS and I’m in water here we go Oh God I’m uneasy water levels they end up my existence I’m not going the right way I can’t be ouch anyway let’s say is there multiplayer mode it’s too easy but uh pretty playful so so pretty quick runs pretty well even with a low graphics it’s pretty fun oh yeah back back to what I was saying like a previous video really need CEMEX MVR this season you know keep it coming atmosphere and environment like this doesn’t look real but it’s pretty intense oh this guy again and now to go not that way like that I got a little children I felt that there we go I’m a good person here we go door so I don’t want to send the story of the story of like what am i doing Oh all right I just want to beat the level now that I can I don’t think I can’t beat this level can I Nelson wait boom elevators loading you didn’t wanna get up credit thank you crowds come I can’t crash I have to be able to crouch I can crouch I’m strangely amazing up someone else will also have some I’m pretty much a mortal blow there we go I’m a murderer

self-defense you’re different you’re different and yes night took me this long to realize that I have to keep looking she is hold it in oh all right help it’s not much good deal well to the store it’s an elevator goes backward stores all right guys oh yeah they pop out of like the corners or whatever I get a little like that like that needle didn’t you know what good job yeah that is here good job good job atmosphere good job let’s see oh this guy sneaky sneaky I’m not confident in my jumping did it alright guys probably excellent fish then getting to the button to crash oh let’s see finish door I don’t the text is to Tanya can’t really read it I don’t know but I know it’s something along the lines of the doors not opening you need already key to continue I got the red key here you Oh Ganesha Oh does it down down area well progress go where the enemies of spawning that’s usually my I attitude all right i’m in a sewer system I hear things oh how do I get through there that’s how you do it much better there we go I’m this is a new game this is a game of confidence now that’s what I just picked up load of confidence that I’m about to unload on all right now we get it’s not talking like that let’s see that this guy there shotgun huh I don’t know where I’m going oh now I know got my boomstick doing boomstick things like opening more sewers listen I don’t whatever and more loading yeah that’s it it’s often I got a shotgun

it’s a horrible combination what is that oh I don’t like this game anymore oh man they’re gonna throw those things and down like enemies running the corner with bad enough now you got to make them little oh and single and enjoyed the show they gave him 40 moving quick whatever I can space out easier because I don’t I remember to skate and I want that oh whoa ah more weird things how to fan it out huh looks like the fallout that’s more reason to want it oh come on my shotgun there we go a shotgun but it will do Charlie’s call right there just just give me everything now this is kind of low power I’m gonna bit the game is now rave tapes Oh got it all right I’m I’m better than everyone now because I have that oh let’s go in here you need something can’t read all right oh if you hold shift to run I’m learning stuff that people probably knew for years oh now I’m not that that afraid of things like like Gandhi with this gun I fear nothing oh I fear that I fear that a bit I’m fearful marry a sad guy might a safe place with this alright future update not sure what’s next huh computer update bureaus updating all right that’s an anything huh this death was funny oh wait I got a chick car is it go G card that I’ve been needing maybe I don’t know what I don’t know what’s going on I just want to get out of here and they gave me something new don’t know if I’m going the right way and I want to say no but part of me wants to say gonna open that door key come now oh wait I can’t go back cuz I fell down to get here that’s that’s tricky what’s that more nonsense and look even more nonsense I really

probably use this before alright that’s just it that’s just a terrible place to get me from turn oh god see Tara hole aah aah oh my god I’m cans plate red balls all right let’s get out of here trying to find the exit find the exit like it could do that wait I remember this was a thing all right I got adrenalin Oh God Oh Homs ed oh yeah that’s it man I’m stupid maybe that thing okay maybe not enough that actually worked out pretty good those things are organic gonna use this thing lutein I survived an acid bath bro what are you doing walk tall wow I kind of feel that this came in oh wait I can crouch that I pick it out alright or health alright what’s next what what else what else is there oh I’m here this looks familiar now that bridge is down and i can walk across sorry that was reaction i did not mean that all right let’s go into that door wait yeah let’s go into that door what to say i know at the fire no I’m gonna have to fire again this gun is very very fun views they’re gonna send more boobs at me okay it’s not even helpful oh come on no going on here this is going on here what do I go and why oh that just happened that’s it that’s why I got though I’m using it you’ve got missiles I’m not even feeling like a chief there we go ah what a mess did it haha the end everyone thanks for

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