beside cool ER up the way actually getting video much organ video share ago to Aragon is my balding head that the rights of send out the streets and hopefully the discord thing actually works today and it didn’t say interesting and not sure what’s wrong with the are four for favorite: interesting I’m not sure why of the discord notification is not working anymore as a fan of the woodwork than if total discord that everyone should the eighth U.S. to you that are curry the Larisa lynch tree in the kit that still not sure why that is not doing anything but a catcher to the right well as tough to work on a more anyway so this a command to take a look at that bucket the rights to its bizarre ’cause the the discord posting work for by Von post will it work for one of them to have tested at it that only w it in a death page ad lib JG tee up a fighting game judges bizarre venture that gives them a minute here and will keep going to this game actually has a story mode to so they can’t set I can’t just play an hour of arcade modem and call it like usual this one this one actually has a story mode appa sea of that, if the OK to also that there is a bomb to a copy of the song copyright flag on the last of the the stream last night even though rain waiv bull not it will not be such a thing and then lo and behold the look of my e-mail this morning and bowl of the copyright holder is flagged your video and they’re running their own ads on it and that its causes some so song in OC remix radio and the one channel that they guarantee will not give your shoes of boy amazing to so many snuck in there to it’s like a massive factory mixup they also put unlike the apple music and and spa to find is does go on after anybody who plays an end and it was it gets on rain wave for some reason the boy if OK on the copyright it’s the thing is opposing remixes that, to sell it is copyright three the than royalty free and all that and this is for Wayne way that CC and they specifically say on their website to the OC relax chan to that they will not give you any issues they they made a stream friendly play list and this is a time playing and they’re just happen to be somebody stuck something and above that the stream friendly play list the boy so they they didn’t as they didn’t do a thorough enough job apparently

to the kit a race of cells to donor services judges bizarre venture PlayStation tier 2/1000 fighting game if the developed and p to let’s take a look at the block certain thing for the writers as bizarre venture this is based off of faith among deaths a Shannon Ana guess I buy aid no pretty much nothing about the Giorgio verse to oh that this is all new to me I’ve seen of ice I have an episode of the series that’s on the flakes and then are good things take some good though more of the edges so this I remember back and back in the day in the magazines and from world a word of mouth I think , that this game was kind of rare I think when it came out and then the then after that it as it says can a rarity came out it was so well regarded I remember from them like magazine reviews but that’ the right to unleash characters into persona in the famous stand attack tour the arcade fantasy fighter from the incredible comic book series to shore spacesuit are stored unloaded many games and other dangers quests the right to like book plus a compass elimination c’mon attack, signature game play so exciting other cells a two E fighter here and Capcom sure me a lot of those the new deck at common share of a ton of this is that this is still think the tickets like that their bra boards club of many , 22 players one every car block which is good because of a much room left my card the vibration function nine me playing this on , but it’s still a problem in the barren plain reader controller of the NAZI anything at a place in the legal text year , this is the queue sale and logo spec of columns whatever special things they did the audio on this , the 15 animated violence and suggestive teams according to the ESRB to early 2000 see a city so this is and is this is quite good boxer all of Doggett that like this is so this is pretty visual catching tech if you saw this on the above shelf a BlockBuster does a college of catching and I think they did a good job the the graphic the cover in the back, sells a good and then the disk here we get this green desk with the logo the game to top and then it looks like there is an Aba panel are two of the drawings in the embossed on the desk to so sure and then numb most Capcom games that I’m just had stripped the hemline print on the desk per for when you inevitably rented this from BlockBuster Hollywood video or evert and of course it would come to Manual ’cause w that’s the big big brain plays a recap, that is with the very few companies did that to up to the Allies had in Lyon bond nine o that big brain cap, put in on the desk the right to use a print ad for another classic from people who give you two of the biggest blockbusters ever which which games of those that I guess street fighter and that the mountain on the back of the perky fantasy fighter from the incredible, but serious cracks Japanese comic books eliminat and by not sure if if the typical consumer in the U.S. back then in 2000 would be familiar at all with that anything Giorgio to sell

that the now date to have up there probably try to sell this more as a as a here’s another fighting game rather than here’s a Jo perhaps a no prior resident evil diner crisis Jo Jo to so sure finish out and out the other games that the account, say I guess that’s the that’s the two blockbusters that they were that they talked about in the the thing there to do about the season and a finger in the mute button and again over Servite , so we got that I guess that’s Mr. Mr. Jo Jo, now of CE spirit superstore node loaded with many games and other dangers quests Alicia characters in a persona in the famous stand the right to services if this and this looks to me like 10 to dark talk stoppers at park stalkers , style of the pike art and animation I guess that’s that’s about looks the most like to meet a kiss their zip is a dream cast version of this to I’m not sure if the dreamcast version never made it out to the back to the states it it hasn’t us are berating on it to so I guess it did by don’t have this and that this isn’t on my flash card in my dream cast as put that way so that that’s why I kind of have doubt , and I’m fighting games anyway is so it’s not like I really care if it’s on my DB were not, we get a dog here it is thinking cap, the same years are berating and all that serves no weeds could see there some done some of them do abstract says the floor in a and a that appears to be all we got or a frigid joke to know I’d buy do have a Manual for this but unfortunately to be only Manu well it looks like this if a a a a a a a a that’s if it it’s it’s not a great Manual , like I presume way and the even see anything an off the if the tough to love the left up to reduce out here a kid is a vegetative 19th century on the country’s state in England and Oberman surge Oster love of the ocean and grateful body and I’m here to his father’s self as character instead he plotted to take possession surge Oscars after Susan longish as bells deal was defeated and present deep under the ocean, it is a past a bizarre Aaron coffin is discover to shore and Japan jut RPG a node as fences Jo Jo awakens one morning feeling very weird something strange happened on during th this overpowering mysterious I kicked into persona would attack without warning to judge or also be affected by the stand of that age of the learns the cause was mother’s mysterious condition deal has risen from the deep and ordered of the deal and save holly Judge Otis friends had to teach shifts the Vivian hope to discover the answer to the puzz in their way lowercase us stand bucket of so yet that’s a PlayStation it’s a memory card soul in looks like there’s been at the bottom line out here and looks l the shoulder bonds are just combinations of the two , are one is that back cache last advancing block button to 00 sure , it’s a vertical jump for joy move for a crutch coach crouch crouching block to standing block a case of this isn’t safe and neut ball back on the stick to up to block so that’s no , and that all seems fine here it this like button is a taunt button very important of the full blown assignment shore soft reset the word out that the cave

so, what screen ago vitality stand timer win yup super combo biking or about super combo coz chances me, Boeing in this are slim of the itself lie in combat roles match like three turnarounds the default 9 seconds , and change at first trip to win two out of three wins shore , draw games you can draw to double ko tour to Kent and that’s the that’s all that’s as far as game modes here we get thee to story mode which is what were primarily in the plane here is arcade m by options which just changes are options and then sought slate superstar magic the superstar of the objective is to join judges ventures in Egypt to defeat the evil Doi has playe the case so it it sounds like this is structured, like the super smash brothers , single player mode which to pay that they can be fine , and looks like we can save in the middle of it which is excellent by don’t have to shine because someone sitting is that that’s probably not happening the special tax year to a block he can block you can back cache press three attack on simultaneously if the tobacco ash the Asher, say fall press to tack on simultaneously while falling in the new fall safely sure of throwaways for tobacco said the tack advancing blocked Retek buttons are canceled this is as all stuff I’m not gonna be off to the stanza some say to fighting stance the you can turn stand on offer the next button of sea to a normal OK so looks like if you’re if you stand is doing a special you can actually does control yourself least used and thi , OK and then if you do turn on standard attacks to more damage got it all the Joseph can perform back to Schmidt that trip to become boesak and we’re not that characters in his although the move Lewis and all that the Kenwood but that that’s that’s all that’s all this stuff will not be worried about a right to it’s a step let’s do it so he got it also appear to Joseph is our adventure to play in this off a PS I own it is a , optical disk replacement or the PlayStation so I can just put games on a nasty card and run them off at the kit so right off the bat here to reminder that I am not good at fighting games I do not normally play them I don’t typically care about fighting games so if y for high school game play here in a confined if , in doing that to many lights me a whole bunch of nothing new there are quite have led to this is this is a OM off by 12 was my closest you know if this point out this is a PS one game that uses a weirdest resolution is actually 512 by 240, and use one of the the unique picture modes on the PS one to I had to set my of Bio sissy that bucket and this is still just opening it is not a demo locate the that

nominee data load so sure bouquet that to we got here team option so default of cult these two that goes so from 1 to 8 and just leave the default , they’ll soon find me two or the convey to so these buttons~ buttons , this is supposed to be the back cache button but it’s just paper sold bonds once came to the need of a muzzle safe here by EU of what our home to need to use other memory card there should be space on that car of the pick up up up up up up up to if the right but some let’s not worry that if I guess that must be the because a lot to do anything until they’re in the game, and that is troubling of have a but to defy story to do it so again I’m not a fighting game player I’m not the Jo Jo all adjust and know nothing about Joe Joe so don’t expect any expert commentary from if have the right to cave in a silly drum base the right so confident the right up up up up to the locked and softens a Oakland A’s been possessed of the Wright had their he can only fight to a button when the button but a button that was the button on the pond PlayStation controller to 10 up to that if the top of that we got our first the rough up to up to the top of the top bucket

for what is at the loading between rounds up by what I thought it was one round the win their two rounds the Z best to a three the right to own a mortal vampire named EO the cave tour OK Manila save now please let me say if they use it may have picked up II am too memory cards inserted of the neatly grab another memory card here to get all this code cheese puff up theirs and I am stuck in my year the leader of another member currency if we can resolve this issue th th that likely I got the whole stack a memory cards here to sell its eight if any of these will work if it might be in an OB thing the case let’s try blue memory card here up up up up well by the to the cave in let’s not worry about if I guess this candid that set up an eighth this is said this is game over a few of the if you lose the many game are a percent of those have a doubt the chip battle at allowing an ado of fissile money save I’m playing on a PlayStation one and original gray PlayStation one that to this is calculating to shore whites of this guy’s Jo Jo is a visit our oh and to capitol jay that is referencing the button again tour top type if to pop up to the tip to tip to tip to tip top pop up to the top of that likely came to teenage a smashing this on have a bucket to have a this game is is mash friendly so far which I am, OK with that those good judge this at all we did in the right this time so if all take it the evil implants what the sub is face what of that by autumn

the boat of this mostly music care and this is a PS I no problem the cave I buy off this very likely spouse music have a case of the OS purse you can hear me up alike it all that’s why have just like to my IE M’s got on plugs they just happen again on plugs immediately to another cut seen started to have a up up up up up up to th at mesa S it up a can and that tech a bizarre insight and a fighting on a plane to seem safe to six like a mini game perhaps the to the case our plane is this guy a sure where this guy’s th to up tip to tip top of the IP the top tip to tip to tip to tip to tip to tip if if if if the IP up to half of the tiff to the register this up that works to have a telling now to seven heaven and bronze striker tour Sunday I’m I’m trying to play a vital it here but the games switches between resolutions all the time and my of my TV is still on the no signal screen while the fight starts

that is an enormous plan a cave that if there’s a blue box in the upper left of the game screen uneasy chains resolutions and if you see me look over here that means I’m looking at my CRT but will forgive the Sava try again every card is now uncertain bouquet to the zips of four but there are changes Aleutians that’s that’s four E I’s Woodson now announce backed up to 40 P motivates day car in a plane is Ciskei OK firewall fiery goal crossfire hurricane recorder circle back and Corsica forward to pop up to keep it up to up to up to tap to keep up the top to tip to tip top though that is look good , all IP to up to up to the kit to pick up a pool of tech as brain was the case tour a right to bid john’s Mckay fortunetelling shore as a coolant and good luck and a it does you know me and fighting games they don’t allow off animations and this target and that’s that’s typical fickle cap, but I’m not more, nine was not speak about ever give the OK so that we detect that the valley’s he’s on our team got it, and I even bother trying to save any more than on skin ago about this must be many games and eight of those only happen if you’re good to be Gillick a good writing this pose a 10 to all the cave

told as a sister proceeds accidents will occur when an accident happens for some direction a button in the direction to flashing baby president idle state and the danger if you do not receive damages gifts of a accidents and OK to this a problem it easy to do on a regular controller but the guests as we do not the right timing out to do this up the CRT to the the best chance that the books it’s not that they left in the Japanese laces it’s that there aren’t there weren’t that went into slices dubbed Anna Mae was still kind of tender air attack than on edition this had me back then don’t think that that that I know what to give you lots of time to do those duties abate the good of so

they did theirs of an SRAM read it and so they’re fighting games and as ms ranking a fighting game if the home perfect until every citizen to schools a gap that we have one secret factor now tour that South China Sea of are still about I guess the team doesn’t bar tarot cards that the that shows and lit screen you skate the like that and then we found a freighter and cave tour of the arts are stuck in the ceiling of strength OK to feed the stand master ring attain say the girl move the cursor and attacked the renting if you defeat the rent its core encircle issue sets, awkward hit on this controller if you hit the growing ever see the image that that if the tip top of the top teeth 10th th of top bullets throwing current staff of the top to keep up the IP IP tip to tip 10 the kit ship and in one make it hard to think Seeger fact that the much to say their book eight the entire ship is a standard the cave that the same girl from the of the last vote were on to dissent rack in trouble issues stand user locate to that and made it to Singapore OK busy talking to a tee below the right to see related to Isaac Randolph the right and 1,000,000 per exit is just a button to OK the left rates after a day of down the straighten up down a tour up top up up up up up

up up up if tip top this works IP the 6 to 10 a file to get them a million own a million cracks have a everything about this game has two right hands to you as she right hands on a right to our twos judge of things that have that this is watch and after yet punched in the various white says closers stand and Kate but at the back to Giorgio De toth to up to tap to IP to up to the tip to tip to tip, type 30 till this fight is gonna be tough to up to up to the tough to its 10th 10th up to up to the 10th th 10th th tip top to up to up if if if if if 10th to tap to update it college have a up tour of I like that the fights are use even this game on the use of difficulty that I’m still merely when of a a a a by excellent if I can this game might be on Xbox Laver keyed the owners say if this and it might be might be on expo center. Maybe

the day I got in Tennessee release as I remember correctly to say if you want in on that and do that by so is absolutely flawed and so far ended in this game to partly because it is his mash from late for people who can play fighting games like me and then also is games where does help and looks like there’s a lot to do in this release did more than usual dong better have a a a a a a tort to have so far this game is is pretty amazing the right off the Bangladesh picked up, sure wondering if Perot , the double right handed man to shore as everybody is has ever OTC and Joe Jobe of me have a to a violent person in the universe who has who doesn’t know anything about there’s a probably the GATT to have a a a wood that would this year’s it’s currently on netflix the back cover most of the Jo Jo verse as I saw happen episode and I wasn’t impressed with the with 1/2 apes if I watch so I should I should give them more of a chance I’m still watching twin peaks alive to watch after I finish from peaks and I’m not sure at this game canned can top to twin peaks is special brand of that twin peaks is live action Giorgio , that the music is Kamloops back up up up up up the right to about two million perks guy again up and up to up to up to keep up up up old ship are we gonna talk up to the kit gotten ID rank were moving up the channel that’s near to Gail te

the right of the right the gate to to that was even up the fight is just tore the right to Central India OK this is probably an adventure segment are the case to the the

likely had played center before Bono to learn the budget and expo in flat sure tour but if you plow recap that the the game a right and deli deadly traffic to cave in sprawling work each season that it for the border Pakistan does it leave India have a

to a right Wilson it’s a center that to the script cutie that the kit toll girls that still with us barely to the navy I cut scenes to those of a tour to the void and book mode tower of gray that a cave short we got a thing an appealing digests 10 and the bouquet controlled retirement act is on these if you defeat the stage boss to win the game so this is this is the regular fighting engine but its multiple opponents looks lik test attacks and the Tiki drums up that selected to guess the kit and publicity sustain the death of IP 10th

of the tip of the top that off if 10th to if the IP 10th of teeth to what the hell’s ads on TV ad that up to up to tap the 10th th if if if top of the IP to the top if if if if 10th th up if if keep up the man is on the babies are to meet a business up to up to tape of the that cast a spell be to column of data it up so we can’t use specials in this that Disney may retry the case to their continues then does lead one hit away to yet the kit to tip the IP 10th to the disinterest to tip it the next button to permit to it again is gonna do this all just do this up to the living neck and a TV is babies up to keep up if tip to tip if the IP up to the sorts to up to to have a ectf that’s easy it is due to have a a a a an alley Judge Owen are at me and beneath a a a a ticket all baths that summer means for the , the button on that Bonn that the loading screen that shows a combo as it’s showing the dreamcast buttons that’s the that seems a little sloppy that they did that

it wide as a gay resolution keep changing sometimes for high quality static images they can put it in two of four EDI vote for the double double resolution of sandy batten that’s even weirder than to a a a brightest and as a TV tour setting been up as TV we do OK to defeat the lovers inundated just as body control-green and tackle other city to people as than chariot shoot and regular shoe speed up and down oh my god of the mystic trap the coats on the next screen here bucket services is is like Isham upstage can absorb and the bullets Pierce’s through enemies , execute multi hidden tax Level these are one and art, got this is gonna be the pain and as to play on a stick its tender tentacle and by the edge of the line connects to another that Mr. Trapp area gaming zone for your tack plume who OK if so what speed up and speed down a new shoe bouquet tour of the tse of schiff’s by a AMA kit of case this game is so weird have up to th to IP if the gees OK interesting I’m at the switch to controller for this business is this is something the cave

that set that Howard sound effects is the same sound effect as a spell in might magic’s seven to think this at that sounds very familiar to cave all is another stage of course of 10 10 of the kit both have a buyout to fifth in the right travel over the figure full we didn’t book eight artist very loud music avoid book we unlock the street action game to action shooting game to st reading and to shore to be punched thousands of times bank to the totals the steely Dan of a a a bug into a change that OK tour the avenue loading screen here it’s the again about that, Bowie some scorched desserts to flee to another shop stages at that actually hurt my hand to play that

is the stand a son in may is this a nest and to shore of OK the right to find the enemy Stan real there who’s hiding in the desert watch the hint screen to find out why Stan wielder is hiding if you throw a stone at the stain wielder four times you win the ga to know exhume up and down with our 101 gross tone move cursor took a hit screen of them nearer the enemy is hiding here does hint screen is a reverse the U of the binocular screen it’s reversed the the cable just a plain where’s Waldo there I guess the arts are looking for a scorpion the cave 10 10 look at the idea of a chore to the cave that was so that the yellow conference is now available in the arcade vs intranets I guess it’s a character or that’s all that’s that’s a guy with of the yellow thing that grabbed me than like the the fourth ballot- the cave the oversold if to back up sorry to keep track of all picked up that is a little overwhelming to have the jury can understand the right and right? Nightmare of the 1310 to rally goal this is the as is one of the doors from fun fest for there’s a lot of Fraser animation and that to the landing animation OK or fight and off the find of the case to the top of that that’s OK if IP tip top to assist if this is going well up to 10th th to wait ninth to 10th that I can get behind and th to let you tack somebody up top of the IP the top this seems a cave the right hook up up up up that if bet that seems balance to the still trying to attack our body on the right but we could move our stand around on the left behind them

up up up up the canyon to death was a baby yeah baby to have a net profit and manage boy at the gate of sure that the magic that is probably cutie that if to a must to buy must say that as were 1:20:00 into the game to this game is really good to if I was expecting this to be debate but this is great as it does is fantastic tale to view the cave of the right to feed the judge in Santa controls a clay dolls and reliable and tactically dolls beep beep two of the case it’s like a novel a Bucket, this is different from Ellis is just a normal fine except that scans a bunch of one Chinese there’s dog apparently dog is in this game and shared Abel Joyner party at some point ball is no love to there’s no stand of scene gauge up hope of IP if the IP tip to tip top cop IP of 10th to th up to the IP to tour just hit the deck spot and have a bucket take that stand button that tarot card fortunetelling games not available the

book a to his judges things happening here time and stoop the that’s to say we’re fighting stance but they have coffee cuffs have a up and Kay that the kids are Joe regular fighting captor to all this this is the one on the back of a box of tough to up to keep up that this is up this seems to keep unfair to th just hit me with a car up to the IP to top up to see it that tight enough to try a little harder fights against slightly order that that balanced his ball said it’s like if you if you’re on the ground in all the disabled and hit the boy and again it’s a very weird that they have loading screen between these bus fighting and so do that if top pop up up to top off to an IP if if the eighth to 10th column set to have a pick up the heat of the kit I it to have a a a butt of a kid losing out that does that that’s amazing to that was those quite the the tactic that again all played out and not a I don’t play fighting games are not skillet them in any way this is not an exhibition of ski of the city bodies at the wrong idea here about what’s going on here the IP th tip top of the to the ship then this is as good offer

a repair their first real roadblock of judges bizarre venture the cough up to good thing II skipping cement today as it appears farina need more time than I thought what this on up to pop up top if 10th th 10th 10th to top the case if that’s a native of business both we just need to lose enough of a I to crack itself down the to 0 to 10 difficult th that the the right , right sure that I think we’re most Egypt should the earth god one another’s OK the guy he’s a dog was a Paris and the rights of the dog joins a party I guess the Kate they can get a closeup for some reason the right speed and will the wielder of the water saint stand control the Char and tightened to defeat the stage Boston game day some special news are unavailable this one but I’m pretty sure I can just mash UX button and do pretty well as anything like previous ones of gold and Campeau cape both IP an interesting to this one’s this into most likened the dim upstage six pride in that one up a tent shore

and who turned 49 and a step away for that 2 minutes here and then we will be back two Giorgio so if path to th th at back to Giorgio to true premonition like a deadly premonition that have to to seeing it in for the hospital was staying the that’s avoiding from and special OK to tour

to up to twice a car at close of graphics the song to, well above the anew this sword 10th to have an Kent to roar that 1,000,000 pricks again and regards the cave up 10th that if top up to up to up to tap tap the 10th 10th 10th to 10th up the IP to a stop this guy is counterattacks up to up to half the IP 10th 10th th 10th of all no fluke in a way to a slave to gain says that the women and said no to a have a note of two unit of the ball seven to this time the not sure what it that all the good guys and tell when he’s about to do is is guaranteed counterattack by looks like it here if you do in a multiy up top of the IP tap tap up

to the IP to tap tap up up to up to up to death if the IP to th tip to tip the IP if top up to th tough to top the IP again to see this case getting down to one hit and then , of to a close that if only these loading screens are it’s an hour-long up to up to the 10th th up to a tough to top up to up to 10th to up to the IP to beef up to keep up the case that time that some league of have a fights are there certain again Carter that the key version are works coach AC is one of the the Heights your characters in this game with arrays bike and I can kinda see why with that instant the town are the shares from the ways around that if you’re buying vs 10 top tip to tip to tip top tip of the top this is to if this is some samurai showdown should hear up to tap this is the low man OK to pick up up up to that place so far of , to a year you make me try and remember the name the characters here and to th of

the the time to get the green stand that one up up up up this this to pick up a tough this is this suddenly got very rough very quickly to have a a leak ship cocaine , and if we lose enough the game will drop us down to 0 to 10 difficult to end a scale study me that the business up top tip to tip top if if if if if if to up to give up up up up to 10 the links at the top up a kit just as like I thought to get a drop down the we got it at the end of a faulty to zero of five using off of a that’s how you do it that they were if it up up up up up the right now are fighting him I guess the well being tested the OK to have our I will will blazing strike work pretty well last time so will a rookie Ryan that train up to up the old if tip top up to keep keep that looks like you to lose a few times to have a a a tough to ensure that was on purpose that sentence than it’s a trick here are two that this guy has like to include a reach up and looks like to keep it up and courses got a counter the course of course if top up to the course

but says guys get multiple counters and looks like they can reach all across a screen than close a distance very quickly that is that’s an amazing to me to their bouquet to tie console and people anytime a lot by can summon people anytime now wants there’s my stand right there it sits up their top to hope to have IP 10th of the cops ship the course type of tape to help keep up to the top golf up in what , if every time that and downed of only 2:00 PM Anne of course it’s a counter by this time this time they could run the power people , if the course the man even in if it does a land of solvency of pop top of the both course of that we’re not getting clipped immediately owned the like and Samaria other fights this is if only these loading screens of the IP and completely unnecessary loading screens the other loading screen is just for the the game over screen pop up to up to the IP to the course up to the chorus and and it’s that is every fight to become down the blast it to every dime bomb and if that is so old that is so tilting then up the course of up to up the course of IP and if the IP course is this guy going to go from 10 on the ground say countering in like a frame of them and this is on to fickle tea two out of eight to these and that

the ship tip top it all for being laid the knee and as for my hands getting this is the only console game plans and to play on arcade stick to stub runs my hands by kids may be just this particular step that ball good lord , if up top to death up and, and , if the extent of IP up IP tape 10th to the issue of art to be disguised text time if only one for all these load screens , if a team of top up to this this looking guy can reach Pappas created up and of course that, she yet , that’s a new one to the kit this time this time for the sake of IP tip to tip to tip the IP IP course that can help , if they ask about the two super move that I got the Manual up here and it looks like they are super easy but

there are overestimating by skillet fighting games to tap up up up up up the course of up to up up to get a cat and dog doll of up to a up to talk to a key and if let them be the guy that decides what when I when I need help to designers who do give done a few times are the ball of all I ask if I’d like some assistance takes up IP top pop up to six th ball, focal length to come up to up just see it of the avoid this fight to get a real death found on here are stored in a signal and it’s to have to type up to up to the hook of the end of this game this game to the ice only one around it wasn’t the town will is it street fighter the movie to think that that one was hey you Gotta win best two out of three and good luck up to be like taking around often have the final boss and is also war gods that was also to tip to tip the case to gotten to yet to have final up those like those more than 10 deaths on the boss told ship the kit to do this in shared to get it , it does more than Ten Min list of the off she it the boy to locate the

cart sure what’s this to dispatch tent to I get the feeling we’re still then be doing ball past year by you just who chooses back to start on the make me any younger to shore by what the right 1,000,000 bricks and the dissenters is earrings are hard put enough tour up to up to up to death if the 10th th IP tip 10th th by tough to use got an ax and just and gone up the cave and SAP Products make its rates for gifts bucket how big a deal this case , that this is john pure poll the Ref theirs is move west like: rough , the press rapidly breed art the whole back in and Ford and a top pop up to up to keep up to keep up IP half cup th bucket pulled remote control of 10 to get this case here animates but nothing else test up have a a a a

locate if setbacks button doesn’t work here I am up the habit circle neither that left and if meets the fate of cave that she sure to sisters is the death of have the Moon is a rhetorical question if this is a definite have the edge of quinn’s into a glass about spilling the water take turns to draw 25 points into a classical water spills up on you turn you loose you can cheat to move the overflow line that is to the cheap button is trying all the Kay if you go over the overfly and even for short time lows of what the hell with what’s to summon acorns wish to drop close here to stopping at 2 m a steadier the Kwanzaa be dropped at sheetrock than a normal drop cheat up to three times the flu, and it wants OK to shore tour thing tour now by as the rules are simple take turns topping them into the glass ball but my soul on a bouquet could that I did do this out this year TI guess

that checking Arby’s that the 4 Oh OK by me and I’m clearly not understanding this to a hook up the Visio my god bucket that’s that’s an oak but we’d be Darby a poker cards of 10 to 13 eight to 04 kinds of a joker the lease aces OK the event the five points in each game for good handy can resum the stuff of Polk was believes only games over that all that the one calling his bet on each team automatically these are action from: trop drop the game raises that the same amount what the lettuces game would even tell that to cut you can raise that he had the courage changed to Darby calls the back or infamous and five you can reasonably current changed to up to a career of flesh four times as as is standard to state a poker roles OK OK why is there poker many game the fighting game to finish to poker OK he hit a tough but the two aces and can change a card so that the thick as much we can do it this book a kid did they did a full of a full royal everything the cases this is safe but the flesh this trait that it is called a straight so the change in a thing by the one a change anything to know to not change anything that they had to I got Koreans from that and its other lost by reason is we we got of the GATT the street again to look at it that of a updated spec and he

bites so he one@ AR the change at one and eating up this just one pair of this is not commit to we had the same thing the cave at the time to soon enough for the canine , tour actually to change both those to Adam the right to a to wait at eight 22 parent looks like to say if I change the book and can’t a cave to shore of silly surreal time ago for this again the cave to get four Queens course that we’re going for the to straight here he by Woodruff and the job and we got nothin’ to nothing to , and the cave that I can recall this we all feel confident that the tear the kind sure it’s OK that didn’t really help the Kate the ticket and cut it open for two pair here all take that no which is not great as in a drop that now the kit to have a a a a tooth of that we just the diskette ago all and the kid again anywhere single that’s there we go there we go

get right back in it to sit ship and forgetting a mechanics of this apparently the case we have a we have our with the straight already and it’s unlikely is going to beat that 10 oh boy 11 , if this is this is probably gonna take longer than that that one fight a cable to decline to a port kennel ticket and databases beats cleans the right way to to that cancel itself out the scissor half that this is this is like modify poker rules that begins to go for it to cave four aces in diskette at the bigger go home to Kate and lexis cards away our butt and we don’t have a good hand has a tough but up of OK to that of a step the daytime got the event that is up a wins away in a no cut the justice action do nothing gets the sense: shooter cat that took forever bullet hit of these is the Cairo a right to his red horse collars on the TV what did and this guy have tight but an outfit on before

and there’s a box over here now to the the chairs the chairs broken apparently this and that back to fighting see if I can remember how to in this game to read that the the 40 I isn’t isn’t working properly the zip to Z been like that for the the whole stream in the ninth to have the wrong of 40 IE settings up as if I think I might dip to have a interesting article toggle the to gain feed on and off your than maybe I’ll sing faster now that it does sometimes is really tricky trying to get that to capture cars to work to work properly and quickly if that’s the catch that’s Gotta work quickly if all this is the Takei from the the cut seen earlier to draw the poorly drawn one of a half a rate juror and espy’s on the baby Cairo their device that the dock and talk to an icing of course Don can talk to a gutsy and crushed and attacks and magic 10 are up to up to up to up to 10th th tip to tip to tip the IP tip to tip top 10th to top to looks like I wanna keep the stand away for if pop up a lot of the fight to up to a cup displayed in the runoff bowl if you know to have a big hit for sure they look so if you put a latest and it looks like you can just dodge was the fact that if as a fights was Behar of a tube writer bill so I guess it and use it on the fair though I looked out

there it the night of the day The bird is banned in tournaments have a a nice not to 10 sets up a card game guy is Arby’s code Arby’s Brother Darby that it by wolf will fight Arby’s again the steel or have a thought the second team over half of that belt tour interesting this is a cutie help of nice book I played sugar timer two so maybe I can they can do this but estimate of me the course new car explodes to tears at the start to solution, what tour that they get that begins this is this is just ask our diverse NASCAR the case now NASCAR and I did it down and put

the shift all is left to right and I just tough to laces difficult , since probably up to four direction one is a pretty safe for dates is it’s just a race as progress the to get three hits up a couple to couple walls and in terms of fights but if that the timing is a lot tougher on this We can only miss twice the all the change it , off they’d make set up its not the same it’s time that it

it’s always been the same every time I did at a retry this is the data do the race again nice if to bullets is not fail bite the hand left in a spin down left to the case to

the gate that we cleared the path to cutie section I guess they’ve never got down to have a ball most had to do all that all over again and lover shooting game a little the sunlight just like me of the vs. to your stereo at dawn lord hath to standard to look at an

, if OK IP 10th th of up to it the kit that have both up up up to up up up if if if tip up to up to the top 10th to tip to tip to tip to 10 cave tour the men were flat honor us day the final blow 10 are right folder of up to up to the top prep top of death up if have to keep jet to take if it starts at 59 one. Downhill there quickly if the dirt that’s actually hold back and then four plus a top 10th

to tip top of the tough to the IP to 10th tap to IP if 10th of IP 10th th of that if if that that one went much worse the choice , a buffet , and standard bucket up to up up up up 10th th to 10th to have to 10th to just look at the outset that so we started that this fine on 24 deaths of up a tough time polarized proof that Ford pop up to if if type of IP 10th to up to use as courageous of we need 1,000,001 treks and ordered of the week to skate and that the that mule Pierce the counterattack seems pretty good that did a decent image but I was only able to limit ones up up if tip to tip if the top and I be sure how you use it to outer the Gesell stop using the dodgers have its to be like that of OK the group that fourth buffet will, plus a by do appreciate this is move has this game has a very limited of sets a wrap up to up to half cup 10th that if pop up to walnuts that seems just unfair their top pick up the path to th IP the IP if both to th 10th of course , if the all those eclipses to happen to have bullish it off

and it’s true I see in the Manual here is there’s two moves its aid in Stan mode to the needle Pearson remote control and then 1 10th top to tip to tip to tip up to and I just to a kit II think we’ve added we got something here that have a a a a data got some been here by thing they can weaken ABC’s this that I it sees time and its use of boys by thing we got something here the kit IP up to up to up the cable nothing is at th up to the rush it OK almost almost th 10th to a the boy is this as a snap in counting any my debts by tough for fox sake but were alike were like if that that was clicked out of my of those click down to my window are some reason toxic to to whip up th the buddy notice that their if the death can I was ago and up I guess some ally of all its it’s one I cobble beyond to the game feed on and off and I was a while ago OK hope to keep up with enough totally inaccurate to counter for this game I guess a key now the kit , of its annoying that’s annoying that annoys me more than been fighting this posses that the script of the window and forgot I have to have that my library thing is the active window in order for the bite counters to that account the void if tip to tip

to yet to have a way it did definitely doesn’t automatically add deaths of as that I’m not even sure how a program that I have to create an Ai that that would have to know what was going on in a game of up to up to this as if up to the top up to keep up the that milwaukee’s would would mess of things which is why then do it the day I have to buy it had the system for to six years the way I have it is the best way that I can take all this work to pop up to up tape up to up to the top ship to th type of tape to tip to tip to shift the if they have for ages posting rain and shipped to have it spat , if the boy tip today on top of the cape top up up up up to tape the tour is to add CM of these scary stuff that up to head the difference of XM put Indian pudding is a tax input has the, the mold of that when you initialize talking to the cont UK and starred in a mode called exclusive mode or shared mode up hands of if it’s in shared mode which is actually what my of my controller input monitor thing works as , UK and to share the controller between other programs to aid will hog call the toll the inputs up 10th to the cave of IP to cave cave to

say it’s not a it’s own directinput iraq’s input thing it’s a a mode of thing to accept about the programmer to make a choice and hit the adolescent are naked by immigrants but the the the shore things again pretty Anna May happen here , can tip to tip up up up up up tip to tip top to six of that is just like my Japanese anime is the active up up up up to tip off up to see it if

to the Manual says first super combos it’s a special Los super combos in its town down for eight or eight plus 88 that often means double tap to 80 10th up two hits and then write a precursor Clifford A Angkor circle back a and then this star platinum of the world bowl is 40M8 La Ford bass and level three gauge of the IP if up tip if 10th to assist them once he gets you in a corner that’s it’s a sewer Chiat , off the effortless they using the world is that Polly beyond me a night in sure which buttons and an L.a. are or what passes I seen and medium Ford medium light Ford strong IP 10th tip top if top up top to a they just and a simple reading here all summer , a stand but no economic sense to interesting , Kay to that is that as bizarre that that’s how the the notarize the tax and this back cache safe all tip to tip up up if if if tip top 10th up up up up up 10th tip to tip to tip to ship to have upset at the top of that was a judge a share of pick up up up up up up th I don’t know I go to we need to do that half is clear now it is courter circle forward and then a sack I assume that the mashing battle when it gets me that if he does mash for the end of the computer the one that up to up up up up if if they hit by Renata stance so quickly of Tele web site is not selling of maybe a refresh to times does that I actually shipping think there’s a problem with the , with tight and bob and I need to update code on Titan bought as airs a new bug that discord introduced

to the day off top and that that actually reminds me of tap tap to daddy to beat the type he viewed as a step up top pop top up to a ballboy eight it’s just an update interesting is that the subpoena from rooms , the date that there is new code for the web sites they work for me any recent OK so it sounds like the yuan of what browser and Jan summer of up to two thick enough team of this up up up to up if the bay and then even him@ , tse are five OK and mighty fire fox issue to light the fire fox issue than Arnell year and chrome and it’s a working on chrome interesting that you love to half the end of token web sites the pain as web sites of up to up to tip to cached that amount that ONEOK jaffray’s early on their party cookies in a light if they so touching to figure out why I think something is also miss configured on my website because it’s some its w to oh , off up IP top up th tip to tip top up IP top up top pop up picking it up F6 it got fixed why didn’t I didn’t change anything to fix it so that’s it’s new to me to have to live and who they think they’re here for the very end of Giorgio apparently up top up what is there’s not much I can do about that when he when he takes out half my life are in one combo , if the added that it is warnings and errors in chrome too late

, ash it might be because of the venue player code again ruled out but I’m not the one who made that site might have to roll bac I wasn’t planning a streaming Amar anyway is so if I guess all of all have to take a look at this again and see if I can get working up in bed if code up like along with that up the discord, announcement fathers and working group the hidden in the stream I used to be able to type in something and then have a code of sweater and discord at the same time to announce only going but what are then everything looks fine on discords and everything’s fine on my end but just just yesterd it’s is there is just so much ship that the of up to up to oppose blocking that the whole time as blocking of a whole time up I blocked all of that tiny still completely ruin a enough to web sites and Keefe , void if the let’s not worry let’s not worry about its but now if it’s if it’s only working and not working it’s probably a server load issue so well actually make it worse as if you keep reloading the sat up and he signed up to worry about it enough up up at the top to up to if they all that do that because then my my host will ban your IP have that anyone feel dizzy anything to the tune of that if the kick it to top that we haven’t started on king’s quest yet if you’re a few here for the king’s quest primarily idea about the cafe in th and it turns out that it’s a rangy as the cafe up so I had the right idea that you had to pick if the cap t the game lets you pick up the cap which is just did dumbest thing but the guess it is consistent with all the other car in G stuff that’s in that game of shift and it a I really wish there is an official wave two embedded disk or chat enough in the site this is an unofficial to external thing a knife to use its that still running on my server here but it’s it’s an external thing because of the best that IP that actual discord can do for some like this is Tom Akers a file button you can put a new site to join the server Michael boy that that’s real helpful actual discord desert discord is incomplete rash like it it works pretty damn well for one of those by being electron outfits that did something but the most part discord is great dizzy alternative escape and that is actual trash and when you added me the richest two scored as I say as I’m defending discord here at the tabs me out cool up

dude off the loan is going good why I have the new setup in funny and is it is right here I have them from me up of Shiites up if tip top ball many to do the tip top the war in the air up six of pop top and this is that one great balance fantastic there , if cave the way that what fantastic , top up IP 10th up up up up the kit buff buses to get buses to get grand finale the kick the sun shooting game to chip to blow off and to have spent his blood OK to have a

ball right bidding as a beloved to get to that ’cause the game would let me save to have a a to eliminate a big problem if idle oh to save all we got to a truly great ending how does a better ending mentioned are three to have up if you’re being sarcastic have if ballboy to any games of the veteran and sugar third that you gonna be here not until sugar for cons of I did finish me through NT the bodies on my my site money to fuel onto a if your watch it and be displayed by spent I think 40 minutes after I beat the game discussing this customer game in the wrap up and the it’s it’s the were sugar game and you know how I feel much a new one manatee to bishop thanks to manatee special thanks to manatee to up exactly them that people got a right to the times people doesn’t screw up to the times you I’ve heard about the marine biologist thing and that by quick EPA has to walk down that notable marine biologist page becaus of the end giorgio’s venture to graduation I don’t recognize most of these products board I reckon as a one the bottom left there because that was the the amazing desert boss and that’s about S tour buses the us is a gambling guy , and then this is the racing guy

a recent slash baseball , pays the bug and then, gets that should to the mass for save them all over the data game that isn’t what you say you hear it just takes it a cave testing a right of so that additional features that again here to suppress six to appear only briefly Janine be seen here The right star platinum Jeff, community service and that to surges on locks all warm and women have to to know once the doll and magicians read the Getty the giant bird that has pretty easy to use that we only got to use of like a stage but that was pretty nice day in a uniform tour will not use a dog once but by a clue that Pfeiffer striving to the spouse be one of the hardest rights and gay tour that I had I know we can say from the options menu but I think it’s weird that that there isn’t a post’s post credits save in case you do for debt that there’s up a main menu save option you know as all throughout the story motive to you is that the next save and then the menu screen to Dino Anand wolf or Midler OK Bowie divider guy I remember to use actually the first side eye to eye think something about that is the line as the world go to our by Steve Kerr of a ticket to the shattered EO 10 Giorgio set that’s different from Joe towering old horse buyers fingers coping through the gun is it ’cause it’s a spooky ghost gun tour , infantry OK those cells one party member guys Black Power off in a new this ball as is I pick of the sword and he any problems to , pet shop and Horace as is the topy bird baths I guess they are a key off and bast the member fighting her own story a whole were some Duane this is as whole horse but in a different costs of tour , rubber soul which apparently is rips post the reversal tour , OK this is face six different anonymous if this is a sword guy this decade into trouble to them than they know that contain those those of death intimations but they don’t have portraits the cave and then illustrations to get here are sure poster design in the glare does not appear in the original comic book story special design for a need for the game interesting and Ken this is as promotional our work for the game against the interesting the cinema guy is that if this is as old as is it’s all in Nam , monochrome and that the the full color to recrimination the illustration Bogle anonymous on truly a week in the cave

tour this must be the promotional poster to a beats and then get that this is all video games that’s how you do it OK if that’s your key version and then what are those two are weed and unlock of the Owen else to theirs than the book faith Ling and voiding the others adventure polo cases is like the UK and either endings us to lock in the arcade mode cave to all these characters got their own endings interesting and then this is the to this is a zombie by eight and this is the tissue to run the Bonn the ship and then this one by calmer what the solos so there’s at least two too many games that we didn’t see commerce if you so this is the views on the fight and this is the tester to fight against the water I think , to occur is and, that is the system to two cards is the right to find out a fortune day test to soften all declined to our if the cave that’s what the point of all that has put in a cave that and that’s just the taxes all the stuff that you lock by being good at game time not the right to soul of the the arcade mode lets us is to the bike around are two of this but I’m pretty sure this is just a bit stiff it’s f , Takei to get bogged we got there die if we got Mr. Jo Jo himself to the got one to face the godmother Watson face that’s a duo star that’s this is the guy that’s flat top man to other flats of man tour that’s the the two brothers that’s sure to tune up again with his fingers coping through it the evil flats of man the bird and then soared I sure to lots of this play is this guy and one of the tooth there’s anything unique for this or playing as do you buy a

to each character has are there on different story lines the man interesting and there’s a lot to this game is a lot to this game city as he has a say Moos said is as judges as I guess I make sense to survive a related are something up to connect if your faith that it lets different IP if top to be continue to all the key was a thing about the two left hands in two right hands is to odio is a one with two right hands and pitched Jo Jo has up to the left as top Dole even one enough to have is probably my follow-up question of if top if something else entirely the Kay IP to dial has to work OK tour to have up to a number that is certain to family in a II think a friend on watching twin peaks all I’ll probably give Giorgio to go again on the flex up since it is on a flex issue at the don’t think we saw this of this background in the story mode 10th top that the first two parts to have a buck a share of that, to worry about watching part one in part two and all that mortar and cons go watch a series it’s on a flat tax to first step is I’ve watched the second

IP top if tip top the decision probably have this moves set open here Teo in normal mode it’s or circled back the road ruler can and then stop time is the word out that one up top up top if if if if top up to eight that up up up if IP top up top up top up to the top top up that the maze and what you do when he had to move list open final episode to is a story sections and between fights I thought they would be about IP up top up to up tip top to it the fist to have a up

to th at UC Davis ago and so if we run at a continues here but there is there’s nine the number that instinct OK a good gamble and I am the the continue screen so different from the invention of continue this is the issue from the beginning of sting of IP IP top pop up up up to tip top pop top if if up bucket pool of IP tip top up up up tip top 10 th 10th tip top up to up if 10th to eight IP up to pop up top up tip to tip top tip top off top to tap tap tap talk of to have the lowest almost the most , if the doubt this is no sissy it’s either bobby interlace or nothing and I did makes tents if testing the year is a testing on this and tip to tip to as far as how quickly and properly resolution changes happen and overall image quality up this city is the best I can get this to look without giving a free Meister 6:00 AM and of up to a ticket jump over the top by condemn the top S up hope and Alice the thing is recent top the sea thing this as of the two weeks ago

up tip to tip up top up that way behind the of the case of CDMA that if an conscious the same same credits as a role as the image mode to look at the home and a casino all I need to see which a Joe and this is this is a fantastic game wardens only into the wrap up here but the but this game is Cisco rev up the stairs great if says there is Chesebrough like 14 are so landings according to the that some Dexter is screen plus I’ve there might be an altered ending to a venture that cutting on which path to take the end of a known am guessing not is idea that this is still a contents risk game and considering how wild the team Fincher motives this pretty great bucket and spring up all this book that kasi Fujiwara owed about Akashi they venture mode is crazy if have left of the cabin just a game itself the longest match has been on a fighting game, if you count air dates then by I’m not I mean sure how the long you spent on your guide to think we spent the least 3 hours on erudite some say the air dates down blistering and as course a published, to read D arena fighter of an exit poll the set I get that the database open a tie can take a look and see how long we they are guides for their dates we spends 2 hours to 1/2 hours on a diet siestas as long as he spent on a , fighting game and peace explosion as I think that the average time for playing games has been just over an hour so this is well over now are already , to , I thought that a team is different teacher of the and Kate tank you for pointing to a queue for making this game cap, Mrs Is a hell of a video game as one the cave table were up to AAA is pretty good video games the mall high scoreless the cave self and fortunately we can see what the save icon is ’cause I’m guessing they still can save and it’s probably going to be going to be that what that is over there and left that the dudes face on guess that’s what the ico the rest in peace all this progress in Giorgio that’s that’s that’s all I can be playing this again anytime soon so it’s a big d bucket the right

to so that’s the stuff that I’m there , and a book that’s the case and wrap up the GI joe’s bizarre that venture to move all the stuff of way if if turn off PlayStation turn off the TV , to the right yet for now for PlayStation to this to PC book the right so Giorgio as I run over my microphone cord repeatedly the cut its complete the second chip I really need to get a Wireless System for this and looking online and their pregame expensive son is that might have to build m the cave by did not use a cheap button that all I did not press the triangle button IE and we only lasted with two rounds in tha , so I’d say no to that finish at the city beats the beaded venture mode and we beat bark aid mode to so II knew I consider that we beat the game and I did not use gain shark the deal a company a fake use the land is a Manual and then some tough to some back seeing to liberal acceding the right things I liked, story was insane the lots of many games in adventure mode there a beginner friendly combat system the boxes stuffed unlock but some extras , great two B arced of the Camry Le comments on how accurate he was as a judge’s thing, and apparently they they skip their whole bunch of stuff sought that just won’t comment on how lack area was to the judge experience but it certainly was bizarre it certainly was , let’s see to what did and I like about this game of see a new set is a little too simplistic comments to move sets as the THS for this is like the virtual fire level of of moves that you can do that this is not a whole lot and on a whole lot to the actual moves is like if they did a Mano Le Slyke three for each character bust was a super sliced its lesson smash brothers have to know there’s that but not the knights it really care has stated that the combat system that’s way too deep I can ever get int I can’t think of anything else I did not like about this game to be completely honest, the ad is a jerk buddies a file boss and that the fighting game bosses are supposed to be , especially an eight by console specific adventure mode that has a limited continues so that that’s why I’m I’m pretty OK with with having some difficulty with the the final fights of the of that, and I’d say that the difficulty is a ramped up pretty well scores on concern that will point to appear in the next scre , big names to one million corrects the everything about this game I can summon people and use them a lot of people is my stand the wiser poker game of poker many game of this fighting and special thanks to Nancy I’m sure there’s play of other data means b that’ll do for now if I don’t base absolutely absolutely be the extra screen was in the nail malice, I’d say that that some so early you like a third of the way for adventure and that was that was absolutely they’ll now

a writer’s guild even hard so I played this on did the default settings for everything to that was difficulty two out of eights , to one knows if that can be made easier difficult, as far as fighting games go I think this was an easier fighting game boson ’cause that the EI especially in the adventure game really on the really held your hand which is nice I like that, there is a VIP a limited depth is far as I can tell to the bomb like that to move set and potentially combos were even I could d the than I could do some stuff to smashing things out to know that’s pretty nice on the venture mode gave you unlimited continue and probably one of the Harter things about this game will one day there was a difficulty adapting it will say it’s that was pre , and maybe those that the last third of the game in terms of fights those actually a pretty tough those required at least some , but as far as like that the fighting john were goes in thinking back to the other ones this one was easier I’d say , even though though the default to difficulty with two out of eight that’s that’s how I play all the games is on a normal diffi Comsat’s high judge difficulty for these an Isa this was this is easier than the average not like brain dead easy where you can just just a the way through to the entire game there was a fighting game that was like that I can remember what it was but it was one like t , Seoul say that for that and then read one of five that this is this is probably one of them as fighting games ever played , and try to take up the fighting game that I enjoyed more than this the only as just a fighting mechanic thing but this story w bike to fan fiction essentially is that you get in this this really feels like it that if the cell cohesive, as I like the story I tell the fee was, that many games were amazing of it in the venture mode like that something you almost ne , like there’s of this super smash by this series has many games in their venture mode and this this one even above that liked t and they’re actually fun to play for a lot of it which a switch is really neat , I liked that the fighting engine I thought it was beginner friendly but with with that they can get into of there’s a lot of things that you could unlock, it’s probably a great to play our game , and the other that they really aren’t that many downsides for this one so it should be pretty obvious here that the bomb giving this one and easy by the five judges bizarre venture poll the game by recommend so that’ll do it for Giorgio but I’m a step away for a couple minutes here and then we’re gonna jump into the end of the king’s quest three , probably gonna be able to be together nights I if I need two all play until light bike five which is 3 hours and now the time or very close to it so the negative things prepared here end of the jumper that state and zip up the

10th to have a cup to to what’s the turn on this, a change over ball this stuff this king’s quest three tears here and to a changeover this the right to express three terrace human soul has always buy a Shiite there is a to phases speaker tip and IE and took of my ear like a kid was able to pull it out there and just leave this one out about your time, we do not sanction get this on their to look at those laid out like that tonight’s show we have a path to have the kit so has always by like to do a thing called previously bond king’s quest three

the kit and don’t need that open tour the kit so king’s quest three of the nicest showing the tiff a timer think that hopefully that clears up in a second here but if their ago to keep the the way we glued to the bookcase that that happen that happened to have , if you would if you watch the previously that sunlight four to recounts if you look at the clock on it to eight here and then match the top of the game , they’ll be able to find it just like that the right so were we previously left off the ship to do their dead of a kind of every start the game were previously left off we up we almost bomb that turn turn and a cat spell, and we do have everything to do Teleport Asia not random but I’m not worried about that when just yet the case or have so the wizard is still currently sleep and I’m not sure when he wakes up but wanting an ado is , I figured out since we last played this that if the idea have the right idea with the cats that you actually have to do is try multiple times to get the cat it’s far in G canceled his way this is a rangy apparently to play for us to believe grab a seat would come and eat rice at talk to look at many tries that took a nudge of the cat we’re gonna do if it gets for if if if the kit and a Ziploc surfer to 40 sketches reaching arms to stupid cat like a lookup at bull ship that’s why I assumed that I was doing something wrong and there’s some other things do to get the cat fur or that maybe adds the , the times and OK week to get a right and spec firm in here to sign I’m running on the assumption that we we still have time before the wizard wakes up and we can make the Icac cookie they’ll have to show up that much of the lake and it’s it’s crazy and eight if I didn’t look it up I would have still run on the assumption that some guy there was some other way to to get the cash for , so I don’t I don’t feel bad at all that looking at when of because that one is actual bowl ship that they made that are and she of I don’t think it is designed by was next to it the whole time the case so we’re doing the Teleport a share and spell so that until petition we want the transform another into a cat so we we need to get them and regret powder we have the cat hair sets that is completes , we have a wand of

an plus a choice of a lease on how many times it took the setup if the boy minutes ’cause I am I’m playing on at the fast computer for the game , akin let’s make sure the Apollo, well OK well if the wizard is definitely wake the couple of as the biggest what they does the guys we get to catch the falcon cada give up if the case so we clearly don’t have enough time to a the rights let’s test a theory pick up cat to right next to cap to believe grabbed a cat OK Willits let’s test a theory again here to no standing next to cat biker right next to them pick up that if such a waste to slips away the case that was the third try there to have a Tom to so what if were alike rates here yet might be the proximity that you do have to be like are right next to the cap to to to get if that’s a pickup to adjust it just happens to give the very , and can to khafji that’s that is a network cables that it did for if if if the case as now written at the stash away the left have certain have to feed the wizard one more time , so look of your bed by the contaminants to owed that we’ve let a degree of them out and left him so if if we feed the the wizard mutton and then by this time we get to the next the necks to cycle I guess what the wizard and a month to the Lum we won’t be needing me that stuff so we got one more cycle in the game or we get a deal with men in an the right to Cisco stairs and the should the should be appearing to shortly as a peer like 137 something , and according to my notes that he went to bed at its 1224 to so sure to say he’s up to one 30 to some something to guess they’d buy reader really wish were able to a to make the cat cookie to four of the four this neck cycle as that’s essentially all were waiting for the next thing is being that 13720 Brian of awakened as he’s gonna be guy’s gonna be gone for life half an hour again so that hold off a lot So if if we’d backed up to if we backup are safe to like and while he still sleeping

so like that they got all spell ingredients and then back in the house at 128 if I grabbed a cat urine then make the cat cookie here will he still sleeping bomb then we can make the cat cookie and then solve our wizard problem and then not have tipped to ’cause it’s gonna be like another half hour of the Indian time in less we do this , to so I think I’m gonna do this by nine and go back in time to the 128 save their to catch the cat or gonna make the cat cookie and then of and then be on a merry way , by others deftly time is absolutely time we so we have 10 minutes we could take our time is that that’s all we need to do is j and then we will ever have to worry about being on a time schedule ever again in this game was we do that but what can overhear cassettes that can be a deal with that pick up kit tap tap the kit get for the bucket to as far as items with cat hair on and make sure that we have everything that we need for our cat cookie to sew them and records in the basement we have a cat hair now and we bought the fish court the store and we shou , per fish oil person if that so we get the fish oil and are maggiore so we have everything we need to do to make the the cat spell so let’s go do it and then and less like the wizard sleep schedule just magically change is ’cause because of this then that’ll be a problem but I kind of doubt that’ll happen right now that I said and I’m sure it will absolutely happen now that it to fish oil to shore liqueur says Har have person is difficult I never been good at writing as evidence by my handwriting that you can see on stream from time to time the cuff to the rights to so , was it made recruits to which we need to not have yet to reach get that from here Jarrett, mandrake that’s the kit are those the magic Tal meet the beet that for this because a spooky magic music bowl Kay so the court into the book to we’re gonna be doing transforming another into a, We have all the ingredients here and we just created a cookie that when even we’ll turn the victim into a cat or are , it’s on page 25 of magic book to let sold Stewart turn to page XXV that of most care every step as critical beach that must be done proper way that if put mandrake brits powder the odor enables if tip to books the cat if they’re in the bowl the ball cat hair in a mixing bowl put two spoons of fish oil in bold to that spawns to spoons of fish oil in below 10 to steer the mixture with a spoon mix ingredients together mixture turns into an oily disagreeable go with cat hair sticking out of it I see those that I hit that have cats before I know what that is that the Dole on the table coaching and owes a distaste to grab the oily go from a clean bowl and put it on the open table that the duo into a cookie

the singer Paul Mahan on the libido he flattened it until it is in the shape of a cookie after that cookie Hearns the kit of the right eye was gonna say there before we we did this just so that we can get back as quickly but I wanna see what each of know why god intended to look at the LIFFE up to the he waits that if we turn into a cap away the man to the tones to you for ease of have a a a Tuff the ticket flow system that is I actually I’d buy wanted to do that ump did I not save up to say that and say before we did this ’cause I thought I was gonna be able save bouquet well we’re waiting all back here a relaxed of six the god to an inordinate changes speeds you can just type in like faster slower normal, to cook it that 12.6 tries , the kit PO boy if that deserve that of the game as some audio for sure bore sure are you familiar with the the judge overstepped are , Kenny, the monarch to war if the law was the always this is this some of this this is set to see the PlayStation game is the boat song is not the trip was it was a game called the lunar Buhner it is in is lunar the blazing and Ron drake roots and hear of cats and mix oil, if they wish and give a pet’s the the loan from the one who eats this that the toys and then chick troops leave the magic wand to win medic one of the cookie then take it from the table and carry with you that it , the Allen was an amazing but the all looks even more amazing its is that somebody covered that song this so you know given him some credit and elf

the kit 131 so we we’ve made our cat cookie to we begin on that one check , so we need to make the sleeping powder again and I guess you can do that all pour one while we’re here was a one hiding it was i to the one was kept in the cabinet in the study which is two rooms above us , and the cabinet is locked the key for the cabinet is in the wizards bedroom bond top of the closet and there’s no indication that it’s a bear, and less you look at the closet I think with it open to something there’s no light pixel that looks different and then there’s a , and I got that might opening the closet and then doing the push dresser command which made him open like a look behind the clo sure tour share for sure the case so we’re going to have to redo this one so for this we need to RE acorns nightshade juice and the power should comments are gonna need to unite she juices and on RT have it and do not have it so moved it to R, night she ships 10 that’s a reseller five more minutes until the third wakes up to sew this one is on page 14 on a commission to you because we’re needed this one’s times cannot ashes one out turn page two seen that bring the acorns been a order to actually Tony to the court that this because time doesn’t move the lira in the screen but we’re on AR real world clock here because I want to finish this game to for the sun comes up to the city to sleep that to be the tip the nightshade juice in the whole To chair the mixture with a spoon to teach our cool to see are the period the the mixture on the busier Rated PG to for wondering why I’m redoing this since I read this yesterday I decided to go back two saves so that I could , say the cycle essentially the of the wizard business scene and tear this week green bay to woo the top for a thick to sleep They the magic wands But the sleep powder in the patch bucket and so now we’re done with that I need to take a site by probably still have time to the 33 to ice I still a time to make the the other thing if to the other thing is to it was a business of Tulare to do those two sorry mizell the culprit a share random while we’re here , actually did I get brains in fighting to grains and a knuckleballer , I don’t see grains on here so rip the right and what’s the

thus the backup than to say Evian the reason why I redid the act is because , if I continue from where I left off last time it’s a buy didn’t have enough time to finish what I needed to do to make the cat cookie before the wizard woke up as it turned out only have like 2 minutes left , to this is one wanted from where I hear you unlock open caddies and Brass Keefe and then you replace the wand to to the wizard a as pretty good relax prostitutes are like the a sock one into music to victory not so much and psych 1 to 3 are on the tapes do list for um casual play through Spanaway is that the topic of ever beaten any of those three games and I had those and they came out , the case if you’re in the are gonna get the porridge and we’re going to get the cookie so you can’t just give the wizard that cookie if we actually have to spike is porridge the city if he says meant that witty and and you just in the cookie he’s gonna slap you to that’s not enough for for his food have to say he actually meet edit this guy’s a cookie, puts Turkey in orange as you can easily hide the cookie and anything else so the course conceals a crumbled cookie it still looks as appetizing is over so this will solve the blizzard problems are so we just don’t I’m too near conversion the game for how tape or just fine apparently like you can get the media fancy porridge that does the that’s amazing apparently I don’t think I’ve ever had porridge myself like it either the wheel whole lot but the porridge and not sure , sure the kit so I think that according to my notes the wizard wakes up that’s , 13720 to know we still got 2 minutes here I don’t think there’s anything else yet is there’s nothing that’s contraband here again take tearful and become a look at cookin’ fortune looks just like a playable porch what a what happens if our holdup , okay so we still need to go do the spider thing to we’ll do that after this , so I’m curious what happens if we the porridge to me say there tem cat hair sticks to T have to turn into a cab away again are you just died in just the just die if they don’t turn into a cat interesting Kopf weird to I did that on purpose, I thought we are turning to the cap boy like we did down in the in the magic basement that interesting they’re interesting the case and was it should be up shortly and as far as the the king’s quest to refute a cat that give cat porridge use porridge on cat to the mark that we keep this cap a hummus may to sweep the kitchen on steps up to th to the cake at some real life together Davidians of this is one deserves it

to conduct that you been abusing my cap that he’s ravenous the right now we get he didn’t we didn’t get that prompt last time when you woke up the right impishly waiting for as food stomach rumbles the better feet and quickly applied at just the thing for you wizard that the aid to M forage to the day the Izzard born rich to this food on the timetable for the hungry wizard ravenously he does every bit of that and move out the full demand and didn’t realize a porridge is tainted and eight the whole bowl to the right to free they’ll have to worry about to jewels to cut and we protect the cap you better get on earth request the OK those near lettuce kit Kat punch that these public libraries into a bookcase and now in Olaf they can do everything other leisure , so looking at things that I did before to so it looks like I need to get the stone of that usual caller I need to go to the Anita go back to the com. We use and two cats and hope to make of times and workers to longer elements , so skip items and then reach good deal of their spider problem by to go to the shop and the get the terrain of a race and Evans the kits are going up sessions To look now up to if the right to me to go here to the store , we need its recent think it’s a race that is a race is set to the sworn we get from the store , grains sentence if he sell all its all grains to I thought I was soft by salts that so this OK if one goal: that’s only if the cave a right to wear to do the thing we redid the thing with the brian’s so we need to go here they need to dip the other in the sense to take your father that the weed said take care spider problem gotten so II stumbled in this solution last time we’re playing that was like those so tired as at the end of my rope for this fa and then that happened to have up to look so that’s how I figured that one out two’s random as lack is how how I got that one OK and then and inside the cave is the oracle TV or call the street could speak and this is where we hear our mission for the the back half of the game

what the news plant book remains of longtime family shareholders is seen as comfort for wake, waiting for you a longtime gritty is ago with herbal three hidden dragon invaded entry and keeps people and the state of terror this monster corps once you the sa title your own sister princess was a lie is the chosen ones here time’s running out for her here parents and entry to the amazing animation you gritty and the whole voice continues are the only one who can say them but you must hurry I have something to give you a sma and then that’s all the gets tells you where selling against useful new sleeping 10 think oracle that there was not on the cut to the controlled and so that is our stone of unusual something or other for Teleport Asian are random so we now have our spoonfuls salts we already had D drive mistletoe we got that from a different screen and we now have are smooth rounded stone so we might as wel go back to the house here to games probably still gonna make me out to make is due this so likely were not on any sort of time crunch year but the the stone to do this just as again that I would be that it’s just came before the sun comes up to get city of by the way I did mention the city and dove, Giorgio of the next piece explosion game is CODELCO of which is eight the word disk PS one RPG it’s part of the chateau hart series on PS two for familiar that series and those are all pretty long RPG sooner and write 10 of her could help is pretty damn good son of looking for to play no one ever hear one that tens because the spec to six women heard this yet the four babies doing so well of his teaching them the prob , we think it to come and eight to thank the distraught moments of a competing as you turn off the kit to report and I love their as indeed the magic want this to , to error if everything nice enough could help the points to the game being pretty cool to and I really and of the book I really enjoyed shad , I never beats and one or two of the night I got very far into both of those and I haven’t played the third shuttle routes that the scene bits and pieces of the shot arts from a new world as I remember LC see speed read it and II watch some of that so I know of that game but I’ve never played its OK to get this to more magic to so Teleport a shooter random is this is a random Teleport spell that if we just read the stone it will tell porous away somewhere of remain alerts in my coaching danger are the charm persist as longs to retain stop tour if to us is on page seven and his instructions to step in two page seven to that spooky music the ID mistletoe in the more tar is neutered spurred the Stonestown more depression with the past to any of a crash mission assault mistletoe and mortar you moved us only decide to remove the stone in the mixture from the stone and the texture to

the place to be the flavor stone in the stone mortar 10 to their carefully so as to not miss a single spot year of the amber stone around a mixture of ground salt mistletoe when you’re finished your movie ever stone and discard the remaining powder Ken kiss the stone this this is a step to smack to the right let’s see what the the the messages for this strange feeling comes over you bowl with Jesus up that if to where we’re getting tell a friend here looks like the baby have a but to do that on purpose so much done a thing as a death tactic to turn to page 7:00 PM you miss the the castigation if if the case that’s too bad we can’t see that until we get to the incantation part to have to do all the sick and new this whole crew and the order Remove the stone and the mixture Just the stoneman to Eric book a riverside his first with this case, the IV imparts, power most dear to my heart’s Take me now from his place in her , and the up and this place to their two another place bar taken to a V magic wand and magic one of encrusted ever stone to successfully completing it you’ll keep the the rights to that the that is still a petition done today those two today those ceo we did that so we had Burma storm and we’re becoming invisible than it looks like we have all the parts for that too ands this 12 new baby by think I have a spoonful of my head to I’m not sure where the empty jars some or if we have it , to we haven’t we do other general case we got that now and we do have the mud book a spoonful of we have the day of the integer and we have a wand so we do on this weird good on this so let’s say it again if if if and if this one is so this is a ease the growing up a storm yet bring a storm is this one in mixer potion that you can use to brewer storm tactics bolster the storm broke a finger sites are storms triggered up that outside the store will occur and then you can clear the manually yourself to Sisson page lax execs ID battle even know what the hell that number would be to what’s the best it that turned page two L exit six ID to this is kind of the the copy protection of the game in a way like if you don’t have the Manual for this like good luck guessing that that’s the page for the spell and that those of the case put a cup of ocean water in bowl to carefully pour the cup of ocean water into the mix and 10 whites a charcoal are easier to end a cushion is for sure, brazier invited but the flights in the breeze are stopped to beat the bowl on the brazier in cautious not to burn so he gently placed a bowl of ocean water on hot charcoal brazier and watch as a saltwater slow the warms and begin sustained remove it just before boils

put a spoon of mud in the full and spoonful minded hot ocean water use low booster the mixture into nocturnes the watery cloudy brown and that eight pinch of toadstool powder by not sure five attempts to powder in my inventory to the case and that this is gonna mess up I think that OK if to litigious a reins and lightning’s on forever that’s not so bad this that’s about the canal and fell one was a legit scruff so have to the OPS of toadstool of powder the cave of the kit turn page two telex of six by the that Simon and GM through these quickly and acuff and bush and water in full plates the charcoal this year if the aid the whole of the busier But a spoon of mud and the bull and a , the pinch , told school to order a kit and purchased a pinch of coastal powder in the bowl of hot brown liquid if if tent below into the hot brew the inning of the Haber you forcefully blow your longest birth of a year into the bowl whirling the Bre around and around 10 the limit it to elements around the earth and see, combining to set the heavens three One by Easter of this magic room, and greats god tour, by a call, and you know. If they be I think there’s a period to waive the magic wand of the way the magic wand over the bulls shot brown liquid four of the storm Peru into the jar and into the Likud is cool the carefully pour the death storm bruins win NT glass jar successfully spell to get to move a cave tarik if they did that so we have one more spell that you that seems to that one is completes the last one should be turning invisible that becoming invisible the right so it is towed spittle if is what we need to let script that the kip to get the total they were and then says all directions for that said if there is still the cactus cactus juice but I’m sure we we have that already to squeeze a cactus juice ounce on spoon tour that’s this is for a magical events that will allow us to turn invisible but the where the women who only works in a place of vi , sure to test in visibly spelled review in Anibal you’ll be invisible for short while you have enough from one application of CIA like sites sure for for sure the kit to since a vote that I save a whole lot and CRA year tie last saved less than a minute ago that five saves some we get to the right turn page two to yield of six

the cave son UC voters fail this one immediately if that the cactus with the finger bucket the Dean Witter the case agencies is invisible by denying that a good one and Kate that is that one of the caliphs to this one for real. Page two of CL 6 to a right that the cactus with a knife but sorted and a four to have as wondering , using your kitchen carving knife to cut a gash and small cactus juice begins to drop to squeeze E cactus juice bonds spoon that in one of the measuring spoons in the open table you grass is slick cactus in your hand and squeeze it in to leave the spoo this is weird to sew for some reason that the ingredients call for one cactus and it also calls for cactus juice and this is about really messed me up because I was thinking that we needed a cactus and then we also needed some other cactus a , ands and if they really messed me up when hit by I probably should read the directions on that on the page is at the likely to get them neatly but I was assuming that there was another completely separate cactus item we had to get what I was bucket , surgeon that protect this to put the cactus juice been able to carefully at the cactus juice to the ball that’s the lawyer in the pool to a script lard and mixing bowl and keep the now if the jar nearby to store your finished four law That two drops of code is spittle but since petal to special likely pheasants as in a septic buses and for the two drops a total mobile tent , stir the mixture with the spoon is in one of the stars line in the table Unix Allard cactus juice and towed spittle until a smooth and blended cut and now we get are citing cactus plants and horny toad know, the nine no two starts telling a teenager’s road 10 combining the way if fire and missed to make the need to sit here with our ski trips the Nevada rhymes usually these rhyme but tour the Ken Boyd magic wand to the way the magic wand to for its bytes minutes in the empty and lowered jar the skimpy visibility limit out of playable and return it to the large are successful completing spelled that sent is not cool breeze year and that should be it for making magic that is so that’s the end of our spell book , so we should be fully equipped down two of two advance the game here are kept so we we still need a spell book open because we have to , so we have an even use the deep sleep gets of Mitzi and we have and use deep sleep that we have and use burn a storm yet and we avenues and visibility at and I don’t think I to use the Teleport spell is

why the way the right to so it is sick and I can just tell pressure to soul of if the next two spot on the map that probably has the looks promising is maybe there’s something new to town now like they do something to do with the pure , to souls we need to we need to escape this place and make our way back to the avant Rica’s it’s that’s kind of run Exe quest as and Haiti there’s a ship here now the cave so to neighboring Edisto Board the ship perhaps in politics mix of old soon the docks in response to gross could use humor and Boeing, time for you to keep the trespasses away up a book a to get us still aboard the ship , so can lead jump on the back of it here jump to ship team leaf a lie under the ship, two of the goal to other in the six to that can only the eagle our way of a ship that the gees we can cash in flying that the right and I don’t think this can work if the Caywood about the two wings in the six to two parts were for flight can we play our way past year and now there’s no quick it OK if , so looking at are are to spell list here to weaken Ver storm we can cause a deep sleep so this guy can do we can make a bid in a deep sleep but it’s Gotta be in a dank dark place and this is this is in broad daylight so that’s , so maybe we can become invisible men sneak past 10 to be of Turner visible to eight big the only work simply says Paul fire and missed solely am probably buy nothing doing this is this , and it’s that some readable Friday that so both fire and missed that’s important and then this can only done in , so bring a storm could activate we need to do that to outdoors a rainstorm wilker the case so maybe this is on the back of box the case I never try and bring a storm here and see if like the guy runs back inside and we can run o the right so stir storm blew to have the storm group turnaround storm verse lashes around the candidates drew of storms tour and it ought to stir groups to secure a jar, brew server and jar of storm brew to use drew use storm brew to I’d do have to promote weight that it off to

stir storm drew and if tiger bucket audit bucket of kit a rule of storms juror and it’s up to eight dark storm clouds begin to gather around you until we’re dealt by then the sheer lab reports of thunderclaps and lightn com target on the boat like this to on the boat I think right now than to a rule of storms to clear it up to buy a wharf, that became a we have to make the sky fall sleep and restore this the rights of the sleep power to control is the pattern causing a deep sleep in MX a pattern that cast deep the sweeps PO to sew for sleeping and order bond ground poke a the vendor sites lumber tense fourth th bouquet that the spells that the expos were OK so it’s not that if they can’t believe being a fly didn’t said to me think the case and ex next thing to try to limit of talk to the tired again say you’ve just said is Schram as intending wasn’t sex off the open sore enough for me to go to the tavern and neighbors pirates here by half the ready seen in the right to left two men taylor’s purchase to bleary eyes and a few swung around one looks and can cause and slurs baby Bok only one in passenger ship wh , showed gold , use cold give gold is bring up the purse camp and sets of community loves seas of Weber told the spirit of ferric is a passage in the ways we would to get all that souls are the ship problem of Jews and they just a spear to locate of the ACM I still buy sell the sleeping powder right by do not buy used up the signal are so we need to load are safe if if to if , as a cutter OK so I was I was about to advance the plot there and then I remembered to pay I this is a same say that I buy uses sleeping better if you have cooled if the kit that one of those we win the they would’ve been soft locked the OK so we still have storm Berwyn sleeping powder , and the visibility so we we good on all that so getting on pirate ship to the kit to new save that don’t fall off the game played team placed on and kept such as men take the same as a boredom and the old insulation is out what to do and if to take a suspicion that you made a big mistake have the tiff is a pirates to arts over the whole that’s probably a deep take place and arcing place

of a local it’ll sell their Intercable boys spirits all things being equal he might’ve enjoyed this bush and which however you found your combinations to be sleeveless in satisfactory to book a to oh sure that your indeed take cargo hold of the pirate ship to caution look around the dam surroundings said today condemned down here s there’s the criterion that , CC stacks wooden crates (he knows rope ladder doing and partly through nobody does hold suing the latter’s starkly with a larg to tell it to push the crates to to get their own ship if that is anything back here is rats OK in other parts buried treasure Cay and about it lie just heard the cap and talk and no one is many servers buried to see if I figure he said is buried near a loan Palme trip OK that alone alone Palme tree of book five pieces to be used by if PCA is the east and then take Puckett got 4 to 40 only they be refreshed of a player page by the fun having connection problems to you to let say the stream health it says is excellent for me so it’s the college’s seated thing I’m guessing the right the ship to better to do anything about it easier mouse trigger the case are public to move this so that a box of books to the Sidley of there’s there’s variable delay on you to so there’s no Mullen see there’s lowland sea and is ultra low land save t , creates to the down box to: books top jump onto books Ply and creates jumped onto correct then so what happens if I tell if the into crates it’s the case of to others the normal NCS server 40 seconds there’s low latency which is, it’s a 15 to 20 and then holscher lattice’s like 5 to 10 but the problem with ultra low and see is that it causes a stream to buffer which is not good this is speaking are not good this puzzle I’m trying to just move in place in this tip books that it may be figure here that down box or even his crate to have jumped onto box jump on two crates and it’s 1:00 AM on two crates letter to judge me to try and jumping to the game so hitting any directional button today to push the credo are the only

living a push to create too large to OK to live for doing it has to be here that I could have to do the hop fulltime and it’s so it’s not in any of the actions to a that that’s one of the differences betw to swim and I think and then this one just busy nothing by you can still do it like they’d weaken the conduct of the sadek that the the the way king’s quest of the beats it’s not that way the race here is there any items we can OK we have no items as great, can we look they’ll shut no means of opening on OK so if so whenever we to do here it’s in this room to know if we if we put down the box like all right here in this corner the case junk bonds to box to if you if you do any sort of movement at all on top of the box he steps down from it into crates just jumped two latter can we can reach the latter from here to the date it looks like we should be able to reach the latter in less were on the guide and I’ve been trying to get to hear of maybe I’ve been approaching this wrong and maybe I need set put the small box underneath a rope ladder and then the breaking ground up Books like the week said the rate here and then put down walks and then jump onto box that the keys are coming off a keyboard and then jump jumped two ladder to 102 crates to jump or word two crates to soar we’re able to get the we’re able to get to the crate that the bottom of the screen so that was something but then jumped two crates to conduct here and then maybe it’s gentle letter from the pure there we go all OK at so was the this perspective is not amazing , to talk to the other co case and now are here what can we do this if speed up to normal to have the bucket are in the works that works that works but to get accountants have been here a curious around up or will we see this will the ocean the device returning the ship’s readers in the floor and fire extinguishe bucket of so I’m guessing the five a car will just deceived so what happens if we push runner polish was push we’ll the device used a vice these rather than beef baby this thing is not the bar on the seabed beefing up OK is anything we can do here time in as a wedge assuming his quarters the cake can move here on that tolerate east of the REMIC orders a kitschy and you’re gay and walk the plank to Ken is there anything different tear not we did that

10 is there anything difference jump onto fox jumped onto crates jumped two latter is anything different appear now to captain is none there right now that perfect 6:50 maybe that’s that’s what we wanted to do was get caught by the captain and do that again so I the feeling all their stuff is inside the chest here the open chests book and chests the case we got all the writers back months and that , James Gavin that ID yet again is a bunker Pitchess is a desk of the chart the came a week in the ship the complaint free of the all the luck of the plank at the mill creek for rooting for the share have a a a th but so looks like we Gotta be quick in getting around his back and then can then leave to open chest to I’m assuming there’s nothing else we can get in the and the cavern here to items to those chest and then we need to tell of their so see what’s back here and member spotty used to run the cave get shuffled the Carrick up a shovel in this this are in G is something else chips lifeboat open doorways at either end her To expect it to the rich parts apes bunks are comfortable the case so there’s nothing of importance there to lifeboat and eight might be important at some point that it can worry about it to a tough if to say got together irons and we got their shovels to their important if so lets the that’s climbed this and see to see what is up here to buy sticky am a good all king’s quest deaths the right so we got to something over there to ensure that is split OK to opponents of the crow’s nest and so I’ve a feeling we need to brewer storm perhaps an ad that that she are you shoot me I had set by does stop and move over peril if amazing so if you if you try to move over on this he just falls off the case and now eat tour tour Thomas I just gonna go straight up and then the next one for Kasler panels other of services this is like a staircase but even more precarious it seems the right so I am feeling up in the crow’s nest we need to the old ship that if if so I’m not sure if this is a rangy are not if

the tone of this is our G if we need to be a fair ’cause if so here’s my thinking is that we have this , we have the storm brew the right now so I’m taking an aura to escape the boats we probably need to , the Decree the storm on the deck of the ship test to sink this and we also need to get in the escape boats the lifeboat and then take that to to Devon tree , to I’m also curious if we can get off the latter on the screen up here I can find the right book as so we can do that to so what is in here to show off and interesting interesting , so let’s see someone approved back to I think this is this is called protect bone chips of to what happens if the sky touches us they think it’s a boy the Jews OK but some have since that he was far as I’m concerned this is the poop deck of an OK so that’s that’s a no go on us and so we still have the but that happens if we climbed on this will not let me is this OK as to what they did make up the climbing animation for that one I guess OK to there’s a lifeboat by many fellow ship that they retire it to guess the base path and overgrown of a that will this works he a OK that did work and not sure what we can do on the poop deck , by nature during a storm here to so that was so any two stir the storm Ver with our finger to stir storm brew with tender if a cave brew of storms touring it up , cave and that sinks the ship the storm has backfired well then added something that had an effect but not the one I wanted I hit OK maybe we have to be in the lifeboat first to soul of buying into lieu of this one so we need to go back down here the teacher drop down to their But so I think we need said to something with a lifeboat up the way those of us to the the case to need the pirates and not be here bouquet book and

in Tiananmen mischief and get invoked turn over votes to the Kay what if we to steer stormed through with tender but if we make the storm here , lieu of storms It’s up to art is this any different tip that that’s a year and a pirate’s to sell works to injure stores backer in a case to get the same to say the fact is before it seems OK if it can’t believe this to be on the poop deck and we still have ends we still haven’t found a use for our bar potion of deep sleep yet of late by I’d get this this is the have the suspicion we could turn into a fly and we can do that’s the kind of explorer the stew that if that’s some tips to wins in essence than a liar way over here bike maybe there’s something at the captains desperately needed or the map told what boasts of the captain’s on the balcony a case that silly thing here that’s the captain’s cabin that what if we go up to today , and in some stuff if that was sweet evil our way here are two of PSE goal of , so that’s just that and I’m assuming there is is anything above us know , the went down the screen and suddenly interesting if if , in a range of the sleep ocean wall at the impressions sleep Roche if to sell it I’m pretty sure can all only be used in D , town here it’s Gotta be an eight and dank place a dank and dark place , yet where the boat know exactly , like babies can be used under wraps and then you you get that one of the rats and the rats are not here anymore the dress to spawn and Yeutter out for two reasons than OK to put sleep powder or sleep powder on creative cook it and then test of the game and said that the other routes were too quick for us to pick up so I’m assuming that means that we Capone sleep , and then its slumber and swore of the liquors over the whole ship bouquet of the the answer to the whole ship if interesting that I can move right now wait a SEC are steering the ship you ask I suck a move in for slate is no reply to notice to the shipyard doom the drifted see forever and up to a by age what’s

the cable that that was something as sold to half of by the half a loaf what the hell we can do about this problem now to we need to like a lock the lock this by what if we we steer ship but to steer , both of interesting I wonder if this is a real time thing where it the war we just have to wait like 10 minutes per the ship to get to demonstrate maybe either that or we just Teleport away , I’m not sure which of the extraction ships going to think this is Devon tree down here that is that once let’s have the right to have a feeling this is the bubbly Mackinnon well this is probably not how useful service came can look of the map now it’s a does it all over again or if it’s king’s quest two all over again that one of the fastest in reached the limits to strike the panic and start a struggle the right of that that’s the answers a question I guess OK so to seven at steering the ship off what if what the heck can we do about this ticket a problem that is my job tenure the case that they’d just those that the case of our car magic that we currently have to we have casting causing a dupe a deep sleep and not just that dooms the ship if we use that to Teleport at random by I’m still not sure if this is gonna be any use to us by dissident rights , are in a storm that sinks the ship if we use that , so not sure about that one and then becoming invisible this one only work if dismal fire and missed around to so that’s that’s , interesting so I guess I can try looking at the captain’s cabin again , to is gonna be something in that the desk navy to gaze at the captives Des budding implements open a drawer choose nothing interest on charts Oken so there is there’s this down here in the quarter as well that maybe there’s something in their sets it’s not even giving me the error message are the tea in a closeup message some assuming I can’t open that the jurors hear ,

the air we haven’t been able to get a kitchen yet either, I don’t think there’s a good way to to get to the van near side of the screen ’cause maybe the tape cook doesn’t bother you if you’re on your side , the kid it’s only winning the two anything there and I don’t think we can like juke out that cook play it that listless a slow but Dick savior , by Kim IP are in G got the cooks in here by the filling the cookies in here all the time that uses the system here all the time so they don’t think we can we can deal with are cooked problem they before and fly mode like if I am site for reenter the fly code and we we freaking out for something , to leave understanding the language creatures fly like an eagle or fly and disability women to maybe we have to cast the dislikes spell while were next to the dove roger that the ship and then the time we just the theirs at the different scene that plays out there are perhaps , another thing that II did not try is using the magic map over here I have a feeling trying to shake the pilots the pirates a second while the case of this this clearly does more to their OK to so what if we do the asleep spell right here , can we lock a reader , to a device for turning the ship’s reader as is set in the floor to turn a reader to move reader to it is even know what the writer is turn device that a device that if if if the case to know I’m now I’m thinkin’ to try that the storm brew to know that the sleep under to ship when it’s true that life would scare can do that OK if so, to a miniature causing a deep sleep Two are going to poor sleep powder on ground and then slumber tents fourth this place does not meet the requirements a case that’s that tells us that if if if that will not work, no one can kick off if i so it has to be cast in the hold of the ship , so maybe the crow’s nest is far in G get the guys up there and that’s my thinking is that the guy up here of ship if that that’s a slow the sable were here chips we’ll they usually it’s up its for folks think it’s a horizontal the trip that we tried real , and they make a separate savior a letter of the kit so I’m curious if

the look of peru’s nest to resist perch atop the NASCAR City gaze up that you cannot seem to it if so what like a night what the way their fees to accept that one that uses a rangy to that of them would say that’s about to bite off by I’m not sure services problem just came I’m not sure which things are random is the cooking there all the time enough to beat this is stuff like this is an infuriating, I do look around in here and see if there’s a larger and stowed pots bands whose long dining table to OK but I don’t see anything usable here and Kay upper deck of par ship a letter reads the lower deck , as maybe there’s something that we haven’t seen on one of the screens over here the figo self the connectors south from here to 10 to can only go this way and the lower deck has no railing Very unsafe work space here are the pirates to sold , we can do here the better run that on protectors after you , they can get me because path finding 1/2 of sea to four this is slightly shorter OK but the lifeboat, to spears OK and let me see if the deck of the the wooden ladders even on screen , play a response to I’m not sure if this area up here if if that’s like a different screen or what’s that what if we do if , wings in essence to the skate freak out that there is so terrified that he cannot move OK but so what if we would be if we we have to change back into our reforms to fly be gone by sofa turn the live aid be gone by self to turn the cave, say pistol and that’s as a pirate keep chasing us that to return back the jig essence is all gone an entire chases is to give th I will the pyre wasn’t that freaked out the Kezar anything over here , know if people and amassed to the that to me a to restate the pyre THS of a of up to that each empire at the half book am not sure what we can do here, the helm archery mix , I don’t think it did many points and didn’t have a use the press since sold

the to what haven’t we try to units they sleep harder the eagle feather to storm brew bite at I’m still and they still can’t shake the feeling that this is a wait until we arrive at port thing , because we look to map to so that the ship is no closer to any of the two ports than it was for , and doing it at all to grow being this tonight to judge it too long to our really running out of places to look in things to do on the ship your I’m pretty sure there’s the blues doesn’t clear the shields on the side , the up or on the ship and I’m I’m currently I think I’m stuck to I’ve already tried using V’s that the restore men all it did the sink the shipping TV game over I tried D that put into sleep in the hold and that was also game over because there is no way to steer the ship , so maybe maybe any two wait until the captain returns to his room the case it is the captain to so what if the captain are fits what if the captain like they need to wait firm to go to bed or something and then that’s just the stew that if I wait for the captain to go and go to bed and then maybe this sleep spell doesn’t affect M and then CP stairs the ship the deaths of thing of so much sure what the hell they do with this the the care what if what if we sleep until we get to the port’s baby that will Vance time until we get to the ports to sleep in book is these bunks enough to say are they use OK to is seven to 10 year for that theirs is boats by did turn into a flat competition at the they didn’t do anything constructive by the feeling this is something to do with that captain , if like maybe I need to cast a spell one I know he’s at his desk to to theirs is roped thing to attach to the service said this has me to think in COL, the end of the common ball there we go to its it’s exactly what a sinking before all OK to found the land how the rights in our day cast the bomb if chief death of a deep sleep deep sleep is one so for powder on boar sleep powder on grounds the NSA slumber tents or if if if

this leaves Celtic specs else of the citizenship to cave can we move the OK to there isn’t any jump onto box jumped onto crates jump onto letter to its what happened was kind of what I suspected that it was the timer thing tent that ship the kit but we’re good to get and then and then what the suit now wants to if the sink the ship and way to create a storm to sink the ship may be the route see if the sky is a slight that just this works out that the captain was a bad car is the public to galley larger instead of pot spain’s barrels longtime table Tour arts now we can go through the store and not sure what this does for us but we can lease go through the door now , and yet that that did a whole lot of nothing to cave can we go to the crow’s nest temper the know a whole lot of no progress the kit is a guy sleep and up here just for all time safe that a lot about the rear balcony the shiny look at the magic mapped to as the maps and we are all case that is Devonshire there bouquet they put me back over here the tour , tariff and Ken to what happens if we can afternoon shift to the east you see what might be LAN OK to the east is land to so what if we if the aft what if we bury storm here , as tour storm brew with tendered to pick a group of storms sure and it’s up storm that backfired and Kay to clearly were not told off ship jump in water though the railing change in mind as field might be unsafe well the cave live peaceably you can book is set on a steal and dispose bed the cave and so maybe something’s different on the the front part of the ship now over here if Oakland on this thing

This asleep , can we search pirate is a loss to know the cable we know that the land a city used so if we do it if the goal feather in essence to if we had the east and we know that there is there’s lane to the east and it at some of the speed of the car itself we bunt earned from you’ll bid is shrugged off the goal be gone by sofa turn the goal of the gone by self return to 10 the right so we know that the buried treasures on the screen are magic essence is all gone by running a six year to the desert’s the islands this might be a saw flocks I’m making a new savior to so courting to the the routes in D hold of a ship the the buried treasures at the lone Palme tree as five pieces to the east and then we did so 12345 and here and I see Chester covered a small Chester River from the hold open and send them precious gems minutes of gold and silver those ches to solo know what the O G’s toadies a cave ball boy the right to sold interesting likely we have a an auto maps teacher here that the foot of a high school in on ranger cliff looms before you the tricky path winning suites to face Okay to look sick we need to get to the the north center of that pledge about where and then not sure how we do that , by wonderfully to sink the sink the pirate ship but we can’t the main we can however the right I’m not sure how we can we do this if like to pass goes behind this rock , the path The decorous post us to sit just jump over here all you can climb this book a interesting when a guest to the cave

to appear , puts up a sure yet Newark annex the Cayman islands advance for for upward in your path skins on top is too steep click below you bucket so the last spell that we have a weight and used it is becoming invisible by the way this just reviewed this so becoming invisible the magical events that we need to rob Reiner body and we can only use it one at baseball fire and missed to the feeling that wi the bypass something and it’s probably the dragon that we saw on the the vision from the oracle off and then located behind spider web of an that in march for Rupert Rick earnhardt’s getting cold and their traces of snow cave the it a dozen not go to the next screen of the north I guess that that of juror the the that by cutting 1000 perspective thing or what are me just making assumptions are the worst post a climb down that without the looks like the path to Scandinavians Home climb to take baby this you climb down no OK they be it’s the PF to go up to this year than hoped left no bike may be made your spouse to be an eagle their 10 AI don’t have enough essence they be this is a saw flock baby were supposed to be an eagle by commit that there is probably some other way to get off the boat without using the essence ’cause of this this looks like something we’d we need to be an eagle 4 to 8 and less like the cake of money Teleport back here and this to one morality of four out of essence so if we’d solve the pirate ship a different way we would still have our essence the rate of and then we’d be able to key goal that we we could only like if I if I said Dick wayne’s in essence of hacking view that because be don’t have it , you don’t think that’s been eagle here so what else we do here , yeah I’m pretty sure there’s another way off the ship bike data we didn’t some weed and use the storms thinks only bring down , and down the mountain

OK what if we’re of the are the stone boys a status of the congratulations the fund looting the volatile snowman what if if they can do that now a cave there’s an abominable snowman I guess up up up the case II use the spell of rain in Teleport Asia and Annapolis over here to maybe there is a use for that that spell of the use strip off the case I knew I knew it should again Probst and tears takes us to cave to it took us up to the far northeast , to calipers a spectator and does let you do that here OK S that that’s a random all right the case so I have the feeling that we need to like climbed down from the screen is a very top to start on resistant happens here to cliff are in the distance you can see the screen valley about the downed tree To so maybe we’d set climb down from here to as the key maybe not have the cave so it didn’t let me and those those cave things , the cake and I climb down from from this side bite from here to also point out that this is this is half dome by the way it’s a Sierra logo and it’s also the , a mountain in Yosemite national park the case when about appears here can overhear the services rock to home and the marriages can keep a routine that stone says is any different free fall off over Schiff to Kent the ESA what happens if you go back here to cases is another key you if the ocean bouquet team is disgusting have two bones in creeps that a good place to be taught at that time a good one to see if , feed date: 10 as the game does not want you to be here currently, so we got a message about escaping the abominable snowman when I worked into that of the area , they visit sheets down but it’s the case or does is take this interesting but your spouse to climb up that the

plane up this to stream is pasta clout the stream of OK than as a that’s that’s what I wasn’t getting I thought this was just a than I thought those just up the play saluting the case and that’s how we get up there , so that the next question is that we get through that network and T missile caves on the screen over there Touche I am not sure why I’m walking nearby will hold it I guess this is the fittings different is kinda weird that a KB the congratulations from skipping the the monster passage one to oh up up up up if there’s a book Russian Force uses the coyotes to get to see this there’s you it is can we meet early immense pickled lines bucket so that’s that some cuts for a guess the case that puts is here and then you wanna go down this again town of this OK if the date they would let me in the Scaife like to have to climb that doesn’t work interesting to that’s that’s a tough trip, to direct it to say and Turkey over something a little I just wear these gains dark they sure are the OK and then to whites bite off interesting the cane let’s let’s say. And , if K it’s an to let you climb up to as so climb will have to climb to the right so if I just see if I step directly to the left ear what happens to Kay will let me go any further here to to the left to fight pressed up now wait the if the old game but the hell bouquet in the league owner this cave this is the connemara song again which where they heard this is like 2000 songs and ran away then we got the same one and into streams the kit, this one to and from here we go to bat cave above us the right to hear That just in case this up this goes horribly wrong do that and they should bring us out the bottom left, right at the Kent the right to figure out that little puzzled here to know I’ve a feeling we’re very close to the end if we make your way down the eastern side of the mountain’s the path travels along the top of an air rage looking back into the Ter which use a recent journey of movie with browsing through the worse is now behind you up and started a dry unity with and

of Sofaer and missed is what the spell mentioned player in this and we need two rouble names on body off to that for most of the entry of seeing messages before that the mouser hopes he slept to get all right, I didn’t kill us the case that just ended dumps you down here , the entry tour that look around , range we made it to demonstrate the what is this looks like a cave leading deeper than the mound ISI evidence of a door once c to 10 this gave us another this is the cave two the , the stairs to the beanstalk land are that the clouds right to add this is where the the gnome spawns in steals our stuff that saw so that they threw back to that in this on the cave the rate of cave and feel strangely hot. OK so there’s there’s Mr. Allen and it’s hot so I never see the road and we’ve spent on body can we do it here of a OK to oh yes we can turn invisible here Labatt’s that we still have a role in , OK to look dead right in the cases is all of there’s a dragon it Simi hypnotize bites stay are used and froze new tracks what a way to go ending up the dragons barbecued to if you if you ent tooth of a cave to Seoul to so what’s our game plan tear to Seoul to evergreen silicon area mentor while we’re dead, so we have the invisibility shore , we have a knife , maybe get a stabbing dragon with a knife or invisible or maybe cut down Rosella the bike use use a knife to untie result the two older again that Regan the gains since huge bull from smoke what’s next for this team we take an evil we can’t walk behind a dragon so whenever it is we need to do the driving it has to be here to carry can go around the dragon , so can we cut ropes cut groups that cut groups tightrope the entire the entire to comment I

was a love the cave to you notice is being in time blassie both six to heap in the ivy valid though break the spell is we have to add off of text and be more careful to S Takei maybe there’s something to the screen to the left of their bike and suites order something, is there a sword and the charter chess with 10 chest open chest the inside precious gems gold can we need to do that to the dragon annual flyway , use points minutes and road links vents on body and if , that and self to have that baby the treasure trust growth treasure chest to use treasure chest to know the case was to this list of us here OK this is this is just like an area in king’s quest one where it’s just this seven there’s more clouds off to the left and up and that’s step that still happens there if , to solo them, if the magic stone to spoon the error shovel budget map treasure chest to still that the storm brew but if this storm drew has to be used in it a dank place I think the right to earn a storm a can be done anywhere OK that maybe it’s the the thunderbolts , to move the link fence on body to if the tester storm brew with and are a rule of storms Turin it up if if the manly that the cake can move right now bolt of lightning strike the huge dragon house and painful sit around and all sick the right by was expecting that to work but a Div of a of a car and those kind of art are only optionally to do their bonds, a Rosella a rapidly in Cyprus is result from the wooden pull its throughout the music here for the ending I guess this is probably the inn ball explained in a later you continue realizing that is not the time for this just follow me let’s go meet the folks with mixed the the cheese she’s she’s still here , this is just like getting a king’s quest to of the ITU walk a left com to

initially introduces self and can be sure you really my brother prince was all wonders I know my mother always said Alexandre De boy Alexander she cries you really are back on the devil be so happy the right so we show her at a step too sure of , maybe the magic Knopf is what we need their time for magic taker from the Kay I guess maybe way we just take the stairs and try to tough to die down the stairs , I assume we can it’s we can’t walk north from here that a a a a a a tooth the kit they beat suspect on stairs again by Des if they do go one last one and if that blood was bringing all near the last king’s quest game that that uses PC speaker for music that’s that’s drinking in here before we get to the NT 32 in the midi games that don’t fall down the stairs to sell it as Ella bucket the boy if so 201.7 to 10 bobby so we missed some is probably for the the pirate ship that maybe are maybe not maybe you maybe I did everything properly with the pirate ship and we’ll get the last nine points and w to go to the , the castle , and I want to the we’ve fallen off to school fair to the 10th have a a a test where castle is to talk to Arizona , are broken and the dispute is a baby dead searched everywhere for you obviously never funny pausing by the way where have you be A few more say if the debug entry hard times and entry rate of two to doubt that mom tried those like the loss there will that your fists they’re down on our garden that earl drinking we all thought OSI and if the miscarriage and know that I did want to be brave I was hoping the sectors might somehow help the beaded because of the UK and now are together again and together we can put Devonshire rights , the dragon did all that you bring to countryside and we’re all turf Aidid and other houses who don’t remember to use to be very , , they were to get the kit to no more conversation new solo comely year of the selling of to whenever it is we can use magic just the solve our problem here and beaches through these boulders that area OK assist you in the thread the needle for the boulders the cave and yet this this is definitely king’s quest one that just looks a little different , though DP that she’d call the gnome OK to consider sucking granite plane down the city over Georgia Sea to this trend ahead to announce urinal the right to let him run and I guess

the Anita not fall notebook a week and there’s no vote to this abodes are wide open a welcome home the longest son and a much lo both has at last return a downed tree to 05 AM to 10 the cafe were missing five points and it there say to return them to sister princess was thought this might Otto advance here the kale hit enter tape before that went around standard parents can Graham Greene validates the downey’s has an enormous mouth that looks have up to them and a niece are overjoyed to see you Alexander where have you been all these years to mother explained such father and so p buy a joyous family reunion their home last 2 g points the mayor that was once a magic near son that it has been clouded ever since the night he disappeared from your cradl and eat up the loading to 40 astonished eyes the magic near clears and shines anew with brilliant clarity cleaned on these cries and liked that herbal to Graham lovingly retrieves his adventures hat with a red feather demotion he tells you Alexander Rizal of this old hat and I’ve been through a lot together now it’s time he headed new traveling companion the funds in your direction the pinup and gently arcs you reserves to catch it and so does princess was a letdown becomes nearer and nearer and I didn’t get it the end graduations under successful completion a king’s quest three today that same the hope you enjoyed playing as much as we enjoy creating a 40 to 80 venturing continue with king’s quest tour and its unique credits the the guide and I can look at our human story , it will any type of the parser though the skill credits that they did the other games but if that dickey three version 2.14 we’ve been playing for 2:23:32 that half the day you don’t think that’s right up to the case but that the that sees me yet so we missed five points and up to the kind we did it comes closer to stop the timer their start the music and lets us get wrapped up on king’s quest to read what a video game that its turn off the bouquet to sell king’s quest three completed yes we did that she did the eye I needed a hint of two service this wasn’t completely blind, to oh yeah I notice a cheated on this one this is this one I had some outside assistance and I needed it this one is kind of rou are self somethings partly due to design which will give in to hear , are things I liked of

much more difficult and for warning puzzles a better story than one in two of the other graphics and more music , take that back covers how much I like this one would not to, dessert sheet that all that’s why qualified with, with that , glitzy too much for randomness and required puzzles , to see to sometimes not clear how to advance plot this game was designs are it seems like this way game was designed to sell him books , too easy to fall off of ledges and stairs when walking around , than the eye that the problem covers lot of the things I didn’t like about the closer the for the time for 1986 like this is thi to over one into a login that we get the final reading it to the day famous we got the the pay wizard in quotes and look cute we turned into a cap away those those one of the amazing deaths of its fourth to six dec and as one of the kit to light on database for this one the drum and bass not really ’cause it’s it’s a PC speaker canceled say no to a lousy as of one of the deficit you get for faili it a totally turns into an alien had a notes post be a fly had I guess that says blocked a human size by the looks like an alien , difficulties a hard so that are the most part a lot of the puzzles and were too bad in relation to let say Kings close one to if wood did make this difficult is that you have to spend a lot of th , trying to play now the event that time crunch so if you miss that the first like half of the game, you can’t beat cop well by and then you have to put everything back the way it is and then if the height and some of the bed or also was rule Kelly it’s ga , so that that was an added layer of complexity of that the added into team’s quest three as post one and two wages they can do things economy own pace and one and 2:00 AM and , to some of the puzzles like I stumbled into solutions that I wouldn’t probably guessed how to do one , and I know that the font godlike that the cat thing that’s part of the difficulty is that some of the pauses in this game is really hard to tell if you have the solution wrong or she didn’t try the solution enough by case in point getting the cat fur to use oppose to pick the only actually pick up the catlike 20% of the time and the rest of time they’ll give you an error message saying all the cats bands and that just seems like or design their if it’s the players on the right track but they are rewarded with the police like they pay maybe try again or something and that the text box , ’cause ’cause I wrote off that solution and it turns out I was right I just didn’t write off and then the other thing that tha

for record questing so not just a required spawns for the enemies so that was a scene in one and two they’re just show kind of a ball on the grounds you can get it for your you questing and that was that was horrible if they specially on top of the factor t 10 minutes trying to add egg get in the eagle has spawned and then give a church out the feather in four to be murdered by the w to that those rough of I certainly beat the game I’m not sure if didn’t give enough time , be able to beat the game on my own R.I. I probably would be that it might take awhile longer than we took up 10 hours , so I would say this is a flight five and five Blake you need a walk through open at all times that’s kinda would I would drink it will frustrate you on both puzzles that tiny and scheduling trying to get all that work out, and then some of the platform and I guess you can call of walking arou more difficult than it maybe shouldn’t Puckett and then reading 15, so I think king’s quest three is a great convolution in the series of king’s quest starting from 12 of the game does look better even though it’s a mansion is one and two I think the game looks great, the writing was was a whole in this one compared to one and two, it’s it’s a really neat the magic system at the port of that this endows kind of a necessit , throughout the game without those really need to cool edition two after this game in particular , to exceed 10 hours long service was by think more than double how long the first two games took me, says is certainly the much longer game and I think you’ll borrow II think I was satisfied with how the game turned out and mike time playing with it by king sells one and two whisk unlike any or play in the venture game bow ties I feel like I buy demands to some appreciation for the game after playing at the chided necessarily get as much about one and five women to pu , I would say this is a five but I would say that this is this is a 4 to 5 bike it’s up there in surveys great I would recommend try and beat the game at its own game, and at the Lovell see we’re closer here so this is king’s quest 32 years human the right to Belgium for tonight’s intricate that if so let’s even extreme on worker probably gonna do some seem an , and that’ll be like 10 minutes a cement and then the data we might start of king’s quest for we might start CODELCO we might do both, I think we’ll pull probably keep that the k of so maybe 10 minutes a seem an 2 hours of Cordell, and then to 3 hours of OM of king’s quest for the not sure how long kinks before is put to the fats it’s likely the plan will be gone so do for tonight it’s of its chip that’ this I have five stuff to work on the overnight and tomorrow so young they kill for watching open greedy that morning and evening wear of your aunt I bought a crit on the wrong thing again and I’ll see you next up to carrot taker but