Hello there by this is General Snivy and welcome to my new let’s play strange good there okay anyway welcome everybody to let’s play Final Fantasy VIII I am playing the steam rerelease of the game on PC and if anyone has play Final Fantasy VIII this is not what normally with the title screen looks like the reason why this is and the font or the games also different this time around is because of the fact that I am using some mods to enhance the experience of the game because the steam rerelease of file. The eight along with the original PC release of the game are quite infamous due to the fact that the both the original PC release as well as the steam rerelease of the game the music for the game uses many

files as opposed to the original that were of much higher quality in the original PlayStation version so one of the mods I have active is known as roses and wanting what that is and replaces the entire game soundtrack and all the MIDI files with the ones that were found in the original PlayStation release not only that I am also running some other mods that recently changed the status of the game to get a fresh coat of paint so basically all the mods and running here do not affect gameplay whatsoever but the only thing they do affect are just cosmetic and not just that cosmetic differences so if you have any questions on the mods and when I’m using and if you want to install them and use them for yourself or your own play through this game what I highly recommend you do is look up a YouTube video and just a search of past Final Fantasy VIII the mods or war you can do this instead if you’re in the chat right now just typing! And then mods in lowercase all one word then nightspot will direct you to a video that I used to get everything up and running and get everything all set up I honestly did not want to change the stacks too much but unfortunately in order to get the box to run properly I had no choice I had to go all out I can also display the original PlayStation release as well but the steam rerelease of the game I we consider this to be the definitive edition must a little music issue but again that’s just me and there are several reasons why we consider the defendant version and one of those reasons is there’s a new feature that was introduced with the PC release I don’t know if this was a part of the original PC release or not but I do know it is a part of the steam rerelease and I’ll get more into that later there’s also a new option called Magic booster which gives you a bunch of spells and basically fills up your tire spell book with all kinds of different spells throughout the course of the game however it’s one of those what I done kind of deals where once you inject yourself with that do not you can’t really take it back because it’s injected hearsay file permanently of course you can always get rid of the those spells you small but that was used on that’s it be sure you can still use it over and over again to more or less give yourself unlimited spells however there are certain numbers spells that you need to keep within your spell book and some of them are more useful than others so with that in mind let’s go and begin a new game of Final Fantasy VIII now I’ll be here why I’ll be waiting here for what I’ll be waiting for you so if you come here you’ll find I promise my God that a true will never get

old never one of my favorite entrance to a video game of all time firkin love it so much race here we go time get this party started having feeling okay I guess okay take it easy next time you hear looks like your eyes are focusing you should be fine sanding for me sure thank I don’t know if this was the first Final Fantasy game told I to rename your protagonist by default your main character’s name squall Leonhardt so I’m just keep that such so that is going to burn why don’t you take it easy in treating next time you might not be so lucky hell that the cipher that cipher won’t listen to anyone why don’t you ignore him I can’t just run away you want to be cool hot well don’t get hurt in the process wise words to live by let’s see your instructor is requested ocular now just wait here a minute for the longest time I never knew how to pronounce her name until I play through world of Final Fantasy thank God for that because the way it spelled the way you say her name is kind of confusing and went back to the with this can get your student yes yes his injury is not serious will probably leave a scar but a bad as what that right now please come by though it were you squall so we meet again and wondered and that is and wonder shall play a very vital part of the story only one way to find out that he is to dive right on in and the watch as the story unfolds in quest this once again looks really disappointed in us I knew it be either you or cipher come on let’s go today the field exam yes it is it is a classic also one of the stream squalls or something on your mind not really what’s so funny funny now now it’s not that I’m just happy gigantic deck nice name anyway welcome the stream just to try to behave yourself please thank you I feel like I’m beginning to understand my student will that’s all I’m more complex than you think no idea then tell me tell me more about yourself it’s not your business and are you galloping able to control

characters turn FMV sequences most awkward thing one of the most awkward things about while 58 but just makes me enjoy the game that much more is even if you move around FMV sequences doesn’t really affect gameplay too much is this something you can do this for fun things good morning class let’s start with today’s schedule there seems to have been some rumors flying around since yesterday yes the field exam proceed Will begin later this afternoon to those not participating in those who fail last week’s Breton test are to remain here and standing all feel example dispense will have free time until the exam just be sure you’re in top condition the hall in hall at 1600 hrs. I’ll announce the team assignments there any questions: cipher do not injure your partner while training be careful from now on feel example dispense I will see you all later in squall I need to talk to you how great what she wanted right now well will go talk to her later right now to check on her desk’s eternal power what a anyway here at your desk you can view basically all the basics that you need to learn about this game including the base think about darting which basically describes the lore of wire here what’s going on and even a message regarding there’s also the school Festival committee will check that out momentarily right now the checkout tutorial GF data for squall he of registration under squall are GF quince go control and ship was achievement your way to firm and confirm that covers all aspects of gameplay in this tutorial can also be accessed through regular menus anytime during the game very true and here you cannot you all the different kinds tutorials that are here these tutorials right here are textbased so you can view them in a sleeve you how to live go about playing for the game and how to how to do things and as you can see despite playing the PC release of the game I do have regular button prompts that’s one of the mods I have installed where it replaces those god-awful be wind B2B three before etc. buttons when using enjoy pad way but is from a PlayStation controller so in this case I’m using a regular tool shop for controller to to the computer via USB so yeah this rule they should more than be sufficient for play through the game and the buttons should also make things a lot easier when play through certain parts of the game because trust me not having this mod you get stuck very easily try remember what buttons under control correspond but one button to three for and there’s no symbols whatsoever see you can figure that out on your own anyway online help are of like interactive tutorials the only one have this GF junction but this will be gone over with us when we had out of here and take the field exam card game this is a sign activity that is present within many different Final Fantasy games in this game is no different the name of this the card game is known and again tried to cast I can’t remember the name of the top my head but this the car game and at any time you can view the rules of the car game and figure out what those what time you play the game honey when the game what happens when you win or lose and it’s a pretty simple game

in concept but it’s a very very difficult to master and there are a lot of rules and there is a lot of explanation as far as the actual card game is concerned is entirely optional but if you want to for 100% completion but in the is your number 100% completion then you have no choice but to go after the car games and play them constantly in order you to write cards that you want for the most part very now let’s look at icon explanation this basically describes all the different icons that are part of the game such as that weird drop that looks like a raindrop that fire for whatever reason and that crystallized the box there is I just under first wheezing wind water in holy holy holy crap and left again and here all the all the icons for.different status elements that can be inflicted upon you or your enemies such as death poisoned by darkness etc. etc. here we have the what these different icons be a three-year checkpoints SDR strength VIPs motility MAG is magic SPR spirit STDs the EPA’s that evade or invasion heck is percentage luck is just lock the fancy about that and we also have a couple other icons over here such as elemental attack on to design status attack is does the fence will get more into the details of that later and trust me there will have to go over and finally the the icons we have are junction ability command ability character ability party ability GF ability and menu ability each of these icons represent different things junction abilities are like that HP flies or magic plus luck plus etc. etc. nothing too fancy there so long as you have a GF equipped with those status boosts and they were done this a long as that person has that particular GF equipped than those stats will transfer that character so long as they have the GF equipped then command ability is a basically allows you to modify your commands and give you certain abilities you can have up to three additional commands all at once by default you have the three other commands you can automatically quit but no matter what you do have to equip a GF in order to do anything other than attack as far as character ability is concerned not 100% sure but I think this that gives a particular character who has that GF equipped a special ability that is correspond to that GF and if they learned it party ability is something that affects the entire party GF ability is okay I was wrong about the whole junction ability earlier that applies a GF ability junction ability is something else entirely menu ability is something you can do the menus and trust me will be getting it to all the juicy details later and we also have information for the camcorder we have basic terms and elementals size menu bounces them etc. etc. and there’s so many pages about the different terminologies of what they need and trust me you can’t keep this memorize as you go about the game so for example GF stands for Guardian for trust me you want to keep that in mind for later and basically these terminologies tell you what these mean how does this work and there’s quite a lot they to learn just from reading text alone but I feel like it’s better idea just simply experience to give yourself and learn the hard way but hey that’s just me my personal preference is to the school system Festival committee see if there’s anything going on here think you are looking at this page but there won’t be any updates for a while because I the Guardian Festival chair be leaving garden I did not strive to be a CD and I will even graduate devoted all my

time to the garden Festival my passion but in the end there was no garden Festival is because no one volunteered to help out I have only myself to blame dialogue was off I’ll be starting a new life but I sincerely hope someone will take over the garden Festival committee goodbye Balaam garden with bleak daughter interesting to know what that’s about but the we come back later and that after certain point in the game the school system Festival committee will be populated with some very interesting juicy info okay lets you about garden what’s this about yeah we can learn about the facility rules the rules of ministration and garden about CDM one again is a lot to go over and some of these where most of the for the most part do not apply to actual gameplay there more so they are for basically Lord purposes so you don’t even have to read them if you don’t want to anyway a message garden we have garden events cafeteria announcement disciplinary committee announcements in library the announcements check up garden events see previous memorial service entrance ceremony CD exam written field exam summer is the garden Festival sonication on of the students sponsor that and winter is winter vacation trial like an actual school system in real life that that’s pretty neat and the garden square with this opinion are going to last yet your opinions are important to make regarding a better place right and then

placed in the drop box I got first treat East River baby and I want to go out with her Ricci Ruby number one and love of the two habit� Of the I don’t care why they select this the okay I think that’s everything that we need to cover here in the terminal so I’m gone again you can come back to the terminal at any time in the you all kinds of different information here right now let’s go and talk to Christison get the start you into the fire covering yet have you you won’t be able to take part do they see the exam as you don’t pass the present pre-breakfast requisite my God I can’t speak I was going to go this morning cipher the other goods here’s not really then let’s get going if you’re not too confident yet you can review your studies at the study panel which is your desk I’ll be waiting at the front gate to come down when you’re ready because access the study panel from your seat of course I’ve already technically went over this anyway you say alone with the instructor trip should and should anything happen to instructor trip the trustees will get you back I’ll get perhaps they really love her I am so jealous you should take up the subject to those responsible. Eric was going to gallon by the way Final Fantasy VIII is the way to

like here what you okay and he fine sorry I was 10 in a hurry yeah I hate to just come from the class is homeroom over yeah unfortunately who all now all this place is so much bigger than my last garden oh hey had a artistry for here if you think you can give me a quick tour this garden sure okay alright let’s go will take the elevator to the first floor lobby will show you to the directory is good to me and my way this girl that is following us right now she’s got come into play in just a short while I hate would you like to have the but rather gave me these cards but they’re really not my thing it happens you like what have you play a card game I think I’d be best to look at the parking methylation tutorial I don’t know much about it really is you want to play cards is a lot talking about present square but keep in mind that everyone is cardplayer by the way I’ll place it don’t bother challenge may sell we received cards after talking to the guy see what those cards are highway can bring up the menu at any time but pushing the triangle button by default let’s see I think this is the where we can or not okay nevermind cards is where we can view all the cards we have see pretty interesting card designs there are 10 separate pages with each having a different card entry in order to play the card you need to have to have at least one card or certain number cards before you start playing though I don’t know the exact numbers go so that is something to keep in mind okay that’s the directory well this is it Balaam garden is pretty big it’s a good idea to check where you want to go in selected

here question how you use this move the cursor impressed asked to select next I’ll give you a quick explanation of the various facilities there you’ll find a dormitory to the north the majority of the students live in the dorms there are too many students who commute yeah I’m in the dorms to the rest in change in their west of the North block is the cafeteria there’s always a big rush for the hot dogs you better get used to waiting in line guy I guess the hot dogs just that freaking good eats in the North block is the parking lot we you usually take a garden car with a mission comes up the front gate is located to the south is right to get Gobi instructor trip treat at the front gate what’s the matter nothing next we have the quad located in the West Block there’s an event being planned there I now I know it’s the garden Festival all it’s going to be great complaining to be on the community committee it will help out to let’s just continue south of the West Block is the in primary this is where you go to get treated for your injuries but the last inches come here revise what the doctors name Dr. had a walkie I apologize if I butchered that name but Japanese names I can’t really read too well now the East Block this is the training center is the only facility open at night it’s used for training and they have real monsters running loose here if you don’t take it seriously you may end up dead just be careful okay south of the East Block is the library there’s a lot of material you

can look up here but the terminals in the classrooms are a lot more efficient and you already know about classroom on the second floor right you do not want by the way the headmaster’s office is located on the first war you need permission to get an the question what that pastor’s name headmaster said one of many Final Fantasy tropes that’s about it anything else that I’ll take that is that the a.m. I think the exam yeah the maybe I’ll see you again later I’ve already finished my training at the previous garden and taking the state exam today to good luck to the last is a lot you’re welcome for the slide anyway thing you want to this icon right here is the probably the most important icon in the entire game this is a say point what you touch this access the menu and then select safe to save your progress keep this in mind because there is no autosave in Final Fantasy VIII no matter what version of the game you play 7 Is Pl. to put this in slot to go and print save file right there and that’s another thing I really love that is the rerelease the low times are significantly shortened between basically anything and everything from the entire game including saving progress usually it takes about the else five seconds but here instantaneous and learning from one area to another usually that takes about another five seconds or so but again the steam rerelease so much faster and this is coming from a mechanical hard drive and technically speaking this game is being played on a hard drive I can imagine that the game loads even faster if you’re playing this on SSD but the pretty sure it’s not basically low times are the same not too sure every single year you get troublemakers entering oh how I enjoy scolding battery there is something else that I wanted to know to and that is this game along with properties is seven financing nine don’t have a three-dimensional backgrounds not like file physics and onward instead it uses prerendered graphics and have 3 miles running around the prerendered environment I don’t know if yeah it started Final Fantasy DCCVIII improved significantly and died the basically through its own aesthetic and and

pretty David further south yeah they you gather some trivia right there to go home this weekend I really should go visit my parents okay there is another thing is worth noting to and that is this game right here is the first Final Fantasy game I’ve ever played and technically speaking when I first laid on the PlayStation and what my copy it was but actually my sisters there’s a story about that and not going to are going to that layer right now we have West known as the drop point the withdrawal right now but the as soon as we head out to the field we will be able to draw keep this in mind whenever you see a drop point go to like and grab whatever spells are in the air just keep in mind what you collect the spell then it’ll take some time before the draw point will become usable again there are a couple exceptions here and there especially with some of the more powerful spells where you can only get like so many throughout the course of play through and afterwords you won’t be able to get one ever again so use it wisely so yeah it’s at the front gate topic list this have a few things to explain before heading off GS gives us strength the stronger the GF the stronger we become so here’s a brief explanation of junction in the GS and

this is the tutorial I was talking about earlier even if you view the tutorial before hand you will be forced to sit through with again junction the tutorial junction enables characters the power up in usability this means GF must be junction and where the power up in usability let’s begin by junction GS right now though GF is junction right now all of the commands in gray cannot be selected yet once junction is selected the GF of magic commands appear says no GS is junction of magic is displayed in gray let’s junction the GS by selecting GF IGF list appears present Square to see the abilities possessed by a GS the abilities are HP junction vitality junction etc. choose GS when GS who was told selected its abilities HP junction vitality junction make the stacks the vitality junction appeared that should now be junction to HP and vitality but since there is currently no magic you’ll move on to selecting abilities there three command abilities and to not command abilities for characters a party total of five abilities can be set depending on the GS abilities the backflow is more done command abilities as means that up to seven abilities can be stacked let’s set some abilities first select the slot the top window is for command abilities use during battle about window is for characters and party abilities selecting the top window displays command abilities and selecting about window displays characters and party abilities since there is currently no magic let’s set the command abilities drawn to get some magic when and whether that the slot is chosen the cursor boost the right selector on the subcommand draw missile command abilities you disturb our set list and GS and items to the list of command abilities now GF and I am upset but said than done command ability by moving the cursor down a character’s ability is displayed now select magic +20% selected to the slot and select magic +20% as the simple fact abilities have now been set this concludes the tutorial thank you and good luck good luck and have fun everything okay up till now always check back by accessing tutorial for the menu everything is good here once we get to the fire, and I’ll explain how to junction magic used to command drawled are about to stop magic from your enemies be sure to have some stock radio the fire covered used for the test is located east of here another thing is worth pointing out to is when speaking the certain characters locations will typically be highlighted in blue keep this in mind because those are some very very important pieces of information so that mind let’s head out and another thing is worth noting to is that when you’re out in the field you can say progress at any time without having to be anywhere near say point so it’s not idea the just trying to say progress as much as humanly possible separate now the schedule and junction some abilities in China way you can set these abilities in any order you see effect so for example if you like I haven’t drawn here to put the draw here instead or if you’re like me I typically roll with GF Apple the second slot draw or magic in the third slot in the file slot I put items items are extremely important in this game you have no freaking idea that I am CCing your skin more times and you can count so here we go from here and another thing is worth noting to is GF’s Lord abilities and go about through the game right now they’re sitting at level I there is one more thing worth noting to is that if he didn’t pick

up your GF set the at your front desk be when you started the game may gain control squall Christos will give you those GS after talking to her at the front gate so for right now going grab the whole of the GF menu this regarding enforcement you can view all the GS and currently have in your possession and who is with you throughout the course of the game and here you can view the status of that GS and what they’re currently set to learn and speaking of learning if you select learn and hit the X button twice you can view one of her abilities that the particular GF can learn items that are grade are abilities of which you can have that GF learn so in order to have GF’s Lord abilities they have to gain no what is known as ability point ability points are earned from the feeding enemies right now I go to and select boost because this doesn’t take too much HP to learn why into it’s pretty dang important to learn boost as soon as you humanly as soon as you possibly can so on to do the same thing for a ship right here and by the way any AP that you are earned from one ability you can transfer you can’t transfer over to another ability but any AP that is learned any any AP that you gave up to that point to learn a particular ability ill stay there so long and will stay there basically forever so let’s say for example I heard five AP for boost but then I decided say hey I want to start working on learning spiracles 20% while I can do this at any future API game goes towards this is supposed to boost so if I earn a the six bit the dust AP to learn spiritless 20% and then I sent out go back to boost then the API to earn up to that point for the abilities days at five and I can continue to work on the from there so it’s a bit of the AP management but the whenever you choose to do is entirely up to you by the way there is another kind of unique work when it comes to GF’s believe it or not each of these GS have a compatibility level with certain characters the higher the compatibility the better the GF will perform when used by the character this work is invisible to the player and you can only have you this information online so that is something to keep in mind let’s go slot methods let’s like to write here Miguel let’s head on out get ready the get to our first fight say hello to enemy number one the fly’s while you still remember the on what is the trigger pull it just as you strike same for residents to get something to be the draw some magic from you and you any of the draw as many spells you possibly can before I tried to fight the enemy and defeated by the way this whole trigger thing it only applies to to characters while and one other person no one else has the yet trigger option but anyway after defeating the enemy you’ll gain experience were all the party members so there we go we can sometimes items upon the feeding enemies so there we are and depending on how strong the enemy as we gain some AP for GS one other junction are not I think then they should still receive AP nonetheless no matter what, I we have a group of flies this time whenever you are draw magic from an enemy you can choose the stock the fireworks stock that particular magic spell or you can choose to cast it for free if you choose to test it casting like this you will cast the spell which you drawn from yesterday in deal semantic damage magic works kind of the strangely within Final Fantasy VIII as with the draw system you have to draw magic from any this does take a turn on doing this so that is something to keep in mind but a good idea to draw as much magic as you possibly can from as many enemies as possible achievement synchronized the server I think what that means is in the steam rerelease of this game the steam rerelease there are achievements that you can earn so I there are several treatments that can earn this game I have earned a good majority of the achievements already though I haven’t earned all their still sell that I have yet to earn and I still need to work on okay I think were pretty good here so this point and maybe then you try to say progress Islip wrong game folder again have never get used to that okay attend to the case okay junction magic now pay attention on explaining how to utilize the magic he was stopped and so we’re immediately thrown into the junction the magic tutorial I junction magic you can raise the character stats or stats if the GF has learned the ability to junction all to stats that particular stat will be displayed in white by selecting junction here the GS and magic events will appear you are able to junction magic by selecting magic when magic is selected a list of magic appears use the cursor to select which stacks to junction when strength is selected choose a magic with the cursor you can see how the step dying changes with each magic when magic is selected the magic will be displayed next the stat and the value will change only one match can be assigned each staff however there is no need to junction magic manually one by one select auto after junction a auto junctions magic automatically there are three commands to choose from taxpayer strength magic favors magic and defensive favors reason HP and fences last magic can be junction easily by using auto for example let’s select the attack junction magic has been junction to favor strength this concludes the magic junction tutorial we draw a new magic try experimenting with it when you when you’re you junction this is how you become stronger okay right now I’ll you know how to use your dumb blade I can some reviewing it’s better to go over it the status screen displays each character’s basic data the first test screen shows stacks such as HP strength etc. the second screen shows all the status and elemental related information the third status screen shows GF relation information for staff screen shows you limit break information squalls got blindsided can be changed to limit break screen there are two settings got blade auto ransom so can indicator if you select got blade auto to on the resident can hits automatically without having to press on one I would keep them off however a perfect may not be possible with this option you must select all and honestly it’s not that hard it really is a and press R1 manually at the right time if there is a good indicator is turned off the indicator will not display during run to get his again auto just turned on the resume. Indicator is turned off automatically as office walls limit break and write let’s go speed limit breaks each character has their own unique limit break as Quist is that pointed out’s walls limit break is the presence of can and again I would keep got blade auto two off and is a good indicator to all for special this basically displays what special ability will be activated at random at the end of the limit break depending on squalls weapon depending on what variant of weapon he has in his possession then the special will change and more more specials will be added as you upgrade got blade throughout the course of the game so there squalls to bring with this is limit break works a bit differently her limit break is blue magic she learned blue magic by using various items on her as far as what items are concerned that I’m not too sure off the top my head there are a lot of different items a lot of accommodations in the liabilities were Quist is to learn or her limit break somehow the brakes work is if the character is in the yellow health grades so with their health text is yellow and that means they are almost on death’s doorstep at this point there’s a chance where the attack command will give you an option to activate the the limit break however this is chance of happening is always random however the lower your HBS the more likely you’ll trigger the limit break opportunity so it’s kind of a risk versus reward kind of scenario so that’s pretty nice you just have to decide when would be a good time to heal and went to not heal and instead just unleashed limit breaks [Batman and pray to God that you end up killing the enemy the exhibit strategic but the there’s a strategy when it comes to utilizing limit breaks that’s for sure and this is something else I have not gone over yet this is configuration the configuration menu you cannot choose to adjust the controller options so normal is just the normal controls and how you go about finding game you can also customize the button layout for the controllers well and if he had asked to customize the button layout you

can then not choose what buttons you want and the basically how everything works so hair Miguel for whatever reason the runaway controls for this iteration are assigned to start select button honestly it’s been playing the steam rerelease this game with a PlayStation controller and as with the Xbox controller and the reason why is because the button layout on Xbox controller is different versus the PlayStation and and by the way the command to and is wrong for some reason for this button layout to and you just push start or in this case to be using the dual shock for its the options but so this on normal cursor you can set the cursor to initial which is the attack command automatically like a set of memory so whatever you had on last when you last interaction ill be set to their ATV is the time battle you can change this from active to wait change this to wait if this is your first time playing through so whenever you’re going through options and stuff when you’re charging at their ATV cage the bows proceed automatically but if your ATV gauges bought your able to choose an action then the game temporarily stops in time so you cannot choose your actions more carefully and thoroughly and scanned what they said this is a ascetic for close-up animation so if you scan your enemy if you sent this to once for the initial scan ill do close-up of the enemy and to the full animation however if you set this to always still always do that no matter how late time to scan the enemy camera movement is process that you can be bounce speed is how bad fast you once the house be so if you are a bit stressed out you can try lowering the bowel speed along that so that way you can easily readjust a strategy in a more decent pace but at the same time this also comes with a cost of bows taking longer than that keep in mind that our messages you can see you set how fast you what the messages to Command and then remove themselves feel messages you can set how fast you what the text to come about screen I would keep this at the fall so that way everything disappears all at once said you can adjust the sales for the game I think this applies to music as well I could be wrong then again I feel like maybe to start off sound effects only and least amusing a while but not 100% sure on that but for right now though before we headed to the cavern I mentioned to say one more time not the wrong slot again just so that way if something goes wrong we won’t have to sit through the tutorial again holy crap that would be in a because there’s no way to skip tutorials in this game which is unfortunate hello hey all the ketchup you please adjust us to obtain a low level via a C member must support are you ready yes I’m ready to support instructor number 14 Quist’s treatment selected time limit choose one suit your abilities challenging yet reasonable so for your first place through I would highly recommend setting this the 40 minutes so that way you play guitar the grass the controls and everything else in between so for the early part of the game the seed exam works like this this a bit collocated and I’ll the past 19 years at this game is been released not any simpler I have done some research on the seed exam and how you can score high school are a get the best rate possible so for the veterans of Final Fantasy VIII you may want to adjust the time limit to say like 10 or 20 men and there’s a pretty interesting way you cannot obtain the highest score guaranteed in the original PlayStation release but there in the steam rerelease so there is one more thing worth noting to is if you run out of time in any circumstance for the most part then it’s a in-state game over so whatever time that we select we kinda have to complete our task within that time limit so just to get myself a little bit of a little bit of leeway of the set the time to 20 minutes very well good luck and the time limit begins upon the entering the case and that is getting things started my jobs this morning about everything else that you find welcome to the fire came the first dungeon the first major dungeon seen on the boys a choking this test will come with the as much art makes him nervous whenever just kidding trying to keep you relaxed that’s all that intimate anyway the reason why you could possibly run our time here is due to enemy encounters and another thing to is towards the very end of the dungeon here we go let’s draw a new cell and we got done there’s not too bad for him to draw from there as well for squalls in fact way he has some thunder stopped up as well so soon as the time limit begins the time limit will continue to count down whether you’re infallible running around the field or your strong around the menus so no matter what if you run our time no matter what happens it’s game over for the most part again there are a couple exceptions where that’s not so much the case but in this instance if you run a time that’s all over so for my air this the first of many drop points I think get this to squall area nice 10 buyers anyway the reason why the site is like 20 minutes as opposed to 10 minutes is so I can go over all the dialogue here Bob until little monster using ice attack on these amounts his weakness was scared interesting to basically Quist this was informing us how the whole scan system works if you choose to use scan that’s entirely up to you it’s not that idea to you scan every now can but the again if you want to use the any do have to have the match command available so if you select GF instead attack there a tree bar is displayed over your own so any damage that that character receives damages the GF rather than the character themselves this could be useful for surviving really big attacks but if the GF’s fall the battle that they will not be usable until you heal them some way shape or form are after certain amount of time the chaos goes off and the then they execute the fireworks each GF has her own unique battling relations in their own attacks they look extremely powerful but the something else are better than others area is destroyed and what is this level the nice excellent or just learned boost and one of actually load of the level to do so that’s pretty sweet area for the next the command of the have the back I learned a card because Clark is a very very powerful and useful command ability and I think for this and that this to I imagine are asked which is a menu ability and by the way when you’re in the menus you cannot you how much time you have left on the clock by looking at the lower right-hand corner of the screen and anytime you’re running around the field the amount of time you have left this is one of the top right-hand corner of the screen hello hello we had a new enemy bit of a strange looking one to see what the government lizards that sounds really really useful little as stock up on blizzards for squall as well blizzards is not too bad I wonder what this guy’s weaknesses well the relevant day at the is on top about 11 is a pretty low-level encounter but the there is one all there is one more work that I didn’t really know about until recently with Final Fantasy VIII and that is as your party get stronger the enemies to get stronger so essentially they level up with you why I have no idea funny enough this quirk is also part of the last rabbinate and its bowel system so why is that the way this I have no clue but whatever it just makes things that much more challenging and more fun okay. Welcome to the final pinnacle moment here and at this point I think Google has set the timer on my phone for myself and others set this to roughly 1330 and of the start this timer at the 13th very mark so that way and we got that way we cannot get the next thing I guess I was right he was I starting class Bureau you both have amazing skills probably couldn’t quite read that they oh well the reason why I said timer my phone is because were at the end the dungeon already so yes this whole fire came here is a very short dungeon very very short time to very short dungeon and there’s not a lot of room there are plenty enemies an enemy encounters that you need to keep in mind that you go about this right so with that in mind let’s head in okay this is it are you ready whatever you seem confident enough but overconfidence can really lead to your I’m doing here Miguel time in the first major boss way and this is against GF it freaked a reoccurring elemental eidolon monster throughout the course the entire Final Fantasy series okay here we go here is how magic works as your drawing magic you gain a certain amount of magic if you choose to check lizard. Has your drawing magic spells you don’t have MP instead you have a certain number spells so for example I have had the five blizzards of this can’t CAT scan here just so we can view the information on the free here’s close about talking about it freaked fire GF uses fire magic is a strong opponent but as it is a part of guardian’s exam our gardens exam not possible to defeat you can also view what their weaknesses what they absorb and their level of their current HP you can also view other stats and their strengthen their defense and spirit invasion and that’s about it if you want to view this information again you do have to skinny enemy again so that is something to keep in mind boom honestly it probably if you humans all share so anyway as I was this day if the transition a set the time instead of the 20 minutes to maybe 10 minutes get through this pretty thing quickly and that you attend the feelings here here is probably your best friend when it comes to any form of the above spells ever also here is boost take it okay how boost works is you have to essentially remove the display by holding the select button on PlayStation ship so anyway as I was trying to say you have to remove your a heads up display and as the GF is executing their animation or their animation for their attack and wind up you need to remove the heads of the slide by pushing and holding select and and start mashing the square button until the attack finishes the attack so the attack boost command cannot be to boost the attack power anywhere from a negative number up to 255 or something to that extent just let me do don’t push the square button when red X appears to stop pushing the button right away otherwise you’ll drop the attack, that you boost up that point all the way back down 75 in which case that would mean that the attack power for the attack drops so it’s kind of the risk versus reward thing not bad for human thankfully all the as you can see instead squall receiving the damage is GF proceed to damage instead when squall was attacked it’s a pretty good idea to have it so she has take really strong tax so that way the caster will survive trust me you want to keep this in mind throughout the course of your adventure is sesame not be a bad idea just simply not worry about boost whatsoever that just the concentrate on the just concentrate on the unleashing the attack in figuring out to the next not too sure how much the HP this guy has left if I have to guess he still is a pretty good amount last right 130 not too bad not too bad for how boost the I underestimated ship very well will join you and there we go exam complete however the timer is still counting down and upon being a boss you typically don’t receive any experience so having the feeling of great we get Jean return and the freeze card which is pretty sweet also a ton of 84 GS as well and we can rename our GS as we acquired them and since we have six minutes left on the clock let me know and explain this quirk where upon finishing the name entry screen you can see here for the remainder of the time limit and get the best score possible of the PlayStation version even if the timer hit zero your file but in the severity in this the rerelease of this game they modified that’s so that exploit is no longer possible mostly so essentially what you have to do instead is you cannot if you set the time limit to very high let’s say 40 minutes holy crap why would you said that high unless you’re really confident with your skills at the anyway if you set the time limit to say a pretty decent amount they still have a good amount of time left then it’s wise just sit here on the name entry screen until the a certain amount of time passes so essentially in order to get the best rate for this part of the field exam what you have to do is for the amount of time you have left it’s not just on how much time you have remaining but more so how much time you look so the more time you talk to defeat the street and the firm’s name the more points you get up on the seed exam will in order to get the most about points possible you have to confirm free’s name with seven seconds or less left on the clock if you want the timer hit zero in the steam version then all points that you would normally earned result in a zero so you would earn no points whatsoever so essentially what I mean by this is how this works is the more time you have left on the clock upon confirming a freeze name of the name entry screen the less points you will receive upon completing the seed exam as strange as that sounds that’s how it works for this game if they read make this game there probably the end up make it so it the other way around I don’t now but maybe that’s the reason why they gave you a time limit choice where you can choose to take on the the cavern with the ear 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes or 40 minutes or casual play through I would normally select 40 minutes but since I haven’t played this game in a while I figured I would try to sit here for and try to go at this within 20 minutes honestly I feel like that was not bad idea because it gives me a lot of T encounters get a little bit too hectic or too extreme and it also allows me to change some well needed experience were not only my GF’s but also myself think with this as well trust me experience is key and it’s a very very important to make yourselves as strong as possible especially for late game in a game to some of the obstacles that will be facing later on they then really really tough and yet it’s not to be a fun time so we have about two minutes left in the clock technically speaking according to my family have about two minutes 10 seconds so muscles are here for the next two minutes for the timer hit flex with five seconds five seconds left on the clock then on the hit the confirm the reason why I’m doing this is so I can get the best possible score of this under trial investigators high the right as I possibly can though there’s no guarantees that W the max the rank and trust me you want to get you are a seat right to be as high as humanly possible at the end of the exam that way you’ll be able to actually receive the biggest payout that you can receive so how this works is upon completing the seed exam you will receive a rank based on score and there determined on certain attributes these can be found out what they are and what they mean and how to go about certain actions when you are when you’re going about this exam you can find all this information on the file fancy Wikia a dead serious all this information can be found there it details all the different requirements and the basically all the amount of times are the points that you get depending on your actions what you did know and the basically everything else in between very very important to keep those times in mind specially for time limit based activities so were getting close to our goal here so route 5 seconds remaining I’m going to go ahead and confirm area without a special for seconds remaining there is a much time but let me go over this real quick good you got yourself a GS if you junction GF you’ll be able to use the elemental J ability here’s next relational elements junctions can change basic parameters such as strength and magic as well as elemental parameters junction GF with elemental junction ability as messages junction the EL � A/D slot above the tree turns white indicating elemental junction one left is selected or push left on the pad or analog stick the elemental junction screen appears, junction works like other junctions first like to jump start the junction conjunction junction what is your function then choose the mask this is the junction however not elemental magic lecture cannot be junction elemental junction a sex attack and defense directly junction in two elemental attack links that element to a characters attack the present indicate how much of the attacks damages link to the element at the maximum value of 100% the attack becomes entire entirely elemental in the example ice is set at 50% this means that dammit all that damage only increases by 50% one junction to element of the fence the damage from that element is reduced reduced production of damages showed a percent at 100% damage is reduced to zero in the example fire damage is reduced to 20% because elemental defense that 80% of green star is displayed when the time goes over 100% indicating that the damages absorbed instead in this stage you can absorb the amount of damage indicated in percentage an example 50% of fire damage is absorbed multiple magic types can be junction to elemental defense depending on the GF’s ability junction multiple types of the same elemental work human cumulative effect try junction in different magic to check the effect you can also select auto to automatically junction the most effective elemental magic this concludes the elemental junction tutorial there’s a lot elemental monsters here so junction blizzard to use elemental attack you have easier time of fire elemental enemies and that is very true the whole junction thing is really really complicated but it is the something that can be your it can be considered your most powerful asset in any given battle throughout the course of the game and you can essentially break the says stop by from junction the right spells with the right slots meeting you can become essentially, and completely plow through the entirety of the game but the is no challenge the honestly there is an but the essence at the junction we have okay what do I do junction I did not okay that was stupid of me and wonder conjunction anything is worth magic okay 1% but just how much blizzards I have that at this moment but again I can always make this so I have eight pages full of magic of all different kinds and by way as I stated you can only carry up to eight pages worth magic and if you happen to find a new spell and you have no other slots did not you will have to make room for new spells so yeah that is something to keep in mind a little put straight the fire and spirit I think of� To something else I a nothing really of value here and I do the same thing for with this I can he really junction a and into spectacular here I would scan here and increase are staffed by one for magic but the really worth it and I really although they can make a difference sometimes I honestly find the if it does increase it by much that is probably not worth equipping but that’s just me anyway now that’s done it’s time to held here and get ready for the final part of the seed exam so that students thing to the blue dance wall way to correct basic kick ass okay so what that were pretty much done here all we have to do now is just make our way to the exit there’s a number of things not mentioned in this also ties to low times as I mentioned before how there so firkin fast drawing is a lot faster now along with the learning into battles so when you’re looking into battles in the original PlayStation release it would take roughly 10 seconds or so for the balance to start load in the game temporarily freezes for about three seconds as the battle initiates but in the steam really really at the bounce we get instantly so that is sweet just like that so you don’t need to worry about the game freezing all and besides playing a game like this is into demanding on your system but you should still have a pretty decent hardware if you want to play at a decent the resolution Let’s go and stackable fire also we have achievement progress magician so what that is achievement progress is it tracks how close you are to earning certain achievements in certain milestones so for example magician describes how many times you drawn from an entity have a spells withdrawn from and believe me the draw system is the most important piece of the whole bowel system in the entire game but of course you can always bypass this completely with the use the magic booster with the steam really so if you don’t want to worry about drawing from every enemy you see then by all means use the magic booster enhance your powers to maximum overdrive and just completely wreck everyone and everything and see if the stock up on blizzards when you have a magic junction and if you use that particular magic spell and you drop below a certain threshold your strength or whatever you have it junction two also decreases so it’s important to keep an eye on what spells you have junction and which ones you don’t it’s a good idea to try to say spells that you don’t have that you have junction and supposed to once you do have junction so that way you get the most benefits the most bang for your buck for drawing certain spells and enhancing your stats trust me it’s worth it okay though there but how are you prepared to die he really wanted right now while I’m not using my GF still wiped out all the original screen and just laying flat out attacking everyone well the reason for this is I’ll be getting into this a little bit later this is one of the quarks which see and again more details will be coming out upon completion of the exam we got word was destroyed another and piece nice ship is where the new ability and thankfully whenever the ocular inability where they gain the proper amount of five AP to learn a new ability a new ability is randomly selected so that’s pretty nice so you don’t have to keep going back into the menus to us figure out which which the abilities you should select for GF so that we AP is a completely wasted as far as want to have similar next I think you have her learn the spirit +20% this may require more AP to learn that the hit will be useful trust me okay that was some weird skipping I guess that’s another thing I’ve not yet mentioned and that is a mindset you’ve installed with the Final Fantasy VIII where you would normally go to download the mods they without trying to disable steam overlay so that when the game this crash and trust me that the last thing you want especially if you’re making a huge track and you completed a lot of stuff with a long period of time if you have a safe to recently that the unfortunately at the game crashes that is not to really help you very much which is unfortunate they were back in the long garden well done let’s see I thought there was something else I need to go over it with you before you take the seed exam yes taking care of your GF this is something you have to watch out for GF tutorial GF will level up as a gained experience exp and her and learn new ability spinning AP ability points as I talked about before for from experienced AP experience gained from battles automatically level up the GF while AP game during battle can be distributed to learn different abilities decide how to distribute that color how much you can learn different abilities select GF for the menu display the GF acquired when ship is selected Chivas stacks are shown the hands this displaces experience level incompatibility between characters etc. but I selected learn ship disability list is displayed abilities and white such as strength J our abilities already learned while abilities and gray have not been learned yet the first number in gray shows the AP spent towards learning the second number shows the AP required to complete vitality J shows the shows at 850 AP are required of which zero if he happened spent in order to learn the ability elemental attack Jerry move the cursor to elemental attack J and Cooper Allen thought Jay will then be displayed on the under learning from here on all AP game went will be used for elemental attack Jan what all 160 game here game elemental attack J is learned once and ability is Leonard AP will automatically move to the building not yet learned with each of the learned ability comes a different set of abilities to learn the order of learning affects the GS power therefore is recommended to return to the screen to set the next ability this concludes the tutorial thank you good luck have fun down change into your uniform and assemble at the first floor lobby sounds good to me right here we go at this point Callistus has temporarily left the party what she will be back later so he acted all at the party members will in this case wall will be part of the part made active party but the the status of the other party members are displayed here for this evening could happen maximum number of three party members active at one time on the party members are all on standby but cannot be switched the can’t really be switched out well the switch screen how this works is for this you cannot choose to exchange junctions that are set between certain characters for example if I wanted to in the exchange Oswald current set junction abilities worked with this in her abilities with transfers walls and squalls would transfer with this method the only thing you can do here you can also switch party members but as you can see here the switch members is grayed out and is gonna be great out for quite a while so that’s something to keep in mind right I believe that is everything is first junction and everything else is concerned so all there’s left to do now is return to our dorms change are close to get ready for the next part of the exam and where the fun of this game truly began to fill again save your paragraphs as often as humanly possible trust me you want to do this because you never know what’s good cannot you have a leftfield letter to the dormitory teacher close the directory is a very useful to act as a shortcut shortcut is used for basically it’s basically used allow you to go from one part of the garden to another very quickly just keep in mind you have to directory every time and I’m not too sure about this but I feel like the directory will become inactive and will not be used ever again at a certain point in this is very early so make use of it as long as you can I now it’s time to begin the next part of the seed exam so with your seen uniform on this is very important to not socialize not

be a human being and don’t do anything but robotic sayings follow your orders to watch a I am dead firkin serious when I say this to because any and all actions that the basically any actions that the order to the strictly ESC code will be deducted from your school or trust me this can be really frustrating if you’re going for a high seed break but for any of the casual players that doesn’t really matter that much just say swallow over here I’ll be announcing the squad assignments for the exam now let’s see you’ll be with Dell dates when a lively fellow lively issues loud hit the switch members I’m afraid that’s not possible overhears down day them way to be overzealous and my right and and okay I’ll stop now hello I’m with you squalls reaction those limit break settings can also be changed the status screen is doable although is turned on the limit break tool will execute automatically electric most listed on the screen are selected randomly that’s overzealous limit break and honestly it’s not a bad idea to turn it on if you are really want to but probably leaving off you’ll get along with cipher do you hurry to pretty bad this morning we are exciting we were trading I bet you he I think if he doesn’t think so luck site is just being a pain in the ass all of you have to do I do is ignore him and know your know your business can give me but that’s cipher you’re talking about easier squad leader the can’t be changed cipher are you here is even changed to do is proper uniform well to generating tagging along as usual just that makes up the whole disciplinary committee your the squad leader good luck to you instructor I hate it when people wish me luck why say those words for bad student that needs to a okay that good laissez-faire bird instructor trip to the list list what is it well and you’re all sign the squad be I’ll be the instructor in charge teamwork is the utmost importance let’s get through this exam everyone listen teamwork means take out my way it the squad be role don’t you forget everyone’s here said it’s been a while everyone how’s everyone doing this exam will involve 12 members of squad a through the will be proceeding to a real battlefield obviously the balance are for real notion life-and-death victory and defeat American disgrace each of these go hand-in-hand there’s only one way or the other how bad are you still up to a report. Read today you’ll be account you will be accompanied by nine see members should you fail these membership get the job done they always did well that’s one less to worry about that that well that’s one less worry on your mind the pride of Balaam God and the elite mercenary for seed learn from them obey the commands and accomplish the mission prove yourselves worthy of becoming a member of see best of luck thanks man why has said is pixilated this part here wonder what that’s about well whatever as I said don’t talk to anyone throughout the course of the mission unless you’re instructed to do so just saying otherwise points will be deducted okay your squall show your gun blade will you come on man since the peak now fine here yeah why been so selfish Scrooge something where what’s on your mind nothing thing stop that it’s annoying she can was what did you call way and and knock it off of discouraged certainly take a while instructor who was that girl the infirmary this morning was someone there I it knows anybody is there a problem no not really this is great I am checking was in the guy who just reached puberty of my school the else in my green screen freaking out the way while in this instance welcome to driving in bio 58 believe or not you can drive vehicles in this game so basically how to drive is not very straightforward to hold square to go forward circle go backwards to get in and out of the vehicle you push the X button and use here with the directional buttons and select change your point of view or this case it brings up you can bring up a global map and map of the entire world and basically another map with shows you all the different locations of where you’re standing currently and you can make go away as well and again if you want turn the camera want to feel just push and hold either that are one or L1 but was to turn the camera left and right.respectively okay here we are already our destination so that’s the vessel eight no turning back now, you scared to hey guys are on the last hurry up beginning don’t disappoint me now and is intended on the the oneness are ride her school will do okay in Miguel I can to begin the mission basically we first need to go over the mission what this entails and how to go about doing that with this well these are the members of squad be nice to meet you please to meet you I leaving do with the symbol means perhaps it’s us to Lucas and swords whenever cipher how many times has it been now owe just love these exams I’ll explain the current situation and the mission okay through be seated our client for this mission is the don’t let don’t get to Donna Palmer next winter high say that name I have no idea a request proceed with me 18 hours ago don’t what has been under attack by the GRE since about 72 hours ago 49 hours into the battle to let abandon their position to their in the inner-city currently they have been retreated into the nearby mountains and are reorganizing their troops that’s the current status now the mission objectives according to reports the GRE is mopping up the donut trips in the mountain region where to make a landing at the Lapin Beach where to eliminate the remaining GRE within the city and liberated case afterwords see members will intercept changing Army forces trying to make their way into the city from the mountain region so what are we supposed to see candidates are to eliminate the tea on the inside the city sounds important sounds boring so what you’re saying is we do all the little dirty work I was hardly needed the be said black to the order to withdrawal takes priority do not protect were almost there we anticipate a battle as soon as we disembark just be prepared that’s all questions with this okay for this option you want to avoid talking to Qwest this at all cost however you can talk to your other members other members of your team talking to cipher were cell so let’s talk this out first my first real battle I’m getting pretty nervous they’re not passing your pants you talking to me and started okay enough talk will be landing pretty soon get ready rather all right yeah yeah and squall go see what’s going on outside okay good because it’s my order if you refuse to do this order then points will be deducted from your final score so they as orders he is the leader after all and so that’s fine begins now here we go pizza mission time okay you want to secure the central Swire be sure to equip your GF before you had to battle new leave let’s move at okay see you GS if there’s a certain party members are currently not active in the party what you can do is switch any sort of junction configuration with an active party member so to go and switch with this is a configuration to sell so that way he has all with this is that configurations and GS currently equipped with fellow there we go we don’t really need managed the menus all that much. As far cipher is concerned he I believe can function at junction a GF though it could be wrong on that yes he can just keep in mind that cipher cipher will be able to do very much on his own so just give them a GF so that way you can actually do something funny enough for the longest time I never knew how to pronounce Cyprus name correctly until it liking the parts to in which case I finally learned his proper pronunciation for the longest time I’ve always called them should be here where is an age in his name but Weber that’s cipher is a pretty funny story how we’ve always called them on should fear for whatever reason by we I need my sister and myself when we played this game I think everyone is good to go as far as junction is concerned so since we have transferred the junctions from quest this to sell thou also gets his hands on the all the magic that with this is drawn so it’s pretty nice me I make sure everything is up and running everything’s good perfect let’s go fishing time begins now again do not talk to anyone throughout the course of the mission however it is still good idea to save your progress as much as humanly possible because you never know what’s going to happen sometimes you may end up getting overwhelmed and speaking of overwhelmed here comes the calorie say hello to Doug Albanian soldiers these are your standard grunts and the run-of-the-mill kind of enemies again you can draw from these guys and they have several different styles it to draw from them from thunder lizard fire and also cure go what the requirements for I getting a higher grade on the seat exam is defeating a certain number of enemies throughout the course of this mission so in order to get the highest rate possible what you have to do is defeat 75 enemies or more to be 75 or more enemies throughout the course of the mission if you defeat any less than that the the your rank will be lowered so that is something to keep in mind. Let’s see what should be given the have learned learn fire magic are asked is a pretty good idea to have learned this point. Let’s go this is count three struck first look out to see whenever you enter a battle you cannot sometimes you may initiate a preemptive strike so what that means is all three of your party members were active have their 18 engaged charged to their absolute maximum is struck first in the enemies will immediately start attacking you however the third condition and is just a normal bowel you to start charging your ADB gauge along with everyone else the central squares of ahead hey all you get Albanian cowards out there, and show your faces don’t leave me hanging now. Cipher any it no kidding always charging ahead like a raging bull with finally made it to the central Swire time the security area should be a simple task let’s get that going get another one really know there is one more thing that’s worth noting to do and that is if you execute a draw command there is a possibility where the draw will actually fail when you lose your turn however the that are fairly low there may be more oriented what you guys to scout the area for all the will you are in the scope and scout the area we may end up finding some people here so we got and start to build lizard because while it is one of my junctions area nicely done I think that everyone so that’s pretty sweet I think that’s all great is return to cipher recorded while they were on standby to the enemy comes standby help for a will you want to all of my sounds like it’s starting bring it on all the year score a.m. start in down soldiers are you waiting for, showing what you get me or is cipher’s hair glitching nothing will be announced this is what I call boring is the right man still keeping us we insane right I know they’ll I know by the way if you try to leave the area before receiving your next order points will be deducted from your final score upon completion of the exam so that is something that you need to keep in mind that you can’t take it anymore what is that some kind of dog training mind speaking of dog is that we got trouble some soldiers is sneaking up towards the mountainside if the enemy what the hell he to a what is that up there versus a radio tower our next destination attack against orders were you just saying how bored you were squall I standby the captain’s decision captain’s decision you want to read some I can’t read that that’s not it’s a good opportunity to test out my tree thanks to you I feel like to take on anyone even if they to fight dirty like you you’ll thank me when the time comes I thought you guys didn’t get along your like cold-blooded buddy now lesson the state no ordinary battle is exam important one I’m telling yet we have to stick to orders then you stay here I’ll need any Boy Scouts what was that don’t take them seriously sell cipher is we’re going to go let’s hurry the enemy is heading for the facility we squat be order to secure the subject all right fine right onward to our next destination which is the summit the facility that lies the very end of the summit so let’s go on more to bigger and better adventures hello there Mr. soldiers soldiers soldier will email the way why the hell my cigarette African nursery rhyme whatever God is another one added to the total I think we defeated at least 45 so far up to this point but again we really really need to defeat a whole bunch of them in order to receive the max rate possible also been ignored back I am that guy for reason who argue don’t worry perceive candidates we been dispatch my garden so what’s going on appear the gal Banyan soldiers affected the communication tower on top of that places always been a testing ground for monsters if you guys are going be can go how dear was like we got trouble shoveling the T listen the fishing load determines the experience save it for me so basically what cipher is saying. Whoever delivers the final blow will receive the most experience everyone so if I say enemy is able to if it drops like say experience the person who delivers the final blow will receive the full experience while the others will only receive fraction will only receive fraction of the experience is not that big of a fraction of still not dead yet a well trust me. That is going to change some I said that it’s wise to draw as many spells as you possibly can throughout the course of the game for some it’s not was about to shoot out my nose. Where was trying to say the maximum number spells were any given spell type in the game Caria once is 100 so for let’s say a fire spell for example I can carry up to 100 of them 100 fire spells how I can also carry up to 100 fire us and fire on this here is your I guess etc. etc. by the way another thing is worth noting to is that this game is the first the Final Fantasy game in the series to introduce the whole lot got on a system of spell tears so say for example the spelling with the teams like fire a it would deal more fire damage to the standard fire spell and fire came fire I got them that’s even more powerful and I believe the highest here you can get in this particular iteration the Final Fantasy is job with fire log and the stuff that nature monsters on sax more fun for us cannot find we knew that the sounds good anyway I believe this point since we were in the car command we can now assign it card is a very very useful command to have and honestly is like one of the most useful commands to have the entire game so I think go ahead and change out one of these things as far as what not too sure I’m thinking your drawer item I think drawls can be the first to go anyway what card does is as the name suggests it turns enemies and carts and this does choose to fail but if it succeeds he will turn me into a car but you do lose out experience but if you want to gain kill extremely quickly outside paychecks then you are have to return say I don’t member but anyway can’t are important if you want to gain guilt quickly then mastering the card skill is pretty vital especially early on can you that’s basically card sometimes it to the end up failing young yeah and not a lot of times it will succeed in fact I may try sure this off now that are some enemies of which you cannot turn the cards though primarily bosses who fire cross the limit break for cipher no mercy okay this is something else that not mentioned and that is unlike all other characters in the game ciphers limit break is different amongst all others meeting he activate his limit break sooner than any other character so when the characters like at yellow health so in other words her health is low then though that you have a chance to activate or limit break but for cipher the amount house he has left in order for him to be able to execute his limit break is higher I believe it’s roughly EE percent or less is not it’s probably 70% I can’t remember the generators up and running the problem with the boosters will make doing cable disconnection for beginning exchange process rather repairs about who cares this must be your first real battle you scared way now I try not to think about it I love battles I fear nothing the way I look at it as long as you make it out of the Palo alive you’re one step closer to filling your dream your dream you have one to don’t you sorry but I’m good to pass on that subject yell let me in order to mind your own business Hal was the matter self swatting flies and year there you are will is that the it’s the girl we helped out before dear rough landing I can see that you’re okay are you squat be yes we are with your name we that you guys showed me around right thanks I don’t get so lost anymore yeah I haven’t told you my name yet I’m a messenger name so seen from squat a word I think it’s not Sophie yeah it is self he is� The squad captain cipher right where is he over there one of these days I’ll tell you about my romantic dream insurance top Him when you way waiting for, like on well that’s the name do not jump down from this mountain take a long way around trust me if you jump from the mountain that more points lost those are more points deducted from your school and trust me you’re going to need every single point that you can get so at this point cipher has left the party temper rarely well that sucks can’t really turn when the soldiers into a card well by the way since Cypress left the party there’ll be no way to not have the back in your party throughout the remainder of the game so because of that DGS or any sort of junctions that he has had equipped there automatically unequipped so at this point now if we don’t select yet happens to look here ship that is now selectable again so that’s really nice by the way when I said out some of the compatibility being invisible earlier I was wrong it’s actually listed here with see it would be best for the ship that that would be squall either squall or questions since the latter is not clear must program shipment sorry I had will be the back of my throat okay what should be quick instead think working with fire for the time being we have six here and also some scale and thunder spells so they were good there what took you so long it went much quicker if you just jumped much quicker police you wouldn’t normally jump off a cliff okay a different squall she I guess so yeah I guess so you wouldn’t normally jump like that from I know well anyway well to has everyone equipped the DS you can protect have you know I haven’t speaking of the equipment GF now that the self he has joined the party we can now give her TSS well so we must will give for Shabbat since at the only one we have have left CMI so as easily as you can equipment GF you can also on equipment GF the same exact way so there a so this is the communication tower sure is big yes this at the are some have a slightly me alone the candidates getting away so we should proceed after after we find some more enemies up in a squat be Then well anyway before we had the head of the tower it’s a good idea to just sit here and farm enemies for a while that we can record your kill count and guess many kills as you possibly can as you level up against stronger you will be on the take out the enemies more more quickly just again keep in mind it will get stronger as you get stronger to the named okay well this is interesting with certain drop points some characters will not be able to learn certain spells so predictable they felt unable to stop blind so you have to choose either squall or Sophie something I was cold or something again like at the call there for years this is wonder why her name is known as self he like a self he was also it’s weird by the way you can take as long as you would like to go about here and try to level up as much as humanly possible gather some more magic equipped off you junctions gates and level of for not only yourself but also your GS as well work on leveling out some of their abilities and the grind here can be a bit long but trust me it will be worth it all hello we had a new enemy and I did not mean the back right away and see the stock fire from you basically have to say no regular spells as opposed to alongside the regular soldier here but he is little bit stronger because of the fact that the he has outraged weapon gun which he will use to attack you with by way I cannot really talk about sell seeds limit break yet basically how her limit break works is the case she where you cannot upon activation of the limit break you cannot change through us a certain number of spells and for you can choose to cast the spell certain number of times or not cast on try to do over and go for another one actually gotten Sophie’s limit break before and I’ve no idea how that works but the from what I seen it should be a pretty simple process of the just just a simple process of playing a slot machine and pray to God that you get a spell that you want finally I believe the number kills that you need to get apply only to regular soldier enemies just got you drawn the Myers much as I possibly can for squall until he’s completely maxed out for fire to so that way he has the largest number of buyers is humanly possible, then random encounters my right the the stronger the enemy that he defeat the more experience you will receive neck is not safe for any to RPG ever Monday to say nice critical hit usually upon landing a strike if the screen flashes then you blame the critical hit on me and when I relay the critical hit you’ll be able to deal a lot more damage to the enemy as opposed to normal and I believe one affects your ability to deliver critical heads is what affects it is believed if it’s not luck this probably something else am unaware of but there we are the learning down on to the next one free to slip the news from holder just like this one that you will be thankfully wire inside this radio tower you’ll find nothing but the soldiers as well as the big red I really don’t know what the right guys are called but anyway the air pollution I solicit here for a while and grind as many enemies as I possibly can is also good idea to stockpile on this many as much magic as you possibly can carry from these guys this planning on going around and if you run low on HP program chair spell that a lot of heal up some you the government of each be as if you’re not really if you don’t have any cures whatsoever what you can do with status use of items such as a potion I don’t know the we haven’t potions right now but anyway as we go about the game we will be on the slide more and more items in fact we keep to buy items from shops to email here there is one other thing that’s worth mentioning again this ties the low times as well but as I stated earlier on low times are so short that the most actions are near instantaneous drawl is one of those actions in order to execute a drawl it usually takes about the three seconds it not roughly 2 seconds for the animation a fully complete and then you get your hands on the then you get your hands on the ability of which you drawn but the course there’s always the possibility where you end up failing to draw from an enemy usually that happens if the your magic is a kind of or if or if the enemy ends up dying before you can draw from the which could happen quite often if you’re not careful okay no more space for fire will is the maxed out when it comes to fire and sweet we still got a ways to go though still have no idea the enemies I thought the field up to this point and as I’ve mentioned before it’s a good idea to just the safe after certain number of enemies get used to seated and if you’re running low on HP again say progress immediately and try to heal yourself that way you get back on your feet nice and quickly find a way there is one more thing worth noting that is when it comes to compatibility of your GS in the characters that you’re using up with this also can determine how many of certain spells you’ll be able to draw from an enemy it’s mostly random but the higher compatibility the more likely route for all a lot of spells of which you’re looking for trust me you want to do this a lot and trying to equip the GF to the right character so that way there compatibility is after absolute maximum and again when drawing magic it’s the best idea to just prioritize the drawing magic of which you have junctions on so for example we have the blizzard fire quick to squall be a junction Miguel unerringly down the least at this point in the game we are in pretty good shape and the again the cell looks like way past four potions to start off with along with a couple Phoenix sales some remedies and we also start with a 10 basically how it works in order to be able to use these you have to be out on the field like the overworld field not in any sort towns or dungeons if you are inside the January account you will not be allowed to use attack but tents are very very useful items being you cannot use intent to fully heal yourself so they can act like an elixir in a sense but again the only are available for the field so their uses are limited but still may not be bag and selloff intense if you’re not to be used and another item type we have here is noted in about like normal it will shock and ammo that is for later that is for another character who we will later recruit into our and the party members and the fund when the fun never ends pretty much go it’s also a bad idea to try rearranging your a junction debilities every now and again and see if you cannot activated junction and for a particular character and enhance their ability to further so right now since squall have to maximum number of our ability to carry his strength is now lot 29 but if I change the spell the something else or remove it entirely that his strength Scott rocks okay I think were good here to go and save one more time wrong slot thankfully it doesn’t take too long to load up the the game folder or a memory card in the original PS one release by the way if you want to say progress in the original PS one release you do need a memory card memory cards are memory units that you would insert into the system in this these things were godsends of items that you would not need in order to say progress in old-school game so for example a control attack for the Nintendo 64 is a memory card 40 and 64 alive games that really used to control attack primarily

the first party games but some the second or even third party games get used to control attack for me to save data or story got time trial date or something of that sort any sort of data that needs we save are typically stored on a memory unit in the last consul that I know of that have a memory unit of any sort was the original Xbox 360 believe it or not between the original models in the Elite model the slim miles did away with those of memory units completely and primarily stuck with the hard drive storage and USB role for yet we that the Xbox 360 is the last console to have the memory units like memory cards but for the most part also get data is stored via the hard drive nice correct so again as I stated many times before just trying to stock up on as many spells you can for the upcoming battle that’s at the very top this elevator here trust me you’re going to need as many as you can and again it’s a good idea the rack of as many kills as possible on the soldiers don’t be a pacifist at all course withdrawal failed because the enemy dropdead you are feeling that the firkin pump lifetime have to go to the bathroom and take go earlier before starting this thing but still just saying you nice new building learned believe it was for three minutes it was sweet so now we have a new menu ability fire magic bar at which is a refinery rate for a is read one of the have learned is probably elemental defense junction says this way we can acquit elemental defense of some kind violating quickly scroll from one character to another by pushing on one or out one so this also works with the regular party members as well went on the junction screen or anything of the sort between active party members and enacted ones with the exception a cipher at this point in the game now just saying okay next to the new year to very high but you oh God I glitches that access the worst way possible out dear want to say is I am not British never has had any sort of British lineage in my family so I have no way of pronouncing British terms and terminology okay maybe I can try but still just saying that is not made I do have some the German lineage in my family were some my family members know German maybe some friends to now been away I didn’t know how to pronounce some things in certain languages but that I don’t know very many languages other than English IQ with very little bit of Spanish like very very little like only a few words of Spanish although stress quite closely golf say say some of the extent else and allowed glassy at seven on and also when STS other than that that’s basically all the words I know in Spanish you said my vocabulary for Spanish is limited little interest in learning other languages at this point in time if I really want the sit down and learn a language will or Japanese will learn how to speak Japanese how to read Japanese just so I can lash out every curse word in the dictionary in Japanese just kidding but now just so I can expand my vocabulary for and a note so some places actually looked for a people who can speak multiple languages primarily English and Spanish so there are some of the else he can do as far as me I’m not really looking for learning any sort of languages right now on to stick with what I have I think at this point now, can stocking with lizards this week time to stock up on the there will not ask correct cellulitis and many times over it’s wise to keep your party nice and healthy by means of either potions were sure spells and trust me you be using those practically all the time right iliac so what do colleges do what they exactly like butter way that are there this they have the same effect as tenants will still restore all GF’s help and bring them back from the deck so aside from the fall and you can use a cottage to bring them back to life relatively easily so there is one other thing is worth noting to do and that is with the with say points they do not the they don’t restore your health upon touching them is not like your future file. The tiles or king of hearts so that’s kind of unfortunate but oh well the primary function of the say point is just to give you the ability to save progress and that’s what really matters most because this game because if you get game over this unfortunately you will have to go back to your previous say point and he had saved a while this could really really annoying and frustrating and can cause people to reach quit especially after doing a three hour plus grind have and say to forever and then all of a sudden haven’t and be completely demolished that sell is that save often and with the CSA point save your progress make a beeline for that same point as soon as possible trust me you want to do it your life may depend on and so will your sanity to I really wish self attorneys regular soldiers in the cards but unfortunately you can’t do that in order to get cards of these particular people you have to do a bit rock monster going in and turn those monsters those specific monsters into cars and you also have to pray the those monsters will then turn it to the car that you’re looking for get all the information for all the cards that you want in the game can be found on the final financing with the that’s basically where I got all my information from a special because the seed exam because they shipped all the sound their own unless they dive into the games code in which case the why my would you do that maybe to learn more about the game and how it works with certain attacks and everything down to every last technical detail imaginable but the for me now that’s not necessary it just doesn’t K I have no idea how many enemies I defeated up to this point so one thing you could do is remember your starting level upon beginning the mission and use that as a means of an indicator of how many soldiers you taken now so at this point it might be a good idea for me to at least try that strive for everyone being at level XV by the time I proceed onward to the next fight or to the next major plot point in the game other than that though not really too sure what else to mention stilted 15 is a pretty good indicator of the showing your progress how far you’ve come and how many enemies he defeated it doesn’t tell you exactly how many but still it’s a pretty good pretty good indicator that you said to your advantage I mean if you really really will push yourself be of further one other thing you could do instead is still wait until level XV for everyone you cannot wait till level XX is another level you cannot wait for two but again it will take forever to get that you gain more and more experience it will take more more experience to be level so that is something to keep in mind I’m probably keep going until I reached at least level XV and see how many enemies I do see it from there I might not be able to have defeated and not enemies also new achievement magician so as I’ve mentioned before in order to earn the magician achievement you need to draw from enemies 100 times as a grinding achievement but trust me it is well worth the effort well okay maybe not it’s more like a badge of honor if anything else but that’s just me so if you happen to have the magic command equipped as well to draw command and you happen to the draw spell from an enemy even if you have the that particular magic stopped so long as you use the draw command to use the spell from the and they you can the use of for yourself and not to take away any magic from on your stock so it’s pretty nice okay the house everyone doing something can the use love to healing yourself everyone else he was fine for now and upon reloading your save file whatever status of facts or HP and whatnot you have the inflicted on you at the time or how much a three you have will be the same amount as as you save progress before so vigorous product out there as well so well while you’re sitting here writing for a bit of I’m going to talk about that the story I was talking about earlier brought up briefly and only very briefly where as I’ve mentioned before the original PS one release of the game I do have in my possession but it’s technically my sister’s copy it’s my sister’s copy of the game and the how we got the game itself is pretty interesting many years ago when I believe my father had a PlayStation why so we were able to get our hands on a new PlayStation game whenever we went over to his house for the weekend so my sister and I got to get the end of my to get one game Parcells I picked up spiral year the Dragon for PS one and hope that the things the eight so well was watching her play I was interested in the game myself but the be my sister was a little hesitant on not letting me play the game because of the fact that the game itself does have some strong language and not some other suggestive themes be where we were kids at the time in the language and video games was a bit of a rarity and even if if I game did have language and it is usually pretty mild is anything but this game yeah this is a pretty strong language but not once have I encountered anyone saying shipped or spark so there’s that I think though maybe the strongest language worry that you hear yours maybe faster I am now in a way language is not that bad not in this game I would really like it if these cards will also give me sure but something like that doesn’t seem to be the that is a seem to be the case has sucks but that’s the way this email will get done with the their time to start drawing and scare not like I really need stance facts cancer really the most useful spell the game I mean are useful for identifying inner information midcoast enemies but that’s about it is really the only means of using scan other than using it as a junction ability green conjunction stands and get away with it perfectly fine but the still scales primary use hello okay forget I said about nothing in the past care. She can see how I do it for the blue guards not to read once that would make sense idea to try the draw as many care spells you possibly can so that way you have them for later and ready to go on standby for when you need them most funny enough during my early flight crews went late this when I was younger and that cannot really utilize magic all that much if at all I rarely use any sort of magic because I could never figure out how to use them properly it wasn’t until years later when I grew up and found I hate magister OPS crap and are super brick and useful like more so than anything you could possibly imagine essentially turned yourself and that I am dead serious when I say that to is really really damn powerful another thing you could do to make is a grinding sessions go faster is to us at the file speed to be as high as possible that way all the ATV gate is a lot sure job super quickly however this does apply to everyone not just you so that is something to keep in mind what’s also very funny is that the sometimes when you casting spells are doing certain actions the camera angle changes but if you interrupt this camera action change then upon completing the action were a really confirming your menu selection than the camera angle goes back to the action one which is pretty nice is wrong slide again you still in a pretty decent Hayes still were only at level XII and we still got a ways to go as far as defeating enemies are concerned in order to get up to a decent level of level XV camera control is for self the so anyway the draw points want to draw from them he will be able to draw from them again for quite some time and again a whole lot drawling thing is a if you draw the right number spells you should really for the game relatively easily are not a skews me having sex that we don’t really get that make your first wall right now but again like I said earlier you can bypass the system completely by by means of the just simply using the magic booster which will probably show up when I get rate and the stream which is probably below worry about ending yet the not right away more so hello to sense anyway as far as when I’m planning on attending this on I’m not 100% sure at this point in time I do plan on possibly adding this like after our a seed exam is complete and we begin a real part of the game within the the next session so for right now were not just continue to be working on that grinding the dystrophy as many enemies as we possibly can so that way that we can get higher scores humanly possible other thing is worth noting to is that you should not be afraid to swap out magic for better and more powerful magic as you go further and further into the game so is something else to keep in mind to slide again find a way for number six slots per with this lot one slot to you have up to 30 blocks that you can save your data want to not sure what that was about so in essence you have 60 save files that you can pull from at any time between the two slots so if you are worried about point of no return make a new save as often as possible that for me and to try to keep number number save files that have here to at least two one for the stream itself and one for backup purposes so something goes horribly wrong that I can easily redo and return to the previous a point before beginning the the stream that completely but kaput so you area how much I love the music this game African love the OG PlayStation one versions music for Final Fantasy VIII some of the most memorable tunes in the entire series made their debut right here in Final Fantasy VIII and I think that’s what people love the most about Final Fantasy VIII is the music and carefully the music allow the music is amazing and I’m very glad that God you can bring it into the steam rerelease the game I just wish that square the next at this officially technically speaking this same sort of, also occurred when the rerelease Final Fantasy LXX steam where they only use the many files instead of the actual music from PlayStation really swear Phoenix a male official update and change the music from the many over to the PlayStation release officially too bad the same sort of treatment was not given the Final Fantasy VIII which is kind of stupid so we can’t the Rhode Island mods and unofficial me, restoring the game’s actual audio but hey me whatever floats your boat if you want to play with the many files then that’s fine by you and five I need as well not to stop you from making your choices for me and sticking with the original PlayStation music because that’s the music I love the mouse and that’s what the that’s what really gets me going it’s a the jingles that the on the most memorable because the baby just doesn’t sound nearly anywhere near as good as the original PlayStation because the original PlayStation has more storage actually there is a reason why the MIDI files even exist in the PC releases about Final Fantasy VII and eight and that was back in the day high quality audio files were were really difficult to get it working properly on your hardware and I really really really old hardware but nowadays with that rereleases of the game you cannot easily just the beginning you are more than capable hardware and even the built-in audio built-in audio on to your motherboard of all things to be able to be able to get high quality audio from your games of any sort is plugged into an audio jack on your motherboard and your perfectly good to go see here I think the have squall used here on himself and self the junction secure spell for yourself is honestly not bad idea but that again if you use it often you may want to reconsider so if you are going for a junction in here spell to say junction your HP to make it even higher than the then consider using a lower tier chair spell such as regular care or cure a safety around us for when you need it most such as when such as when you are running low on HP and you have no productions of any sort last so again magic has a limited uses and the you don’t have MP in this game and all so whatever number magic spells you have are a number spells you have symbols that there is one other detail I had left out when it comes to picking up the games when my sister and I picked up a game for the PlayStation and that is we actually got in our games our local Toys “R” Us leader not though Toys “R” Us is no longer thing in the United States but to hear rumors that is very kind back under a new sort of label known as Jeffries toys in my because something else but I don’t remember for sure either way it’s nice to see it was a Ross is coming back even though it’s gonna be under a new name but we don’t know when it’s good becoming back war if the name change is gonna remain the same work on change back to Toys “R” Us work habits even going to work the whole reason why it went out of business in the first place within the US division is due to the fact that the the market share for the economy is so freaking competitive and there are so many so many different stores such as Walmart and Amazon also offered fully even if that you can buy them online energetically cheaper like if you’re searching for certain toys and that toy is more than likely to be the most expensive Toys “R” Us over anywhere else including Walmart and whatnot which is kinda strange and also the even so and so almost up to the level XIV for everyone 13 for silence while 12% of the seriously I can never get over the name Soucy who is always mistakenly called Sophie why something no idea I seriously have no idea how many enemies we defeated I lost track of long time ago so I apologize that were taking so firkin long just grinding here but again it’s wise to write as much as possible so that when you prepared for the road ahead and drawing from enemies again is very very important really is important especially when it comes to bosses and this upcoming boss that were to be fighting soon is one of those bosses where it’s important to draw from that boss immediately and there’s something really special when it comes to drawing from bosses and I’ll be going into that once we go in take them on right now the we still have work to do here but the good news is when it comes to defeating enemies there is a very good possibility that you’re going to get some item drops from so at the very least the items will be useful by means of by means of healing yourself or by other means night sweet crates he he I just wish this without go a little bit faster in fact I could the technically do that but wanted to but the honestly I don’t think it’s such a good idea right now is much that hate to admit it but that’s just the way this okay here we go next round of the guy the great God versus little blue guy with the they have names I just don’t know what they are so I remember earlier when I mentioned that the city is a Final Fantasy Troop it’s actually one of many Final Fantasy tropes throughout the entire series usually in every single Final Fantasy game has a character names said in somewhere in there usually the good guys in most games however there are exceptions with Final Fantasy XII were said is actually the guy the way up I get the one with the mix things up with file fancy 12 with the changing said into a bag guy as opposed to a good guy but again despite the each iteration of file fancy having a character names said said is always a different person with the HK so that is something to keep in mind so even if the character in safe file fancy a is names said that particular character is not the same with once a Final Fantasy VII and or file fancy 910 10 to etc. etc. just saying each iteration of said is a different incarnation at the trope that is continued on to this very day there are several other tropes as well within the Final Fantasy series and also are continuing even to even to today with the most recent release of file fancy 15 but you will cross the road when we get to SAS map can be pretty dang powerful and what’s even weirder is that the enemies can use as much magic as they want and they will never run out so that’s kind of unfortunate see how good as everyone right now pretty good the section Sophie she can use a little help herself if I can use the right selector a person heal the right person to so the best way to grind is just run around in circles near as a point so that way upon completion of a bowel you cannot save your progress immediately if you want to or if you’re you like living dangerously you can instead keep fighting a little bit longer okay let’s cast you let’s see what is your name you are an elite soldier is poison well that’s interesting and they are currently the elite soldier is currently though 14 I don’t know what the actual level is when you first encounter him my God say it’s probably pretty dang high okay let’s see what the other guy as he is just the G soldier though 14 as well and that’s pretty interesting can think were good for drawing when it comes to loss while right now it’s really nice is all stocked up the rate of change that so now that’s a now are getting not squalls fully stocked up it’s honestly not a bad idea to start working on self the two you can also work on cell if you happen to have the draw command available and honestly it’s not bad you to do that on right everyone all the work the level XIV okay her keep going for a little bit longer like I said I did try to keep going until everyone is up to at least level XV or at the very least now and squall something and not too sure about Sophie unfortunately will be lagging behind with it the that’s all right too sure have the cure spells squall has okay was that he still needs to work on not sure smells like a have the time as any to the drawing board and makes then draw one and annoying work but it is a pretty interesting mechanic I’m kind of glad that it didn’t return with future file fancy titles the but that back to the standard MP system where you learn spells and the cost MPD years so that’s really nice bars this game is concerned you still have to deal with the draw system nine Thomas can change the system which is kind of unfortunate just saying it’s funny how squall is the strongest party member we have right now nice knuckles same which there is one other thing worth noting to do and that is when an enemy is casting a spell or doing some sort of attack animation even if you’re scrolling through menus the acted balances down will still be active lease for a little bit until the animations complete the status 624 points off okay� Sophie doesn’t have the very many were any specials what so ever but again the whole special thing is her limit break that will come into play later in for a treat drop slowness groups did not mean asked while attack allow this is another enemy down and we just points to another thing is worth mentioning as well and when it comes to this game this is the first game in the series introduced the concept of gun blades and Don blades are what the satellite they are resort combined with a gun such as a revolver a pistol squall and cipher the only characters upon you see a two wheeled a the only ones who wield a gun blades by the way there is can with that one other thing is worth noting, God will be why the now I forgot my was gonna say stupid Louise getting in the Firkin Way, Felix that this issue, nose if I say certain words or phrases that is super annoying awesome the ability one for GF the what you have you learned next I think I have never learned the magic +20% for you your work will gain then you were working on the fence J area were almost done folks were almost done with the grinding up to level XV it’s honestly not bad idea to do some grinding every now and again especially when you are getting your butt head to you on a silver platter when it comes to certain enemies but again enemies do not let with you as you are going about your adventure so I can keep this in mind as you grinding you may end up writing a little too much you make your enemies a little too strong but the I don’t think it works like where if you level up too much did they become overwhelmingly powerful they don’t level in the same pace as you thankfully it’s just the enemies will a little up around the same sort of paces you but not quite just slightly slower okay this should be enough to get everyone up to level XV least I don’t will for squall in the saddle not so sure about the associate again if you really want to go easy mode you can just have your GF do all the work that the it’s really not a good idea be that only save them for when you need the most like against bosses the reason why is because there is another little invisible mechanic when it comes to this game but again I will come into play after the seed exam concludes and I slept and offers crap hello she needed some help anyway hair Miguel level XV for cell and squall something is almost at all 14 so I think the one more battle at the very least just to get her conduct the level XIV along with everyone else who’s at level L just so that way we are fully prepared we defeated the good number of enemies again I don’t know how many we defeated up to this point but hopefully it will be enough to get the highest score at the snap then oh well okay price the casting here you very much I think if you try to cast your via the magic menu the magic itself will be more powerful I could be wrong on that but I’m pretty sure if you use a cure that you have all stocked up then it will become more powerful I could be wrong okay speaking of which time to use some chairs will review you in the so basically everyone is healed up for the most part though not completely but that’s totally fine will be perfectly fine as we head on up this elevator I think we can take this lift up one to let yes let’s go all this lift is pretty cool don’t get too excited for you to fall like I’m really going to major banks there’s been a report of the Montrachet shadow on top of the tower and this is another file fancy trope right here there’s always a character notice Biggs and Blanche they are a big long letter to Star Wars as their reference and characters of the same name which Antilles and banks so yeah that’s pretty sweet major banks be quiet busy this goes like this cheese these crappy old tools and a have to make all the repairs certain check around while the repairs are being done let’s see here and this gives here and that at some point was complete the hello dear that doesn’t sound God and not only that we can move around during the second the sequence albeit we can’t move very far

but still the Brown discrepancies who dear what is happening right now but though whatever it is it’s big and ugly will to look at that the Chinese satellite dish what do you think you’re doing, like my semester when you think you are doing that hey what’s happened to all the soldiers down below the day when take care these works where each area well ice to be done here so I’ll just be on my I’m leaving building movement sorry crash the party reoccurring shared so here we go time the fight they exam way should first up we are fighting God makes himself prepare for the worst for sheer something else on things in which are essentially like superpowerful versions of the the regular tea soldier as well deal with soldier also neck? Spell is sooner you see that is use that to cure any status aliment for the most part are some cells that you won’t be able to hear with the sooner but still figuring through the out there anyway after we dealing up damage to Biggs which should come in and try to help out big the tried storing up enough the sooner this so that when you have at least 10 of them for squall I guess you can say he’ll become my mage both black and white mage speaking of which major banks have you been Mr. Kessler was be doing here which where were you know pay for this month should stay home well I the system you sell may not match why is a cell no idea anyway you can just continue the deal as much damage as you can between with wedge and thinks and after a certain amount each be dropped from either character then the real fun will begin and here is the say hello to Mr. ball sack space where the hell this thing is even a I don’t like it what well whatever years he’s been a key the eat unless crappy as siren believe it or not that is another GF that’s what I meant about the drawing from bosses many bosses throughout the course of the game will have GF stored in the do not forget the draw from these bosses if you forget then you will have to wait towards the very very end of the game before you’ll be able to get another shot of attaining that particular bosses to so the best way to distinguish what is a regular spelling what’s not a cello what sounds like something that could be related to a GF itself is if you cannot cast the spell then it did you and another really strong clue of distinguishing whether it’s whether it’s a GF or not is if it sounds like a smell that it’s most likely spell if it’s not well then know that it’s not to the actually be a special one-day select card I’m crazy and whatever spine there is one more point that you need to take into account when it comes to the seed exam itself and that is how many times you run away it is possible to run away from battles and sometimes it may not be a bad idea just to simply make a run for it by to live another day but the problem is so if you run a way to loft and then the your score will unfortunately drop and when it comes to the seed exam itself you cannot run away hardly ever if you run away like at all this will affect your score negatively there is one exception and that is coming up very shortly we will have no choice but to flee from battle and that will be the only time you’ll be allowed to run away if you run a way any other time this will affect your score negatively picked they are now is the time as any to show off the crates power hellfire at boom baby boom pretty damn deadly and I love it storm breath this attack can be pretty deadly if you’re not careful it that’s all party members and feels a pretty decent amount of damage through again you’re a GF circa be your best friend when defending yourself against those kinds of attacks as they will take the heads instead of the castor but again if they are a if the GF falls before their seventh then the they will not be usable again and tell the revised now that believe that the I wonder how much HP this thing has left that I’m not too sure at the moment I can always scan them and figure out what his weaknesses honestly that may not be a bad idea sometimes it may be a good idea to try to scan the bosses who you’re fighting so you can figure out the best way of attacking one taxi use when and also figure out how to counter some of their more deadly moves okay you want to know something funny when my sister and I first played Final Fantasy VIII we were stuck on his boss for what seems like the longest time is years to defeat this thing here and this is what the first major boss and the first major roadblock that you’re going to encounter but nowadays he’s not the much of a friend he can be pretty deadly but honestly is not the just again draw his GF before the battle otherwise you will be able to get them again until the very end of the game I am dead serious when I say this to upon the scene the boss you can link do not receive any experience for any characters but you do see some really good items and a lot of AP for your GF’s to and here’s our newest GF siren confirm and confirm squat be captain skews me I have new orders all seed members and see. Start withdrawing $1900 and 700 sure we crawl there’s still enemies around I know but I’m just the messenger don’t should messenger in order to withdraw takes priority I don’t want to miss the vessel what time did you say like I said all seed members and see candid start withdrawing 1900 hrs. to assemble at the sure regular hours we lived 30’s you have 30 minutes to get down the shore better a way for us to help think yes why don’t you go asking let’s go so at this point now we need to make our escape and start heading towards the shore again this is another one of those situations where if you run a time the game is over the house doing here is towards her tarts now: destroyed them who dear that doesn’t sound friendly money enough you can say progress while you’re in the middle the time sequence just again keep in mind that you are still trying and even if he game over there in the time that you have left upon initiating the save will be about time you have left hello dear man that’s not good that’s not a friendly face I was a say hello to the mechanized fire tank this pastor will be your major roadblock of between you and the shore and this is a boss who you need to defeat in order to get past you need to make this fast as well so once again just unleash your GF might and pray to God kill them quickly enough so here is another very very important mechanic that is the amount of time you have left upon completing this mission unlike last time where the last time you have the better your score work will be here the more time you have upon completing this will give you a pair so are the best times that you can get the best score you can get for this is if you have 25 minutes or more remaining on the clock by the time he reached the shore you will receive the best score possible so of your hard pressed for time just go on balls the wall attack like crazy get the here select and start to escape according to this configuration but in actuality it’s actually L2 and R2 is the way it was the original PlayStation release so that he is not the way that we need to get moving I thought we already forget let’s go at this point why Monical run for the hills most part except here at this particular screen walk instead if you run then the screen will shake stunning the entire party and you’ll be forced to fight the fire again so what that screen particular walk instead and walked from beginning of the screen to the end you can walk very easily by pushing and holding the circle button and moving in any direction now here’s a very annoying part right here and that is the bridge got dammit I pray that was gonna happen well definitely not to be able to get the best score out of this and what’s worse is that the this is a waste even more time one thing you could do is if you screw up is you could intentionally throw the fight and what you subject killed or you can reset the game that can work to the a soft reset and reload your say is just before this spider started chasing you there is one other very unique bonus stage yet with this exam and that is if you managed to defeat this thing and I mean this be a completely and destroy it by draining office HP and make sure that it stays down then you will get a massive bonus of 100 points towards the exam so essentially what you have to do for the bridge section get your dog you also have to take the dog to by simply interacting with the L1 if you fail to see the dog then you will lose a lot of points for the exam you could do is a hide in the public and wait for the spider to stop and just pass by but really you should not do that otherwise you will lose a lot of points on your see score squat see withdraw rather okay were almost at the end just a little bit further left to go home and here it comes to be made it with plenty of time to spare the unfortunately we will not be able to get the best ring because I ran away twice which is unfortunate but is that the seed examination is now pretty much completed now we just need to head back to Guardian report into our master said and receive are just reward sidebar how to go man all I did was get my way being a leader easy save course of safe might help me be good job where cyber over there just feedback regarding my son now you’re free to then okay dismissed awesome a again man is my ego there is Mr. ego my small-market allow spine the usual exercise anyway anyway on if you really want to preserve your rank not the examination is complete the most part we still have the we still you get back to Guardian in order to receive the final results so it’s honestly not a bad idea just simply head back immediately there we I way you can actually purchase a car and rented while you’re roaming around the field just keep in mind that the Rent-A-Car is not free and it also will consult fuel to do so if you run out of fuel then the unfortunately you’re out of luck the car will be usable anymore I and that your back garden will finally made it back seriously well I guess we just wait for the test results to Lindsay’s wall the you hear the as a walk straight through your body still at this point now the rest of the party just went off and just simply continue on our merry way once again and I think at this point now we just the head towards the elevator shaft I think that again maybe is most take off my clothes I don’t remember for sure at this point in time but the either way it’s the entire time we figure out what the results are for this exam I am really eager to see how well I coming off Michigan point I think we did a pretty good job can answer back safely right although we didn’t realize the egalitarian army was after the event a communication tower we just received word from Dolan don’t gallop Gandhian Army has agreed to withdraw as long as the mediation towers repair and link remains operational okay this is the reasonableness terms while in any case go down by the ad is out of their we can we can make more money if they stayed and caused more rockets to simply say that how you feel out there on the battlefield felt good actually to actually fight it was a good feeling that the spirit but don’t let go here had K I believe at this point now you just simply walk around these guys and just hang on up the stairs had to the elevator and wait at the classroom nor to receive your test results no matter what upon completing this mission you will pass with flying colors so yeah that’s kind of a spoiler but in the same you we wouldn’t really be on the progress through the game if we didn’t achieve the see all my right K no okay I’m guessing that girl basically keeps track of the how many times I’ve been knocked out as well as a with this so the more times we get knocked out the more if she will be that’s something to be on the lookout for a gas but the I don’t think you really have to worry so much about being knocked out and having that be scolded okay so I essentially went the wrong way through loops my mistake perhaps some supposed to talk to someone else here not too sure it’s will find that out right now the results for the there should be enough soon to stay around here hated pretty well thanks. Of course is my best student on Thanksgiving is not very social of okay the unfortunately we cannot use the directory at all but to us as we stick around here around the garden we should be able to know the results of how well we did during the exam but I think the most part we did perfectly fine we were adequate we defeated a large number of enemies hello cipher Belle Isle to hear about the communication tower and all that we would have been heroes if it weren’t for that withdrawal order you were only looking for a fight my dear instructor I heard those are rather cruel words from an inspiring student a mediocre instructor like you will never understand cipher will be so stuck on yourself you’ll take all responsibility for leaving the designated area is in the captain’s duty to take the best possible action cipher you’ll never be a seed calling yourself Is it shipped with like Cypress can with that said cipher you’ll be disciplined for your irresponsible behavior you must follow orders exactly during combat but I’m not entirely without sympathy for you I don’t want you all to become machine I want you all to be able to think and act for yourselves I am and master said we have some business in your office there so many issues at hand here with the cipher absolutely nothing seed shall not be on the exact wording of the contract were not nonprofit we are not a nonprofit organization this incident will be hard hard work lesson for the toll it to build now now now know to be more generous when hiring see wonder what that’s about the 50 the I’m guessing some people just really are for-profit all students who have participated in a sealed exam report the second floor hallway IRD all students who took the field is a report to the second floor hallway I know dear was like 10 head on up to the hallway and figure out the what score we received that that passed along with myself a course because allow plot armor main character here exactly I kill the main character here will technically can still just saying that they are going colonies wanted time at this point now I believe you just have to literally wait around a certain amount of time before the results are announced then again I think if you try to leave than the that the results will be announced the anyway or you can’t leave the room rates engines was saying that be all your fault the cipher doesn’t become a CD or see she can be pretty scary in the Vincent so long and the yeah squall one squad basically step forward that is all dismissed that synchronization though my right these are the four students that pass today’s exam first of all congratulations however now on as a member see you will be dispatch all over the world we are proud to introduce see Baumgarten’s mercenary soldiers see soldiers or, specialists but that is only one aspect of see when the time comes headmaster it’s almost time for the meeting please make the short scene is a valuable asset the garden its reputation is solely dependent on each of each one of you handle your mission we care is that what you want to censor here is your seen rank report looking forward to the current possible do your best even if you don’t stand out and control your emotions a little finally contemplates this ends the seed into it in that arguably shed this messed whatever that means oh squall give you less it’s about ohmmeter access the menu and you’ll see Powercore in the information section of the tutorial it may come in handy for future battles thank you think about ohmmeter I believe if you don’t receive this from headmaster said now you may not get this for the remainder of the game will talk privately one day it is except expected you will be using quite a number of GS along the way be sure to ignore all the GS criticisms you hear from other gardens are military forces sure thing I’m pretty sure with great power comes great responsibility see see Llanos quality back to class when he me why don’t you remember what you see members do you think of a speech in front of the entire class and after that he and Conway should party sense to me after 17 years of suffering my chances finally arrived on will squall I’ll be the ruler this gardens and they keep dreaming I buddy I’m sure you’ll be able to make it someday if you put your mind to it and applause from cipher now that is definitely something else he did and after that we receive a report so conduit is 90 points judgment is 100 attack if he I don’t think the fee is enough enemies so that kinda sucks spirit is 70 points attitude if he point so I think conduit is a how many times you run away about old judgment is the there are a lot of the terms and what they mean but the I unfortunately did make a list about what these terminologies me and what they dictate in game so unfortunately can’t have to figure that out yourself so are starting rate is eight so not too bad not bad start as a seed memory will be paid a salary at regular intervals the salary is based by seen rank seeing rate goes up according to your actions about some actual coloring to go down keep this in mind as you go about the course of the game failed you well while what you think my seat uniform is likely you change to you have that party to go to indeed and I think next time we will be out partying until the firkin cows come home right now now we been going on for over four hours almost 4 hours and 10 minutes up to this point sell I’m just gonna go ahead and end things here for tonight this is General Snivy with the Final Fantasy VIII play through thank you all so much for watching as you are able to attend the live stream live thank you for attending next time in the next session we’re gona party like it’s 1990 mothatruckin’ 9 and also receive our first seed mission that go this is going if I wanted a fun adventure let me tell you and I am really looking forward to it so once again thank you all so much for watching of be on joint see you all next time for when the fun in adventures of Final Fantasy VIII truly begins see all later