if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if the if to welcome welcome the Latin Coloma is good to see clicks gaming welcome to the stream my friend clients so all excited to get back into this game baby were given a few more moments before we start but to all I cannot wait half but how are you today clicks hope you do well body and welcome to everybody else Netscape is spiced added I’m so excited I love this song the music in this game is so good home away effort to change the web cam AA a rule waivers check if the beaches of a quick and high intensity as Hauser one and a one to forgot I had via the web cam scrunched for the R Watson called off and on boxing to think of it was all those a filter that’s right filter that it was this one bill and ago took a two a, OK guys thus began to have a absolutely long this game, videos is playing it right now but

I love it’s difficult as deftly difficult calling day: music all the ground to just lose are callable to death was one of egypt’s work out some hope to be performed even if they’re not it is they are where you are OK sculptors are despite a Storage Container items that you can carry more of the of the steps of storage arresting a scope is idle Indians are not already an accent: number one of the pleasure of storage that’s pretty cool so I did play a little bit off stream of not know much farther like up there that area right there were like mike secure OS head is that’s where we were a great over there so basically I was able to just come around and get to hear against a compass shipping is probably to actually see me and go this way on this guy here I think he’s a shopkeeper but I haven’t been able to buy anything from you at I think you buy information basically all I got an on an assist these roosters are whenever of all round so let me of there’s an area back here actually they didn’t really check out the check that out real quick take this guy out all know if , if their enough already know what the forgot to turn the fat off their ago to some that I notice that it does that sometimes if you don’t it doesn’t hope you right away via the death blow to know why it’s a little annoying to be honest also are finally over there some radio today clicks of the Woodlands game and all of that so much so he’s down there in this woman here is he still alive he is all you know what , so this guy is this woman’s son of a book Medicare for this enemies around here and she keeps telling me she gave me this bell she thinks I’m in a skate her son for she wants me to offer the spell charm to go to so yes any way she was to go back to the area with sculptor the wine with the am so confused why it will all this and let me get that close their egos ’cause I got my first scale of CIA knew there was something in here to get my first goal and I unlocked , there we go live when Pers the clippers

like winters Sweet other ago is going to the way , hoping the chat is working and see as just the shore and looks and it’s working for this just me right now, they’ll problem so, are to get the whirlwind slash building and go up your right but can so what I want is a little back the other way now go this way up will take that I’m trying to do this without leveling up as much as with as little as possible as a really wanna experience the game the way that they want me to experience and not like not like a level of bunch and delightfully ideal skeins easy as a level the PLO to one and just experience of the way that it’s supposed to be experienced , close to leveling up the someone might take these guys out over here as a couple guys are here here’s a powerboat role gotten over at all all crab has the power of troll so instead of cases to the Niro and many he is all about that special move side of a grab studies that link to kill me ’cause all come on really love IE dollars to undead of I wanna lose my experience he soaked Hoffman to figure out what I need to do about the level up again also is

a perfect time to a defining USC sometimes that the death blow doesn’t it’ll show up in your guy doesn’t do it is, like the on the visceral attack in a blood borne sometimes it doesn’t work a O BJ as comments good to see a welcome how are you take the day I do want money anyone of you are digit by this game by a chance and I’m guessing probably not right owner of media has it become probably is like a love this game right now start so I just love about SunOS the perfect time to fight him is about to lose any experience which is actually a thing so if you if you die the experience that you gain is haft is cut in half that is to say if you don’t resurrect so if you die and then just to be taken death and you just start over your your experience that you gain is cut in half and you’re quite person’s cut in half so it’s it’s it’s quite vicious, obviously dark souls you lose all of your souls so goes the seats were some dark souls innocence but you can get back and our souls eagerly stranded back buoy the penguins fishing has a goal and body well, I don’t say by a IDs are playing this game ended I get a face amount of his calm to C what I need to do is I need to use my said sort of lose it all up also I think I should go back to that this is the only thing I can buy zone which I have yeah OK to buy like script, by all of my 270 worth aren’t yet 27 yet I are ago tonight and have to worry about to this guy all the what I am a DOS travel back to the dilapidated temple because I think there’s a new , it’s Schiller there’s a new training lesson that I could learn if you have not, will you really should get this game as it was fantastic to play just cause for my doubts place today and completed two of the big two of the big main missions and a lot when a lot of that move from one is not a speedy that’s awesome good afternoon it’s good to see a body yeah you’ll never guess what I bought a survey all please sell its hero is the fact that while the man as ago did it that so then I decided playing it and if you have how far you to its did not know what would double game of unassuming insecure about was top of this guy to all beef jerky have fact and that’s funny haven’t had this stack of fervor and has no images I can’t get the trick to be the M: new training options so consecutive deflection its vitality and posture to deflect the once doesn’t always mean an annual stop attacking

consecutive attacks can be countered with consecutive the functions which can greatly damage in the posture five colony attacks and perform three death was like I’d definitely pressed the flow of the football, yeah I got it right the first time all I see what I need to do is are Kay so it to deflect doesn’t always mean that their posture will fill up all the way a hot issue that’s what I thought it meant I thought if I deflected their tap their posture gauge fills up all the way but it basically it doesn’t mean that it’s just however much it fills up for you know, I do have I have just cause for the day up so would you would you recommend it as a good one would you say that it’s better than the third one or the second one how would you rate the mall had on please give this game has already sold itself I just need to find some decades of yeti I feel a man people just keep coming in the case outline it is crazy to see some really cool any types this game holds many surprises call yet at the lower one site audience lore that pasta recovers for enemies with seemingly unbreakable posture use techniques such as dodge was a felony to slow or their posture recovers, okay for an ease with seemingly unbreakable posture use techniques such as dodge , rejected use of vitality OK making their posture easy to break the frontier defoliants that document at the step of counterattack A new low point of a sponsors are really going down slow to OK all I OK just cause of forestry and let the mission’s even though there’s a lot of this a lot of for technicians OK rush into play a little Indians and may have discretion crack of three teenagers who have had a nice crack of three men good game good game , it’s OK that C Kettering sweeping tax so covering first attacks be just need a dodge syntax cannot be guarded or deflected all UA of the must be chopped are to be avoided shop taking an enemy during sweep attack deals heavy pasta damage are awfully directly to a death blow counter-suit attacks to perform three death was Mrs. Wall one of the Ide to kill the ad general that was but what that’s not

what I thought I want to do to wise it all their ago signed a one and jump away are , at the AC a year ago too, like jump on the opt in one jump away OK , funny mix came crackdown crossed with Oman skies starlet battle for atlas locating pretty fun while really so countering thrust I feel I just don’t feel like I wasn’t doing that right the thrust attack or at the counter as any thrust attack plans to fly and then step dodge O guy was in the writer’s desk and cannot be guarded but they can be countered by deflecting more step out into the side of town Step, inch seat and just press circle of that did work as a working so any depressed and it’s not just circle of circle and a direction circle and a specific direction OK to come as no available via stopping are yet to move that is not the stasis which version right to notes on sale at game’s top rate of 50% off its 20 bucks for the game and the comments should the biggest 30 for the switch to the actually get to use the ship with a controller something for the switch other member of the mean but you’re having the most rubble of everyone I’ve seen in most of them are great gamers with what would secure a I’m deathly and still try to learn the other basics , that’s funny because everyone later when I work with their all still stuck on like the column but bill keeps telling me they’re stuck on the first lady boss yet exactly means of eyelash for me the day I got to that make sense

Gotcha O and even see this over here was this , OK stop, first in Boston and that of which of them are made to beat the tutorial and dark souls year I mean I am having trouble with the powerboat role of no not really know what I believe of life for five times I’m still there were there are more things for me to learn in the training site came back to learn them still just get my feet wet spot let’s go now we got that , acquire skills I can do this one of the year deflection I want to do that Chile martial art inflation was one gardens or deflect any new tax in midair of a hold off for now as travel to stairway my eyelashes or do need a bit of occurring so I can understand the concerns of that in the dirt- all be a crackdown three to the game defections become important times I’ve heard from other people deflection is , so sick these guys out again , grow from over year I can deal with both him and the soldier crab I am a NAFTA , suspect is that no quick arrest a scout of all god dang it luckier well , coconut night into another time are no phone line

: from tri film myself he keeps to win them and do something else to a different move that he so badly wants to get me no low of the right as a close as I got though he has in two fingers that he just keeps going the same pain of all getting inside on CAA all I did lose anything that’s awesome son of an motto about a white was that on and off the ice all this but unseen aid is something basically where it says to the mobile theirs is 15% as the percentage of times in which I can die like completely died and restart over and I have 15% chance of not losing any experience and money so it happened worth the time was just as you doing everything right I’ve seen me honestly he’s just off this guy will come on The problem is this other guy comes out of nowhere screw it , cheating no no that’s come down here away from the other of IE Guard KB man he still gets me every time with that of a model start over I was so close the first time and also for can close yet drag and drop enunciate of cool money from a body you’ve of whenever I’m as will start over now , one of these help on these two guys are like easy PC enemies can just lose health of these guys

on a year ago wall she’s mad about their of where is the order to go , areas you Gotta KVI Frick and honest of us I RT I ran into the small trolled a hammer and party killed him like okay whatever like I dodged by those gotten I like they can cancel your attack actually so you can actually cancel your attack in a flat instead like that like , if you’re a certain time to cancel a detective acid off you can cancel I like that I like that a lot because you can’t do that dark souls and you can’t do that and love or I like the fact that you can do that this game very helpful he’s reply me that that rolled AMR yeah right I know I like them very nice thank you and all but what I can do is stay away from this all whatever do not totally dodge

no of content, the fully and Kemal and she’s man like for real man for real almost as latter tune in the lull own OK all those terrible are you kidding me all my god I’d all I did not do that I dodged to the left I didn’t dodge the two hamlet in doubt for writing to him I was holding down lacked a La down to and darted to buy and a town that city of thing begins to block to wake of payee lone wolf thank you my friend thank you all deftly to get this story is their lack somewhere in this review up no no I can’t blame it on the lag ’cause the really that this is like if this were if this were dark souls on the Xbox360 would be a three I might have a chance of winning a black to be honest in on the PS form RE master it’s there’s a there’s still tiny like their but this is like smooth as butter like this is like what they said there’s even like that you can cancel you enough time even cancel your move like I can dock like to acknowledge a tax dodge it’s just my own fall however that last I am new to say I was pressing laughed when I was sitting dodge I know it may be at may be to press circle before I pressed left the navy dodge forwarder something, but yet given the lack but a global that’s good to see a body and thanks for the optics encouragement actually I’m definitely kill ’em it’s just a matter of time and I just Gotta keep off keep at it honestly what I need to do is just see art. And not get me back a fact of income of your stupid thing all got hot body Xavier

so far so good all you Gotta be kidding me he just roomy and is in Chile well I am really loud right now I didn’t I didn’t quite 1/2 the Kansai guys I thought I had a chance I thought I had a chance are a lot and walk away for a second and resurrect use that no no bed you have got to be kidding me how is that possible I’d done should the freaking dodged it you know what I think it is a thing any good shop in seven dodge when he tries to grab me so I don’t think Don king is the right move for that undergoes this guy would see a potential of you added it’s it’s great to see you hold a guy’s got some reach a he’s dead sea wonder if have to dodge soon like soon as he starts to move I think what I have to do is jump when he tries to do the dive gravel I think I have to I think I have to jump and not dodge would all thank you know what the F OK I know through this I don’t know what has happened their wife and my wife and I jump off of the edge I was trying to jump off the edge they wouldn’t let me have whenever all you know what I remember saying something about fire that he he does like fire the problem is I don’t have anything with fire yet exactly different mate need a vision of a rapid passage out well for the for the other whatever it’s called for a for when he tries to grab me direct ground with the question is where lack of crossfire are when I don’t have any money

and crew nine and even before the use of crippling launcher can arena sounds heard one nice thrown in front of five Mistrust, but , I will buy another one of these he only has one left OK , if the ash that might help that just mail through it is facing the I have a bunch of it , but C to kill these guys are ready yet. And that runs facing yet strewn dead good afternoon: net good to see a body honestly I think I just need a golf course did us to see that the U.S. to see that this for you those ridiculous , already of no nose of the shall jump the jump worked once and then begin work the second half to get a quick you get a real quick one

he’s still grabbed me are you kidding me did you see that I jumped out of the way that was absolute bull grapple on starting over because no way in Hec, let him do that much damage on attacking you should have landed of to know they said something about fire he does like fire but there’s a there’s a prosthetic school hit box life yet take you have to you have to do it so quickly and to think so fast I am a 21 gun down here to A bob A welcome welcome welcome depends on the attack yeah but that was that was the attack than I thought I could jump from a baby by jumping to like that specific attack was the one that I thought I conveyed by jumping or it could actually noted in im hoping it wasn’t because the swap now know that no no no while OK that one as the one at the jump over I had a giveaway for me for a second the are you kidding me are you kidding me that as a whole crab will please fall off the edge to those absolute bull crab man you got to be getting the high on still diving and I’m diving at the right time he said he keeps getting these lucky hits and of this is so frustrating us to keep forgetting about the fistful – , have you gotten too early that’s a problem may be that city a no way there’s no I was holding down the OK there’s no way that just happen I was holding down to dodge button to I was literally holding a downed

I called wool crepe about one that was that actually was full I would have full health for this guy tried again to ½ full health are seen you do it three times a couple of his attacks are so slow reduction to them when they actually that yet but using no I’m not actually pressing forward and I Don time pressing to the left or the right so I’m not sure I don’t understand why I’m ducking into him like why would I ever do that I would never hold forward and dodge and am I just don’t do that so I’m just wondering why the hair that’s happening inside that’s really frustrating to me I’m wondering the same thing as to why it’s doing that like I’d always I always dodge to the left of the right of out of habit out of the actual habit like acts it’s just have a force of habit so I don’t understand I think what’s happening is I’m pressing the dodge fund no before CIA I either like about them backwards on god’s love the idea never got forward ever I think what’s happening is a pressing need of fun , too early tests and that the last April, is not registering with the dodge that’s probably what it is I know I’d only added by the way of adding me to make it sound like I was mad at you I certainly was not that you I’m not I’m at the game right now or just and I’m just frustrated about them as aim at the game but my frustration is at the game right now those guys are two sides in practice all thank god he’s just about the Grammy yet the end of the sided I didn’t mean to I wasn’t yelling at you or I was and what OS for us saying that a frustrating way I was saying that at the game and argo all of the top it’s that one right there a small I’d even dodge site even dodge said it’s just hard to tell its if you get a split second to tell if he’s gonna do a sweeping grab workers can do like diving grab so like the diving grab I have to jump over the sweeping grab I have to dodge around woodside you get like a split second fighter person eats its us vs the gate yet exactly yet know why I appreciate the honestly I appreciate you guys in your advice like trust me

and that something is like my skis me that seat as attacks are so slow UW into the money actually attacked the exit his his attacks are pretty slow that’s the thing ’cause I think that’s a problem with most frustrating because I feel like I’m doing the right thing you’ll see is attacking a bit OK again do this review that will like I somehow still don’t manage to get away from him he’s gone long grasp that’s also part of it as I became pretty close the time no way of them as a start over one at full health inside one hit one hit and an eight turns the entire match I can be doing so well and then he gets the one time and I’m screwed as for guy of the forgotten laying down he’s like that you never get the chance to just started to start over a million and click on live in mess around anymore, I don’t care about these guys are just as what I have full health when a fight the guy that role and the most craziness oh yeah gotten there a year all I got you into a Nashville but he hoped his body and rotates in midair call like that most terrible you honestly I think what I’m doing is I’m I’m reacting too quickly and eight kills me as I say that well that was too close to our eye OK we got this would have to take this so all you no like rotating through my stuff inside we get two resurrects actually might be able to take about this time USC that’s the one I need to jump over the no on knoll

, rizzo’s saying that right is a saying I think we got this time yet he rotates from which are in to my you do my gut to have a thing we’re close@we’re close I know I thought I had to rewrite is a saying that ethic at this time guys and I have some right as I got to thought I had a man he jumps farm and it’s the guy be kidding me I can take a hit early on like that from a man made of your money into OK OK whenever , those is stupidest thing ever see that this game doesn’t have any online aspects I know I thought I had about a handful of mode I really thought I had a call a mode I was reading somewhere somebody was reading it when my coworkers is reading it said it had an online: a trusted them deny to me down to the checked in case I missed something yet of I was just wrong when I said I’d call up , come on, get a first set was just like the first one just a key documents all come one really , I was I was afraid this game was gonna be like an easy easy version of dark souls and I was wrong PC that money make it in my only wanted to yes were you

all are right OK so far so good no old Deng I got to agree the Dole throw me off the edge no J shop get up somewhere get off somewhere I was hall my god for loan I wear is a word it a lot of Loma the U.S. of a box got two body might catch you were alone I got his number the help of as a god that was amazing OK Willett but was easy dark Soho boulevard is easy ducks Aliyev and that the divide cycle looted or the rage fact that they polygonal have IE nobody GG thank you S got to giving you the pulse fact that a loose for reoffering a nice to get another prayer read prayer bead we need two more Lanes kill the increase is the only way to acquire skills should only medicine right one place called increase the killing effective recovery items medicinal knowledge is vital for Shelby survival is receiving 12000 and will you would want to check the two gravely injured is to be granted kind of again by worthy opponents all right will so there was this a good game out of something good came out and I’m a lot there you have it pull of that was amazing all I can industry right there and I’d be really really happy that congrats not do this 20 more times what if the guide you know would really suck is a fight are safe right now like is that if idea went and got to the the sculptors I don’t and dancing rested and came back and then he came back like he was here respond right here that would suck so bad I know he will but I Gotta work, adoption might reflect that I always do little too early I was actually up here I can go up there who face guys though the wild things for sticking with me you did miss of the array of a pull him I was racing pretty hard to see the man who have , so I don’t wanna go that way

all the fault amazing he was yelling at me, and that’s right I promise I was as though I was yelling at I was yelling at the game or I was rather expressing my frustration for the game up so OK I can jump up there and one child and quite yet though just yet we’ll take a look around upstarts automated OEM-this was here ortiz’s lead against over there how to get over there , and the just got a long nap and I did see several streamers raging at them at the game even souls veterans while all right will that makes me feel a lot better of silicon that’s right now 70 yelling at you now to take the undead at sea knight charm and ocular OK and then to use did see distant objects will still be already have good vision and his two with one eye enables once even further than a journey to serve a sheen survey she does she not the major ninja serve the sheet issued a , an approximation Kasler sharp eyes and a lookout for any would be trespassers , just keeps up not much as they see as an HR interesting that much escapes the eyes of a nature all grab a kick in Simi will let’s go this way and a quick to a consensus is don’t play the game like souls from I’m starting to get a feeling for that actually I shouldn’t be playing it like tercels and should be playing it like that of consent like a stealth action game I should be using this stuff mechanics much more often that’s what I keep thinking gas and other Corsi see from which killing was convinces from her art so maybe given to Emma am also to take a look with two and one to take out a pickup truck struck shard , since so much better are a people who trust all too well I notice OK whoops that’s not that’s not very stuff like mops I did not meet the press that button of Saigon select these guys seem thing on a second as to why it was up OK on a reconditioned are looking for eye. Two of sesame chicken of the com to dinner special whenever If you want to dump is also a OK OK arts of suspension for them to make sure someone

with a white rice and you get more chicken OK I am living seven. As movie like ninja not like link result of the the make sense and ate my favorite muffin and all from saw for games the looking glass it’s definitely a helpful little tool whoops of depression about at policy OK so I should probably use ceramic shard of investments telling me to do was to find over here of discussing me. I so I can switch out something , switch out his full dash you know what will switch out the whole word idol also been a rearrange these things so I want the pellets next two my healing board then we’ll do a fistful of Ashton will be ceramic table to nature so it’s like in in order of urgency has had only use this item work of spouse to throw at them and read this through need rather tension are OK when one and draws attention at me was this irks to my guess smooth as it is a general down there as a general caulk wrapped strong what they wanted to yet but see are the limits are sold on that looking glass just helps tell the story and that’s usually problem from soft games is the moonlight Sorbonne, secures exception of this time all arctic see they hit it big hit in deal seemed for this sure they did they have hidden hiding it and the LC yeah OK now that the general are great john L redefine the next to you know what now the roll over their second to sneak by we’ll come back to this area over saint director though crab

I jump down no no see I did not one of you that divine confetti affiliated with the divine blessing may for driving away at the apparition is the papers made ceremoniously whereby polka spread fame using water from exalted from head as a goth was the water so too will the confetti plus one bat bassinets touch of attacks to connect with apparition type and it is cool directed by your life you can’t you can to be had the headless for certain parts did nothing of jewelry into a case of this seems like there’s this is worthy of data are or something , for one ago this way yet just to go this way they really changed at this time I don’t know what to expect the cousin same fantasy direction as neo so far of school never played I didn’t play neo to want to actually a Lutz we just saw me wall crab OK of , I have two are you know when to serve at this area over here on getting heat in the crab USC and always lay on that’s to the god of what happens this fact, that’s right and you see that to be a goes pretty far down the Japanese fantasy road as just plain okabe first cousin has funny amount of connections are really by the way your home bases missions from for you from time to time several events in territory all case it’s not about going getting to the next zone , OK

I get two that’s interesting actually and others a couple more guys around here should one guy , so there’s a general own unknown and I don’t see any Barnett to great and a bouquet and a one of its ticket from behind them nothing to this is a story driven unlike souls right it’s all completely new to me this whole thing like this that role he’s back power on troll with that in mind actually a nickel back ’cause I do want go back two give what to name the courts even stop, has probably been training staff and all that stuff of one check on the dragon rot to this is very interesting I’m loving this game : love to other reasons I’m not rushing secure as different yeah good point however act I had to play it right away yes if the rest of the watts is dame from old staple for me speak now N era roomy, and a began a well, did all the way for you, and I figured you this is right up your alley man at the auto body been playing this game did welcome welcome welcomes good to see though R us alive even playing it and if not Y why haven’t you because this game is amazing and it’s pretty much a cut a game that I would see playing to the wordplay OK so you bought it way to thought I gave her of all year. So the merest debt off are an odd not that far I’ve I was running for you either but you probably from me I just beat the power bomb troubled that some calling and the guy who was shackled to the basically chained up the giant that was chained up and just beat him again to the next area IBM without even using fire

to the legit or troll yet the legitimate role am I don’t think so not yet that’s a I’ve got just three trophies so much quite as far as your yet I’m taking my time to be honest to I’m taking my time with this game as is nothing new that guys to call a look at is a tall man do I have something to show what’s his name this guy thought I had a a hope for a was this alright the Bella forgot that I had this to cut one truly forgiving bosses at the boss nice whole point three years ago OO K three years ago will take those thing. Much of his idol around a Hackett, acquires skill is selected by the only made a deflection of quite needy at , crab both those close this folder ash did I love this game though I am absolutely love of this came out fun fun fun while all you have the the merchant was talking about that merchant

, Towson powder missing for treating burns fills the current status of normality and for timepieces burned all of his persistence and reduces deafening, Burt asked versions of the battlefield dousing powder is crucial for survival are dousing 1000 utter power will grab to all my god to that was terrible and replace the covers everything nearby any 1000 oil are easily satellites cause him to do so by television fire task of making them more volatile firms as in routing coal to come so close to make the the torch has a pain he added that those are that was on its unpredictable I wasn’t ready for that got the freaking candy man will grab got two from Ciskei you Gotta be kidding me I’d move from bridges are so epic tonnage and the G Woodson implemented the thunder in January ’00 all of Cisco is a school can eyesight I can swim can’t I I could just on this could I have I’m a factor should all be went down this would be attrition only Trevor Kurtz scale Spartans government rhetoric are to the average person is just an evil scale there are some there someone so a certain master who consider the skills among the most precious things in the world for this reason club that can be worthwhile to interesting , wall is that what is that you see that beware of what’s in the water and now you tell me , god

of the it get down and stay down as a Physician balloon O can I make it over there I definitely can question is always another one will the fact that and yet exactly will what’s going on in their acting is freaking out as yet Mimi now you read it yet exactly all OK to purchase items with scales divine dressing and is hopeful of stores by conquers all apps to us at seven rounds Moon to why wants its a curved withered right chord filled with medicinal water sports medicine refills palm rest reduces burned all the sudden increases for resistance to heal the princess and Ronnie over really mask fragment write a fragment of an old answers mask the original must’ve been broken into several pieces in this fragment appears to be the right side of the mask : passage text compendium of the combat are floating passage du Lac, or insight and period which Jackson flowing dance like for one overwhelming enemies and a four four for more than graceful aggression to fewer mindful of up to 60 loss of the issue now sort school was indeed radical due to its foreign origin tool to define grass if it’s quite the out quite the item this is a Japanese myth of no other hold off for now that thing is freaking out is a decade over there knoll as a limit to do the thing that’s a cave wait a second those things seem scared of me can embody yet a thing as scared me but let’s keep going to I must take a look here to a one to get this and wanted to read more

difficult to read for the better to see one more scales it did look like a OK but you sure which miss but I’ve seen it in a couple video games including Zelma it fears you OK as a looks like Wilson is running away from us that looks like you’re there ever were my head is right now IC R from an die from getting over it threw himself so far way he ended up in this game fact that it’s funny As was a store there a quick novices not cave , treasure car scale, what is that the O RRO there’s something else was just another car all men staying and missed a eve of sending data debt you Agassi a art will know that I have two fish scales I might as well by the right chord write his own be helpful to have specially in this area please bring more scales Kill until doing it what you see that didn’t fool it that among men and an Iraqi concern for a couple hours of think soon you might we might finish soon as I am an eight some food with my wife I can work will play only working for a limited 5 hours tonight visited 12 1/2 hour shifts on Monday so I got to cut 3 hours for today which is super mass skin feels super short, get their anomalies have basically where they can be a guess is BO Eccles, Reston me know that you can attack and water and Michelle yeah that’s why I thought it be a good idea to get it’s got unlimited use is basically plus I’m very close to getting another scale other tax, point scale point when everyone: crab amounted to sell stuff

the Rio as another checkpoint yes I really wanna keep playing but of god now that I just got this cult is idle I feel like I should probably should probably a call it quits for now because the next open titles not ready for another probably 1520 minutes and it is when times are right now it’s three calls to 30 feeling terrible today all EDS pay just in yo yo yo Warwick as that’s right for bodies back feeling purple today, it’s good to see guys Idaho’s just saying how I might actually finished the stream if sorry I’m sorry just as I do have to do some stuff for work in the 888 are you a late lunch was Becky I’m sorry guys out those sugar was this are made sure to ensure candy and made it a natural him asap how temple city opera’s blessing was attacked average, are beginning to get the sense to impart its inherent benedictions space and by excess karma was played out on candy and OK so that’s good for attack that’s good to know actually so those guys all that’s for unity of all time OK I wasn’t sure design us all year earlier as I come any said they when I was a raging and USC house doing an I was just really breaking hearts of Biden know if you left and came back yeah I think one of the guises is the call it for now so sick of looking his skills increasing number of Bessemer spirit moves that can be held from Miki the am not sure where 152 for all I know attention will appreciate you guys sitting around watching walleye was a raging pretty hard to yeah , go ahead and are in call it quits their order can I want to go back to the plot to the dilapidated temple yes see as of right now there’s 21 of his more open the NT that look at that event I can quit go back all the of the yuccas and as the guy so much for watching the greatly appreciated out of eight and FA Siena streamliner has increased reminded a work of five but that all future work in saber what that might be able to catch someone if you of us are streaming anytime soon but thank you for watching all I guess my stream will be later I think OK

will try all try to catch as much as I can a few DVD Stream on the half gonna love this game fall so good to kill that power bomb looted or trolled position: should rely those set a session dutiful moment the fall amazing but let you guys let me to all those love to have you on the cash you have yen and absolutely will have to awhile to do, stream sometime soon and all absolutely thank you for guys for sticking around watching very much appreciate guys are getting an insulin sign of it might be not sure when the next room will be them maybe tomorrow night I know we’ll see , but in any time guys stay awesome and a thank you for watching and all CSX I’m in bed