are a bit good everything appears to be working as always like five things break for some reason just randomly if I set up a knife to fix before every stream now days but it’s happened enough that I know how to fix now a duty to deprive good afternoon good evening good morning well, welcome will come of it are no good if so I figured out why my of my imp or Miners were working two streams ago of the USB Port I plug them into all my main computer stop us be porting it just it doesn’t work anymore have set up I’m down to th of seven ports on the back that actually work now on that computer the boy it cried a major yet the dab in your dad are so we just don’t poke Monday night by the way that if they want expecting peace explosion I’m only the shovel command ’cause I o , one to make sure that I got that some of the Beaumont other things fix before the more piece explosion and I think I fix them but it requires the all the more testing so before I’m satisfied that if it is fix a duty to test it isn’t the of my stopgap fix for yesterday ended up failing right when I call and actually fixed but I know the pokemon works will be will be doing this and I thought I might be able to begin tonight at all or 5 hours and were at the a or we sell out on city according to the of the notes of the maps so we we started here we are like there are there are over there for the rock tunnel to hear and then another there are so that’s that’s the progress we’ve made so we’ve got those like half the map I guess so say a wooded half the game according this apparently so love will see will see are exactly I saw the ads that what what is that isn’t like did you win of an estate sale auction for like a PC game collectors entire collection is something are what was it just year you want to swap meets and there’s just a rack of PC game things they need a slip off and put a Mano bag in a cell take it as it’s quite the hall that you got there have bucket and closer look at art bucket so let’s sell its going here but among blue game or 1998 aurum party were 5 hours and two deaths that first death was two Gary ocher rival to very start of t , I did not take enough are in G2 B. Garrett the start the second death was not long after that were we died two of the first tr of any otherwise it’s been it’s been pretty smooth I’ve gotten a lot of weird where’d lucky things go my way to guess my way and in case you missed it

is owed happened previously on pokemon low that is that what this on a kit have a R and that was that was the poker men last time what’s up a splinter poker man but get that signal a ad welcome folks are so like before replying this on a Mr Mr. At PGA it is a hardware emulator so it’s it’s slightly different software millionaire in that it it really does the the programming of chips on the fly and it’s the it’s the electrical ease very similar to the actual hardware are are good audio effects like a really good as do it so like I mentioned just before this we are currently here in solo on city star of art journey in par one started tarantella tell me what you hear are already year o were sidetracked over here are two Celadon city which is where we currently are our current quest is to get the best self scope which is apparently inside the tower thing in a soft dough building so sure as do it are 452 for the lines up doing on getting an assert I if a plane on SCR T is important to know so little mention. Of the cuts were one ago of a playing games on a CRT like older games with no lag on a seer T and make them look the way it should look vendetta Mr. With the of the VGA output are that analog output by otherwise a year you probably get by without one just use a formulators raise boys and what the problem are a two story of the multiple story poker mart service was mango street store the machines a case of the if I remember correctly

this is an elevator that’s that’s the buttons for an elevator if I remember correctly wanna go to the the rough and get some drinks and that’ll open up some of those of brits we haven’t been able to take before I t ever have I called open as yet and not not quite our current pope index poker decks is we seen 52 and on 10 and air currents of our current mania is this thing the Venus or UK and the law so I level 35 80 tax me to defend 77 speedy a very special of and we have are easily if which is which has a 95% chance to hit and almost always crates as well a but when I first got the attack and tried if I missed so that should tell you something about my lack home bucket are so we need any queen 83 on a city all diskette two because sure we get us come back and later for the more bizarre was of for like that are racist map here and so I think it was like like this are out here they wouldn’t let us of when lattice’s those we had to take the of the underground tunnels two of you get the Versailles think you need that these water ministers like these may be out, but I think if to do all that are sonata we got that a good book Ability and answers calcium to increase special abilities are bused for speed OK Services as a permanent stat stat buffs I guess that’s a lot bucket I think I agree good there not a cure I was gonna get one yesterday but they have something came up like right before I was about to leave to go get off of a l and wait till today are of buckets are looking for the soul, building Mona I blew it sure a case that the markets in town I guess sure are so if I remember correctly so, buildings just like this enormous enormous building in the middle of town unload the whole chairlift or comment II know I feel I used the are worked for Schaefer a for a period of time than men that was those of fun job they have won my back was real fight that though All is that that uses that the secret developer Ron that event that you can only get a few glitch into a tanker someone by know everything

I know everything about the while the pokemon and your game boy get together with your friends and trade pokemon no , it be OK are sure that maybe a fun T M’s 50 teams and all by the chums of co Using a game like Kato, since this is where they put you on a condenser friends to get this game also game boy and then the special cables well that freed Alteon more like three V Bachus going too broad and bills PC for the entire game as well as your view ZV why would you do that yet the minus a intend a nose of that But sold the building wary of that’s the mark sol as it is this building business is off the building or does not get that money sculptured a lot on looking for the self co building because we’re we’re try to get B self scope to be able to do the the they did pokemon tower Mr. Kirk west and also eventually I need to go to our with the story is there a cute brain of band games is spoiling itself it’s the game program of the bug update the game doesn’t enough already That Curtiss@sonic of what that explains that than as it in saffron then all OK so I guess I guess the point of going here then is too so work early here so now we’re here we get the water of that should unlock bat and then that ms should unlock that and then went and then one war and saffron that so we can get the the scope OK but and makes more sense as I could as one of the pit is a bias only meet said it would be to go out through the U E6 used way out of town than all you only the $1.00 of Kent interesting bits of its convenience that they just take it sure saffron city of cuts were gone , Daryl share the city of the guards account a dissident are a way that other other water than I don’t think this can be used in battles so sure the grammar of no should I have a sick baby like the cool upgrade and buyers of a duet war here but a super potion

that’s a very cheap super potion than dying that’s a really cheap soup repression as the bills go first 700 and this was 200 of all locate ice been are a lot use that but sure our London stock up on ash waters and I sue me the other ones heel for the same art enough all rights of off two saffron then can do all three of the it will be back later it’s fine will survive as all OB is for a changing up bomb of the Las allows moves in the lot is as fine as boys got Allies RT perfect the lodge’s needs better stats and more levels and then we can win the game all it just goes straight into town book a sure All Agnes is self, it is OK are eight week we take it then I guess every other beet that the gym leader here before the Lovelace and can member for a heel belie its lets them do it and just in case of Kuwait for think that the it sends it back to last Pocus Center you’re at R Mr. Psychics house of David R so who’s the solo saffron is Sabrina the marsh badge Sure I know I’m missing a trigger somewhere I guess the sits and a Joe OK but this the biggest I have to do all these

actually unless I OK forward all this is an unofficial budget out OK well water was to this one isn’t super lot I can turn it down for the stream Korea it’s the same the same volume is as today but alternate down are and there are Jews are level 31 Have all its if you noted a bad for doing that than and why bother me get some civic Speedo tent are we can wean go get our free PO commend 37 a O all OK for the reason is pretty death of a ira’s is finding types news but it turns out it does matter as I can I can just one shot them to have a sure that works are which I know we want this one are in this so once got a good reason not to do on the right as listed launch an R1 I can use either one sold sure we’ll just the piston punching a paunch and no more of are all we got it and I can use it but a we got it right now it’s actually go do something advances a plot of says probably some story that somewhere

It’s all done I thought I looked everywhere and sell it on the DIS are going back to sell it on than I was what I’m doing just fine but how are you all I can see all in OK yet that area to get two with the pickup move again likely it’s a short walk was of this data to town all this is the the dig a cave entrance looks like arts those down here to gardens poster Ono a level 20 medicate actually I should R will win this fight and I Gotta go back to the Polk center to get extend my PC back out Airlie work in overtime shoveling snow nice as one of the wily upsides live in the Moreno no show snow and snow shovel and the full on full on back seating is a OK in the pokey man as I’ve I played was this before and I clearly have no idea what I’m d buy will fully accepted the help of poker masters are up for pretty much all pokemon play fares so worry about the the more the back seeing hence I am fully all been two of any assistance in this on the dock overboard to have a dogged open up a walk through breach of every little thing that’s all I really ask a case are known to the Parks and urges are here it’s a spooky ghost was my party in my party is we have the law that is a level 36 ID sore and that might as well be the party of we’ve also got a peek a two page easy that Paris and your dude and that the other five buyers will not exist because for if we just we use knives or have a bi AB soar with razor leaf and it’s so far been pretty effective NL all point out that I’ve never I’ve never been any pokemon game and this one is the only one I’ve ever actually played before , say II know practically nothing about the PO commands of I watch the cartoon I was like half of the cartoon back of the day when and I played like 2/3 this when I came out I got to the island above as a long long time ago and that is the full extent of my poker men knowledge So we did something some are acting

look at my continued a map for this area I seem to recall that the dungeons start doing like Teleport amazes that some point are probably just tackle arts or on flour one and it was like Trinidad and have a big let behalf for the um for future are pokemon play fares on the channel pretty much all of them again to play except for like the of the coliseum one’s their stadium stadium coliseum next D and whenever the weird will be one is of those probably knocking the plane stream but all handled 160 for Mr Dungeon ’cause II don’t like the street engine games of but those are event eventual down the line play through the sock in a play mall wants so eventually at some point oh With thick and did an upgrade of a suspect in secret all men so does all this segment storage in the beta value belongs to the press toy at all and that’s crazy of its up that’s quite the hall there the you can actually say similar a similar situations like that out on a on goodwill’s auction site by sometimes you just have a key of bike 15 boxed PC games all sealed for for like five bucks total and then the shipping is 40 bucks because that’s that’s how they do sometimes is actually really annoying had goodwill’s online thing does shipping because it tells you like okay the item weighs 5 pounds bu so guess what you’re paying 50 bucks for shipping and have fun arts there’s the bears in the switch some are apparently there’s no it was one that was all of magic cards well to take a look on shop to shop goodwill dock, because there is regularly of options for like a year’s 30 pounds of assorted have a bike safer pokemon cards you deal cards what have you they they got in there I did America as of today I get a haircut like twice a year and I was meeting again when yesterday but so together done an amazing received as a going home of a deliver two Aussie probably not you might be able to use like day of of a proxy bidding service may be that I’m sure it sent there’s probably a service for that they sell us

or whenever the coolant is for the first really a fee of something like goodwill so it’s a it’s like that it’s like a thrift store chain but it’s also a charity or of , concurred that this others only one answer and others usually like 10 on sale by every day II have a bunch of saves searches setup because I’m just I’m constantly buying stuff from shop goodwill lately I’ve , I actually have an enormous one coming in tomorrow sold for I think I paid 60 bucks total including shipping for about $800 worth of audio equipment and and mounting stuff for it to have ’cause that’s that’s just the kind of thing you can get there and usually with audio equipment there’s nothing wrong wit for audio stuff especially liked churches churches by them on it and then they’d be using for a few years in the majors donated to goodwill and then use their of their endless amount of d and and just get in there for a for practically nothing but the Acapulco News for 420 as a bunch of bids as like sometimes is really weird auctions were like you think this this item wouldn’t be a big drop but sometimes it’s like a there’s 90 people betting on it and its $2000 of like if you search for Roland there’s a bunch of old Rowlands a synthesizer keyboards of that I think that the auctions might be ending to mar the day after bomb there’s a techie taro Rowland T. Carter looks like i back of a but apparently a lot of people really want they keeps our NEA like laptops if you wanna think that if you only get a ThinkPad for 30 bucks big on they’d all kinds of Oman could well it on a cheap laptop as just of your laptop be all kinds of them on that site are all this looks horrible a kiss of taking that one doesn’t matter that there is a dad is a lot of bubble wrap if you need to if you need bubble wrap yourself two of bomb that a pad something for shipping just by like a $2.00 thing from goodwill and you’ll get you get all the bubble wrap will ever need for anything home I probably couldn’t just I don’t need assess the ticket item or do I are really I should just the all know I’m in here for Goodenow date packages this caper about but shipped either get rid of some those items of limited inventories why that we got the helix book it this way I think this is a way out of this looks like the way out bucket weight where my the

bucket redefined a computer somewhere of all of the the community pokemon game got the got stuck in the deposed the Moon puzzle that I’m not surprised if the OK but Ms. Stone we don’t need will put lord he likes the way for now says all kinds of rum in this computer from a scrap but can have an Iranian and Torrey that would be silly open are to think we healed up are bowl PP were good ago if well to a fair this is kind of upon an ambitious game four of our the original game buoyed by does a lot to this for a system th you Gotta give it some some leeway their it certainly noted him on the arts well there’s no button to prove on demand in this game all good another moonstone all of a@OK I remember emits an estimate is only for Moon stones and the whole game so as just about that for a way that moonstone they just I remembered those things are limited so And that’s expensive So I’m assuming there’s a switch somewhere to bucket and new I don’t see a switch here for the doors so this is apparently just items it could only one of the I wonder how many how the games are won a save despite himself are having to come in and actually do th as a needed a fur for earthbound as well , let’s see so where do you want southwest of here so that’s the bottom right heavily get their than cites the bike to get over there but Edison and go over there yet are mazes OK

a letter Earthbound totally on the the backlog Mrs. All the way and mother three I got pretty far and mother three when I played it’s the cutters like year and 1/2 ago I think on a plate But I did not beat the game and I think I think ID game shark attack as II couldn’t figure of the battle mechanics from other three but after I looked it up there’s like a ghost boss are something early on another three that I just couldn’t figure out how to beat and it turns out ther of something that I’ve no idea that this particular mechanic from other three was thing for battles official translation of other three had no idea all I know is some other three fans are still very upset at Nintendo of America that it’s still not out yet so no idea this snake bus mall and I was the bomb years in a haunted mansion with a bunt a ghost is very early in the game is like a suit of armor owners say the KM of us The Meadows I’ve either translated thing of five mother three slots that someone will do I guess from the mother through translation project is what the the title screen for it says a neat if they hadn’t an experience translator do in the fifth in transition the sometimes that isn’t saying a lot because see no alondra of of a and super Nintendo final fantasy new as sometimes I do want a switch the lighted slam probably gonna want the bits of three ex pa on something maybe the picture I now have Elevated that we need a key card that only a inmates on another floor and all of that I Gotta keep an eye in a a must be a metaphor than

all of that ceo of a star mend of net die that must be OK if a im that scare that I know of that guided know that was the guy the icy one pixel health are that mother TM and often use double edge should die of a can use book it OK they live act as a much shorter agro range of it quits based on speed will above 50 up all OK signee soares just naturally fast I guess you one thing so ’cause it’s enormous but are that tent arts there is that serve elevator takes you So from what I understand from pointer means about the jagged giga Macs the game to Max whenever things they’d they just make an and for the wasn’t that the last of the three as games offer that was they just get it if they get taller her something that’s so that with a one other thing started no Palme tree where something that’s all I remember

are knowing I’d get them a elevator again of so that it was a good ago to the the floor above again elevator here’s the course not a bit too easy than indexing and end the game tonight saying, god of R Buckley I don’t have to worry about that for years until we were finally get too modern pokemon caves and by then they’ll probably be another one released of think it’s just one is under one do in a mall in order of the furniture that but that the makes a mess of the most sensitive to Malin release order and it’s generally on you to do most of the backlog games and Seifert like an exception of prod these all the kids attended as a what order those are an assert the most part are loosely connected with some exceptions like the shore bike majority mask is related to a poker enough time I think says do I add planned release order chronological order and to tell god really to have it isn’t his is dumb as those all the time line you out one game each generation up enough I’m not gonna play lane red and blue a or gold or whenever the big yellow that the plan is a book on blue book among crystal is apparently crystal does the one to play I figure that do that bridge and two and then joined three is a game boy advance I think in that was a step by arid night I know it is up and tell me of a Emerald sure but as me anything about post generation one pokemon an old not be able to answer ’cause I’ve no idea of a book if all book eight wait up all boat of suspense right back here sure they have the fed is all the plate there so we do those in in Cannes in chronological order of a a ballot that would be a weird way to do it so we start off with what it’s the skyward soared I think is the first on because those be too and then after skyward sword is still that one but I think

service at the OK and then it’s and then it’s Palau one and then HMO two and then the grain stream saga and then elder scrolls one arena I see are bark all its cover backwards all men were canonical ether older scrolls on if I think sell I think it is but there is some bears varying periods of time bid to reach game and I think the exception is the avoiding red card is the exception without one no one takes place like before the first game onus a buyout of the numbered all the schools games I believe are an chronological order anything you can usually tell by the quasi emperor and was Ian Pers number next to their name for the period of time but I’m pretty sure that regard takes place and in some like super early. Time compared to the other ones I think and then all the schools online photos as a I don’t really care about the game and I keep drive tried I think three times now to get in DSL an a game that sustain for me just a from a of us Ellis calls blades bed that game’s been on my phone center came out in the the prerelease bailout I played exactly once and then never again a semi notification about hey we we exist for a game come in place again of a few months ago and get stalled and still the touch it again but Giovanni So the boss says areas is using a level 25 pope’s the are eight is the blades bomb if you use that if you held in portrait mode and you just have to worry one to go in and and then swipes I th by a Mo and II thought it worked fine it’s just it’s just a guess is that might take the game so I didn’t so I didn’t play much more I can see how where bait that the greats mobile experience for somebody like that of the game but that’s the day my cup of tea

But still scampered it Art and that probably open up those the R god has better be worth it didn’t have anything that bite maybe I don’t need a lift the more above, but I’m sure whenever that is is probably not good so hove limited inventories months to get a worth of debt on the that’s kind of a point with games like that they wanted to keep playing with etsi could not edges of the art instruction as if he could be two gay men in 5 hours than to have this there’s no incentive for you to to become even more engaged that the branded all guy never pay for a for free to play stuff either but enough people do that it sets of sustainable business model apparently even for the band moderate in the medium and smaller size of size games the real fans keep those on the float are but so that I get its own money and then the aisle think any to buy anything like are still good on store bulls mallet a of most recent fallout yeah like that that game was free to play during the three I think ands U.N. free was not enough for me that Divac in a lock no thank you and mike and I keep saying news stories written up about eight years the weird thing going on a fall at 76 this week like there’s a veteran players are teaming up the fed like grief three to play players are something our war here’s this guy has made a trap set a trap new players said they don’ of the case were just going use a case all week but where this all may do it to do a poker tower before the booker psyching though just the east room here and that should the unstated identities at that time will again via back to book a tower but not just go this way we should be able to compete at a superman bodies nice the fallout OK since it this way it can remember which one IE five here but it is not one will didn’t they only just recently add in PC stuff of 76 B you think I would’ve been a day one thing for a game like that

is like every MMI of have but said it be easy is set to start but if there is still not even in yet but if man and I could’ve been out for over a year at this point also speed and games I’ve been a look at over a year this point has star service and it even been released yet by the way I die out and all that game for it data feels like five years this point but apparently they have a billion dollars in funding or something for that game is any doubt that can you play that game can you can you pay money for it for it now in play it or is it still just all its NIC OK it’s an experience as a as II 1 of my aunt or one of the stream regulars back to the day but the last I heard from him was he he was hired by the star s make this a game and peril enough of a a a it’s holy hell with a little weird thing that sets of back and it’s the on the save the death of SD card just in case but so were to beat the bee to Gary fights here and a way of the soul scope week in defeat this big egos that we haven’t seen yet the itself or take a star system actually looks really neat the second call game but if if you just can’t play it and that’s that’s unfortunate the curse of me quote limit that that’s making quick buck has been the game industry for a very very long time to have a data if you wanna see a real quick buck, look up like the the commodore 64 library and all the amazing stuff that can offer that and also Atari 2600 poke and peek in as a tumble our all was that curt schilling’s company and then if there’s some sort of like financial impropriety RE going on at that are something in those lawsuits and unlike the city of Boston and a light but the company under something and then there’s like a tax evasion thing art sound like I can number the details but the whole thing just one under a guess as unfortunate because the the game and they did release online game is actually good but house that’s a really funny game yeti on the mass effects style game of all good wood pallets great all I have a paralyzed here all were confused Nomo fighting get bevy of it I have no more game on steam and ship its that’s actually good bike and in some ways I think is better than the ms affect

come on the law did know that a non of OK yellow Dylan that you up peril I have a I think it might actually wanna play a Ballard game again set that was a really good game , addresses good icily II signed up for the Xbox game pass thing to play the outer worlds and so I just never got around the plaintiffs of what’s the an effort next mix things about other world spent I don’t have an opinion on until I didn’t plan to sell have a diet of them as effect quadrille day with all its a trilogy plus also the fourth one which I haven’t played before of those are also gon of ands I think what I wanna do for that even though this PC releases I think what I wanna do for mass effect is tracked down of a copy of the trilogy on either Xbox are PlayStation as terry and play through beyond patched version of three because I played to three with the the revised ending and I wanna see just how bad the original ending was for a firm as factory because I thought benefit the revised ending the one that I saw for fall three was was fined it was an amazing it was fine , and I won a suit the big deal was a whim eyes will do the other games while we’re at it that So a choice I thought the Oki bone OK sure died and even a cube bombs could be your that’s the Arden and be disliked the schoolyard said are didn’t get the timing right not quite correct on the timing while one to make sure that the Indian accidentally kill it but it got an a 1% spawn while we we are to get that the peak of two to spawn in the that forest just a test as a random encounter

and rumors of school home and no one is ever seen as pope was real face sure But that’s handy that they put that there Sunday’s lineup up as warning that saver neared into account it wasn’t clicked into my window of a NAZI so other near-term backlogs the hot a Diablo two I’ve never been in Diablo two before the cinema do a live in a and I think all up one one that one gets trained all off the hook up an input monitor two of my mouse and will have to see how many hundreds of thousands of times I left click in that the play through I’ve played a shed at ideo three and we did the Diablo one for peace explosion son unfairly unfamiliar with those games but doublet two which is apparently the best one can never be that adding I got to the jungle way back when and then the one I got to college of somebody stole my of my disks with the CD key for the game so have a as those never able to but to actually from good so we slowly actually from goodwill, goodwill’s auction site some there was a of bulk of Lott option f so that now I finally have a of a copy of the Audi a blow to the notion do that yet I still my of my Diablo two others still my a starker at Bryn Mawr the disk and CD key is ands and 1/2 life have five disk as well but I wasn’t that if there is anything else as those are just sitting on my desk at the time yet I still sell the DL about chest but it’s like it’s like 10 bucks bird for the outlook two and then another 10 for the bomb the expansion so have a why pay 20 bucks when you can just get that this EDTA from from goodwill for $3.00 and sell it if you love your real peace issued about it some of the goodwill auctions have pictures of the CD he’s a a a a a a set so if you wanna be like that if you if you wanna do that I I’m not encouraging you to do this but sometimes they do do that of a acts us sometimes appeal doing that the photos for that auctions don’t really know what the doing of which is why it’s always always great when I’m looking through all the other end and computer bite and graphics cards and some c like bill bill taken at a very blurry that long photo of the card and then they’ll take a close a photo of like the top of a mem like you want a photo of the sticker that says what it is not with the what it says on the memory of but it they they try to try

and yet up that would be messed up its one thing done to death but but but also don’t be surprised if you if he gets only from g of areas are deregistered especially if you see that that that CD Keys are in the photo then you should know better at that poin and if you want said late cheap games and bolt like PS two PS three games we games of its kids must lead a space games side goodwill should you can get all kinds of games for very little money from them so if you’re into collecting by PS two PS three PS one games of Xbox stuff just go on shop goodwill before you can E day as chances are it’s gonna be a whole lot cheaper there and it’s also why if you going to like the goodwill store retail store while they on why they don’t have cool electronic stuff i all managed copy dark seed seat belts that the PC venture game is that are the main drag in dragon seat as those that awful PS one of that that the strategy RPG that played itself out of auto battle are one man what a bad game one of the game that I’ve no idea shop goodwill even existed until a few months ago I know mike I’m by also to shift of a a great site it’s unfortunate that they OM their their system is as robust as eBay is so I was actually up by almost bought a pair of $350 to Nizar headphones for $10.00 but I waited until 30 seconds before the auction ended in this site lagged out before II could put my bid and so somebody else w lack of a tidbit from the pictures there’s nothing wrong with me there below zero percentage zero yet egg and seeds the the weird of the weird awful game unsure the game is is perfectly fine but I was not the a sock and lease with someone that one of R. Sayers Buckey guest so skip unveiled the ghosts identity so if you come here without the sole scope this this fight is unwinnable I guess and I think you can capture the the bar whack and cut the ghost as resis all Cubans bother , chip are the data to back down a low Florence and that he’ll the forgot there’s a there’s a gantlet that that the top of that our of the ad wars ceo that’s that’s Kennedy and for chipping with the shop and 12 now days like you’d actually speed worse but they do they don’t send you like outbid notifications the only North Asia may send is like a week after bid of check back to see through but it’s not like eBay wort some the it’ll give you an E mail or it had a nap northeaster something if if you were outbid like note a diskette up 8F5 on that that au

as a nice others that the pope and all tracker something for the the fights of the tub with our but I’m not gonna knock to be employing any glitches if I don’t the don’t have to them as Playfair I can skip the entire up games in a dungeon if you do that interesting of there’s nothing I lock see out of the any other content if you do that and all estate escape the battle and then just walk to the left of that works as all its upper debate whether not it said Dick which are not so many said yesterday that there was sitting in the Manual Manual mentioned at an all that all god of a a a a a a so gold at Seoul so is is this part of gold at the lips as well or is it where did the lips and then where does a goal that began is with what I wanna know of a tip oh Bono home cheese book eight oh daily says sensible upturn controllers say darker Graham top stop web site will will enhance once we get back to the public acts and solve this mystery retire tackle buddy mean tackle is so good bucket would you propose I replace it with than one of the T M’s sewer or is there an evolution or level unlock that the all be better at only attendees is a bind with the sometimes mime whip isn’t the isn’t as effective

and eddies TM seconded up and down and not with me but I do have some are vying with the zoo bat and it’s gonna be not very effective rate that there’s a crit as other affected see ad that’s a light tackle this tackle probably would’ve killed their edit 35 tackles all of the the reason why I’m not using the of the rare can be yet or the OM this taboo settings that is because I got the impression from Fernald eight late game like the lead for whenever that the end of the game is buying and aeneas secon of the late game trainers and by I’m probably gonna wanna say those four for that one right to release make the the powering up of that the that secondary pokemon slightly easier by eight unless either an impression here I’ve no idea as did previous established I’ve no idea is that OK does a guy a guy whose houses the front poker my house all just work to set But Oakland also can focus on a case of if one of our pokes gets put to sleep in battle we can use that in battle and also for the visceral accents out in the art in the field I guess star me Redeker now with the well just does point out the the ones that we see it will be useful and all do my best to try and catch of a because Aramark hearing and is looking to sell soul that men I think that’s that’s the rub out of the stop see all the um Alles said both items I knew to keep alone for a writ whenever as I be so is doing pretty OK as is right now I don’t think we need to use me a performance enhancing drugs on on the lodge’s debt soul will propose away for now and the notice for extra levels to work with Artemis selling it only the cells company more

money that Santa don’t probably never denied years can check that we can buy HP up will store those of their thing else is fine OK so we go least the M’s that GM’s a chance we get we got all kinds of but I know IIII still don’t see a greater reason to get winner tackle ’cause having a normal attack on our main pokemon seems go setting case I run across something more grass attack is not effective than always have tackle right that’s my thinking for keeping keeping tackle a of the Exe items are temporary tempered all things said about those it’s that it’s like the car been end of the calcium those of other permanent buffs that the mall cinemas stockpile , look it up all DMS we got a whole bunch of bucket the are scarce you’re saying that this rate they’re that spot is the top of a goal that slips sure sure all cases only got the pope book flute a week and we cut the store lacks but technically women even seen the store lacks in display through I know it’s out there seen it we’ve not seen any yet of are signing head back to a a a a saffron and we should be able to the maybe do the gym of bell in saffron or that is also sell it on apparently there’s the rainbow badge and sell it on which I also haven’t done yet Semitic notice a lot on a a I love that the vu two bought a moderation flags is OK if like this this message for review if you want to store lacks you sho of a a a a day and use 25000 offensive massive spit up up up nice of a a a a a case is the self go so I don’t think we have to go the South Pole of I don’t think the butt of a specific and do that the the sun city of Jim and get that of the way I guess serenely and all we can also go north from saffron two had to go back to where surge was arts there’s a gym around here somewhere diving ball grabbing is probably what the one true BU two bottom of the ire and weaving in and

of have about a nice said of a a a R bowl art leader Erich the the nature loving princess Cay where’s the wears glasses dared as those glasses do does not show up after some point are amazed as I did not order the schizophrenics P year cities like this is probably a grass type is not it’s a good thing I have tackle Bono I know how this goes are good thing I still left tackle of course of course are two good thing I have this pope a fluke the bucket hell yeah tackle the 42 1,000,000,009 tackle it such a great ability by Nina be the very best like no one else was before with tackle and eventually this week and bells can run out of PP on sleeping patter and then we’re gonna win that have all good perfect are saved easy easy didn’t affect the lawsuit weaves go back to tackle and got on our we’ll we’ll try raising the end so a crate are easily credit did pretty much the same as a tackle did you get me but will they go bears have a are one of mine went they limit damage by how to tackle how much the status as a tackle do how weird that was even a credit to have a bar level 21 else for outlets of sale much of line with does all mail a good image tackle pokemon master curry knows is strapped year you just add a smash that tackle button for easy wins

that a all live why Vina would bar at its of when you could tackle it instead and will save the vine went for one more fighting rock type as you never know all I remember this area now stuffing and actor that the cartoon this was the episode where they’re making perfume or something and they do get a gloom from the the forest Bono and I use or which you live are comeback of gloom that sees hands and now it’s appropriate to use mine with Bennett script as a course are OK so grow so is growth better than leach’s aid I’m assuming not donate it OK sounds like an immediate the law did on growth Coltrane a female bucket are Though dipping a tackle we might actually one of the tackles of a R that Angela day for wheat are about it at all , like gods and they all have , if tackle is great doll Hayden tackle is so good witness for the damage are so gloom just get the fancier hat

with a son are really hit that a button a button to victory rad is tackle all you need or the very best there was But team’s only one mega drain at the David and flexes drained to heal your poke Low level of vintage helps but tackle otherwise pretty good are so that’s a that’s a lot on a setting next adding a little back to cerulean sofa go back to saffron we should do that either of other GM with surgeon at the same time it sort of say that one it’s tackle the better I don’t know that’s double edge that doesn’t double edge as a double edge her chill when you use it how is that better several people are typing have a that is not tackle that is inferior to tackle the data for Canada house acted and then maybe drain more like made of deposited the tentacle that budget by two attacker sell this is madness why would you do that I could be taking zero damage of the cases north of here to cerulean but by what this so good , assumed these are still closed yet are sense to take this to cerulean buckets those surges jam is somewhere around here it is we had an outgoing here but I was I was here when out this as warmest the what where is set always in vermilion rebels that all its ms is an was shipped

a a a buzz on illegal this place that’s why I have been here I want the complete runway to them in here the day care likely to raise money to pokemon sure of your tickets because you OK by an article be about that the bike shop text thing yesterday and added that acts as fine as I’m concerned it’s good enough we have that yet to bring up the bike menu and then hit B and that the speeds of text book if the cissel two years were 1,000,000 that we give up our very valuable peek into two random guy in the middle of nowhere in as a stain was the over here think ships that sail that such as it just gone is gone way you can temper perfection is actually impossible notice any locked up ice and put them on orders from our 12 even go as goes back to lavender town Agustin no stop near but they’re no reason to read no bucket byways them Birds and water park Vaughn and prowl good process the big daddy get some OK but think these guys first batter I remember this part from Rosemead runs and from watching via bomb there’s a pokemon Tass pot or something I remember tha where a lot of all other runs and get to this and then they would just die does this trash cans you put your of your very good pay speed run in the trash can because of this area right here with the Sailors by the way the hangout was surge is can adapt a coke is nothing out interesting of a wet and weird weird was attacked the stock is another another miss that the reason we’ve witnessed at the stat that down

10 to a lot of problems that can lead to play those once the the only 1:00 AM planning on playing for gin two is a crystal as apparently fearing a play any of the edge in two games and Myers will be crystal so they’ll be the one we do I’m not sure it on it so how much of an issue isn’t a played bomb veggie and two and I guess maybe then three games that have a bill time clock think how much of an issue is that if the the real can you still complete the game are Jim and if they speak to jimmy Michaud couldn’t as buzz if you like catch ’em all you have to live in operating clock but otherwise probably not a big deal and it’s only an issue for the the game boy eight caller one I think are but stressed and time boys is a scaly the last and I look in a a a suspension of the trash turn it on a right sole right that we started at 7:09:00 with the trash cans of kemper’s one that I’m on the best the best there was like no one else before that wasn’t so bad that pokemon war at Magid is like advance wars such as pope on Oman seven cross so is this the the pokemon lore start before or after the grain stream side of

the four park is pocomoke a R and a sense after the Polk apocalypse only corky remained corky and those of the recon Mcdaniels are eight PM 24 butterball book eight great we did it dawn are a set that that of a survey of the timeline split like the dissolve the the cannons all the Time Lines so eon won the war in this one and no the pokemon have returned to the universe but if the whenever file bosses Ingres stream it’s been too long and wins than been the events of fallout happen but if a soul it’s a we’ve done this this this this so I still have saffron city of and that is that service center so if I go back to north the saffron of theirs that and I think week and we can do that this self co building now in saffron I think that’s that’s the next thing the line here yet them are not deem over I know that I knew after a diploma mile mythology it’s been too long book a service this is a building that the Tellep orders is that this is making sure that you guys remembered error amount filed a a right this some ready for this to be horrible RI knew it until yet to make a map and guess a case or a flour one is the the elevator no doubt the school that again back to haunt my dreams of course so does this taking out a lie and then bring it back as a clear the confuse like a member disposal try it does appear that will do that than R Pierce not to get a whole bunch of ex

A nice as it’s not a Mage prior I got so the dozen changer level marker then the the needed ago like me using bind wept on this red tape and it still did in one shot but tackle did tackle did I goofed by did not do as I used tackle eight yesterday sounds try to play once is only one speaker and light three hardware voices I think they would rise artist the case to get a Teleport are here all my god OK are so we got a Teleport are your we got an entrance here are the error is a Rome pivotal porter here are is a big rumor here are theirs aid door that needs a key looks like there’s a Teleport here are and another door bucket are not created arts will try a and there’s still a porter to cardkey R this is back the start I think ship but it was a status OK but I’m assuming they all work like that

But how high does is go the man OK Fetzer way to get to eventually is Bowes are then went fine Liu zero of course one HP all I up by put some the next next piece explosion game on my of all IP as I know my system to sit right out and that they might be longer than I ini , the helicopter action game coming up after rhapsody of there’s an arcade mode and there’s like a full on like simulation assay relation campaign weren’t you have to do like basic training and then learn how to read maps and read gauges and it it’s a lot more in depth than I thought it would be a sorry and I were to learn all about helicopters in like two months after we finish rhapsody is that was Prague and take a long t that you learned a valuable life skill of how to pilot the helicopter and then we could we could fire up soon copter right afterwards as well be helicopter experts in L.a. law export not a bad they even worse thing about that by the way is that some aid does the thing where it every single b so you have to learn like 30 different commands to play the game and one of the commands is to turn off the helicopter blades I don’t know why that’s that’s the thing you need to do but it is flying I have to have liked the Manual open all my notes computer during the entire play for that game I think the boy said that was probably gonna be huge pain But I don’t recognize this area Sony’s guys probably is cardkey perhaps as a scare us in copter show something it’s it’s a weird game but said it’s a pretty good game is to settle clunky as games Kenilworth burly three D bus on a sale a bad game it might actually run run as it’s supposed to all my DOS machine and a DOS machinist out the order that the parts to fix my OM with three effects card

issued on that as I know that I’m actually gonna be busy to attend a month visit there is a 9:00 AM actually the nick of time to do that this month I guess if I’m leaving a I’m going out of town at the e say a problem that sort of those when I get back and other guilds of huge priority to get that thing next I know what I need to fix to its the on it’s one of the two jeep use on the card me to be replaced and it’s the the one on the left Sunday to order one of the the VS BS 1/100 are never does and then get out the hot the other machine involve only one traded Pour Egon of first virtual reality pokemon sure 160 techniques of been confirmed sure was Alan phrased as a question will solicit a gentler here are Mr. Mime this is the sixth best pokemon was at that was that detect a peak of two movie any good again meaning to see that one is in theaters but I’d buy weighted slightly too long because by local movie theater only keeps th and a pain like $30.00 to the stream that by the book Or it’s got its moments is a light is it obviously children’s movie or is it is that something something in adult would enjoy for most of it that this cobra is COVER the but the story that’s that’s fine and does need to be a busy to be arts in the art and its own way as a loner friends aren’t sold boom of the case lets them here as actually I can and it passes, if I go this way All they all right it’s a good thing I did that a cave Stella got the cardkey with Ken bingo as you can say that every time we get to door now and the blue rate I don’t ever think I even have any blue way players around

by kayak idea shipped off my piece for Norquist a completion new and a can of that back for another two months but is it the night just Teleport back door was all but what does that sure that format all I know it’s not quite eighth the DVD at they’ll probably end up on like games on primer netflix of some points of Mana can worry about it up just wait till it’s one of those eyesight that I think it was Amazon prime has CIA and the nose netflix the fox has the OM the two live action into turtles movies and I kinda one watched as exhibit a as a like that I think one of the original station does those movies was on the bait like a few months ago in the suit is little the man on a piece of history OK I think they’re goal back to the Polk center and heal up as I don’t think we have begun a PDA to the to get a city under , but the center’s appear nude smarts without they did not choose wisely it was to the South Paraguay all units right there’s the the three as game ads tech to poke fun and take the picture I actually have that make plays doubt ab arts know we have the the key cartoon open the doors and figure out which doors you to be opened a Reston soak up with a as a look like the of the one and that some cemetery tower whenever which is the dots on the floor is it like a bed death of a byte only remember that the party all of

the turtles Mary I guess I really do have to watch and again I started trying of China watch the on the masters of the universe movie zones on prime video and all men that the insurer is in eighty’s that an icy children’s movie so II got to the par way to get to earth in that movie and then just not nudges bailed I was in the movie OK that will be why don’t remember it there’s a mess that’s like four raise late Mrs I think are we getting a getting close to the point where I will be able to control my of my idol on your cousin were too high level adding my kern upper limit is 50 is that we’re getting quite close to that note that the little for badge as it’s like it’s 203040 50th think and yet about the the one and 256 chance thing I know about us from the the speed runs up But all it just cave but eventually will stumble into the creek path here are well above are those are all have to wait and became think I wanna go back to the this way and then take this one misses word where I just was a bouquet we’ve been here is well use those comment

the kisses flour one I think this is as flour one 10th of a a hopefully that is an important and god Looks like it open nearly all the doors and I can open But this looks promising bucket with edges one tackle all this or do I guess our this must be the restroom a easy that and then I don’t think I’ll be able to finally back your funny two but I know it’s there now are wired all that’s is OK at least it’s easy to get their The night I think we’ve already been here yet we’ve been here before a god OK

are so now it’s just a most wandering I guess the data And don’t suppose that that this can the past second unlocks an bit bucket as a new book eight that explore like every single day except the correct the creek Teleport are and this is probably the the bosses room or not a course doesn’t was a light was a very close to 1. that’s a bug god mazes a rat finely missed a set off to worry about a leveling my my level of trainer control them good that is a goal that the rate for screeching of or calling in Dr. Game sharp that the B best a alien level 99 because you but it will do all we say more great master ball O land of a fifth of those that are dead and it is Gary OK so it there must be the room right next to where we need to go so that state’s most ample a Teleport are that we need to take an

account up as at death of a dozen really do much thank you are not the I was gonna get one yesterday but some business came up rate was a slight the lead to go get one so it’ll even for today are maybe it’s a swan course not that just a nice home , god’s area why Teleport amazes why I have a noted that fully been there before been here before me and my really gets make a map of this of boy up a OK are all OK are baseman choice as a cut all throughout those potions and I got in this most of sofa teleports I believe it , are raised beef goals is Playfair all I’ve never but never played this played or beaten this game before really so my goal is to beat the game to be be the very best like no one else before pokemon imac a custom although his Aunt Ida things to do not have a little to get to the credits the cycle the other pointers at Ketchum Alpert certificate on the game with Turner added even though those of thing that the hot animated Aragon high into the game and then a hot helicopter game, not we get things to do with this grass is a good work and water is kinda like to damage all or to do a lot

that’s a lot of damage are there even a dual types in this game I thought there was nothing until the till later all great O Vermeil , are tackle a way to victory I might actually have to full restore here a switch out reverts the the attack thing but it all ship bucket our aid you did you got this it still did Dole of damage the cable it’s slightly more men burn sex wisest thing of the men of art Harris and got this Paris by due back Doi have revise I don’t think so and a full heels awakening are its fine release life are by NAFTA by burn heels parent lee and also worry that the FA can find a way back you have a

booking Gary AC but what’s the let’s get a six bottom of a up just as the case that while we’re here will hold your Edison stuff Sony disc as if a flirt no need to curb us are men if I’m a subset about losing Mcgarry as I’m sad about having to navigate through all that ship again ’cause I can remember were without was and how we got there of major and I want to know what TM is manager and I will I’ll do it all replace line with what they did Ron a look a little 30 sure was like seven 21 But manager in to the law by and wait were not cater to tackle who got over this again are divine what are actually meets and is it weighs only to say no one at the wheat seed Irvine went to replace admitted writing this doesn’t make it rain do pretty much the same thing as lead saint vine what bucket by not are are we have made a drain now we have 10 uses of it sure are nine in a need so used up all those super potions stirring that fights are gonna have to get those give it a Ann and I know by burn he’ll of said Polk Amar was up here Z only getting burned is just gonna be a thing now every time we fight Gary of course course of soul how was full of feel different from high proportion is this not at the lawyer HP or assist the law status ailments your revive wouldn’t hurt to a guess I do have plenty of money so sure boil status OK it’s a eight of those and then some high proportions bucket that should be all we need the to do this are no real fun part of navigating through the building again if Kiewit so let’s see

so was the first work was one of these I think men I guess you can pick up the stuff over here now Shipped of a always to get a lot of money from this place money next key our list of action up a notch in a good rain will be effected on is about are sued the stowe’s but it great what a great TM services flour one and then it was down here and this one yet bucket initiated a something for me as it is a useful a is also a soulful resistance lows because of the 43 43 and it’s just off to the left already here so we can and does go soon she has a knack does drop and that’s no good a cut would even is that self destruct nights are maybe I can do it so like one of my level a level 90 c’mon and then just a roman they were upset the strip but it’s a year and then you’re not this one ship at the armed holdup have a loss to give up the cases there and then down through here to the left’s this one bucket are tougher round two with Gary modify Conoco this time things will be different

talk to back it all again the room armor R and ceo good naked rain is verses that the pavements slid better and without health back with actually decent the health game to good thing I had those are lives she it by list that is a full restore so so fine old only revise the half help a rival its but skits and healing an that’s a fresh bodies and their why he let have you what the law are another real fight begins bucket

well made is rained us that seem very good of a so far that the volley exceed as the input in the most work here is the number and yet are Don box rocket date sure that person But it sold will need at the guts of the island area if I remember correctly that are but misguided and

canvassed an sure can this can are a and burger easily look at what they get Renoir and sis ones I think this is week the progress Are we don’t tackle Sid the best move for last up in the best move for its second last and last it so good we’re doing it twice got on a right and enough money to make inventories based solvents the money just using your a computer anything all are our let’s go catchup AG with that thing that sent its OK so by doing that we made the day of the gym in town accessible I guess and we got a lap are so we can teach surf to as well as much or get surf but Com’s foes will find that out a can escape route but that ended just take the stairs this is good but book one center was down here , if a muzzle palaver center party are made and get rid of the bouts and which are a lap for 1215 but the hell minute are my purse out of sync disk or disconnected and that the maelstrom that an hour so lot except connection ,

when you open up my site here resolving host a case looks like a whole Internet one down 80 percent of mine and I went down and have a book it’s like it’s halfway kind of down almost looks like that the video feed still going out that the atoll , weird of apology back of all is a dns problem are men but says the press says chuck and I still see the two chat it’s just discord and the enso http things down so whenever Sophie and discord and he still a chat of ago to vu tube stream page and that’s up the one that at selected for that have but the the discord of Polly be back up soon ish of pocket so owed the GM is so pure as guys know I think rocket bosses keeping false billing sure But it’s commit bits of Mr Memory are eyeing a step away for a couple minutes anywhere is this law is a good time to do so I guess are all be back in a couple minutes of the top bucket are so looks like the bomb that low delay server should be back up now and Sosa discord so I can see discord again

of its make sure that this is still working yet bucket say it’s it’s just that sometimes my ISP does Internet maintenance on the on some of the weird of word ports are something of a usually happens around this time out and about 1250 a greater have a thought that the that that’s about what happens usually so but they don’t say what days it does happen and it’s just like a surprise Oregon up or gonna blow up everything on a connection for a few minutes a randomly at 12:50 AM by looks like it’s back up now so bucket are looking back yet test to see it a cave acted so likely the outage lasted the lasted long enough just for me to step away to have a NT usually only does the like ones every three or four weeks so it that’s a big deal but all know all god that I heal up I did OK bonds use of a a a a R a 838 is one we start this ship market of great art did great some assuming the low delay feeds error are back up and running on my site it should auto reconnects by a myopic onto that the two that server but you never know that with things like that could open about Streams would delay in a second good good a means of my my server server things I implemented actually did work for once book if I get a feeling that Teleport a room or in is the the last one before a because to her and it’s probably this one was not a case prep’s of this one are this on

a Kmart and in their oh my god that have this is so bad bucket officially will make it their NEA are its it was a 4 minutes at a no a uniform and it’s OK a mere 4 minutes buying the very best like no one else before OK buyer I remember the Sabrina episodes in the in the cartoon those were particularly creepy bucket it’s a lot of damage venom of a probably still good reason they’ve won not OK this is is not great old and a type of person this a cave this book was better keep doing that that was even a crate either she it affected are

are so you get five or six beds is open 7:00 AM 46 is CY wave a cave all Jews ago might just use Netscape broke air kisses is a man release me from this nightmare of a canvas or does that and that all god Bono OK fine fine you when you win game you win game a case so so we have done that one so now we have fuchsia city cinema Ryland and two of weird and over that guy is , so that’s like to shed the shares next rule one ago so we are currently your and he should is over here so it looks like the quickest path to get there is self from Celadon adults see a points and in going this way from lavender , so I guess for and sell it on and then the further sell to fuchsia as were gone date are its some am I in the yellow kid that weigh less the map says otherwise here at Seoul and on to saffron to a case that says to go that way along that map or that all we can’t that we can surf though a case of this this map makes it sound like mind that each to be able to travel on water but the map 18 at the game of it it’s still just up this is in blue sold half but I probably do have to go this way of a I probably have to take a long way all I can go from solvang as Ackerley am OK what’s going on assuming that this nor lacks is probably what keeps you from going this way but we have the pokey the pokey flutes and I need a bite a real had only get the bike so apparently from beatings Sergey get a bite the bike voucher but I didn’t I didn’t see the bike thatcher was that Mr. Really enough to get better as I’ve installed on as I would like to get the bike but added a surge OK and believe a surge bouquet yeah and I was in vermilion so was to the south and sell to your orchestra to go back to saffron and sell to vermilion and that’s where surge of

surges arts a surgeon is over here so one of these houses put off a club all pokemon fans welcome a right shore stunning kindly let this is how to talk about my cat so I can I can relate to this spectacular there have this free bike for letting me talk to about my cat are eight artists of the the bike shop was in cerulean and I was north’s if your scenario that walker us up the surly and home if only I had the fly ability to have a known as a beeline easier , this way bucket and then or in saffron right now where to go north to cerulean and then the bike shop was on the left side of town I think a winner for picket you is is ready to be picked up from the from day care yet I’m guessing not but that’s a concern because you double digit levels at grown a lot it’s called by 77 hall levels are a lot keep it if there’s not a get a gold step counter art bike shop was here are art by time boys are ready for the best song and video games are surveillance out the saffron and then west two sell it on and then from there are Westin south two fuchsia as tender rearrange it there and at the arts is selected none are ago but what the

bucket enough are a west to sell it on in the one and installed on I need to stop to Billings before the gym for something that will here’s the here’s the gem up Renault down here somewhere but it is a gem stone to the right so one of these tough if a clean case I’d I’d imagine me that the other building the other other other building on its gun of that is one of these buildings somewhere is only so many buildings adores on but I think I’ve gone and most of them died but a few minutes a song hotel for people what there is as though tell a to have a pick up is this as I felt their late sure are a case so west of west of here weren’t selling on out there’s the kisses more lax artist and the in the hotel one are so over here and then the P with a PC would be would be right here at a so that there’s a spooky ghost PC right there as they reuse the bay area nice worth arts with its more lax

artery can use our master bonds nor lacks were to get the second as Boca Mana game and broad’s character in football this point how do you miss the store lap at Unisys LS twice its it’s a size of a bus are best of all it is a lot this nor lacks are got on worth it worth it very lazy just the conflicts bucket of cycling road until crisp and see a kiss I guess you need a bike for this Arts or head and south from here so that if you share it boarding an auto auto moves go to cut should force all are all head back up north if I can then the secure a alarming longer delay than were before drive one thing OK is a TM earn HM butterfly is a case will we should push to go get back up a period that good art AG this is why it kept you heard the entire game just for this arts that the fly ability we can just go wherever they just work there so we got fast rubble are

good but if it is also strikes a more service surf and shrank and I think those of the arrest of those it’s in a swatch offer discarded items all but at a missing a step probably not sure why I’d rather be that the visit of every for my of my first play through will say that question for reliever play fares if I ever do those ever of a bucket time for any that bucket service there should be the way to sell out on a retreaded if I need is a sardine that the it did not work out that the Sha city the case so here are there should be a GM somewhere whoppers concedes ready a purse for a game OK so that the pope go on safari thing I have no clue how that works on a string in a bother with that unless there’s a really good reason to are we need more support but did a high professions are of cave no sure enough all we have to do to get surf and we need surf the two beat the game so look as we do have to do that until its state of the gene Herr first of where it is services entrances for its own the shoe city what yes no of I guess we’re looking for his teeth into safari zone and wade we need strict a move that of fishing group whitefish no

this fishing in this game at an hour and a number that I guess it’s a tough to catch the water pokemon are NL’s the gym here a user generic bottom left of it is out in for a list of verdean only HQ Can one of just one strong PO come on by disagree one strong pokemon with with tackle a R would then give it does is Jim have O god invisible Flores invisible walls even worse later clothespins blocked off buying gaps in the wall street Chen But it is early and is a bowl invisible that what that was a misspelled The feeling I get a move would these guys within the walls as more quote that the city game boy screen all we can fix that are love that sea has meant to be seen no ego turn on the smearing all baby out of the looks even better not still too good but I think we can the is there a OK all CD monochrome are very go up that of a a a a R ago now old now we in their was a ghosting R is there is airsick

ghosting altar here of are all see the a blur they should add another league all Yan out there we go there we go now we poke and then are be an official regional experience this is how a spouse to poke a man deleted at you to full beard a full window that they’ve picked up up up up up up up but he Gorges gorgeous are they also have to emulate the glare are clear on the LCD of the virtual enormous magnifying glass on your the game boy that there’s never five of the though one and 256 this are you a seat USC glorious up at bucket are this sample c’mon is meant to be experienced are enjoyed the epic battle with correct the visuals are Dave R and a UK and you can barely see those walls now you still Tennessee and no but the con chuck a look in the week and democrats alike that that’s that’s by Vernon I think a writable scam Lions arts that’s the the game boy color version that’s a monochrome one a killer whatever the months changing away from pea soup error but it also do like the a likeness of a a a a the power of the Mr , and then this is the one you suppose the plan on this is the official palette of the game by the way but adding it looks awful so we’ll just do that are

yet I think that’s the best effort in what Colin also one that some biggest of the game if you put it in a a a game boy color travel balls are the top pick up after he will not bucket poisonous and techniques are all poison doesn’t affect the law and Iva Polk a flute so the Sapolu be just fine there is our six one and two and 56 this , that another coughing We’ll take it down a right so that’s six down surf upset about all All of your child of Freddie that the more a ship with archer let’s just are free level at toxic OK are

buildup be use the plans still to get a second second pokemon for a for the end of the game or should I just make make the law level 99 of ours high levels fossil I do we just law and why if I if I get a star me I would probably still to level it the right unless it’s like a level 50 when I get it a case in our do end of the safari zone IDs to get sir bill rate when I enter with the also for the difficulty is haddaway even start back up a step that so far as I’m a book money catches is that it a safari game that a U.S War zones its own as soon as pokemon use for balls catch them when of those firewalls of them over Oregon open an unused folk mom box of this room for new pokemon And just 500 poker dollars you can catch all the pokemon he wants bikini keep them sure All but I’m not in good night hopefully a result are up to it and gives the rocks at and are

Are bizarre boy Paris three at a time for finding a secret house But probably what they teach them but the hells that what the alright locate a fight a NAZI VOL form of the that neither an e-mail It has since died at the guessing on the right way probably around here somewhere of how OK are so that’s so we found that were probably in HM and then we won’t find a secret house which is probably this a OK are definitions the one that surf all bucket so I guess II got what I needed here are what that went smoothly enough I guess half to the other way of surf week in the week and make it to the violence that are just walk in circles until for the clock runs out but it ended up giving much leeway for this didn’t use the cave art snow did a good turn that into the word and reasoned the south part OK which his strength strength OK

a raid you’re dead actually litigious at what price PR person can surf Our lap arrest perfect are as this can be anything useful No more room spry is a kale it’s just a riddle off protein for the law update feud alongside Venus aren’t well have you seen what level lap purses have all 15 of its good it’s gonna be quite that the grind to a get the lap race in the fighting shape and why do that when we can I sleep better unassuming Widow Leslie potter because so I’m not on the itinerary to tackle Chris tackle is the best thing in a game of we at the seeping the drain and breezed to a survey of the need to get some powder bucket darts or flying home then for some reason are where we go back to pelt down and talk and said dashes mother some thinner or to Dr. Watts is face itself All the water and surf into it always is the easy way to get to the lawyer the quickest way too own son of art as those are essentially a cut services were response to go next of we could gone to sea foam islands from specious idioms for zone were but instead we work to Palatine on and just going straight up to some of our that way bucket that works out at house loss to post a fight on water by the way the law can swim is implied that the law is riding on the surfing leprous are women it says music for it for two spaces there sure by rattan a burning desire all great good thing we’d all dad that’s right so we we have a fit a grass type pokemon and were fighting the the Firebaugh snow greats home

no no no no no date yet don’t you forget that I’ve tackle him in a DS it all the fossil lab is sincere what if you cancel an evolution you can evolve later still I thought I was permanent open again trees grow quickly the his lab polished in every level of the doors locked out Our right and finally in the locked door apparently the main eight yet you straight to get in there I am importing Dr Sure aren’t let’s get the fossil and might as well while we’re here are praise lord he likes its time time to awaken the dark one was resurrection machine on all it’s just not OK it’s a scary need some alone time with with large helix up all right by one of the chum be fun the best move in the game is it is a bed and tackle all of those are in a move nice so it’s like the it’s like shades of black in fun of the CIA officer 12 said gage this cast arraignment spell book to treasure right too short guess my right you it’s named is the jew dead note

babies and the guy we met no Moon does you not remember me fossils back to life are are never go bucket would you expect to sleep in the computer But he lacks is probably like level five but what’s a a ARI Mancha an all 30 for large helix what the defense sure they’ll do with her for what rather the end of the arctic to know or star me this thing will work for for what we need to do I’m not sure what we needed to do about OK far will bolt will bring lower he looks with us then our adventure of a long stint in rare cases it can be genetically resurrected from fossils and its way what is it it it sub 1 foot but 17 pounds sure are soon L go figure out how to get inside the lab here and the gym doors locked so far a the strength to move bowlers but can open the door became enough to serve surf intent perhaps more it’s in here This is bid of the burnout building at the the villagers spoke of our one PAC’s P on on helix look up II still have all those some of it but if we’re gonna do that than I still have all those items of Aden stockpiling bike that the rare candies and um of a stat buffs if a Mexican are using large helix I might as well double Monde it so let’s do it

in a surfer cable will pull the HM for that as HMO two I think if it’s one of these for the bottom nothing is at one that lack of a can of a flight flies are useful action to pause and bolt that same time Are there than there are there any other TM as I should be teaching two of two helix I’ve been a head and really use any of them yet except for it for the drain one to entertain with a guy have the one But so what is what is he looks got by default so watered and withdraw surf boat Port tack Are so what am I replace saying with PM 13 says withdraw ice in its withdraw his wall were a or placing with the entertain are ice been bucket by Spain and replacing withdraw I’m guessing unless there’s a good reason to keep withdraw or a place where the ones OK all rights bucket are hopefully there’s no no teleports in this up as dungeon here are seeing that bucket and

that a puzzle are was CIO says silo helix a Bart it’s been in the business Looks like we need some sort a key card wouldn’t But not open that cares multiple secret searches the guest list surf is a big danger They’ll picks that are distracting of all picked up that that’s upbeat and a rich or detects tabled are only don’t have we done at tackle with what he likes of what to make me do without it I can move the taxes all nice Clenched up our kids chairs up was overhearing aren’t seeing one attack those the much showcase as our AM’s progress are we get PlayStation networked a mime is whether the pope center sister poisoned it is period of six which the god who played enough said press the right combination of the abundance

that it had a potable has OK we’ll take it so many ways so there goes that idea yet bringing bring Iraq pokemon to a fire pokemon fight for the are useful are reportedly ready to be two game level 35 open and close alternating sets the doors that But, the levels are to this as our federation’s along with it are no UX you can do it are they were six need a Berth in the Newport me to buy I thought I thought me too was genetically engineered ending grown in a test to at all the holes at all night more it’s like it looks like a duck and it’s got two two chicken legs like drumsticks on its head be great if I did get off a battle every two steps doby fantastic look as though the door downstairs service which downstairs likely opens that , South America you spoke on was discovered deep in the jungle book a white cell so the world a pokemon it takes place an like a actual earth as there’s been references to America and South America now that you’re OK so they can’t skate at the hell are we make that call in the lot here knowledge of a bait by one chance of victory

OK but it still looks like a need to get into the first floor and hit the switch and then come back up your muster something over here are as for the the fire types issue college just hitting the floor helix are that the eighties EXP unless is happen OK yeah this place is it an extremely high encounter eight but there it but I guess it’s because they don’t have any AMA and PCs ta that’s have a camera for that a person the newly discovered pokemon you But II guess I’m kind of look at the high encounter eight here because we need to wait till a lump us anyway so I can always is run from battles a photo of item most the time of cuts and a backup to the second floor and then that opened something I’ve already forgotten the layout of this place a site was is down here may be no actual weight that that switch a adding a misunderstanding how this this area works so I hit the bottom search wants and then I hit the second floor switch and I’m not sure if hitting the second floor switch turn off the first force which are not but a guess we’ll find out a case when it did we forget that there are sites that I need to hit the second floor switch again I think in order the advance maybe the arts Davis which was white this this is an area women to four Are you area sites which did do something

Are another offering for lord helix are meant as a second job for the law and we can then you’re stuck tried jumping off over there But over there and assuming that said blank spot right here As police post it on my part. Switch again now which was down your , chip man this area

note that the statute and are in all 6 feet leased again we well prepared for the end of the game of a of a arts it’s the near side use a gap here Sure He even know which talking about a right and maybe should a bow to repel for this area man of a as a bully crowd seven steps can this 42 of its check it gets you out what I’d love to kicks me out I can go get some are pals have a huge two is far too powerful we failed to curb stations 10 days

Art of the law could If only they left your pills lying around , 10 great tent networks to a guess a case secret key for for what all the missed both for the jimmy IF of them yet affected colleges escape a rope can I

ask a probe of the cell, says nothing else I need your pocket hall boy that was not fun of close of a pain as bug if are unit of the poker test out all its image M OK if sunburn heels or not because Io where he looks estimate that turned up her talk of computers to a Et cetera computers up a number that was a thing did confusion is the worst course are we still take that book was are they right canopy Vols into butter free know as it evolves into a man a pod what what it it eventually will ought it doesn’t directly evolve into it go sit nine is certified pope will not as eight this data that it by and the very best like no one else before about this on Poly wide involves three times

there’s poly wag poly world Hollywood the floral and Paul leave something I knew us as a kit no Iranian scene of Polly wagons game so that’s my excuse of as a Manual a holdup is that a Manual have that the is Polly Wagoner a cable there’s there is Polly wagon is and in the Manual but maybe you can surmise to these two empty spots before ad abra maybe that is the games like the games hints as to how that’s post art under moves an active against ground element type pokemon against all theirs ground and then there’s rock sinus a off the top of my head no but what’s a soul thunder against so that sets electric so would be this against ground which is nine and that’s an ax so I notice a no bucket so my hunch is correct are pokemon above the same kinds and level are not identical that’s correct because DDS and Dan whatever’s so correct yes one of the trainer tapes signs in the safaris owns about if you want to come up if TN 28 contains tombstone are says sunspot decline I’m gonna say no because I I’m pretty sure we got seen 28 and I don’t think is tombstone are leaders say no are I am the very best like a no one else before are mature stars if the move but how would I know that have a I do a birdie all but I don’t think it’ll matter of Kent all right leader but I don’t think we need layer

did this as floods thing come on game Super Bowl cheese all come on to have a and of course when I use surf again or eight all ticket than two levels of that encounter the book in a badge bent all in an evolution are down bottle or UX oh god that there’s a nightmare OK sure buckets of that seven out of eights the badges and this is I think we’re were farther set and so the arriving at this island was the furthest I’ve ever made casually ever, pla it’s pretty much completely blind as far as as far as I been for a for playing this game by kissing the speed runs in a tassel whole bunch but should I can remember what happens and I certainly haven’t played there myself as can be only to me from here on out are soul of so according to this we did that and that and now we just need earth batch and that’s that Giovanni has not one Giovanni is somewhere but I’d bet the endgame map will probably tell me a kit system of our to all would forgo inventory write barely is also the power plant a guess none the archaic as for for flying to the Eveready and then and then heading west sure in a tone of Ali badges and pretty Cheney dates up to get their notes into happens

as we can least a lock that a fast run point for a run that way there is are innocent in suit this case all about war here are spooky DMS I’m guessing weekly public to go to be a that Iraq a hideout is likely where that does and that’s probably and one of the larger towns of either saffron in their saffron are sold on am guessing is probably where Reggie Vaughn is are pope will need for Kate that suit they say here all the veg a redhead OK but why the level that is so weak we clearly can do this but if home bouquet of our wits professor pat say about all this may be foreseen 17 owned on the right track date a flash all this is rate of five from a a a a a a a a a O and that’s as close to get that gave sure all on late the bouquet , a need in the wild is just out there somewhere half the cave no I don’t all by do that if a sea was probably this misses what party and out of OK all god ground type of art will bring in a La back out are the laws back in front

with his ground had not rocket at a Batista suppose so be fine but it but we’ll check statue is that you just say who the the waiter is out of a what he is standing next to it that the plaque is in front of enough to the side bets that physics case are a case I can’t get past that guy in five so if I go up around the sides talked that Geffen siding go back down and that I can get past the Chi what if I could but the strat is it that is like getting past the OM in PC blocking the the way pass Brock with at the same and reload nine never removing tackle tackles a disability game bill say it’s true power soon enough tackle will remain on the law forever as you don’t need anything else All and it’s just all have that just gives all the Puck eight are a Kent Kent are its tackles time to shine their ago this is why keep tackle around all they go tackle

bullock another use for the best ability in the game its call tackle Boehm been even the tackle not for that one tackle a bit overkill are the Ghali badges sold are a poke a master’s in chat what do I need said I assumed by at the the poker marts to prepare myself or are the endgame ’cause shutout and all have a measure that allow use the Jeronimo something revise for stores and exit tax OK are so we’re we’re heading two staffer on men give a message and later erupted that stay right there also helix 49 I think unit are 39 to 40 the 40 go surfing allowed are in Lodi lakes over 40 66 or 1965 alun as surf wanted a nice beam import attack of all is an Indian store And the index attack as insulin on the council had a sullen on them actually promised an extra in second gear to read a a right to say anything in here we can take out sacks accuracy am assuming it only those I should buy can probably sell those ’cause I’m I don’t even write it says is so express shoulder and stock of a NIC specials a letter of the Exe axe are seized as maybe all the zone would do anything to deposit am assuming I don’t need escape groups and the U.N. game arts and a shopping list here is two express chills and then the other stuff winged it at the end of the game all they just strip sell teams here

Out downstairs at a Kent all this kid a kick their playing game boy it looks like I thought this was like that that the Bart Simpson P. Ing thing was like a kid back up to the back back on but OK our game boy makes more sense but is a poke and all so it is the the Polk about kennedy’s fall for anything that we can afford some of those but we’ll be fine art tech sector say its attack and I are hit art so what am I getting your eye demanded of the sleeping the two men and a cell like two of everything that their hats 10 specials and speeds are cut and I can get away for those so that’s not a big deal Another money was so that are eight sure they were not the doing fissions that’s is that the bill is way too much a lock that sounds like I don’t accuse about badly are a need to go back to bookmark they don’t think I actually restored their that the book center are and I seem to recall there’s like me need engine before the belief or so that’s your soul of some of that stuff to do arts open the sounds and I need said I need to have the law as my starter for pretty much the whole thing and then the very end will switch to Felix a guess some are pals like it is run from fights it’s just a big deal I can go back for Pelz is for all are have this what might cause problems not fine I have tackle a kid that I can see how that will be a problem

but it likely that that hits when it needs to And I actually switch two of switch the helix for the pitch our men are at the end of us I might as well as its I won’t get blown up as badly so we might as well right now to Gary oak I wouldn’t put it past and to to use the P D’s on the ball is pokes are this as long as elk is and isn’t close up like last time I think we’ll be OK but not all all ticket are dying in that I’m gonna put the delete scion of Char as art and then we’re gonna bring in bringing lord he likes to seal the deal as Allies almost dead anyway is a remote Unix you’re a buddy a go are images business there’s all the dam is that good but it would at gotten cool arts is at the gold key lending rate is butts go get some are pals at what the Davis Elmo 30 in a muzzle just was custom are given their are next call sure probably don’t need 10 but they were not so i.e. of how my do on healing nine full heels five hyper potions eight super to Max

are well we can put in by more purely turns into the game so I think I’m good for now when I got half but first as read atop this a row once their hands , Kate of its bright and have a it’s like those local issues that the of the vanities laying down with enormous heads The rights victory Redgate Oakmont leak eight the Jews are and if the R save multiple bowlers to push a guess you could push the lineup that stuck in a do anything was straight leg press all a thicket of yet to keep an eye of a of a pickup at the net but it bucket all it’s got it OK by sea I’d say that thing for second how to do this to the long night and use of more than one brain cell here that if service when I have to go around above it all that though Kay that pushed and that

a cave is a known up there with an item sure what cool trainer all know and I be sore sharp and I figured I figured I know all my ground grass attacks are gonna be ineffective here if only I had a a late awaits the law is always prepared tackle what or just tackled tackle a victory actually ship a one to change the law and to the lord for whole damage Are suitable that their we get the period was followed a push to the left shoe prod moves these further open the list if it’s gonna be like this Course members are leap is really carried carried through this game against Rick try moving boulders and oceanic

, but it are two to get their bite me know and I ate it has it hasn’t crept a couple times it’s also missed 20 times to the ship walked right into that one thing but Mr. Mime you get the honor and privilege of getting tackled by the law a crit no less a good another TM that I will use admission of cave new beta sorority Probably don’t want that I’m great but it are times been 10 minutes pushers boulder if it’s safe to go there are and then all the way over here we have in strain my brain of these these puzzles here but it are that did something somewhere , if Was that said MPC all god all god all god the are no poker baths of half a way to win all the bottom of this up up a R rigsby followed helix I guess our the deluxe there’s only one of these in existence and ms they can only be one big on firebird is none of room on this that the universe for you and lord he likes

but the Depaul cabinet of a of the deposit meant are so we we murdered the legendary bird but paid what he looks at a level out of it that’s OK of are another 10 minutes of pushing Iraq bucket to somewhere and hear something did something and may be over here an apologist unlocked an item that I buy don’t have room on my amatory for I’m guessing which colleges cover that it’s the M’s and I’m never gonna use are all its a crab done if you go to hell that is A edition work of course it missed its like in eight times velvet the one and 256 Mrs. Has happen are the law I you know what to do but the legendary double tackle as our first blasters cited no god what that that is a big boy and it looks more like a hippo than the than anything else eight seed round it’s even on the cover the game bike up their like that looks nothing like what the big boy book of a up with nothing like it look at the two of their that one we drop in the hole I guess

a sinus which are rare the AL one a move that I just don’t know where to move it to a guest go to the left that issue actually see where moving a first all over their got it and that probably looks at latter But. And this is this a shortcut that unlocks I’m guessing so sure all that’s an exit the case of a right book a read on that trip came as no built a nickel Then there’s the facile appears I’m stuck here now I’m gonna get the death of a of a that have a airways all the Quevedo of those stuck here the ship the day but we didn’t solve the maze Shape and making poke the media to face the Greek foreign succession if you lose yet to start all over again by did know that a shift of a tough all that’s the book a buy one of my stocking up on what am I a stocking up on arts will get rid of all the stuff that’s not to be useful except that potions Garrett of them TM 18th get rid of it so it annex speeds tenax specials to its accuracy is a full restore as he or stores and revives so I have three revivalists the full revise a different from those sir sue to get are so full restore next potion full he’ll so full restore it is is that for HP are error or any of these four um a giving PP back bucket that couple for stores I have issued what am I it looks like so we’re just gonna get whenever , though

So I had three revise we can and get some of those sure so we have 10 rise now just a case bomb next potion got one of those But neither pals I’m guessing because it’s just strip bites from here on out of and then that’s probably a cave of the R us take stock here so full restore we have five paralyze seal in 81 elixir which I still have a cat that of 10 full heels tenor lives by viper potions eight super potions their team act potions and then are axes and also won ether that by I’m getting the impression that’s probably fine and all say the game here just in case we need to undo the damage will all commit that’s a very but say scale a a that’s that’s the time I’m kinda planning for their just in case are off door opens that strainer good luck cook it sold far as our pope’s we got the laws still gonna be in front sorry to be using the law for it for the entire elite for maybe and then for the final final fight will use large helix high nine, and then that the other for just kind of here here for emotional support and as as bodies to throw out there for me to are let’s do it All it just a kit and on a walk to their but used often take over but Lorelei if they see pokemon Are ex attack on the on the law Expansion and a kick special are to have a a a bucket great start cloister all that’s a that’s a bug in the Ai but it does that nice OK rappers sort

are not gonna mess around a tackle here are one down site is super potion is the only deals that they not are ago to remember not to save and settle this up things OK so for this one also neck special at the start a Rolex and assuming expect full swap one here and maybe drain Are they just use that all of the rock cyclones and launch an entomologist is leaf on this one is isn’t rock tape Comet of the same Comment goro all right if they get hit by that Special and speed Agatha size and speed vs. proler what I want and then special OK if a as bassoonist invaded Ryan court

of god that doesn’t do much at all the RN beats aid meets a day and the old the old standby weight that just that has reverted my ex Expedia next special oh my god but we Gotta get rid of this goal that Christ up up up up of the man yet he’s twice yeah that’s that’s a really not hitting for much OK how much is tackled to locate our dates aid this will do something really see if it’s a cap Yelm editor and against the begins bat and there’s there’s that again dive one elixir and when you for are delete seat is gonna go to bring a song a kit are beet seed will take care of our goal that problem unless I get those of oracle bats in which case over budget are sent solely to see doesn’t the design work bucket it does work

Are probably gonna love super potion An F shipped to have demanded it that a book he of R we Starbuck week in been given to tackle come on our latest indirectly he’ll be too so I guess it’s OK art site she has two more left and they’re both are Tia RT damaged by copters almost that I think the then and there Are are need to clear that confuse so will I don’t know if I would put in helix said to risk damage to helix so will build your dad for turn And all of of of a Sears like a careless should the should kill on the the sap are not the remainder in our home on a LAN Lu demos all my god that’s that’s nice argued of of up to the gets the levels

bucket so strapped for the next one so thoroughly that the final one of the situation there but I have a of idol looks are so little about it but I’m sticking with a lot right seven E. Ferreira and an elixir and I think they’re looks as I want the metal that Oberstar of the Las extend a peep ease back out are we get maximum length PP spec are special and speed says one of each out to a white said Ryan trainer Virtually indestructible A wallet gear disconnected it is put in 14 helix against of the sun is a typo be really bad idea either been hits for a lot doesn’t have I thought that would have fully restored by PP but it it didn’t Kent says the yet yet just keep them until you see up perfect have a a a a uptake it but nice around bucket art same drill yet embedded jollity pretty good just keep their inability all the ship to have a R a thanks for the heels side S a a a a

finance potions when you have wheat seed and Dragonair’s are eight only ship are of a book as are China night are this is this gonna be rougher looks like it looks like it most of the damage is gonna come from the the damage over time from the seeds ship it is is for real and like a net of so the only thing that is your call chip ship she yet shipped shipped of a R tackle to bring it home as dragon I just only have barriers and agility all right tackle Brad Holland per gallon bucket a right yes wheat seed of real MVP a right wheat seed the MVP got on to have a soul the only thing that actually attacked me in the entire lives by it was that the very first one of the NL lead tech be like a right with a book on the champion are all she IP bouquet of

sick and I can I go back in and rest now I can’t all of ship a cave art city Ferrer you can use it weakened a razor leaf back a cave are and will be fine if they smear move the period and so those two as speed two special So into more specials and then we go all in that he’ll first bucket one more special and then in the business , if are a heel and then actually a cappella just lead seeded but probably burn out that a chance but so whenever it’s glowing me as a scare the event near the move next time I’m guessing you probably want , it’s special although it’s a sky attack wind up by sea a right tackle RS home And then this thing

the god are eight dogs am So ride on I can I can probably use helix for radon rate and use water use surf on the unread on Arden I want ease grass unread on the AMA to drain yet yet that works of a and 1/2 dozen help ‘a good , that are even more special than a skater we want the all user Bruce yet that’s even more reason not to not to do that but I’m probably get to tackle a couple times in the sun publisher leach see the small if only I delete seat on the first turn we could’ve been doing damage as fulltime of a bet that’s gonna be the next thing I do when I get a turn I’m going to lead seed of a kit all come on but did it by now delete see dow up before fox take an elite seeds great although it is a disaster at always crafts its white sheets are well we can’t be can lead seed cheese later now great chefs are surely fine to what the hell yeah I know not the other notices and Mr Problem or what but you have this we seem to be getting a whole lot of o I’m not really complaining of a a bike I’ll take it as the bid and my favorite post the time and I know this is just in on a outfit are eight to good thing I have tackle otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do anything here

than they might keeping count of these have he’s as well we have large he likes to deal with stars aired only as a I thought those the plan for a Char as art all I guess it if things go south and in the Tarzan five we upload helix say to say thank my good rain will do well enough that to kill you read as now that I know you just do a full restore I should probably just just and executors error also the left based of the of edu tour is my favor face I’ve had plenty of time to look at am idle do one more tackle men wolf omega drain all I don’t even have a cell that option is off the table please don’t do a full restore OK bucket are geared us but it but tackle Bernie home are eight with davis’ it no super effective but it did like to deny all god all god but that’s that’s all ship a cut a right necks potion in order to do a Bernie all with a date when all my bird hills chip at a neighboring heels of a rape are damage off all the luck of

home yet the laws PP just go out of the pool and it’s really cold out the judge at each step of dared do I need to do another act speed design and I did not sped by this charge third I might as well use expanded air to laughter think of four left are O boy a bucket all good or fire spends great did come on a there does have my health again and I get one attack in yet book a fire last that’s fine but it’s probably gonna burn me and do a shipload of damage and kill me a ride he likes sold written up revival off first cave and of course the credit are at a time to shine buddy Brian hall helix you are a lot of other cities you like fulltime but it a right 30 years after a pipe started to play this game by maybe it raised 20 years of a long time high of that kind of overall master now the way to tell the kids on the playground that I didn’t have a are on the new champion at me give you the slow jam pokemon theme song Gary I’m disappointed Gary oak you a FA cup you became a champion and then lost

trust and love no he just forgot set to use super potions and Max potions you couldn’t be easily one of have a and also baby had some of his the is pokemon not Cassa same thing over and over yet begun a force PM those acts peas and acts of expression as pokemon hall of fame Unit book Monroe hall of famers That of a a a a call of fame what he likes hall of fame and NDS other ones were just there along for the ride there’s Paris I use U2 cut things call aflame page eight you’re there to fly and nothing else hall of fame lap arrest surf hall of fame surfaced right to did too bad you’re just there along for the ride body but hall of fame and there’s me ash but it’s a rating not greats are to have came up last eaten from Aidid’s up up up up what a game to six designers for writers two parametric designers it’s like five mapper as four testers Mia moats Oprah do sing course special thanks to one of nine Hiroshi Yamauchi just rubber stamps released it date the end there’s no unknown new game plus ours are no unit start here at the boat just kicks either the site is that if a 51 to catch them all you have to unload yearly for save I guess the men backtrack there’s a postgame Soviet Star here in a continuing 1204 a case that matches the time but say a freeloader save Two data still poisoned a

R and then it’s just a political conexant and play multiplayer is a postgame as sure entries down 149 as 150 according to the back of box but is actually 151 and 152 pick out missing no sure buck eight well we did it but sets wrap a SWAT did immune to dungeon are enacted a doable where is it is unknown the OS it’s in a bar that year worthy of the lab was really made me 2:00 AM I take it cerulean pot always at the eye is it the power plant is that what the is that what this is all about because we didn’t the weed and do the power plant like it sits there and amend the Manual put the half all the tabloids tap DOS half interesting book at all sure sure that’s the knoll but have begun done at the one below bucket sure are bits of stern out the mystery here by pulling the power from that book if and then stopping the timer library book a R let’s wrap up pokemon believe your are pokemon blue completed yeah finally I’ve been trying to beat this game since late 1998 set no 2001 is when I first got this game I got pokemon yellow and I maybe it should emulate this before the end but that the first late cartridge I Gotta pokemon was Pocono and yellow in 200 January 1 or January 10, 2020 many many years later finally beating it sees as a rich even though I got I got poke advice of hope the masters Meineke campus s a doubt the game shark are using the the Mr. chico’s would’ve been cheating but this this is nothing but pure skill year of a a R a bouquet things I liked was pokemon sure of that yet like that service games are from the edges ’cause it’s up its a handheld game it’s from 1998 B there’s only so much they can do with it but I think they packed a lot into this game of for what it’s worth like a punch I think of what they what they could’ve done more in this one and besides some of the weird Slyke the RBI issues with with loops there are there really isn’t much to complain about it about this when I make this is a great first e , and we’ll get to those later on on NYMEX in terms of backlog and we’ll get to those later on yeah maybe maybe a more in-depth story like the ticketed on bit more team rockets stuff like the market was was only really invo , but they add that to us complain about their baffled skip those babies Linda Gary opened via the game short the company’s awar of sure that the problem covers most that on our gem base know it allows it may be mere detail but now our difficulties and hard on

services this is one of those pretty forgiving RPG use worry if you die you still keep your of people UX P and adjust it doesn’t the deal is out on the items that used in that the money spent on stuff but still that it’s all pretty forgiving on as far as RPG to go this is the this is on the easier side it doesn’t quite play itself like some others there it there’s probably easier grp he’s out there which was AR I can’t think of any right now , but still you you do need to kind of a deadly game doesn’t hold your hand as much as I it probably would have this or modern game ’cause you do the two of com can look around for prom start at that many tutorials there there are some stuff you just need to figure out why throwing er , but it is it is certainly an easier¢ we give this a two and five difficulty of it and then rating at a five soul bears and there’s very little to dislike about this game so I think four for a game boy color of our game boy gave 90 I thi , I like the stylized simplistic but stylized all walking run segments I think those are find that the music is catches all hell of the school that they had linked table of multiplayer in this be out of the fact that there’s there’s 150 plus different book Monday collecting that you need a stiff like two different copie of its a shame that that there’s there’s just so in a I difficulties especially like we’re at the end of the game you think like al the B elitist of the elite four spends four out of the 5 B just casting buff spells on itself until I kill it that’s kind of unfortunate that have ended up happening but eight again I’m not really complaining cousin levy beat the game of age as would’ve been a little bit more exciting if they actually attacked me for a writ of final boss bytes of buddy others stuff of besides the Ai stuff and occasionally getting lost, there’s really not much to dislike that this one so I missing a sign of his five late for the taking everything into account I don’t see why wouldn’t give us a five to 00 or starting off the pokemon series on of Jen one and if the changes they made about one for positive are not we’ll find out I’ve never played and so on. That sets I t be pewter say the train are not even the Boston Peter city gym but that that trainer and it said that the Daigle it the first the first monster the trainer put out was just a big lead and it completely wiped my party with no remorse and all and then this one was by David know what that one was that that happened today on and now I can remember what that was but a winner and does a matter we beat K bucket scenario that sets book mob loop bucket are yet always carried Italian answer every loss to Gary and the of the self coat our I think yet only to backtrack for all that the Tel the city out on we are gonna play through all of the domain of Maine RPG poke along games on the stream at some point a feature but I’m not been plot by don’t like to play a whole bunch RPG spec back back especially because peace explosion were doing a strategy RPG on so the next of backlog game I have by not set in stone yet but I have the feeling that it is going to be

it is going to be this one a a a a a a a a date is Pollyanna be this on this is another one that I’ve been waiting for since Aquino I bought this game at release in 2002 I bought this at release this is a game that has the enormous controller and it cost $250 and it came out and I bought it when it came out of and yet I think it’s time that I beat back game I’d it’s time that Newt maker is the eye is a company says is this is a Mac combat game it’s like mechwarrior this is this what the game scree , so there’s there’s all kinds of buttons and dials on the controllers all have multiple camera setup to actually show you what all the lights on the controllers all these buttons they are just below in red that there’s actually Elie designed and eat them and if you don’t eject it their races are saying file of a a a a hit so this is this is the dark souls of Mac combat games if you don’t inject in timed in game it their races you say you add up up up so you have to reject it it’s pretty fox in this game is super difficult as well so Enola hill certainly be a thing and so I am I’m thinking this is p the next backlog game if not the next one improbable in the near future will see bomb by I it might be that might be something else who knows of the ethanol that’ll be the plan for next time so that you do for today’s so the next of an extreme that we do all of the nose of IP just peace explosion of ’cause we got me a long time coming up we got rhapsody a musical adventure come up and this one strategy RPG by the makers of of this guy a suspect and a game with that the isometric strategy game withou , and that was probably gonna take a while so baffling and have another backlog game going simultaneously with that said that al a heel for watching arguing me all my pokey Ventura I appreciate all the tapes and helpful advice from the pokemon masters in ch by first ever play through a park Mobley I appreciate it and I hope he’ll have a great day night morning and evening wear fewer bad fortune NLCS time ticket