hello everyone Harkins here with war thunder a beautiful game of tanks and airplanes even though war thunder mainly specializes in airplanes you have to admit ground combat looks amazing no I did not actually get a good graphics card I instead got a PlayStation 4 which is actually less money than getting a gaming graphics card nowadays if you could believe that but anyways I’ve been enjoying the free-to-play games that I’m getting along with the PlayStation Plus membership and worth under obviously I’ve done in the past I’m done on the PC and I’m at tier 4 with the tiger 2p in the German nation so I decided well with the PlayStation 4 let’s see how bias these Russian tanks are but anyways I want to make a video showing off this game and how good it looks on the ps4 but to talk about some really important things in the game mechanics now in the controls I don’t know if anyone has ever noticed this before let’s see tank controls there is in fact a target tracking mechanic in the game now like in World of Tanks you’re probably familiar with right-clicking on enemy tanks that you have aimed at and your cannon automatically follows that tank while you’re you know usually when you’re doing a maneuver around them or something like that except here’s the difference with war thunder and World of Tanks when you auto aim onto someone you should probably you know have some kind of offset something that actually supposed to nerf you because that’s kind of getting rid of some skill when you auto aim you’re not aiming it manually there is no player error when it comes to it in World of Tanks though you have an aim dispersion with your reticule that means when you’re moving it’s way harder to hit something than if you actually stand still and wait for your aiming reticule to close in and fully aim and warthunder there’s no such thing as an aiming reticule you got a little crosshair and most of the time if you shoot anything that that crosshairs on it will hit it because you know that’s logical but here’s the thing with the auto tracking the lock-on you basically get you don’t even have to be looking dead on them you don’t have to have your reticule dead on them as long as you select them like you select people and plane combat to get your little aiming reticule up if you’re an arcade like me and you know have no skills too realistic well you can do that too with ground your vehicles and you may have wondered well that’s kind of a waste there’s no like aim here to hit them in arcade well there’s another reason you can instantly lock on to them that’s right you can instantly snapshot your can and to them just all with the press of a button I’ll go back into the controls and I’ll show you so here I have it I have it set actually differently I have L to set for both the zoom and the target tracking now what target tracking does is that it instantly snaps to the target and if the target is moving your reticule will keep moving with them kind of like how auto aim does with World of Tanks it’s up here’s the difference in World of Tanks the auto aim aims at the center of mass of the enemy tank you’re locked onto and warthunder it locks on to the center of mass but you can adjust it so that means if someone’s going real fast over a hill or across the plains in the distance and you snapshot to them with your target tracking you could move your sight while holding that button to adjust and lead

your target and their reticule will keep following it at the same speed that they are going so that’s kind of ridiculous with no aim dispersion obviously you could do this on the move that’s right as long as you’re going over flat terrain you can hit targets right on the spot on the move because heck of you’re aiming at the center of mass you’re ready kills on them and you shoot it’s going to hit them and you do it you just don’t know how ridiculous it is until you try it out for yourselves this is a gamebreaking it’s not even a glitch this is just a game breaking mechanic this is in the game and it’s totally unfair to PC players because I thought that this was for the ps4 only that this weird game breaking mechanic that of auto-locking on was just for the console just to make it easier for players but it isn’t it’s in the controls for PC II – it’s just not bound to anything that’s ridiculous that’s totally ridiculous there’s people out there that instantly lock onto your tank and it doesn’t matter if you’re in cover or if you’re behind a hill or anything if your red little markers come up oh just got my fire prevention if your red marker comes up even if you’re behind the hill or something they can just select you and then lock-on if you’re moving at high speeds across like an open plane somewhere across the map and someone sees you all they got to do is lock on and then adjust a little bit in front of you and the reticle will keep following at the same speed on the PC you have the mouse and you think you’re more accurate with the mouse well you’re not as accurate is the game locking onto your tank that is just hey you know that infuriates me because you know right now on the PC I am about right here with the tiger 2p and I played this game thinking that it was pretty dang balanced except for of course the Russian bias deal but you know come on guys Russian tanks were this good the Russian tanks were always this good that’s always why I wanted to be Russia when I got in World of Tanks but it is just absolutely infuriating to know that in my Tiger to pee there may be someone with a mouse or a leopard or the what was it oh come on I need to get used to the controls of the console the people in like the is-2s or even in the t tens or t-54s that could lock on to you in a split second and their turrets can turn pretty fast with some of those tanks it’s just ridiculous there’s no skill in that there’s no skill in that at all well anyways I’m gonna show you guys a clip here of me and my bt7 I think holding a little hill and continually getting kills I think it was 10 kills just because I could lock on to them and shoot them now obviously some skills involved because I had to adjust for some of them when they’re on the move I had to adjust but I was using the lock-on feature the entire time and coming over to the console version it was just sickening this game looks so good it sounds so good in my ear holes it is wonderful it is beautiful and while people like jingles are raving on about the battle ratings of certain airplanes Here I am coming up with the big questions of is it really really ethical to lock onto enemy tanks and airplanes for that matter while other people are still using their skill so obviously in plain combat you were used to selecting a plane so that you have the little circle in front of them if you’re playing an arcade which I’m sure

most of you do and you shoot at that little circle to lead your plane and you hit them well here’s the thing you can do the same thing and select enemy tanks and ground units with tanks but watch this so you saw that I had it the zoom and target tracker bound to l2 so watch what happens when I hit l2 I’m just holding l2 that’s all I’m doing so I’ll imagine you select the tank there he’s just popped over the hill you just killed him oh that’s nice well you know that was just one target he was just standing still alright so let’s take on the next but watch what happens when I kill this guy and I keep holding l2 BAM selects the next target so imagine you’re in a fast firing tank and one after another like three enemies come over a hill to try and attack you you go and you shoot one BAM you reload and you’re instantly aimed at the other one by the time you’ve reloaded BAM you shoot that one the center of mass but the next one tries to outmaneuver you he tries to go around to the left but here’s the thing you’re automatically locked on to him so he’s moving to the left and let’s move up here and get a good example there he is panzer 4 so I’m holding l2 and you can notice that’s automatically tracking them it’s no problem just like in World of Tanks oh wait a second I still have control over the reticule and it’s still following them that’s right so basically you can automatically leave your shots to yeah you’re not so safe when you’re a small scout going full-speed across an open plain do you think they can’t hate you oh they can just lock on to you so I should probably have gotten a faster reloading tank to show you how ridiculous this is but just imagine that Panther Dee just comes out of nowhere and you first spot him boom he’s dead all because you can lock on to him but if you are a normal person that doesn’t like to cheat you would have to aim over and go like this and have to look at them and then boom use fire it wouldn’t be like instant lock-on and then shoot not even aiming it’s just so disappointing that this is in the game I’m sorry I I touched the touchpad and obviously that fires for some reason it’s just this game is so good and you know I’ve never really experienced it with these graphics because of you know the hardware that I usually have with laptops and such and to get on the ps4 and have it look this good it’s just a dream come true with one of my favorite paint games and to know that there’s something like this that instantly makes you lock onto an enemy and fire at them it’s just sickening I don’t know why people haven’t noticed this yet war Thunder needs to remove that or at least make it like World of Tanks we’re only aims at their center of mass but even then even then because you do not have aimed dispersion in this game you don’t have to wait for your shell to be more accurate it’s right on them and it will go right to them so there’s just there’s just no way to nerf it the only thing you can do is remove it from the game altogether and I think that’s what they should do with a game like this war thunder which is basically a simulator and look how

good that looks it’s built off a realism people locking on to enemy tanks isn’t realistic look at this BAM whoa ladies and gentlemen the strongest tree and all of the Eastern Front did you see that tree just block that high-explosive shell a little stick just block the 125 never mind don’t even want to talk about that but look at this it’s just I just you just don’t understand how we’re ridiculous this is until you’ve actually tried it for yourself I just feel like I’m not getting the point across to you guys out there that do these games in World of Tanks yeah you can lock on to them but when you’re on the move you’re less accurate the same can kind of go for war thunder because there’s more divots and stuff in the ground your cannon bounces is no gyroscopes for your cannon like it with modern tanks you bounce around you have to slow down and shoot but here’s the thing with the auto aim you don’t have to slow down the shoe it will automatically follow them and there’s no aim dispersion your shell can’t miss unless you hit a bump or if your if you accidentally move your cannon while you’re doing the haughtily

you you so that’s all I wanted to tell you guys I hope you enjoyed the clip and I guess I’ll see you in the next one there will be more PlayStation 4 videos obviously I mean my PCs video card is crap I will tell you the specs of my computer one terabyte hard drive 16 gigabytes RAM i7 quad processors just I mean it’s got everything of a gaming computer but the thing is is that I have an Intel HD 4400 graphics card and it can’t run anything you know what it can run it can run minecraft that’s right it can run minecraft pretty well I’m pretty proud that I can put it on extreme fire render distance and have it actually running at a good you know 40 or 50 frames per second but here I’m doing World of Tanks and or thunder and they’re running in 30 frames per second when I had to run it down at the lowest setting and I know you guys don’t like to watch things at the lowest setting you’d rather go to someone else and watch them in their highest setting and for all intents and purposes please just you know if you’re looking for someone that’s skilled and who has formulated a good opinion about these games please check out people like the mighty jingles or quicky baby or all these other youtubers that have done this stuff and are more professional at giving you their reviews but as a just a standard player and I see something like this that breaks the game in terms of fairness I just got to come out and say it so I hope you guys enjoyed I’ll see you next one