you huh oh [ __ ] god no I’m back here again I thought i fixed everything what did you say max what Jefferson should be in jail not here Jesus it’s like you’re back in my class you’re still spacing out it might be cool if you took one of your patented selfies now the transformation between the old Macs and the new max anyway answer my question please it’s this little slice yeah no I’m I’ll a decent last Asha how come he’s acting forsyth don’t you [ __ ] you good answer good answer hey your nose is bleeding probably gave you too big a dose sorry about that max but considering you’re about to die a nosebleed is a first-world problem oh I had to let Victoria chase go you had her don’t be stupid ok she’s exactly where she deserves to be no oh is if you care huh your iris that dilation like a shudder the pictures you’re taking of me now too bad you pissed away your gift you could have won the contest but you destroyed your own beautiful photograph what a waste sorry I burned all your stuff I got a little carried away [ __ ] he burned my diary oh that’s why I’m still here especially since you’ve developed from nerd to hero within a week there’s something weird going on with you hmm whoa did you see how crazy it is outside like I said something weird there’s that fear Oh max it’s an honor working with you only smile sessions I hope these images will be appreciated for what they truly capture the loss of youth at least that’s the last lecture you’ll ever have to hear from me and I promise you no one knows bleeds Jefferson please don’t do this you don’t know what happening she she she she she quiet quiet max kitten you far please oh no no no no nothing [ __ ] assistant on conda’s Liesl calmed her name Oh max oh no no no no not conceive of tune I promise this final dose won’t hurt Oh Pizza Pizza Pizza no no no no no no oh god estas estas Jason Oh oh [ __ ] David Oh David no Jesus oh my god no no nononononono you must release

muslin vivan andorra so it’s not my yeah I promise this final dose won’t hurt nananananana Canal Zone Jets can cheat versa van and David watch out how how did you know that okay Oh scheisse oh [ __ ] yeah David workout time to shut the [ __ ] up okay David watch out how how did you know that by what I just condition oh just kinda sean / smashton vasna Heston no fighters look obviously I sunshine can trust fizzles no more nosebleeds wait hold on can i canna please ask you for one last request oh you got me max how can I deny that face hmm leash dousman ah verdad si springin I let’s this photo hmong village contestants Pullum for furs odjfs wassup haha 900 music nine unless this photo would you take one last picture of me I I want to be your best subject I almost don’t believe that but I think you finally learned from me whateva Jets but the component hunt Oh aspesi it I promise this final dose hurt can you Angus cokin David workout time to shut the [ __ ] up okay whoa David watch out how how did you know that Oh farm to get the camera next to you Oh zeg won’t no gun no boss Jefferson it’s over you are not going to stop me David Madsen of course well this is what you get for playing cop okay listen envy of dafa vannan it’s over you are not going to stop now got it shiza that’s all finished don’t look Oh enough max you can’t go back any further you are not going to stop me ok flash kennedy i’m william Cobbett investment oh good yeah o Lord max are you okay are you all right can you move yes thank you David thank you don’t thank me you brought me here let’s wrap up this son of a [ __ ] first he won’t be going anywhere when he wakes up except you are going to prison forever or worse mr Jefferson now it’s your turn to be captured in a moment save Chloe he burned everything including all of my photos Warren yes I can use that picture he took of us [ __ ]

no signal mm-hmm thanks mr. Jefferson but you won’t need this anymore okay ich kann ich dinna shank and for tomorrow city what the hell is this place I better go outside and call Warren oh please answer I can still feel those straps I stop max you’re free good god it’s justin looks so pathetic now David Madsen is on the case he’s still looking for evidence David are you okay look at this place it feels like hell Jefferson was was gonna kill me like you did to Victoria chase oh no I always suspected that son of a [ __ ] how did infidelities dollar each have been shown for destash muganza I’m Schloss rubbish happy sheen us an armful on you kind of suspected everybody yes and this is what i get from wasting all those hours on the Prescotts i set my sights too wide lack of focus I know the feeling I wasn’t surprised when you accused Nathan drugging Kate Marsh I thought so too and Max I treated Kate like [ __ ] I know she’s a good person but I’m not I hope I get to tell her that soon Kate was bullied up to that roof but it was still Nathan and Jefferson who put her there I knew Nathan Prescott was a threat it has waited too long to neutralize him Jefferson already did they had some weird father-son thing going on but Nathan killed Rachel and Jefferson had to use him as a scapegoat that pervert was pulling all this [ __ ] right into my nose too I could have stopped him in Nathan if only I wasn’t so stupid no I told principal Wells Nathan had a gun and almost you stood but he didn’t want to believe me I should have been more loud we all make decisions we regret but I have to admit I’m impressed by you and Chloe and your investigation I had all the high-tech toy as well you had each other she had fun da Ganondorf a vision dental esteem a cocoon ama be single gesture Mumford he’s fuzzy menorah maybe she learned from you I think she only learned how to hate my guts I’m sure you know I I hit her the other day I know you’re sorry I’m not gonna make any excuses for my behavior I tried to be a good soldier but I wasn’t so great I tried to be a good father to what you saw how that way you tried it’s obvious you care even if your methods are [ __ ] up I know I’m glad I stood up for you I try not to use my service as an excuse but it’s hard to come home after war most people don’t know or care what it’s like except choice she gave me hope a new life and you saved mine Chloe is she she would be proud of you I just want to see her safe with her mother I promise Joyce I would go see a family counselor and i’ll start by apologizing to Chloe I don’t expect you to call me Dad but maybe she’ll stop calling me step douche so where is Chloe I’m God oh [ __ ] oh well okay vanished divides our globe accosted her house don’t blink at jeffersons of autumn consumer good faltan when Steve ahead

for schweiger in the half nom des HD [ __ ] head and none can hmm [ __ ] assured our vision must pursue to finish divided saga David Khloe’s is dead this isn’t happening you can’t know God not Chloe max are you are you sure are you yes I I saw her I I saw Jefferson killer at the junkyard last night last night when I was so close to finding out the truth I promised choice that I would protect her and Khloe how can I face her and explain this I never even told Khloe that I god damn it you killed my wife’s child sick [ __ ] and you took away my stepdaughter oh no no no no no no David wait I have supposed [ __ ] come on max I’m sorry I’m sorry you had to see that what a mess what have I done all that time I wasted with surveillance Chloe I’m sorry Joyce I failed you my family you didn’t fail you takes your best max you better get outside you’ve seen enough of this room davidr thank you for saving me oh she’s kind of an honest if it’s a tumbling water that’s a niche David Oh God she can eat stone so she can get sexuall well okay come on a good time has the Lord sash drivers stopped us the city of hidden fights on her plate i’m peacing come son come shun the Prescotts had to know about this David Jefferson oh I always you couldn’t I give you tonight’s none Thornton I’ve had run I wasn’t sure yet spear guns the nozzle we Segovia taba cake was I knew Jefferson that son no we are me it seemed is languid school-age maybe I think I know yours I’m luck I true you try [ __ ] he’s forgotten myzel guitarra else upon and you see I just want David um where she was pretty stressed out so um she went to go um medicate before I ended up in here so she’s okay oh thank god for once I’m happy Chloe’s a stoner David I have to go outside and get some real air and use

my phone of course gone max you’re brave soldier I’m glad Khloe has a best friend like you gone now you’ve seen enough of this room ah teacher let’s see what kind of photo evidence you [ __ ] all over this computer you’re not getting away with this Jefferson no good she must miss you at autzen normal day in office expensive gear just friends sick book just looking at that makes me want to vomit mm-hmm damodar photos for pandas sox vs medizin photos here you are gonna tell hmm Jefferson torch to everything now the only photo I can get is the one Warren took yeah summer Danya and I’m bunt oh that’s victorious bracelet I bet Jefferson was going to use that to frame Nathan mm-hmm okay so let’s meet in photos and oh I want to burn all these for hey looking at me like that hmm first endless so Jefferson duct tape and remember house just as many musicians a nickname can so cross I wonder if he charged that duct tape to blackwell no more [ __ ] guns every song you hear in jail will be torture you’ll never be free again you’re [ __ ] range isn’t a bad person but he can’t be in denial about the drugs he provided hi it’s kitten oh yeah you all be going Jefferson to any more shows Oh Chloe damn you I’m gonna save you for the last time Oh cus IMG drum it there’s no way I’m leaving your necklace here yeah we’ll just David doesn’t she kezia not know as as reckless as a strictly schrecklich the photos of shmira man who cooked his dead survival eager who looks like Jefferson was planning a major security renovation with Prescott cash mm-hmm does nummies annoy or a sleek to know no one would have looked for Nathan’s body with esic and evil photo photo assam via tunneling is licked in your not on tarnished estas and leaders or fathers and fans of college da da da CM it folia english lung virus in dishes or ghoulish a hottie edition pensive gear just for sick [ __ ] mmm you fellas need Unga comma morons I bit it down pit a bit as I da radim Oh machine I need to find worry yes Warren can you hear me nevermind listen do you have that photo you took last night in the parking lot yeah wow those are that pretty shot yes it is and I want it where are you I’m with the two wheels diner pretty much trapped in here with joysticks is Armageddon whether i’m expecting the ocean to read i’m on my way oh that’s crazy that’s okay me too but it’s not over yet wine hold on oh good Oh max tow shafts does come from you