I level one of the things that you should know is it ok ok so in here there’s a a nap dad’s ammo which you guys know you can put your variables in here so you can access from anywhere so what I have here is the same thing I just love it the parts line not initialize and their this connects your application to force right so it’s your way of identifying that this application is the Crispo he acted eyes will be using right the second part if you go back to the QuickStart wrong window so after that initialized there’s this number four it’s likely hello world how do you test that your application is actually connected to cart so you just plug this end will explore this in a bit but basically this is the simplest for load world you’re creating an object in forest it is as if you are creating a roll flying in a database right but in this case you’re treating it as an object and you don’t think in database turns because you’re actually just playing with your source code right here right so going back here I just plug that line over right here so it’s here I actually think they missed one part you should add this a sink nothing there you know template you don’t have that so they miss that I’m going to think different vessel you’re using this things ended so what’s going to happen here is just just going to create a full bar object right so big food we need call them name and then the part is about so I’m not going to run that right now let’s just try test right so this test is going to go back to the first database and it’s going to tell you there’s no data yet because if you go to the dashboard let me open this in another window you have this sort of like database of view you look at native browser that we knew that we haven’t really created anything yet because you didn’t run the application yet now if I were to run this application so what’s going to happen is gonna execute those lines of code they initialize and then the trading the object and it’s going to say you’re all set in parts that’s pretty much it at least your application is connected to the cars so I’m just going to stop this and then go back here and refresh this I should like it can refresh yourself but I don’t want to wait for that so I’m just gonna m5 this and it’s going to have you see there is a test object with a fumar in it in my case I name it claim okay so this could be a game object or object you know every time he is in shape and objects discounted rate an array of products right here and you get easily um where is them using link or whatever your preferred mode of learning those pockets are now this is a good example but it’s not really useful for you because it’s just create an object right so what I discussed earlier was how would you create a user registration so I actually have an example here let me just close this and go the quick start page so let me dive into the documentation just to show you how ridiculously easy it is you create a registration infrastructure for an application this is the window slide and then there’s a user’s as you can see it’s not limited to users you have lots of queries you have facebook integration have geo points for those who are training GPS geo location based applications so in here you see signing up this is pretty much it this is creating a new parts user objects with some attributes name password you can even delete email here in even the phone but that means you can add new attributes that’s it so let me open up my source code showing you how this works far as user example hopefully you can make my machines not that pass but one in the point across this is going to be the example and this is how you register a user so I’m just going to run this so you know how it looks like which is kinda funny because I’m not a UI golfer and well it’s building okay and this is probably the ugliest

slug in Portland it’s not even aligned agree that you’d ever seen supposed to be in here but anyway if i type in sa chris and password is something if i click login it’s not going to lock me and guess there’s no such user yet right but if i click register so it’s supposed to say success that that should say success you should you can’t see it so what’s happening here if i stop this if i go back to my dashboard what should I say right so how many lines of code to create a user registration thingy so I have here a user I have Chris so I didn’t even have to run my own database do any club insulation stuff I just had to run a few lines of code and I have this user registration apartment right obviously it’s not just registration you have logged in so let me show you the documentation for that so this is the registration love this like six lines of code for you would think logging in is even the dick was easy one like you have a triangle you have a try can obviously if it’s if there’s no such user then you’re going to get an exception and that’s where we handle a there’s no such user and stuff but basically this is it this is vlogging in the user which we just did in this example right here yeah so I have that same exam all right here login button so i will be sharing this source code after i don’t have slides but I’ll what I’ll do is I’ll fill one slide with all the links these source code and summary of references two parts right so it’s not the only thing you can do is not just reduce the registration um they actually have a sample code you can download one their site let me just go down here that in return sample apps and they’re currently building your list of windows 8 sample apps most of these are iphone and i thought you guys would want to go there they have a farce to-do list which you can take and basically build on top if you’re a copy paste developer like me i’m just going to change the parson buddhist or chris to do this and it’s my application so going back to that let me just open that application right here and just to show you what apply any questions so far so did you guys start rolling out your user registration and feel sorry that josh is still start so let’s open the sparse the new sample application and it’s actually quite nice yeah so I add good wall that variance will save and it’s the same thing so I’m simply saving this and this is an object its aim to goo this object and you have certain attributes like title description and stuff so if I go back to my dashboard let’s just stop this for a while and go back to my dashboard I’m going to have that to do this object onto that’s right yeah you have your equal to item and then you have description Idol created at me there so we go usual stuff so in a matter of minutes you can easily create or roll out your own object-based kind of application usually you would do on the server side so most developers do this if you’re supporting different clients let’s say you have an html5 application and then you have a Windows 8 Samuel application and then you have an iphone android instead of building separate you know applications for them you can simply use this and you know all of them talking on the same bars cloud okay now there are instances where you would want to code one server side still right so they have this thing called parse cloud both and I’m not going to go to this but I want you guys need just to know so that you’re aware let’s say you need to build some customized server-side code throwing up this this integration with other startups Malvolio so we have a

cloud code right here and what this does and maybe just give you a scenario let’s say you’re doing a field validation for your applications and you’re supporting and go and buy for Windows Phone Windows 8 application if you code that on the client side field validation let’s say the email address is incorrect normally you do that on the application you do have checks on the field or iphone checks on the field for those fallen and then for windows 8 if you just put that source code up on a cloud you can have those applications starting with a single point of entry for field validation and that’s worth you can use equality ok so just in case you’re thinking about those scenarios ok what’s that useful any questions or you’re all sleeping as anybody started building this up their own I mean your own user registration of this so I particular intercept with the GPS location appliqued stop so there is a GU object and location-based applications which I think most of you will yeah I do somebody’s making a bike after its ok so you might want to check out the Geo object and play with it show up any questions is this free ok good question is this thing it is spring come to a certain extent which is much more than you can put you right so I was like 1,000,000 mpi request for one which for this out was that a conscious much much much more so this how they make money ok but in your case if this is something or a business that you eventually will are thinking of rolling out then you know if you grow and then you get like Neil users you get requests per month then you have this one idea but I thought everyone who I mean I challenge you to reach 15 million that’s per month for one is there a new everyone I think so but they’re things like you think each item X colder weather 0 any questions about parts no so we will put this on the facebook group yeah i’ll put it off as well as what yes notification yes I’m glad you asked that the stir is actually my first notification service there are actually a bunch o I’m not using any faster so you see there’s a push notification usage which I haven’t used but you can use that is very good question but I i believe Windows 8 has its own push notification service if i’m not mistaken but if you want to use this if you’re doing push notification so much different devices like Windows Phone Windows 8 maybe a shovel applications that you can use this yes sorry I don’t let it up again I I believe so yes I haven’t tried but let’s try link Oh try together once again yeah that’s the idea is yeah because your kid you’re just interfacing will parse API so the parse it doesn’t matter if you’re an iPhone or Android as long as you’re using the right language yes same thing with windows on so i think the push notification here is a poor man’s emotional education meaning you have the app on the foreground get that kind of notification not like if it’s not on the program than you know yeah okay but I i would love to understand as well so let me use a bit of research and Google and Bing then get back to you on that oh yes sorry I still have one for service oh yes good question so I am really checked so you want a real time interaction between Africa yeah LF you check up maybe a side side note if you want to do that kind of real-time interaction there is this other service for up also our

bodies are San Francisco the hob nor business the tip is the easy so you set up a channel but every sex with that channel is propagated of processes it was over so search knock knock if horse doesn’t you know i’ll check it is super soft but i suggest oh ok yeah ok that’s why knows that I’m Michael Chitwood sorry Shane at a fun fur expert born perform when you say perform can I do link queries on it it’s that question not sure link yes it is pretty much like s community but you can do inquiries on it since it’s a c-sharp class object ism I mean that’s the preferred way of parts are wearing the objects is me because every time you instantiate an object is just going to play the air raid 0 so let’s say you have an area of scores right and you want to get the highest scores you can do a link state winners or creating all those who is short attempt I sports and you can easily get that which you would not go because sometimes people database table k won a golden of able know so that’s the thing bars you know it’s putting forces you to forget about the inner face right now you’re thinking like a database guy uses it so we parse or thinking about objects so you create objects and it is any i’m showing you that the dashboard so that you can see the data but you should be thinking about it as a native venues so it’s a kind of amide ship yeah there’s actually a bunch of service do you give me easily what is just one of them oh ok next is a shape because i think i’m running out of time let me just close this remember the other service I mentioned is an API marketplace should be listening to this just up price there’s a price for it there’s a surface for you so much shape is sponsoring a surface RT in touch over actually this is an epic on is the one circus this is always the surface the same let’s say the same time same so they are sponsoring a surface RT the stuff over white no choice just way for you guys if you’re building your windows great applications is like using my shape abis so got your attention ok so much ok shape the shape is a cloud API marketplace remember i mentioned earlier if you’re building your applications you don’t want to reinvent the wheel you don’t want to spend too much time searching for that parcel either app or a there’s even a sentiment app if you supplied with you know there’s an API for sentiment because if you give it enough next it will tell you if that sentence is sad or happy ok so that’s crazy but there’s actually an application based on I’ll show you in a bit how it works is they have the side slowly Shh calm if I want to search for the one that cumbersome or API or doing is important feel today get your kisses neck yeah I remember someone from where you were using our heads as he’s gonna break or not anyways so I want to do I want to use a word cloud word bag API and it’s you know when you see the website the fs if it has a tag on the right side it shows you what are the most mention words in that website well there’s actually an API for that you supplied with the long text it’s going to generate this club backwards not really useful but you know depending on how you think about your applications might end up being useful this is the dashboard for this specific AVI and each API would have the same loop fielded a cuboid soma shape has certain goals one of which is to make it easier for you to digest these AP is just normally if you’re accessing api’s you go to the documentation paragraph paragraph leave how does this work how to access in here

if you have one page it tells you this is the end point for this is going to have a response Jace on the spot and then there are parameters which the deepest of exactly that’s it and all you guys will have this format which makes it easier for you to understand how to push windows API don’t have to be a lot of documentation now let’s write this now so hype is going to be 200 text block is think but use the text that you’re supplying so I’m not going to put in a lot of text here let’s just take your overall hello hello and with this 300 config is optional oh I need to login okay I have another window right here yes I’m logged in so let’s do that again I have to say hello so if I click on a test at point is even going to give you a response status example so you know how you would handle this JSON like click on the test endpoint I’m error occurred I think there’s something wrong with our survey hi I’m getting disappointed or is it be but you should be getting a response and a link try that again disappear okay i’m going to have a cell into husband’s but anyways it’s going to give you this similar response and then I think this is just an example of a URL given you the word i’m not sure if it even exists but this is try anyway that doesn’t exist what it’s supposed to give you this image with your word cloud on it okay so i’ll get to fix this but basically you know you have a bunch of api sea legs there’s given this hackathon winner from the shape when i was there they did a one-day hackathon and the application is called tuner that i owe everyone seems to be offending an iOS started here amigo is not i oh so this is like it’s getting the api’s from musicmatch and api is 4x sentiment so that you can get the amount of songs contain profanity the Billboard chart and Latin invites us to hear so the idea is telling you there’s license office there are 39 songs which has Bob in it and then there’s six awesome song so this is the sentiment API and then he’s shaping it with a musicmatch API can see here so this is a text processing is that mismatch so you can search that on if I search it for your music match thing is gonna show up or music or something music sorry yeah so even even played in Spotify which unfortunately don’t have here in Singapore but if you’re somewhere say that and I told the guys would want this can you just take the snippets for any studio for vanity for infinity so it’s going to be a long song with all so this is actually are the winner so we ran a hackathon let me show you this before that i was there might is my own crap application which I can she really related picture picture ok yeah this is the winner to know that I oh ok I think this is the recap they have a blog and in one of those pictures will probably see me but yeah it’s the same hackathon daily 4540 in now they’re running this windows 8 contest for you guys if you go to my shape I think I’m drunk that picture so you go to facebook.com slash machine if you want to find out more about on that actually I have a source code sorry but it’s not regularly obviously see problem is I if you go to my my poor and lowly words that side here I i put a source code that you get hub that you can download so you know how to access its the shape api’s with this template is it just a while ago there is some error early certificate so I’m going to click that and upload a new version goes no game but I hope you guys would try out for shape and the contest is if you click on this start I one right here it’s going to thank you to the econ desk details so the contest ends November 30th this is only open to Singapore Malaysia Philippines and the best shape

will just eat application of groups with twins so you know you don’t have to constrain yourself finishing it today you can actually submitted by when member 38 then judging is first week of the same oh we actually have a surface RT device right here if you want to play with it and sort of esta let me know have any questions the hell how come the struggle so it is machine free yes my shape is mostly free but like all startups they have to make money they get money from funding but in this case they’re also trying to ram through a number of API in their roster so there are certain tapi switch are to some extent free and then it then start charging so this depends on the API provider it just I mean just appear they’re not hosting the AVI to make their desktop they’re just indirectly yes consolidate all those APR so if I were an API developer and I want developers to find out other developers to find out about my AP is I’ve got to put it up on machine okay so i think sean has a neat guy in which a two-photon slow what for you guys if you want to just get started with AV is in order with those applications you might want to give this is Facebook and the hardest page is not loading stuff but there’s a registration link at the bottom so that we can contact you for updates on the contest you have a registered be willing to go for the contest and win a surface point let me just get my it doesn’t come with this plastic holder I was hurt when a customer situation yeah I heard you I heard you can print this is the skateboard so I didn’t buy a freshman and I want to show it off so the best option I have was to buy this through dollar passing thank you so I surface this is the white touch cover if you want to try out later so dismantled yeah we also know throw a rope snapped like that’s actually quite cool i use it often except when i’m coding because i have to use such easy for that but you can do remote desktop yeah but i’m not here you guys will do that but I’m here to tell you about the Ponte so go do is on facebook com / machine I’m like our page their page then check out me contest details and you have a shot at winning this circus art advice which is not retaining yet what way is it gonna read them just not sure it’s not you’re gonna be one of the personalities cool any questions for Chris sorry I think I know some of you guys before you do your f these circular motion city and existing API exists they don’t have to raise your language but there any better progress yes it’s a P is for a JavaScript yes because you can access everything using rest as long as you can rest from JavaScript and I guess for my shakes it sits at the rectory codependent API provider so i thought i want to go there’s tons of yeah actually okay let’s just took this it’s actually also a social it strive to be your facebook for HP heist if there’s a follow a pio that but it’s not really that social at the moment but each API will have a library you can download a game of 1913 production guys ok yeah it’s ok in order but each one will have a PHP library C sharp ruby-on-rails rest hyper text you see it objective-c any more questions are there any other questions about the price run TV questions to crease like it I have a blue touch cover 2 early sleep really so if you don’t have any questions ok thank you so again we still developing an app don’t do it on your own that’s now we have all these services if you can you can use bars or users registration no email validation go to the controller and again search for an avi please so that you don’t waste time again so much it is good for that and this can help you answer questions on the facebook group as well so that’s it before I am and before you go back to work II and

Joyce will go around here in the pic to ask what you guys are doing so we just want to list on what actually doing to help you have any questions but your post on facebook so basically we just wanna know what you guys are doing jenya that’s it so he asked grace if we you know if you have any questions and if you guys want to play fifa he set up the xbox outside please don’t play too much Yaquis innisfil to your app but if you want to take a break yeah take a break in day that we only have one Xbox device for this for controller so you could be for playing fifa we have halo 4 yeah for the carpet don’t waste your time it too much ok so with that see you guys again for lunch yeah soon the next I think I’ll be here with emm see you all