hey guys Chuck here want to talk to you a little bit today about the journey I’m going on with my 2012 6.7 liter power stroke in regards to emissions and we all are going to have to live with the fact that with the the new EPA regulations our trucks whether it’s a Dodge Chevy or a Ford if it was built after 2007 it’s got a DPF on it that you have to add urea to and at some point in time that system is going to go bad and you’re going to have to make the decision whether you buy an OEM exhaust system to put back on that truck or if you delete the system I’ve spent countless hours researching this and trying to figure out which one is the best option for me hopefully through this video I can shed some light on what I’ve learned to help you with your decision when you’re DPF becomes clogged now I’m not telling you to do anything illegal so this videos for entertainment purposes only nor do I endorse or work for any of the income or any of the companies I’m going to mention in this video so you know why did I even start thinking about this and possibly going down this road well I’ve got about 140,000 miles on my truck and it’s starting to regen much more frequently than it used to and that’s a telltale sign that the DPF is becoming clogged went to the floor dealer and they gave me a quote I’m about twenty-five hundred dollars to replace that filter that’s a very expensive bill to have to replace an exhaust system on a truck today once they told me is twenty five hundred dollars I started researching and trying to figure out okay what am i options that are out there and it’s DPF a great thing like that the EPA is told list for clean emissions on these diesel trucks and here’s what I learned number one let’s go back prior to 2007 all diesel trucks blew a little bit of black smoke out of them so that if you get hunks of black smoke from that on your skin you just wiped it off if you ingested it you just coughed it up today very very fine particles coming out of those tailpipes so if it gets on your skin it can be absorbed it goes down and you suck it in through your lungs you’re probably not coughing it back up which doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling about the exhaust on the truck secondly there’s a cost involved in manufacturing these DPF very very expensive units to manufacture to remanufacture because they’re going to go bad at some point so you’re going to have to replace them they’re about nine sensors in that pipe that could go bad and they will go bad at some point usually it’s at the most uh Natalie view on the side of the road somewhere next the cost of urea and I’m not necessarily talking about the cost of you filling your tank up every 5,000 miles or whatever that may be I’m talking about getting the urea to your retailer whether you’re buying it in bulk at a pump and those pumps cost money to manufacture and energy to manufacture or whether you’re walking into the the gas station and you’re buying a plastic jug which by the way is in a cardboard box walking out to the truck trying to fill your tank you don’t have to crap down the side of your truck and then freak out because you think it’s going to ruin the paint so there’s all kind of cost involved with that and it here’s a big one so my truck will regen about over 250 miles for 15 miles uses about 3/4 of a gallon of gas to completely clean that filter off now if I Drive my truck 250,000 miles I’ve burned an additional 750 gallons of fuel to clean a filter might take this step further guys that are running to leech on these kids are realizing on average two miles better two miles a gallon better take that same number you run that truck 250,000 miles you’ve just saved yourself almost 2,000 gallons of fuel by doing a delete kit on it couple that on top and not having a

DPF and using that fuel to clean that filter that is almost twenty seven hundred and fifty gallons of fuel that you would save if you had just deleted this system the day you drove it off the lot think about that too much 3,000 gallons of fuel additional that we have burned because these DPS are supposed to produce cleaner air I’m not buying it man that’s the reason why I have decided to go ahead and delete the DPF and the EGR on my truck okay so now you understand why I’m going to do a delete on the EGR and the DPF so now I had to decide what products am I going to use in order to complete that project and and this is where it gets awful confusing because there’s a thousand different products out there you’ve got to mix and Max and most most places don’t just sell here’s the package that you have you’ll put this on your truck and you’re good to go and the reason that they don’t do that is because it’s illegal you have to have a tuner to delete the DPF and/or the EGR and it used to be a lot simpler when there were companies out there like H&S and torque technologies it advertised on their website you can do these the leads and hear the tunes well thanks to the EPA those companies have gone the way of the Buffalo and that they don’t exist today so when you start looking you start shopping for tuners rarely you’re going to see anybody talk about this is a capability of doing a an EGR or DPF delete typically what they’ll do is they’ll have a they’ll send you a tuner with some different tunes on there and that’s all you get but many companies out there seller ditional Tunes and sell the capabilities to be able to do your deletes on it think of it as you bought a smart phone and now you’re buying the apps for it ok so that’s probably the best way that that I can explain it now you know having the tunes on there it’s just kind of an added bonus I’ll likely never run my truck on anything but the mild tunes that are out there and here’s why if you’re adding a lot of additional horsepower a lot additional torque those transmissions those rear ends those turbos they weren’t made to handle that much they just weren’t now if you crank it up every once in a while to blow the doors off your buddy’s Camaro I don’t think you’re going to hurt a whole lot I thought no those guys have beat on them all the time they don’t have any issues but I want to get as many miles out of that engine as I possibly can so the the tuner that I’ve selected was the SCT livewire ts+ and I selected that because it’s got great reviews for I’ve seen their customer service is outstanding if there is a problem they stand behind it and they jump on it pretty quick I’m also going to do a cold air intake a efi cold air intake along with a river city delete kit and i’m going to go with the four inch down pipe as well so those are going to be the four main components to put into the truck so it’ll be a tuner it’ll be a exhaust it will be a cold air intake and it’ll be an EGR kit EGR delete kit now many tuners will advertise that they can just delete the EGR kit you don’t need to do anything to you can upload a couple wire harnesses do not do that you want to reroute your coolant because you can blow cooler plugs out you can have all kind of other issues things getting hot on the manifolds and I would just suggest going ahead it is the most in-depth delete there is but it’s well worth it just do it up front spend a few hundred dollars more and get it done right Rhett rather than have run into issues in the future now if you decide to go this route you’ve got all your products picked out and again I’m not endorsing any of those companies that’s just that’s what I researched and what I feel comfortable going with so the next issue that you come up with and this is the direction I was going down is over all this stuff online and it comes in and I invited a few my buddies over there kind of gear heads and give them some beers on a Saturday afternoon and we tear the truck apart and put it all back together don’t do that and don’t do that because there are too many things that can go wrong I would find a diesel performance shop locally that will take care of you for a few different reasons one is if

some fields from home gets on them and they’ve researched all these products they know how to install them for example if you start to load your tuner on and you blow your PCM board you’ve just spent well over a thousand dollars to have that replaced okay EGR delete kits there is quite a bit involved in there and you’re looking at you know quite a few hours there’s lots of parts yet to take off too to get in there and quite frankly it’s not something that that I’m willing to tackle the other reason I would go with a local shop and have them kind of look at the different parts I had a parts kit picked out and I was going to go with after I called a few shops and had found a guy that I was comfortable with I think you’re going to be able to tell right off the bat who knows what they’re doing it who doesn’t know what they’re doing just by having some conversations with them ones that I’ll talk you through everything and tell you about their experiences of probably the ones that you want to go with a perfect example is I was going to go with the EGR delete kit that heard great things about and the gentleman Tony from diehard diesel and plains of Illinois who I’m going to be who’s going to be doing my work he said I wouldn’t go with that kid and I said well why is that and he said they used to be great however they were purchased about eight months ago shipped all their manufacturing to China and we started having problems with the pars and they’re not standing behind that the parts or the warranty or anything like that the way that they used to so they can walk you through and tell you what what products they’ve had success with what companies support them and really get you going in the right direction so with that said here’s what I’m going to do I want wants to show you guys a start to finish on this next I’m going to show you the truck is a 2012 6.7 liter power stroke it is bone stock right now with the exception has got a ready lift stage for kit on it as well as I’m running 35 Toyotas on it those are the only differences so once you see the truck before we even start I’ll show you the engine exhaust let you hear it and you know take a short video of that and then we’re going to run it over to diehard diesel let him work its magic on it and then we’ll let you see what it looks like afterwards I think Tony is also going to be in the process of how to video using my truck and everything is involved with it probably what you’re going to see is it’s much more than their what many of you guys want to tackling and want to mess with but here we go let’s go tailor the truck here’s the truck got in question that says of 2012 at 350 with the six point seven I’m going to show you underneath the hood that this thing is 100% bone stock like I said before and as you can see it’s a stray out of the factory cold air filter and everything is the same all the EGR stuff is intact only thing we have different down here as I said the Vittorio is at 35 s and the and then ready lift on it so I’ll just you guys know what it sounds like but I’m gonna go ahead let you have one more listen here everything off alright there it is that reads loss pretty quiet likely about the change come up here shortly alright next up is a die-hard diesel and we’ll see you guys the truck complete all right gasps he’s got the truck back from Tony over a die-hard as you can see all the works done a new AFV cold air intake as well as the EGR has been totally removed from the truck all the block off plates ran and the coolant has been rerouted hopefully you guys can see all that in the video Tony did a great job very meticulous and happy with the the overall build and something I want to show you here and so here is the here to parts from the EGR that came out I’m hoping this shows up on the video if you can see all the carbon buildup that was in there again this truck runs pretty much all highway miles it doesn’t a lot but if you look at the the air box on the on the right hand side if I hold it

this way that was almost 100% clogged and Tony was actually really surprised that we hadn’t had any error codes or anything going off so it looks like we got that off just in time we’ll go back here and show you a little bit on the exhaust another AFE product stainless steel all the way down down pipe back and it comes out to a six-inch tip so I’ll pull it outside let you guys hear it run and then give you a few more thoughts here a bit alright guys the truck sounds great I don’t think it begs in dispute that the performance of the truck is absolutely incredible from it from where you’re getting on gained I just ran that truck to Detroit this week and I averaged twenty two point eight miles per gallon with a strong head one coming back and a little bit of city driving well was out there the truck is getting about three and a half miles a gallon better than prior to deleting all the systems that were on there and doing the exhaust to hear and take and everything that we did so performance miles per gallon you’re there I’ll never forget when I picked up my truck from Tony and I’m driving home and I jumped all over it you might want to bring a pair of clean drawers when you when you first pick up that truck once it’s done because I’ll tell you man you have no idea how fast they are now and what they can do a blew away my expectations for those of you guys who are worried about the truck being loud they’re really not any louder than a stock truck a standstill stoplight if you jump on it yeah they’re going to be louder the other thing they don’t do they don’t blow the smoke and roll the coal like everybody thinks they’re going to they just don’t now if you do put your foot the engine you’re going to roll a little coal but if you drive it under normal habits you’re not going to have that be an issue now the next thing that I wanted to redress is you guys really need to attack a diesel tech to work on these engines and I saw firsthand I set with Tony when he did the only did the EGR to lead and he pulled the EGR and that is a complex thing between all the hoses and everything that’s connected they’re the tools that you need the expertise so you don’t pinch this pull this off or breakage Center break this a whole thing whatever maybe get a professional to do it I can’t stress that enough because putting it in your beers or your buddy’s driveway on a Saturday afternoon you’re probably going to mess something up and you’re probably going to spend thousands of dollars getting a fix and to me it’s just not worth it Tony was extremely dialed in to the engine and know exactly what he was doing and there’s no way I could have done that reading the manual that came with an EGR DPF talita just did it wouldn’t happen as you guys saw with the EGR I pulled off there on the carbon networks that was built up in there there was a lot of gunk and that was going to go bad pretty quick and I had no idea I just got lucky in the time that I did my build right before that went bad and I can only imagine what the inside of that DPF looked like so there they’re going to go bad guys my only regret is that I wish I would have done it sooner I got lucky my DPF my gr never went bad I hadn’t pulled off in time however they would have gone bad probably within about the next up I’ll say 20,000 miles made 10,000 miles hell maybe 5,000 miles these standards are an absolute joke as far as I’m concerned and you know what I figured out is much rusting alas a lot longer based off of what I’ve done to it and the decisions that I’ve made with it so it couldn’t be happier with the products that I decided to go with couldn’t be happier with the work that Tony a die-hard did and I would recommend him to anybody so in closing guys I hope this helps

again I’m not steering in any direction on where to go but to me this was the right decision to make for the Jovie in my truck and I guess reducing my footprint overall it is a redneck out there right because I’ll tell you what EPA has out there it’s not working it’s smoking mirrors and this is a way to let the truck breathe get your horsepower back increase the longevity and you’re probably reducing emissions compared to what the EPA standards are so good luck to you out there I hope this helped you and we’ll see you on the road